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02-APQC-RK Carnival Cleanup

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    02-APQC-RK Carnival Cleanup

    Anime Heights - QC Planet

    02-APQC-RK Carnival Cleanup
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Pouchlaw/Ratseye)

    Chapter One

    On a typical Saturday morning, Richard would normally be sitting in front of the TV watching cartoons. But because he now lived in Anime Heights, simply walking outside of the house put you in a cartoon. Besides, he had other plans for this morning. After having his mom pack him a lunch and borrowing some of his father's tools, Richard set off for Bergermire's home. He hadn't ever been there before, but seeing where Bergermire lived had been on his mind ever since he'd met the wolf.

    The night before, Felipe and Richard went through the basics of kickboxing lessons which proved to be a lot of fun. And if Richard's mom had found out that he was learning kickboxing she would literally have kittens. He had been disappointed by not impressing the coach for football, but Felipe kept up his end of the bargain like a true friend.

    As Richard stepped through the thick bushes leading toward where he often saw Bergermire disappear to after getting off the school bus, he just barely stopped in time to prevent himself from stepping right off into a muddy swamp. "Oh boy, that was close. Right... there's the path to Bergermire's brick home."

    And he headed along the edge of the mud toward the sturdy little house. When he got over to the stone and brick porch, he knocked on the door firmly, afraid that anyone inside might not be able to hear his knocking otherwise. The brick house was very sturdy. True, he didn't see the Three Little Pigs around but on QC Planet you couldn't be too sure. When the door opened, a large muscular looking wolf was standing there in the buff. "Who are you and what do you want?"

    Richard replied, "I'm Richard King, from down the street? Bergermire and I are supposed to be going on an outing today. Is he here?"

    The wolf grinned allowing Richard to step inside. Then he closed the door and said, "Bergermire is off fetching the mail from the post office. Why don't you come on into the living room and have a seat? I feel naked out here in the open." And he turned as he walked (wagging his tail happily behind him) back to his easy chair where the TV was on showing a werewolf hunting show.

    Richard followed the wolf, not having much choice and because he didn't know which room belonged to Bergermire. Just inside the larger wolf's living room, Richard noticed that half the room was furnished, and the other half was a hewn out cavern in the hill behind the house itself. The large wolf settling himself down into his easy chair with a grin.

    He glanced at Richard and said, "Have a seat anywhere. That couch is sure to be sticky with either jam, honey, or semen... take your pick... or you can sit on the floor over here near me. It's funny that the floors are probably cleaner than the furniture."

    Richard came over as close to the wolf as he dared without falling on him and sat down on the floor with his legs crossed. "Are you Bergermire's brother or his dad?"

    The large wolf grinned and said, "I'm his father. My ex-mate divorced me and he took my other son with her to Jaded Shadow in the Meta-Star City region where I think he works in a bar or some other sort of sleaze bucket business. I bought this place two years ago and I moved Bergermire and I into it. I am a stock market broker over in Kazma's currency exchange district. I am saving my money to get a nicer place to live." He studied Richard for a moment. " you are Bergermire's newest toy. Funny, you don't look like donkey material. But I suppose that will change."

    Richard irked. "What do you mean by 'donkey material'?"

    The wolf grinned. "Bergermire usually only pals around with donkeys or mules. He never talks about humans around here. But he sure talks about Lampwick and Wilwick a lot. By the way, you can call me Swampfang. Swampfang Wolf. I have a high school diploma myself and I make sure Bergermire goes to school so he can get himself a real education too. He sure hates going, though. Can't blame him, we're wolves after all."

    Richard reached his hand out to shake Swampfang's furry hand. "Pleasure to meet you, Swampfang."

    Swampfang grinned as he took Richard's hand in his own, shaking the hand. Then, rather than letting go he pulled Richard directly up and into his lap in the easy chair. "I'm clean and probably safer to be around than my son is. Let me have a better look at you..."

    Richard felt embarrassed since he was literally in the wolf's lap facing him. "You feel like you are aroused. I'm sorry if my scent is causing that."

    Swampfang smiled and licked Richard's face as he hugged him tightly. "Don't worry about it. I like how you smell as is. Whenever Bergermire returns, I will let you get up and then you can head out with him on whatever his latest caper is. So relax and keep me company for a while. Besides... as often as Bergermire gets in trouble you might be over here a lot in the coming weeks or so and it'd be nice if you knew that you could count on good old Swampfang."

    Richard arched an eye. "He gets in trouble that often?" Swampfang nodded his muzzle in response. Richard hummed. "What do you know about Felipe?"

    Scott grinned and licked Richard's face again. "He is a nice pony although he was screwed over by several girls who disgusted him until he chose to focus on the same sex. Can't blame him to be honest. Tell you what, Richard...from now on, anytime you have some free time and you want to learn some fun stuff from an old pro, come on over to my house and I will teach you something new with every visit. I can even restore you to your human form if you get magically changed into another species. I cannot undo Lampwick power nor Toonium exposure, so please be careful around that stuff. Do we have a deal?"

    Richard grinned; he liked learning new things and Swampfang wasn't asking for much... just some company now and then. Richard thought this was the perfect deal. "You have yourself a deal, Swampfang." Swampfang then taught Richard an ability while they waited for Bergermire to return. "This skill is one which can make you fall slower if you happen to fall off of something. It utilizes Anime Physics which you will learn more about in school."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    Swampfang then said, "My good old wolf ears can hear Bergermire returning finally. He will be miffed when he smells my scent on you. But that is to be expected."

    By the time Bergermire came into the house carrying the mail, Richard was on his feet standing in the living room looking quite pleased with his new ability. Soon, the two were off together, walking down the street. As Swampfang had said, Bergermire was a bit miffed that he could smell his father's scent on Richard's face, but at least Richard still had his clothes on. Bergermire said, "What did you think of my father?"

    Richard calmly replied, "He's educational, that's for sure. He taught me a feather fall ability just before you came home. He is an okay wolf I guess. He takes care of you and he gives you a roof over your head so he can't be all bad."

    Bergermire chuckled at the feather falling mention. "He taught you slow falling. That's the first thing he teaches when he thinks I am going to get someone new in trouble."

    Richard grinned. "Where to first?"

    Bergermire replied, "I have to go pick up Flashwick Hedgehog. His sisters are a pain in the ass and I am one of the few who can deal with them. In the meantime I want you to go pick up Slywick Fox and Braywick Donkey. The two other boys from school? They live over at Candlewick Farms. Actually, go to where the sign is and hang a right up the dirt road alleyway around the curve of the wooden fenced pastures and you'll get to the Brayip Farm. That's where they live. And for gosh sakes, Richard; don't get caught with your pants down over there or we might be late getting to the island. Okay?"

    Richard arched an eye at that statement but Bergermire had already parted company with him heading off to fetch Flashwick Hedgehog. Richard shrugged his shoulders and headed off in the direction of Candlewick Farms.

    Finding Candlewick Farms was pretty easy as it was right on the north edge of town. There were fenced pastures on one side of the street and somewhat of a housed forest on the city side of the street. And he could tell that this was literally where the farming anime lived and worked. He knew this when he saw the mailboxes of Old MacDonald and the Farmer in the Dell on that street. It took about an hour of walking but he finally arrived at the dirt road alleyway like turn off and he headed in toward Brayip Farm. As Richard proceeded forward, he couldn't help but to smell the donkey scent in the air very strongly in the direction he was heading. As he arrived in the yard of the farm, he could see some sort of training session going on where several donkey boys were trying to nab a humanoid dummy without ringing the bells that were positioned all around the dummy. The dummy was dressed to look like a human boy which made Richard wary of being there at all.

    The head donkey boy captain then noticed Richard and came over and shook his hand, saying, "We don't see too many handsome boys like you around Anime Heights. Especially none who visit a recruiter's station like this one. What's your name, handsome?"

    Richard smiled. "Richard King. I'm here to see Sly Fox and Brayhoof Donkey. Are they around?"

    The donkey captain nodded his muzzle. "They are in Bray's room packing up for some sort of overnight camping trip." He then gave Richard a kiss on the mouth. "That is for brightening up a captain's day with such a handsome sight. I wouldn't mind your coming around whenever you liked. I am sure Brayhoof would like to see more of you himself. I could even hire you for after school work or even a summer job if you're interested."

    Richard blushed as he gave the donkey a return kiss on his muzzle, then he turned to head into the bunkhouses to find the two boys. Well, he thought he was entering the house as he was suddenly stopped by the donkey captain. "Yes? You said Sly and Brayhoof were in their room right."

    The donkey captain smiled when he turned Richard so he could see the other house. "Bray's room is over in that building over there." He pointed toward the correct door.

    Richard arched an eye. "So what's in this building?"

    The donkey captain leaned in close and whispered, "Recruiter Barn. This is where we sign up new recruiters and get them ready for their jobs on Earth. If you don't care about being caught with your pants down then come on in and meet some of the new Recruiters. Otherwise, you better just stick to getting the boys you came after."

    "Maybe someday I can come by when I'm not busy with another task and help the Recruiters get prepared," Richard said as he back-peddled out of the barn and turned toward the right building. But yet still he was curious about meeting some of the recruiters. He decided that he would return another time to meet them.

    Inside of Bray's bedroom, Richard found Sly and Brayhoof all packed up and ready to go. "Come on, you two. Bergermire will be meeting us at the lake dock with Flash. The donkey captain said you two were packing up for an overnight outing. We aren't going to be on the island all night, are we?"

    Brayhoof replied, "Bergermire told us at school yesterday to be prepared to spend the night there just in case. So we're being prepared."

    Richard hummed. "Bergermire never mentioned anything like that to me. I wonder what he has planned this time?"

    Sly grinned. "He's probably got some surprise present prepped up for you."

    Richard hummed again. "Anyway, let's get going, guys. I'd like to get some work done on the carnival before dark."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      The three left Candlewick Farms and proceeded around the outskirts of town, where the boys showed Richard where some of the fun places to visit at one a weekend were. Finally the three arrived at the shoreline dock where Bergermire and Flash were waiting on them. Warren helped the boys get on the tug boat and then he gave Richard a workman's uniform to wear so his normal clothes didn't get messed up.

      Once the five were in the boat, Warren Fetlock got the boat moving piloting the tug boat over to the island and the dock thereof. As Richard was helping the others out of the boat, he said to Warren, "I am glad you know that we are going to be doing some repairs on the park on the island, sir. But how did Bergermire convince you to take us on a Saturday?"

      Warren smiled as he stored Richard's clothes in a trunk and he quietly replied, "I am actually assisting King Kazma in an investigation out here on Pleasure Island. There are three missing boys who disappeared in the last few years. If you happen to see any of them, report them to me and I will see to it that you get a reward from Kazma himself. The three are: Kurt Caladus, Aaron Lions and Wally Day. You better get a move on and catch up with Bergermire while the morning sun is still on this side of the sky. Lampwick and Wilwick are waiting on you boys."

      Richard and the other boys headed up the trail to the carnival entrance where they were greeted by Lampwick and Wilwick. Lampwick said, "There you guys are. I was starting to get worried when you didn't show up at sunrise. Come on in and we'll see about getting some work done on this place."

      The group followed Lampwick into the old closed carnival and split up into teams of two so as to work on various portions of the carnival. Bergermire and Flashwick headed off over into the roller coaster section of the old carnival. Sly and Brayhoof headed off toward the game booths section of the carnival. And Richard ended up with Wilwick and Lampwick between the fun house and old billiards hall... a section once known as the indoor attractions section.

      Richard worked well and with precision much to Lampwick's delight. However, Wilwick was often getting distracted every time Richard would bend over to get a nail out of the sack of nails on the ground. Wilwick dreamily smiled as he imagined himself pouncing an all bent over Richard.

      Eventually, Lampwick announced that he was going to make a few rounds through the park to check on the others who were evidently being quieter than usual. To make sure that Bergermire and the others were still working like they were supposed to be. And off he trotted.

      Richard smiled at Wilwick and said, "It's just you and me now, buddy."

      Wilwick nodded his muzzle, then hung his head and moaned a little.

      Richard arched an eye. "Are you okay, Wilwick?"

      Wilwick lifted his head slightly and replied, "Tummy hurts. I skipped breakfast because I was so wanting to see you again. Could you escort me over to my place so I can get something to eat? It's about lunchtime anyway and we could come right back afterward."

      Richard nodded his head in reply, saying, "Sure. I think lunch sounds like a fine idea. Let's head over to your place. Which way is it?"

      Wilwick slyly grinned to himself. "It's this way. I'll show you." Wilwick began to lead Richard off deeper into the carnival and straight up to a wooden back wall with a door in it. "Right through here. Watch your step..." And once they were through the door, Richard saw another side to the carnival that Lampwick hadn't mentioned... This side of the amusement park was still operational and looked fairly new.

      Richard asked, "You mean there is a functioning carnival on this island? So what were we repairing over there?"

      Wilwick grinned slyly without Richard seeing. "Lampwick was saving this as a surprise for you because you offered to help fix up the other carnival. Come on; my place is this way." And he started off in one direction. Richard followed slowly, though he began to notice boys with donkey ears and donkey tails wandering to and fro between the games, refreshment stands, and the rides.

      Although Richard was also trying to keep Wilwick in sight, he soon collided by accident into one of the eared/tailed boys, both falling down on the ground. Richard shook his head as his vision slowly came back into focus at the half donkey boy in front of him. "All my fault. I'm terribly sorry." The donkey eared/tailed boy giggled as he pressed a soft gooey chocolate bar into Richard's mouth!

      "It's good, isn't it?"

      Richard wasn't prepared for that reaction as he mrrfed and swallowed the addictive super sweet chocolate that was given to him. And the moment he did, the dizziness returned with a pounding rush! And Richard knew that he just had to have another chocolate bar! "MMMMMmmmmmmmm! That was super delicious! My name is Richard! What's yours?"

      He replied, "I'm Kurt! Wanna get some more chocolate with me? I'm glad I met you!"

      Richard grinned, still dizzy from the chocolate. "Heck yeah! Let's get some more chocolate!"

      Kurt grabbed Richard's hand and dashed off pulling Richard with him!

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Soon the two were within a building that smelled like chocolate, and they were both sitting down in an odd tub next to each other, wearing bibs. Kurt grinned. "You want to try the milk bunny chocolate or the dark donkey chocolate?" Richard grinned back. "Let's try the dark! Why not? That chocolate bar was really good!" Kurt smiled. "It's your first time, so I'll let you push the button!"

        Richard patted Kurt on the shoulder, which seemed a little more furry than it did before, then he pushed the button. The moment he pressed the button, the bottom of the tub dropped out and the two fell down into a huge, deep, sticky vat of dark donkey chocolate!

        KER-PLOP!! Kurt giggled, as he watched Richard's clothes get totally ruined by the chocolate, and then, another load of the sticky chocolate dumped down from above on top of them!

        But Richard, at this point, didn't really seem to mind. He was enjoying the chocolate too much. And Kurt liked his new friend. It was only a few hours later after Kurt helped Richard out of the chocolate vat, minus his clothes, did Richard ask Kurt, "Is this what happened to your clothes?" Kurt replied with a smile, "No, I lost mine on the swamp ride. I was wearing clothes when I went on the ride, but when the ride ended, my clothes were gone. But I really don't mind at all. Wanna go on the swamp ride with me now?" Richard nodded his head in agreement and the two headed off to ride the next ride.

        Back over in the rundown carnival, however, Brayhoof Donkey had arrived on the scene where Wilwick and Richard was to have been repairing some doors and windows, so he could borrow a hammer, and he saw that no one was there. Perplexed on where they could have went, he headed back over to where Sly and Lampwick were working.

        When Sly saw Brayhoof approaching, he asked, "Did you get the hammer?"

        Brayhoof replied, "Actually no. Richard and Wilwick weren't there." Lampwick looked up at the sun, then back at the two. "Well, it is lunchtime. I'll bet they found a spot to sit down and are having lunch. No need to worry about them. They'll turn up soon."

        At that moment, about part way across the old carnival, Bergermire and Flash were working on one of the old broken roller coasters, when the hedgehog saw something across the fence. "Hey Bergermire? Wasn't Richard supposed to be repairing the indoor amusements section?"

        Bergermire grinned. "Yeah... him, Wilwick and Lampwick. Why do you ask?"

        Flash pointed out toward a place across the fence. "...because that naked boy over there looks just like him."

        Bergermire glanced over in that direction and said, "You know something? You're right. That does look like Richard. But we both know that can't be him because only donkeys can open the special door to the other carnival. So that has to be someone who looks like Richard. In a way, I wish it was him, so I can finally be able to say that I finally saw Richard naked."

        Flash grinned. "You really like Richard, don't you?"

        Bergermire nodded his head, blushing. "Yeah, I have to admit that I do like him. When Richard is around, I don't get into as much trouble as I normally would."

        Flash hammered on his side of the track for a moment, then said, "What thoughts did you have when you first laid eyes on Richard?"

        Bergermire grinned. "Now Flash... I can't tell you that... They were all very dirty."

        Richard had no idea what time it was when he started to snap out of the chocolate bar sugar rush, but what he did realize right away was that he was naked in a slow moving log plume ride with Kurt, who was sitting right beside him. "Um, Kurt? What happened to my clothes?"

        Kurt grinned at Richard and replied, "You lost them in the chocolate bath and you said it didn't matter. You and I have been riding rides ever since, all over the park, and eating lots of great food and stuff. You're the best friend I've ever met and the most fun to spend a day with. I am really glad I met you."

        Richard was blushing profusely now. "Um, I'm naked, Kurt. How the heck am I going to explain losing my clothes to my parents?"

        Kurt smiled, hugging Richard a little. "Honestly?"

        Richard nodded his head quietly. He was majorly embarrassed.

        Kurt held him and rubbed his shoulders. "Don't be embarrassed, Richard. It was an accident and it wasn't your fault. And that's the truth. I don't see the problem. Besides, unless someone fetches you some replacement clothes you might as well not even attempt to go home or everyone will see that you're naked. You'll need to get someone who's clothed to go get you some clothes while you wait here for them to come back. And then... there's the other concern you should be having."

        Richard arched an eye at Kurt. "What concern is that?"

        Kurt steeled himself up for a possibly angry Richard, as he held up a donkey's tail that was obviously not Kurt's... "You have one like mine. I don't recall when you got it, but I know you've had it the last few rides." He paused. "...the ears, too. Like mine."

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          Richard had grabbed the donkey tail when Kurt touched it, then slowly reached up and felt his new donkey ears. "Why am I changing into a donkey? I haven't been acting like a jackass, have I? I befriended you and spent the day with you. I shouldn't be changing like this? I don't get it. How do I get out of this?" Kurt replied, "If you want out of it, you're going to have to petition Lord Lampwick for a favor to be restored. But as long as you're planning to get restored, you might as well have some fun in the meantime. Lord Lampwick won't be back at his quarters until late tonight and we have a whole day to go before then."

          Richard said, "Oh, I know where he is. I just have to go back through the door in the wall and ask him. That shouldn't be too hard." Kurt grinned. "Except for one little flaw in that logic." Richard asked, "And what's the flaw?" Kurt kept grinning as he rubbed Richard's shoulders. "Only full donkeys, like Lord Lampwick and Lord Wilwick can open that door. No one else can open it. That's why I suggested that you just continue to have some fun until Lampwick returns to his place tonight."

          Richard sighed. "So until he comes home, I'm stuck here in this carnival?" Kurt nodded his head. "I'm afraid that's how it works." Richard hummed. "You said Lord Wilwick... he's the one who opened the door for me originally. What power does he have here in this carnival?"

          Kurt replied, "You're probably going to be mad at him, but... he's the recruiter for this carnival. It's his job to find boys who haven't been good and dump them into this carnival so they can get changed into donkeys. But like you said, Richard... you haven't been bad, so I don't know why you're changing, unless you're goofing off when you should be doing something else."

          Richard placed his hand over his eyes. "I was supposed to be working today repairing the other carnival. Wilwick asked me if I'd like to go to his place for lunch and it was lunchtime anyway so we came over here and when I ran into you I lost track of where Wilwick went."

          Kurt sighed. "And I unwittingly kept you entertained for a better part of the day. It's all my fault. I am so sorry, Richard. Please forgive me. If I had known I would have taken you straight to Wilwick's place. Now you have to wait for Lampwick to get restored because Wilwick can't do it. He could have stopped you from getting changed but once you started changing it was out of his hooves. Now only Lampwick can undo this."

          Richard hugged Kurt petting him in return. "I don't blame you a bit, Kurt."

          Kurt smiled. "I am still glad we met, Richard. Even if you do get restored I think you're swell. No one has ever purposely spent a day with me before and it... um... feels nice to have a friend like you to pal around with."

          Richard smiled back at Kurt. "How long have you been stuck here at the carnival, Kurt?"

          Kurt replied, "A couple of years since I got lost from the high school class I was with and I ran into Wilwick and he invited me into the carnival so I could get something to eat and drink for the night. And somehow I got separated from him got shown around the carnival by another donkey eared/tailed boy and the next thing I knew... I had the ears and tail too. And when I realized that I had the ears and tail the other boy had left me to myself and I never saw him again. So I continued living here at the carnival having a blast by myself until I met you."

          Richard arched an eye again. "Your name wouldn't happen to be Kurt Caladus, would it?"

          Kurt nodded his head. "Yeah, that's who I am. How do you know me?"

          Richard and Kurt soon got off the log plume ride and headed over and got into another slow moving ride that slid through an indoor environment that looked like the inside of a giant toy box. They were joined by two other donkey eared/tailed boys, as the ride was a 4-seater.

          Richard then continued his conversation with Kurt. "Warren Fetlock told me who the missing students were, by name. He said Kurt Caladus, Aaron Lions and Wally Day. If you are here, where did the others go?"

          Kurt smiled. "Oh, they are here too. I see them occasionally. Wally went full donkey and now works for Lord Lampwick over at the estate on the back side of the island. Aaron is still humanoid like me. But he said that he didn't want to go back to school unless the school erased his failing grades. So he just lives at the carnival here and there."

          Richard then asked, "What are Wally and Aaron like?"

          Kurt shrugged then said, "Wally was a really bad boy. He was a bully and picked on other kids. His parents were getting ready to ship him off to... somewhere the grown ups refer to as... That Place. Wally caught wind of what they were planning so during the next class outing to Pleasure Island Wally headed inland and asked Wilwick if he could hide out on the island for a few weeks. Naturally, Wilwick brought Wally into the carnival and left him there. And within a day he was a full donkey. Only after he became a full donkey did he start to realize that it was probably a bad idea to be a bad boy but at the point it was too late. After a couple of years he worked up the courage to ask Lampwick for a job on his estate and for the past year that's where he's been." Richard nodded his head. "And what about Aaron?" Kurt smiled. "Aaron started out a lot like you, Richard." Then he frowned. "Then Felipe had sex with him and Aaron wasn't the same after that. Then, he and I arrived here at the carnival and he seemed to snap... and though I occasionally still see him around he's not someone that I would prefer spending a day with; I like you better. You might say that I wouldn't want to have to trust him."

          Richard hummed. "And where does Aaron normally hang out, or do you care to know?" Kurt irked. "I know, but I'd rather not tell you. I wouldn't want you to get hurt by Aaron, even by accident. Why do you want to know anyway?"

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            Richard smiled. "I'd like to meet him just once. If you'd prefer to be there when I meet him, so you can be sure I wasn't hurt, that's okay too. I just like meeting new people, good or bad."

            Kurt hummed as he thought about it. Then he said, "Okay, I'll take you to meet him, but I still don't think it's a good idea. Aaron isn't someone that I'd trust. And he can be tricky, too."

            Richard nodded his head. "That's okay. You've warned me enough. I want to meet him." Kurt said, "Okay. As soon as this ride ends, I'll take you to meet him."

            When the ride ended, the two headed deeper into the carnival. They made one stop to pick up some food and drink, eating and drinking that, before heading onward again. They soon arrived at an oddly dark building that smelled somewhat of chocolate and vanilla.

            Richard asked, "Is this where Aaron hangs out?"

            Kurt nodded his head and knocked on the door. "He usually sleeps during the day and prowls at night, but because it's so late in the day, we might get lucky and he would already be awake."

            After a few silent moments, Kurt was about to knock again, when the door opened and a donkey boy blinked his eyes at the light outside. "Kurt? Is that you? Come on inside and bring your friend with you. You know I don't like the light." And he retreated back inside the building, as Kurt and Richard followed him inside and closing the door behind them.

            Inside the building, Richard saw something that made him glad that they came here. Aaron had suitcases full of boy's clothes and shoes. The next thing Richard saw was that the front room was apparently being used to store clothes in, though there was another room further back, and a hallway beyond that.

            Aaron led the two into the second room where he sat down on a large mattress on the floor and looked back up at Kurt and Richard. "Okay his is a face I don't recognize. And I think I would recognize someone as good looking as him."

            Kurt said, "Aaron, this is Richard. We were talking earlier and I accidentally mentioned you and he decided that he wanted to meet you."

            Aaron slowly grinned though in truth he was upset that he had only been mentioned by accident. "I am very glad you did mention me to Richard. Tell me something... does any of the four lords know that Richard is in the carnival?"

            Kurt irked. "Um, one of them does but not the main one." Aaron nodded his head and then asked Kurt to go get some chocolate bars from the store room in the back hallway. Kurt's eyes twinkled at the mention of chocolate bars and Richard had to force himself to not go search for the candy too. Then, after Kurt was out of the room Aaron offered some mattress space to Richard for sitting and asked, "I am going to hazard a guess and say that Lord Wilwick didn't purposely dump you in here. So, what's your story, Richard?"

            And Richard explained the whole story to Aaron including what his job was supposed to have been. "And if I could negotiate some of these clothes from you, I'd be super appreciative."

            Aaron grinned. "Clothing does tend to vanish around here. Tell you what... promise me that you'll return here to see me another time and I'll let you use any of the clothes here as often as you like whenever you like. Do we have a deal?" Aaron thought Richard looked really sexy with the tail and ears of a donkey though he knew that in order to convince Richard that he was sincere he would have to let Richard go this time.

            Richard thought the deal was a good one so he readily made the promise to return another time to see Aaron. Then Richard glanced toward the hallway and asked, "What's taking Kurt so long?"

            Aaron replied, "He probably is devouring those chocolate bars that I got just for him. And I should warn you, Richard... don't eat any more chocolate here at the carnival unless you love having the donkey ears and tail. The more chocolate you eat the more donkey you become. That's what happened to Wally and it was a sad thing to witness. So that's my good deed for the day. For now, I think you better gather what clothes you think you'll need then head on over to either Lord Wilwick's place, Lord Merlion's place, Lord Donkaroo's place, or Lord Lampwick's place and ask one of them to restore you to your normal human form. You are able to be restored at the moment."

            Richard finished gathering up some underwear, pants, shirt, belt, socks and shoes, then he turned to Aaron again. "What is Lord Donkaroo? He sounds like the cross between a kangaroo and donkey."

            Aaron grinned. "Good guess, but he's a stud and he loves to help people." Aaron refrained from mentioning that the Lords would charge a fee for the restoration.

            Richard hummed. "I'd like to see this Lord Donkaroo then. Maybe he can restore me without any real problems. How do I get there?"

            Aaron stood up and showed Richard a removable toon hole. "I have several of these, and if you're going to be living on QC Planet, you best learn how to use these things." And with that Aaron taught Richard how to use the removable toon hole. "I will open the toon hole to the correct destination this first time. After you go through, pick up the toon hole and put it into your unseen pocket just like I taught you. And remember what you promised me, Richard." After a well placed toon hole, Richard headed through and emerged in a warm chamber elsewhere. He then picked up the toon hole and pocketed it like he was taught. Then he took a step forward and called out, "Lord Donkaroo? Are you home? I need to ask for a restoration, please." Lord Donkaroo was indeed home and all too eager to restore his handsome visitor. Then, as the restored Richard was beginning to get dressed in the borrowed clothes, Lord Donkaroo asked, "How will you be paying me for this restoration, Richard?" Richard irked as he turned to look at Lord Donkaroo. "No one said I had to pay for the restoration. What do you think would be appropriate?"

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              Lord Donkaroo smiled. "I'll make it simple. This summer return to Pleasure Island and work for me doing odd jobs and what not. Anything extra you make you get to keep. Besides, Lord Wilwick was looking for you earlier. Do we have a deal?"

              Richard understood now why Aaron had him promise to return now. "We have a deal, sir."

              After Donkaroo returned the boy to the donkey recruiter, the Wilwick and Richard went to the donkey recruiter's house so the boy could not only see where it was, but to memorize its location as well.

              While they were there, Wilwick explained an extra detail to Richard regarding the restoration. "Despite having any old lord perform the restoration upon you, a restoring is only true and permanent if Lampwick does it. At best, you still have your donkey ears and tail. They will become visible again if you ever have too much fun when you should be working. I am sure Lampwick would agree to restore you if we asked him to. He will find out that you were in the park away once Donkaroo hands in his report to him tonight. Furthermore, aside from the four known lords on the island, there are four other lords whom run their own parks which have magical links to Pleasure island. You have heard of Lampwick, myself, Donkaroo and Merlion. Well, there are four more with their own themed areas. Lord Guil Nomigid controls the Digital Donkey portion of the park. His entire section of the park is digital all the way. If you ever get digitized you will have to go to him to get restored. Lord Zex Felzgud runs the Pornographic Donkey portion of the park. Rule 32 is broken therein on a constant basis. Lord Sweethoof is the one who is in charge of all of the donkey chocolate factories on the island. If you've had a taste of the island's chocolate he's the one to thank for making it. And Lord Dride is the donkey lord in charge of enchanting the rides to change people into donkeys. In fact I have heard he is more than willing to teach magic to an interested student."

              Richard knelt down and hugged Wilwick as he gave the Recruiter Lord a deep kiss on the muzzle. "Is there anything else you might want to do with me before we head back out to get some more work done on the carnival?" Wilwick invited Richard into his bedroom where activity could be more private and later they returned to the other carnival where they got busy trying to catch up on the work that they had fallen behind on. And Richard was sure not going to tell Bergermire about what Wilwick and he had done before returning to work. Back on the tug boat, Richard put his normal clothes back on as he updated Warren on the boys.

              The first week had gone pretty well for the campus' newest rabbit stud. Despite Evelyn Bishops dumping him, Robert King had gotten a lot of sympathy from several students and merchants around campus. He had even joined Campus Security when it was offered to him. But with the weekend arriving in Metro-Gotham, the local fairgrounds was to host the Heroes Reward Carnival. The owners of the carnival a lion stud and a sexy donkey boy went to campus security to ask if any of them would like to work as security at the fairgrounds for bonus pay and a few special prizes of their own. Most did not want to work on a fairground weekend, but Robert chose to accept their offer since he was still without any cash to enjoy the carnival even if he did choose to take the day off like the rest of campus security.

              Robert was allowed into the fairgrounds a whole two hours before opening mainly to be given a tour around the carnival. The lion whose name was Kaizer Roarin showed Robert where all of the entrances and exits were around the park as well as the public restrooms and eateries. Then the donkey boy whose name was Jack Aston escorted Robert to each and every ride where he permitted the big hunk to take a free ride on all of the amusements in the park. Then they played a few of the games and finally they returned to the dressing room where Robert was outfitted with an amusement park security officer uniform. "If you stay around after closing, Kaizer and I can show you a good time in our quarters, Robert. You are the only one who wanted to work on the weekend here at the carnival. We both thank you a lot for taking time out of your college schedule to assist a couple of carnies with upholding security around here. Plus, if you do a good job," Jack then hugged Robert tightly and gave him a full kiss on the muzzle. "We will give you a lifetime pass to attend our carnival no matter where we happen to be playing at. Plus whatever else Kaizer is offering you. If you would also like to spend the night with me, my bed is quite cozy."

              Then came the opening of the show that night. Robert stood near the front gates just inside and to one side as he watched the visitors pour into the carnival to attend the rides and play the games. As he watched, he saw Evelyn Bishops come in with several Marshal sorority sisters. Oddly, she didn't seem to recognize Robert in his new body despite being told he was now a muscular rabbit. Or perhaps she thought he was someone else. True, he wasn't wearing the campus security outfit that night. It was funny how a change in clothes could make everyone think you were someone else entirely.

              Suddenly, a sexy rabbit lady approached him and ran a furry hand down his sides as she looked him over. "Well hello, stud. Might you be available for hire after the carnival departs Meta-Star City? I am Bosom Bunny, Lola Bunny's stage performing older sister. I need to hire a bodyguard to accompany me to some of the places where I perform at night. My sister would be happy to know if I were to find some protection. I can pay you for your time, handsome. How does 'twelve hundred a night' sound?"

              "Sounds like you are trying to buy my sexual services, in all honesty, Ms. Bunny," Robert replied. "I apologize but that was the first thought that crossed my mind when you made me that offer. I am not only a Marshal student but I am also not originally a rabbit. I am Robert King."

              "Handsome... I wouldn't pay twelve hundred for sex with any rabbit." Bosom said in a standoffish sort of manner.

              "The way you wanted to hire me for an outrageous amount of money doesn't bring nice thoughts to mind when the employer is a pretty lady like yourself. I won't be free until after the carnival leaves Meta-Star City. The bosses mentioned that they both wanted to reward me. They both think I am a hot rabbit stud who might be able to perform like a rabbit should."

              Bosom then asked, "Where do you work currently?"

              "Carrier Hunks for Sabin as well as Campus Security for Marshal," replied Robert with a smile.

              "So you only get paid for one job. Look, Robert..." said Bosom. "I don't care what you spend the money on; I just need a professional escort who knows how to handle hoods. And you look like that would be no problem. I know Sabin; if you are in with him, you scored big time. He cares about any fur or toon who works out with him." Robert hummed. "Since you know Sabin, I guess I could give the job a try. How often would you need me?" Bosom replied, "Every Friday night should be fine. You don't even have to dress sexy; just look tough."

              End of Chapter Seven