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01-APQC-RK Mobotropolis High

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    01-APQC-RK Mobotropolis High

    Anime Heights - QC Planet

    01-APQC-RK Mobotropolis High
    By Darrel James Vanwinkle (Pouchlaw/Ratseye)

    Chapter One

    Richard King was mad.

    His father was being transferred to a new branch office in an unheard of part of the country, and worse, Rhys King was moving the family with him. This wouldn't normally be such a horrible thing, but it couldn't have come at a worse time. Richard had just earned his way on to the local football team.

    So, here he sat... packing his belongings into boxes that his mom had picked up from the moving company. His friends all knew that his family was moving, and most sympathized with Richard, but there was nothing they could do.

    Richard's older brother poked his head into Richard's bedroom. "Taking it kinda hard, aren't you?"

    Richard lifted his head up at his usually wiser than thou brother, Robert, and replied, "How come you're not pissed off with all this? Doesn't this ruin your credits toward that scholarship you were working on?"

    Robert smiled. "Mother and father didn't tell you where we were moving to, did they? If you had known, you wouldn't be so mad. Not just anyone gets to move into that area."

    Richard arched an eye. "No, they didn't say... but I was pretty mad at the time and stormed up to my room. I just got on the football team, Robert. It just isn't fair."

    Robert smiled, patting Richard's shoulder. "I know it isn't fair but you will soon be having more fun than you'll know what to do with on QC Planet."

    Richard suddenly brightened. "Where? QC Planet? But... I thought that was reserved for toon and anime characters and such. Why are we being allowed in there?"

    Robert replied, "Dad got transferred into the Anime Heights security council. That's how come we can live there. I only hope we get into a quiet neighborhood. I don't want to be awakened at 2:57 AM by a anime cat chasing a mouse through a circus parade."

    Richard had to laugh at that.

    Robert grinned. "See? I made you laugh. It's not so bad of a move, now is it? And I am sure they'll have a football team of their own you can join. Think of the fun new anime friends you'll make. Besides, you can always stay in touch with your old friends."

    Richard smiled. "Yeah, I can. Thanks for cheering me up, Robert."

    Robert walked out of the bedroom saying, "I have to go help mom in the kitchen. Finish packing your gear, Richard. I'll see you when you're finished." Robert headed downstairs.

    Richard was still smiling. "QC Planet... That might actually be fun."

    The trip to Anime Heights was interesting.

    Regular people weren't supposed to be able to live on QC Planet let alone in the anime region. So this was sure to be a real eye opener for the anime already living there. The transition from reality to animated scenery through the entry Transportal was like those many scenes in Disney's Mary Poppins.

    Richard had been watching the scenery go by, when suddenly, he noticed Sonic the hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower speeding along directly beside the car and trailer itself. And chasing the two in his flying egg was Doctor Robotnik and a horde or filming camera probes. This got Richard's attention immediately as he rolled down the window on the car and reached out, touching the animated hedgehog.

    The moment contact was made, Sonic turned his head to Richard and said, "You must be the new security council member's family. They're waiting for you in front of the city hall in town. I am sure you know who we are and no, we're not filming anymore. We were earlier. We are looking forward toward seeing you in school, kid." And with that, he shouted, "Up! Over! And gone!" As he and the fox zoomed onward and ahead of the car as if the vehicle was sitting still.

    Richard smiled. "The locals seem pretty nice, so far. I can't wait to meet some of the others."

    Rhys King said, "You see? You were got mad about moving too soon. You already met one of the heroes and we're not even into town yet."

    Richard was excited now as he continued to watch the new surroundings with interest.

    A few moments later, the car pulled up to a stop in front of the city hall. And what Richard had not been expecting was a celebration party for the King's arrival in Anime Heights. It looked like the whole region of Anime Heights had showed up for the party. And the security council members were mostly unknowns although their leader was quite well known from his appearance in the anime, Summer Wars. King Kazma himself.

    From the security council, King Kazma presided along with the entire Red Rabbit Army although only the captains and generals were actually on council. These anime animals made up the standard Anime Heights security council. And now, Richard's father was joining them... but why? Richard still couldn't figure that one out.

    King Kazma was saying, "As the head of the Anime Heights security council, I am proud to welcome you, the King family, to Anime Heights. The first non-anime humans to ever have been given the privilege to live in the anime region."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    One of the Red Rabbit Captains then presented Rhys with the key to the city, or a replica to the actual key, as he explained it, and then feasting and socializing occurred.

    It wasn't until late that afternoon when the King family were able to pull into the driveway of their new house, which was on a private drive in one of the more upstanding and quiet neighborhoods. Richard was glad to be at their new house.

    That night, after a good dinner, Richard was out behind the family property admiring the animated night time landscape. It was still hard to believe that they were being allowed to live on QC Planet. They were certainly lucky. He wondered what school was going to be like. He recalled that Sonic the Hedgehog said that he would see Richard in school, so apparently the school was unlike any other if anime animals were attending.

    While Richard sat there, he saw a anime bunny dash by in the distance. A few moments later, an anime styled three-tailed fox emerge from the bushes in flight mode like Tails would do and he looked around. He then saw Richard and flew over to the human on the hill top.

    "Pardon me, hon youngster...can you tell me where bunny-san darted?"

    Richard hummed. "He zipped into that tall field of clover and vines. Are you going to eat him?"

    The kitsune chuckled, as he patted Richard on the head and gave him a gold coin. "He is not for my meal...but for my daughter's hand in marriage." The kitsune departed once again and vanished into the clover and vines.

    Richard arched an eye as he looked at the gold coin. "It's going to take some getting used to living here that's for sure..." He pocketed the gold coin and got up to return to the house.

    Standing directly behind where he'd been sitting was a male morphic anime pony wearing a leather jacket with silver chains. "It is quite the view, isn't it?" he asked with a French accent. "The name is Felipe. So you're the new kid..."

    Richard said, "Richard King. You come here often?"

    Felipe stepped passed Richard about a foot and replied, "You might say that. I like to bring either my boyfriends up to this hill for a bit of fun. Especially at night. And I'd hate for you to get any funny ideas about claiming this particular spot. Because if you did... I might have to stretch you," He peered back over his shoulder at Richard. "if you know what I mean..."

    Richard arched an eye. "A boyfriend? But you look too nice to be gay. I am sure there are tons of girls who are interested in you."

    Felipe lowered his dark shades for a moment with a grin. "You crack me up. I'm a homosexual anime pony. so yeah, I am very gay. As for the girls... I used to be bisexual before they got too disgusting even for my tastes...if you catch my drift."

    Richard paled a little as he frowned. "Um...I think I'm starting to get the picture. I'm sorry I intruded in on your spot. Really I am."

    Felipe slowly turned to face Richard fully. "I really think you are sorry, kid. Tell me something... what are your favorite sports?"

    Richard smiled a little. "Football and kickboxing, although my mom will only let me do football."

    Felipe smiled, as he shook Richard's hand with his extra warm paw. "In school tomorrow, ask Coach Shadow for a football tryout. If he says no, mention my name. See you around, kid."

    The next morning came sooner than Richard had hoped. Inside the King household, it was like any other morning. Breakfast was being prepared, Richard was emerging from the bathtub, Robert was preparing for MARSHAL in far away Meta-Star City, and Rhys King was sipping a hot cup of coffee while reading the morning paper. Or rather, trying to read the morning paper.

    Trying was the better word to use because he was laughing as he read each news article.

    Soon, Robert and Richard sat down at the table and had breakfast with their parents.

    When breakfast ended, a female anime human on a motorcycle pulled up in front of the house and honked the bike's horn. "Come on, Robert! Your ride is here!"

    Robert smiled. "That would be Evelyn Bishops. I'll see all of you next weekend. Good luck in school, Richard." And Robert headed out the door, put on his helmet, and got on the motorcycle behind Evelyn. "Let's hit the road, Evelyn!"

    Evelyn exclaimed, "You got it, stud!" And together, they sped off into the distance. VROOM!

    Then, the school bus arrived out front and honked it's horn.

    Carmen King kissed Richard and handed him his lunchbox. "I fixed your favorite, honey. As soon as you get to school, you're to check in with the Principal, Sally Acorn, to get your class schedule sorted out. Have a good time, honey."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Richard headed out the door and stepped aboard the school bus, where he saw a mish-mash of anime animal and human teenagers conversing with each other. Richard irked when he saw what he was riding with and he sat at the very front of the bus, by himself.

      At the next stop, a male Mobian anime wolf, Richard's own height whom looked unwashed, boarded the bus and sat in the seat next to Richard. When he saw the ordinary human, he turned toward Richard and quietly and politely asked, "What are you being punished for?"

      Richard looked at the wolf and whispered back, "I'm not being punished for anything. I just didn't want to sit back there with..." he paused looking scared... "them."

      The wolf grinned and gently patted Richard's shoulder, then he held out his paw. "I'm Bergermire Wolf."

      Richard shook Bergermire's paw, which felt warm and sticky, but didn't seem to have anything on it. "Richard King. The new boy, I guess you could say."

      Bergermire whispered to Richard, "How'd you like to be in the club my friends and I are in?"

      Richard arched an eye. "What sort of club is it?"

      Bergermire grinned. "I'm in the candle lighter's choir. We're called, the Wicks. You have a nice voice, so how about it?"

      Richard asked quietly, "You mean, you and your friends sing?"

      Bergermire quietly giggled and shook his head. "Only on Sunday morning. Members of the club take part of there name and affix the suffix -wick, so we can tell who is in the club. For instance, I am Bergermire Wolf, but in the club, I am called Bergerwick. A new name. Keen, isn't it?"

      Richard hummed. He wasn't particularly fond of his first name, and Richwick sounded really dumb. "I don't know, Bergerwick. My first name doesn't sound that great with -wick. Richwick makes me sound like pompous."

      Bergerwick grinned. "Do you have a middle name?"

      Richard had to grin back at that question. Yes, he did have a middle name that he often toyed with, but no one ever called him by that name. Ever. "Sure, it's Edward but no one ever calls me that."

      Bergerwick patted Richard's shoulder. "Edwick sounds like a winner. So how about it? Will you join our little club? I am sure the club leader will take to you like I have."

      Richard was starting to really like Bergerwick. "If my parents say it's okay, I'll join up."

      Bergerwick wrinkled his nose a little. "Why do you have to tell them?"

      Richard replied, "Cause my dad just joined the security council and he'll want to know what I'm doing with my time. But I think they'll say yes, because the candle lighter's choir sounds like something that they'd approve of my doing."

      Bergerwick grinned again. "Okay. If he asks what we do, just tell him that we light the candles in the local Anime Heights church every Sunday morning. Which is exactly what we do. Though there is more to our club than just that. But I can't tell you anymore until you join us."

      Richard dug out his cellphone and opened it. "I'll call dad right now and ask him. Won't take a minute." He tapped in the number for his father's cellphone and then spoke to his father about joining the choir's club. He explained what he'd been told about it, not mentioning that was probably going to be more to it. His father thought it over, then gave his reply.

      "Call your mom and if she gives the okay, then you're in your first club. Have a good day at school." And his father hung up the cellphone.

      Richard then made the call to his mother, explaining the deal yet again, being wise to use the exact same words that he used to his dad. And when Carmen complied as well, he hung up the phone.

      Bergerwick smiled. "So how did it go?"

      Richard replied with a happy grin, "They both said I could be in the club."

      Soon, they were getting off the bus and Bergerwick escorted Richard to Principal Acorn's office. "Our principal is Sally Acorn, so be nice to her. She's the best one we've ever had. I'll talk to you around lunch period. Bye." And Bergerwick headed off to his locker.

      Richard knocked on the door, then walked inside.

      Principal Acorn was holding a morning newspaper as she looked to her visitor. "Good morning."

      Richard smiled. "Um, Principal Acorn? I'm Richard King. I was told to report to you for my class schedule this morning..."

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Sally Acorn smiled back at Richard. "Welcome to Anime Heights, Richard! There are five classes you will be required to take. But the remaining two are for you to choose. The required classes are: Anime Nature, which includes geography and geology from the nearby region. It's best if you can find your way around and know what mineral does what; Anime Sciences, which includes toon and anime physics; Anime History, self explanatory; Script Literature, which is spelling, writing, reading and drama, that sort of thing; and Anime Mathematics, cause you never know when an equation might save someone's life. Most of these classes occur in the morning although Anime Nature occurs in the last hour. What other two would you like to take?"

        Richard replied, "I at least need to take a Physical Education and Health class with Coach Shadow if that's possible. As for the other one, I would like to see a list of classes that Bergermire Wolf is in, please?"

        Sally Acorn coughed and dropped her newspaper when Richard mentioned Bergermire's name. "I hope you are being wary around that boy, Richard. He's trouble with a capital B. I'll show you which classes he's in, hour by hour, so you'll know what classes to watch yourself while within."

        Richard looked over the list, noting the last class of the day that Bergermire was in. "I'll take my sixth hour class in Noble Pursuits. The teacher's name looks interesting." Richard assumed that Noble Pursuits was a class on kings and queens from anime history but was he ever going to find out how wrong he was.

        Sally Acorn was sort of shocked that Richard had chosen that class as a class of choice, but it was clearly Richard's decision and she was going to honor it. Sally handed Richard a map of the school with his classes clearly marked, as well as his schedule.

        As Richard was coming out of the Principals office, Bergerwick walked up and said, "Principal Acorn. I know you think I am trouble, but can Richard share my locker?"

        Sally Acorn humphed. "I don't think you're trouble, I KNOW you're trouble. Why else would you end up in Saturday morning detention just about once or twice a month?"

        Bergerwick presented his best puppy dog eyes as he trembled his lower lip at her. "P-p-please...? I think he can help straighten me out."

        Sally Acorn sighed. "Okay. You get one more chance to straighten up. But if you blow it this time, you're off to... That Place. Get the picture?"

        After Bergerwick showed Richard where the locker was and taught him the combination to the padlock, the two parted company again until lunch period. It was at that time that Richard sat at a table with Bergerwick and three other anime boys... a hedgehog, a fox and a donkey. The four talked for awhile as Richard shared his lunch with the others and then it was off to classes once again.

        When Richard walked into the P.E. Arena, he noticed the well known black hedgehog with a coaches cap on his head and wearing a whistle around his neck. Richard walked over to him and said, "Are you Coach Shadow?"

        The black hedgehog turned an eye to Richard. "That's who I am. You must be Richard King, the security councilman's son. I heard you took my class. What's on your mind?"

        Richard replied, "I'd like to try out for the Anime Heights football team."

        Coach Shadow replied evenly, "Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd be afraid that the opposing football team would hurt you if you were on our team. They're toons and anime, you know, just as our team is and that means that they can take some extra-ordinary damage that I am sure you can't take."

        Richard frowned, "But Felipe told me last night..."

        Coach Shadow cut him off, saying, "You met Felipe last night? Really?" His attitude and expression seemed to instantly change concerning Richard. "Of course you can try out for the team, Richard. But don't get your hopes up. Like I said, the positions are filled, this year. But we'll give you a try, that's for sure."

        Richard just had to ask before he headed off to get dressed out for P.E., "Um, how is it you know Felipe?"

        Coach Shadow blushed deeply, shifting from one foot to the other. "Er, I'd rather not say. Now run along, Richard."

        Richard was really wondering what hold Felipe had over people, as he got dressed out for P.E.

        One of the other school boys, an anime devil kangaroo named Boomer, whispered to Richard, "Ah know about what you asked Coach Shadow... but it'll cost yas for me to tell yas, mate. Just promise to do me a favor at a later date and Ah'll tell yas what yas want to know."

        Richard whispered back, "I promise. So what's the big secret?"

        Some moments later, after having been told by Boomer what was up, Richard and the other boys did their exercises and ran laps around the gym and then, they played some dodge ball. Richard couldn't get Coach Shadow and Felipe out of his mind, but he felt sorry for them.

        After P.E., Richard got dressed again and headed on to his next class. But the class he was actually looking forward to was the last hour's class, where he'd get to spend some time with Bergerwick and the other guys he met during lunch period. Richard met with Bergerwick at their shared locker just before the start of the last class of the day. Bergerwick grinned. "You ready for the last class?" Richard grinned back. "I sure am!" Bergerwick then asked, "Did any of the teachers assign you with any homework your first day here?" Richard replied, "No, they didn't."

        End of Chapter Four


          Chapter Five

          Richard continued. "They said I could wait until Monday before getting into receiving homework like everyone else. The Crimson Rabbit was an interesting Anime Physics instructor."

          Bergerwick giggled. "Good. Then you can leave your books in the locker. You won't be needing any for the last class. I hope you like field trips, because the Anime Nature class takes place away from the school every single day. It's almost like getting out of school an hour earlier than everyone else."

          Richard was excited! "Wow! I can't wait to see this class then!"

          And the two headed off and joined the others under a horse/rabbit hybrid teacher whom called himself Warren Fetlock. The class group left the school, piled into a minibus, and drove out to the docks on the nearby shores where they got off the bus and boarded a tug boat which was piloted over to a lone dock at the base of island with high bluffs.

          As they got off the boat, the Warren said, "Find the three natural items pictured in these sheets I am giving you. And boys... stay near the beaches. I don't need to remind you that we lost a few boys out here a few years ago and the Union Authorities still haven't been able to locate them. I'll wait here at the boat. You have until sundown to find the items.!"

          Bergerwick and Richard headed off across the beachhead and around the far end. Once they were out of sight of their teacher, Bergerwick slowed to a walk and said, "Told you he was cool! And now, we literally have the rest of the afternoon to do whatever we like and still get good grades for doing so!"

          Richard was leaning against the stone wall of the bluff as he asked, "I forgot to ask this earlier, but where exactly are we?"

          Bergerwick grinned as he gave Richard a piece of chewing gum and then, he started chewing one of his own. "This place? Oh, this is Pleasure Island. You know... from Pinocchio." He held Richard in place as he continued. "But don't worry... the place has been closed down for centuries. And besides, the only donkey boy I know is Lampwick." He winked at Richard as he said that.

          Richard had been about to freak out but upon the mention of the famous donkey he was excited and smiling again. "THE Lampwick is still around?"

          Bergerwick grinned, as he nodded his muzzle. "Yeah, he's the leader of the candle lighter choir's club."

          Richard grinned again. "When do I get to meet him?"

          Bergerwick chuckled. "We could go meet him right now, if you wanted. But we have to be careful. This is Pleasure Island, you know. And it's power still works. As long as you don't make an ass out of yourself, you'll be safe. Think you can hold yourself in reserve while doing that?"

          Richard bobbed his head up and down. He was just excited to get to meet the famous, but not so well known, Lampwick of Pleasure Island. "Let's go!"

          Bergerwick grinned. "You're mighty hyper. Remember what I told you and you won't end up braying. Now, follow me and try to keep it quiet. We don't want Mr. Fetlock to know where we're going."

          Richard said, "If we get caught, I'll just say I got too curious for my own good and you stopped me before anything bad could happen. You'll end up looking like a hero... and that might get Principal Acorn off your tail."

          The two silently headed inland, via a route that only the club members knew about and soon, Bergerwick and Richard were walking along inside of the now closed carnival high atop Pleasure Island.

          Richard glanced around at all the broken machinery and shattered windows and doors. "What a mess. Maybe I should come back on a weekend and volunteer to clean up around here and do some repairs. Do you think Lampwick would like that?"

          Bergerwick giggled. "I don't know if he would, but I know the island would like it."

          Richard arched an eye. "The island would like it? How do you mean?"

          Bergerwick grinned again. "I told you... the island still has it's powers. It's literally alive. And it loves to have people take care of it. And it also loves to have donkeys upon it. And that's why you have to be careful."

          Richard said, "Before I had heard of QC Planet, I had always thought that Pleasure Island was just a fairy tale. But now, I am really glad to actually have the chance to visit the place safely and to meet the famous Lampwick. Is there anything you should tell me about him so I don't get the wrong impression?"

          Bergerwick smirked. "He's more responsible in actual life than you might have read about him in the story. But he does like to make boys happy, still. It's sorta his job. And of course, there is our club, that you will soon be an official member of."

          Richard couldn't help being hyper. Meeting Lampwick was like the ultimate dream of every boy out there on the whole Earth. Who wouldn't want to meet the boy who originally took Pinocchio with him to Pleasure Island and having all manner of abandoning fun?

          Eventually, Bergerwick led Richard into a dark building that smelled like a stable for donkeys. Just after entering the darkened insides of the stable building, Bergerwick said toward where he thought Richard was, "Watch your step, cause I don't want you to get-"

          End of Chapter Five


            Chapter Six

            And before he could finish speaking, something leaped on Richard from behind, knocking him forward unto the wet slick and sticky ground of the stall before him. In a way, he was glad he couldn't see what he had landed in... on the other hand, whatever had tackled him was still on top of him, and had an incredible grip, as it held him in place, with something unspoken pressing hard into his backside.

            "I got him, Lampwick!" said the one on top of Richard. "Want me to donkefy him?"

            Bergerwick finished his sentence a little too late. "-dirty. Hey! Don't you dare change Richard! I brought him here to join Lampwick's club! Besides, his dad is the new security councilman in Anime Heights!"

            At that moment, Lampwick stepped out of the shadows directly in front of Bergerwick and whispered to him, "You know it isn't safe to bring a human boy in here during the daylight hours." He then glanced through the darkness where his donkey companion was atop Richard, holding him in place. "If the boy promises to play with you then you can't donkefy him. But if he refuses... accidents happen."

            Richard shouted, "I PROMISE, already! Sheesh! Is this how you treat new joiners to the candle lighters choir club?"

            Lampwick grinned slyly, as he turned a gaze at Bergerwick and whispered, "Is that what you told him?"

            Bergerwick whispered back, "I had to tell him something. He was a sexy stud, just like you described. Besides, he asked his parents for permission to join our 'choir', so it was the best story to use."

            Lampwick lit a lantern and looked at the other donkey boy on top of Richard. "All right, Wilwick... get off of the nice boy. You've made him accidentally mess up his clothes."

            Wilwick was still holding Richard down. "You mean I don't get to keep him?"

            Richard was starting to get a little miffed. "Please get off of me. My pants feel wet. Did you tinkle on me or something?"

            Wilwick slowly got off of Richard and looked at the boy's jeans. Sure enough, the entire backside was dark and wet. "I'm sorry, Richard. I guess I wasn't dry yet from my bath before I pounced you."

            Richard was upset now. "My parents are gonna kill me! Look at my clothes! I'm a mess front side and back! They'll never let me have outings like this again!"

            Lampwick exclaimed, "Oh yes they will; you're on QC Planet. So what you'll tell them is that one of the other students enthusiastically pounced you during the field trip, and you were knocked into a pile of doo and when you tried to get up, you fell in it. All you gotta do is lie and everything will be fine. Just don't make it sound too fantastic and they will believe you. Trust me. Do this for us and you're in the club."

            That night, at the King residence, Richard took a nice long bath, while his dirty clothes were being washed. In the family den, Rhys and Carmen King discussed what Richard had told them about the outing itself.

            Rhys said, "So do you believe what he told us?"

            Carmen replied, "What kind of question is that, Rhys? Richard has never lied to us before and he looked us straight in the eye when he told us what happened. Unlike Robert does when she's trying to cover something up. I believe his story. Besides... we're the only humans in the whole region. A little enthusiastic pouncing is to be expected. We're lucky it was just poop and not an anvil or tar and feathers or even being painted to look like a skunk."

            Rhys hummed. "I don't know, Carmen. I know Richard has never lied to us before, but this time... it just seems like he's covering up for someone else. I hate to be suspicious, but after my day in council, I think I'm entitled to be a little suspicious."

            Carmen asked, "So what happened in council this morning?"

            Rhys replied, "One of the Red Rabbits accidentally set off one of his army guns and then the fire department arrived to blast baking soda foam all over the wall that the rabbit set on fire and... Are you sure you want to know how my day went?"

            Carmen grinned as she folded her arms over her chest. "If Richard had your day and he came home and told you that story, would you have believed him?"

            Rhys started to reply, but then he realized that he had lost the argument again. "I see what you're saying, honey. My day sounded more made up than his story, so we should believe whatever he tells us, to a degree."

            Carmen grinned. "We're on QC Planet, Rhys. My day wasn't all that believable. Amy Rose and one of the Digi-Destined girls arrived to chat with me, then around lunch time Princess Mononoke dropped by with a large white anime wolf. Then this afternoon, The Teen Titans and Panthro of the Thundercats chased a mutant across our lawn and into the neighbor's fertilizer shed. So a little story about falling in poop is completely believable to me. It could have been a lot worse."

            After Richard's bath, he dressed in clean clothes and headed out on to the back hill to gaze at the stars. For an instant, he thought he saw Superman and the Human Torch fly over. Yes, living on QC Planet was certainly going to take getting used to.

            Suddenly, a nearly naked familiar anime pony sat in his lap and hugged him. It was Felipe. "You're in my spot again, Richard. But I don't mind a bit." Richard smiled and hugged Felipe back. "Coach Shadow said he'd give me a tryout this Saturday but not to keep my hopes up. He said all of the positions were already filled."

            Felipe smiled. "If you don't get on the team, come on back to me and I'll fulfill your other sports interest."

            End of Chapter Six


              Chapter Seven

              Much later, Richard was sitting on his bed in his pajamas, while he held his journal in his lap and began writing in it.

              Journal Entry: Day 08 / Month 03 / Year 201X; Thursday...

              My first day of school was interesting, to say the least. I made a few friends and struck a few deals. Bergermire Wolf and Boomer the Devil Kangaroo, among others, have made this an experience to remember. Wilwick did pounce me and I think he enjoyed it a little too much. I didn't like having to fib to mom and dad about how I got messed up, but even I am surprised on how quickly they believed me. Looks like Lampwick was right... mom and dad's day must have been so weird, that my little story sounded too tame to believe. But good old mom sided with me and she knows how to wrap dad around her little finger when she has to.

              Although I miss Robert already, I can't help but to wonder how it's going between him and Evelyn in college. Too bad MARSHAL is in the Meta-Star City region, but perhaps it's for the best that Robert didn't get to see me smelling like a barnyard and looking like it too.

              Lampwick cleared me into the club, but they didn't really tell me what the club did other than light candles. That sort of bothers me a little, but I am sure I'll find out later this Saturday when Bergermire and I are doing community service work on Pleasure Island to repair and clean up things. Imagine a whole island being alive and liking to be cared for.

              Sooner or later, I will have to get someone to tell me where... 'That Place' is. Principal Acorn mentioned it to Bergermire, but they never mentioned it again. Makes me want to go find out what 'That Place' is. Maybe I can do it next week during the teacher's meetings next Friday.

              Tomorrow is another school day, so I better sign off and see about counting some sheep so I can get some sleep.

              As he put his journal away, he suddenly realized that he was not alone in his bedroom. Standing there looking at him were over 100 numbered anime sheep. Their leader said, "Don't mind us. We're just doing our jobs. You just focus on sleeping."

              Richard rolled his eyes and got under the covers and replied, "Okay, start jumping, guys."




              And so it went until Richard was asleep.

              Yes, it was certainly going to take some getting used to, but Richard was officially on QC Planet. And even if he didn't get on the football team, he had certainly made some new friends.

              After passing through the transportal to Meta-Star City, Evelyn steered the motorcycle off onto the Metro-Gotham off ramp and then they proceeded toward MARSHAL or rather the Maverick Academy for Really Special Heroes And Legends. MARSHAL was supported by the U.E.C. (the Unstoppable Exploration Company) and by Lord Paul himself. MARSHAL also allowed dorm housing but a student was not required to live there. The dorms were for heroes and law enforcement officers who couldn't live in their own homes anymore nor had anywhere else to go. A bonus for graduating from MARSHAL was that attending students were legally deputized.

              As Evelyn pulled her motorcycle up to the front of the college, she said, "Registration is right through those doors and inside the first office on the right. The office on the left is for new superheroes; detectives and police officers stick to the right. Although a lot of the classes contain both types of students; no segregation in this college; so you might make some heroic friends. I need to get to work now. I'll check back with you tonight to see what kind of schedule you chose. Even though I know you have a law scholarship you might want to look into getting an off campus job if you want to enjoy entertainment around Metro-Gotham." Once Robert got off of the motorcycle and unlatched his suitcases from the carrying rack, he placed the spare helmet back into storage before hefting his luggage and starting up the walk toward registration.

              He heard Evelyn pull out of the parking lot and speed off as he reached the doors and stepped inside. Robert walked to the first office on the right and looked through the open door way and saw that the office looked as if it was the site of a bomb. Everything within the office was destroyed. Therefore, he chose to step over to the office on the left since he didn't have much choice at that point.

              "Excuse me?" asked Robert as he looked into the office on the left. Sitting behind the desk was perhaps one of the most fantastic beings imaginable. Take an anthropomorphic unicorn with a long white mane and tail, add a silver set of antlers in addition to the silver spiraled horn, affix angelic wings on his back, make his eyes draconic, add an angelic halo like glow around his head with a fiery effect all over his antlers and horn, then dress him up in a full body costume adorned with gold crosses and glowing holy symbols and finally, place an angel mouse and a devil mouse on his shoulders, both also dressed in business suits.

              The being awaited Robert to make a comment. And when the young man did make a comment, he said, "Holy..." and the rest seemed lost.

              "That's who I am, young man. They call me Holy. I am the heroic registration clerk here at MARSHAL. What can I do for you today?"

              "My name is Robert King and I came to MARSHAL to enroll under my law scholarship... except the other registration office looks like it was struck by a bomb. I am not a superhero and I was told the other office was for regular registration. Since it is in disrepair, I came over to your office instead. Can you help me, Holy?"

              Holy glanced at his two friends and said, "Go next door and find out what Demonic did to his office. It wasn't in a shambles this morning." After the two mice floated off to investigate, Holy looked to Robert once again. "May I see your law scholarship? Perhaps I can get you settled while we wait. It has been slow all day. You are the first new enrollee I have seen in days." He smiled as Robert set his suitcases down and he pulled out the envelope with the official scholarship in it and handed it over to the registration clerk.

              End of Chapter Seven


                Chapter Eight

                Holy read over the scholarship with a smile. "According to this, you wrote a law thesis that impressed the board of education back home and they awarded you with a law scholarship because of your work. But were you really trying to get the law scholarship when you wrote the essay?"

                "In all truth, no," replied Robert blushing. "I was asked to write an essay on any law representative that had information about them in our library. I chose someone who was super opinionated. I wrote their name at the top of he essay and the rest of my paper was filled with my own personal opinions regarding the law system on Earth. And I somehow managed to score high on this report. I don't know how. It was a free scholarship that would have costed me thousands of dollars otherwise. I chose to redeem it here at MARSHAL since my lady pen pal was already enrolled here."

                "And whom might that have been, Robert?" asked Holy out of curiosity.

                "Evelyn Bishops."

                "Ah yes, our resident apparitional hero: Ghost Stormer. She is a hero who can fly and pass through solid objects."

                Robert released a sigh now that he knew her secret. "She never told me about her powers."

                Holy realized what it was he had just inadvertently did. "Oh I do apologize. I simply figured she might have already told you by now. However, everything seems to be in order. Now about dorming. Do you mind who you dorm with or do you have a preference toward powered or non-powered?"

                "Doesn't matter to me as long as they don't snore," Robert replied focusing on getting his enrollment back on track.

                Holy activated his speakerphone on his desk and he tapped in the phone number to one of the resident authorities on campus. After a few rings, the call was answered with a soft spoken avian sounding male voice. "Gamma Omega Delta House. Brother Barren Wingstavf speaking." Holy spoke up. "Barren? This is Holy. Is that one dorm bed in GOD House still available?" "permit me to go check, Holy. Be right back." And then what followed was a bit of silence. All of the Heavenly references was causing Robert to start thinking about Charlie Barkin from All Dogs go to Heaven.

                Robert closed his eyes and was thinking, "Great Charlie who art bored in Heaven... please don't let that bed be available in GOD House on campus."

                When Barren spoke once again over the speakerphone, he was saying 'I apologize, Holy. The offered bed was claimed last week. However, the one who claimed it told me that there was dorm housing available over at Beta Epsilon Alpha Zeta, otherwise known as the Beast Dorm which is near the MARSHAL Marina and Shipping Warehouses at the Docks. Just ask for Sabin; he is a hunky male Belgian Hare stud who also runs the Carrier Hunks delivery service. He is muscular with well toned fur and generally works shirtless. And further, he is currently hiring if the new student needs employment while on campus."

                Robert smiled and before opening his eyes, he shot off a thought to Charlie Barkin. "Thank you so much. I owe you one." To which he mentally heard a reply. "I will hold you to that some day, Robert."

                Holy disconnected the call with Barren, then he tapped in the number for Sabin over at Beast Dorm. After a few rings, the call was answered with a hardy sounding male voice. "Carrier Hunks Delivery Services. Or if this is someone at MARSHAL needing me for a dorming question at Beta Epsilon Alpha Zeta; then this is Resident Authority Sabin Hare, currently at work and hiring. I could use some help here. What can I do for you?" Holy spoke up. "Sabin? This is Holy. Is it true that you have an open dorm room in Beast Dorm? We have a new enrollee in registration signing up with an authentic law scholarship." Sabin replied over the phone, "Beast Dorm is filled to capacity, Holy, however... I have a spare bedroom available in my own quarters if this new student doesn't mind sharing space with a nice muscular hare. And tell him that I will honor declarations of 'No means No'. Although I do enjoy a good snuggle now and then. If he accepts my invitation, I'll order us some Arden's Pizza for tonight."

                Holy now looked to Robert with a smile. "Would you like to accept Sabin's kind offer for a room, Robert?"

                Robert replied, "He sounds like a nice honest hare and I would like to get into my room before sundown. Maybe later, Sabin and I can work out the employment offer he is also mentioning needing help with."

                Holy said toward the speaker phone. "Did you hear that, Sabin? Robert is willing to take you up on your offer for the dorm space and to help you at work. Where should I send him and his suitcases?" Sabin replied over the phone, "Send Robert on over to Carrier Hunks for now. I will have to arrange to duplicate a set of keys to the dorm so he can have his own later on. When I finish my work hours, I will escort him over to the RA apartment in Beast Dorm." Holy then turned off the speaker phone as he stood up and shook Robert's hand. "Sabin will meet with you at his place of business at the MARSHAL Marina Warehouses. Just look for the warehouse with the Carrier Hunks sign next to the door. Sabin will be glad to see you. And again, welcome to MARSHAL, Robert. If I see Evelyn, I will tell her where you found a dorm room at. And I will make an apology to her for blowing her powers secret to you. I honestly thought she would have told you by now."

                After signing the necessary papers and picking up his class schedule, he picked up his two suitcases and carried them through campus until he found a sign pointing the way toward the campus marina and Beast Dorm. He got his first look at Beast Dorm before he continued on to Carrier hunks in Warehouse Seven. He stepped inside the warehouse and said, "Sabin? It's Robert King. Where are you?"

                "Doing inventory in the back, Robert," came the call back from Sabin in the rear of the warehouse. "Head through the door marked as gym and lockers and have a look over my gym equipment. You will find work uniforms in the lockers. Feel free to find your size and see if anything fits. I also apologize for the tail holes in the back of the pants for anime animal tails if you happen to be human. I am sure we can patch one up if that turns out to be the case."

                Robert stepped inside the door marked as gym and set his suit cases down just to the left inside the door as he walked over and looked at the fantastic expensive looking gymnasium hardware. "These machines are awesome looking. I could never afford one of these. Lets see what the work uniforms look like. Perhaps it isn't as bad as Sabin is making it out to be. heh. Making out. Is my mind going there already?" And then he walked over to the locker room and opened up a locker which was marked with his usual measurements. He checked out the pants of each uniform first and he saw what Sabin was implying in regards to the hole in the back. In the end, Robert had to mix and match sizes to create a Carrier Hunks uniform that would fit his body size. As for the hole in the back, he found an apron and creatively combined it through the pant's belt loops so the flap hung down in the back inside out. He also used another apron for the front turned the right way so the pockets were facing outward, also connected through the belt loops. Finally he put on the boots.

                End of Chapter Eight


                  Chapter Nine

                  Admiring the combination he had crafted in the locker room mirror, he now removed his usual shirt and he pulled on the Carrier Hunks work tunic (which smelled like the Belgium Hare of course) over his head and he straightened out the sleeves as he admired his appearance in the mirror. He pulled out his comb and combed his hair so it didn't look like a mess. "That should do it. All in all, Thanks to the sewing lessons mom had me learn, I think I have put together a nice ensemble. Now to go show Sabin how I look."

                  He headed out of the locker room and out into the warehouse as he made a left and walked back into the back corridors of the warehouse. "Sabin? Are you still back here?" This time, there was no answer which of course made Robert worry about the resident authority a bit. He continued to walk down the corridors in the back looking left and right as he went. Finally, he saw an open door down one of the back corridors which if memory served him correctly led outside of the warehouse but as to where he did not know. He jogged down to the open door and looked through the opening.

                  Laying face down in what looked like a freshly tilled garden was what looked from the back to be Ace Bunny from the Loonatics superhero team except, he seemed to be naked and covered in fresh mud. "While I am no superhero myself, I really should help Ace get out of there. He could be suffocating in that garden mud." And Robert ran out into the garden to aid the fallen lapine Loonatic. The moment his feet started hitting the garden, he began to sink into the fresh homemade fertilizer which consisted of a combination of toon rabbit, hare and bunny manure, brown Mutagen Toonium bog mud blended in to giver the fertilizer color and a watered down powdered growth accelerator. But then he tripped on what felt like an old garden hose and he fell forward much like Ace Bunny's prone position was currently in. Not wanting to push the toon lapine even further down into the soggy slimy mixture, he held his arms out on each side of Ace Bunny's body so when he landed on top of the toon bunny, he could just close his arms around him and then try to maneuver him back toward the open doorway. As he collided with 'Ace Bunny' in the muddy fertilizer garden he quickly realized that it wasn't the toon lapine at all; it was only an artificial balloon dummy made to look like Ace Bunny. And worse, when he landed on top of the balloon, it erupted with a loud pop saturating his entire body head to foot in its sticky contents which did not make the situation any better. He felt like he was suffocating at that point especially since a lot of the fertilizer and the balloon's contents went down his throat. He was starting to feel horribly sick to his stomach.

                  At that moment, a mechanical arm swung out and over Robert as it dipped down and grabbed him up in its grip before swinging back around to drop him into a much desired trough tub of water. Standing to one side of the tub with a stage hook was the muscular Belgian Hare, Sabin who snagged the now undressed human young man with the hook before hauling him over to the side of the tank to where metal rungs of a built in ladder were connected to the inside of the tub. "When I heard the explosion, I came running pretty fast. Sorry you encountered the experimental bio-engineered vegetable garden in this particular way. I've already called Lord Paul as well as Doctor Warner. Scarecrows can be replaced while a nice roommate is one of a kind. I just hope the Toonium Mutagen doesn't do anything bad to you."

                  "I swallowed some of that stuff, Sabin," replied Robert looking pale and ill. "I feel really sick and my skin feels like pins and needles. I thought I was saving Ace Bunny."

                  Sabin held Robert by the stage pole as he stated, "I guess Tech E. Coyote made the scarecrow a little too realistic before it fell over. Good thing you changed out of your clothes before coming in here. I would hate for a nice student to lose their clothes this early after getting to college. I would help you out of the tank, but after someone is dipped in Toonium Mutagen, it is best not to touch the victim since you could adopt the species touching you."

                  "The uniform I put on smelled like a rabbit had worn it before I did."

                  Sabin looked concerned now. "If you put on the shirt I usually wear during deliveries, then you accidentally coated yourself in my body oils and fluids. I sure hope Warner and Paul hurry. You might be changing in the water right now. I know the corrosive fluids dissolved the uniform you had been wearing. Better a uniform than your actual clothes. And you do seem like a nice human. I am keeping watch to track anything that happens to you in case Warner asks me about it. What you have told me is important too. You may have gotten slimed in animated rabbit shit but I've seen worse ways to meet a nice guy."

                  As Sabin feared might occur, the lapine body oil and hare sweat from the ex-uniform mixed with the homemade fertilizer and was already having the transformation effect on Robert King's body as he slowly changed from the feet up into what looked like a large muscle-bound rabbit stud. Robert screamed when his legs, genitals and ears made the transformation since this was accompanied by excruciating pain not to mention the diarrhea that also came with the transformation. What remained of his humanity was being crapped out in liquid urine and excrement. Thankfully, Sabin's quick thinking had prevented Robert from being the victim of the feared mind wipe that usually accompanied an unplanned bath in Toonium. Also, the garden had a security camera with sound that would be helpful in assisting Robert in his rehab in dealing with his new body.

                  Finally, Doctor Yakko Warner and Lord Paul arrived on the scene where as Sabin explained exactly what had happened to the former human and he mentioned the security tape which they could use to evaluate Robert's physical rehabilitation. "I knew not to physically touch him since I knew there was Toonium in the fertilizer, but then he told me that he had put on my delivery shirt. And that shirt had been coated in my body oils and personal sweat and scent. I know several empowered lapines all donated to the manure that makes this homemade fertilizer. Robert told me that he accidentally swallowed some of the mix when the scarecrow balloon exploded. It looked so real, he thought he was rescuing a fallen Ace Bunny."

                  Lord Paul levitated Robert out of the soiled water and had him drip dry over a drying vent. "You did the right thing, Sabin. A lot of toons make the mistake to touch a victim not realizing what that can do to the victim being touched. As for his new body and new life, we will need to take him down to Hank McCoy's Powers Testing Lab and if he tests positive for powers, we will then exchange his law scholarship for a superhero scholarship. I know he didn't plan it this way, but we will help him all that we can. Do you want to be involved in aiding in his coping with his new life?"

                  Sabin replied, "He was to be my new dorm roommate, Lord Paul, as well as my new employee. His name is Robert King. I feel responsible for what happened to him and I do want to be involved in his new life. As you know, I have a fully stocked gym in the side of my business."

                  Doctor Warner finished his evaluation testing on the new stud rabbit and said, "Not a stitch of his former humanity is left save for his memories. He got lucky on that front, Lord Paul. Otherwise, he would have scored a stay at the Insanitarium in Japanopolis for mental rehabilitation."

                  Lord Paul replied, "I am sure he wouldn't have liked that at all. But as is, Robert is built like a mountain full of spirits. And someone like him will be good business for Sabin's workplace."

                  Handling the teleportation, Lord Paul transported their group magically to The Powers Testing Labs where Robert was strapped in for his emergency battery of tests under Professor X and Hank McCoy. It was a good thing that Lord Paul was footing the bill for this visit because the fee for standard testing was really high since the idea of the labs was still new and not a lot of people had used it as yet. Robert was one of the lucky ones to be able to get a full VIP treatment as the sole test subject in the labs. Lord Paul waited in the lounge reading a magazine, although Sabin opted to be there directly for Robert since the former human didn't know anyone else in the city and the hare still felt solely responsible for Robert's accident.
                  End of Chapter Nine


                    Chapter Ten

                    Some hours later, Dr. Hank McCoy (aka the Beast) looked to Lord Paul and said, "All the tests are done, sir. Robert King has a few powers that are developing but while looking super himself, he is not invulnerable like Superman would be. He did inherit the rabbit reflexes as well as the super leap ability. At current his new strength makes him as powerful as the Hulk and Thor during a brawl. In fact, minus the transformation weakness, Robert is a lot like Thor and Hercules currently. With the proper training, he will someday be the most powerful spirit of a mountain on MARSHAL's campus. Just remember that Robert can be very opinionated. So let him take whatever hero classes he wants to take or else you will be dealing with a rebel spirit instead of a hero type."

                    Lord Paul said, "So we can taker him back to campus then? I wonder what he will tell his parents concerning this mishap that has befallen him... no matter. He lives and with these new powers, I am sure he will develop himself nicely. He might even make a nice campus security officer."

                    Hank replied, "Yes and Sabin can help his roommate move in to his new quarters." He then lowered his voice. "Lord Paul, I need to speak to you later tonight regarding the toonium accidents occurring all over the arrival zone."

                    The Founder Core member nodded his head. "I will be here, Hank."

                    Back at the resident authority's apartment within Beast Dorm, Sabin showed Robert where his bed was at. "Just lay down right here, Robert. I'll see to it you get a new wardrobe that will fit you. Can I get you anything right now before I go order some pizzas for us?"

                    "Hand me my school blazer jacket," he replied as he lay on the bed to await the blazer which had his cellphone in it. "I need to call Evelyn and let her know what happened."

                    After handing over the blazer, Sabin headed off into the kitchen to use his own phone in privacy to primarily give Robert the privacy he deserved and to order the pizzas he promised to the young man.

                    Digging out his cellphone, he opened the lid and noted that his paw fingers were a lot bigger than he was used to as a human. He had to use a pencil to carefully tap in Evelyn's phone number. Then it began to ring and he waited for her to pick it up however long it would take. Finally, he heard her answer the phone on her end. "Evelyn... it's Robert. I apologize for calling you at work but... I had an accident at Sabin's warehouse and greenhouse. While attempting to rescue what I thought was Ace Bunny from suffocating, I tripped on a garden hose and I fell head first into homemade lapine manure based fertilizer and... it contained Toonium and Mutagen or so they said and I swallowed a lot of the stuff when the scarecrow made to look like Ace Bunny exploded... and I got transformed into a large rabbit dude. Hank McCoy said that I was like a combination between Hulk and Thor only as a rabbit. Lord Paul and Doctor Warner said that my humanity was completely gone. The stuff disolved my work uniform at the same time. If I had been wearing my blazer I would have lost my cellphone that had your phone number in it. I am recovering at Sabin's apartment at the moment. It was literally the only place available on campus for a guy. They said that a lot of the dorms were already filled."

                    "So you inadvertantly became a shit-eating shithead, did you?" The way she had asked that question gave Robert a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

                    "Yes. But I didn't plan it that way, Evelyn."

                    "Robert... I love you but I don't think we should see each other for a while until I can get this ironed out in my head. Have you told your parents about this accident as yet?"

                    "I wanted to tell you first so I could gage your reaction. And from your reaction... I blew it. Looks like I will return to writing to you as a pen pal until you are ready to speak to me in the voice again."

                    Evelyn started to quickly say, "Robert, don't be sad about what I said... you kept your mind..."

                    "Goodbye... Evelyn..." Robert was choked up as tears were flowing out of his eyes. He couldn't believe she would dump him because of an accident in the animated world. He felt like he needed to hug someone at that point and since Sabin had offered to lend his shoulder earlier, Robert felt like he needed it now. He slowly arose from bed and went off to find Sabin within the kitchen. When he found the Belgium Hare, he gently hugged him from behind as he muttered sadly, "She.. 'dumped' me, Sabin. I don't want to be alone tonight. May I sleep with you tonight?"

                    Sabin slowly turned around and he embraced the sad looking stud rabbit as he gave him a trusting kiss on his muzzle. When he let up, he said, "Of course you can sleep with me, Robert. If she can't see how lucky you were to survive the accident then you aren't the loser in this relationship; she is. Besides, Warner cleaned your mouth and teeth with a minty mouthwash and floss. You actually taste wonderfully hot now. But I always thought that even when I saw how you looked as a naked human. Go ahead and give kissing me on the muzzle a try; you might actually like it. Pizza will be here in another fifteen minutes. Those Arden hell hounds are awesome delivery agents and a few are great kissers too. A few are even good in bed. Just open up and live a little; you will meet a lot more people that way."

                    Robert couldn't help but to smile at Sabin's enthusiasm as he returned the loving embrace and planted a very deep kiss on the hare's muzzle, French Kissing the hare in a very deep and nice way. When he let up, he gasped for air and said, "You taste like rose petals and evergreen. And... I think I'm aroused now. I hope this won't be a problem."

                    Sabin smiled and said, "After we have dinner, I'll help you with your erection in a way that only lapines can. I am sorry your friend is so close minded about what happened with your accident. It is no one's fault; you thought you were making an attempt to save Ace Bunny's life. As a matter of fact, he attends a few classes on campus. I can arrange for you to meet him tomorrow, if you would like. I will even help you gain registration entry into the Lapine Club on Campus. I will vouch for you and then you will have your membership card for whenever you need it. The Lapine Club is entertainment, spare housing and a restaurant."

                    "Lord Paul suggested that I might try out for Campus Security officer with this new body."

                    Sabin smiled. "That would bring in some extra income and give you some extra experience you didn't have before. Just remember not to get too swayed by superhero team offers that sound too good to be true." And then there was a knock at Sabin's kitchen door. When he opened the door, there was an Arden's Pizza hell hound with the blue backpack standing there. "Sabin Hare? You ordered the Lapine Welcome Package pizzas two for one deal. Four twenty five is the discount price. Along with your complimentary drinks and carrot cake desserts." He smiled when he saw Robert. "What a hot rabbit! Is he the new stud in training? I like him already." Robert knelt down to one knee as he held the hell hound and gave him a kiss on the muzzle. "Thanks... I was dumped earlier tonight; so I am currently a free buck." The hell hound remarked, "Awesome!"

                    End of Chapter Ten
                    End of Episode One: Mobotropolis High

                    Stay tuned for Episode Two: Carnival Cleanup