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APQC-FQ-03 Weekend of Fun

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    APQC-FQ-03 Weekend of Fun

    Jaded Shadow - QC Planet

    APQC-FQ-03 Weekend of Fun.
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One

    Queen Farm... 19 October... Friday morning...

    The next morning had arrived and Freddy thought that it was going to be the greatest three day weekend he and his brothers could ever ask for. Although it was only Friday morning, he couldn't contain his excitement over what was to come. He had already sent a toon note off to Blimey to let him know what the alternate plan was and now he had to wait. One of the best treats of the day was that the Arden pizza hound had come by the house to introduce himself to Marilyn so she would know who Eddie would be with during the weekend.

    And if anyone told you that these guys were not hot, don't believe them for a second! The Arden pizza hounds can make you forget all other animal interests. Plus, they always have that fresh yummy pizza scent lingering all over them. This particular pizza hound was called Crispy, although he was with another pizza hound named Deepfang, whose coloration had the appearance of swirled pizza sauce. All in a hot sexy way. Freddy occupied Deepfang's time while Crispy spoke with Marilyn. "If you need any help any anything, just let me know. I feed the animals during the mornings around here so I'm not afraid of some hard work."

    Deepfang smiled. "I'll remember you said that, Freddy. You see... I'm Arden's head trainer. I'm the one who gives in-job training for promotions." He winked.

    "Say... you're familiar with the businesses around this region, right?" asked Freddy now having second thoughts about the nude barker job.

    "That's right," said the Arden's training manager. "You mention the name of the business and I can give you the full low down on the place. What do you have in mind?"

    In a whisper, Freddy said, "What can you tell me about the Underclub beneath the Plundered Desire? I have an offer to do a nude stage barker job tonight there and I think I need to know what to expect."

    "You didn't sign a contract with them, did you?"

    The very question sounded as if it was an issue that Freddy might want to watch out for. "Not yet," he replied.

    Deepfang seemed relieved to hear that. "If they offer one, lawyer up fast. Don't sign anything without a lawyer present. As for the Underclub itself... when you do the job, stay on the stage and don't go near the patrons. When the show ends, finish things up and then fetch your clothes. Don't stay naked down there for any longer than you have to. There is a rumor that the patrons there often buy people for a session alone, if you catch my drift... Do you sell your, ahem, sexual services?"

    "No!" was the quiet yet forced reply. "Any other warnings?"

    "Just one, Freddy..." the hound said. "Underworlders can get you pregnant; doesn't matter if you're a boy or not. Another reason to stay out of the reach of the patrons. Once you're knocked up, the patron has the right to take you home with him. So stay out of their reach if you want to stay human AND pure. If you somehow survive the weekend with that bunch, come look me up and I'll see about finding you a decent job you won't be embarrassed doing."

    "After tonight, I'm suppose to spend the next two days with Blimey the scaly goat boy," said Freddy. "Do you know anything about him?"

    "Just one thing... you may not want to spend any nights in his bed. He sleeps with a dragon and several other scalies. Get too comfortable there and you might forget where you actually live. So again... keep your clothes on and if asked where you prefer to sleep, offer to sleep next to the dragon. But if they try to get you to go into the bedrooms, mention that you cannot afford to lose another set of clothes. You only have two pair left; this one you're wearing and one other set. Losing clothes on QC Planet is a lot easier than humans think. And most of the time it isn't your fault. Circumstances can happen by accident; the rest of the time, there are those who deliberately set you up so you lose your clothes. Naked boys are easier to catch off guard. So keep your clothes on... unless you're with me. I'm someone you can trust." Of course he would say that. If you can't trust Arden's, who can you trust? After that, Crispy and Deepfang departed and no sooner had they left, Lamond arrived to meet with Marilyn to discuss the magic school itself and what Teddy would be doing for the Master next door. Lamond didn't stay long and soon departed like the rest. Freddy was glad that Blimey didn't visit since he never wore any clothes in public.

    Freddy could hear his brothers getting their home schooling lesson, so he went back to his room, transformed into his donkey boy form and he teleported out to Pleasure Island where he arrived in Lampwick's debriefing chamber with a lot of the other donkey employees.

    Upon arrival, Freddy found himself standing in a group of other donkey boys in a mini-corral while the Lords and Recruiter Officers were out in the main room in the beginnings of the daily debriefing. Freddy looked at the closest Donkey Boy and asked, "What's up?"

    The Donkey Boy replied, "Name's Dion. Our group are new workers for the island and we are awaiting to receive our orders for the day. What about you?"

    "I'm Freddy. I have a debt repaying deal with Lampwick for a voice restoration." And he told Dion the truth that led up to his being there. "Not to be forward, but you smell good; not like the others outside the corral we are in."

    Dion quietly chuckled. "You're okay, Freddy. I hope I get to see you around either during jobs or during the time off when we get to check out the carnival for free. We need to pay attention now." And he pointed out of the corral where Lampwick and Wilwick were now standing at the front podium.

    Lampwick cleared his throat and said, "Aside from the usual work, gentlemen, we got news on Torchwick's activities after his attack on me the other day. Jack Essex and a human boy named Freddy Queen came and rescued me from where Torchwick left me to rot under the island. The nice boy got infected by the donkey effect while out here and agreed to come back to work off the restoration I had to give him so his parents didn't involve Founder Core into our given situation. Freddy Queen's schedule with us is anywhere from four to eight or more hours per day. He is under a parental curfew or else he would have simply agreed to do the farm work for the restoration instead of giving me three healthy donkey boy colts in addition to the deal he agreed to. Torchwick used a portion of my powers to create his own version of Pleasure Island and he is having his recruiters nab good boys to take there to become donkeys. He even had a fake Donkey Doc administering a rapid change into donkey serum and was calling it the Immunity Serum. The fake doctor is Don King."

    This resulted in some loud grumbling from the Lords and Recruiter Officers; no one liked wannabe recruiters under an evil asshole.

    Lampwick glanced over at the mini-corral. "Freddy? If you are among the other workers, how much time do you have to spend with us today? We don't want you to be in trouble with your parents or to miss your appointment with Jack Essex."

    Freddy replied, "My parents are going to be spending a weekend second honeymoon in Port Ottercrest after 5.PM. So I have from now until just before 5 PM Cartoon Eastern Time. I would be with Jack Essex all day Saturday until Midnight, then I was planning on a full day with you guys on Sunday to get in as many hours as I could to make up for missing a Saturday work session as I promised you I would conduct under our agreement. After this weekend, I would get as many hours in working for you and the others as I could depending upon my parent's desires. I told my mother that I had some volunteer work to do today so she won't be checking on me. My brothers, Eddie and Teddy, are being home schooled this morning."

    End of Chapter One