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[TS-12 Mousecapades] DJ-01 Little Mouse Lost

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    [TS-12 Mousecapades] DJ-01 Little Mouse Lost

    30 years after Edward "Eddie" Quincy Adams teamed up with Triple I's Devil Mouse agents, Eddie started a family in the same neighborhood before being asked to tackle one more III mission and disappearing without a trace. Now of age himself, Eddie's son, "Doug" John Douglas Adams, meets up with Masya by chance and a friendship blooms.

    Adams Home, D.C. Suburbs, Washington D.C., Planet Earth

    [TS-12 Mousecapades] - Doug John Adams
    Episode One: Little Mouse Lost.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Adams Backyard, D.C. Suburbs, Washington D.C.

    A fourteen year old boy with light brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin wearing a blue sailor shirt and white shorts and white sneakers was in his backyard trying to solve a new riddle he had found on the ladder rung of the tree house ladder. "In order to make use of my tree house, you must figure out how to get inside without using the ladder. Climbing the ladder means that you are no son of mine. Signed, Eddie Adams."

    "Okay, Dad... I'll play your game. I want to know what goodies you have up there."

    The old couch and the old bed had less than successful attempts to reach the trap door latch at the top of the ladder. The family trampoline was a little better, except he kept missing the latch. He managed to touch it once, but it didn't open. The boy went inside the house and emerged with his mother's extend a grasp grabber device which he telescoped up to the latch and he finally managed to open the trap door. A bag of leaves from years ago fell out of the trap door opening just barely missing the boy.

    "Dirty pool, dad. But I am not giving up. I am going to get in there and win your challenge."

    The next attempt was going to be tricky. He tied a rope around a cinder block and using the trampoline, he managed to throw the cinder block with rope attached into the trap door opening. Using the grabber he managed to push the block all the way over to a back wall of the tree house. But then something unexpected happened. The cinder block felt like it fell out of a trapdoor in the back of the tree house and as the rope pulled the boy up, he said, "Elevator up!" Inside, the rope he was holding on to dragged him across the floor of the tree house toward the hole in the back floor of the tree house until the boy chose to let go of the rope watching it get pulled down the back hole. "I'm in, Dad!"

    Rolling over, he now got his first look at this tree house and realized it was quite modern inside. It only looked as if it was wooden on the outside. On the inside, it had been reinforced with smooth shiny metal and there were even some sort of computer up there and a mini-fridge. Turning on the monitor and the computer was about to reveal a secret part of his father's life that he had hidden from the family. On screen, were the words DONK.OS Security Edition V.III.923.05.21. When the screen arrived at the login screen, the boy saw it.

    "Infernal Intelligence Investigators: Agent Login. If you need help, ask the on screen assistant."

    The boy said out loud, "Mr. On screen assistant? I am Eddie Adams' direct human son. I just found his tree house computer after earning my way up here without using the ladder. My birth name is John Douglas Adams, but my mom lets me shorten my middle name to use as my first name. So just call me Doug. Dad's been missing since just after my birth and I want to know what he was up to before he disappeared. Can you help me?"

    The on Screen assistant appeared as a miniature horned cute male mouse wearing a business suit. "I can arrange an account of your own on this computer, but without top clearance, I cannot permit you to see what is on your father's personal files. Username must be a five-letter name with three consonants and two vowels. One of the consonants must be a 'Y'."

    The boy said, "How about Dougy? I haven't been called that since Kindergarten. 'D', 'O', 'U', 'G', 'Y'." He then watched as the account set up process was processed on this computer. "By the way, whom do I speak to about earning top clearance?"

    Without warning, the lights in the tree house came on and illuminated everything as a voice said, "Whom is inside Eddie Adams' Tree House?! And don't you dare lie to me!"

    Turning around to face the voice, Doug saw a horned mouse dude wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and beach flip-flops. He had the mini-fridge open where cheese and chocolate along with wine were seen within. "As I just told the on screen assistant, I am Eddie Adams' first born son, John Douglas Adams, although my mom allows to me use the shortened version of my middle name, so I can call myself Doug. Whom are you and why is there alcohol, cheese and chocolate in the mini-fridge?"

    The Devil Mouse grinned. "So you are Eddie's son! I am one of your father's best friends. My name is Masya, an Information Devil Mouse whom services ungrateful mages and on the side, I work for Triple I. I remember back when he was your age. He was so cute and we all loved him. He even learned how to use some of our powers. A shame he is missing. We've been looking for him. You solved your father's riddle for getting into the tree house the mundane way, I am assuming."

    Doug smiled. "Only barely. Dad had traps and difficulties set up. But I got in. Since you were dad's friend, is there a rule that says that you and I cannot be friends?"

    Masya liked how the boy caught on to an opportunity so fast. "There is no rule covering that. Despite how I look, I am hundreds of years old. We Devil Mice age slowly."

    He then added, "Your dad allows us Devil Mice to store our favorite foods and drinks in his mini-fridge. My brother is off trying to dig up clues to where your father is."

    Doug smiled. "I wasn't going to complain about it; but my mom might. Not a lot of boys in the neighborhood anymore. A lot of prissy girls ride my bus and they often stink."

    Masya grinned. "Girls have no fashion sense whatsoever."

    Doug grinned back. "Here, here."

    Masya then decided to take a chance. "Let me see what you look like butt naked and I will teach you how to use your father's favorite Devil Mouse power."

    Doug thought that sounded fair and he was soon entirely naked in front of Masya whom thought this was the start of a beautiful friendship.

    End of Chapter One.