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[TS-11] BL-01 Mythical University

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    [TS-11] BL-01 Mythical University

    A college minded young man moves into a boarding house where the residents are not exactly human; weirder things follow when the nice boy gets enrolled at the school of choice in Mythos City.
    Mythos City - Middle Lands

    [TS-11] BL-01 Mythical University
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01 - College Roommate Wanted.

    Journal Entry: Day 15 / Month 07 / Year 2025; Tuesday evening before Midnight;
    A lone bus stop along a dark street outside of a local rural town...

    "No dad! I didn't answer an ad out of Craigslist!" exclaimed the five foot six male human teenager whom had just graduated high school the month before to his father over a phone receiver at a pay phone booth. He ran one hand through his short brownish black hair as he peered through the clear glass of the phone booth in both directions on the dark street he was currently stranded on. "The newspaper advertisement said that the group of young men lived close to where the bus dropped me off at and that the main guy worked part-time at some bar where he helped to prepare meals. The guy's ad said that he gets off work at close to ten to ten thirty P.M. and he walks home right by this bus stop where the bus dropped me off at. The dude's name is Lazarus. The ad said that he had one bedroom left over for a potential college student out of the four bedrooms in his boarding house. Yes, I promise I will call you right after I get moved in or if the room has already been claimed. I gotta get off of here, dad... I see someone walking up the sidewalk in this direction right now. It almost looks like he is pulling a wheeled cart behind him. I will. Bye dad." And he boy hung up the phone as he picked up his suitcases and stepped out of the phone booth. He had a backpack on his back containing his high school graduation transcripts as well as his laptop. "What a creepy street. The only light out here was the one in the phone booth. Wait a minute..." He was now staring at the figure approaching his spot along the sidewalk. "Either that is one heck of a wild costume or that is a centaur approaching me."

    When the brown and red fiery marked male centaur stopped at the phone booth, he lifted his cap slightly and said, "Are you here for the spare college-based room at the boarding house or are you waiting for a cab or did you get off the bus at this location by accident?"

    The young man reached out and shook the centaur's hand. "I am Lionel Hamilton. I am here to answer the ad for the spare bedroom. I almost thought I came to the wrong place. Um... I've never seen a live centaur before outside of the cartoons. Are you Lazarus?"

    The centaur nodded his head. "Put your suitcases into my cart and then I'll escort you back to the boarding house. My buds and I don't bother with last names. I am Lazarus. The other guys are called Chez and Zack. Zack rooms close to my bedroom. You will be getting the remaining room next to Chez's bedroom. And before you freak out too much, I own a genie whom does our housework, laundry, and cooking for us. As expected, she lives in her bottle in the living room. She looks like a two-tailed vixen in Persian harem clothes."

    Lazarus then looked directly at Lionel. "After we get you settled in, we will see about finding you a part-time job so you can pay for the room you will be using during college."

    Lionel smiled. "I could use a part-time job. I brought the first month's rent payment as you mentioned in the newspaper ad."

    The centaur then said, "I put down that you had to pay up front? I didn't know that I wrote that in the ad. My plan was to get you settled in, then help you to acquire a part time job, and after that, you would pay us your share of the rent at the end of the month. Of course, there is a way for us to waive the rent entirely, but I would never ask a nice boy to do something like that."

    The young man asked, "Do something like what?"

    Lazarus replied, "Chez's last boyfriend dumped him just before the Summer started, so he's been in a real bad way ever since. In order to waive the rent, all you would have to do is sleep with Chez once in a while. He thinks that no one will ever want to love him ever again. Zack and I feel sorry for him but my being a centaur would be awkward to sleep with him and Zack practices with his panpipes quite late in the evening which I don't mind hearing. Chez's room is over by yours to be. You don't have to get sexual with him, although that would make him happy. All of us attend classes at M.C.U. part of the time and we all have part time jobs to cover the rest of our time. In fact, we can get you signed up at M.C.U. with little hassle."

    Lionel arched an eye. "I just have to sleep with Chez once in while and my room and board is free? That sounds a little suspicious, Lazarus. But I can understand when a dude gets dumped by a date. I've been dumped by many dates back in high school. As long as Chez doesn't hurt me, I'll agree to sleep with him once in a while."

    The centaur slyly grinned as he trotted along. "As long as you keep an open mind, you will last a lot longer than the last roommate lasted."

    The teenager arched an eye this time. "What happened to the last boarder?"

    Lazarus sighed. "He got claimed by a Hellhound Alpha when he accidentally jumped into a Hellhound kennel and before he could get out, he was pulled down and tied to the spot. Rules of their pack state that the victim has to remain in the pack himself for a year before they can petition for a release. If the petition is granted, then the victim is sent to the Yuskay Groomers for a restoration session. After restoration, the victim has up to a year to pay off the restoration or else, the victim reverts back into the hound that he was restored from and then the victim is sent back to the Alpha for another year. It is a complicated mess, Lionel. But laws of the middle lands must be obeyed."

    Lionel remarked, "Sounds like a stupid 1960s college stunt the hippies might have attempted in their drunken drug stupors. How did it go at work for you, Lazarus? I know that when I spoke to you over the phone, you said you worked as a short order chef in a bar. Don't the locals balk at your being a centaur or is it that they never see your lower quarters in the kitchen?"

    The centaur grinned and with a chuckle he said, "Anyone who has seen my horse half blows it off as one of the best drunks they have ever had. I got a raise from the bartender for managing to process an order tastefully even though no one had ever heard of whatever it was the drinker had ordered."

    The young man asked, "What did he order?" The centaur giggled again before replying, "Rat's asshole soup." This reply was followed by some spirited laughter.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02 - Settling In.

    Journal Entry: Day 15 / Month 07 / Year 2025; Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning, Midnight or so;
    Mythos Arms Boarding House...

    They continued down the street and when they turned and went through a sunken tunnel under a park horse and buggy cobblestone trail above, they emerged in seemingly a far different location other than the city they had just been in before. They were now on a sidewalk on a campus ground back lot where a boarding house stood. In fact, the boarding house was almost against the back stone wall of the university. "That tunnel we just came through is the shortcut between the Middle Lands and Earth. My part-time job is on Earth. You can choose to have a part-time job either on Earth or within the Middle Lands. Welcome to the Mythos Arms Boarding House. Help me get the cart into our private garage and then I will show you to your room. I'm not sure whom all will be home at this hour."

    After parking the cart and stepping inside the garage to kitchen doorway, Lionel heard beautiful flute music from somewhere as it wafted down the corridors. "That must be your friend, Zack. His music sounds pretty nice."

    Lazarus replied after listening to the tune for a bit, "That music is almost too good to be Zack's panpipes. It might be coming from Chez's room. We'll go see whom it is after I put the goods away. By the way, as you can see from me, clothing is a bit overrated in the Middle Lands. I tend to only wear the leather goods at the Earth tavern. Around here, it all comes off. I couldn't sleep with the leather apron nor the harnesses on my body. Zack and Chez are the same way. We prefer the free body look. I know you may be a bit nervous about bearing it all since you were raised in human society, but don't be afraid to show us dorm mates what you have. We are all friendly and civil."

    Lionel grinned. "If you catch me bathing, you will definitely get to see me naked. Humans whom get too overheated produce a smell that not even a skunk would like too often. I am sure you have encountered that with the drunks."

    Lazarus commented, "It gets warm in the Middle Lands nine months out of the year. If you get to sweating too much, I may see you wearing less before too long. As soon as I get this stuff put away, I will show you the bedroom hallway. The door at the end of the bedroom hallway is the shared bathing room; otherwise, I will show you where we drop our manure at. And as for rent, sleep with Chez once a week if he lets you. Otherwise, Zack and I wouldn't mind your spending a night with us. Zack might be more fun since he has a smaller body. But during the Winter, I provide the most warmth." And then he resumed putting things away.

    Sometime later, the centaur led the human further into the boarding house. They passed through the dining room, the living room and then they entered the bedroom hallway where sitting on a small stool just outside of the first two open doors was an old time phonograph player which was playing the flute music they had been hearing. Laying on a bed within one side of the hall through an open door, they saw the teen aged satyr boy with his eyes closed and he wasn't even under the sheets. Through the other open door directly across the hallway and also laying on a bed was the donkey boy teenager although he was partially covered up to his mid chest. His eyes were also closed. Stepping past the phonograph and the two open doors, the centaur opened the door next to the donkey boy's open door.

    "That room is yours. Try to keep it uncluttered. If you need more sheets and blankets, we have some in storage. My room is across the hall from yours next to Zack's room. I hope they don't wake up when I shut off the phonograph. I cannot sleep with that racket going on."

    Lazarus reached over and he flicked the off lever on the phonograph which caused a nice silence in the hallway. Then he entered his bedroom.

    Lionel entered his room and he set his luggage down and the first thing he did was to examine the bed and pillow. Finding it to be a little grungy, he stripped the bed entirely and he flipped the mattress. He had recalled that the laundry room was out in the garage where they had entered from. Taking the dirty sheets, blankets and pillow in a rolled package, he carried the load to the laundry room and he placed the load on top of the washer along with a note mentioning that this needed to be washed properly. Then he returned to his room and he closed the bedroom door whereas he unpacked his own pillow, pillow cases, under-sheets and blankets which had a Downy fresh scent to them. He arranged the bed and pillow before he unpacked his clothing suitcase and put his clothes away properly. He then stripped and slid into bed.

    Clean sheets and pillow cases meant a decent and comfortable sleep.

    Journal Entry: Day 16 / Month 07 / Year 2025;
    Wednesday morning, Six to Seven A.M roughly;
    Mythos Arms Boarding House...

    Waking up with the first light of dawn, Lionel grabbed a roll of toilet tissue out of his belongings and he headed out to the outbuilding behind the boarding house where he performed his urinary and bowel activities before wiping decently and then he after dropped off the toilet roll in his room and he grabbed a fresh towel, he headed for the bathing room. As he entered, he saw Zack and Chez doing their morning cleaning routine. Lionel quietly entered the shower stall and he began his own cleaning. While the stall had enough room for anthro people, Lazarus would never fit in there, thus the big tub was for him. While he bathed, the satyr remarked, "Hi there, handsome. You must be the the new dorm mate whom answered Lazarus' ad. I'm Zack, Music major and this is Charles, although he prefers to be called Chez."

    The donkey boy was drying his mane as he stated, "Confections and Cooking major. I prepare most of the meals around here."

    The human boy focused on cleaning himself with his bar of Ivory soap in the hot water. "I am Lionel Hamilton; Aspiring Shop Clerk with optional deliveries. Merchant major, I suppose. Lazarus said I would need a part time job while attending the college. But he said I might be able to waive the rent by sleeping with Chez once in a while because..." and he paused for a moment. "...And you can thump Lazarus if you get upset that he told me... that your boyfriend had dumped you and you were lonely at times. If I slept with you once in a while, he would let me stay rent free. I wanted to tell you his suggestion before trying to slide into your bed with you. And Zack, you are quite the looker, yourself."

    Chez slyly grinned. "I won't thump him, but since I do prepare the meals, I will get him back for spreading gossip about me. I won't make you sleep with me, but if you want to do it once in a while, with either of us, we really cannot say no. And for the record; gay, bisexual and straight only exist for humans. We are designated as open-minded. It is easier that way for all of us. If you do sleep with us, the only cock you need to be wary of belongs to Lazarus. As you can imagine, he has a horse sized shlong. And despite my being an anthro donkey boy, my penis is human sized. Only quadruped donkeys have donkey-sized shlongs. And Zack's penis is also human sized. So compared to the three of us, Lazarus is the only one whose cock could put you in the hospital. Despite being the owner of the boarding house."

    Lionel said, "I brought my own bedding, sheets and pillow with pillow cases with my belongings; I stripped the rest off of my bed and took the grungy things to the laundry room. I don't know whom does the laundry for the household goods; but I prefer to wash my own clothes."

    Zack then said, "After a time, you won't be wearing anything... as much as you see us wearing. Earth clothing tends to erode if it is exposed to the Middle Lands elements too often. So rather than buying new clothes every few months, you might opt to go naked, like we do."

    Lionel replied, "Unlike you guys, I don't have a sheath that holds my penis; my tool is an outward design. Humans are unfortunate to have that limitation. Lazarus already mentioned my going naked; but if I have a job on Earth, I have to wear Earth clothes. Or else, I'd be arrested."

    Chez smiled. "We can help you find work in the Middle Lands. What with your chosen major, I know a few places hiring someone like you. As for deliveries, you'd be escorted around the first time and then you'd be doing them on your own. Just stay out of kennels."

    Lionel said, "Lazarus told me what happened to your boyfriend and a Hellhound Kennel. But by the story, it didn't sound like an accident; it sounded premeditated. As in, deliberately jumped in knowing what would happen."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03 - Enrolling and Employment.

      Journal Entry: Day 16 / Month 07 / Year 2025; Wednesday morning, Seven A.M or so;
      Mythos City All-in-One University...

      After breakfast, Zack and Chez escorted Lionel to the Dean's Office within the All-in-One University. They had convinced him to leave his clothes in his room at the Boarding House. Within the faculty and dean's shared office quarters, behind the main desk sat a classic devil wearing a leather vest and he had black hair on his head with the typical horns, pointed ears, cloven hoofs, red scaly skin and a long tail with a barb on the end. He had a pencil positioned over one ear and he held a clipboard. "Just call me Dusty although my full name is Destinatia Finise. That is a bit much so the students have agreed to call me Dusty. Welcome to Mythos City All-in-One University. We occasionally see humans here, so you aren't the first. What's on your mind?"

      "My name is Lionel Hamilton. I acquired the available room at Lazarus' Boarding House behind the campus; did you know he has a shortcut passage to Earth? Anyway, my interest is Aspiring Shop Clerk with optional deliveries. Merchant major, I suppose."

      Zack said, "He arrived wearing the typical Earth material made clothes and we gave him the typical warning about the local atmosphere and what it would do to Earth clothing. That's why he is naked now. We left his clothes in his room."

      Dusty asked, "Did Lazarus have you sign the typical housing contract as he often did with other humans whom have ever stayed at the Boarding House?"

      Lionel arched an eye. "This is news to me, Dusty. Our agreement was verbal. My father back home is a high class lawyer whom investigates business contracts. He has instructed me as to what to look for when dealing with sleazy con artists. Trap clauses and other things."

      A small almost rainbow scaled mini-dragon giggled before saying, "I am the rainbow dragon called Prismatic and I conduct a class called Recruit Recognition 101 or Rec Squared within All-in-One. I educate students in how to recognize recruiters and trappers by how they speak and how they act. My class is necessary if you want to stay human for the longest time possible. If you pass my class, I will purchase your lifetime Form Insurance as a reward for doing so well in my class and paying attention so you stay human or whatever your original species was before you attended the university. But from what you just said, I might learn some things from you!"

      Dusty remarked, "I knew he had one for going to work on Earth at that tavern he prepares food and drink for. Are you asking if I knew that he was using it to bring human students in?"

      Lionel nodded his head. "That's how I got here last night. But he never mentioned a housing contract. In fact, no one in the boarding house has."

      Zack then said, "Dusty, pull out the copy I showed you and asked you to copy for your records when I first moved in. Let Lionel look over that copy."

      Dusty went over to his filling cabinet and he slid open a drawer and reached inside to retrieve a scroll case which he unscrewed and he pulled out a leather scroll which he unfurled and he held it out to the young man.

      Lionel read over the contract quietly. Then he looked at everyone gathered in the room. "It reads as a standard Earth Housing Contract... except... for the insertion of one suspicious line. It is listed at almost the center of the contract. And it is for that reason I have to ask if Zack was originally some other species other than Satyr. And before you start defending your species, Zack, allow me to read the line to you and let you think about it. You probably skimmed over it and ignored it. But if a distracted human were to read this over and sign the bottom, one might say the contract implied entrapment. Anyway, here goes... Pay attention, guys..." And he then quoted, "As long as you remain as you are, when you are ready to end your housing agreement to move on or transfer, you must give us one week's notice. After which we will help you pack up and say our goodbyes to you." And then in almost tiny print, I can see the words, "If you change species during the contracted stay, then you are my property to do with as I, Lazarus, see fit." He then said, "The rest of the contract is normal until you get to the end where it says, I the undersigned vouch that I understand these conditions and will fully uphold them to the best of my ability. Then there is the signature line, followed by a line for, get this, current species, and that is followed by a line for today's date."

      Dusty grabbed the scroll and when he held it, he, the faculty members as well as Zack and Chez read over the contract carefully. Dusty asked, "Where is the tiny print, Lionel?" Lionel pointed to what looked like a series of dots to the naked eye. Prismatic pulled out a magnifying glass and held it over that section before saying, "You have good eye sight, Lionel. Your father taught you well." Dusty said, "I thought that was just ink drops from the ink quill that was used to forge the original contract. Now that I can see that for what it is, I suspect on campus recruiting right under our noses. Zack, I know Lazarus had other humans in that Boarding House before you joined. Whom all was present when you joined the boarding house? Think back carefully..."

      Zack remarked, "Lazarus the centaur had the room closest to the bathing room; I had the room just down the hall from toward the living room. Across from Lazarus was a cloven hoofed long horned goat dude and right across from me within what is now Chez's bedroom was a sexy stud of a zebra whom told me that he worked for a performance establishment in Mythos City just off campus. He told me that he had offers from his boss to live at the club. Some time later, the zebra was being packed up to move out. He was nice and I miss him. Strange, after he moved out, I never saw him on campus ever again nor at the club he supposedly worked for. Lazarus tried to tell me that another club hired him to work in Imperial City. Not long after that, the goat was replaced by a human boy whom got changed into a sexy buck stag."

      Chez said, "And when I moved in and signed the housing contract, the buck stag and I dated for a bit, then one day, he asked me if he could look over my copy of my housing contract and when I couldn't find it, he remarked that he had to stop dating me because I was just another one of Lazarus' stoolies trying to get him sold into slavery. I thought he was on drugs when he said that, and then later, Lazarus told me that the stag had accidentally jumped into the Hellhound Kennel after which the Alpha mounted and converted him. He wouldn't be coming back for a while until he could earn a petition for a species recovery. I believed his story until I took a walk one day and I could not find the kennels he had his accident within. I let it go at that point until Lionel arrived and told me that Lazarus wanted him to sleep with me."

      He then added, "For the record, Lionel... I originate from Pleasure Island where my father is an island recruiter whom goes to find bad boys to bring to the island for their punishments. I didn't want to do that, so my father gave me permission to attend the All-in-One."

      Lionel said, "So you are a natural born Pleasure Island donkey boy. But that brings us back to the occasional human Lazarus brings him whom conveniently disappears after both an accident and an odd event which results in some sort of falling out."

      Dusty said, "And from reading this housing contract with the magnifying glass, we know more of what he is doing now. The job on Earth is so he can have access to naive young humans to bring here for the story of attending a nice college, then he arranges their transformation, and after they are no longer themselves having signed the contract, he legally has the right to sell them into slavery in Imperial City. Stag boy caught on to what was occurring, so he cut you off since you were getting along with Lazarus and he was scared. He had already lost his humanity and no longer resembled the species he had written on the contract. The goat was likely another human whom had the same thing happen to them. Think about it, Zack... had you dated the goat at first?"

      Zack sighed. "Yes and only because Lazarus suggested that I did because the goat was depressed after being dumped... Good gods! The same story he told Lionel about Chez."

      The faculty member whom looked like a rather sexy Hellhound humanoid wearing leather bikini undershorts to cover his package said, "I am Flash, the sports and physical education coordinator in the secondary and collegiate portions of the University." A black furred, piercing blue eyed Devil Mouse with a glowing book remarked, "I am Magerio, the All-in-One magic and powers instructor. I will definitely be seeing you within my classes in this coming year. Magic use is a mandatory prerequisite for attending All-in-One. It is handy to have the knowledge of magic so you can resist it if you are no good at using it. And you can only learn that in my classes." And finally, a brown demon otter with tribal jewelry around his neck said, "I am Clay the arts and crafts instructor. I can help you learn how to make nice items like what I am wearing; of course I am also an excellent swimming instructor for all those times when people fall into the swamps." He winked with a chuckle. Then he got serious. "I am not happy to learn that Lazarus is supplying stock to someone in the black market. I would like to think he is a victim himself. But unless we get more proof, then Lazarus will be sent to prison for human trafficking."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04 - Transferring to the Dorms for Safety.

        Lionel then asked, "Dusty, does Lazarus attend any classes at the All-in-One? Or is he a graduate that owns the boarding house behind the university? In other words, has he ever graduated from the college as far as you or any of your colleagues know of? And whom authorized him to have a shortcut to Earth? I thought Planar citizens had to have a green card or visa of some sort to make the trip to Earth."

        He then stated, "My father the lawyer met one of the adorable Mack Roo lawyers during a court case one time and he asked him about the planar visitation rules. I got to meet and rub on the roo lawyer's sexy son. He had soft clean fur that didn't stink."

        Flash remarked, "That's a miracle. The home realm Devil Kangaroos all stink pretty fiercely. Unless the one you met was being punished."

        Prismatic grinned. "He probably didn't think it was a punishment after Lionel rubbed on him and commented on how nice he was. Humans have that affect on impressionable roos."

        Dusty said, "Lionel, I do not want you in that Boarding House for your own humanity and your own safety. He forgot to have you sign the contract so this is your legal way to get moved out of there. Wait until he heads off to work tonight and then we will sneak in and help all of you to get moved to a more trustworthy part of the campus. I will have campus security along with the Yuskay Security Patrol laying in wait within the Boarding House for Lazarus' return. He will then be arrested and jailed. As for the shortcut, we need to contact the union to make sure it is legally sanctioned. I would like to retain it legally so you have a way home for the holidays and if you need Earth supplies later."

        Dusty then said in regards to the previous question, "As far as I know, Lazarus has not graduated yet. Then again, he had a twelve year course he was attending. What major did he tell you he was working on?"

        Lionel blinked his eyes. "He never mentioned that part to me. How about this, when you question him in the jail cell later, deliberately mention a false major he was supposed to be working on and see if he goes along with the story. If he does, then you will know he is not the original Lazarus you first met. This guy could be a planted ringer whom took Lazarus' place since the original had the backdoor shortcut to Earth and the slavers wanted to make use of it without going through the union checkpoint. If the story was that the new patsy came of their own free will, then legally there was no recruiting occurring until after they had their accidental transformation. Prismatic, how many of these humans had you ever had in your class?"

        The small dragon replied, "I recall up to four separate humans whom took my class for a while before dropping out after their transformation accident. They figured that after getting changed, there was no reason to attend my class since they couldn't get form insurance."

        Lionel placed his hands on the dragon's shoulders as he looked him in the eyes. "Did they all live at the Boarding House?"

        Prismatic thought about it and said, "Three of them mentioned living there; the fourth mentioned not liking Lazarus's sudden change in mannerisms and attitude and when presented with a housing contract, he told the centaur where he could stick it since it was different from the original verbal offer that had been made. He had little to pack or take, choosing to keep his backpack with him at all times. I think that human is staying at Alpha Zeta Epsilon. Dorm security had to remove Lazarus from the property once when the student alerted them that the centaur was bothering him. In other words, the one that got away. I haven't seen that student in quite a while. So if Lazarus caught him away from the Dorms, then he isn't human anymore."

        Chez smirked. "Lazarus or whomever he is won't be doing much today because I put a laxative into his fluids thermos as revenge for asking Lionel to sleep with me. His lunch is fine, but the drink will have him in the shitter."

        Lionel smiled. "So that's what you meant by not thumping him but still getting him back. I think we should focus on getting me enrolled in the college and then see about the part time job; you guys said you knew places whom needed someone like me."

        He then added, "The Lazarus fake works at the tavern between Sundown and Midnight, Earth time. It was after midnight when we got to the Boarding House last night."

        Prismatic then said, "I think I will gift you with Form Insurance so if the fake catches you somewhere, his planned accidents will have no affect on you. I can see already that you are more clever than most of my students. You can still take my class if you want to."

        Lionel smiled at Prismatic. "I think I should so if someone gets too curious, they will see that I am in your class. They won't suspect that you already gave me the insurance protection."

        He then looked at Flash. "I want to take your class, too, Flash. I was good in a few sports back in high school. I will likely have fun in the magic class as well, Magerio. And a little art is good for everyone, Clay. Swimming is nice after hours during a free day."

        Dusty said, "When you guys go to seek the job later, I will have a Mack Roo Lawyer as well as an Information Devil Mouse following you guys to make sure everything is on the up and up. As in legal."

        Enrolling and registration then followed and with a Mack Roo Lawyer as well as an Information Devil Mouse following the boys, they sought out the job market.

        At first, when they sought out clean employment, no one was hiring. Permanent jobs were not to be found; although the job taverns for temp jobs was seeing a booming business. Most of those jobs involved sex with a client. Then after being told that there were no openings at a goods shop, a delivery worker came in and stated that he was starting to hate the delivery route he was being asked to deliver goods to. Lionel perked up and tapped the employer. "One of my side abilities is delivering goods; I wanted a clerk job, but if you would permit a trial session, I could do deliveries. Think about it at least. a one week trial and if I do badly you can send me back to Dusty's All-in-One."

        The owner arched an eye at the human and after a brief glare at the delivery employee, he said, "Because I need these goods delivered, I will give you a try. If you do better than him, you get to stay. But he has to stay at the shop while you are out and about. Otherwise, I'll send his ass back to his horny alpha whom is doing tribal breeding this month." He chuckled before grinning at the human. "Do I get to sample your bottom if you agree to work for me? I'll let you think about it. I am the master of my shop; my employees are my apprentices." He then dragged the delivery guy into the back room to drop some choice words on him.

        Lionel tagged up with his friends as well as the legal reps and they left the shop. Once outside, he said, "I am not selling my hole for a job, guys. Lets go back to the campus. Maybe we can figure something else out. No one gets to fuck me just so I can work."

        Arriving back on campus just before sundown, they told Dusty the bad news on employment and then it was the waiting game to wait for the fake Lazarus to leave so they could retrieve their belongings and get out out of the Boarding House. When they got the signal, with a few faculty members and campus security, they packed up things quickly and efficiently before amscraying back across campus to a Dorm sponsored Boarding House owned jointly by Mack Roo and Don Otto the Otter Godfather. Both were legitimate business people despite the titles they kept in their personal lives. After getting settled in before midnight, the signal was given that the fake was seen approaching the old Boarding House.

        By morning, the report was that the fake Lazarus put up a fight to resist being arrested and when a sword strike clipped the earrings off of one of his ears, his almost divine illusion fell away to reveal that he was in truth one of the most wanted Trappers in the Underworld.

        Chez prepared breakfast for himself and his friends. "Close calls, Lionel... and we never suspected a thing the whole time we were with him. His downfall was thanks to an alert human trained by his legal father."

        End of Chapter 04