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[TS-11] BL-01 Mythical University

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    [TS-11] BL-01 Mythical University

    A college minded young man moves into a boarding house where the residents are not exactly human; weirder things follow when the nice boy gets enrolled at the school of choice in Mythos City.
    Mythos City - Middle Lands

    [TS-11] BL-01 Mythical University
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01 - College Roommate Wanted.

    Journal Entry: Day 15 / Month 07 / Year 2025; Tuesday evening before Midnight;
    A lone bus stop along a dark street outside of a local rural town...

    "No dad! I didn't answer an ad out of Craigslist!" exclaimed the five foot six male human teenager whom had just graduated high school the month before to his father over a phone receiver at a pay phone booth. He ran one hand through his short brownish black hair as he peered through the clear glass of the phone booth in both directions on the dark street he was currently stranded on. "The newspaper advertisement said that the group of young men lived close to where the bus dropped me off at and that the main guy worked part-time at some bar where he helped to prepare meals. The guy's ad said that he gets off work at close to ten to ten thirty P.M. and he walks home right by this bus stop where the bus dropped me off at. The dude's name is Lazarus. The ad said that he had one bedroom left over for a potential college student out of the four bedrooms in his boarding house. Yes, I promise I will call you right after I get moved in or if the room has already been claimed. I gotta get off of here, dad... I see someone walking up the sidewalk in this direction right now. It almost looks like he is pulling a wheeled cart behind him. I will. Bye dad." And he boy hung up the phone as he picked up his suitcases and stepped out of the phone booth. He had a backpack on his back containing his high school graduation transcripts as well as his laptop. "What a creepy street. The only light out here was the one in the phone booth. Wait a minute..." He was now staring at the figure approaching his spot along the sidewalk. "Either that is one heck of a wild costume or that is a centaur approaching me."

    When the brown and red fiery marked male centaur stopped at the phone booth, he lifted his cap slightly and said, "Are you here for the spare college-based room at the boarding house or are you waiting for a cab or did you get off the bus at this location by accident?"

    The young man reached out and shook the centaur's hand. "I am Lionel Hamilton. I am here to answer the ad for the spare bedroom. I almost thought I came to the wrong place. Um... I've never seen a live centaur before outside of the cartoons. Are you Lazarus?"

    The centaur nodded his head. "Put your suitcases into my cart and then I'll escort you back to the boarding house. My buds and I don't bother with last names. I am Lazarus. The other guys are called Chez and Zack. Zack rooms close to my bedroom. You will be getting the remaining room next to Chez's bedroom. And before you freak out too much, I own a genie whom does our housework, laundry, and cooking for us. As expected, she lives in her bottle in the living room. She looks like a two-tailed vixen in Persian harem clothes."

    Lazarus then looked directly at Lionel. "After we get you settled in, we will see about finding you a part-time job so you can pay for the room you will be using during college."

    Lionel smiled. "I could use a part-time job. I brought the first month's rent payment as you mentioned in the newspaper ad."

    The centaur then said, "I put down that you had to pay up front? I didn't know that I wrote that in the ad. My plan was to get you settled in, then help you to acquire a part time job, and after that, you would pay us your share of the rent at the end of the month. Of course, there is a way for us to waive the rent entirely, but I would never ask a nice boy to do something like that."

    The young man asked, "Do something like what?"

    Lazarus replied, "Chez's last boyfriend dumped him just before the Summer started, so he's been in a real bad way ever since. In order to waive the rent, all you would have to do is sleep with Chez once in a while. He thinks that no one will ever want to love him ever again. Zack and I feel sorry for him but my being a centaur would be awkward to sleep with him and Zack practices with his panpipes quite late in the evening which I don't mind hearing. Chez's room is over by yours to be. You don't have to get sexual with him, although that would make him happy. All of us attend classes at M.C.U. part of the time and we all have part time jobs to cover the rest of our time. In fact, we can get you signed up at M.C.U. with little hassle."

    Lionel arched an eye. "I just have to sleep with Chez once in while and my room and board is free? That sounds a little suspicious, Lazarus. But I can understand when a dude gets dumped by a date. I've been dumped by many dates back in high school. As long as Chez doesn't hurt me, I'll agree to sleep with him once in a while."

    The centaur slyly grinned as he trotted along. "As long as you keep an open mind, you will last a lot longer than the last roommate lasted."

    The teenager arched an eye this time. "What happened to the last boarder?"

    Lazarus sighed. "He got claimed by a Hellhound Alpha when he accidentally jumped into a Hellhound kennel and before he could get out, he was pulled down and tied to the spot. Rules of their pack state that the victim has to remain in the pack himself for a year before they can petition for a release. If the petition is granted, then the victim is sent to the Yuskay Groomers for a restoration session. After restoration, the victim has up to a year to pay off the restoration or else, the victim reverts back into the hound that he was restored from and then the victim is sent back to the Alpha for another year. It is a complicated mess, Lionel. But laws of the middle lands must be obeyed."

    Lionel remarked, "Sounds like a stupid 1960s college stunt the hippies might have attempted in their drunken drug stupors. How did it go at work for you, Lazarus? I know that when I spoke to you over the phone, you said you worked as a short order chef in a bar. Don't the locals balk at your being a centaur or is it that they never see your lower quarters in the kitchen?"

    The centaur grinned and with a chuckle he said, "Anyone who has seen my horse half blows it off as one of the best drunks they have ever had. I got a raise from the bartender for managing to process an order tastefully even though no one had ever heard of whatever it was the drinker had ordered."

    The young man asked, "What did he order?" The centaur giggled again before replying, "Rat's asshole soup." This reply was followed by some spirited laughter.

    End of Chapter 01