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[TS-09] S-AR-04 Testing the Defense

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    [TS-09] S-AR-04 Testing the Defense

    [TS-09] S-AR-04 Testing the Defense.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    February 17th, 2021

    Chapter One

    Masya the Information Devil Mouse informed Gerard that Atticus had a spell set to go off once a week during a Sunday morning Eastern time slot if he should ever be sent back to Nirvana, so the boy's precaution was spot on as usual. Boomerpaw and the dragon hound Council Lord made the decision to be in the nightclub on Sunday morning just in case.

    The following day back at ARC was Tuesday. A school day for Gerard and he was looking forward to it. During breakfast, Gerard placed a phone call to Pardusius to inform him of what they had learned about Atticus' escape spell that the Cat Lord had set up if he should ever be sent back to Nirvana. The boy wanted to make sure the Demon Panther Lord was warned about this spell just in case it turned out to be active still. Leon and Rianne both listened to their son explain to the park owner that he had arranged a fail-safe defense spell with Boomerpaw.

    Pardusius took the report seriously and he sent word to the Master Cat about the new information.

    After hanging up the phone, he confided with his parents about what spell Atticus had in reserve that would activate on a Sunday morning. But they didn't know what the spell would do aside from bring Atticus back to Earth which no one wanted. And since Atticus still wanted to change Gerard into a sexual familiar cat, that is why the boy set up this fail-safe precaution with Boomerpaw. His parents agreed that Gerard's caution was likely very necessary. And after that discussion, it was time to get off to school.

    Gerard headed out and he got on the bus where he sat down in a seat where he had agreed to wait for Fenmire this morning so they could talk.

    At the next stop down the street, Fenmire got on the bus with a smile as he proceeded back to the seat where the boy was waiting on him before sitting down and hugging the boy.

    "How went the request from Wilwick?"

    The young man said, "All set, Fen. However, we did learn that Atticus had a fail-safe escape spell set up if he should ever get deported back to Nirvana. We don't know what all the spell does, but it goes off on Sunday morning at some unknown time and in addition toward bringing the scummy sexual Cat Lord back to Earth, we don't know what else it does. I am warning as many people as I can just in case. The effing bastard wants to change me into a familiar cat for his sex games."

    Fenmire looked disgusted. "So he set his nasty eyes on you, did he? And everyone always thought I was bad. I didn't do that to people; ever."

    Gerard grinned. "The good news is that I arranged with Boomerpaw and a Council Lord to have a fail-safe of my own in case Atticus gets free. The moment he arrives on Earth, Poof."

    Fenmire arched an eye. "Poof?"

    The boy smiled. "My entire family and I are automatically transported to the safe house that I have arranged to protect us from Atticus and his sex games."

    Fenmire chuckled. "That's using your noodle to strike back. I guess Ace's escorts with you must have rubbed off on you somewhat."

    The boy then asked, "How did you find out about my escorts from Ace?"

    Fenmire replied, "Ben Weasel saw you guys out and about on Monday night. He recognized your scent in the costume you were wearing and he also recognized the roo. He told me about it."

    Gerard asked, "What did he think of Angel?"

    Fenmire laughed. "He said that was the dumbest super dog disguise he had ever seen. He said that only a complete idiot would be fooled by that costume."

    The boy smiled as well. "The hyenas, Bud and Lou, were fooled by that disguise. But as you said Ben told you, they are idiots."

    The bus then arrived at AniSapien and the two boys got off the bus along with everyone else. Fenmire said, "See you at lunch, Freshman. I'm a Sophomore." And he headed off to home room.

    The boy went and had a quick talk with Superintendent Scooby Day and School Counselor Amalthia (The Last Unicorn) where he informed the two (since they were both magical) what fail-safe he had arranged for his family the second Atticus' spell went off to effect his return to Earth. "I just wanted to warn you both since we don't know what all the spell is supposed to do. The dumb Cat Lord wants me in his bed as his newest familiar cat. So I chose to protect myself and my family. The spell goes off on Sunday morning. So if you sense a magical effect occurring that you are not personally causing, on Sunday; that is what is going on. Boomerpaw said that if I told magical people about my plan, their magical memory would permit them to recall what I said even if Atticus' spell somehow makes the other normal people forget. I really like this school but I don't want to be his sex pet."

    Amalthia caused her unicorn horn to twinkle as she stored the information within her magical memory. "You did the right thing by informing us of his idiot plan."

    End of Chapter One

    Chapter Two

    With the Tuesday session behind them, Ace and Krypto met up with Gerard and Arnie Roo for the hero patrol outing where they were now informed of Atticus' programmed spell that no one could figure out how to cancel since they didn't know where Atticus had linked the spell to on Earth. If the Information Devil Mice in Hell hadn't done a check involving if such a spell was in place, then no one would have been the wiser after the Cat Lord's return.

    Krypto growled a little. "I thought we were done with him. I will make sure to inform Rudolph about this turn of events since he is the magical force in my household."

    Ace remained as grim as ever. "We should have known it would not be that easy. But at least Gerard went the extra mile to protect himself and his family."

    Arnie Roo was gripping on his baton in a fierce manner. "The nasty cat cannot 'ave yas, Gerard! Yas 'ave a deal with me!"

    Gerard said, "That is why I chose to go to your adopted father Boomerpaw to get this fail-safe set up. I had to go see him anyway in regards to Wilwick's request to make me immune to Pleasure Island situations. We made up despite your striking him. And I got to meet his best student whom happens to like licorice. I promised to bring him some later tonight."

    Arnie Roo arched an eye. "What is the student's name so Ah am warned about 'im?"

    The boy said, "His recruiter name is Licorwick. During Recruiter training, he is not allowed to give out his old name and he can only use the new name."

    Arnie Roo admitted, "Sounds like a good student rule to 'ave in place for a bunch of bad boy recruiters. But yer not a bad boy. Why do yas want to keep seeing these donkeys?"

    The young man replied, "I joined Fenmire's club where Lampwick is the mentor of the club and that means I have to go out there on Sunday at least to sing in the choir."

    Ace said, "I already know how nice your voice is, Gerard. What form are you going to wear tonight for the patrol?"

    Gerard unpacked the magic collar and clasped it around his neck as he transformed from his usual human clothes into his Zoo Crew costume. "I used Ratplague last night."

    Krypto smirked. "I would use Angel again; but Superman told me that a fan had told him about my dorky cape and cowl."

    Ace slyly grinned since he was going to tell Superman himself but apparently someone beat him to it.

    The boy pressed the rabbit head button and instantly he was in his space going Sci-Fi lapine form of Captain Rabbit. "I can fly in this form and coupled with Martial Arts, this will do."

    During the outing, Ace had to go after Isis and with the action that was occurring, Superman and Krypto were downed by a chunk of Kryptonite that was embedded in a space rock. Ace provided Captain Rabbit with a lead-lined box so he could fly in and scoop up the Kryptonite to get it away from the super family. As soon as the Kryptonite was shielded away, Superman and Krypto felt their powers returning. And then they got back to work successfully. When they had a private moment, Superman got told about the Atticus spell; he took it seriously.

    Swinging by the specialty sweets shop, the boy picked up a large assortment of flavored licorice before parting company with the roo and the heroes to go back out to Pleasure Island.

    At the stable building where Wilwick trained his new recruits, the young man called out, "Licorwick? I brought the goods. Wilwick? If you're in there, I also got your request installed."

    Lampwick and Wilwick emerged from the building along with Licorwick whom received the licorice assortment from the nice boy. Gerard then hugged Lampwick and Wilwick as he explained what they had learned about the sneaky Cat Lord's escape spell and how they had no idea what all it did. Lampwick said, "Let me see your new donkey upgrade; Wilwick told me that he had asked you to get one so you could be safe on Pleasure Island. As for Atticus, a spell like that might have something to do with time. I can set the island to resist time magic."

    The boy reached up and he touched the donkey head button on his magic collar. Instantly, he transformed into Brayer the Changeling Donkey Bard. Initially, he was a donkey boy, and then he shifted into his quadruped donkey form. "A Changeling Donkey. Does this meet with your approval, Lampwick?" He struck a pose to allow the two island lords to examine him entirely. Lampwick was sniffing and applying his approval lick mark on appropriate areas all over the boy's donkey body.

    Lampwick said, "Now that I have applied the acceptance lick mark all over your donkey body, you have been accepted as a Pleasure Island Donkey boy. Welcome to the family, Brayer."

    Gerard kissed the two donkey lords and they kissed him in return. "I will definitely be singing in the choir this coming Sunday, guys. And I want to work on the outer carnival, too."

    Wilwick said, "That was your plan, Gerard. I just hope your little roo doesn't get jealous over your spending so much time with us."

    End of Chapter Two


      Chapter Three

      Aside from PI Sciences, Gerard took time off from visiting the donkeys from Wednesday to Friday since he was going to see them on Saturday and Sunday. He still made his outings with Ace and Krypto on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday night, the boy chose to spend the evening with Arnie Roo in his home realm. The little roo was ecstatic over the boy spending a personal evening with him in the roo realm. They roasted marshmallows and made S'mores for all the roos attending the outing. The boy showed everyone a good time. When the outing ended, Gerard went back to the Null Realm where he chose to use the sauna there to take a full cleansing bath to get the roo mud and Devi-Roo scent off of his body. He didn't want to go home stinking.

      On Saturday morning, the boy was up from his bed and he took another shower in the bathroom when he woke up smelling dirty roo scent in his bed. Once clean and wearing fresh deodorant, he got dressed in his weekend work clothes and he went downstairs to enjoy a bowl of corn flakes before the trip to go meet up with Fenmire so they could head to the island to get the repair work started. Saying goodbye to his mom and dad, the boy headed out the front door and he went down the street to the locale where he often saw Fenmire get on the bus at.

      As Gerard stepped through the thick bushes leading toward where he often saw Fenmire disappear to after getting off the school bus, he just barely stopped in time to prevent himself from stepping right off into a muddy swamp. "Oh boy, that was close. Right... there's the path to Fenmire's pontoon house." And he headed along the edge of the mud toward the odd little house. When he got over to the tarp awning covered plywood porch, which seemed to only barely support his weight, he knocked on the door lightly, almost afraid that his knocking on it might push the entire house down. True, he didn't see the Big Bad Wolf or Three Little Pigs around, but in the animated park, you couldn't be too sure. When the door opened, a taller more muscular unkempt looking rat was standing there in the buff. "Who are you and what do you want?"

      The boy replied, "I'm Gerard Prince, the boy whom helped to get Atticus sent back to Nirvana. Fenmire and I are supposed to be going on an outing today. Is he here?"

      The older rat grinned as he allowed Gerard to step inside. Then he closed the door and said, "Fenmire is off fetching the mail from the post office. Why don't you come on back into my room and have a seat? I feel naked out here in the living room." And he turned and he walked back into the back part of the house, down a thin corridor, swishing his tail behind him. The boy followed the rat, not having much choice and because he didn't know which room belonged to Fenmire. Just inside the larger rat's sleeping quarters, he noticed that half the room was furnished while the other half was blatantly open to the muddy swamp out behind the house. And the older rat was stepping into the mud, settling himself down into a pool that was soon up to his neck.

      The older rat glanced at Gerard and said, "Have a seat anywhere. That love seat is sure to be sticky with either jam, honey, or semen... take your pick... or you can sit on the floor over here near me. It's funny that the floors are probably cleaner than the furniture." The young man went over as close to the rat as he dared without getting into the mud and sat down on the floor with his legs crossed. "Are you Fenmire's brother or his dad?"

      The older rat grinned and said, "Older brother. Our dad divorced mom and took us with him to Jaded Shadow in the Meta-Star City region and we lived there for about 2 years; then dad got drunk and threatened to kill us if we didn't get out of his house. A friend of mine had just sold me this place, so being the nice brother, I brought Fenmire to live here with me. That was about 2 years ago..." He studied the boy for a moment. " you're Fenmire's newest toy. Funny, you don't look like donkey material. But I suppose that will change."

      Gerard said, "Oh, I already know about Lampwick and Wilwick. I have a deal of protection with them already. I only had to do a favor for them. I am also the boy whom helped Fenmire get off of the accusation hook with Day and Dum at the school by finding the three missing boys. That's how I got on Fenmire's good side. Hasn't he been acting nicer around the house since the first day of school?"

      The older rat smiled again. "In that case, my name is Scott Rat. I work at a local water-powered sawmill just outside of Terryville to the South. And yes, he was acting nicer. I thought it was an act for some scheme he was up to but if you helped him get out of the accusation he was in, then that would explain why he was acting like he was. He normally doesn't act like that unless he got to have gay sex with someone he really liked. Has he done anything like that with you yet?"

      The boy replied, "He hasn't asked me about it; but if he does, how can I say no? I like him."

      Scott grinned yet again. "Would you let me have that pleasure some day? I ask because most toon animals are Bisexual first, followed by Homosexual and being Heterosexual last."

      Gerard smiled at the rat. "Since you are politely asking me for permission, I would let you experience me at a later date. Fen seems to be waiting for an invitation or something."

      Scott laughed about that idea. "That would be a first. He must really like you if he's been resisting your charm."

      Fenmire came into the house carrying the mail. and after leaving it on the kitchen table, he retrieved Gerard and soon, the two were off together, heading down the street.

      Fenmire was a little miffed that he could smell his brother's scent on Gerard's face, but at least Gerard still had his clothes on. Fenmire said, "What did you think of Scott?"

      Gerard calmly replied, "He's an okay rat, I guess. He helps to take care of you; I mean, you have a home in his house. But he asked me if you have had sex with me as yet."

      End of Chapter Three


        Chapter Four

        Fenmire made a face. "I cannot believe he asked a nice boy like you a question like that. With you, I don't think about sex all the time. I have been striving to stay out of trouble."

        Gerard grinned. "So where to first?"

        Fenmire replied, "I have to go pick up Benwick Weasel. His parents hate humans, so you can't come with me to there. In the meantime, I want you to go pick up Huckwick Hound and Tomwick Dane. The two dog boys from school? They live over on Thorn and 9th Street. Well, actually... go to that intersection, and hang a left down the dirt road alleyway of sorts, around the curve of the wooden fenced pastures you'll see, and you'll get to the Kennelmount Farms. That's where they live. And for gosh sakes, Gerard... don't get caught with your pants down over there or we might be late getting to the island. Okay?"

        Gerard arched an eye at that statement, but Fenmire had already parted company with him, heading off to fetch Benwick Weasel. Gerard shrugged his shoulders and headed off in the direction of Thorn and 9th street.

        Finding Thorn Street was pretty easy; it was right on one edge of town. There were fenced pastures on one side of the street and somewhat of a housed forest on the city side of the street. And he could tell that this was literally the canine toons side of town. He knew this when he saw the mailboxes of Wile E. Coyote and Big Bad Wolf on that street.

        It took about an hour of walking, but he finally arrived at the dirt road alleyway like turn off, and he headed in toward Kennelmount Farms. Gerard couldn't imagine why a canine's home would be called something like -mount, but he was curious enough to want to find out.

        As Gerard arrived in the yard of the farms, he saw several cartoon hounds trying to get a rowdy cartoon stallion under control in the barnyard. The stallion was uptight about something, and he was knocking hounds away from him left and right, and then... he saw Gerard. And more so... he caught Gerard's scent.

        And in the next moment, Gerard had a big stallion leaning on him, rubbing his muzzle against Gerard's chest.

        The head hound came over and placed the horse's blinders over his head, saying, "Well, I'll be... Raging Hell is kitten calm. I've ne'er seen anything like it. What's your name, sonny?"

        The young man smiled saying, "Gerard Prince. I'm here to fetch Huck Hound and Tom Dane. Are they around?"

        The head hound nodded his muzzle. "Why sure as I'm a doggy. They're in their room packing up for some sort of overnight camping trip." He then pulled out a 10-spot and handed it to Gerard. "This is for your help in calming Raging Hell down. We couldn't have got him calmed without you." Gerard blushed, as he pocketed the 10 dollar bill, then turned to head into the bunkhouses to find the two boys.

        Inside the boy's bedroom, Gerard found Huck and Tom all packed up and ready to go. "Come on, you two. Fenmire will be meeting us at the lake dock with Ben. The head hound said you two were packing up for an overnight outing. We aren't going to be on the island all night, are we?"

        Tom replied, "Fenmire told us at school yesterday to be prepared to spend the night there, just in case. So we're being prepared."

        Gerard hummed. "Fenmire never mentioned anything like that to me. I wonder what he has planned this time?" Tom replied, "We have to do the church thing for the club."

        Huck said, "Wilwick has a trick he likes to use on cute boys; he will deliberately skip breakfast and then once he gets alone with the boy, he will invite him to his place for lunch." The human boy smirked. "I know how to put a stop to that plan. Anyway, let's get going, guys. I need to swing by the specialty shop before we get to the docks."

        The three left Kennelmount Farms and proceeded around the outskirts of town, where the dogs showed Gerard where some of the fun places to visit at night were. Then Gerard showed the two hounds his magic collar and he transformed into Townsend before teleporting up to Meta-Star City to purchase some candied apples for Wilwick. he also bought some treats for Fenmire, Ben, and the hounds before teleporting back to where the boys were waiting on him.

        Finally, the three proceeded to the lake dock where Fenmire and Benwick Weasel were waiting on them.

        The boy handed out brown paper bags to Ben and Fenmire explaining that they contained their favorite snack treats from the specialty shop.

        Once the five were in the boat, Fenmire got the boat moving, piloting the old wooden vessel over to the island and the dock thereof. As Gerard was helping the others out of the boat, he said to Fenmire, "I didn't know you could pilot a boat. You're really talented." Fenmire grinned. "Just one of my many talents I have under my belt. Let's get a move on while the morning sun is still on one side of the sky. Lampwick and Wilwick are waiting on us."

        End of Chapter Four