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[TS-08] FP-01 Correctional Ranch Punishment

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    [TS-08] FP-01 Correctional Ranch Punishment

    Shadow Canyon - Freddy Prince

    [TS-08] FP-01 Correctional Ranch Punishment.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Freddy Joshua Prince stood at 5'9" tall with a weight of 175 lbs. He had curly brown hair, brown eyes, and lightly tanned skin. He typically wore a white polo shirt, khaki cargo shorts and sneakers. He came from a family of four sisters where he was the middle child of the family. His mother was into civil rights and his father was part of a city council in the Boston area. The family owned two dogs and three cats. Freddy's closest two friends were a girl named Alice Lori Winston and a boy named Ezekiel "Zeke" Joseph McAllister. Alice stood at just under 6' tall having blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. She wore a mini-skirt, designer mini-shorts, and knee-high Go Go Boots. She wasn't the typical frail tall girl, like most; instead, she was built like a swim suit model. Her not so redeeming feature was that she had unusual strength with an attitude to match. Yes, a LHG (Local Hometown Girl.) Zeke stood at 5'7" tall, having braided orange hair, green eyes and ruddy skin with freckles. He wore a tee-shirt, blue jeans and high top Reeboks. The boys were often dodging the attention of the local bullies' gang; while Alice would just beat the Hell out of them for getting in her way. The five bullies hated that two wimps had the attention of friendship of the hottest girl in town. So they came up with a plan to get the boys out of the picture.

    Late one night Freddy and Zeke were attending a matinee theater production of a movie they had both been waiting to see. The bullies were staging an incident to occur shortly after the boys emerged from the movie theater. When the boys were seen leaving the theater, a signal was sent to a bully on a roof top whom had a crossbow loaded with a window piercing bolt The police had been anonymously called and told that two boys were breaking into an electronics store a few blocks away from the theater. As Freddy and Zeke were coming around the corner to that street, the bully on the roof fired off the crossbow and broke the electronics store's plate glass window and then he high-tailed it out of the area. Not long after that, the boys arrived at the scene and not two minutes later, the police arrived on the scene and they ordered the two boys to freeze in their tracks. Naturally the boys obeyed, not like a criminal might have done. The boys were arrested and taken to the local precinct where they were told to call their parents. Zeke's parents were out of town and he was to have spent the night with Freddy. Freddy's father, the city Councilman, said he was coming.

    A few days later in juvenile court, the judge oversaw the case and he had spoken with various teenagers in the Boston area whom claimed they knew the boys. Even though Alice was just outside the courthouse, they never requested to speak to her at all. Most of the so-called knowledgeable teenagers were friends of the bullies and had been instructed on what to say about the boys' secret lives and the way they acted away from home. The boys were not allowed to listen to these interviews, although Councilman Prince suspected something rotten was going down since he had already been told the story from his son's and Zeke's points of view. And he personally knew how they were.

    When the judge came into the room and spoke to Freddy and Zeke, he asked them about a very old incident they had been involved in that Councilman Prince knew had occurred years ago and both boys had to pay for it.. It was a baseball incident. "Because of your record with breaking windows and other teenagers have revealed that you were planning on repeating the action someday, I sadly have to have you both sent to a boys correctional ranch in the Southwest to serve time for breaking that electronics store window."

    Zeke piped up. "WHAT ABOUT THE SECURITY CAMERA THAT FACES THAT FRONT WINDOW THAT THE OWNER TURNS ON EACH NIGHT?! IF WE BROKE THAT WINDOW, THEN WE WILL BE ON THE VIDEO IN FRONT OF THE WINDOW BEFORE THE BREAK-IN! THAT WINDOW WAS BREAKING BEFORE WE EVEN ARRIVED ON THE SCENE!" The judge had the bailiff silence Zeke as he replied, "Sadly, the other night was the first time he forgot to turn on the security camera. There is no video to prove your statement."

    At that moment, a commotion occurred outside the courtroom as bodies were heard hitting the floor and the sounds of five boys whining were heard afterward. Freddy said, "I suppose we can be in two places at the same time, sir?"

    When the bailiff went to see what the racket was, he found the judge's son and four of the other bullies laying on the floor in fetal positions with their shoelaces deliberately tied in such a way around a flagpole in the hallway.

    No one else was there to see. Alice had gone into the ladies room after she kicked the bullies in the groin for saying inappropriate things to her.

    The bailiff called the paramedics and then he came back inside and he told the judge what had occurred in the hallway. "...there was no one else present, your honor."

    By the time Alice had emerged from the ladies room, the bullies were gone having been taken to the local hospital where their parents would be called. Since the judge was busy, the mother would be called. Duh Dum De Doom!

    Alice cracked open the courtroom door just in time to hear the judge say, "I am afraid without proof to back up your claim of innocence, I have no choice but to send you boys to separate boys correctional institutes. Perhaps time away from each other will straighten up your criminal behavior. Bailiff, take these boys away!" But before the bailiff could do this, Alice stormed in and said very loudly, "YOUR SON AND HIS GOON BULLY FRIENDS HAVE BEEN TRYING TO RAPE ME ON A DAILY BASIS! THESE TWO BOYS ARE THE ONLY ONES WHOM ARE CONSIDERATE AROUND ME! IF YOU SEND THEM AWAY, I WILL START KILLING BULLIES SO THEY CANNOT PROCREATE!"

    The judge started to say, "Young lady, you are out of line-" But before he could finish, she punched him in the face, bloodied his nose and blistered his lip before she turned and stormed out of the courtroom. "Go after her!"

    The bailiff wisely chose to disobey. He knew the Winston family. Staff Sargent Carlisle Winston was an important figure in the U.S. Army; he had trained his daughter in the martial arts.

    "What are you waiting for? I gave you an order!"

    The bailiff grabbed the two boys and began to escort them off to a holding cell. Once he was out of hearing range of the judge, he said, "I know your lady friend's family. I would rather obey his first order than to take a chance with Alice. She is a LHG. You two are lucky she won't incapacitate you boys. Sadly, unless someone fesses up about lying in regards to your involvement, then you both are going to be sweating it out among other bad boys at those correctional ranches. There are two favorite boys ranches that the judge likes to send boys to. One involves horses in Rhode Island and the other is in the New Mexico desert. If you like horses, then tell the judge that you hate horses."

    Freddy remarked, "But that would be dishonest."

    The bailiff said, "If you tell the truth, then you won't be sent to a favorable place."

    Freddy said, "But I like both options. So if the judge wants to punish me, then he will have to come up with a backup choice. I know Zeke cannot take the heat, but he can tolerate horses."

    The bailiff placed the boys in separate cells where they couldn't talk to each other. Then and only then did he go look to see if Alice was still near the courthouse. Not seeing her, he returned to the judge whom was getting bawled out over the phone by his wife. Duh Dum De Doom! "Alice Winston got away, sir. But I got the boys to reveal to me that Zeke likes deserts while Freddy can tolerate both extremes that I mentioned you liked to send boys to. He said that if you wanted to punish him, then you would have to send him to a backup choice." He would not mention that Freddy refused to lie to the judge, although the bailiff was fibbing himself. He didn't want Zeke to burn up.

    The judge said, "Zeke will be sent to Rhode Island. Freddy will get Shadow Canyon. Even if he runs away from that place, he will get easily captured and brought back unless he gets animal molested first."

    End of Chapter One.