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[AWT-11] FP-02 The Sign of the Goat

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    [AWT-11] FP-02 The Sign of the Goat

    Terrydale Cove - Kazma's LAW

    [AWT-11] FP-02 The Sign of the Goat
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Deepfang then said, "Another reason to stay out of the reach of the patrons. Once you're knocked up, the patron has the right to take you home with him. So stay out of their reach if you want to stay human AND pure. If you somehow survive the weekend with that bunch, come look me up and I'll see about finding you a decent job you won't be embarrassed doing."

    "After tonight, I'm suppose to spend the next two days with Blimey the scaly goat boy," said Freddy. "Do you know anything about him?"

    "Just one thing... you may not want to spend any nights in his bed. He sleeps with a dragon and several other scalies. Get too comfortable there and you might forget where you actually live. So again... keep your clothes on and if asked where you prefer to sleep, offer to sleep next to the dragon. But if they try to get you to go into the bedrooms, mention that you cannot afford to lose another set of clothes. You only have two pair left; this one you're wearing and one other set. Losing clothes on animated worlds is a lot easier than humans think. And most of the time it isn't your fault. Circumstances can happen by accident; the rest of the time, there are those who deliberately set you up so you lose your clothes. Naked boys are easier to catch off guard. So keep your clothes on... unless you're with me. I'm someone you can trust."

    Of course he would say that. If you can't trust Arden's, who can you trust?

    After that, Crispy and Deepfang departed and no sooner had they left, Lamone arrived to meet with Marilyn to discuss the magic school itself and what Teddy would be doing for the Master next door. Lamone didn't stay long and soon departed like the rest. Freddy was glad that Blimey didn't visit since he never wore any clothes in public.

    Freddy could hear his brothers getting their home schooling lesson started, so he went out and over to Jake's house to do some yard work for the donkey boy, who wasn't home. But there were a few donkeys there when Freddy arrived. None of them were Jake; but one of the few looked very important. As in looking like someone famous that Freddy might have seen before in the movies. It was the Island Lord himself... Lampwick... along with a few of his top Recruiter Generals.

    "And just who are you, young man?" asked Lord Lampwick as he eyed Freddy intently.

    "I'm Freddy Prince from next door, over that way," he pointed back through the small patch of woods. "and I came over here to do some yard work for Jake. I knew he wouldn't be home since he's working but he hasn't had time to do this clean up himself. Is there a problem with that? You're that handsome Lampwick donkey he works for, aren't you?"

    Lampwick couldn't help but to smile at the compliment from the nice boy. "Yard work, is it? Very well, you better get started then. As for Jake... he is in a little trouble having to do with his job. You're sure you don't know where he is? We need to find him."

    Freddy came over and knelt in front of Lampwick and rubbed over the donkey's fur and ears in that 'oh so nice' way. "I assume he is on Earth recruiting bad boys for your island, isn't he? Or has he crossed the line to nab good boys? He's never tried to nab me since I offered to pull him out of a tar/rubber pool the first day my family moved in. He said we were friends."

    "He told you that he was a recruiter?" asked Lampwick, enjoying the rubs and ear scratching. "You know how to treat a donkey good."

    Freddy shook his head as he continued to rub on the head donkey. "He didn't mention what he did, but these breeding farm owners who are friends of Jake's were the ones who not only told me what he does... they showed me through a viewing crystal one of Jake's outings and he nabbed a boy and left him on Pleasure Island. It kind of bothered me that he was doing that to other boys but he never tried it with me. What sort of trouble is Jake in, Lampwick, sir?"

    "Do you know what a tomboy is?"

    "Yes, it's a girl who purposely dresses like a boy and wears her hair short like a boy. Of course, she is often referred to as the local hometown girl... a female who thinks she has to prove she is as tough as a boy by dressing and acting the part. Did Jake accidentally nab a girl?"

    Lampwick nodded his head. "His last recruit catch he brought in before he could earn his promotion turned out to be a nice girl who came to me immediately after Jake had left her on the island... naked. She was honest and told me the whole truth. We fetched her some clothes and I sent word out for people to find Jake and bring him in. But he seems to have just completely disappeared. And that worries me. No one can find him. We searched every donkey recruiter hideout and club we knew of before coming here."

    "And then I showed up and you assumed I had to know something, right?" Freddy asked as he slowed the rubbing but didn't stop. "In all due honesty, sir, if Jake thought he had earned his promotion he wouldn't have gone to a recruiter's club to celebrate. I think he would have gone all out and hit a major club or maybe even spent the night with super close friends in the area. I've not known him for too long, so I don't qualify, but I can gladly give you a list of his other friends that I do know of. Either they will know where he is or they might know of other friends I haven't learned of yet." Freddy looked at the house. "Have you searched his house yet?" Then he paused as he remembered something... "Oh wait... I may have an idea where he might be if those who don't like him teleported him again like the time before I met him. I didn't go near the spot when I came over this time... but Jake could be stuck in that tar/rubber pool again. Come on, I'll lead the way over there so we can check it out."

    Moments later, Freddy, Lampwick, and the five donkey boy generals saw the sticky mass of black goo bobbing up and down with a very damp squishing sound. "There it is and it sounds like someone is stuck in it." He raised his voice. "JAKE? ARE YOU IN THAT POOL AGAIN?!"


    Freddy turned to look at Lampwick as he slowly pointed at the goo pool. "Now you know where he is stuck at. But be careful, sir... if you step in the stuff, you'll be sucked in too."

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    The human teenager then continued. "It dissolves clothing, as you just heard." He then raised his voice. "JAKE? LAMPWICK CAME LOOKING FOR YOU!"


    Lampwick hummed. "How long does it take for him to get free of the pool, Freddy?"

    "From experience," started Freddy. "I can tell you honestly that you have to force the pool to dry out or else you might be stuck in the stuff for several days. Your best chance on getting free is if it is a very hot afternoon and that will dry this stuff up super fast."

    You have to hand it to Lampwick for being creative. He had his generals set up sun lamps all around the pool to dry it out completely. But he didn't stop there... oh no; Lampwick had the powdered remains of the sticky goo pool excavated and removed. In its place, he had a community swimming pool installed. Very stylish. After that, he had Jake off to one side giving him a long and from the facial expressions... a painful reprimanding talk.

    While that occurred, Freddy got to work on the yard clean up exactly as he had told the head donkey he was going to do. Of course, he found the donkey captains lending him a hoof now and then simply because Freddy seemed to be hard working and reliable. There was something likeable about the boy.

    Any captain who helped Freddy with his yard work got the same attention which the boy had given their island lord earlier; a nice full body scratching and rub. The boy simply knew how to treat a donkey right. And the captains LOVED being around him. That was perhaps for the best; it was rare for them to meet a boy as nice as Freddy who wasn't afraid of showing affection and good grooming rewards during a job. They were all having ideas on employment they could offer the boy, but for now, they kept quiet about these ideas.

    "There; all done," said Freddy as he put the tools away before looking at the donkey captains. "Thanks for the help, guys. Jobs are more fun when you work together with someone nice."

    He then saw Lampwick approaching him once again although Jake was nowhere to be seen. When the island lord was in front of Freddy, he produced a smile. "You did a good job, Freddy. And you were more than helpful today in assisting us to find Jake. However... back when you met him, he should have recruited you the same as anyone else. Just letting you know. You were right to wonder why he didn't try to get you while he was getting other boys. Because you personally brought that to my attention and because my captains all like working with you, you get a free pass. But expect employment offers later from my captains. They have all agreed that you are a nice hard working young man to have available."

    "Say Lampwick, sir... I have a job this weekend that I am now worried about. When I asked Deepfang about it, he spoke negatively about it. Are you familiar with the Underclub?"

    Lampwick had a worried look on his donkey muzzle. "You didn't sign a contract, did you?"

    Freddy said, "That's the second time that question has come up. No, I didn't sign my name to anything; it was verbal for one night only. So you do know something. What do you know about Blimey since I am supposed to spend two nights with him after the job tonight."

    "Boy, they played you good," remarked the veteran donkey from Pleasure Island. "The Underclub is one of the top recruiting clubs in the area. They cater to Underworlders who are looking to 'acquire' a new citizen for their realm. I will assume the nude barker position was open again, wasn't it? That's how they offer subjects to their clients. As for Blimey, he is a samate. That is a partnered mate of the dragon whose job is to bring in new people to join the inner crowd... forever. Anyone who doesn't get claimed in the Underclub is taken home by Blimey where the master gets to politely experience your bottom... on his penis while you're inside his slit. You could call it vaginal vore. Nasty sounding and not desirable to anyone who hears about it. What I can do is show up at the Underclub tonight and claim you myself to prevent you from ending up with any of the riff-raff from the Underworld. That way, you get to go home later."

    Freddy frowned when he heard the news. "So it is one big trap. And I stepped in it. At least I did the right thing to ask people about it."

    Lampwick nodded his head. "And a good thing you did, too. Nice people have never been seen again after working there. I'll get Deepfang on board and we will both go claim you tonight."

    "I'm going to owe both of you for this. I promise to pay both of you back."

    The donkey lord nodded his head slowly. "I am sure both Deepfang and I will have work for you to accomplish in the months to come, Freddy. But don't worry; we will both be there tonight to claim you so no one else gets the chance. I am glad you brought this up because dodging this kind of bullet is a very close call for you."

    Freddy knelt down and closing his eyes he gave Lampwick a kiss on the muzzle. The reactions he could barely hear from the donkey captains were among the range of 'awesome' and 'way to go, Freddy'. There was even a 'he is one okay boy. can't wait to get him on the payroll.'

    Then Lampwick was heard to say, "Giving my Captains a spectacle is only right if you kiss them too. We're a clean group, unlike the Recruiters. I trust you will show equality." And the head donkey backed up and departed with a smile.

    Freddy smiled at the Captains now. "He is right, of course, so come on over here, one at a time." And the Captains all lined up for their kisses from the nice human boy. None of them tried to be disgusting with their kisses. Apparently keeping a good image for an officer was important.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Late that evening just before Freddy was to have gone in to his barker job in town, there came a knock at the door. When the teenager opened the door, he saw King Kazma and a very large dragon whom had Blimey sitting on one shoulder. Blimey was wearing an identification collar around his neck. Kazma said, "Freddy Prince? Second cousin to Gerard Prince?"

      Freddy replied with a nod of his head, "Yes sir. What can I do for you this evening?"

      The dragon said, "I am Blimey's dragon mate, Zorannidor. And to clear up something you may have mistakenly thought when you first met him; Blimey is hundreds of years old as I am. He was one of my first mates. He came home and told me how you had gained access to the adult theater through the back door and the supposed ghost performer... a favorite recruiting trick which underworlders are fond of using. When Blimey told me what was going down, I immediately contacted King Kazma. You see, the Underclub is an illegal extension hooked into the adult theater so that underworlders can attempt to get new sex slaves. Their favorite target is a naked human playing the barker position on stage. If you made arrangements to be claimed by people you can trust, then we need to put a stop to this immediately by raiding the show tonight. The Underworld lords can outbid your friends. A bidding war would result in a fight which you have no defense against. Since the Underclub is illegal in the first place and I don't want my lover in trouble for helping sleazes in capturing a nice boy like you, it was important to bring in King Kazma and his favorite strike team."

      Freddy asked, "What favorite strike team?"

      Zorannidor stepped aside to reveal members of the Justice Force: Captain Rabbit (a lapine hero,) Eagle Lord (an eagle man sword warrior,) Brightburst (an equine man archivist and scout,) Time Master (a time manipulating tiger man,) Dark Witch (a hideous witch although her ugliness had no affect on the boy,) Medina (the team doctor) and what could only be described as a harmless looking mouse wearing a jump suit in the Hazmat warning colors.

      The mouse exclaimed, "Something tells me that the Underclub will not survive tonight's performance. Someone always makes the mistake."

      Freddy asked, "What mistake is that, sir?"

      "Grabbing my tail."

      The boy looked to King Kazma. "Do I even want to know?"

      Kazma replied with a smile. "Taj Darkrook is a very special mouse. If you happen to notice someone grabbing for the mouse's tail, hunker down behind the barker's podium and hang on for dear life. That is the safest place for you to be."

      Captain Rabbit said, "Taj is filling in for Burstfire who is taking care of his cubs tonight."

      Zorannidor then said, "We have a guest cabin you can stay in at our place for the weekend, Freddy. I would never ask you to go inside my body without warning of the consequences. Obeying Kazma's laws is what permits dragons like me to live on his world. Blimey told me that you have lost a few pairs of clothes; I will help you to replace anything you have lost. I do have a good sense of fashion."

      King Kazma said, "That is permissible, Zorannidor. Perhaps we can even find Freddy a job that he may enjoy doing that would not result in his getting changed into something weird."

      Time Master then asked, "Who did you ask to vouch for you tonight, Freddy? If we know who you spoke to we can avoid striking them when we see them in the audience."

      Freddy replied, "Deepfang of the Arden's hounds and Lord Lampwick of Pleasure Island. I helped the donkey to locate a missing recruiter."

      Captain Rabbit smiled. "So you have already been doing good deeds for people I can trust. Where are your parents this weekend?"

      Freddy grinned. "Second honeymoon in Port Ottercrest. We boys convinced them to go and have fun. They will return on Monday."

      Eagle Lord said, "Your night is not going to be boring, Freddy. We will make sure you get out of the destruction before we bring the house down."

      Freddy then said to Time Master. "Who is the pony of whose scent you are coated in, Time Master. The smell is all over your body."

      The tiger chuckled with that sly smile on his muzzle. "That would be my boyfriend, Champion Pony. He makes the most awesome ice cream in Pony Land. I can tell him that you noticed his wonderful scent before the sting strike tonight."

      Kazma said, "Time to bring down the house, my friends."

      Zorannidor then affixed a pretty chain necklace around Freddy's neck. "If you feel that you are in danger while the strike is going on, place one hand over the golden paw print. You will instantly be teleported to Tod and Bucky's place. They are usually watching a movie in their living room on Friday night. Once you use the necklace, it will be gone. So be sure you want a reprieve before you use it. This is just in case the heroes cannot reach you before some sleaze reaches for you."

      Kazma smiled. "A good precaution, dragon. Okay heroes, let's take out an illegal recruiting factory."

      End of Chapter 03