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[TS-07] NGDD-01 Fraternal Beginnings

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    [TS-07] NGDD-01 Fraternal Beginnings

    [TS-07] Next Generation
    When the sons of Gerard Prince attend ISHTAR to begin their heroic careers, avoiding their father's old friends leads to adventures in the Last Frontier.

    ISHTAR, the Institute of Super Heroic Talents And Rules - N.G.Q.C. Frontier

    [TS-07] NGDD-01 Fraternal Beginnings
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Battlestar Pendragon, NGQC Frontier; 2021 A.D.

    Flashback to a few days prior in the U.S. Virgin Islands... Eternally displaced Gerard Klayton Prince along with his wife (Geninne Lorimar Prince) both human and Lord Boomerpaw the devil kangaroo boomer had just finished having the 16th birthday celebration for the fraternal twins, Gunther Justin Prince and Joshua Bernard Prince. Gunther had dark red hair, ruddy skin with freckles and pale blue eyes. His clothing of choice was faded blue jeans, running shoes and a red tee shirt with a rock and roll emblem silk screened in white on the front. Joshua had sandy brown hair, fair skin and green eyes. His clothing of choice looked more like the Steampunk Victorian manner of dark clothing from the late 19th century. Neither son had the appearance of their father, and that suited Gerard just fine. Less worry in his line of work as a government secret agent for the C.I.A.'s special division. The oldest daughter, Elaine Kaela Prince was already at a French Art College in Paris as of the year before.

    "Okay boys," said Gerard. " are your official black cards for Direct Investments as I promised that I would hand over on your sixteenth birthday. And Now for the extra present. I arranged for your admittance into Leviathan's hero school, ISHTAR, exactly as you both were begging me to do for you. But before I let you both depart to head on up there, I need to see your chosen transformation sequences and what species finalization that you have chosen to use while schooling up there. Don't make me get Silver out here to motivate you."

    Geninne then said, "Chop, Chop, boys. Or else it is Switcher Woman for the lot of you."

    Gunther was up first.

    Gunther did a few maneuvers like a rock star on stage before striking a pose and shouting, "Go Stellar!" A mystical curtain cloaked him from public view where as just out of sight, his body transformed into his humanoid Wolf man form as his Heavy Metal Rock Star armored costume then appeared on his body followed by his combat boots and secure ninja claw gloves neatly tucked into his combat utility belt. Then the mystical curtain parted to reveal the wolf like rock star with an electric guitar in claw. "With the power of the pack! I am Pack Lord!" And then firework style explosions erupted all around him as he hit a few chords on his musical instrument before lifting his head up toward the Earthen sky and he released a powerful howl. Despite being on a subtropical resort island, wolves and sled dogs as far away as Alaska and the Yukon stopped what they were doing and returned the all powerful howl in response to a true alpha!

    Now it was Joshua's turn.

    Joshua lifted his ornate Steampunk cane and pressed a button on the pommel and a Tardis like turn of the century like phone booth appeared on the beach which then opened its door permitting the young man to step inside where he closed the door and pressed another button on his cane. "Go Stellar!" The phone booth literally bounced in place as it spun wildly as if Underdog himself were inside the booth. In privacy from any watchers, Joshua's species then changed from his human form into his lapine hare identity as his clothes changed into a Steampunk suit of technological armor with a clear visor over his eyes while his ears were covered in a grid of electronic light. The spinning phone booth then transformed into an array of technological grid lights which then merged with his Steampunk cane as he struck his finishing pose and shouted, "With Victorian Might! I am Arclight!" And explosions of his own erupted all around his position in various Steampunk colors.

    Gerard smiled as he stepped over and he hugged his two sons. "Well done, boys. I am sure you will make your mother, Lord Boomerpaw and I proud. Remember: the DI cards have a built in communicator. If you need to call home, you can use that and even have it on conference call mode. Stereo won't be necessary. I never did that to my parents and mentors."

    Arclight then asked, "What are the chances of our encountering your old comrades, dad?"

    Gerard looked as if the memory was one he was just barely remaining civil in regards to. "You both have my permission to kill the horse. Especially if he stages a phony running over you act. There is no better initiation than the act of revenge. Chances are high for him to be trying to sniff me out. I have been cautious to not get hurt during my missions or he would have appeared right there in the danger zone in front of the enemy where I would probably have surrendered to the enemy on purpose for his appearing near me when he promised to leave me alone. Getting hurt is part of growing up. You two will be safely be in ISHTAR and then I will head off on a mission and attempt to distract Mister Clippity Clop."

    That was days ago and the boys were glad that Dean Leviathan was permitting the two to share the same dorm room aboard the Battlestar hero school. Their in-school contact was Instructor Apex also known as The Lee-zard. Apex seemed to like Arclight a bit better since he was the completely armored one. Pack Lord was the rock and roll musician. A real howler.

    Earlier that day, Pack Lord completed the registration request for himself and Arclight to be the Daring Duo as opposed to a Dynamic Duo since they were fraternal brothers sharing the same dorm. Leviathan okayed the request and then it was official. Graded outings involved both brothers together with an instructor. And the Instructor of choice was Apex. They both liked the Lee-zard. For the first week, they only saw Ace's number one son, Deuce, at ISHTAR only once and after that, he returned to MYTHS. It looked as if he was looking to see what new students had joined the school. And when he didn't see two humans, he departed with a puzzled look on his muzzle. Apparently dad was right; his old cronies would be checking in here to see if dad would be sending his sons to a hero school. I wonder how long we can keep this ruse going before being found out. Only Apex and Leviathan have been told the truth. Dad said he arranged a wish to make it so that not even Chaos Lords could know our true identities while we were suited up.

    Pack Lord was glad that his guitar looked nothing like his dad's ultra special guitar. Arclight was thankfully a hare and not a rabbit. So if he was someone's son, he would be Captain Hare's son and not Captain Rabbit's son. The mystery would not last for too much longer, sadly, especially since Gerard's old cronies were former mystery solvers. And Clippity Clop was likely pissed over being summoned by Gerard to some foreign country on Earth just to find that the boy/man was not in any trouble what-so-ever.

    Registering as a partnered duo is likely what made finding the boys out all the more difficult for the mystery solvers. Even harder since they were not registered under their real names. Leviathan went along with the ruse and he could understand as to why. The old All-Stars often came to get advice from Dorwin Manchester otherwise known as Captain Chaos. But thanks to a correctly worded Heavenly wish, even the cute Dormouse was blocked from learning the real truth.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    While the boys had some time, the narrator will introduce the readers to a few of their classmates at ISHTAR. First up is a female Jordavian, that is a lion lady with a small unicorn horn between her ears. She is quite dangerous since her claws have already destroyed several exercise machines in the School's gym. Her power seems to be heightened precision coupled with deadly strikes. She is called Pointgetter as in 'Get the Point?' Her room mate is a female Phantasm called Ancient Lore. Not only is she a ghost, but she is also a magic user as well as a psionic and a healer. Just beyond their dorm room are a couple of guys who really cannot stand each other. One is the son of the Rhino Judge who was born with the power of Metallurgy. He can make metal do whatever he wants it to. Calls himself Smelter. His dorm mate looks to be a purple furred Care Bear legacy with a double star on his belly without a heart. He calls himself Soul Star Bear. He says he isn't from Care-a-lot but the belly badge is almost a dead giveaway. The next dorm room on our floor is empty, thank God. The one on the other side of that however contains a couple of guys who gets on everyone's nerves. Sir Laughs-a-lot is a male Kestron comedian from Planet Stallos. His power involves taking advantage of a victim's funny bone to the degree of making them roll on the floor laughing their asses off. His dorm mate is a male Asinine mortician from the planet Nightmare whose powers revolve around electrocution and death illusions and scare tactics. He calls himself Deadly Donkey. He could also fly. Those were the only people on their dorm floor so far. There were very few available rooms left over. The boys were glad the dorm rooms were sound proof or else security would be checking on their neighbors nearly all the time. Every student on their floor was polite enough not to pry into the other students' private lives. This meant they were not informed of their neighbors' real names.

    The only dorm neighbor who had Dorwin's class was Ancient Lore.

    "Knocking on the walls of Heart Ache, bang bang! We are the warriors! We are the warriors!" sang Pack Lord as he played his electric guitar in the privacy of his side of the dorm room.

    Arclight read over his class book for Apex's class. "Sure am glad Apex gave us these text books."

    The main problem with tracking down Gerard's children was that since both heroes and villains originally wanted him on their teams in the old days, there was no way to tell if Gerard had sent his son(s) to join the villains or the heroes. Makes it harder when they are not in their human forms. Not to mention Leviathan's rule at ISHTAR: an instructor from MYTHS could come to ISHTAR to get advice from a local instructor, but they were not allowed to bother enrolled students.

    One afternoon, after seeing another MYTHS instructor arrive and then leave without speaking to a local instructor, Pack Lord and Arclight went to Leviathan and raised an official complaint citing that the MYTHS instructors were abusing the ISHTAR advice rule to check to see what new students were enrolled in ISHTAR. Being the lawyer type himself, this prompted the Draconian to review the ISHTAR security tapes where he discovered that the boys were being alert and they were not lying. Since Deuce and Dean Wayne were now running MYTHS after the unfortunate passing of the very old Ace the Bat Hound, they were called on the monitor and spoken to directly by Leviathan who explained that incoming instructors would be placed under arrest for violating the student privacy rule that ISHTAR had in affect and how an official complaint had been registered. Leviathan then ended the statement by saying, "And tell the All-Stars that you can no longer investigate for them on the threat of legal actions. We are within our rights here, Deuce. Your father wouldn't have been this stupid. I thought you were better than this. Therefore if Lightstrike is the one putting you guys up to this, then remind him of the laws or else we will have him incarcerated in his home land of Dar-Shan. We know he never wants to be stuck there and if that is what it takes, then so be it."

    Leviathan then said, "Effective immediately the short cut teleporter will no longer operate on public open access. You have to call ahead and ask permission to come in. Good day, gentle-dogs." And then he cut off the call. Leviathan had been one of the original graduates from the very old MIT before the college went corrupt and he knew when toons and anime tried stupid shit since he and his fellow class mate alumni had to put up with it back in their hey day. These All-Stars upstarts were more trouble than they were worth.

    In the meantime, Gerard had provided his sons with a species list as well as a surname list of All-Stars cronies to be on the lookout for. Anyone from the the old days were under direct scrutiny and the boys should cautiously make friends only after they were sure that the individual was safe. And even after making friends, to never talk about family life which was no ones business to know at all. Leviathan and Apex already knew; no one else needed to know.

    "We are crossing, that Jordan River; I want my crown, my golden crown; Got my home, on the other side; We are crossing, that Jordan River; I want my crown." sang Pack Lord as he played his electric guitar on his side of the dorm room with Arclight singing off verses here and there. When it came to religious music, they both had the faith.

    On Sunday, nearly all of ISHTAR's students were attending the boy's musical sermon in the Dorm park betwixt the Dorm floors where they had a stage set up for entertainment purposes. They even had a few instructors there watching and listening to the boys inspirational show; between musical selections, they had Ancient Lore reading verses out of the Bible whether any spacers believed in that stuff or not. During the passing of the collection tray, they managed to raise a hefty sum of money which the boys knew would be donated to the school for improvements. The final totals would be matched by the boys from their D.I. accounts. And then everyone sang a few final hymns together as the gathering got into the spirit of the moment. These final hymns included: All Creatures of Our God And King, Faith is the Victory, Everything is beautiful and Lord, I'm Coming Home.

    Every ISHTAR student was in a fantastic mood for a change despite how they usually felt just before finals week when they were getting tested.

    Pack Lord then said, "Everyone! Today's service raised a total of 95,736 credits which will help with improvements here within ISHTAR! May your individual lords and ladies of whom you hold your faiths to bless you all from the bottoms of their gracious hearts! Thank you for coming to today's Sunday morning services! Confessions, may be given to Arclight this evening starting at seven PM! May everyone do well in your finals in the coming week!"

    Then came a shout from the back of the students, "Could you play the All-Stars theme, Pack Lord?"

    Pack Lord knew that wasn't the voice of a student as he replied, "I don't know the notes nor the lyrics. Is that a customary religious hymn? I haven't heard it if it is." He then made a motion to Leviathan to catch the speaker since it was an obvious breach of the student privacy rule. Leviathan and Apex caught the speaker rather easily and hefted him up as they brought him into the light in front of everyone. It was one of the authorized Inquizzies from Planet Inquizatron. One who worked for a news media station. Pack Lord then looked at the midget spacer and said, "Your request violates the Student Privacy rule within ISHTAR. If one of the All-Stars put you up to this, then you can be mad at them for getting you banned."

    End of Chapter 02