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QCP: CR-01 Mythos She Wrote

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    QCP: CR-01 Mythos She Wrote

    Join Cala Raffi and her friends in their adventures around Mythos Bay (formerly called Spooky Harbor.)

    This is a series by Veronica June.
    Mythos Bay - Q.C. Planet

    QCP: CR-01 Mythos She Wrote
    March 3rd, 2011
    by Veronica "Marksman" June

    Chapter One

    "HENSHIN!" shouted a female acting student as another teenage girl pulled on one of the stage ropes on the side lines, causing a colorful curtain with stars and lightning bolts sewn into it to encircle the female acting student on stage. The acting student then used the distraction to quickly get out of one costume and into the next costume. Then she resumed her position inside the curtain and gave the cue to the side lines.

    When the girl got the cue, she pulled on the rope and raised the encircling curtain to reveal...

    "Mystic Mojo!" the female acting student shouted. "Mistress of Magic! Feel my mystic powers, evil doers!"

    Oh please! Why doesn't she just ham it up? Now all of you are probably wondering where we are and who I am. I am Cala Raffi, and no, neither of the two girls you are seeing is me. So where am I you ask? Left audience tier; seats 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 , and 9. Yep, that's my group. I am the dorky looking red headed skinny girl with the huge glasses and the bucket of popcorn in my lap. No, I am not kidding you. That's really me. And now, allow me to introduce you to the rest of my friends...

    The black haired black girl on the PDA is my friend, Paula Tierney. The female white Bostonian brunette next to her is Frances Gage. The toon vixen on the end is Victorina Wolfwood. Sitting behind us are the boys. Gilligan Einhardt is the blond haired white stud in the white sweater. (He only likes my alter ego and Frances. In my opinion, Frances can have him. What a jerk.) Next to him is the Mexican boy, Amadeo Natalio. (He has a real keen like for Paula, but she can't stand him at all. Victorina likes Amadeo, but he avoids her grasp like the plague. Glad I am not in that triangle.) And the silver toon skunk boy is called Madison Halbert. (Believe it or not, but he is my current boyfriend. No one else will date me and he knows what he's getting with the full package. But he claims he likes me for who I am; not what I become. Isn't he sweet?)

    Now, as for why we are here. My group and I are staking out this theater because a horrible set of monsters have been kidnapping actresses. And snobbish old Kizzy Klondike for some weird reason agreed to play the bait IF she could perform on stage as being... ugh... my alter ego. Her hero. But with her ad libbing and skewering my name... I may kill her before the monsters show up. Mystic Mojo indeed! I've never called myself that. Who does she think she is?

    Just then, a heralded explosion of fire and brimstone in front of the stage got everyone's attention. What appeared was one of the monster generals... the dragon gargoyle known as Fyrdormaug the Living Flame. "Come, my pretty! It is time you joined the other vixens in our castle beyond!"

    And that was our cue... as much as I would have loved to have left Kizzy to her fate. But no; we're the heroes.

    The seven of us leaped to our feet and struck our poses as we exclaimed, "Mighty! Magical! Power!" In a flash, Cala's body transformed from the skinny scrawny dweeb into a voluptuous blond haired perfect eleven of a woman. Perfect in every way. And then the true costume transformation began. Cala transformed into a wizardess wearing the swirled colors of blue with gold glitter. Paula transformed into a witch wearing the swirled colors of black with purple glitter. Frances transformed into an illusionist wearing the swirled colors of bronze with green glitter. Victorina transformed into a transmuter wearing the swirled colors of white with pink glitter. Gilligan transformed into a conjurer wearing the swirled colors of red with white glitter. Amadeo transformed into a priest wearing the swirled colors of gold with blue glitter. And Madison transformed into a sorcerer wearing the inky colors of black and storm gray. As the group transformation ended, their weapons appeared in their hands as they all charged up with the full powers of the Sanctus Arcanum. "Major Arcana! Magical Champions!"

    That is when Fyrdormaug was struck with magical attacks and martial arts. Seven against one and we had the drop on him.

    He growled as he fought back, "Ah, Princess Arcana... I was wondering if you and I would cross paths today!"

    Yep, he is talking to me. Princess Arcana. Mystic Mojo indeed. I swear...

    End of Chapter 01
    "With nerves of steel and laughing at danger..."
    ~~~~~ Artemis Archer