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[TS-02] BF-04 A Week in Montropolis

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    [TS-02] BF-04 A Week in Montropolis

    Montropolis/Austin Limits - Q.C. Planet

    [TS-02] BF-04 A Week in Montropolis.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Within Leather's family jacket factory, Leather and Fenton had looked over most of the production lines and they were currently standing near a rear safety door when suddenly an alarm sounded and an electronic voice announced, "Malfunction in terminal line fourteen! All unauthorized personnel exit factory into safety yard until repairs are made!"

    Leather grabbed Fenton and ushered him through the safety door they were near. "Sorry, Fenton. I'll be back for you later." And Leather closed the safety door behind the human boy.

    Fenton found himself within a ten foot by ten foot yard surrounded by the factory on all sides with no windows and only two doors, both sealed from the inside.

    He could barely hear the alarm in the factory still sounding. Some parts of the yard were grassier and weedier than others. As Fenton was walking around the over-saturated grassy yard, he stepped on to what felt like a softer than usual patch of the yard. "What the?" And he leaped up and jumped down hard on this section of the yard without thinking about it and without warning he broke through the grass and dropped down a hole in the ground and he landed in a cross section of an underground tunnel beneath the jacket factory.

    Looking back up, he was surprised that the opening he fell through had closed back into place as if the ground had been a trap door. The tunnel had the smell of oil or tar, some sort of rubber and a mud like sex scent. And there was no ladder going back up to where he had fallen through the ground. So Fenton began following the tunnel in the direction he could sense fresh air coming from. At least the air was moving from that direction. Eventually, Fenton came across a spongy looking chamber where most of the scent was coming from.

    And on the far side of the chamber was what looked like a black ladder leading up the back wall.

    "About time I found a way out of this tunnel. It doesn't feel like I am under the factory any more." And he stepped out into the chamber to make his way across toward the ladder.

    Fenton was about half way across the chamber when he stopped and noticed that what he had thought was a ladder was in truth just a painting of a ladder on the wall. "You got to be kidding me! A fake ladder painting? Now why would anyone do that for? I better head back." As he turned to go back the way he had come from, he noticed that his shoes and feet were now stuck in a sticky portion of the floor that he had not noticed when he had walked out to that position. Struggling to pull himself free of that spot only resulted in making him sink further into the dark looking floor Eventually, he was up to his waist in that spot in the floor. "Oh fuck... what is this stuff and what is preventing me from pulling myself out of it? Maybe if I try to crawl out of it, I can get out of this stuff..." But as he attempted to do this, he found that the floor resisted his getting a grip on it as he sank again.

    Now the boy was up to his neck in this sticky hole. And that was when he began to realize that the stuff he was stuck in had been dissolving his clothes entirely off of his body. He was actually butt naked in the sticky floor. And he had left his launcher at home. "There has to be a way to get free of this stuff. Now what am I feeling?" The sensation of a prehensile cock pressed itself up into the boy's anus and stretched his insides as he felt knots forming inside his anal ring. And then in a fast motion, he was pulled entirely under!

    Fenton's next realization occurred when he opened his eyes and saw several scale covered rat like boys seated much like himself in the new chamber that smelled of oil and sex. He asked, "Who are you guys? And where are we?"

    The closest scaly boy turned his snout to look at the human boy and kissed him on the mouth. "I am Terry Rapper. And you fell into one of the Master's Cock Pits. If you didn't mean to come here, perhaps we can get a message to the Master and he can free you. But you are a nice and fun looking person. Would you play with me while you are here?"

    "My name is Fenton Kornel, but you can just call me Fenton. I was visiting with Leather the Gargoyle and I fell through a grassy trap door in the safety yard and landed in a tunnel."

    He then asked, "Why does it smell like oil and sex in here?"

    Terry replied, "The Master makes the oil so we stay lubricated. As for the sex smell, we smell that way naturally. The Master says that the smell we make can help people be aroused."​

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Fenton said, "I am a human boy from Earth whom is living to the North of Montropolis on a farm with my family. There was teachers meetings this week and I got permission to spend the week at Leather's family jacket factory. But then there was an alarm in the factory and Leather pushed me into a safety yard and then I fell into the tunnels. And I ended up here."

    Terry said, "Had you gone the other way, you might have found your way out; instead, you fell into one of the Master's forgotten cock pits and now you are stuck until the Master frees you of his cock that you are sitting on." Fenton struggled when he heard what he was sitting on and then he felt a release of fluids up inside his body. This made his eyes glaze over unexpectedly. And he passed out for a few hours.

    When Fenton next woke up, he found himself laying next to a fudge chocolate scented donkey boy whose appearance and scent was turning him on something fierce and the boy's cock was very erect. "Now where am I? And why does this donkey boy smell so damned awesomely delicious and attractive? What is making me so erect?" He was obviously still naked save for a metal collar around his neck. When he tried to carefully remove it, he received an electrical shock that made his hands let go of it. "Ow! That hurt!"

    The donkey boy opened his eyes and he looked over the boy next to him. "I see you finally woke up. My name is Saul Donkey. I am a Devil Donkey by nature but I promise that I am not evil. A dragon traded me a crate of my best chocolate for you when I reminded him that the lord of QC Planet frowns on trapping citizens of the Montropolis region. He had that collar on you already. He told me that we could removed it from your neck after you did enough work for me to repay the crate of chocolate that I gave to the dragon."

    He then giggled, "If he ate all of that in one sitting, then he is squatting over his toilet with the runs by now. My chocolate fudge can be super rich. I already had sex with you to remove your virgin scent that you were making. Next time be more careful around dragon cock pits. You almost got Samated. And before you ask, a Samate is a dragon's lover whom lives inside of his slit world where he has hundreds of thousands of cocks that his lovers are all sitting on humping up and down lovingly and never wanting to leave."

    Saul then said, "Until you work for the amount of the chocolate I had to give the dragon, I own your services and you will have to stay here with me. I am not a slaver; you are cute."

    "I am called Fenton Kornel from Earth whom is living to the North of Montropolis on a farm with my family. There was teachers meetings this week and I got permission to spend the week at Leather's family jacket factory. But then there was an alarm in the factory and Leather pushed me into a safety yard and then I fell into the dragon's tunnels. And I fell into one of his cock pits which destroyed my clothes. My mom is going to kill me for losing my clothes and ending up naked in public. She is a retired demon hunter. Dad works at Mythos Bay."

    Saul hugged Fenton and said, "You promise to work for me this week and I will remove that nasty collar from your neck right now. What do you say?" He placed Fenton's hand on an enchanted Promise Slate that had glowing runes imprinted all over its surface. Fenton unaware that his hand was on an artifact replied, "I make that promise willingly and I will sleep with you when you ask as well. I can't do much else while naked." And he felt his hand tingle as he said those words. And the metal collar fell off of his neck and turned to powder.

    Fenton asked, "What just happened, Saul?"

    Saul replied, "I had you agree to a contract; willingly, you said. If you try to renege on the contract, you will change into a Devil Donkey like me. Now let me show you what jobs you will be doing around here. And don't worry about clothes in my realm; no one wears any. You are in the Underworld's Devil Donkey Realm where my chocolate factory resides. I have several Devil Donkey employees working for me and most are fun to play with if you get curious. I am fun to play with and sleep with, too." He was then giving Fenton the tour.

    Fenton learned that a crate could hold up to five hundred Devil Donkey Chocolate Fudge Bars. He also learned that these bars were made at a super extra large size and then shrank in size before being individually wrapped and placed into the crate. Otherwise, the crate would be humongous and weigh an incredible amount. Apparently Saul's chocolate was far more addictive than Pleasure Island chocolate was. Eating three to five in one day was safe for a person Fenton's size. Any more than that and the human boy would be braying.

    Overdosing on Saul's chocolate could even cause memory loss as well as transformation into the local species permanently.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Back at Pleasure Island, Larry and the club members were escorted by Bray inside to meet up with Lampwick and he placed the safe pass collars around their necks. "Have fun in my park, guys. You have earned it for repairing the supplies that Bray needed for repairing other rides within the park. You can go anywhere, except Lord Bred's farm yard."

      Bray said, "If you go near his property, talk to him or the other donkeys in there from the fence. If you go in, you will be fucked and pregnant for the next ten months."

      Lampwick then said, "Merlion's circus is where you can find petting enclosures with animals other than donkeys. Otherwise, there are donkeys all over the island park."

      The club members and Larry were then standing outside of Lampwick's office facing the main park. Milky said, "Aren't you glad you came with us on this outing, Larry?"

      The human boy replied, "I sure am. Let's go have some fun, guys."

      Milky, Meteor and Bicep ran off very quickly to get started on their fun plans.

      Larry headed off in the opposite direction for he had ideas of places and people to see. He acquired an apple from a fruit stand as he walked.

      As he arrived on the dirt road between the donkey farms, Larry walked along looking at each one. As he reached the end of the farm road he saw two farms; one looked as if it had not been used in a while. The other had a warning sign on it which read, "Beware of Bred; Enter at Your Own Risk!" Inside, he saw about twelve bloated pregnant male donkeys laying around the yard, most appearing to be bored out of their minds. He stepped over to the fence and he called out, "Lord Bred? Could you come over to the fence, please?"

      A sly looking donkey peaked out of the barn and when he saw the boy standing there with the safety collar around his neck, he quickly came over to the fence. "What do you want, kid?"

      The boy held out the apple as he said, "My name is Larry Kornel; I am a club member of Milky's group at Austin Limits. Since Lampwick warned us about you, I didn't feel it was fair that you wouldn't get to play with up to four club members, so I decided to bring you an apple from one of the fruit stands and ask if I could rub on your ears for a bit. If you would rather not accept my gift or offer for a rubbing, then I can go do something else. But I wanted to meet with you at least once without getting pregnant."

      Bred bit into the apple and ate it, swallowing, before he said, "Most visitors never ask to rub or pet on me, Larry. They just poke fun at the those whom I got the drop on."

      Larry smiled. "I don't see the humor in laying around bloated with a male pregnancy and being bored out of your mind."

      Bred went over and stepped outside of his farm yard and he rubbed his body against the boy's body. "Pouncing is only done inside the fence of my farm. Let's go next door and then you can rub all over me to your heart's content."

      Larry walked with Bred to the abandoned farm. "What is up with this empty farm, Bred? All of the other farms I saw were occupied with some sort of activity occurring within."

      Bred replied, "It was once occupied by a donkey lord whom even Lampwick stated was far worse than I currently am. He would invite boys inside and once within, he would suck the boys inside of his sheath world and once inside, he would glue them on internal cocks up their butts and then he would change them into doped up donkey cock pets. He would then birth out a facsimile of the former boy whom would be programmed to act like the original and the clone would be sent out to get stuck in other parts of the park. Lampwick found the guy out when he did a census of all bad boys on the island by comparing the arrival records from the ferry boat with the farm workers tally and it turned out that a good number of bad boys were missing. He activated a tracer magic to track where they went on the island and several lords converged on this area. I told Lampwick the truth about where I saw the boys go." Larry hummed. "Sounds like a dragon disguised as a donkey. Aside from that, is this farm available for use? If so, I am having ideas on what it could be used for safely."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Bred asked, "What kind of idea do you have for this abandoned farm? If it is a good one, I can speak to Lampwick on your behalf and if he approves, then we can fix the place up and then it would be used for the purpose you have suggested. So lay it on me while you pet and rub all over me. And when you are rubbing, please include my cock, balls and rumpus."

        Larry began rubbing from the ears down on Bred's body. "My idea would be a Guest to Lord Greeting Center along with a functioning farm to grow carrots and apples. Good boys could come here to meet with Donkey Lords at this farm to talk and/or to pet and rub on those they came to see. Agreements and deals could be discussed here with the various lords as well. You could even come over from your farm to get rubbed on as you are doing right now. If I didn't have to be pregnant, I would let you have sex with me. I don't think you are a bad donkey."

        Bred smiled. "A novel idea that not even Lampwick nor his predecessor Candlewick ever thought of. Let me send the idea mentally to Lampwick." And he did.

        Then he said, "As for my having sex with you safely, as long as we were not on my farm, you could avoid the male pregnancy bullet. I can only get people pregnant within my farm's fence or if you volunteer to be pregnant outside of the fence. I know you want the first time with me to be without the male pregnancy. But maybe later you may want to experience it just once. If you did agree to try it the one time, I could time dilate your stay within my barn so only a day passed on Pleasure Island and then you wouldn't be missing for ten months."

        Bred smiled kindly at Larry. "Does my offer appeal to you?"

        Larry thought it over. "Let me finish my body rub of your entire body and then make sure I am within your barn before you get on top of me. This was your deal, after all."

        Bred grinned. "I won't renege on the offer, Larry. I don't get willing nice boys in my quarters every day. The bad boys are left in the yard. Aside from morning dew, it never rains on my farm. So pregnant male donkeys do not get wet nor do they get sick. The temperature on my farm stays in the lower eighties day and night. Never too hot and absolutely never cold during the Winter. I would hate to do my thing in the snow and ice of the Winter months. I promise to uphold my offer when you let me do this with you."

        While Larry was rubbing over Bred's sheath, sac and cock, the donkey's penis unexpectedly erupted in a thick and chocolatey delicious stream of donkey semen directly into the boy's mouth which he accidentally swallowed and he began to feel a tingling sensation all throughout his entire body. "You taste like chocolate, Bred. Your cock shot a load of your cum into my mouth by accident, I guess, and I swallowed it before I could stop myself."

        Bred grinned knowingly; that was no accident, in truth. He wanted the boy to receive a shot of his empowerment fluids that only he could make through his cock. "No harm done."

        When Larry reached the rumpus area of Bred's body, the boy had an erection that he didn't know what to do about so, while he rubbed on the donkey's rump, he stuck his cock inside of Bred's tail hole and instantly he felt Bred clenching and milking on the boy's erect tool until the boy shot his own semen deeply into Bred's backside. "Man, I am so sorry I lost control like that, Bred. You deserve better than what little I can do for a nice donkey like you."

        Bred smiled. "Are you kidding? That was awesome! I want you to do that again some day! I am so glad you chose to be friendly to me today! Time to head back to my farm!"

        At the fence, Bred said, "Climb up on my back and hold on to my neck. I won't pounce you as long as your feet are not touching the farm yard. Then I will take you inside my barn."

        Larry got on top of Bred's back and held on to the donkey lord's neck as they went inside and directly inside the barn and then into a special time dilated stall hidden in the back.

        Bred dumped the boy off of his back and then... he, as quick as the Flash, had his cock deeply inside of Larry's rear end, stretching him out as the boy transformed instantly into a quadruped donkey much like Bred himself... and before Larry could make a comment, his entire body bloated up leaving him heavy and laying on his stomach on the floor of the hidden stall. A food and drink trough were moved close to his new muzzle. Then Bred pulled out of Larry the pregnant donkey and he said, "I'll come and check on you later." And then he left.

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Saul the Devil Donkey had Fenton at the exit of his realm. "You are an amazing worker, Fenton. Not only did you manage to fill several of our crates in hardly no time, but you found the time to spend some pleasing moments with every one of my employees as well as sleep with me as well. You fulfilled your contract easily and you are free to go. Safe journey."

          Fenton was then taken on out to the merchants road and told to head West to get to reach the portal to the surface world. Fenton gave Saul a deep kiss on the mouth and then he left.

          When the boy reached the edge of the entrance to the merchant's city, a rat man reached out and grabbed the boy and pulled him into an alleyway where upon he slid a ring on to the boy's finger which then turned invisible so Fenton couldn't detect that it was on him. Then Fenton was instantly released and he stepped out of the alleyway looking over his shoulder only to see an empty alleyway. "That was a weird encounter. Oh well, I need to go find the Underworld to Surface world portal. Saul said he had mentally called ahead so I could get back to Montropolis. I wonder what I am going to do about my lost clothes when I get back topside? Everyone might go naked in the Underworld, but humans wear clothes top side. My mom is likely to ground me for losing a good set of clothes. If the damned dragon oil hadn't destroyed all of my clothes, then I wouldn't be naked now."

          Then Fenton saw a floating mouse with miniature horns on his head and he was wearing a vest under a hooded cloak. "Mr. Mouse? Wear did you get your clothes at? I lost mine when I fell in dragon oil and I am afraid I will be punished when I go back topside without my clothes. Perhaps I could do a task for you in exchange for clothes similar to what I lost. At least let me earn something to wear since you are wearing clothes of a sort."

          The Devil Mouse turned to look at the cute boy and he smiled. "You shouldn't be making offers like that to just anyone, kid. But to show that I am a good mouse, I will have you do something for me in exchange for three wishes. You could use one wish for new clothes. But then you would have two left. Deal or no deal? That's my offer, if you really want some clothes to make yourself decent top side, then you will do this for me."

          Fenton thought it was a decent sounding deal. "I'll do it. My name is Fenton Kornel. What do you want me to do, Mr. Mouse?"

          The Devil Mouse said, "I have a list of things for you to fulfill. All of these can be done anywhere except the cheese requests, so I am not going to waylay you here in the Underworld. First of all, after you get home, find a wedge of Mobian Cheese and eat it entirely. I know it sounds strange, but if want to earn my help, you will do this. Second, acquire a wedge of Digimon Cheese and eat it entirely. A cheese shop can help you with those two requests. Number three," he pulled out a wedge of cheese and handed it to Fenton. "Eat this entirely right in front of me. You will find this more tasty than most cheeses. And finally, place your cock entirely inside of my tail hole and shoot off a stream of your semen as best you can inside my body. Oh, and locate any other sentient mouse or rat and kiss them on the muzzle, suck their cocks, or have anal sex with them. And let them return the favor if desired."

          He then added, "See about finding a mouse boy or rat boy full body costume and wear it while naked, no underwear, while saying the word Squeak, seven times. I'll mentally watch."

          Fenton said, "Maybe I can find a Max the Mouse costume, the cute mouse from Nebraska in Capitol Critters. The TV show was mainly about him and the messed up rodent family he had to go live with after exterminators smoked his family farm home basement. He was the sexiest animated mouse on TV in the 90s. Mickey Mouse was never as cute as he was. In fact, he was a lot like your species... well, minus the small horns." He took the wedge of cheese and placed it into his mouth and chewed it up before swallowing it. His eyes nearly glazed over.

          He then placed his cock into the Devil Mouse's tail hole and it felt as if he was getting a fellatio within the rodent's rumpus. After a while of anal action, he felt himself fire off a stream of his fluids into the mouse's insides. He was too high on Devil Mouse Cheese to formulate any words even after he was released from the sex action. And then he was told to fulfill the wish list if he wanted the clothes. It took a few moments of walking before the cheese high started to wear off. And then he was grabbed by a Devil Rat into an alley.

          "Boy, the Devil Mice are playing you for a fool, kid. Never make deals with Devil Mice. They are untrustworthy unless you absolutely know them. He got sex out of you and now you will likely never see nor hear from him again. He lied to you about helping you get clothes. The Cheese he gave you was to make you forget what you were doing. If your willpower wasn't so strong, then you would likely have changed into his species for the rest of your life. The portal guards where my cousin works are waiting for you. I'll take you there."

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Fenton walked with the Devil Rat and after a while he said, "Thanks. Name's Fenton Kornel, son of a retired demon hunter woman. You are an okay rat boy."

            Before he could say anything more, the rat placed a hand over the boy's mouth. "I know what you were about to say, Fenton. I had to stop you before you got yourself trapped in the Underworld. And one more thing..." He took the boy's hand and he worked his paw-hand over the hand until he felt a ring coming off of his finger, before the rat crushed it into powder and threw it aside. "Some sleaze was using you as a free ticket top side. You can call me Cardit; I am an information broker in Merchant City. I'd like to be your friend, if you want."

            Fenton sighed. "Am I that easy, Cardit? Your name almost sounds like Credit. I think you are nice regardless."

            Cardit held on to Fenton's hand and he pulled him into a secret door in the side of one wall and then he led the human boy off to a chamber that had a wash tub which he filled with soapy warm water. Then he put the boy in and proceeded to wash every part of his body, including to give him an enema as well as to clean his penis entirely. He even washed his tongue.

            A fizzy tablet was popped down Fenton's mouth and throat into the boy's stomach which caused him to belch briefly and then his mind seemed to clear right up as he focused on Cardit.

            Fenton said, "Man... I can think clearly now. I still think you are a nice and sexy rat, Cardit. I accept your friendship offer since that is all you are asking for."

            Cardit smiled. "I can contact you later when you return top side. Upper world citizens sometimes make use of my services for things they have trouble getting. I've even fetched things for Zecma in regards to that awesome factory of his. You would think a Devil Mouse whom can summon Imperial Decree scrolls could get anything he wanted. But he still makes use of my services to fetch the things he says cannot be summoned. I wish you could summon and use Imperial Decree scrolls. I bet you'd have fun with the ability."

            And before the rat caught on to what he accidentally set Fenton up for, the boy replied, "I wish I could too. Then I could help you occasionally."

            Cardit face slapped himself as he watched the boy take on a temporary glow all over his entire naked body. "I am so stupid! I accidentally made you use a wish! Now you can't leave the Underworld until you pay off the price of the wish! I have to take you to a job tavern so you can take a job to raise the thousand credit fee for the wish that was granted to you! And you have to do this before midnight or else the Underworld Debt system will change you into my species! I am so sorry!"

            Fenton seemed to catch on at that point. "You are a Rat Lord, aren't you? You don't have a lot of friends and that's why you offered to be my friend."

            Cardit nodded his head. "I was trying to be super careful so you didn't do this to yourself before you could get back top side. Any Underworld Lord could have done this to you."

            Fenton said, "My debt to you is a form of contract I take it. I fulfilled Saul Donkey's contract in one day and that wasn't so hard."

            Cardit said, "When you made the wish that I granted, you agreed to a verbal contract that you have to pay me back for. And for that, we need to arrange for you to have your own Direct Investments account or it won't matter how many jobs you do because it would be like you would be doing those jobs for free. You need the account so direct deposit of your job's wages can be added into your financial account automatically every time you do a job. There are huge benefits for having one of these accounts. You can buy things from their catalog."

            As they claimed a table inside the Universal Job Tavern of Merchant City, Cardit called for a financial imp and after the imp appeared, Cardit explained what he accidentally did for the nice boy whom thinks he is a nice rat. The Imp nodded his head and helped to get Fenton's Direct Investments account set up. And then he helped to explain how everything worked. Which included how the job tavern operated and what to watch out for on the jobs on the job board. Some things were better than others. If a job is about sex or food, it will say it.

            Once the imp left, Fenton started on the mandatory three jobs that the imp suggested he perform; one per hour of Merchant City time. Three would pay for the account and debt easily.

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              On Pleasure Island the next morning, Larry was getting assistance from Bred and Donkey Doc to birth out his required one donkey colt. Once the cutie was out of Larry, he looked at his and Bred's son one time and then Bred worked his powers to restore Larry back into his human identity. "Get on my back, you two, and I will carry you both outside of my farm."

              Larry did as asked. "You are a donkey of your word, Bred. I still think you are a nice donkey. When will the meet and greet farm be ready?"

              Bred replied, "It won't be this week, Larry. But Lampwick has approved of the project and fixing the farm will take one worry away from the island lords. Major Bray will make the repairs since he is the main fix it donkey on the island. Bray said you showed him a good time over the weekend. And I know how nice you are with promised offers. And now that you are human again, your collar is back and you should go try to enjoy the week at the carnival unless there is something else you want to see. Thanks for wanting to be my friend."

              And then the two were dropped off on the farm road and Bred went back into his farm where he proceeded to fill all of the donkeys again.

              Larry smiled at Donkey Doc. "Do you think I did a risky thing with Bred?"

              Doc replied, "You took a chance and most of the time, Bred doesn't keep his word once he has the drop on people. Whatever you did to earn his releasing you must have been awesome."

              And then Donkey Doc departed to attend to other patients.

              Some time later, Larry noticed an extremely handsome and sexy donkey boy adult at the entrance of what looked like a muddy cavern behind the back fences of one of the amusement park zones and Larry wanted to see this donkey up close. There didn't seem to be an easy way to get over the fence to the cavern in question so he noted a ride close to the fence and he figured out that he could jump from one of the seats over the fence when the ride swung the seat close to the fence in question. It wasn't exactly safe, but it was the only way.

              Larry got aboard the ride and once the ride was going, he unfastened his seat belt and once the seat came close to the fence, he saw moss covered mattresses on the other side of the fence. Climbing out of the ride seat while it was moving was not tricky at all and when it got close to that fence again where he could see the cavern, he swung himself with the momentum and flipped himself over the fence where he bounced off of the moss with a slight roll and then he got up and proceeded over to the muddy cavern entrance.

              Thankfully none of the bad boys saw him do that.

              Heading over to where he saw the sexy donkey boy adult at the muddy cavern entrance, he found hoof tracks going into the cavern and he began to follow them. After a while of traveling through the dimly lit oddly scented muddy cavern, Larry noted that his cock was getting very erect and his feet were getting muddy in the sticky mud that he was walking through. "Man, what is giving me such an impressive hard on? And where did that donkey boy go that I first noticed. I just wanted to say hello to him and get to know him."

              He then heard a voice from somewhere just ahead in the muddy cavern. "If you hurry, my friend, I can hold the boat for you." Larry picked up the pace to reach the spot where the donkey boy was apparently waiting at. As he rounded a corner in the cavern tunnel, he without warning dropped over the edge of an unseen rift in the muddy cavern and he fell into a gooey and sticky muddy bog which coated him entirely from head to foot. When he managed to get his head up above the surface of the mud, he saw several donkey heads sticking out of the muddy bog that he had fallen into. And he was about in the center of the group of them. "Where is the donkey I saw earlier?"

              The closest donkey head to him said, "Sadly, you fell for one of the oldest lures on the island. They put an illusion of a sexy donkey that gets a boy's attention and then they use a fake voice to lure you on ahead as well as an arousing scent... until you are coerced into hurrying and then you fall into this bog with the rest of us. When the quota is met, we are all ushered out of the bog and sent to a holding pen where we are sent to a neighboring island that Lampwick owns for purposes unknown." Another donkey head said, "Unless you have some sort of immunity, then within an hour, you are going to change into a donkey just like the rest of us."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                "My name is Larry Kornel, a member of Milky's school club in Austin Limits. We did some work for Major Bray and Lord Lampwick over the weekend; and the reward was a week long immunity to everything on the island except for encounters with Lord Bred on his farm. So unless this mud can override the immunity protection I was given, then I should be fine."

                The closest donkey head said, "The only way out of this bog is to be shipped with the rest of us over to the other island. You cannot go back up the way you came in from."

                The collection of donkeys stuck in the bog shared their names with him and then a short while later, the flow they were in moved them downstream and over a waterfall of sticky clay mud where they landed inside of a metallic vat with only their heads sticking out of the clay mud before a mesh cover was secured over the vat. As Larry waited, he felt his donkey tail sprout out of his tail bone, then his feet became hoof and his donkey ears grew up in place of his human ears. Then his head took on the donkey appearance and the rest of his body.

                A boat movement was then felt as the night sky was then seen out of the vat mesh cover and then the boat ride over to the next island occurred. When the boat ride ended, they were once again inside an underground cavern that smelled like fresh clay mud mixed with the arousal scent the vat was lifted up and it swung off the boat and once it was over a pool of scented clay bog mud, the bottom of the vat dropped open and all of the muddy donkeys fell down into the clay mud pool where other donkeys in an orgy were already stuck at.

                And the moment the new donkeys joined the original donkeys, they received cocks up their anuses and they got stuck to each other as they felt fluids filling them and Larry lost consciousness as the gay donkey sex became overwhelming. Passing out was no safety from getting sex up the butt. Unless someone fetched him, then Larry would be stuck there for the rest of the weekend or longer. If he didn't come home human, his mother would be ripping new assholes out of his school mates.

                Back on Pleasure Island, Milky and the club members were speaking with Lampwick and Merlion. "I turned on the club link to locate all of my club members on the island and the weird part was that Larry's mental signal was coming from a location far off of the Southern shore of the island. I didn't know the park extended down that direction. I promised his mother than I would bring him home at the end of the week human. So we have a few days to find him or our asses will be appearing in weird parts of our bodies. She is a retired demon hunter."

                Lampwick said, "We will find him before you boys have to go home. And if he's been transformed, then we will restore him to normal at my own cost."

                Bicep asked, "Do you own any islands South of Pleasure Island?"

                Lampwick replied, "Three, in fact. One is a recruiters training island. Another is an island we use for storage. And the third is one I hope Larry did not end up at. It was the island where Bred was trained in mating with others. Donkeys whom end up at that island are doped up on gay sexual fluids and a gay mating scent that causes endless erections. In other words, if Larry is stuck in that, even if restored, his body is going to smell like a sex farm for months on end unless a professional cleansing is performed on him."

                Meteor said, "Would there have been an old port for catching bad boys off guard to get them shipped to the sex island?"

                Lampwick replied, "There used to be a sexual muddy cavern that utilized a sexy stud of a donkey boy whom would temp bad boys with a guaranteed way off the island without the lords knowing they were escaping. We sealed off that section of the park directly beyond a tall wooden fence behind the Valentine's Cup Ride. Bad boys thought the ride was lame and would not go near the place. Deliberate mushy stuff prevents bad boys from wanting to be seen dead near the place. Even if Larry got over the fence to reach the cave, there is no easy way back."

                Milky said, "We need to find Larry; his mother scares me, Lampwick. We do not want to give her any details of this mishap."

                At that moment, Lord Nomigid ran up and said, "Lampy! A ride operator reported that the Valentines Cup Ride accidentally threw a naked boy over the back fence!"

                Lampwick exclaimed, "Oh shit!" And then they were off to see about locating Larry whom was obviously on the sex island.

                End of Chapter 08