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[TS-02] BF-03 Friday Sessions

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    [TS-02] BF-03 Friday Sessions

    Montropolis/Austin Limits - Q.C. Planet

    [TS-02] BF-03 Friday Sessions.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    On Friday morning, Winston spoke to the two boys before he prepared to go to work in Mythos Bay. "I asked a few of my co-workers about this Sibling Rivalry shit and this is what they told me... At work, one of the other workers have children in both schools the same as we do. Mystic Glen claims that Montropolis has transformation accidents, but according to my co-worker, Mystic Glen forces their students to accept partner cards in a game that isn't very popular and then those students have to participate in these tournaments to compete against the other school. And most partners can be sexual if you aren't aware of what you are purchasing." He then looked to his sons. "Have you boys had sex with any of your partners as yet? And please don't lie to me. At least I am asking out of ear shot of your mother. Just level with me and I will tell you the rest of what I have learned about this Sibling Rivalry shit. It mainly involves the school board of the zone."

    Fenton replied, "Kissing, hugging and groping is all I've experienced, dad. They mentioned that they would like to do more when I asked for it, but for the most part, they behave."

    Larry nodded his head. "Same story, dad. Most partners are lonely for a friend when you acquire them and they feel that consensual sex is the best way to form a real friendship."

    Winston looked his boys right in the eye again. "So no butt plundering has been going on at all? And I don't mean with just partners; what about school mates. If I find out that you fibbed to me, it will be Lea jumping down your throats in that special way all her own. Do we need to initiate the look that no one wants to get just before the weekend? Followed by the scolding that no one desires to receive... and possibly the corporal punishment that grandma loves to dish out?"

    Fenton replied, "My school mates are terrified of defiling me just to satisfy a personal need. Flicker admitted that he got in trouble with Drive once and have a kid back home. Drive admitted that if I wanted to learn about sex, he was the one to ask. Lyle lives right next door to us and that keeps his mind in the right place, dad. Leather lives in town and despite being a hot jacket wearing Gargoyle offspring, he hasn't asked about the sex topic at all. In fact, he wondered if I would like a leather jacket like his own."

    He then added, "If anyone else has been looking at my ass, they haven't mentioned it at all."

    Larry sighed as he blushed. "I joined a school club at Austin High and the initiation for becoming official in the club was to have sex with the club members outside the school at a private place, then ride the rides and play the games at the local amusement park. No one got pregnant as I was told happens at Montropolis between Mobians and Digimon... but Milky, Meteor and Bicep all really like me. Milky is a Donkey boy with a human sized penis; Meteor is a Fusion sized mouse dude; and Bicep has to be the most muscle bound hare ever seen."

    Winston remarked, "As long as the sex was a one-time thing, I will let you be friends with them and not tell your mother about it. But repeat performances will not be good. Now for the rest of the story as I promised... the zone school board is located in Bunny Town which is located Northeast of Montropolis. Bunny children there are super competitive and thus, to keep fights at a minimum, the boys have to be sent to different schools to prevent in-school fighting between siblings."

    He then said, "I am leaving the family car with Lea today. One of my co-workers is arranging for me to get the teleport ability so I can get to work and allow Lea the use of the car to go shopping when she needs to or if she has to appear at the schools for some unspoken reason. So stay out of trouble and no one has to have their mother stalking the halls with her demon hunting equipment. I know she says she is retired, but she still has the tools of the trade in storage and available whenever she needs them."

    Larry said, "With our card launchers and shared powers, Fenton and I both have teleport already, dad. We didn't have to wait for you to explain the Sibling Rivalry thing to us."

    Fenton nodded his head. "But it was good information to learn, dad. We can inform our friends and the school officials what is going down with that dumb rule."

    The co-worker, a male anthropomorphic Hellhound in clothes appeared next to Winston. "Let's get going, Winston. Gomez the Devil Mouse of Gold Medal Games in Mystic Glen has agreed to help you to acquire the teleport power so you can quickly get around without your car. I'll bet you'd look good as a hound, but with a bitch at home that would skin me alive if I had gay sex with a co-worker, I have to keep my mind on tasks at paw. I wouldn't look good as someone's body costume." And holding on to their father, the two teleported away.

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Larry grinned at his brother. "I'll bet dad ends up with a launcher of his own. And if he gets in trouble with his partners, then his lecture would make him seem like a hypocrite."

    Fenton grinned as well. "If he gets into trouble with his partners and tries to hide it, then we earn kudos with mom and let her know about it. Why should we be the only ones, right?"

    Larry smiled. "Good point. I know we hit each other with verbal banter in private, but we've never been in sibling versus sibling fisticuffs with each other."

    Fenton smirked. "I think Sally would win if it came down to that. Well time to get to our schools. I actually like my classes. They aren't as hard as the Earth schools are but they still assign homework to keep the teenagers busy for the most part. You did say you learned some things from looking over my text books."

    Larry said, "I think we need to focus on resisting sexual invitations from locals. Dad will learn this the hard way I am sure. See you later, bro. My class schedule is as follows: Mechanics in the first hour; Art in the second hour; Arcade Strategy in the third hour; then it is my lunch session; followed by Toon Physics in the fourth hour; Launcher Tactics in the fifth hour; and Partner Maneuvers in the sixth hour. What about your schedule?"

    Fenton smiled as he stated, "Digimon History in the first hour; Manga Literature in the second hour; Anime Math for the third hour; then its my lunch; followed Toon Physics the fourth hour; and Digivice Dynamics in the fifth hour. And then I get to train with my partners in Team Fighting. Principal Agumon told me that after Toon Physics ends, a class called Game World Mechanics takes the place of Toon Physics for the remainder of my time at school. That's where you get to spend the class hour in your card partner's home world."

    Larry smiled as well. "Principal Studyhoof told me the same thing. This Game World Mechanics class sounds like an awesome vacation every afternoon in school. I can't wait do it."

    And then the two brothers parted company via teleportation to their own schools.

    Within Gold Medal Games, Winston and his co-worker approached the front counter where a sexy Devil Mouse sat working on a crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper. The Hellhound Co-worker said, "Gomez? I am treating my newest human co-worker to a few partners primarily so he can acquire the teleport power for being able to come to work without using the family car. You know I am a good customer, right? My kids love your shop."

    Gomez set the newspaper and pencil down as he looked to the two. "Ah, Greasepaw and an awesome erection sporting male real world human adult. Does his wife know he is sporting an erection for a Hellhound? I cannot imagine he would be aroused for a game shop Devil Mouse like me, even though our entire species is stretchy when involved in gay sex. Of course, Bi, Gay and Straight only apply to Earth humans since all other non-human species ignore the social barrier whenever possible. Hard to make friendships if you are behind a shield."

    Winston remarked in a serious manner. "As long as it is only friendships, I see no problem with that; but one pregnancy and the whole region would be dealing with my scary-eyed wife."

    Greasepaw smirked. "Former demon hunter female from the Skeeter clan, Gomez. See what he has the balls to deal with? Of course he has two cute sons, too."

    Gomez shuddered at the demon hunting mention but he still prepared the gift certificate for the man's usage. "The price comes up to sixty dollars, Greasepaw. While you are paying for this, Winston can take this certificate back to the booths to choose his three partners, preferably from different games. Don't be a prude, sir. And you get a safety bracer as well. What are your favorite colors?"

    Winston replied, "Cardinal Red, Royal Gold and Butane Blue. Like a living flame. I apologize if you don't have anything like that and-" before he could finish talking, Gomez was holding out the official multi-partner card launcher. Gomez said, "Place it on your left wrist with the card slot pointed toward your elbow, window side up. When you claim a partner card, slide it head first and picture side up into the slot and then tap the window and say the word 'Activate'."

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      Gomez then continued. "Have fun choosing your partners, Winston. Return here to register your partner choices for the official record. A partner will always share an ability or power or often more than one, if you are kind to them, upon creating or claiming a partner. You could end up with some awesome choices of powers and abilities; why should teenagers be the only ones to have fun like this?" Winston glanced at Greasepaw whom had summoned his credit card for paying for this service. "You are enjoying this, aren't you?" Greasepaw replied, "If you can keep yourself and your partners out of trouble, then you will have proved your point to your children. Your sons will have no reason to complain."

      Gomez giggled as he waited for the payment. "He nailed it, Winston. A lecture to a child with partners only means something if you can prove that they are in the wrong. A good test."

      Winston took the launcher and the certificate into the back area where the game booths awaited while Greasepaw paid for the certificate and launcher. "Can I do better than my kids? Lea will surely agree that this is a good test and if I can pull it off, then Larry and Fenton will have to concede to my demands. At least my co-worker isn't trying to mount me; like me, he has a wife at home whom he fears."

      Within a game booth labeled as Victorian Mysteries, Winston smiled as he watched the late 1800s styled game play sessions with clothed partners in the decent Victorian setting. Starting with an anthropomorphic Dalmatian in the Great Dane Scooby Doo colors, brown with white spots and a black nose, he added the Deerstalker hat, the plaid Scotland Yard overcoat, and a magnifying glass on a fine silver chain. Nothing sexual was showing as he created the partner, although he did have to design the partner naked at first with a healthy bulge in his sheathe. Built like a humanoid Scooby Doo in Dalmatian reverse colors, this detective was ever on alert much like Sherlock Holmes. Naming the partner as Sherlock Doo, he presented his certificate and after receiving the card, he loaded it up in his launcher, tapped the window and said, "Activate!"

      The impressive canine detective appeared in the booth with him as he examined the adult real world human male and pointed out things much like Sherlock Holmes. "Elementary, my dear partner! A married man rather than a horny teenager is a refreshing change from what we partners encounter in the game shops! Now my abilities and powers to share with you... Astute Observation Skill much like my own! This will make hiding things from us very difficult indeed! And the Enhanced Courage ability, to make you more resistant to scare tactics!"

      He then winked. "Baker Street awaits, my dear partner! The game's afoot!" And he vanished back into his card which left Winston smiling. "That turned out decent."

      Having not gotten teleportation as yet, Winston went and entered a game booth called sTAURting Rivalries and did as he had done the first time by watching the actual game performance on the video screen before proceeding in the making of his second partner. Winston crafted a dragon based centaur with unicorn like features. The head was like a dragon although having the obvious cervine like twisted unicorn horn in the middle of his forehead. The humanoid torso with arms and hands were next, then the cervine like Taur barrel with a unicorn like tail instead of a dragon's tail. He even had the large leathery wings of a dragon. He had dragon claws on the front legs and cloven hoofs on the back legs. An armored Silver vest adorned his chest along with an enzyme proof Emerald Green backpack on his back. The entire body was covered in Butane Blue scales over the top side and fine White scales underneath. One eye was Cardinal Red while the other eye was Royal Gold. He gave the dragontaur partner a Paralysis breath weapon that had the smell of winter fresh mint. Then he added magical spells as well as the unicorn teleportation ability as well as the Dimension Door ability. Finally, he set the flight ability into the partner since he had wings.

      Naming his new dragontaur partner with the name of Distraction, he provided the payment and after getting the card, he loaded it into his launcher. "I had to make at least one fantastic looking partner." And then he tapped the window and said, "Activate!" Instantly, the dragontaur was in the booth with the adult man as he said, "Wasn't expecting an adult to make someone like me. But I suppose this will be a learning exercise. I will gift you with all unicorn abilities, including teleport, dimension door and regeneration... as well as the Share Form ability which will allow you to transform yourself into any species that your partners represent. To return to normal, you simply think the words Power Down, just like the Power Rangers. If you get pregnant in a form other than human, you cannot return to normal until you lay the egg. Abortion is not permitted. Please be more decent than a teenager."

      Then instantly Distraction was back in his card. Winston sighed. "Glad I am getting mature partners whom will explain things to me. Now to find and choose one last partner."

      Winston realized that as he got more experience with these game booths, his randy side was starting to make him act like his boys.

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        The father then visited the men's room to relieve himself before coming out and noticing more booths in a back storage chamber where the door was ajar. Walking inside, Winston looked over the booths available in there reading the game titles to himself and paying attention to the booth artwork.

        Like young boys, an open door with a chamber full of hidden game booths lined up as if it was a VIP section was an invitation to trouble if the owner didn't direct you there.

        But Winston not familiar with these game shops didn't know this. He entered a game booth called Arctic Outback. The instructions read, "To watch the game play video, push the power button and be creative in creating your Gold Medal Partner! You are a winner, aren't you?" It was unusual to have to activate the game booth when all of the others were already turned on. But Winston was impressed by the game art on the booth and he pressed the power button. Game play showed hybrids of both Arctic and Australian species tastefully combined together performing the usual combat maneuvers that he had seen in other game booths. Along the bottom of the screen were white foxes and white kangaroos not watching the match but looking over their shoulders seemingly at the user standing within the booth. Winston didn't notice in time that the spectator species were looking at him as the video ended.

        And the screen went immediately into the partner creation instructions. Please provide a name for your partner before crafting your hybrid. That seemed fair enough. He typed in Darter Slytail. Then he read the next instruction. Please type in a code phrase that describes something in your home life; be funny if possible. Winston typed out the following message. "My wife has those eyes that would make Morpheus the Lord of Dreams look over his shoulder in the very fear that he sends in bad dreams to bad children. Also, I have a college aged daughter and two high school boys. I have to show them that I can have better partners than they do." The machine flickered over that almost funny message, then the partner form mix and match was provided. The only colors available were arctic variety colors where everything was either a polar theme or any color of ice that was ever depicted.

        Winston then combined a small fox form with a muscular pouched boomer kangaroo whom had small reindeer nubs in his head fur between his ears. The mid-belly pouch had a pouch-cock like most Underworld recruiters possessed. He also had a thermally warm furred outer sheath and ball sac. His overall fur was thickly matted but overall, he looked a lot like a white fluffy bed plush when not in combat. The hybrid was given Sleigh Speed making him faster than Sonic the Hedgehog on all holidays. And the hybrid never splatted into walls nor cliffs.

        Winston also provided the creation with the Power Snitch ability. This permitted the partner the in combat ability to use an opponents most powerful attack or defense against the very challenger whom thought he was getting the upper paw. And finally, Winston gave his small cute partner the Titano Strike ability. There would be a power bar with three pips that would fill up on each turn. So on every third turn, the partner could opt to change into his Titano form and use Titano empowered attacks and defenses instead of the normal ones.

        The machine then asked for the payment option. And Winston inserted the gift certificate into the slot and the partner card with a rainbow border and the words Legendary Mega Champion were printed within the borders was dispensed from the award slot. He looked over the professional looking card and he slid it into his Safety Bracer and he turn to face the curtain and he tapped the card window and said, "Activate!" The two foot tall foxy roo sexy cutie appeared in the booth with him as he climbed the man and kissed him on the nose.

        "Hi Winston! You almost killed the VIP game booth with that funny story about your wife! Morpheus being scared is a gas! Well, time to honor the tradition for game card partners! I will gift you with the unlimited version of my speed power so you can embarrass the Flash from DC Comics! As well as showing up Sonic the Hedgehog without having an ego! I will also give you the unlimited version of Titano Physical Enhancement! You will always look as you do now but everything will be at the Titano strength rank! Don't break too many things!"

        He kissed Winston on the nose again, hugged his partner fondly and then he slid his tail down inside the back of Winston's pants where it felt like the fox had rubbed the man's crack. Then the partner instantly vanished back into the card with a sly grin. "I have the most awesome human partner! He has a sense of humor whether true or not! I hope his wife lets him keep me! I'll put on my mirrored shades to deflect that look of hers!"

        Winston stepped out of the booth. "At least he resisted giving me a lip lock on the mouth. My wife would have found out about that. I have to sleep with her at night. I hope my boys are behaving in school. Now to go register my partners." And he took off like a shot with more precision that both the Flash and Sonic combined; deftly avoiding collisions with shelves and doors until he just appeared standing at the front counter with a smile. "I got my partners, Gomez. Let's get these mature and well-behaved partners registered."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Gomez was scanning the bar codes and when he got the last one scanned, he remarked, "Arctic Outback is supposed to be in the VIP section, Winston. I normally have to unlock that door for high profile customers in order for anyone to have access to it. Just honestly tell me how you acquired the partner and I won't be upset with you."

          Winston explained, "Just before I went to choose my last partner, I went and used the men's room and upon coming out there as a door left ajar leading into what you were apparently calling the VIP section of game booths. I looked in there and saw the other booths and my curiosity urged me to check out the selection in there by name and booth artwork. Arctic Outback had some pretty interesting booth artwork so I went inside and booted up the game play video. When the video ended, it went straight into partner creation and it politely guided me through the steps for making a partner. Darter Slytail did not end up overbearingly sexual. The most he did was kiss me on the nose and rub his tail down the inside back side of my pants along my crack. Good thing my butt was clean or like some adult humans whom never wipe, Darter would have ended up with a brown streak on his white tail."

          He then said, "When the booth asked me to describe a possibly funny circumstance in my home life, I typed out something that even Darter said almost killed the VIP game booth."

          Gomez arched an eye. "What did you type, Winston?"

          The adult human man replied, "My wife has those eyes that would make Morpheus the Lord of Dreams look over his shoulder in the very fear that he sends in bad dreams to bad children."

          Greasepaw and Gomez both giggled although the Hellhound rolled on the floor in mirth.

          Winston said, "Most of my partners admitted that it was a refreshing change of pace to be partnered with a mature adult instead of a horny teenager."

          Gomez replied, "And they would be completely right. Okay, I'll cover and authorize the VIP partner as long as you don't tell anyone that you got a VIP partner in my shop. Otherwise, everyone would be demanding access to the VIP section. Now for the official record, state the name and game of each partner in your own voice. I'll record this for the official record. I am glad you didn't get raped by a horny partner during your time in here. We don't need your wife glaring at every game screen."

          Winston said, "Sherlock Doo from Victorian Mysteries, Distraction from sTAURting Rivalries and Darter Slytail from Arctic Outback. The second one gifted me with the teleportion ability, Sherlock gifted me with mystery solving skills and Darter gave me enhanced speed making me faster than Flash and Sonic the Hedgehog. Distraction is a unicorn featured Dragontaur whom showed a lot of restraint and politeness to an adult man. Darter was the only one whom made with the kisses and the tail rub."

          Greasepaw smirked again. "Good thing he avoided giving you a lip lock; your wife would have found out otherwise. I am glad my Hellhound bitch doesn't have your wife's abilities."

          Gomez giggled. "I am glad I am single. You guys must enjoy each others company at work since you both fear your wives."

          Winston remarked, "We don't have sex if that is what you are implying."

          Greasepaw said, "Time to get my co-worker off to work. Have an interesting day, Gomez."

          Gomez giggled. "I already did thanks to you two."

          Winston placed an arm around Greasepaw and teleported the two of them off to their work place in Mythos Bay where he released the Hellhound and then they used the work clock to check in and get immediately off to their work stations along the docks. During the work day, another dock worker stated, "I am detecting that you have some sort of dragon partner, Winston. Want to have a match?" And the man's reply was, "Want to explain to my wife why I was goofing off at work?" And the challenge was aborted since everyone knew about Lea.

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            During lunch hour at Austin High, Larry was explaining mentally to the club members what had occurred that morning when his father had questioned him. "Since my father was to have gotten his partners today as a gift from a co-worker at work, I have to wonder if he will be able to stay out of the very trouble he asked my brother and I about."

            Milky replied with a smile. "All first timers think they can handle new partners before they end up having sex one time. After that, your father will likely let it drop once he has similar experience under his belt. If he managed to get three prudish partners, then the world is coming to an end. No ever gets that lucky. The naughty imagination always makes you get a sexy partner. Am I wrong, club members?"

            Meteor remarked while eating his cheese sandwich, "And how! Back room games that are not normally publicly accessible are always partially sexually involved!"

            Bicep grinned. "I hope your dad does get it at least once. If he is still making the virgin scent, someone at work will offer to help him lose that scent before his scent forces another adult animal worker to rape him on the docks; once horny, they won't care about your mother's special scary look. All they will care about is pumping loads of their sticky fluids up your dad's rear end. Once your father is no longer making the scent, the mounter will be super apologetic. And maybe blushing. They are always sorry after the fact."

            Larry smirked. "Man, dad will have an adventure for sure. I hope they have a clean up locker at work or when mom shows up, everyone will get a scary look and an awful scolding."

            At Montropolis High, Fenton was telling Mr. Mendelssohn almost the exact same thing. "Since our dad has never had gay sex in his life, is he about to learn a valuable lesson, sir?"

            Mr. Mendelssohn replied, "I am surprised his boss nor any of his co-workers have given him this warning as yet. Parents always lose their cool when their children are involved in this, but when it happens to them, no apologies to the children at all. As if the adult thinks they are better than their own children. If your father plays the better than thou card after his experience, I will inform your mother of the possibility myself. Getting caught off guard doesn't make anyone better. It's how you handle the aftermath that makes a player better after the event is over. You show a lot of maturity for dealing with two Mobians whom might want to play with your ass later on. Leather is the safest student to play with currently. Lyle hasn't had an egg accident with someone yet, but it is always a possibility and a matter of time. I am glad you want to tell me about these things."

            Fen's friends then joined him at his table and they were informed about Mr. Kornel's discussion with his sons.

            Lyle smirked. "No one deserves to be raped. Winston would probably love the experience but still worry about Lea's overreaction at home. I live next to these people and it is not fun."

            Flicker said, "I am managing to stay out of trouble with my family after I got to meet Fenton."

            Drive remarked, "You will be tested on that next week during the teacher's meetings, Flicker. The Mobian rut is to occur next weekend. So Fenton should avoid us next week to avoid getting pregnant with any of us. What about you, Leather?"

            Leather smiled. "We Gargoyles are in more control of our moments. Our rut occurs during the pre-stages of Winter. So next week, Fenton would be safe with me. I got Fenton one of the leather jackets that I promised him. It has my uncle Brooklyn in full color on the back. We didn't have any of the normal jackets; I called Brooklyn to ask him about it."

            Fenton smiled. "It's okay. Dad was a Garqoyles fan back before he got married. Even mom said that your uncle was everyone's wet dream just waiting to happen."

            Everyone at the table giggled. "So that's your mom's weakness!"

            Mendelssohn remarked, "Behave, boys! We don't want Fen's mother in here; she has the family car today!"

            End of Chapter 06