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[TS-02] BF-02 No Respect

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    [TS-02] BF-02 No Respect

    Japanopolis - Q.C. Planet

    [TS-02] BF-02 No Respect
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    When Larry arrived at Japanopolis High School in the gold limousine, he tried to politely keep to himself when possible. His first stop was to be in the principal's office to get his classes sorted out. He, at first, thought that this was going to be an anime all human school, but in the hallways, he had seen a few animal people wearing clothes and not looking too happy about doing so. As if the clothes made them uncomfortable. Then he entered the principal's office and he introduced himself to the secretary, whom looked to be a female puma lady in a skirt. "I am Lars Kornel, but I prefer to be called Larry. I'm the son of the lady with the scary eyes. I was sent to this school due to the ridiculous Sibling Rivalry rule that my mother thinks is bogus. I was to meet with the principal to choose and finalize my classes. Is he in?"

    The puma glanced up and made a face. "You better hope you don't make that mistake too often, young man, or the principal will make you wear a sailor suit with the skirt and high heels. Our principal is a woman. If you think you have been sent to the wrong school, you could try Dragon Master High School over on Lee Lane. They have a more suitable for humans environment. Any other inquiries?"

    Larry said, "One moment..." And he pulled out his cell phone and held it up like a SPD Morpher to show that he had it activated with an open call to someone listed as Lea Skeeter. "Mom, I assume you heard what the prejudice secretary here at Japanopolis High just told me, right?" The reply sounded a bit cranky, "She better hope I don't show up at that school to rip them a new one with my demon hunting equipment! They claim sibling rivalry and then they down talk new students they trick into coming to their school! Perhaps I should get Lord Albert and his Founder Core involved! And for the record, I recorded what she said to you, Larry!" Larry smiled at the secretary. "Since you gave me permission to leave Japanopolis High after convincing my mother to send me here, perhaps I should go to a different school."

    Before he could turn to leave, the outer door opened and the female principal came inside. "Pumela, I am expecting a female student named Lori Kornel in regards to getting the schedule set up for her attendance here."

    Larry remarked, "And you came down on me for making a faux paus mistake! I don't have a sister named Lori; I am Larry Kornel and I have my mother on my cell phone LIVE! Care to repeat that pompous mistake so my mother could hear it again?!"

    The principal went pale when she realized the mistake she had been informed of. "Now don't get too testy, young man. We were sent transcripts for a girl named Lori Kornel formerly of Dalton Georgia on Earth. Are you saying that the people sent false transcripts of your time in their school?"

    Larry, with his cell phone still turned on, replied, "I have an older sister of college age named Sally Kornel except she is mute with a medical companion dog named Gosh. The only siblings of high school age are myself, the older boy, and my brother Fenton, the younger boy. Since I was told to come here by your school to prevent Sibling Rivalry, Fenton went to Montropolis High. And when I mistakenly asked when the principal would arrive to finalize my classes, I used the pronoun of 'him' and your secretary suggested that if I thought I was at the wrong school, that I could go enroll at another school elsewhere. And you people insisted I come here. I even met two of your teachers at my home on Saturday, Yu-Gi-Oh and Nuruto, and they both saw that I was a boy."

    Over the phone, Lea's voice remarked, "He is right! I was there myself! Either admit that this Sibling Rivalry bull crap is phony or I will be forced to go up there with Founder Core on a leash as I rip your school a new ass hole!"

    The principal then said aloud, "Larry... Mrs. Kornel... Japanopolis High is a school for girls. The two teachers you mentioned teach classes at nearby Ninja High; although the alternate high school of choice that we recommend for boys is Dragon Master High which is ran and operated by the Double Dragon brothers."

    Lea then aimed her next question at Larry, "Son, when you entered the school building, did you see any male students in the halls either in school uniforms or otherwise? And don't you dare lie to me!" Larry replied, "As a matter of fact, yes, mom! About less than half of the students in the halls were male but the majority were girls. So if this is a girls only school, then sex education must be extremely wild in this school." Lea growled, "I'm on my way! The wicked witch of the West has nothing on me!" CLICK!!

    End of Chapter 01

    Chapter 02

    Larry lowered the phone and said, "I don't dare lie to my mother. She has the scary eyes, as I just told your secretary before you came in here."

    With a loud arriving teleport, Lea was there with Zecma and Lady Amaterasu. Then the phone call was replayed for everyone in the room by Lea's recording device including the sibling rivalry phone call from Friday evening. "I demand answers or I start purging lying anime bastards here and now!"

    Lady Amaterasu tapped her foot and remarked, "The West Coasters will get upset if we Founder Core members have to declare martial law on your zone. You lied to a retired demon hunter. She has the skills to banish us all to the nasty stuff at the bottom of the abyss. So let me see Lori Kornel's transcripts."

    The transcripts were handed over and the celestial goddess read over the data silently. "The Dalton school made a huge error. They sent your brother's daughter's transcripts in place of Larry's transcripts. Both children at the same age. But no where on her papers does it mention any of Larry's awards nor accomplishments and it uses the pronouns of 'her' and 'she' on the entirety of the form. Since Lori has no plans of coming to QC Planet, we will have to fetch the real transcripts. But if you told the truth about this being a girls only school, then why were the halls full of male students when Larry arrived. I can see in his aura that he is NOT lying."

    The principal replied steadily, "The male students from Ninja High like to spend time in our hallways visiting with our girls but they are not enrolled here. Look into my aura and see that I am also not lying."

    Larry then looked at Zecma. "In the event that this sibling rivalry thing holds any water, Zecma, are there any high schools closer to Montropolis since it seems I was tricked into coming to an all girl school?"

    Lady Amaterasu remarked, "This school is still in some trouble since the Friday night phone call has the principal's voice specifically telling Lea that they couldn't wait to get Larry; not Lori; into their classes. Even the two teachers specifically say Japanopolis High as where they teach classes. Saturday morning was an extremely clear and sunny day. I saw the meet and greet that was performed and Naruto mentions your school as his place of instruction. The sailor scouts ignored Larry entirely despite hearing his name several times."

    Zecma remarked, "There are a few, although the only one close to Mythos Bay is Austin High School. Most of the students there are hoofies. It would be half the distance that you had to take to reach this school. Dragon Master High is a martial arts school that provide school curriculum subjects. I know a couple of people whom attend there and they are not fond of it since one of their fathers is the principal. Ninja High School has both anime humans and neko cat students. You'd have to be into cats to like the school. Japanopolis High has a school uniform dress code which you don't meet up with. Neither female nor dressed appropriately. Austin High have hoofies, animated humans and various human-sized mouse students."

    Larry smiled at Zecma. "If mom will let me attend Austin High, then I will owe you for helping me to find a school that I may fit into. And I mean that, Zecma... you've earned my assistance in something when I don't have to be in school."

    Zecma smiled. "You have a deal, Larry. What about it, Lea? Will it be okay to take Larry to Austin High? It is closer to home and we can leave this school to face Amaterasu."

    Lea stepped over to Zecma and said, "I want to check out the school first. If the Principal is more reasonable than this place was, I would be more inclined to say yes. Amaterasu? You fix this shit or else the safe visitation committee and Anita Whitesmurf in New York both learn about this fiasco. I am sure she would love to know about Sibling Rivalry." And with that, Zecma teleported the woman and Larry off to Earth where they picked up Larry's transcripts from the old school. The principal and counselor there freaked out when they saw Lea.

    Lea glared at them. "Hand over my son Larry's transcripts or else Whitesmurf interviews and exposes this entire school!"

    And the two scrambled to fetch the transcripts; to Zecma it was almost comedic to watch. In no time at all, the folder was in Lea's hands and the three teleported back to Q.C. Planet.

    End of Chapter 02


      Chapter 03

      At Austin High in Austin Limits, Zecma, Lea and Larry arrived in the principal's office where an adult donkey boy in a partial business suit was finishing up a dictation to an attractive female mouse in a skirt with a pink bow in her head fur. When they saw Zecma and the two humans in the office, the donkey said, "This is unexpected, Zecma. What can we do for you and your guests?"

      Zecma briefly explained the fiasco that the boy had encountered when Japanopolis High knew full well that he was going to be attending their school and when he got there, they implied that they thought he was a girl and they even had the wrong transcripts. Yet on the phone to the mother, they had used his real name. And he suggested that Larry could attend Austin High since it was closer to the Kornel Home than Japanopolis High was.

      The Donkey Boy adult said, "I am Principal Studyhoof Pleasureshore and this is my secretary, Maxie Mouse. If Zecma suggested our school to you because of the silly and quite bogus Sibling Rivalry garbage, then we welcome you to our esteemed halls. We conduct business almost the same as Montropolis High although we are more coastal than they are."

      Lea replied, "I am Lea Kornel, Larry's mother and a retired demon hunter. My son's birth name is Lars, but he prefers the shortened Larry. So please refer to him as Larry. I would like to tour your school and meet a few of your instructors if I may. Satisfy me and my son has permission to school here. We have wasted a good part of the morning."

      Studyhoof remarked, "Ma'am... I would hope it was your son's decision to school here, not yours. You won't even be here regardless if you approve or not. Did you veto the other school where your other son is attending since you never toured their school at all? And before you ask, I am reading your aura. Your eyes do not scare me."

      Larry said, "I asked Zecma about your school and he suggested that my mother should give her permission to attend here. But when she thought I was going to be going to Japanopolis, the permission thing never came up. All of sudden, you guys are getting the fifth degree. I have to wonder what kind of filth is going on at Montropolis that my brother Fenton won't mention when his friends ask him not to say anything."

      Lea almost gave Larry the "look" when he said that.

      Studyhoof replied without fear. "Mobians are the world's worst people in regards to gay sex and male pregnancies. If Fenton gets mounted by a Mobian, you will have a pregnant son."

      Lea turned sharply toward the donkey. "IS THAT A JOKE?!

      Studyhoof looked to Zecma. "Ask the Devil Mouse. I have no reason to lie. How else do you think Nitro, Sega, Sony and Mega all got created? Nitro is Knuckles and Shadow's kid."

      Larry arched an eye. "And they are both guys. I never knew they performed gay sex. Do Mobian males go into rut that much?"

      Studyhoof nodded his head. "Once every three months for the adults; once every four months for the teenagers. When a Mobian boy gets horny, you should have a frying pan tied over your rump so you don't end up with child. Gestation time for a Mobian is normally ten months. Magical beings have a four week gestation time. When a Mobian child reaches the age of two, they look the same as a Mobian adult and they act the part as well. You could accidentally have sex with your own child if you didn't know any better."

      Lea was looking at Zecma. "What's the word, Zecma?"

      Zecma replied, "Sadly he isn't lying, Lea. That's why I recommended Austin for Larry. No Mobians are permitted to attend here at all. If Fenton keeps his wits about him, then he won't have that stupid experience at Montropolis; although if you want to put a diaper or a butt plug on your son to protect him, then you better let your husband know that you are doing this. This IS cartoon land, Mrs. Kornel. Weird things are going to happen on this planet."

      End of Chapter 03


        Chapter 04

        Lea looked to Studyhoof and said, "This last Saturday, I got to meet the teachers from the two schools. Since I wasn't told about your school, I would like to meet your teachers unless you have something to hide." She tapped her foot. "Do I get to meet them or do I take my son elsewhere?"

        Studyhoof picked up the P.A. microphone and activated it. "As soon as the first hour class ends, would all of our teachers please come to my office to meet with a concerned parent? No one is in trouble, so please don't worry, students. If you're lucky, we will have a new student joining our school. The mother is extremely suspicious since Japanopolis gave her son the run around earlier. Zecma brought them to our school. The young man is fairly handsome." Then he turned off the P.A. "You will get to meet them between classes but you only have ten minutes. We are running a school here."

        Maxie handed Larry the lists of the freshmen classes for him to look over. "Consider the first three classes of the day; lunch follows that; then you would attend Toon Physics, Launcher Tactics and at the end of the day, you would attend Partner Maneuvers. The game shop for card partners that this school prefers is called the House of Official Fun, or Hoof for short. You would receive three free partners and a free game launcher just for attending the school. Otherwise, a card launcher has a price tag of $29.95 while partner cards run from $15 to $30 depending upon rarity. Only by joining the school do you get the partner cards and launcher for free. Same deal with Montropolis."

        Larry said, "Mom, my math tells me that the price at the most could be up to $120 for the four items. And then there is a class that teaches you how to use the stuff."

        The bell then rang and the teachers came into principal's office where Lea saw that they were all male and female anthropomorphic donkey adults in partial clothes. The next ten minutes were spent answering Lea's questions about the classes they taught and how they loved helping students to succeed in Austin High. Then the next bell rang and the teachers all filed out to go attend to their classes. Lea hummed. "I am satisfied, Larry. You can attend this school. A few of the teachers said that you were a handsome human boy. Take me home, Zecma."

        Zecma looked to Larry and mentally told him, Choose your classes and I'll come back and escort you over to HOOF to get your gear. And then he vanished with Lea.

        Larry remarked, "I am glad that my mother never looked at the Freshman classes list. Or she might not have agreed to let me attend this school. Where are the usual required subjects at, Principal Studyhoof?"

        Studyhoof smiled. "We don't provide those classes until your Senior year. That gives you three years to have fun with other classes."

        Maxie stated, "We have found that in schools that provide the usual classes early on... the students cannot recall what they have been instructed in by the time they graduate. And then they feel stupid when they try to find work in the world after school ends."

        Larry smiled as he chose what sounded like fun classes to be involved in during the morning. It almost felt like cheating. He took Mechanics in the first hour; Art in the second hour; Arcade Strategy in the third hour; then it was lunch hour; followed by Toon Physics in the fourth hour; Launcher Tactics in the fifth hour; and Partner Maneuvers in the sixth hour. He then showed the choices to the principal and the secretary. "Is this acceptable?"

        Principal Studyhoof grinned. "Those are fine choices; you will likely make a lot of friends in those classes. Now, to make sure you have the right gear. This is a voucher certificate that allows you to get three free partners from HOOF to use while you attend Austin High. Take this and go out into the hallway and wait for Zecma to come back so he can escort you to HOOF and back. We don't want a nice boy like you to get lost or end up with the ears and tail of a donkey."

        Exiting the Principal's office to wait on the outer bench, Larry saw a donkey boy teenager, a mouse teenager and a muscular Belgian Hare teenager sitting at the bench. "I am to wait for Zecma to escort me to HOOF to get my starting partners and launcher. Name's Lars Kornel, but I prefer to be called Larry. Whom are you guys? Are you in trouble already?" As he sat down, the three introduced themselves (Milky Musketeer, Meteor Maus and Bicep Hare.) Milky said, "Make one of your partners a donkey like me, I'll let you join my school club."

        End of Chapter 04


          Chapter 05

          Milky then continued, "We are late getting to school because the gang leader had words with us just as we were about to be on time and he wouldn't let us come inside to get a tardy slip until he was done with us. Defiance is a gang warthog whom thinks he is god's gift to enforcers. Plus, we wanted to see whom the new student was going to be."

          Meteor remarked, "If you join our club, you get instant friends whom will watch your back so you stay out of serious trouble in Austin Limits."

          Bicep flexed his muscles and said, "I'll even see that you get free gym membership in my family's business. Then you can impress other family members by being able to bench press a fat assed Digimon with ease. And there are a lot of pompous ego laced fat heads in Montropolis whom look undernourished. Seven days is all it takes to get buffed up when you focus on the exercises at my family's business. I think they would be impressed that I made friends with a nice human."

          Milky then said, "A lot of dildo students in Montropolis require that you have a dragon partner if you really want to fit in; but in our opinion, that's a waste of partner slots."

          Larry remarked, "I've heard some naughty stories about dragons, so they don't impress me. And neither do people whom claim they love dragon partners. So I just need a donkey partner to be in your school club? Sounds too easy; just like this school. Not having to take the required classes until your senior year makes this school sound awesome unless it is some sort of set up. My mother has the scary eyes that keeps us kids in line. Retired demon hunter."

          At that moment, Zecma reappeared. "Come on, Larry. We need to get you to HOOF and back so you can make the best of your classes here at Austin High. I hope you boys weren't making Larry uncomfortable. We'll be back soon. You might get to see him during lunch hour if he gets his partners by then. Larry's mother is a cranky lady. I am starting to regret knowing her. Let's go, Larry. Man, she is really ticked at the Mobians for being too sexual."

          Milky remarked, "Had you guys been thinking, Zecma, you would have remembered that Mobians are not the only sexual species in Montropolis. Digimon come in second for horny gay sexual activities. Your associate Raluta is as gay as they come. Third goes to Pokemon and Fourth place goes to Monster Rancher; coming in last place are the Gargoyles; they are built like studs most of the time, but they tend to keep their sexuality to themselves. And barely tolerating all of them are the Anime Humans. I don't know how they can stand the yiff."

          Zecma giggled at the evaluation. "Some people say you donkeys have no room to talk. Lord Bred make the Mobians seem tame."

          Milky replied, "Bredwick is an extreme case, Zecma; or do you need to be reminded of how sexual your cousins back in Hell are. I know you control yourself, but the others..."

          Zecma grinned. "No comment and no contest. I'll bring Larry back when he is done. If you guys want to be his friend, just don't get him transformed against his will." And he took Larry away from the students to the game store across the street from the school. "Welcome to HOOF, Larry. If those guys were polite to you, then you likely met some nice folk. I've spoken to the owners already on your behalf, you just need to tell the clerk what your favorite colors are for your card launcher which is worn on your left wrist and they will make it."

          The male clerk was a tall donkey like humanoid with black leather wings wrapped around his shoulders like a cloak and he had two long horns on his head along with what appeared to be vampire fangs in his muzzle. He wore a silver cross around his neck over a dark red tunic shirt and nothing else. He did have a black/gold/red card launcher on his left wrist. "I am called Brayfang. I'll get your card launcher created. What color would you like? The colors that get challenged the most are Red, Gold, White and Pink."

          He then said with a grin. "The darker colors permit you more privacy; but it is your choice."

          Larry replied, "I am a weirdo with colors to be honest, so here goes. The overall color of the launcher should be Blood Red, the secondary color should be Ashen Grey, while the border around the screen should be an eerie pulsing Neon Smoky Black that lights up when a card is showcased in the window. If there is a hatch to cover the window when the game launcher is not in use, then that should be the same color as the border color. Can this be done? A closed cover could prevent challenges from reaching my device within reason."

          End of Chapter 05


            Chapter 06

            Zecma listened to the idea since it was something the Dream Team had not thought of. "Clever idea, Larry. I need to send the Dream Team that idea to see what they think."

            Brayfang entered that information into the automatic launcher creation device and which a chime, the new launcher was presented to Larry. "Put this on your left wrist, card entry slot at the upper portion of your forearm and after you get a partner card, load it into the slot with your right hand, picture side up and head first. That way when you hold up your launcher, the partner is seen upside up instead. When you get a partner loaded, tap the picture and say the word "Activate". The partner will appear in the booth to share his nice abilities with you. You could get some cool powers from different partners in this particular way. If you want more partners later, simply do a task for me some day and I will pay you with additional partners instead of money. I am a pretty open minded ass overall. I know three would never be enough once you get involved. Just don't be a cheater."

            He then added, "Go to a game booth, enter and watch the game play movie before custom creating your partners. When it asks for your voucher, insert it into the slot to get a notch punched into the certificate. Once three punches are made, the certificate won't be useful anymore. Take your time and choose wisely. When you are done, return to the front of the shop and let me register your partner choices. Then Zecma can take you back to the school. Come on back any time later and we can spend some friendly time together."

            Larry nodded his head as he headed back through the many game booths to try to find the ones that would catch his attention. Recalling what Milky had said about his school club, Larry carefully located and examined all of the donkey based games until he found one that combined Power Suits with Heavy Metal Weaponry. It was a virtually new game called Jackitek. It was so new, that they had just got it set up that morning and the first card to be made was going to be Larry's. A fantastically muscular sexy stud of a hard on inducing donkey jack whom was clad in a full suit of Battletech armor and sporting a huge two-handed Zwei-Hander Combat Sword and a large Stun Phaser in his holster. When naked, the partner could be highly sexual on a dime but was selective in whom he had sex with. Larry named this ebony colored Donkey Jack demi-god as Kasi-Won He also was adept in the Jedi Knight skills of the Wicken Order. Teleportation was but one of his special abilities along with Telekinesis. The armor was a dark metallic grey while the sword shined like dull silver.

            Then it asked for his voucher certificate and when he inserted the paper, a message on screen read as "Payment Rejected; partner card awarded for free for being tricked by the girl's school." And then he had his card in hand. He wasn't sure what to make of that result since he had been told that the machines would punch out one of the selections on the voucher, yet he got the card and his voucher certificate was still fully valid. He inserted the card into his launcher with the cover window open and he tapped on the card and said, "Activate."

            Larry was then point-blank with Kasi-Won in the booth whom hugged him with his helmet in one hand as he gave the boy a kiss on the mouth deeply. "Thank you for choosing me, Master Lars. I will strive to serve you well in our battles. And now as is customary, I will share two of my abilities with you. Teleportation which will be useful in getting to school each day and Telekinesis which will enable you to mentally lift and levitate objects to your location at will. You could even levitate yourself with Telekinesis with practice."

            And he teleported himself back into the game card where his helmet was back on and he saluted Larry one time before resuming his combat pose.

            Larry was panting since he had never been kissed in that particular way before by man nor woman. And worse, Larry now had an erection of his own from getting the kiss. "Damn! Now to see if the other games will let me use the voucher. Kasi-Won got me all excited. It's a wonder I didn't make a mess in my pants because of him." And he stepped out of the game booth and he headed off to find his first official game partner.

            Within a game booth called Warren Court, Larry crafted a sexy legal representative that was a male combat hare whom was as built as Bicep was only this guy was an adult whom specialized in the Martial Arts but always ready to pin down a sex partner to plunder them if they lost a match with him. Larry didn't know if his sudden interest in sex was due to Kasi-Won or the mention of the Montropolis guys being highly sexual. He named his fighting ice-blue hare as Cold Casey. Then he used his voucher and this time, it received the hole punch and he loaded the card into his card launcher and tapped the picture saying, "Activate." Casey appeared in the booth with him and the hare hugged, kissed and groped the boy all over. "I won't let you down, Larry. I will share two of my abilities with you that you might find useful. Visit card partner's Home Realm Safely At Will Round Trip and Instant Cure of any disease or illness you might get from a citizen of the game worlds. I would like to mate with you some day, partner, but not here in the game shop. Well time to go back in the card; your jack is quite the warrior. I'd hate to be in a fight with him." And Casey vanished back into his card with a wink before assuming his sexy pose in the card.

            End of Chapter 06


              Chapter 07

              Larry had found a game booth that seemed greatly out of place. It was called Dragonfox Duels. Game play did not depict any dragons at all. Just these slinky fox partners whom looked like a cross between Wizards and Ninja. There was nothing small about these partners, especially not with the leathery wings like Brayfang had. Larry was strangely attracted to these magical rogues. There was a height minimum for these partners of five foot six at the smallest and up to nine foot tall at the largest. From Skinny to Obese. Larry created a tall lanky dragonfox partner with a chocolatey overcoat and an off-white creamy under coat. The flexible leather outfit was dark in coloration. Larry named the fox as Kita. Paying for the partner with his voucher, another hole punch was made and then he loaded the card into his launcher and he tapped the card window. "Activate!"

              Kita then appeared in the booth with Larry where he got a friendly hug. "Greetings partner. Despite the reputation my species likely has, I will behave myself at this time and share my abilities with you. Learn Wizardry and Perform Ninja Skills. You will be as great as myself over time. May we be famous for what we can do to our opponents." And he went back into his card. Larry was glad that Kita had not tried to make him cum down his legs like the others had.

              Larry was now looking for a mouse game to impress both Meteor and Zecma. The game was called Capitalist Warrior and Larry designed a big Devil Mouse the size of Fusion from the Soldiers of the Eternal Flame. His weapon of choice was a scepter with a universal money symbol on the end of it. The miniature horned large mouse wore partial fine chain linked armor over his torso which extended down to his mid-thigh. The monetary mouse warrior was silver and gold in coloration with shiny diamond like eyes. Larry named him Vault.

              Paying and loading his partner into his launcher, he tapped the window and said, "Activate!" Vault appeared in the booth and smiled at the boy. "Zecma prides himself on being the only Devil Mouse topside. So he might not be impressed by your making a Devil Mouse partner. But Meteor may be more open-minded since I'm a warrior and not a lap toy. But if you want to learn how a Devil Mouse does it, then you came to the right guy. As for shared powers, I will give you Devil Mouse Basics and Financial Expertise which permits good investments."

              He then gave Larry a passionate kiss on the mouth and a nip on his neck before squatting down and performing a fellatio on the nice boy. After swallowing the load, he cleaned up the groin and closed up the pants before getting upright again. "You don't know how nice that tastes to a Devil Mouse. Well, I better get back into the card. Let Brayfang know that one of the machines gave you a free partner so you earn honesty kudos with him. I can tell that he likes you. Not just anyone gets a free partner for suffering from a nasty girl trick."

              And he vanished back into the card where he held aloft his financial scepter and smiled as if he was about to smash a nasty mortgage monster.

              Larry was glad that someone helped him to reduce the size of his erection that the partners kept giving him. Honesty kudos sounded like a nice thing. He then returned to the front of the shop and explained to Brayfang and Zecma how one of the machines rewarded him with a free partner and exactly what the screen had said when it did it.

              He then explained, "I wasn't expecting it, guys. Anyway, my four partners are... Kasi-Won from Jackitek, Cold Casey from Warren Court, Kita from Dragonfox Duels and Vault from Capitalist Warrior. Vault was the one whom suggested that I honestly tell you guys what one of the machines did."

              Brayfang was scanning the bar codes of the partner cards and said with a smile. "Jackitek is brand spanking new, Larry. Since that was the free one, I'll go ahead and cover it as a promotional gift since the machine knew about your encounter at Japanopolis High's girls only school. What were those douche for brains females thinking? They had to know that you were a male from when you met the male teachers on Saturday."

              Larry said, "I'd say the confusion was that because Japanopolis has three high schools, the most popular one simply assumed that my mother was mispronouncing the name that they had on the transcripts that they had received from my old school on Earth, not realizing that only the boy moved to the planet and not the girl from the other family. They jumped the laser gun and got excited for the wrong reasons. I can forgive them if that was the mistake they made; but I think I lucked out for Zecma mentioning Austin High when I inquired about a closer high school. I am not disappointed by my experiences here at all. The school is nice, a few of the students I have met are also nice and this shop is awesome and you seem like an extremely nice donkey jack of sorts to be running this place. You have some superb games back there. I'd like to be experienced in more of them, but my money is tight currently." He then gave Brayfang a kiss for being so understanding. "I should get back to the school now and let the principal there know what partners I got."

              End of Chapter 07


                Chapter 08

                Zecma escorted Larry back over to the office of Principal Studyhoof Pleasureshore before departing from the school to check in at his game factory. Larry showed the nice donkey boy adult his partners as he again explained how one of the newest game booth awarded him with a free partner due to the trick the girl's school had pulled on him.

                Studyhoof smiled as he explained that choosing the partner cards didn't take all that long and Larry could still join the second hour class which was still in progress.

                Larry then arrived at the classroom where the instructor (a nice donkey boy adult) welcomed him and set him at an art workstation and told him what the current assignment was.

                The art class was fun and rewarding. Then he was allowed to attend Arcade Strategy where the room had a lot of classic arcade machines. It was like entering a functioning arcade within the school itself. Hard to believe that this was a class. He was asked to play an arcade game in a different way other than how he might play one and through this different manner, he was expected to show that he could play better. A challenge; but like the art class, it was a lot of fun and everyone was so polite.

                During the lunch hour, Larry checked in with Milky and showed him his card partners, explaining how the new donkey game awarded him with the card for free without having to use the voucher. Milky allowed Larry to sit next to him at his lunch table. The other club members were sitting at various tables dedicated to their species; but since Larry was the only real world human, he could sit wherever he liked. Milky hugged the boy and gave him a kiss on the mouth. "Welcome to my school club, Larry. I'll give you the club initiation later outside of school. It is a private affair that everyone should not watch and cheer about. Your other partner choices should please the other club members. I'll see to it that you get another partner of your choice after initiation. As club leader, I am good with my promises. Thanks for giving us a chance. I really like you."

                Larry remarked, "Zecma said it was okay for me to be friends with you and the other club members."

                Milky nuzzled his muzzle against Larry's neck. "I am glad he approved of our friendly manners. I want your time here at Austin to be the best you have ever experienced."

                Larry said, "So when I finish up with Partner Maneuvers in the sixth hour, I meet up with you in the hallway where the lockers are located so you can escort me to the private place?"

                Milky smiled as he nodded his head. "That's all there is to it. When we're done, then you can use your new teleport power to send yourself back to your bedroom at home and then I'd see you again tomorrow morning. I'll also teach you how to use teleport anchoring ability that is common place with most teleportation abilities. Tanchor allows you to set a safe to teleport to landing zone for your teleportation arrivals and you can have as many as you like and you can cancel any of them at any given time. They are easy to reset as well."

                Larry hugged Milky once again and he then focused on eating his meal. "Toon Physics should be really fun from what I was told about it."

                Milky grinned. "It will teach you how to do crazy things without sustaining any personal harm. And yes, real world humans can learn how to do this stuff. You wouldn't be the first."

                Larry commented, "I am glad you anime and toon donkeys don't smell the way real world donkeys smell. Of course some real world humans can smell either almost as bad or worse."

                Milky smirked. "It's all a matter of context, Larry. Only humans see a need to bathe regularly while feral animals simply exist since they don't have a preference to bad odor."

                Larry asked, "Before we finish up our lunch, what's up with how the school is keeping the species segregated although humans can sit anywhere? Doesn't this make it hard to talk to your club members if you're not allowed to sit with each other during lunch?"

                Milky shook his muzzle as he quietly explained, "Club members can speak to each other over the telepathic mental network once you receive the official initiation later. And that's one benefit you will get when you come with me after school. The mental network has an unlimited range so you can chat with any or all of use at any given time."

                End of Chapter 08


                  Chapter 09

                  Finishing up with Lunch, Larry attended Toon Physics and privately mentioned to the teacher what Milky had told him about using toon physics to avoid unnecessary harm. And he was given extra instruction on how to do what the toon/anime donkey had mentioned to him.

                  Then he went to Launcher Tactics where he learned how to utilize his card launcher device. And finally, he went to his assigned arena behind the school where he performed in the unmonitored Partner Maneuvers class where he got to have his partners out in the arena with him to give them all a work out and to learn how best to interact with them during challenges. At least three of the partners showed adoring affection to Larry while he had time with them. This made him wonder if he had acquired adult-themed partner cards.

                  Although there had been no age warning on the game booths.

                  Storing his partners back into his card launcher, Larry exited his last hour class and he went back inside the school building where he approached the front doors where most of the students were already waiting for the last bell to ring so they could leave officially. Glancing around, he saw Meteor and Bicep standing to one side smiling. "Hey guys. I'm waiting to tag up with Milky for my initiation later outside of school." Bicep replied, "We know. Milky told us to wait here for you to finish with your class."

                  Larry then said, "Guys... I get the feeling that HOOF provides adult-themed partner cards. Am I mistaken in thinking this? Most of my partners have voiced wanting to have sex with me."

                  Meteor winked. "As long as you resisted in school, then no, they are not considered adult-themed. But have you considered that real world human boys just turn on non-humans?"

                  That was logic that Larry had not considered; but it sort of made sense to hear Meteor say it.

                  Larry hugged on Meteor and Bicep fondly and then after a few minutes, the final bell rang and Milky teleported into their midst and he put his arms around his friends and Larry and he handled the teleport off to a private place somewhere outside the school. Although the surroundings smelled like the nearby amusement park. Chocolate and cotton candy smell were loud all around wherever they were currently standing at. Milky then said, "Everyone remove their clothes so we can get this initiation started. And then I can get started on Larry."

                  Once the clothes came off, Meteor mounted Larry first since his cock was the smallest; while that was going on, Milky gave Larry a deep throat with his own tool and fed the boy his magical anime donkey cum down his throat. Then after getting a filling from the mouse, Bicep mounted the boy next since his cock was the second largest of the three and this lasted until he filled the boy with his sticky hare creamy filling. Then Milky removed himself from the front and he mounted Larry from behind as Meteor fed Larry his cock and semen, and then after he emptied himself down the boy's throat, he pulled out and Bicep took his place while Meteor gave the boy a blow job and he coaxed Larry to cum in his mouth. Then Bicep took his place and he fed on Larry's cock to get more of the cum for himself. The Mouse used a wash cloth to start cleaning Larry up from the activity while Milky had the boy stretched nicely.

                  Finally, the anime donkey emptied himself inside of Larry's bottom insides. Larry gasped when he received Milky's jism inside of himself. But he never felt any pain from getting it from the three club friends at all. Bicep mentally explained that the pain he normally would have experienced only applied to real world animals doing real world humans and since they were all animated animal humanoids, Larry was lucky to be able to use Toon Physics to avoid any unnecessary damages.

                  When Milky finally pulled himself free of Larry's bottom, he said, "Welcome to the club, Larry. You are officially one of us from now on. Now sit still while Meteor finishes cleaning you up and I'll explain how to use the club powers to you so you can do everything we are capable of doing. We will even help you to learn some of our favorite Tanchor landing zones so you can come visit us whenever you like. Sure beats being at home bored off your ass on a rainy day, right?"

                  Larry remarked, "And how! You guys are okay! But how come your semen didn't taste like cum normally tastes? What I got in my mouth was like the wildest sweets and chocolate that I have ever experienced tasting in all my life! And for some weird reason, I still want more... Is that normal for club members? Because if it is, then I cannot wait to do that again! Too bad we have to attend school!" Meteor and Bicep both giggled as Milky replied, "During the Summer months, we sort of do what we did with you nearly every day. Now for the powers..."

                  End of Chapter 09


                    Chapter 10

                    After the initiation, Larry spent some time riding rides with his new friends and enjoying some of the local food and drinks, as well as playing some games to win prizes before being taken all around Austin Limits to the other Tanchor locations so Larry could learn the new teleport anchor landing zones.

                    And then as a group, they all teleported to Larry's bedroom and home where he allowed his new friends to learn his Tanchor location within his living quarters.

                    Afterward, Milky and the others teleported back to Austin Limits and Larry headed into the bathroom so he could bathe and make himself decent for being around his parents. No sense in letting them smell anime animal sex all over his body and breath. He also needed to shampoo his hair to get any sex smell out of his hair. He knew Meteor never cleaned his head or he forgot to. Larry remembered thatg human adults had sensitive noses that they loved using to punish their children when the kids got too dirty without explanation.

                    Larry almost wished he could live with the club members in Austin Limits so he could enjoy life as they did.

                    After finishing his clean up, he put on fresh clean clothes and he dropped his dirty clothes into the washing machine and got his laundry started. Then he went off to see what the family were doing. Within the living room, he found Fenton sitting with Bound, a kangaroo/rabbit hybrid partner from the game Hopping Mad. Also sitting in the room were Lea and Sally. Winston was not home from work as yet. Larry said, "Is he one of your partners, Fen?"

                    Fen smiled. "This is Bound from Hopping Mad. He is a pretty decent partner to have out in the living room. Do you have any decent partners you can have out in front of mom?"

                    Larry wasn't sure how to answer that, but he needed to say something since his mom was right there and he needed to bring someone out pretty fast. So he chose to release his partner Kita from Dragonfox Duels; the dragonfox was wearing a fancy wizard robed vest with shiny black leather bell-bottom pants his tails stuck out the back in a sexy manner. It was as if Kita sensed that Larry was in front of his mother and he quickly summoned clothes to hide his sexual appearance. Ninjas were like that. "This is Kita from Dragonfox Duels."

                    Larry then explained, "Dragon not in species, but in the professions the partners can acquire." Kita nodded his head to agree with what Larry just said. The other three partners would have messed this first meeting up since they all wanted to mate with Larry. Kita had been the only one to behave himself when Larry first activated him. "Aside from that, Austin High is a fun school. Japanopolis High lied to mom and when I arrived there, they implied their school was for girls only despite they knowing that I was a boy from the beginning."

                    Fenton arched an eye. "How could they have made such a stupid mistake like that. I am glad you got transferred to a school you could enjoy, bro." And he rubbed on Bound fondly.

                    Larry said, "One of the game booths at the game shop awarded a partner for free to me after it seemed to know that Japanopolis High tried to trick me. And then I got my regular partners with the voucher. So I ended up with four partners instead of three. I brought the safest one in my collection out into the living room. The others are aroused for some reason. Maybe you can ask Zecma if he will permit you to have a fourth partner of your choice like I got awarded for my being honest."

                    Fenton remarked, "A silly doof like me? I don't want Zecma to get tired of dealing with me. I still have homework to do after dinner. What about your schooling, bro?"

                    Larry smiled as he glanced at his mother. "Mom should get a kick out of this... they don't assign the required curriculum classes until the Senior year. So I have no homework at all until the twelfth grade. Had you stuck around, mom, you would have found this out for yourself instead of being satisfied after talking with the teachers and having Zecma bring you back home. Like Fen, I made friends with a few students as well as the game shop owner whom is impressed with me. If you want, Fen, I can help you with your homework."

                    Fen then asked, "What's the word on sexual species in Austin Limits. The Montropolis guys said that people whom don't wear at least a tunic or blouse and shoes have sex on the mind."

                    Larry replied (it seemed that Fen was trying to get him in trouble,) "The principal in Austin Limits stated that Mobians are the worlds worst in gay sex followed closely by Digimon."

                    End of Chapter 10
                    End of Episode Two.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Friday Sessions.