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[TS-00] M-01 Not a Fantastic Beginning

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    [TS-00] M-01 Not a Fantastic Beginning

    Maverick Yeoman Techno Heroes
    Episode One: Not a Fantastic Beginning.
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    October 10th, 2022

    Ace Wayne, the Prime Bat Hound
    David Husky, Hypknot (a husky with hypnotic powers)
    Tyr Beau, Turbo Blast (a 69 pound squirrel with a fantastic turbo-punch power)
    Gae Louie, Gluey Gecko (a gecko with super adhesive powers)
    Devin Vasilis, Copy Canine (a human boy whom can change into canines whom he studies their forms thereof)
    Harold Dangers, Night the Superdog (a werewolf boy turned quadruped black Kryptonian canine)
    Peter Vanderlin, Quagmyroo (a former human turned brownish red and somewhat dirty kangaroo boomer with quicksand powers)
    Wylie Thorpe, Flipside (a former human turned pink, purple, and green flamboyant anthro tabby cat)
    ~~ Hedz Immaculate and Taelz Immaculate, Wylie's Case workers (an angel and a devil mouse sized felines)
    Taj Michal Darkrook, Esquire of Darkrook Brothers Legal Services, Anthelyk (a mousy lawyer with explosive powers)
    Zechariah Hartman and Andy Sandios, a reindeer and a ferret (former 18 yr old humans turned cartoon animal people)
    Charles Winston, Centillion (a royal human with a vampiric like power that can kill unintentionally)
    Clarence Equine, Equinos (an ass of an equine hybrid stud with Underworld Lord powers)

    The In-School Training Team: The Mythic Warriors

    Chapter One: Eyesore Closure.

    MIT, Meta-Star City; QC Planet.

    "This is Lois Lane with WGBS-TV news near the River District of Meta-Star City bringing you the live report of the closure of one of the city's most infamous and questionable institutions, M.I.T.! That's right, folks! The Maverick Institute of Technology is being cleaned out after failing it's integrity check on behalf of General Sloan's Safe Visitation and Facility Cleanliness scheduled inspection! Animal Control, wearing Hazmat suits, are now emerging with the dean of the college in escape proof chains and a muzzle guard! As strange as this will sound, the Dean looks to be wearing a Bat Hound costume! I am now approaching the head animal control officer!" She walked over to the man in charge. "Lois Lane of WGBS-TV News. Is that really Bat Hound in your custody?" The officer in charge replied, "It sure looks to be him! Although he is choosing to take the fifth in regards to our closing the college!" Lois then said, "Pardon me for disbelieving in your claim, sir, but Superman and Batman once told me how to identify the super pets if it ever came up!"

    She then asked, "May I examine Bat Hound's collar tag? I won't be trying to free him!"

    Holding the Bat Hound in place for the reporter, Lois knelt down in front of the Great Dane and she reached out to grab the tag. Bat Hound tried to resist Lois' attempt; but animal control forced him to hold still. Lois turned the Bat Symbol over and everyone saw that the back of the tag was completely blank. Lois then said, "The real Ace the Bat Hound has veterinary information engraved on the back of his Bat Symbol tag! This guy is either a criminal fake or one of the Bat Hound Legion posing as Alpha Ace Prime!" She let go and backed away from the Bat Hound fake. The Dean tried to escape ferociously at that point but he got tasered by a nearby police officer after he had heard what Lois had said and then he witness the Bat Hound clone trying to escape.

    Superman and Batman arrived at the same time; the man of steel had been flying while the dark knight detective had been in his Batmobile. And to make matters worse, the real Ace and his sidekick Robbie the Robin were seated in the passenger side of the Batmobile.

    Lois walked over to the side of the Batmobile. "Ace? Were you aware of a canine pretending to be you being Dean of this poor excuse for a college?"

    Ace with his ever grim muzzle reached out and pulled the microphone close to himself as he replied, "Robbie and I have been helping Krypto over in Justice League Park in that TV show of his for the last few months. We have more than a dozen witnesses to vouch for us."

    Robbie smiled as he said, "If anyone says otherwise, my life story has reached the six hour length point for anyone whom hasn't heard it since last year. But I usually reserve telling my life story to criminal scum."

    Lois said, "The sad part is that the empowered hopefuls that were enrolled here have nowhere else to go to learn how to use their powers or to learn how to be a proper hero; the alternative is learning how to be a villain. I know you wouldn't want to be part of this fiasco, Ace, but perhaps a new school built elsewhere with Union support could be proposed. I know you have funds just sitting around not doing anything. Your partner, Batman, is always finding ways to donate funds that people want to reward him with. I know you really don't like doing the Krypto show nor attending Origin night with the other canines. So if not for yourself, but the poor students whom are likely going to be on the streets once this place is closed...?"

    Ace growled, "I know you like to pressure Superman into doing things, Miss Lane, but get that microphone and those cameras out of my face or else, I give the cue to Robbie."

    Robbie took a deep breath but that was all the warning Lois needed as she got AWAY from the Batmobile.

    Lois then saw Lord Pardusius emerge from the college. "Lord Pardusius? I know you are a busy lord, but what were you doing in MIT just now?"

    The Demon Panther Founder Core Lord smiled at Lois through his thick dark sunglasses. "Your viewers are going to get a kick out of this, Miss Lane. We discovered contracts and papers tying this latest fiasco in MIT directly back to the Hero/Villain Union of New England. The current union knew full well what was occurring here and approved of it. These contracts were signed by their union council of core members. Here, let me hold these up for the camera so you have a recording of the damning evidence." And Pardusius did as he said he was going to do. Lois gasped when she saw the signatures and the dates on the form. Pardusius said, "The Union will have to be replaced since they are as guilty as the fake Bat Hound Dean."

    Lois turned to the camera as students were being brought out of the MIT building some on stretchers while others nervously trembling as if they had been freed from mind control. "This has been Lois Lane coming to you live from MIT. Back to the studio now, guys."

    Robbie looked at Ace Prime. "Why didn't you just tell her that you were already working on the problem?"

    Ace replied, "She was on the air; I am not ready to advertise what I am doing in front of a live audience. We'd be attacked within one day. This is called subtle planning; an important lesson just now, Robbie. Don't forget it."

    Robbie nodded his beak as they waited for Batman to return to the Batmobile.

    A month passed with minor incidents. Dedicated heroes were on call constantly especially with the closure of the old Hero/Villain Union. The union closure was being called The End of the Age of Villainy on the East Coast. There were few union mice with hearts of gold whom chose to, without pay, supervise hero and villain activities throughout the East Coast simply to help keep the peace. Thankfully, Planetary Authority came in and working with Lord Pardusius, the new Powers Union was established within what was being called the Animal Lords Embassy. Then the call went out to heroes and villains to join the new union. Prime Ace Wayne was the first to show up with Robbie to get registered under the new union. Plus, Ace needed to speak to Lord Pardusius regarding the powers training school issue.

    The gold hearted union mice also came in to get union jobs and permitted themselves to be screened through the system to scrutinize their personal integrity. Those whom just wanted to screw the new system failed the enrollment and had to be turned away.

    Ace sat in the security office with Pardusius as he explained how he had been building a new hero training school in the Coolsville region; but he had to keep quiet about his activity in fear that the MIT lovers would have sabotaged the effort. With the new school ready to be authorized and opened, he as Prime Ace Wayne, not Bat Hound, would be the Dean of the new school. He also explained that the previous shit of requiring a high school education before enrollment was pure manure. Case in Point: Hero High accepted toddlers without high school educations. How could they get away with it and still remain open? He also explained that he wanted established union approved heroes on staff teaching the students at the new school, provided they had clean records and the time to dedicate toward helping the newer generation of empowered students and gadgeteers to reach the esteemed goal of superhero. You didn't need powers to enroll; another completely silly pile of manure that made no sense to enforce. Students whom had nowhere else to go could live on campus; others could live where they have always lived and just commute to school. His new school would also provide both a Primary and a High School education, along with a Trade School education if employment in public was later desired.

    Ace said, "I didn't want to take a chance on the old union, since I had heard reports of their corruption; that's why I waited until now to bring this up. My school is called, Maverick Yeoman Techno Heroes, or MYTH for short. The teaching method is maverick since we only employ unionized established heroes. We will help students to learn how to control their powers and we will provide them with classes on how to be a proper hero, gadgeteer, or even a legal vigilante. Graduates will get the privilege to come back and help to instruct the newer generations since they may know what the new enrollees are going through. Weekend socialization will be encouraged in our on campus wooded park. I even have a grudge match arena set up where students can vent their frustrations over personal issues."

    Pardusius smiled. "Sounds like you have planned ahead. But I will require a tour of the campus before I can give you the authorization permissions. Choose a day for me to come look over the place and you can open your doors around the start of next month."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Poor Primary Attendance.

    Maverick Yeoman Techno Heroes, Upper Coolsville; QC Planet.

    Ace sighed as he looked over the pittance of the few students who even wanted to give his school a chance. Tyr Beau, David Husky, Gae Louie, and later on because he had promised to attend, the original Harold Dangers from the Champions. It was depressing that for all of his work, he only had three active students currently. But he was trying to keep his word to them by giving them the education he had promised them. But all in all, he knew he had failed. Yet still, he was depressed. He really expected a Hell of a lot more students.

    This was disappointing.

    Tyr gave a hug to Ace's leg. "Hey, don't beat on yourself, Ace. Things will pick up. We're here."

    Gae KNEW not to hug someone at the moment. Or he'd stick fast to them. It had been a hot day and he was like a sticky rubber toy, at the moment.

    David said, "Ace... I know what you are thinking... And stop it." He poked his finger into Ace's chest, "You know that this is a new school and the fake Bat Hound succeeded in giving you a bad reputation which you have to overcome. It's not gonna be golden rays of sunshine. But that's NOT what we do here at MYTH is it? Give up and get fucking depressed over low first attendance? Or do we work even harder to show people we're where the good things are at?"

    Ace nodded and licked David's muzzle. "I know. But why did I get the bad rep? Lord Pardusius was able to prove that it was the fake and those instructors within that were the real bad guys. Why do I have the bad rep? If we could get Harold in here right now, it would not only cheer me up, but it would improve the standing of this school."

    David replied, "In a single word? Bat Hound. Despite what people tell you, reputations, even with proof, aren't re-cast immediately. It takes time. I agree it would but unless you can... I think we just have to face facts we have to start small."

    Tyr stated, "So if we can get Harold to come, you'll be cheered up?"

    Ace replied, "Yes, but don't trouble yourself. David is right. We have to start small. And I don't want Harold to hate me."

    Tyr said, "Okay, Ace. As you say..." But I have to convince Harold that you need him now. He'd help you if the reasons were good enough.

    The next day at the admissions office of MYTH, a young man walked up to sign on for classes at the Ace's new Maverick school.

    Originally from Missouri where he lived near a kennel and horse barn. Born on October 10th, he is a Libra who loves dogs and horses and any stories or comics involving those animals, especially naughty underworld hounds. He has short sandy-blond hair, hazel-green eyes, tanned skin, blue jeans, a dark green shirt, and sneakers. He stands at 6'3" and weighs about 235 pounds. He likes horseback riding, hunting, obscure underworld hound stories and pictures, and fizzy sodas.

    "Name?" asked the sexy Golden Retriever with white feathered wings from behind the desk.

    "Devin Vasilis, sir."

    He smiled up at the boy. "Nice manners. You're the first human we've seen in here, too. Desired Maverick Identity?"

    "Copy Canine."

    He arched an eye as he looked at the boy with a casual eye. "What is your power or ability?"

    Devin sighed. "I was afraid you'd ask that. Maybe I should just leave so I don't embarrass myself." And he started to turn to leave, but the retriever grabbed his arm and stopped him.

    "If you won't give yourself a chance, then how can we help you solve the issue with your problems. Now give... what is your powers?"

    Devin turned to look the retriever in the eye and said, "I can change my shape into any known canine superhero, complete with all of their powers and their very appearance. The only thing that doesn't copy is their voice and their eyes. The problem is... the only form I have practiced really good is Bat Hound from the Brave and the Bold cartoon series; not the Bat Hound from the Krypto the Super Dog series.. If I change into any other canine hero, I get stuck in that form until I sleep or get knocked out. Then I revert to human form. Getting stuck is so embarrassing."

    The retriever smiled. "Then allow me to see your Bat Hound form."

    Devin nodded his head and lowered himself to all fours and there came a fluid flash and in the boy's place was what appeared to be the new age Bat Hound. "How do I look?"

    The retriever smirked. "Oh man... Ace is going to do a double take when he sees you. You look hot! Okay, change back now."

    Devin then caused the fluid transformation again and he was back in his human boy identity. "So you see, I need training and help with my powers."

    The retriever gave Devin a kiss on the cheek and happily approved the form, then gave Devin a key to the shared dorm quarters. "North Wing, Dorm 2. You will be roomed with David and a few other canines. Gae Louie is roomed in another dorm. We try not to mix species too much in here, but since you change into canine superheroes, it's okay for you to be rooming with canines. Welcome to Myth, Devin."

    Devin smiled, kissing back, as he hefted his backpack and headed off toward the dorm where the others were probably playing instead of studying.

    End of Chapter Two.