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    Cmdr Quebuck stepped up the plate and took aim at a series of wheel mounted rotating bull's-eye targets and he aimed his great bow and arrow at the target. "Mercurabbit guide my aim!" And he fired his arrows one after another. But when the last arrow seemed as if it was to miss the target, a stranger's weapon shot the arrow and corrected its path so it likewise hit the target as well. When Quebuck looked up to see whom had done that, he saw a rather good looking female Egyptian falcon wearing a costume of her own as she was refastening her lasso whip to her belt. "I am looking for Nightflight, Commander!" He pointed the bow off to one side and then he resumed the rest of his Olympic stint.

    "Many Thanks, you handsome moose," she said as she flew over to land in front of Nightflight.

    "Greetings, Titan. I am Falcon Girl" then she whispered, "Billionaire Rhianna Farley, to my friends." Then aloud she said, "I have not only come to join your team but I come bearing gifts as well." She then lowered her voice to say, "I heard you guys were in need of lodgings in Anime Masters. Let me join the Titans and I will lend you not only the money at an incredible low rate, but the building crews as well from my father's company."

    Richard had heard of Farley Corp, luckily, and he was glad to be getting a female member to join the Anime Titans. "We can't afford to turn such a gift away nor such a beautiful new team member. By the power invested in me from Shticky Fox, I hereby grant you Titan's membership, Falcon Girl." Then he quietly explained a few of their real estate choices and the satellite idea to the new teammate. "So you see, we intended to make the Anime Titans a world wide hero team. But we got stopped when we realized that we were broke."

    Arabian Arrow said to Quebuck, "That was a quick deflection shot she made to correct your arrow's path, stud."

    Billy replied, "Except I was trying to miss with that last shot on purpose. At least the crowds loved it and we are getting a new team member out of this as well."


    Maggie handed the cup of joe over to Kitta when she entered the kitchen. "Nothing but the best for the Toon Titans. How did you sleep, Kitta?"

    The Toon Tornaduck was preparing for his testing later that morning. And since his powers were tornado manipulation, he wasn't sure what idea Kitta would have in store for him.


    Quicky's home

    Quicky smiled at Jason as he spoke normally for a change. "Thanks for spending the night with me, Jason. You have soft feathers. Although I should be taking my medication here soon."

    Jason arched an eye. "Medication. May I see this medication before you take it?"

    Within the bathroom in the home where Quicky lived, he handed Jason the bottle to look over. "One a day according to my doctor."

    Jason opened the bottle and removed a few of the pills, placing one in a holding container for Cyberbull to examine later. And the he sniffed the extra one and very carefully licked the surface of the medicine to see if he could identify what ever it was....

    ...When Jason woke up with stars spinning around his head, and a nasty looking brick wall bruise on his face, he found himself some blocks away from Quicky's home lying on the sidewalk as Quicky was kneeling beside him and an ambulance siren was heard approaching.


    Veronica got the call when it came into the Toon Titans' monitor room. "Is he okay, Quicky? What hospital did you say they took him to?"

    When Maggie and Kitta looked into the monitor room from the nearby kitchen, Cosmica said, "What happened, FF?

    Feline Flash looked over at the two ladies, "Quicky said that Jason licked one of his medicated pills and hurt himself afterward. They took him to ASPCA General Hospital. And the weird part was... Quicky wasn't talking all hyper like we saw him doing yesterday."


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      Taking another sip of coffee, Kitta then said. "Ask Quicky to bring his pills to HQ, and not take any more of them until SteerBot and Tornaduck analyzes them. And assure him that I am looking out for his best interests." She then looked to the Feline Flash. "Veronica, I am going to put the training of Tornaduck and Slippery Otter on hold for a day. Could you please have the Lutran sleeping in Fish Course for Twenty's quarters and to go with Wonderoo to the Hospital to check in on Jason. You'll be running the HQ while I'm away."

      Lady Narrator said, "What about Lunar Boomer?"

      Kitta bit her lip; she almost forgot about the emotional trainee. "Let he and Hawk train together until an alert pops up. Don't want a black cloud to form over Lunar's head; the furniture isn't waterproof yet." She activated her phone booth summoning device, and underwent a rather quick (and phone booth busting with her boobs) transformation, to get out of her nightie and become Super Duper Crazy Kitty. She downed her coffee quickly. "Is Bitch Bunny willing to join me in a little chat with Quicky's former mentor?"

      SDCS was staying on the sidelines with crossed arms. His thoughts were on how he was going to cope with his new powers and abilities, and still be able to keep Ernie happy. Unfortunately for Garth, the honeymoon phase of having Catniptonian powers and Dream 'n' Cream physique was over.

      Silver was there with his Cosmos Staff. "Having second thoughts about your choice, Garth?" The lupine said. "Whatever it is, don't worry about being judged. It's only natural to question yourself, friend."