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TT-06 Toons and Anime

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    TT-06 Toons and Anime

    Toon Titans
    Toons and Anime

    "Theatrics with a smile!" Join the crazy mysteries of the teen aged furries of ASPCA City/Porkland as they have junior hero adventures with a smile around every bend. And watch out for the Narrators and that crazy Theatrics Bell, too!

    This role playing game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.

    Starring, Toonmasters' Toon Titans:

    Redbreast (Jason Todd), an American gargoyle-fox - Lord Pouchlaw
    Feline Flash (Veronica Carmichael), an African black cheetah - Lord Pouchlaw
    Cosmica (Maggie Donnelly), a Futuristic white bunny - Lord Pouchlaw
    Wonderoo (Galatea Stavros), an Amazon albino kangaroo - Lord Pouchlaw
    Toon Tornaduck (???), a European Anasian green mallard - Lord Pouchlaw
    Quicky (???), an English hyper fox - Lord Pouchlaw

    Cyberbull (Victor Bullder), an African-American bionic bull - Lonewolf
    Super Duper Crazy Kitty (Kitta Kent), an Orange Catniptonian Tabby Cat - Lonewolf
    Static Hawk (Virginia "Virgie" Hawk), an American Boomtown Hawk - Lonewolf
    Slippery Otter (Elliot Cannonrider), a naughty Sea Otter - Lonewolf
    Lunar Boomer (Joseph Strife), a moody Australian Outback Were-Kangaroo - Lonewolf

    Also Starring, The Anime Titans:

    Nightflight (Richard Grayson-Kerry), an American robin - Lord Pouchlaw
    Ryuurider (Ernie Devlin), an Australian dragon - Lord Pouchlaw
    Commander Quebuck (Billy Moosden), a Canadian moose - Lord Pouchlaw
    Arabian Arrow (Argo Malverne), an Arabian stallion - Lord Pouchlaw
    Labyrat (Max Kerry-Grayson), a White lab rat - Lord Pouchlaw
    Guardian Shadow (Kamal Akmad), an Anubian jackal - Lord Pouchlaw
    Party Hare (Harvis "Harvey" Tetch), an English hare - Lord Pouchlaw
    Falcon Girl (Rhianna Farley), an Egyptian falcon - Lord Pouchlaw

    Sharklad ("Garth"), a Great White Selachiian (humanoid shark) - Lonewolf
    The Star-Spangled Wolf (Silver Pemberton, Jr.), a Silver Wolf - Lonewolf

    Featuring, TACT, The Anime Central Titans: (sidekicks)

    Tanurider (Ricky Descoonis), an American raccoon - Lord Pouchlaw
    Captain Quebuck, Jr. (Freddy Elkton), a Canadian elk - Lord Pouchlaw
    Artema (Paula Roeley), a white tailed deer - Lord Pouchlaw
    Tempest Roo (Jake Smythe), blue-furred wallaroo - Lonewolf

    Guest Starring:

    The Earthian Manservant (Joseph Devlin), a human from Planet Earth - Lord Pouchlaw

    Toons and Anime
    By Lord Pouchlaw and Lonewolf
    June 2nd, 2013

    Double-T Satellite HQ, Toon Masters Space

    Cosmica was feeding Quicky cookies to prevent him from talking and from being too hyper.

    The new Redbreast was with Super Duper Crazy Kitty in the meeting room. "I got your message, Kitta. I couldn't believe it when I heard you say you needed my help in running this team. I mean, I'm not as experienced as you and Nightflight are. I'm simply the new Redbreast. It is a huge role to fill. And Flittermouse isn't making it very easy on me."

    Toon Tornaduck was not only a great financier, but he was good in the labs as well. Which gave Cyberbull some company in the labs. "Hard to believe you chose to stay near all the babes in the Titans."


    Real Estate Shopping; Porkland, Horsegon, Anime Masters Space

    Nightflight and select others were exploring the outlying areas around Porkland where they hoped to set up the new Anime Titans ground-based HQ; they would build the Satellite later.

    Labyrat smiled. "Ah... the woodlands of Horsegon. An interesting choice for the new Anime Titans HQ, love."

    Nightflight smiled too. "I remember Seth telling me that on their Earth, Oregon was the usual home of several Kamen Rider teams, but they didn't have a superhero team locally. So I was thinking... why not? The Anime Titans could set up shop up here in the Great Northwest and get some pretty country at the same time. Not to mention being close to the ocean for Sharklad's usage. I hope he and the others are having fun at Oceanside today. We don't want Garth to dry out, you know. I wonder when he is going to become Sharkman?"

    Guardian Shadow looked to the Star-Spangled Wolf and said, "What do you think of all this greenery?"

    The Star-Spangled Wolf arched an eye. "I prefer bigger Metropolises over this... forestry."

    SeaDoe Bay, Horsegon; Anime Masters Space

    Speaking of Sharklad, he was making a decent show for the benefit of Ernie (as well as the other beach-going onlookers) with a nice sea water and ice show using his abilities he learned from Marine Otter and the Atlantean Mage. He wanted to entertain his boyfriend while taking some time to emerge himself in Sea Water and give his gills a decent rest. However, midway into making a statue of the toon dragon that earned his affection, he felt something took over, and the ice started to break where he was forming more detail. "What's this? Urgh... My magic's failing..."

    Back on Toonmasters...

    Kitta gave a desperate hug to the new Redbreast, though it was one of mutual respect. "Good of you to come and help. If you hadn't come to join me, I would've collapsed under the pressure of keeping the new recruits in line. And Quicky gets annoying when he's bored, and I'm already getting heat for KO'ing him the last time he looked over my shoulder. I could use your help to keep a level head in certain issues."

    Already having some nerves of his own. Lunar Boomer was sitting down in the common area, trying to sip some tea Static Hawk gave him, though the shaking had left more tea in his saucer than in his muzzle. He was going to go through his first training session outside of Zoostralia.

    Slippery Otter was enjoying the pool Sharklad left behind in his move to Anime Masters. After he joined, he had part of those chambers converted to a sandy shore where he could lounge in the buff and entertain others.

    "Having my artificial parts replaced with Skimplant Bionics have made me feel like less of a hindrance." said CyberBull to Toon Tornaduck. "I've been working to get better with Theatrics, and I couldn't have done that if I moved to Anime Masters with RyuuRider and Sharklad. Among the rest of the males in the team before the split."


      Redbreast smiled as he gently petted SDCK on the side of her muzzle. "I came. It was either this or help Flittermouse and the Flitter Twins refit the Flittermobile. Too many Flitters spoil the broth. Especially when one of the complains about everything. How could Richard deal with that as long as he did?"

      Toon Tornaduck nodded his beak at Cyberbull. "Not to mention getting to be around all the balloons, right?"


      Ernie was up instantly. "Oh no! Garth! Are you okay?"


      Nightflight looked back at Silver. "If you have a preference, speak up, Star. We're not much of a team if you don't share your opinions of where to be based at."


        "Not to mention, Lunar Boomer's moods seem to change like his magical attacks do during the moon phases." SDCK added getting back to her stress-filled itinerary on her clipboard. "Kangaroo Chief should've said something about the frequency of his mood changes when he recommended his apprentice to the Titans."

        CyberBull snorted in his signature manner, fogging up the entire lab. wiping the screen clean with the palm of his meaty and leathery natural hand. "Quite possible," he said gently.

        Garth looked to Ernie with a shocked look on his sharky muzzle. "Ernie... my magic's failing... Everything feels... tighter..." He suddenly glowed as much as the Theatrics Bell did when it was jinxed by Genie Mouse. Then it was a sudden Toon POOF that engulfed Sharklad in his entirety. As an ocean blue phone booth appeared in mid-air almost like a Tardis of Doctor Who fame. It spun around a couple times and did a few flips, before exploding in the combo of smoke and steam as it fell apart at the seems! Emerging out of the smoke and steam was a more buff Shark in a form-fitting wetsuit, emblazoned with a cross between the Super Duper Crazy logo and Sharklad's personal logo emblazoned on the middle of his chest. He looked like the perfect muscular shark (-otter hybrid) specimen, and his bulges in the groin area were bigger than they were in his previous form! It seems that Garth had made the change from Sharklad to Super Duper Crazy Shark, but how?

        Garth blinked as he looked around. "Ernie? W-what is happening to me?"

        Silver hummed. "I was thinking something like Chicargot or even Chimpcinatti would be nicer. It's my personal opinion, but I've always been a city slicker wolf. Too many trees makes me feel like I've spent most of my life in the suburbs."


          Redbreast hugged SDCK and prepared to let her in on a little secret... hoo boy; one more thing for the Crazy Kitty to be irate about. "Kitta... some heroes who have sidekicks would rather kick them in the side or more appropriately... into a coffin. So the first time the hero learns that a team wants their sidekick, they are inwardly overjoyed to get rid of them. So they don't give you a warning on how they can be. American Sparrow for instance... HATES Quicky. Capital H. And I don't mean Preparation H, either. She knew full well what you'd be dealing with when you asked for him to be on the team. She told Flittermouse that she was planning a vacation in the Bahamice and even offered to PAY Flittermouse's airfare to come with her. Kangaroo Chief probably is permitting his apprentice to join up, but will still be monitoring him. I don't know what Slippery Otter's nor Toon Tornaduck's quirks are. But whatever they are, they are sure to be annoying once you do learn of them."

          Ernie ummed... "Ah think we better call Zale as fast as possible! Yas just performed the phone booth transformation thing like the crazy cats do!" And he pulled out his cellphone to make the call.

          Nightflight hummed. "So you're more into the East Coast settings. I am tired of the East coast. I came to Anime Masters to get away from that."

          Labyrat then said, "How about this as a solution? Why don't we have both an East Coast HQ and a West Coast HQ with teleporters that would connect to the satellite once we get it built?"


            "I knew Flittermouse was like that," Kitta growled, remembering how Nightflight used Toonmaster's Staff to get his catharsis over the bat's bitchiness. "But American Sparrow hasn't complained about my action over Quicky's quirks like Joseph mentioned!" She reached into her cleavage, and popped a mint from her favorite tin. "I know that Kangaroo Chief would look after Lunar Boomer like Outback Legend watches over his Joeys in non-animated Australia." She then said, "Even that fish course for twenty Sharklad came with quirks when Marine Otter brought him in. I hope Slippery Otter isn't too different from Garth.

            Garth looked at himself, and even felt parts of his body to see if the muscles (and the bigger goodies downstairs) were fake. To his surprise and shock, the enhancements to his body was real, VERY real in an anime sense. "What is happening to me?!" He was shocked. He couldn't feel his magical abilities with water and ice anymore, and he looked like one of those muscle sharks in some of the magazines Ernie keeps in his room, only his tail was longer, and looked huggable.

            Some of the onlookers were applauding Sharklad, as if that was a surprise part of the show. It made the selachiian feel even worse.

            The Star-Spangled Wolf rubbed his chin in thought. "If I remember correctly, when we were on vacation while Toon and Anime Masters were being sorted out, CyberBull and I found out that one of the Ranger teams have a base where one ends opens up to a farm in America, while the other is a station in Australia. If CyberBull didn't decide to stay at Toonmasters, he would've explained it better than I could."


              Redbreast nodded his head. "By the way... since when are your mints in a heart shape?" Yes, he noticed.

              Nightflight nodded his head. "The Royal Adventurers had that arrangement, Silver. The American side was in Kentucky which was greener than this place is, and the Australian side was just up the road from the Sidarius Station. I looked over the place myself during the vacation. It is a good idea, you know. So where past the Mississippiggy River would you want Anime Titans HQ East set up at?"

              A shuttle craft flew in and landed on the beach nearby. When the hatch opened, Joseph Devlin, the Earthian Manservant, stepped out first and then he helped a fat SDCC and a fat American Rabbit out of the shuttle. "Now remember, guys... don't overdo it."

              SDCC waddled over where the transformed Sharklad was positioned at. "Did you accidentally eat one of Kitta's mints or something? You're dolled up in the Crazy Cat costume I used to wear, albeit reshaped for a shark like you."

              Joseph waited nearby petting and rubbing on Ernie. Hey, everyone likes Ernie.


                SDCK smirked. "Special order, after my cousin's manservant gave me a little motivation." She grinned. Wondering how FAT her cousin is right now.

                The Star-Spangled Wolf rubbed his chin. "Maybe it would be better in Floridolphin, possibly in Orlandoe?" He tilted his head.

                Garth shook his muzzle in absolute refusal of the idea. "Kitta would make me a real fish course for twenty if I ever did that! I don't know what happened to my powers... even these bigger muscles are real on me!" He started to get undressed, not realizing that this costume was far different than his old one. There was NOTHING worn underneath. "See?!" He didn't realize he was giving everyone a free show.


                  If Chip and Renny were reading this comic, then it just got X-Rated.

                  SDCC giggled, as all of the beach goers started applauding and whistling and cheering! "Um, Garth... look at yourself..."

                  Even Ernie had his camcorder out and was filming what SDCS was now doing! "What a movie for the Dream and Cream this will make!"

                  A female toon squirrel looked into the room where Kitta was. "I just finished sweeping the floors in your room, SDCK. What do you want me to do now?" Yes, the four winners of that contest were getting to help the Titans and hang out with their heroes. Those who chose the ladies and even Cyberbull were aboard the satellite, while those who won a place with the others were waiting for the new headquarters to be built so they could help their heroes.

                  Redbreast smiled. "How sweet. Just like the old Back-Up JFA days..."

                  Nightflight said, "I wanted a base here near Porkland to give Ernie something of his own, primarily. Its so weird the following Ernie is gaining out here in the West. Biker gangs; Rock bands; Surfers; and even Cultists simply because Ernie is the Magic Rider."

                  Labyrat smiled. "It's about time our little dragon boy got some attention of the good kind. Back on Toonmasters, the east coast fans were down right rude to him. But he said it didn't bother him at all. But I have to wonder if it did..."

                  Guardian Shadow said, "Ernie is our dragon; they can get their own."


                    "Thank you Eliza," said SDCK with a smile. "Why don't you go get some clay pidgeons and the launcher ready for target practice. I would like to observe what the Lunar Boomer and Quicky both can do when they set their minds to something productive."

                    Looking at Ernie's camcorder, then looking down at himself, Garth started to blush as his realization started to kick in that he was naked! He tried to hide his dual endowments, and found out that since the transformation, they were bigger than his fin-hands. He finally found solace when he wrapped the costume around his muscular waist. "Man... underwear shopping is going to be far different than what I remembered." He then looked to Ernie. "Please put the camcorder away, sweetheart. I promise that I'll give you more than a decent show later." He knew what Ernie liked, and he proved it with a knowing wink.

                    "I admit that Ernie deserves this after all the things in he had to go through when we lived in Toonmasters," said the Star-Spangled Wolf. "Scrutiny that led to the courts getting involved, and no fanbase in the East Coast. This should be far different for him, now."


                      Redbreast smiled at SDCK. "I take that back... you're treating your backup team a lot BETTER than the JFA treated theirs in the old days. I guess they figured out when the Titans started that they needed to clean up their act. I heard that their new backup team had their own base in ASPCA City."

                      Ernie giggled and continued to film his friend. "No way, Garth! This is for my dad and the blokes at the Dream and Cream!"

                      SDCC said, "I never did this for ratings... but if it works..." He winked at the comic book audience. "But I think we should focus on helping you with your current dilemma. Not having your magic and water powers can prove troublesome later on, since you are so used to using them. Super Duper Crazy powers aren't always the best meal, either. This must be the throw back effect from when Genie Mouse granted some of the team's wishes. Remember when Cyberbull asked the Team Narrator about Super Duper Crazy Shark and Kitta freaked out from the suggestion?"

                      The Earthian Manservant suggested, "Say, Crazy Cat... perhaps we should call in the magic users since undoing wishes is going to take either magic users or even..." He snickered. "...the arrange(r)ment of elder powers."

                      Ernie smirked. "Where's the Theatrics Bell when yas really need it?"

                      Nightflight smiled. "Another thing, Silver... where in our charter does it say that we have to patrol just one coast?"

                      Labyrat grinned. "Or one continent if you want to broaden what we could be doing. There are some big cities out there for the urban wolf stud to prowl around in."

                      Guardian Shadow hummed. "So I could patrol my native Cairoe, Ygept, and still be an Anime Titan. That sounds cool."

                      Nightflight nodded his head. "Now if our team was called the American Titans, then and only then would we be restricted to Americat. But we're not restricted. We're the Titans. I did give Kitta that hint in the notes I left her, so the Toon Titans can do the same thing. The one thing that puzzles me is why Shticky Fox chose to come with our portion of the team. I know he and Dark Side are all buddy-buddy and all... but I thought the comedy fox would have stayed in Toonmasters. Don't get me wrong... I like having him with us, too. He's fun to snuggle with."

                      Labyrat exclaimed, "Hey!"

                      At that moment, Cmdr Quebuck landed near the group. "Hey hosers! I just returned from advertising to cities that the Anime Titans were going to be available soon. So many cheers and fans of our team here in serious toon land. One fan asked me if Ryuurider would be leading a team soon. I didn't know what to say to the cute raccoon boy on his bicycle. Ernie has a fan club in Omahare, Nebraskat. That's where Ricky Descoonis lives. He said he likes to pretend he is a magic rider like Ernie, since he has so few friends to play with."


                        "If we make the same mistakes the JFA did," said Lady Narrator in a wise tone, "then we would be continuing a chain of mistakes made by those that inhabited this satellite. Even SDCK knows that."

                        SDCK gave a dirty look above that the Lady Narrator earned. "She may be annoying, but she's absolutely right about that."

                        The naked Garth couldn't help but to smile at Ernie's playfulness. That is what he really liked about him. Though he was confused. "Wait, if this is the Genie Mouse's doing, then why am I not suffering as much as CyberBull did?" He was starting to think that this was more of a blessing than a curse. "Besides, I'd be wheezing right about now, and I am not finding it difficult to breathe this air. What is wrong with being Super Duper and Crazy if it means I won't be having respiratory problems?" Not to mention, he loved his new physique. And was starting to flex, as the suit came down again, and every one got another good view, this time showing more to Ernie than what should be seen on the beach. "Yeeaah... these feel awesome."

                        The Star-Spangled Wolf said, "Then there's the underwater areas where only Sharklad can get to. Do you think he would appreciate some shortcuts to Atlantis and Lemuria?"


                          Redbreast hummed. "A narrator." He sighed as he looked at Kitta again. "You should be more nice to your narrator. You're lucky to have one. Unlike me and the other sidekicks out there..." That seems to imply a problem that was either overlooked during revisions or some ruling that was reversed that the Titans never learned about.

                          SDCC giggled again as he picked up the costume. "You're doing it again for the crowd. I hope Chip and Renny are framing this that comic panel. It reveals a LOT."

                          At that moment, Ernie stopped filming because his communicator beeped. He brought it up to his snout and activated it. "Ryuurider here."

                          Nightflight replied, "Are you specifically busy over there, cutie?"

                          Ryuurider grinned. "Just filming a naked shark with muscles. Long story. Let's just say that Kitta would not want to see this video. Whatcha need?"

                          Nightflight then explained to Ernie about Ricky Descoonis in Omahare, Nebraskat. "He's a lonely fan of yours in the Midwest, Ernie... think you might take your cycle over that way and... ask him if he would like to be your sidekick? It would probably make his day something fierce. You gotta treat your fans right or you might lose them."

                          Ernie made an 'aw' sound. "Sure thing, Nightflight. And thanks for telling me about this boy. Ah'll go spend the day with 'im and ask it 'e wants to be my sidemate." He giggled. "And if 'e says yes... Ah might spend the night with 'im and 'is parents. Ryuurider out."

                          He turned off his communicator as he put the camcorder away. "Duty calls, Garth! A fan of mine needs me in the Midwest! Yas see about getting yer act straightened up with SDCC!" He then pulled out his Kamen Rider Ryuu Changer belt and exclaimed, "Time to suit up!"

                          Ernie strapped the belt around his waist and shouted, "Rider Transform!" and threw his right arm at a diagonal to his left then rotated it clockwise until it was a diagonal to his right. Then he retracted it to his waist and thrust out his left arm at a diagonal to his right. After making that pose, he leaped into the air and shouted, "Ryuu Majo!" and then his internal powers activated his transformation sequence. His Ryuu Changer began flashing wildly with magical lights and cosmic power, as his stylized Rider Helmet appeared over his head, followed immediately by his Ryuu Majo red, black, and green costume with sterling silver boots and gloves that had a platinum edge. His Ryuu Blasters appeared in their holsters on his belt, as he landed on the ground for all to see. "Kamen Ryuu! Magic Rider!"

                          His motorcycle instantly appeared and he got on it. "Omahare, Nebraskat! 'ere comes Kamen Ryuu!" And he sped off.

                          SDCC smiled. "Ernie has a fan... how sweet." I wonder if a bedroom scene will be involved?

                          Irving (SDCC's Narrator) said, "Focus, Zon-El."

                          "Right. Now about you, Garth..."

                          Nightflight smiled. "Ernie is on his way to Omahare. Let's see about finding something lofty on the coast."

                          Labyrat said, "Real Estate shopping is hard work. Speaking of which, Silver... if the plan is to have two bases at first, then perhaps you and Kamal should head down to Orlandoe and see if you can find a place for our other base down there."

                          Guardian Shadow looked at Star Spangled Wolf. "Up to you, buddy. Floridolphin was your idea."

                          Argo and Harvey were off at the costume shop where the hare was getting a new costume to go with his new identity. Being a Titan was going to be a new experience for him.


                            SDCK said, "One of the reasons why I am gradually being less annoyed at her, like Zon-El became less annoyed at Irv after the clash of the Narrators."

                            Lady Narrator said, "That is true, Redbreast. Since she was Nightflight's successor after he moved to Anime Masters space, SDCK hasn't got on my case for making jokes before she does lately."

                            "Being a leader is one of the most busy career advances," said the Catniptonian female. "Who in our position would have the time to squabble with the narrators over the best theatrics? Besides, my first book was already sent to the Publishers in Dreamwolf." She smiled and then said. "Care to join me in letting Quicky and Lunar know about this practice session, Redbreast? You can help me keep a level head when dealing with that hyper kitsune."

                            Garth ulped, as he used some Super Duper Crazy speed to get back in his wetsuit costume to conceal his masculine sharky charms. "Dream and Cream recordings are one thing, but this might be a whole different fish in the sea..."

                            Silver nodded. "Let's go while we can. Maybe we'll get to see some fans who believe in the United Species of Americat as well as I do." He then smirked. "And even fangirls on the beach that might enjoy seeing you in a Speedo."


                              Target Practicing Range; Toonmasters Space

                              With the team gathered to watch the newcomers, Redbreast was instructing Quicky with a calm voice on what was going to happen and how he should react. "So you see, Quicky... Crazy Kitty is testing your abilities today. She wants to see how you do in practice. All you got to do is pretend that these clay pucks that are going to be launched are villains. They want to steal something very dear to your heart. Naughty bad villains must be stopped. Now step on up and when they are launched, you stop them."

                              He glanced at Kitta now. "I think he's ready, SDCK. Just give the word and hopefully he will surprise us."

                              Feline Flash and Cosmica stood at the ready both curious on how the newbies would do.

                              Anime Masters Space

                              SDCC smiled at Garth. "Shall we go to a more private location to help you with your powers? Come back to my place aboard the shuttle. I'm still pregnant myself and I am feeling the need to use the litter box, if you catch my drift." He started back toward the shuttle, where the Earthian Manservant and the American Rabbit were waiting for him.

                              Chateau Kent Overlooking Los Angeleos, Cowlifurnia

                              SDCC barely got himself into the bathroom just in time, as Joseph escorted Garth to the Crazy Training Chamber.

                              "Are yas sure yas want to keep powers that was inadvertently given to yas by a villain magic user back in Toonmasters via wish? Ah only ask because Ah think it is strange that when yas blokes got Genie Mouse back into the lamp, all of 'is magical mischief supposedly turned off. Yet yas now 'ave powers granted to yas from that wish Feline Flash made when she and Cyberbull were guarding the lamp."

                              Cetaceanside, Horsegon; United Species of Americat
                              Cliff Top Overlook

                              Nightflight was breathless. "This is it, Max. The future home of the West Coast Anime Titans." It is funny that he would choose the exact same location that the American Eight in Dreamwolf chose for their headquarters.

                              Labyrat said, "It is very impressive, Richard. I could see me swimming down on that beach nearby. And the access for Garth would be awesome, too."

                              Orlandoe, Floridolphin; United Species of Americat

                              Kamal and Silver were now shopping on the East Coast. Hopefully they would find something just as nice as Nightflight had finally found.

                              Guardian Shadow hummed as he looked around. "What kind of place are we looking for, Star Spangled Wolf?"


                              Omahare, Nebraskat; United Species of Americat

                              On his motorcycle, Ernie as Ryuurider arrived in the mid-western city and located the school where Ricky Descoonis attended. He went and spoke to the principal first, then after a few minutes of discussion, the two went together to the classroom where Ricky was currently sitting in class... depressed.

                              The male raccoon Ryuurider fan had just been teased yet again during lunch by his fellow peers regarding how his hero would never come see a nobody like him. Being depressed affected his classroom performance.

                              The principal, a buck deer toon himself, opened the door and said to the teacher, a female horse toon, "Sorry to interrupt your class, Mrs. Whinmore, but someone came all the way here to see Ricky Descoonis. And I thought the whole class should get this treat as well."

                              "Very well, Principal Hartley," she said. "We haven't started anything major as yet anyway. Bring your guest in." She could see who it was from where she was seated and she was smiling to see who it was.

                              The principal cleared the door first and after a pause... Ryuurider walked in through the door and struck a pose in front of the entire classroom. "What's this Ah 'eard about 'ow Ah'd be too busy to come see one of my fans? Hmm?" He winked with a smile, although he was looking directly at Ricky.

                              Ricky's eyes nearly bugged out as he slowly stood up and smiled himself. "You came... you really came. I... I... did I fall asleep in class again? Am I dreaming?"

                              "Ah'm as real as the son of MagiDragon can get, mate! Now come on over 'ere and give me a 'ug! Ah drove a long way to see yas!"

                              Ricky didn't need another invite. He was hugging the toon dragon immediately as the rest of the class mates were now standing up as well. "You're really here; thank you; thank you." He was sobbing a little.

                              Ernie then said, "As an Anime Titan, and to inspire everyone in life, Ah can answer a few questions for the class. So don't be shy; lay them on me." He then removed his helmet to reveal his cute toon dragon head... moments before he put the helmet directly on Ricky's head. "Try not to muss up the visor, mate."

                              "He's letting me wear his own Ryuurider helmet! Mom and dad will never believe this!" The raccoon boy was excited.