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TT-05 Theatrics Revised

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    Richard said, "There is this school... well, we can't even call it that... a private institution... over near Fargoat, North Dakata, where they have been running an unusual contest for over a month. Apparently Shticky Fox knew about it but forgot to mention it to us until today. Anyway, this is how the contest works... four lucky teen toons, two males and two females, get to spend a whole year as our backup team and/or sidekicks. To enter the contest, they had to write their names on the forms, and answer two questions. If you could be any Toon Titan, who would it be? And why would you want to be them? Their why answers were supposed to be explained. The private school sent Shticky Fox the box of entries while you guys were gone and I've been looking them over. You see... we get to choose the four best ones. However, there is an additional rule here... if you choose a winner who likes one Toon Titan, the you can't choose another who likes the same Toon Titan. That way, the four winners get to spend time around those they said they'd like to be. So now you see the problem. But it goes deeper than that."

    "Static Hawk, Star-Spangled Wolf, Wonderoo, and Guardian Shadow were not Titans when the contest started. So no one chose them since no one knew they were coming. And now for the real sad part... there isn't a single entry mentioning Ernie. Everyone else has stacks of entries to read through. Some answers are short and blunt, while others are not only lengthy... but embarrassing sometimes."

    "Now for the mystery... one of the entries addressed to me was written in Quizzle-Code. Max taught me how to decode the stuff ages ago. The message reads that this guy is hiding out at the school and needs to talk to us about Toonmaster. He says it is very important that we no longer talk to Toonmaster until we speak to him first. Any comments on this situation of forms and plea for help?"

    Cosmica was thinking, Poor Ernie... not a single entry for a fan wanting to be him.

    Veronica said aloud, "Fargoat is in my home neck of the woods. I could plan a fake trip to go visit my folks, then speed up there at night and see what the contact has to say. I mean, no sense in all of us going and being mobbed by fans... and possibly making Ernie feel non-existent."

    Max grinned. "The contact showed the wisdom of Solomonkey in writing the note in Quizzle-Code."

    Kamal asked, "Garth has fans who would want to be a shark-otter hybrid? Those kids need a psychiatrist."


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      "For once, I agree on that one," SDCK said, making a face in reaction to that. "And here I thought that the fish course for twenty was all shark, double bulge in the speedos and all." Man she hated it when he would come out of his pool in the morning wearing nothing but a lycra swimsuit between his 'torpedoes' and the everyone else!

      Lady Narrator said, "Actually, Kitta, it was mentioned when Marine Otter noticed that Atlantean Tiger Shark fella that came around from Earth. He did mention that Sharklad is a shark-otter hybrid, being both of Atlantis and Lemuria."

      While SDCK mulled this factoid over, CyberBull hummed, "That is pretty terrible. We are all fond of Ernie, yet hearing that would probably crush that little Dragon Boy's spirits."


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        Shticky Fox said, "Under Richard's suggestion, we are conducting a secret poll on both coasts and in other countries to see who all IS fond of our little dragon boy. The East Coast survey has been returned, so far... and it seems that Ernie's popularity is only good among government agencies and surprisingly... rock bands. But the general public thinks Ernie's motif theme is too non-Americat for their tastes, preferring heroes like Star Spangled Wolf instead, someone who truly represents the United Species of Americat. We are still waiting for the other polls to return."

        Richard had a wing over his eyes and it sounded like he was growling. "That's like saying that any Titan who isn't wearing Red, White, and Blue or a facsimile of the Americat flag doesn't deserve to be on the team. I am getting really sick of Toonmasters."

        Cosmica said, "I think anyone who doesn't like Ernie should get a spanking."

        Feline Flash nodded her head. "I agree. Be back in a bit." And she sped out of the room on her secret mission.

        Guardian Shadow hummed. "MagiDragon did say that Ernie's time with us was under a trial basis only. So if he isn't popular on the team, what can we do? He's always supported the rest of us."


        Late that night, Feline Flash arrived back on board the Double-T Satellite with a guest in tow. She took him straight to the meeting room where most of the others were awaiting word back from her. Much to everyone's surprise, however, they saw that the toon whose ears were being held in Feline Flash's grip was none other than Hatter Hare. "Can you believe it? HE sent that letter!" She then thrust him into a chair at the meeting table. "Make it good! We have Shticky Fox in attendance, so no funny business!"

        Hatter Hare gulped when he saw the angry look he was getting from SDCK, so he tried to focus on Richard instead. "As you know, that little misadventure we had together where Kamen Ryuu saved the day... I got locked up and then he got called into court. Well, here's the real story on what really happened... I was creating a plot to use against the Justice Furries when all of a sudden Toonmaster summons me to his chambers. When he summons you, you don't have a choice; you just go. He tells me to get the Toon Titans under a spell but to make it so Kamen Ryuu isn't affected by my cards. Almost like he had an immunity."

        Richard slowly sat up, clearly interested now. "Go on."

        "When your cute little dragon was to defeat me, I would sit in prison for a short period of time before drawing up a charge against him as you witnessed first hand. The whole purpose was to bring the East versus West conflict to the forefront of the public's attention. He offered me a clean start in the new Project World if I did my part right. Like most toons who was tried of Theatrics yet didn't want to live solely in the West, I agreed to his proposal."

        "When the case ended and the work on fixing things began, I went back to Toonmaster's chambers to ask about my reward and that's when I saw something..."

        Richard nodded his beak. "What did you see, Hatter? We need to know."

        Hatter Hare sighed. "There was a totally different version of Toonmaster sitting in Toonmaster's chair. He greeted me, thanked me for a job well done, then he told me to go home and await my reward. Then he and I got into a fight. He fought very sloppily. He for some reason wasn't using his Theatrics Scepter. I knew where the real Toonmaster kept it yet this guy obviously didn't know where it was. I kicked him through a coal chute, grabbed the Theatrics Scepter and used it's power to teleport myself to safety. I've been hiding out at the school ever since. I wasn't sure what to do until I heard one of the teachers mention the Titans contest. That's when I knew I had to take a chance and use an old trick Max Kerry had taught me to send Nightflight a message... in Quizzle Code. I knew Nightflight and Quizzler had married, so I hoped Max had taught Richard the code. Then I waited and when Feline Flash showed up..."

        "I almost killed him until he admitted that he sent the note and it was important," finished Feline Flash glaring at him. "I'm still watching you."

        Shticky Fox hummed. "A different Toonmaster. So that's why the heroes are getting shafted and the West is being singled out. There's a fake in charge of the planet."

        Richard glanced at the team. "Comments are being accepted at this time, my friends. Hatter Hare says that plan came from the real Toonmaster simply to get the West issue into the courts. And if he is right, then I have a bone to pick with Toonmaster myself. Real or otherwise... Ernie wasn't offered any compensation in this whole ordeal at all and he was sent off as a punishment to train with Toon Justice in the West."


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          SDCK hissed towards Hatter Hare. "A fake mouse that will become my next meal for being a fake, and you will be slammed back to last season!"

          CyberBull deduced, "Not to mention, leave us a few members short for a while. Who'd a thunk that the Star-Spangled Wolf, Sharklad, and Arabian Arrow would go with him."

          SDCK glared at the cybernetic bovine. "Tell us something I don't know, SteerBot!"


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            Richard cleared his throat. "There will be no threatening Hatter Hare at this point and time. We do have Shticky Fox in attendance and Hatter did ask for our help and protection. If he says that Toonmaster set us up, then that is who has earned our ire. However, as a show of good faith, Hatter, I ask you hand over the scepter to me. You said you took it and used its powers to escape from the fake." He held out his feathered hand.

            Hatter Hare nodded his muzzle and held out his sleeved arm where as the scepter slid out from one of the sleeves sockets where Hatter would normally pack mind control cards. "As a show of good faith for your protection."

            Richard grabbed the scepter in hand and examined it closely.

            Shticky Fox said, "Do be careful with that, Richard. While you hold it, you are in effect Toonmaster and thus you could cause anything to happen at will even without meaning to. It makes you that powerful. We are fortunate that Hatter Hare knew enough not to hold it for too long himself. Otherwise the entire planet might have looked like Wonderland."

            Nightflight had a slow grin on his beak. "Anything?"

            Cosmica said, "Uh oh... the leader has that 'look' on his face."

            Across space within the Flitter Lair, Flittermouse was repairing the Flitter Jet when all of a sudden, from the neck down, her costume simply teleported off into the laundry leaving her exactly what she had been doing albeit naked. "I suddenly feel a breeze." Then she looked at herself and shrieked. "WHERE IS MY COSTUME?!"

            Richard grinned. "Oh, that was soooooooooo worth it."

            Max was giggling himself since he knew what Richard had always wanted to do as a joke to the cranky old bat lady.

            Richard smiled at Hatter Hare. "You will be staying here for a while, Hatter. But no using your powers on the Titans ever again. Promise?"

            "I promise and cross my heart. Even resisting the urge to make the Theatrics Bell ring I promise," he said as he made the cross shape on his chest.

            Richard looked at Kitta. "He gave his word, Crazy Kitty. So he's off limits for a beating now. Save it for the Toonmaster Mice. They are going to be in so much trouble."


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              SDCK hissed at the idea of not beating Hatter Hare down, but the Toonmaster Mice seemed to be a better alternative to vent her frustration to physically. "Fine by me!"

              CyberBull hummed, and silently wondered if he should've wished for her extreme temper to make SDCK pale when Genie Mouse was let loose? "Wonder what happened to the Super Duper Crazy Shark Bit... Team Narrator?" He winked just to cause a reprieve in Kitta's anger."

              Her eyes bugged out. "Say WHAAAAAAAT?!"


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                The Team Narrator replied, "According to the character scripts, that effect is still on Garth and was never removed. It says here... the magic can only be removed the day Kitta gives him a kiss while being humble. Otherwise, the powers upon him may end up permanent and then... Super Duper Crazy Shark will be the result. Hey! Don't growl at me, Titans! I'm just reading what the notes provided to me say!"


                Later that night, Ernie, Garth, Argo, and Silver returned to the Double-T Satellite from their Toon Justice training month, although Ernie was thinking that his stay with the Titans may only be temporary since he really LOVED the Toon Justice crew a bit more than the Toon Titans. He never really belonged with these older young adult toon heroes. Most of the Toon Justice crew were more his age. Plus, he learned some things from the TJ training simulator.

                Nightflight welcomed each one home and hugged each one. "Glad to have you boys back. We have cake and ice cream just for you lost Titans. We even have a few new members who joined while you were gone."

                Ernie nodded his snout, although his expression seemed to want to say something else. "A party for us joeys? Awww... yas shouldn't 'ave. Will Kitta be poppin' out of the cake in a bikini?" His mind was already in the gutter.

                Nightflight ummed... "Hatter Hare is currently with us under Shticky Fox's protection. Kitta can't stand it but there is nothing she can do right now. He says a fake Toonmaster tried to kill him after this fake hired him to set you up for that fake trial, Ernie. He came clean and told us everything. Labyrat is keeping him company at the moment, under extra watch. Also, I will be paying for any new costumes you boys want to procure. Everyone on the team got new outfits."

                Argo smirked. "I actually made myself a new costume... or lack there-of, if you want to call it that." He winked with a sly smile. "But you saw that when we made that video call a few weeks ago."

                Nightflight smirked too. "You looked good in that." And he gave Argo a kiss on the mouth since he liked Argo more than anyone. "I am not sorry I saved you from the Gag'em City police back then. You're my friend."

                Argo was blushing. "Friends..."

                They were soon seated at the team dining table where the huge cake was levitated in and set upon the table and bowls of ice cream were being distributed. And yes, Hatter Hare was there in his casual clothes. He had changed out of his Hatter gear which revealed... a pretty cute looking, almost shy hare boy. He was seated between Max and Shticky Fox.

                Hatter Hare said, "My real name... is Harvis Tetch, although most of the other villains just call me Harvey. I'm sorry I even agreed to target the Titans. None of you guys are... even enemies of mine. I was just doing as Toonmaster asked."

                Ernie couldn't be upset with such a cutie like Harvis since Symphony might hear about this otherwise. And he liked the mute long eared pianist.

                Argo petted on the hare. "Maybe another villain seeking to join the good fight and be... need I say it... respected?" He winked at the shy hare. "Heck, it pays well."

                Veronica smiled. "Good to have you back, Ernie. Like my new threads?" She modeled with a smile.

                Ernie grinned. "Shiny."


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                  Sharklad hummed. "I think that Victor's new costume is the most revealing when he has his bionics camouflaged to look like the rest of his natural body." he winked.

                  CyberBull blushed. He could still remember the time he and Ernie's half-brother were 'showing off' to Ernie. In fact, he remembers everything since his 'death.'

                  SDCK drank a cup of coffee while reading through fan mail on her palm pilot. She was still not happy that Garth possibly could turn into Super Duper Crazy Shark. He wasn't even part-Catniptonian!

                  Static Hawk smiled. "It's nice to see all these Sugas come back. Who else would I get to introduce myself to?"


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                    Ernie then stood up and said to one and all, "My friends... yas are too kind to make this party for the others and Ah. But alas, and Ah 'ave been thinking about this for the last month... my father was right: my being in the titans was a trial outing only. Ah know all of yas would accept me if Ah stayed, but Ah cannot. As Harvey saw during our fight, Ah'm just not theatrical enough for Toonmasters. Ah love Shticky Fox a lot; always will... but Ah won't lie about my own ability. Ah can no longer function as a 'ero in the Theatrical Toonmasters. Therefore... unless something else becomes available, Ah need to focus on my new career in greener pastures. Sad to say, Ah love the West Coast setting. Plus, a few bikers were asking me for advice and Ah seem to be gaining a Toonmasters West following. Ah already know about the fan ratings 'ere in the East. Ah 'ave none. It doesn't really 'urt my feelings, believe me. Ah'm just not funny enough to 'ave fans. If my devices malfunctioned ever other moment, then yeah, Ah'd be funny. But my dad wouldn't tolerate my possibly getting 'urt just for a laugh. Ah really didn't want to be the killjoy of the party, but my time as a member of Titans East is done."

                    Nightflight looked at Shticky Fox with a sigh. "Sir... we need to make a decision about Toonmasters West. As soon as possible. I don't want to lose Ernie simply because he isn't funny. We love him."

                    Shticky Fox hummed. "We need to sort out Toonmasters and his fake first. Then I will have a talk with Darkside during our upcoming toon vacation. Maybe we can invade Planet Earth for a month or two*."
                    *this is a reference to Outback Rescue episodes starting with PROR #36, Toonmaster's Vacation.

                    Guardian Shadow smirked. "Maybe we can check in with Deryk Devlin to see if Valon turned him into a blimp again." WHAT?! Did the stuffy old Anubian hound warrior just crack a joke?


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                      Sharklad was also of like-minded thought when it comes to Titans West. He enjoyed being around them more than he did torturing Kitta. But he will reveal his decision on that a little later. He didn't want to spoil the party any further than it has been. He just kept looking towards Ernie whenever the Toon Dragon was 'not noticing.'

                      Static Hawk looked at Sharklad with a curious look.

                      CyberBull hummed. "How should we trap a Toonmasters Mouse impostor, Richard?"

                      SDCK was not happy at all as she cracked her knuckles. "I have a lot to be mad about, and it's not Hatter Hare, this time.

                      "Can you think of nothing else than what you are mad about, SDCK?" asked Sharklad with a smirk.

                      "Says a fish that sounds as lovestruck as you, Fish course for twenty!" retorted Kitta.
                      End of TT-05 Theatrics Revised

                      Look for the Toon Titans and the other Toonmaster heroes in
                      Power Rangers Outback Rescue, Episodes #36 through #40.

                      Stay tuned for TT-08 Toons and Anime