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TT-05 Theatrics Revised

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    TT-05 Theatrics Revised

    Toon Titans™
    Theatrics Revised

    "Theatrics with a smile!" Join the crazy mysteries of the teen aged furries of ASPCA City as they have junior hero adventures with a smile around every bend. And watch out for the Narrators and that crazy Theatrics Bell, too! This role playing game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.


    Nightflight (Richard Grayson-Kerry), an American robin - Lord Pouchlaw
    Cheetahna (Veronica Carmichael), an African black cheetah - Lord Pouchlaw
    Kamen Ryuu (Ernie Devlin), an Australian dragon - Lord Pouchlaw ----- Currently absent
    Captain Moose (Billy Moosden), a Canadian moose - Lord Pouchlaw
    Sahara Hunter (Argo Malverne), an Arabian stallion - Lord Pouchlaw ----- Currently absent
    Cosmic Wizardess (Maggie Donnelly), a Futuristic white bunny - Lord Pouchlaw
    Labyrat (Max Kerry-Grayson), a White lab rat - Lord Pouchlaw
    Guardian Shadow (Kamal Akmad), an Anubian jackal - Lord Pouchlaw
    Wonderoo (Galatea Stavros), an Amazon albino kangaroo - Lord Pouchlaw

    Cyberbull (Victor Bullder), an African-American bionic bull - Lonewolf
    Super Duper Crazy Kitty (Kitta Kent), an Orange Catniptonian Tabby Cat - Lonewolf
    Sharklad ("Garth"), a Great White Selachiian (humanoid shark) - Lonewolf ----- Currently absent
    The Star-Spangled Wolf (Silver Pemberton, Jr.), a Silver Wolf - Lonewolf ----- Currently absent

    Theatrics Revised
    By Lord Pouchlaw and Lonewolf
    May 3rd, 2011

    Lord Pouchlaw
    May 3 2011, 07:19 AM

    It was a few days after the Ernie Devlin court trial.
    (NOTE: This episode occurs at the same time as Toon Justice Episode 1.)

    The Toon Titans had gained four new team members, which was going to be a good thing since Ernie, Argo, Garth, and Silver had all gone to train with Toon Justice in Toonmasters West.

    Having seen Super Duper Crazy Cat in his black costume gave Nightflight some new ideas and so today he and his hero friends were at the Costume Shop toon tailor in Connecticat, where Richard suggested new costumes for the team. Especially with the Theatrics Bell on hiatus until Toonmaster re-authorized it's official usage again.

    Cosmic Wizardess smiled. "This will be a learning experience. Seeing what imaginations our team have in the way of costumes."

    Labyrat smiled, too. "New costumes are good for everyone. Especially for the photo shoot later on."

    Cheetahna said, "I don't know about a LOT of you... but I could really USE some new duds. My parents made these for me."

    Guardian Shadow simply sat quietly off to himself. He didn't see the need for all the fuss, since he simply wore Ygeptian Armor as his costume. A little polish is all he ever needed.

    Captain Moose stood still while the tailor measured him. "Don't know what the ancient wizard will say about this, but I do this for the team, eh hosers."

    Wonderoo exclaimed, "Ah like my old costume, mates. Yas don't know 'ow 'ard it is to fit something on a roo."

    May 3 2011, 01:46 PM

    CyberBull was keeping perfectly still, while the tailors started to measure him for a newer costume. Having Skimplant Bionics made him feel a bit more naked in his old costume than when he was wearing his original bionics.

    SDCK hummed, grumpy that she doesn't have Sharklad to toy with. And even more grumpy because the theatrics bell was put on hiatus. "Maybe I could use something more.... form fitting. Better than looking like a cheerleader all the time." She then mocked a cheerleader. "2! 4! 6! 8! What does this cat appreciate?!" She slumped back in the chair, and put a mint in her mouth. "A more form fitting skirt, perhaps?"

    CyberBull muttered, while having a fourth wall moment. "Whoa... SDCK really IS in a mood."

    Lord Pouchlaw
    May 23 2011, 01:24 AM

    Nightflight hummed. "This is like the second time Garth has been absent and we get to see SDCK in a mood because of it. Why don't you just admit it, Kitty? You're in love with him."

    Cosmic Wizardess remarked, "She won't do that because it wouldn't be humorous to make that statement. Not to mention, with the Theatrics Bell on hiatus, its a double mood."

    May 23 2011, 01:49 AM

    SDCK crunched onto her breath mint, as she got up on the platform to be measured for her new costume. "For once, Bitch Bunny is right; it IS a Double Mood. And I am NOT in love with that Trout. I've seen his eyes lock on the fellas, anyways." She then look to the tailor. "Get grabby, and regret it!"

    CyberBull sat down, trying not to give the others any ideas while he was still in his old costume. "I don't think you should be talking about Garth like that when he can't be here to defend himself, SDCK."

    "Shut it, SteerBot!" The Catniptonian snapped.

    CyberBull snorted, then looked to both Nightflight and Labyrat. 'A little help, please?' he mouthed.

    Lord Pouchlaw
    Jul 27 2011, 09:56 PM

    Nightflight replied, "Garth is on the west coast with Ernie and the others. And don't forget that Kitta isn't locked to the east coast. She can fly out there any time she likes. And because that seems to be the truthful facts, I would say her angst we are seeing right now is because of the Theatrics System being on hiatus. None of us can score any points while the system is being repaired. And it isn't like any of us were abusing the system... we just do what we do best."

    Labyrat commented, "The Theatrics System... like the villains inability to have Narrators... definitely needs to be rethought. Cracking a joke in front of people just so you can hear the bell ring is a very sorry way to judge theatrics on this planet. If I was in charge, I know what I would do..."

    Before anyone could comment on that, Toonmaster suddenly appeared in the room with the Toon Titans! "Since you think the rest of us don't know what we're doing, Max, perhaps you would like to enlighten us on your idea. Running this planet is NOT an easy task, you know."

    Labyrat just grinned. "Oh sure it isn't... good guys have to get permission to visit here, but their enemies have free reign to come and go without permission as they please. I refer you back to when the Second Generation Dragon Soul's demonic enemies suddenly popped in during the kids stay and attempted to not only wipe them out, but stated that wiping out one of our cities was okay too. The enemies of the Disc Dragon heroes attacked them in ASPCA City during their stay with the Toon Titans, and clearly their enemies didn't have permission to visit, even though the Disc Dragons politely apologized for their landing in our world and even helped the local heroes with a few things and even made good with the Creators."

    Toonmaster growled at that, but Max continued, smiling the whole time.

    "Visitation blockage should cover ALL visitors, not just good guys. Otherwise it is like saying that Toonmasters is a villain sanctuary and that good guys are not welcome here without permission. Comments?" He continued without giving the mouse a chance to reply. "I didn't think so. Also, the Theatrics System and the magical bell controlling who scores what is heavily biased and too loosely free about giving out unearned scores. My suggestion is this: give everyone on planet a Narrator, good guys and bad guys alike, and have the Narrators control strictly whether they feel the person they narrate for earns the score."

    Toonmaster placed a paw on his chin. "Narrator Judges... that is an idea to consider..." And poof! He was gone.

    Jul 28 2011, 01:07 AM

    CyberBull hummed, getting a little bit comfortable in his seat. "That sounds a bit good to me, as long as Kitta gets back to not being as angsty as she is."

    SDCK stood still, something she didn't want to do, but something she has to do so she could get a new costume. "That idea definitely sounds better than the bell being prone to theft and spelled, like it was when that Genie Mouse was freed."

    Lord Pouchlaw
    Jul 28 2011, 02:27 AM

    Cosmic Wizardess hummed. "If our narrators control whether we get Theatrics points or not, what is to prevent toons from coercing their narrators to give them free points?"

    Max grinned. "Ever tried coercing your narrator before, CW? It isn't as easy as you make it sound. Take SDCK and Lady Narrator, for instance... they have a good relationship together, but never once has SDCK ever tried to coerce anything out of Lady Narrator. And here's why... Lady Narrator's watching place has a spell on it that prevents toons who are not Narrators from getting in or even sending any powers nor bad things in. Narrators are highly protected and under direct watch from the Creators. Remember when Irving challenged the rogue narrator and Shticky Fox instantly showed up? That is what I mean. If a toon even so much as tried to get at their narrators... they'd have a Creator on their ass."

    Nightflight nodded his head. "That was educational, love. I can see that revision working since the Narrators are protected."

    Jul 28 2011, 03:16 AM

    CyberBull had a small smile on his bovine muzzle, though he had recorded all the explanations for future use. "You really are a smart rat, Max."

    SDCK turned around when she was ready to get down from the platform to see how Victor was lounging in his seat. "Um... SteerBot... I didn't know you weren't a Steer, after all."

    CyberBull looked down at himself, and noticed he was having a wardrobe malfunction with his old costume. He covered himself with one of his big strong hands. The natural part of his muzzle blushing. "I hope the new costumes come out soon... my Skimplants are too natural to be less revealing."

    Outside of the Titans Tower

    Zooming fast from the city, Static Hawk had borrowed a trash can lid from her Akita home to use her abilities to fly. Since the Big Kaboom incident, this was her primary form of flight. She was hovering around Titans Tower as soon as she got there. She circled the tower to check if there was movement from within, or any evidence of action at the harbor with aquatics.

    "I thought those sugas got some sort of warning that I was coming," said Static Hawk, her eyes remaining sharp and unblinking. "I wonder why the Tower is so... silent?"

    Lord Pouchlaw
    Sep 3 2011, 06:19 AM

    Max grinned. "Here's another thing you need to know about the old Theatrics Bell System, TBS for short... I remember when K-MEW made this news report." He pulled out a remote and pointed it at a monitor on the wall of the room they were in.

    [frame]The Narrator then continued. "On that particular day aboard the JFA Satellite, Flittermouse and Redbreast were working on the Flitter Copter. The backup members were doing their usual duties on board as well. Down in ASPCA City, Zale Kent was conducting an interview with Wonder Dog and Hawk God, with the assistance of Felicia Lane and Jackal Olsen from the Daily Mews. Little did they know of the coming dangers that would soon be plaguing them in the Toonmasters Universe."

    Felicia asked, "And why did you agree to implement the Theatrics Bell System, otherwise known to the public as TBS, again?" Suddenly there was a little bell sound ringing over Felicia's head.

    Jackal Olsen smirked, as he tried not to laugh.

    Wonder Dog replied, "It's a week long test run that will audibly reveal when someone performs Theatrics and will allow the rest of us to know when someone has honestly earned Theatric Points."

    Hawk God added, "Here's a good example... simply turning and walking into a wall isn't funny if someone isn't around to see it. There have been attempts in the past to get illegal Theatric Points by performing such actions. With this new system, performing an action in private will yield no points. Only through making someone else face-paw or laugh will you honestly gain your points."

    Zale then asked, "And you're sure there is no way this can be abused?"

    Wonder Dog and Hawk God glanced at each other with a grin. "Only if Gay Dragon goes shopping in the department store again." And of course, the little bell sounded above Wonder Dog's head.

    Max turned off the video. "That was way back when the Dragon Soul Rangers first visited Q.C. Frontier's Toonmasters World. Please note: The JFA specifically stated... the Theatrics Bell was a week long test only. The fact that it continued to operate after the week ended denotes that those who implemented it... forgot about it."

    Richard hummed. "I remember that now. And even though Chip Lonewolf has the original Theatrics Bell, another took its place and continued to operate beyond the week's test. So in effect... the Theatrics Bell wasn't legalized after the test ended."

    Max nodded his muzzle. "Completely correct."

    Maggie said, "So these revisions were absolutely necessary since the Theatrics Bell was a test only."

    Veronica smiled. "At least we know for the most part of what to expect."

    Billy grinned. "They mentioned Gay Dragon in the video, eh hosers? So I assume that was even before Ernie was hatched. The bell is older than Ernie."

    Galatea giggled. "So it applies for senior citizen benefits?" She winked.

    Kamal humphed while he applied armor polish to his Anubian Battle Armor, adding the shine and beauty back to it. He truly hadn't thought to clean it since he arrived on Earth.


    Team Narrator said to Static Hawk, "Greetings, hero. I am the Toon Titans Team Narrator. The rest of the team will return shortly. Nightflight took them off to the Costume Shop to get most of the team new team uniforms as a spur of the moment whim to improve their public appearance and possibly earn fan ratings in the reader's home worlds."

    Sep 3 2011, 02:50 PM

    Static Hawk lowered herself to the ground, and got off the aluminum trash can cover before it can be crushed by her body weight after the static aura fades. "So you must be the cat who narrates for the Toon Titans. I'm Static Hawk; its a pleasure to meet ya, suga!" Is it safe to wait for them here? I had a long way to fly on that trash can lid from Akita." She then looked up. "Last I was called 'hero' like that was by one of the other Big Kaboom victims. Were you one of them?"

    Kitta face-pawed herself over Galatea's joke. "Please tell me that the Theatrics System is going to be up soon, or I swear I am going to Toonmasters West and drag Garth and Silver back home by their tails for some entertainment!"

    Understanding the aspect of the flawed Theatrics bell system, CyberBull was interrupted when his artificial eye blinked red a few times briefly, before going back to normal. "Someone just landed at the Double T Tower... The proximity sensors detected a bogie landing on the turf in front of the main entrance. I just got the alert transmitted to me wirelessly."

    =-=-=-=-=-=- End of Page 1 (Posts 1 thru 10) -=-=-=-=-=-=

    Lord Pouchlaw
    Jan 2 2012, 04:05 PM

    "No, I am a team narrator," he said. "It's in my union contract. Not to mention, with the Theatrics Bell System in cold storage, I thought it would be safer to wait here than to go with the team to the costume shop. Super Duper Crazy Kitty has not been herself since the Theatrics Points were suspended. And yes, you may wait inside, if you would like. The team has a nice large great room for public functions."


    Nightflight nodded his beak. "We were supposed to be getting a new team member this week. Another female, if I'm not incorrect. I told the Team Narrator to welcome them if they arrived while we were gone."

    Cosmic Wizardess hummed. "Another lady to even out the testosterone levels in the team? I might like that."

    The professional tailor then emerged from the back room and said, "The new costumes are now ready, Titans. Cyberbull... I think you and Cheetahna should come in first. Separate booths for privacy, of course." And he led them inside the back area to get fitted into their new gear.

    Max then said, "Um, Captain Moose? Your antler tips are flashing in some sort of weird code."

    He blinked and looked up at his antlers. "Oh! The old wizard is contacting me. Probably about this new costume business. I will take the call over here out of the way, eh hosers?" And he went over into an empty phone booth.

    Galatea remarked, "So that's 'ow 'e gets calls from the old wizard."

    Kamal glanced up and said, "I have a complaint about Max's Theatrics Points suggestion."

    Max asked, "And what is the complaint, Guardian Shadow?"

    He replied, "I do not have and have never had a narrator. So would that mean that I would never gain any points?"

    Max was silent upon hearing that question. He didn't think Kamal was even interested in the Theatrics System.

    Static Hawk smiles. "Thanks, Suga. This would definitely give me some time to get calm before the storm, by the way you put it." She then walks in slowly, taking off her trench coat slowly as she walked in. What? She knows not to wear a jacket inside.

    CyberBull shrugged his shoulders, and followed the tailor to his booth, where he will try on his new costume.

    SDCK grumped. "I wonder if our new member is the punishing type? I'm really in the mood to let out some anger, and waiting so long is making my fur crawl!"


      Team Narrator said, "Nightflight mentioned getting a new team member today so I assume he meant you. It is a pleasure to meet you."


      Seconds later... the tailor brought out Cheetahna and Cyberbull in their new costumes.

      Cheetahna's new uniform had taken on a gold and red appearance now looking like a golden armored bikini with red go-go boots and red gloves. On her head was a face helm mask with a speed visor on it. She posed in position and smiled. "You know what? I am pondering changing my hero name to go with the new hero costume. I've been Cheetahna since the backup JFA days. And since Richard doesn't call himself Redbreast anymore, then I should follow suit as well. How does the name Feline Flash sound to you guys?"

      Guardian Shadow glanced up and said, "Bast's gear looks better than that." And he resumed polishing his armor.

      Nightflight was a little surprised that a change in costume would make Veronica want to change her hero name, too.


        While the speediest member of the Titan went the armored route, CyberBull's new costume was a bit more revealing, especially around his thighs and hips! The left pectoral was also left in the open by one of the holes in his costume, which served a purpose for him to reveal. Shedding the guise of normal body parts on his Skimplant Bionics, the holes in his costume were covered by the technology that kept him alive, as well as a part of the Toon Titans. "This is a bit too skimpy for my tastes, but sufficient," he analyzed.

        SDCK couldn't help but to drool at the sight of the bionic bovine, albeit temporarily. Once she noticed what she was doing, she averted her eyes. "Nothing too special, I suppose, but it does fit you," she said in half-truth.


          The professional tailor said, "Super Duper Crazy Kitty and Cosmic Wizardess. Will you both come with me please? Your new costumes are now ready. The Kitty in dressing room 1; the Bunny in dressing room 2. And Kitty... it isn't built like a phone booth. It won't come apart at the seems for Theatrics sake."

          Maggie thought the suggestion was funny, but she and Kitta had enough arguments and she didn't need to add one more to it. She just went where directed.

          After they were gone, Nightflight's communicator activated. "Nightflight here."

          "This is Darkside, Titans. Once you return to your headquarters with your new gear... I'll have a surprise movie awaiting the lot of you. On behalf of Victor... I have been recording the Toon Justice's preliminary 'bonding session' in which you Titans may be interested in watching. They chose to tell their origins in the same way you guys did during the Camping Trip of Origins. I'll talk to you guys later. Oh, and Static Hawk arrived at Toon Tower earlier. She's pretty nice. Darkside out."

          Nightflight smiled as he turned off his communicator. "That was Darkside. When we get home, we get a movie afternoon. The Toon Justice team chose to tell their origins like we did way back when we first started. And then we can couple that with our own origins for Static Hawk's benefit... she's our newest member, for the record... maybe then she will feel up to telling us her own origin."

          Feline Flash nodded her head. "That is actually a good idea. Static Hawk, is it? I've heard some mentions about her."

          Labyrat smiled. "Not to mention, we have members who haven't done this to join in and share new origins as well."

          Guardian Shadow growled. "So you want to be bored to death with mine, do you? You must be a glutton for punishment. It would be more exciting to go to Flittermouse and tell her that you still love her."

          Labyrat grinned. "But I don't still love her anymore. She rejected me and Nightflight accepted me. All else is ancient history."

          Over to the side, it looked as if Captain Moose's call with the old wizard wasn't going too well. He looked pained, upset, and depressed.


            SDCK humphed. "Spoilsports..." And she stormed into her dressing room. The absence of the Theatrics Bell is really making her feel a bit stir-crazy. She hasn't written anything in her book since the Theatrics system was put on hold.

            CyberBull looked towards Captain Moose, and sighed. He might have to find something that might cheer the moose up. On the other hoof. He looked up Static Hawk through his self-technological means, and nodded. "Static Hawk would make a good addition to our group, she's pretty good at what she does, though it is noted that she does well even without the use of her wings."


              Captain Moose sighed as his call ended; his head was drooped down and it seemed he had very bad news. He slowly came over and whispered something into Nightflight's ear before departing the costume shop without another word.

              Nightflight then sighed himself and prepared himself for the trip to go fetch their teammate later.

              Seconds later... the tailor brought out Kitty and Wizardess in their new costumes.

              Maggie was now wearing a shiny Reflec like armored uniform over sparkly covered black silk. "Move over worlds; Cosmica is here. But you guys can still call me Maggie or Wizardess if you want. I am actually surprised that they could make my new costume so interesting and actually make me like it." Then she glanced over at Kitta to hear her personal evaluation of her own new costume.

              Guardian Shadow smiled when he saw the armor and the black on Maggie's outfit. He apparently approved of that. Now he wasn't the only one.


                SDCK was wearing a more form-fitting catsuit, with the appropriate mini-skirt and the Super Duper Crazy logo still affixed. The absence of a cape in her costume was made up with a different hairstyle. Instead of her hair being down and straight, she wore it curly. The intense look in her gaze said it all. She was more at home in this costume. "I like my new costume... no cape, no worries about getting tugged out of the air by Zon-El." She then looked to Cosmica. "Though you changed your hero name Cosmica, you'll always be Bitch Bunny to me." she winked.

                CyberBull let out a voluntary snort. "I, for one, am grateful that you decided not to keep the cape. It makes being a bull much easier."


                  Wonderoo and Labyrat were now taken into the back dressing rooms for their new costumes. But then the tailor returned with a power polishing device and started helping Guardian Shadow with the cleaning of his standard armor. This didn't take long at all. When he was done, everyone could easily see the ancient designs that the armor was meant to show. And a few of these hieroglyphics were glowing. Then the tailor nodded his head with a smile before glancing around the room again.

                  "Nightflight? Wasn't your friend Captain Moose supposed to get a costume upgrade too?"

                  The Titans leader simply sighed as he stood up slowly. "I will have to bring him back another time, my friend. After I get MagiDragon's help with a problem concerning the good captain. The old goat wizard commanded him to come home for a..." he paused. " my opinion... a very stupid reason."

                  The tailor nodded his head and went back to the dressing rooms again.

                  Feline Flash looked at Nightflight. "I assume we are going to wait until the others are back before you tell us what happened, right?"

                  "We can't talk about it here since it involves his secret identity and..." he paused again with a shake of his head. "...something completely DUMB."

                  Guardian Shadow was now concerned since he liked the Quebuckian superhero, even with the occasional singing that no one liked.

                  Just then, Wonderoo and Labyrat emerged wearing their new costumes.

                  Wonderoo wore a modified version of her costume that was black, red, and gold, along with the magic lasso, bullet-proof bracers, and a new weapon which looked like a stylistic gladiator's spear. "Ah 'ave to admit, Nightflight... yer tailor is damned good at 'is craft. This costume fits just right."

                  Labyrat wore a costume similar to Nightflight's costume except all of the colors were reversed and had the added insignia of the enigma symbol upon both shoulders. Although the small racing stripes between the major colors was ever-changing, albeit slowly. "What an enigma we live in! I didn't know you could get consta-change thread for costumes. This is amazing."

                  Nightflight paid the tailor and then everyone boarded the Titan's shuttle transport and Richard slowly got it lifted into the air... now came the important discussion...

                  Nightflight remarked, "Good job on the costumes, everybody. Sadly, though... we have to go to Quebuck and pick up Billy Moosden. The extremely stupid old wizard decided to do something dumb and Billy asked me to come pick him up when we finished. This is the time to ask questions since the good captain revealed to me what was going on."


                    CyberBull snorted; involuntarily this time, as evidenced by the amount of steam expelling from his nostrils. "Something dumb enough to get Billy down in the dumps in that way? I wonder what it was. He really seemed down, Nightflight."


                      Nightflight placed the shuttle on auto-pilot, then he turned to face his friends.

                      "We all know Billy Moosden's origin, right? How the old goat wizard contacted him to assume the mantle of fighting evil in his place. When Captain Moose worked solo in the beginning, the old wizard never had a complaint. When the JFA placed him on backup status in their team, a true humiliation, the old wizard never complained once. But when we formed the Titans and he started making a real name for himself and really getting his act together so his enemies would be afraid of him... that is when the old fucker said something."

                      "Today, the old wizard calls him up and told him... that he was being replaced by an all new Captain Moose. But Billy remembered something that the old wizard didn't know; the Titans Charter declares that secret identity is a member of the Titans; NOT the superhero name itself. When this new Captain Moose is chosen, he will NOT be a Toon Titan because it is Billy's name who is on our team's contract; not some newbie. Remember back when I had all of you sign your real names on the contracts for being in my new team? This means if someone else starts using your old hero name, they are not automatically Titans. Only those who willingly joined and signed up officially are members. I remember Toonmaster saying at the time that he thought our charter was very smart. A great compliment. Mainly because he uses a similar one with the Narrators and the Creators."

                      Nightflight then said, "Billy wants to stay a member of the Toon Titans even if he isn't Captain Moose anymore. He has more than earned it. The old wizard be damned. All of this crap the wizard is pulling goes right back to what Max told Toonmaster earlier today.... that the bad guys are protected while the good guys are punished for doing the right thing. And this must stop."

                      Maggie hummed. "So in affect, the old wizard is taking Billy's powers away from him and giving them to an all new loser who doesn't know the first thing about his enemies..."

                      Veronica added, "...and these enemies will all think the newbie is the real Captain Moose and they will massacre him."

                      Kamal said, "Then it really does support what Max's argument stated; that the powers that be are protecting the villains while the heroes get punished and humiliated."

                      Richard nodded his head. "Now you're all up to par on what's going on. If you think about it... first it's Ernie doing TOO WELL as a hero, so he is punished for saving 'heroes' from 'villains'. And now its Billy having Captain Moose taken away from him for really doing TOO WELL. Who would be next? Kitta for doing TOO WELL in getting her ratings to increase? I know where that would lead."


                        Kitta was not impressed by the way this is happening to the Toon Titans. "I can sorta see where you're getting at. Superheroes like us are left to be persecuted for doing what we're supposed to do. The current victim of circumstance Billy, whom is getting his powers ripped away from him because he's doing his job. That old wizard sounds like he just earned a huge kick in the..."

                        "While we're on the subject of doing TOO WELL," Victor interrupted before Kitta could say something vulgar. "What exactly defines TOO WELL? Ernie was under scrutiny because a complaint involved him being a Kamen Rider, which was at the time assumed to be a hero type that should be in Toonmasters West. On the other hoof, Billy is being replaced for who knows what reason aside from doing his job quote, 'TOO WELL,' end quote. Something does not compute about this situation."


                          Nightflight looked at Victor. "Before you got your upgrades, you were in no danger of befalling this situation. Now you're almost perfect in appearance. Even Ernie and Garth said you looked hot enough to drag into a bed. And you can guess what that means." He winked. "TOO WELL is defined as any hero who reaches a point in their career where they should not be teamed with those lesser than themselves. As long as you were suffering with the power drains, you were seen as probably one of the most powerful and desirably perfect Titans in which nothing should have been done to put you on the spot. After the upgrades... Shticky Fox told me that there were murmurings in Arkham on how you were TOO GOOD for the Titans; how you were now more JFA material. Shticky brought me this warning since he actually likes our team. Now you know how you are doing TOO WELL. All it would take would be for you to do like Ernie did and you'd be on the hot seat, Victor. Shticky is on our side, but unless we can figure out what's going on, his paws are tied."

                          Team Narrator then said, "Dingle-lingle-lingle-ding. Just practicing, guys. This judging Theatrics Points crap is not going to be easy. I think it is one more thing to make the Titans look stupid."

                          Max hummed. "That has to mean that there is an underhanded plot behind all of this. But what villain is causing it? And how are they doing it? I am almost tempted to say it was an inside job."

                          The shuttle then landed in Quebuck where a powerless Billy Moosden waited for them. He didn't look unhappy as he boarded the shuttle, then they were on their way again... en route not to Double T Tower, but toward the JFA Satellite itself in orbit.

                          Feline Flash said to Billy, "You don't look unhappy about losing your powers; why is that?"

                          Billy grinned. "I used the Wisdom of Solomonkey after it was over and... I phoned all of my ex-arch enemies and told them the truth. I told them the old wizard had replaced me with a newbie Captain Moose and I suggested that they all band together and give him 'a proper welcoming party'."

                          Maggie rolled her eyes. "Oh boy... I hope the narrators are filming that event." Then she asked Richard. "Where are we going now?"

                          Richard said, "MagiDragon is waiting on us at the JFA's new satellite; the new one was built by the American Rabbit and Donkey Guardian. It's far more reliable than the old one. And yes, Kitta, your cousin is up there right now. I just hope he is over the TOO SERIOUS act. That was too damned creepy."


                          On Board the new JFA Satellite

                          MagiDragon met with Billy to discuss Nightflight's suggestion that was called in earlier.

                          In the meantime, SDCC stood in one of the corridors with one arm around the American Rabbit as they both gazed quietly through a window where space beyond could be seen. They were ignoring Toonmasters Planet at the moment. AR looked the same as he always did, but SDCC was wearing his serious costume.

                          Nightflight felt it proper to say hello in a colleague to colleague sort of way and to maybe get advice.

                          "Um, hello SDCC. American Rabbit. I need some... advice... but I don't want to interrupt your date."

                          SDCC glanced at Nightflight and pulled him closer into a three-way hug. "As your mentors, we always have time for the Titans, Richard... although Flittermouse quit the JFA recently. You truly were the only one smoothing things over for her being here. Ebony Canary took her place and its been tons quieter around here."

                          American Rabbit said, "Amen to that, brother."


                            Though Kitta was not pleased that her cousin was still in his serious mode, she was glad he wasn't dead serious. Kitta ahemed. "It's good to see you a bit less brutally serious, Zon-El," she remarked quietly. She too, didn't want to disrupt the date between her cousin and American Rabbit.

                            Meanwhile, CyberBull was putting in a call into the Titans Double-T Tower, to inform Static Hawk that they had to make an unscheduled stop to visit the JFA. "We'll try to be back as soon as we can, Ms. Hawk. We just got caught up in something urgent."

                            "It's all fine and dandy, suga," replied Static Hawk from the screen of the console. "Though it is pretty empty over here, I thought there were more Titans to be around."

                            "A few of our Titans are on special assignment, currently." CyberBull tried to state in a civil tone. Technically, he didn't know how to talk to a lady that well. If only Ernie and Garth were here... they can speak better than I can to others. he thought to himself in a momentary grimace.


                              MagiDragon finished examining the Canaduckian Billy Moosden and was now fabricating the transformation powers and linking them to the very elders that Billy still respected. He didn't mind Victor being nearby since Peter enjoyed having the Titans around.

                              "Nightflight called a'ead with a suggestion that yas may enjoy a lot, Billy. Since the old goat wizard made a stupid mistake without consulting the Wisdom of Solomonkey, it actually freed yas up to take on a new mantle of 'eroic power. Yas will still gain yer powers from the elders, but now the old wizard will 'ave nothing to do with yer powers at all. As Ah said, 'e made a dumb error."

                              Billy smiled. "What was Nightflight's suggestion, MagiDragon?"

                              Peter smiled back. "'e suggested that yas take on the mantle of yer 'ome province... becoming Cmdr Quebuck or simply Quebuck, for short. Instead of saying the wizard's name, yas would say, Elder Powers! Ignite! A transformation sequence would then commence and yas would transform into Cmdr Quebuck, champion of Canaduck, with an all new costume. What do yas think?"

                              The former captain loved it, obviously, as he HUGGED the dragon and he HUGGED the bull too! "Lay it on me, sir! I'm ready! And thank you ever so much!"

                              MagiDragon smiled and got busy on the empowerment.


                              SDCC with a smile pulled Kitta over into the hug they were sharing and kissed her cheek. "Dear cousin... this is both mine and Irving's day off. I don't have to play the serious card today. But you are right: Rob and I are on a date. Although we always have time for the Titans, especially since I've always supported the idea for your team. I approved it, remember?"

                              Zale then looked at Richard and said, "So, colleague... what's on your mind?"

                              Nightflight said, "The Toon Titans have a problem that is causing a major pain in the tail. Darkside as much admitted this to us before the trial when we were visiting Dreamtrail to see Ernie's pregnant mom. Shticky told me that I should consult you about this immediately since he is on our side. Anyway, the issue is this: as long as we Titans are based on the East Coast, we are forbidden from performing any serious heroics. Hence why Ernie is currently training with Toon Justice right now. And when Max made the off comment about how if the Titans was in space like the JFA, we wouldn't have the problem... Darkside told us that he was correct, but it was too late since someone made the complaint against Ernie. So the pain in the tail is this: how can I establish a new Toon Titans in Space without destroying the team we've worked so hard to create and... how are we going to afford to build a new orbital base?"

                              American Rabbit hummed, then smiled at SDCC. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking, love?"

                              SDCC grinned and nodded his head. "Absolutely." He kissed the white rabbit on the lips briefly, then he looked to Richard and Kitta again. "The Titans Charter has a clause that enables you to disband the team temporarily for situations when you feel there is corruption within your midst that needs to be cleaned up. You can only do it once a year. You have to have a Creator present when you do it so its official."

                              "Here's what you do: Get Shticky Fox present and announce to him that you are going to initiate this clause. Then you get Victor to help you clean out the Double T Towers of EVERYTHING and transport it all up to the -OLD- JFA Satellite, which has been decommissioned due to integrity issues. Spend some time repairing and modifying the satellite so it becomes the Double T Satellite. Then, with Shticky Fox on hand as your witness, you reinstate the Toon Titans with a fresh charter that reads the same as before, and you have anyone who still wants to be a Titan sign their names on the charter. You get a new base HQ, a new team, and a new charter... and best of all... freedom from the DUMB Toonmasters rules, the same as the JFA did."

                              American Rabbit nodded his head. "That is exactly why the JFA is based in orbit right now, Richard. Freedom to be the heroes you always wanted to be without the dumb planet rules getting in the way. And there is nothing Toonmasters can do about it because he authorized the orbital permissions for us way back before the JFA had back up members."

                              Richard hummed. "That brings up the other issue, guys... Max suggested that all of the current shit we're dealing with sounds like both a villain plot AND an inside job. And the only insiders we know are the Creators and Toonmasters. So the question becomes... who has gone rogue?"

                              American Rabbit arched an eye, as SDCC had a weird look on his face, and even Hawk God nearby was now at attention at the suggestion. "You do know that the very idea is a heavy accusation. You may not want to say that on planet too much or your team will be disbanded by Toonmasters irrevocably. But if Max is right and he's strangely been right about a LOT of things lately... then it must be one of them."

                              Zale looked to Kitta. "Then this whole Theatrics Bell suspension must be another part of that plot, cousin. Whoever is doing this knows it makes you irate and if you're irate, you'll make mistakes. In other words, as much as I hate to say it... they are doing this to make SDCK mad. And it's working."