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TT-04 Bigger Foes Means Better Unity

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    TT-04 Bigger Foes Means Better Unity

    Toon Titans
    Bigger Foes Means Better Unity

    "Theatrics with a smile!" Join the crazy mysteries of the teen aged furries of ASPCA City as they have junior hero adventures with a smile around every bend. And watch out for the Narrators and that crazy Theatrics Bell, too! This role playing game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.


    Nightflight (Richard Grayson-Kerry), an American robin - Warheart
    Cheetahna (Veronica Carmichael), an African black cheetah - Warheart
    Kamen Ryuu (Ernie Devlin), an Australian dragon - Warheart
    Captain Moose (Billy Moosden), a Canadian moose - Warheart
    Sahara Hunter (Argo Malverne), an Arabian stallion - Warheart
    Cosmic Wizardess (Maggie Donnelly), a Futuristic white bunny - Warheart

    Cyberbull (Victor Bullder), an African-American bionic bull - Tailslap
    Super Duper Crazy Kitty (Kitta Kent), an Orange Catniptonian Tabby Cat - Tailslap
    Sharklad ("Garth"), a Great White Selachiian (humanoid shark) - Tailslap


    Super Duper Crazy Cat (Zale Kent), an orange tabby cat - Warheart
    Wonder Dog (Bruce Prince), a grey/silver mutt - Warheart
    Flittermouse (Diana Wayne), a black bat - Warheart
    Marine Otter (Arthur Atlantis), a brown sea otter - Warheart
    Donkey Guardian (Harold Jefferson), a brown/grey/white donkey - Warheart
    Atomic Squirrel (Dr. Scott Hayley), a red squirrel - Warheart
    Hawk God (Prof. Tony Farley), a grey/black hawk - Warheart
    Reindeer Lightning (Quintin Black), a black reindeer - Warheart
    Zatana Rabbit (Harrison Zatana), a white rabbit w/red star on forehead - Warheart
    MagiDragon (Peter Devlin), a pink/pastel dragon - Warheart
    Scarlet Contessa (Godyva Escamillo), a red/orange vixen - Warheart
    American Rabbit (Robert "Rob" Rabbit), a white rabbit - Warheart

    Power Rangers Dragon Disc:
    White "Star Surge" Dragon Disc Ranger (Tara Covington) - Warheart
    Black "Wild Surge" Dragon Disc Ranger (Magnus Covington) - Warheart
    Red "Meteor Surge" Dragon Disc Ranger (Cathleen Preying-Hawk) - Warheart
    Violet "Ultra Surge" Dragon Disc Ranger (Deryk Devlin III) - Warheart

    Power Rangers Dragon Soul, 2nd Generation:
    Blue Dragon Ranger (David Sidarius) - Sharklad
    White Wyvern Ranger (Jenna Carpenter) - Sharklad
    Gold LeoDragon Ranger (Britton Carson, Jr.) - Sharklad
    Platinum Dragon Knight (CJ Devlin) - Sharklad

    Cameo Appearances:

    Power Rangers Night Fury:
    Red Fury Night Ranger (Zale Kent Jr.), a male orange cat - Warheart
    Black Fury Night Ranger (Tex Luthor), a male longhorn bull - Warheart
    Bronze Fury Night Ranger (Jack Roodolph Jr.), a male kangaroo - Warheart
    Pink Fury Night Ranger (Kara Lang), a female Cajun skunk - Warheart
    White Fury Night Ranger (Echo Logan), a female reindeer - Warheart
    Green Fury Night Ranger (Jenna Morgan), a female Brazilian cockatoo - Warheart
    Techno Fury Night Ranger (Tom Cat Tomorrow), a male golden lion - Warheart

    Power Rangers Dragon Song:
    Blue Dragon Song Ranger (Lexington Wolfe), a male wolf - Warheart
    Green Dragon Song Ranger (Sethopolis Sidarius), a male bear - Warheart
    White Dragon Song Ranger (Lisa Salis), a female Siberian tiger - Warheart
    Black Dragon Song Ranger (Russell Raccoon), a male raccoon with a tool belt - Warheart
    Gold Dragon Song Ranger (Britton Gryff), a male griffin with a black belt - Warheart
    Platinum Kangaroo Song Ranger aka Outback Legend (Deryk Roo), a male gang kangaroo - Warheart

    The Quizzler (Max Kerry), a tall White Lab Rat - Warheart
    Platinum Dragon Soul Ranger (Deryk Devlin-Dragonheart) - Sharklad

    Tatsu-Cryonus, an evil Dragon Lord
    General Dark Storm, an evil Dragon General
    Demosirc, a Demonic Sorcerer
    Ziplings, slender and fast draconic grunts with sharp blades
    'Bakuretsu' and other 'UnNamed Generals'
    Bigger Foes Means Better Unity
    By Warheart and Sharklad
    January 1st, 2010

    01-01-2010, 03:41 AM
    The Narrator quietly said, "Meal break. The TM-Cameras are elsewhere, Zale."

    SDCC smiled at Kitta, speaking casually for a change, "Cousin... he's right. When it's just us, you don't have to put on an act. The Toonmasters camera are all focused on the other groups. We can actually take a breather now and spend a moment putting ourselves back in order." He began gathering the TDCs. "So how have you been holding up in the Titans? I guess you know that I actually approved of the team idea when Richard told me about it."

    Argo worked near David, but not in the same job. "How did you happen to end up leading your team?"

    Ernie arched an eye at CJ. "Valon's yer father? Valon Dragon'eart? Yer in for a treat then. 'is counterpart is still kicking. Would yas like to go meet 'im? We can leave David and Argo 'ere."

    Toon-Britton smiled at Junior. "I teach Toon-Belt Ninjutsu to Deryk Roo. He's the only student I have who has been able to succeed at learning and using the moves. You look mighty familiar, though. Are you related to me?"

    Deryk Roo grinned over at the two griffins, as he whispered to his fiance's mom, his fiance, and his friends. "Ah miss going to the rumbles. Ah 'aven't thumped a jackal in months. Any chance of rescuing me from this exile?"

    Detective Faraduck replied, "I've been going over the legal paperwork trying to grant you that, DR. But with your parents both still alive, we're going to have to get a good legal reason to get you back to Los Angeleos. Your parents didn't like your being in a gang there, but maybe they would approve of your being in Otterside. That's your fiance's hometown and where I live. We just don't have to tell them about the Pride of Paw Springs."

    Nightflight grinned. "He still Quizzles on occasion, to keep his skills in check, but for the most part... I am helping him clean up to be a good guy like the rest of us."

    The Quizzler smiled. "My classic Quizzles were always good. Usually easy for Richard to figure out. Flitter-, uh you-know-who was stumped a few times."

    Flittermouse grred. "I'm standing right here, you twit!"

    Zatana hummed, glancing to Sharklad. "I can see three things right away. One, he needs a full overhaul maintenance upgrade. He can't do it himself and he likely would not approve his father touching him again. Two, I can see that someone tried to alter his cybernetic workings via magic. And that never works because science and wizardry never works together. The attempt is what is causing him to have a power drain so quickly. He barely gets charged up and in less than an hour, he needs another charge. He would have to stay plugged in all the time. And three, I can repair all of this... or even restore him to his normal pre-cybernetic state of being, if he were to approve. But my best advice is a full upgrade to the newest cyborg mechanics. So there are a few choices here."

    Captain Moose replied, "Genie Mouse must have tampered with Cyberbull's internals when he was loose and both he and Cheetahna were making wishes left and right. And that damned Genie Mouse was granting those wishes."

    Zatana rubbed his ears. "Well, then that's the tampering I am seeing here. And it's causing power drain."

    Jan 1 2010, 05:06 AM
    Kitta sighed. "It's hard to tell when the cameras are off, even when I get on Lady Narrator's case so much for cracking jokes, cousin. But I've been holding up, started a bit of a rivalry with Sharklad... he's a bit too nice and peaceful. And Cheetahna, she and I are getting better with working together. And most of us has started something good, save for the bull, whose keeping to himself in the lab. I wonder why he's being so anti-social? He hasn't talked much since the wedding."

    David smiled, as he shoveled another scoop full of waste, and shoved it in the wheelbarrow. "Our parents were a bit shocked about Armageddon's return from his destruction when Briarwood was old, that we were working on the go. We were also feeling the loss of Great Uncle Valon whom died of heart failure during open 'eart surgery. Our parents decided that when they gave us the powers, they would split the leadership between two rangers. Since me and my brother, Deryk are twins, the responsibilities were split between me, the Blue Ranger, and Deryk, the Green Ranger. Though my big brother was doubtful at first; 'e initially refused to become a Dragon Ranger."

    CJ's eyes widened, as he looked to Ernie. "Really, Ernie? What does my pops' counterpart do? What does the bloke look like? Is 'e a nice bloke?"

    Junior smiled. "We might not be related, but I my parents are Britton Carson, and my mother, Nanami, though I couldn't be born without help from my Uncle Gryff." His leonine tail flicked a little, as he spoke to the toon griffin counterpart of his father. "I even inherited my father's ranger powers." He then showed the 2G Bracer, a gold outline of the claw symbol design pulsing on the face of the metallic bronze-ish black streamlined bracer.

    Jenna hummed. "You'd probably make good friends with my mother, Flittermouse; they pretty much called her the most Sadistic in her high school yearbook."

    Sharklad hummed. "If he won't allow his father to touch him at all, is there any known experts in cybernetics that at one time worked with his father, or at least someone Victor doesn't despise?"

    Cyberbull's gloomy narrator replied, "The information about the happenings within Starfish Labs has been highly classified due to their connections with TexCorp, Sharklad."

    Sharklad sighed, and crossed his arms across his chest. "I figured as such. but that doesn't answer if Victor knew someone that he didn't despise." He shrugged it off, then directed his attention to Zatana. "Would there be a way to wake him up or talk to him to see what his wishes are?"

    Jan 1 2010, 08:54 AM
    Zale says, "What do you do on Lady Narrator's day off?"

    Argo grinned at David. "And what's the story behind you and your love of stable shit?"

    Ernie takes CJ via the station's Transporter to Zoostralia to the Dragon'eart station's Transporter and they head out to the dragon-sized Boomer Barn, where jillions of toon-kangaroos and one Kangaroo-Dragon (Valon) are all sitting together at. Ernie clears his throat from the doorway. "'ello Uncle Valon! Ah brought yas a visitor! My dad's other son, CJ." He then pushed CJ out into the midst of the toon-kangaroos (aka Valon's lap) with a playful giggle.

    Toon-Britton smiled. "Ah yes. The human Britton. I know him from the only time he's ever visited here." He then sighed with a frown. "I guess I made a poor impression on him since I've never seen him since."

    Deryk Roo grinned over at the griffins. Ah think the young griffin would make a good student 'ere."

    Flittermouse grinned. "Does she have a white lab rat arch enemy with a dirty mind, too?"

    Donkey Guardian simply watches the Dragon Disc Rangers in training. It's odd how these Dragon Disc Rangers are so dedicated to their team and their training, yet the Second Generation of Dragon Soul seem so... dispersed and apart. It's like... they hadn't found their unity yet.

    Zatana looked to Captain Moose. "What does the Wisdom of Solomonkey say about this?"

    "Eh? It tells me that you should just read his mind the way Cosmic Wizardess would and just see what his ending wish and form could be. See in his mind what he wants most and give him that. He would be happy as long as he was how he in his mind wanted to be."

    Zatana hummed. "That is perhaps the best idea. Here we go..." And he touched Cyberbull's forehead lightly and probed his subconscious for how the bull would truly like to look... and whether he would want powers or not.

    Jan 1 2010, 06:03 PM
    Kitta stretched her arms, and smiled. "I go to the mall, get the latest magazines, but when I am alone, I look through my little black book, and have a laugh at whatever I written down that made the Theatrics bell ring. And I have it on my shopping list a room vault, and another book; this one is nearly full, and I want to get all the notes I can."

    David started on scooping out the animal waste from another stall. "It's not about the stable shit, mate; it's more about getting chores done. I used to do this a lot back at my parent's station, Especially during the Australian summers. Usually we would get the chores done quickly between me and my brother, and father's students. However, Ah 'aven't been back to the station due to the parents agreeing that we should all stay together in one place, and Deryk and Ah got jobs as lifeguards."

    CJ shook his head after landing in the Dragon-Roo's lap, and looked up at the muzzle, and can see the same look in the toon's eyes as he saw in his pops' eyes. "So yas are my pops' toon counterpart, nice to meet yas, bloke."

    Junior sighed. "He's been pretty busy with the Dojo lately, due to the boom of kids wanting to learn the Tae Kwon Do from him. I'm sure he doesn't blame you about the poor impression. He sometimes makes that himself when he's had a very long day."

    Jenna hrmed, "Not really, but father is usually a thorn in her backside when she has our family vegan week." She then made impressions of her parents. "My father, 'Why do we have to stop eating meat and dairy? even vegetarians eat cheese.' and my mother, 'You remember when you were big and fat, Russell? You would've had a triple bypass by now if it weren't for me helping you, so you better eat the tofu, and like it, dammit!'"

    Victor's subconscious mind has already set that he was dead when his father installed the cybernetics, and would rather die again than to be his father's guinea pig. He was a cyborg monster, and nothing could change that. He wasn't happy, and if he could easily self-destruct, he would; however, something within him is keeping him alive, and that was hope that he could live life, even if he has to keep the implants. His former boarding school teacher had inspired him to keep going, even if he thought of himself as damaged goods and looking very hideous. The only thing he would like is if his artificial parts weren't bulkier than he was, and made him look like a freak when he sees his reflection.

    Sharklad sighed, as he watched CyberBull getting his mind probed while he remained asleep while recharging was keeping his implants working on standby mode. Hang in there, Victor; we are trying to help you... what cruelties has your father done to you?

    Jan 2 2010, 04:55 AM
    The Narrator said, "Moments later at Kent Chateau's vehicle workshop, a project area that Zale Kent had installed a few months before all this serious shit started, SDCC and SDCK had the Trans-Dragon Cycles laid out in a row, while Tom Cat Tomorrow examined them for an evaluation of how much work would be needed to repair them."

    Tom Cat Tomorrow grinned. "Not a lot, actually. Daggeron knows his Trans-Dimensional Vehicles nicely. These are built well. I just need to hammer out the dings and give them a good polishing. Though I will update their dimensional map database with the newest one that I have at my disposal. I still make dimension crossing journeys, since my own comic book was revived once again..." And he got to work.

    SDCC turned to SDCK. "May I prepare you a meal, cuz? Or would you like to get back to Double-T to make sure Sharklad isn't getting any 'ideas' in your absence?"

    Argo chuckled. "Your enemies must not care where your team goes. My enemies hunt me down with a vengeance."

    Toon-Valon petted on CJ, then looked at Ernie with a grin. "Throwing joeys into my lap, mate? Where'd yas dig this one up at?"

    Ernie grinned. "This bloke is the son of my dad and yer counterpart in Dreamtrail." Then he got solemn. "Yer counterpart passed away some time ago. So CJ is without a pop now, Uncle Valon."

    Toon-Valon awed, as he picked up CJ and licked him with his long forked tongue -- bodily, head to foot. "Sorry to 'ear about my counterpart. Ah met 'im once. Nicest boomer in the Outback. 'e gave me the son of Ramses to raise 'ere. That's 'im with the glowing collar over near the disc jockey booth. If yas want, CJ... yas can call me 'pops', if yas want." And he snuggled the boy gently.

    Toon-Britton smiled at Junior. "How would you like a Toon Belt Ninjutsu (or Toobin' as it's called in slang around here) lesson while you're here? You saw Deryk Roo performing some of the harder maneuvers. Are you interested in a quick lesson?"

    Deryk Roo grinned. "Ah think 'e might enjoy 'imself since it requires a tail to even learn the basics."

    Cosmic Wizardess said, "One lesson shouldn't hurt, Junior. We have time. You'll be here until tomorrow."

    Nearly everyone around Jenna laughed. Yes, even Flittermouse.

    Down in the Training Room, the four Dragon Disc Rangers had stopped the simulation and were focused on a trans-dimensional communication from their mentor, a 'parrot' named Einstein. He was letting them know that Demosirc had not returned from the last outing the Rangers had gone on to stop him. Now that he knew where they were, he knew how to get them home later and he told them to help the local heroes patrol their world in case Demosirc reappeared.

    Zatana finally said, "Victor hates the cybernetic body because it's ugly and the parts are so bulky that it makes him look like a cyborg monster. If he had to keep the cybernetics, he would like for the replacements to look just like normal body parts rather than mechanical robot limbs. Otherwise, he would prefer a full restoration. As I said, he HATES existing like this. Therefore, I will remove the magical tampering first, then I will use my Trans-Alteration 'magic' to transmute each cybernetic body part into the latest upgrade that Atomic Squirrel has been working on. He calls them... Skimplant Bionics."

    He then said, "They look nearly like regular species body parts, but retain their cybernetic and bionic capabilities. In addition to regular powering, it can also draw a charge from solar power, meaning that all he needs to do is lounge around in the open to charge up. I'll get started on his upgrade immediately. When I am done, he will appear like he did before the accident to the casual eye. But all of his special capabilities will still be present." And he got started.

    Captain Moose looked to Sharklad and said, "Maybe an upgrade is all he really needs... Zatana will let us know when he is done. Want to hit the kitchen with me?"

    Jan 2 2010, 06:35 AM
    Kitta smiled, "As long as your food is as good as that 'Sister Kitta' joke you cracked, Sharklad can even hit on that cute griffin boy, and I probably wouldn't care for a while."

    David shrugged his shoulders. "Mostly we fight the Neo-Demons that Armageddon left be'ind in 'is final destruction. We only defeated the four that had resurfaced after we gained our powers. But it hasn't come without snags on our part, with Jenna's loopiness, Deryk's doubts, Junior's extreme shyness around ones he find attractive, CJ still a bit unsure about his stepfather, and Steven being stuffier than Roofus."

    CJ rubbed on Toon-Valon's fur gently. "Thank yas... Pops, and about 'im, 'e was pretty nice, even to the kangaroos and 'is nephew's twins, especially when they got into trouble when we were young." CJ looked like he had a great connection to the kangaroos.

    Junior put his hand to his chin. Despite what had happened when bullies nearly ripped the tail off of his backside a couple Dreamtrail years before, he decided that it might be time to see if the tail would be of better use to him. "I would enjoy learning a lesson from you, Master..." He bowed again, and appropriately as a sign of respect. He then looked to Deryk Roo, and smiled to him as well.

    Jenna smirks, finally relieved that someone likes her antics, as well as her impressions. "And when I find it comedic, my stuffy sourpuss Black Ranger brother, Steven would say... 'why in the world would you find that funny? Mom and Dad don't need you exacerbating their arguments; they already think that you aren't right, Jenna.' To that, I just ask him when was the last time he laughed or shown some emotion. He sounds too much like Mr. Stryfe's Kangaroo Spirit friend.

    Sharklad was wheezing a bit, as he pulled out his gill stimulator, and attached it to his gills. Once he was able to breathe normally, he says. "I can't see why not. Let's raid the fridge." He smiled, being careful not to show too many rows of his razor sharp teeth.

    Jan 3 2010, 04:06 AM
    Zale smiled. "I was paying attention to where MagiDragon sent everyone. That cute griffin boy was sent to Toon-Briarwood. Cosmic Wizardess and Scarlet Contessa went along to keep an eye on him. He wanted to see the counterpart of his father, Britton Carson. Actually, my home cooked meals are pretty damned good when the cameras aren't focused on me. Narrator? Are we being watched?"

    The Narrator replied, "Not at the moment. I'll let you know when the Toonmasters Cameras return to the two of you. The current focus seems to be those two human dragon teams. The only team that seems to be focusing on being heroes are the Dragon Disc Rangers. The Second Generation Dragon Soul Rangers... are currently all split up and none of them are focusing on heroing, at the moment. Their parents must be so disappointed in them. I would be."

    Zale hummed. "In that case... let me put in a phone call and we'll see if we can liven up things for the Second Generation Dragon Soul." He walked over to the telephone and dialed in an Infernal phone number... after ringing a few times, Zale heard the greeting and said, "Darkseal? Is Tattletale available? This is Zale, off the record. Yeah, I'll wait. Who me? Oh I'm fine. This serious contract is about to kill me. Well... I haven't played the villain yet. No, it's not on my to do list. But if you're suggesting dinner and a movie..." He then giggled and waited.

    Soon, he heard Tattletale's voice on the phone. "Hey Tattletale! It's Zale Kent! Oh I'm fine. How are you? Uh huh... yeah... Okay... er... sounds sexual. Anyway, here's why I called... the Dragon Soul Rangers had kids and the kids are in Toonmasters and they are being SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lazy. Are you game to get a bunch of your out of work friends and play the roles of Bakuretsu and his army of Demon Soldiers and Unnamed Generals, who actually had names? Yeah, this is definitely for NAUGHTY purposes." He giggled.

    After he hung up the phone, he headed into the kitchen singing, "Nobody knows... the trouble I am... nobody knows... the trouble I am..."


    Argo arched an eye. "Who are Deryk and Steven? I mean, there are only four of you guys here... You, Junior, Jenna, and CJ. Did these other two boys smartly not fall for Jenna's blackmail?"


    Toon-Valon smiled and said, "Yas know 'ow yas can best 'onor Valon Dragon'eart? By becoming an Egyptology Archeologist. Just like 'e was. And look into Demon Hunting, too. Valon was active in that field of study, too."


    Toon-Britton and Deryk Roo helped CJ get into a Dojo Uniform.

    Then Deryk Roo got CJ into the starting position and gently held the tail out in the proper feline stance during martial arts. "Try to 'old yer tail just like this. And don't look at it when yas do this. Yas don't look at yer 'and when yer writing, do yas? Now, Ah am going to do a starting pose in front of yas in a side profile and yas just try to mimic what yas see me doing in the basics." And he got out in front of CJ and did as he said he was going to do.

    Toon-Britton then joined them and also struck the proper griffin starting pose. "Try to simply hold your tail up and in place like I am doing, CJ. This is always the hardest part. The rest comes easy."


    In the Double-T Tower, the Dragon Disc Team came out of the Training Chamber as Tara said to Nightflight, "Our mentor asked us to go on patrol with the local heroes in case Demosirc appears again. In other words, we need to go out and about and it would be better if we had a toon hero escort who doesn't mind hanging out with a ranger team. Any toon hero volunteers?"

    Richard said, "Sure, Tara. We'll send Cheetahna with you guys. She knows the city and a good patrol outing might be just up her alley, since Kitta is AWOL still with her cousin."

    Cheetahna grinned. "You mean Kitta is missing out on a chance to hang out with human heroes? Oh the Toonamity!" The Theatrics Bell rang. "I forgot the bell rings when you make up a word that's not been used before. Remember that one, Richard. Toonamity." She turned to the Dragon Disc Rangers. "Come on. Or do you need to suit up first."

    Cathleen chuckled. "We're fine. We only suit up when we have to deal with Demosirc, the Ziplings, and any monster Demosirc summons."

    And the four teens and Cheetahna prepare to depart.


    Zatana Rabbit brought in Atomic Squirrel to assist him in the full upgrade of Cyberbull's new body, since Zatana wanted this done RIGHT. And of course, he was all too happy to assist. Some of the alterations to be made had to be done on the microscopic level. And he was the only one who could do that. In a few hours... They would be completely finished and CyberBull would be able to put on normal clothes if he wanted to. Something he probably hasn't been able to do in ages.

    Jan 3 2010, 06:26 AM
    Kitta shouted after him, "Despite outward appearance, I am still older than you, Zan-El, and I know when you are trouble, and that is the moment when I want to hit you with that fish!"

    Lady Narrator remarked, "Nothing better than a thickening plot to bring a family together... Now to the other locales..."

    David replied with a smile, "Deryk is my twin brother and co-leader with me, and Steven is the oldest member of our team and Jenna's stuffy brother. My twin was either getting ready to leave or getting a few pointers from Pops; Jenna's brother is too smart to fall for her blackmails, so she doesn't bother with 'im, unless she wants to go bonkers around 'im. She nearly tried to break some things in the 2G Headquarters when we first arrived upon Armageddon's attack on New Briarwood."

    CJ rubbed his chin. "Ah was wondering the reason why the Pops put in 'is Will that 'e be mummified and placed in a replica of a Pharaoh's Sarcophagus..." He then said. "Ah 'ope Father doesn't get upset if Ah ask Jenna to crack the lock on Pops' old study..." He smiled and winked to Ernie.

    Junior tried to keep his tail up the best he could, remembering the lesson in which his father told him to 'Never stop trying, even if the technique is difficult to master.'" He then worked on trying to get the move copied from the pose that Deryk Roo was showing, while trying to keep his tail in the right position. He then stopped when he figured that he executed it. "This is harder than I thought to keep my tail in position."

    Sharklad came out of the kitchen, with a nice tuna sub he made, only it wasn't like the real humans can get at a sub shop, the actual filling included a whole tuna fish with 'x' in place of the visible eye. Ah the wonders of cartoon cuisine. "It's been a bit silent since Kitta, CW, and the in-law seemed to disappear." He then looked to Richard. "Hopefully Victor is going to be better, Richard; Zatana was prepping for upgrade surgery when Billy and I left the Lab." He then spotted the daughter of Lisa Carpenter. "Who is this? She seems to look pretty pale."

    Jenna pushed her brunette ponytail off of her shoulder. "You kinda remind me of the Atlantean Exchange Student in my Calculus class at New Briarwood High last year."

    Sharklad blinked. "Atlanteans co-exist with your culture where you came from?"

    Jan 3 2010, 04:40 PM
    Wonder Dog said to Sharklad, "This is the daughter of Lisa Sails and Russell Carpenter. Her name is Jenna."

    Richard grinned. "Sadistic Lisa who was constantly starving Russell... the poor guy. I think the best meal he ever had in Toonmasters was provided by Tex Luthor." He then smiled. "I am glad CyberBull is getting help. I was starting to worry about him and his charging all the time."

    Toon-Britton replied, "The tail is the hardest part of the lesson. But once you learn it, the rest comes easily. The main reason for strengthening your tail is so you can train it to be prehensile. Something Deryk Roo can't do because his tail is too thick. But it is perfect for clubbing someone during a high power attack."

    Deryk Roo grinned. "It's a lot of fun, mate." He winked.

    Ernie giggled. "Did Ah brighten yer day, CJ? Showing yas Toon-Valon?"

    Argo smiled at David and gave him a hug and a mouth kiss. "Let's get some more work done."


    Somewhere in ASPCA City, Cheetahna and the Dragon Disc Rangers were about to have a little action. Just as they were rounding a corner into a parking lot, they saw a flock of Ziplings winging it their way.

    Tara shouted, "Time to suit up, Disc Rangers!"

    Magnus, Cathleen, and Deryk the Third all shouted, "Right!" And the four of them went into their morphing poses...

    Tara pulled out her disc necklace from inside her blouse and placed one hand over the disc shouting, "Dragon Disc Arise!" Then she leaped into the air and landed on a large revolving white metallic disc. As the disc turned counter-clockwise, her white armored uniform appeared over her body, followed by her boots and gloves, and finally a white dragon helm. Then the disc stopped revolving showing a top frontal view of the ranger and the disc, as the whole disc flipped over revealing a roaring White Dragon Hero, then the disc flipped over again, showing the White Dragon Disc Ranger with the White Power Disc in the center of her chest. The large disc then vanished, dropping her to the ground where she landed and struck her ending pose. "Star Surge! White Dragon Disc Ranger!" And an explosion of stars erupted behind her.

    Magnus pulled out his disc necklace from inside his shirt and placed one hand over the disc shouting, "Dragon Disc Arise!" Then he leaped into the air and landed on a large revolving black metallic disc. As the disc turned counter-clockwise, his black armored uniform appeared over his body, followed by his boots and gloves, and finally a black dragon helm. Then the disc stopped revolving showing a top frontal view of the ranger and the disc, as the whole disc flipped over revealing a roaring Black Dragon Hero, then the disc flipped over again, showing the Black Dragon Disc Ranger with the Black Power Disc in the center of his chest. The large disc then vanished, dropping him to the ground where he landed and struck his ending pose. "Wild Surge! Black Dragon Disc Ranger!" And an explosion of smoke erupted behind him.

    Cathleen pulled out her disc necklace from inside her blouse and placed one hand over the disc shouting, "Dragon Disc Arise!" Then she leaped into the air and landed on a large revolving red metallic disc. As the disc turned counter-clockwise, her red armored uniform appeared over her body, followed by her boots and gloves, and finally a red dragon helm. Then the disc stopped revolving showing a top frontal view of the ranger and the disc, as the whole disc flipped over revealing a roaring Red Dragon Hero, then the disc flipped over again, showing the Red Dragon Disc Ranger with the Red Power Disc in the center of her chest. The large disc then vanished, dropping her to the ground where she landed and struck her ending pose. "Meteor Surge! Red Dragon Disc Ranger!" And an explosion of meteors erupted behind her.

    Deryk pulled out his disc necklace from inside his shirt and placed one hand over the disc shouting, "Dragon Disc Arise!" Then he leaped into the air and landed on a large revolving black metallic disc. As the disc turned counter-clockwise, his violet armored uniform appeared over his body, followed by his boots and gloves, and finally a violet dragon helm. Then the disc stopped revolving showing a top frontal view of the ranger and the disc, as the whole disc flipped over revealing a roaring Violet Dragon Hero, then the disc flipped over again, showing the Violet Dragon Disc Ranger with the Violet Power Disc in the center of his chest. The large disc then vanished, dropping him to the ground where he landed and struck his ending pose. "Ultra Surge! Violet Dragon Disc Ranger!" And an explosion of smoke erupted behind him.

    The Dragon Disc Rangers then struck their group pose and shouted, "Talisman Discs! Dragon Rangers!"

    Cheetahna shouted, "Speedy Queen of the Cold Shoulder! Cheetahna!"

    And that's when the Ziplings attacked the heroes!

    Jan 3 2010, 11:48 PM
    In a dark alley within Toon Briarwood...

    A toon disguised as Bakuretsu whispered to all the bad toons gathered around him. "You all got the word from Tattletale about what we're going to do?"

    The toon dressed like LuvHexubus whined. "Why do I have to wear this severely hideous costume? I prefer to be Illusina; she was a lot more attractive and cruel, and voted the best Dragon Soul villain in the Interwebs polls."

    'Bakuretsu' growled, "You have more than two arms, Lucy; you wouldn't be able to fit in the costume. Plus, the Tattletale's client wanted Unnamed Generals, not Lesser Generals."

    Lucy humphed.

    The one dressed as the mountainous Obesity Hothead growled. "Where did you get these damned costumes? I can barely move in this costume."

    The demonic leader doppelganger glared. "Could you quit complaining, Nesbitt?! Tattletale was clear that he was going to pay time and a half to the one that shuts their yap, and wear the heaviest costume."

    The one masquerading as Seal Master spoke in a similar Scottish Accent "Does that mean I have dimensional powers like the real McCoy?"

    One dressed like the evil virus that took the form of the original Blue Dragon Soul Ranger, Shadow Blue, spoke in a very serious tone. "You'd do better if your shut your muzzle, lupine fool."

    'Bakuretsu' growled in frustration. "No no no! You're not even getting it! Listen up, the lot of you, because I am going to say this once more because it's less than a couple minutes before the Toonmasters cameras start filming. Tattletale wants us to take form of the enemies that once fought Dragon Soul to go into combat with the descendants of those that defeated the Demonic Army before the Legion of Groom went to Dreamtrail with their stupid plan they're being punished for. The Unnamed Generals Tattletale chose was LuvHexubus, SealMaster, Shadow Blue, Obesity Hothead, Drainfighter, and the one that was destroyed outside of Toon Briarwood by Thunderstrike, Reflectoron. We'll be causing problems, and hope that the descendants come out so we can beat their lazy tails down." He then pulled out a map in the guise of the Demonic Army's Scroll. "You are to go to these locations, and wait for the Rangers to come out. When I give the signal that the cameras are on us, I'll give the word to Nesbitt to give the green light. Got it.

    All the toons in Demon costumes nodded. 'Drainfighter' and 'Reflectoron' both said at the same time. "Let's get in position."

    Jenna smiled. "Dad gets in more trouble than I do with Mom... it's very funny."

    Sharklad smiled, and said. "It's nice to meet you, Jenna. You may call me Garth, since that's the only name I am better known by on the surface. But outside the walls in this suit, I am known better as Sharklad." He then held out his fin-hand, and shook hands with Jenna.

    Jenna smiled. "Pleasure to meet you." Yes, another one to play games with!

    If she had a narrator, he or she would say, "Oh no, there's that look of mischief again!"

    David blushed a little bit after the kiss, then cleared his throat, and nodded. "Aye, mate... Let's get back to work. I would like MagiDragon to be pleased after the way we crashed into Toonmasters."

    CJ smiled and replied to Ernie. "Yes, it did 'elp me feel better about not being able to say goodbye to 'im, and understand better what my father was talking about. Thank yas." He then hugged Toon-Valon and gave him a kiss on the side of his muzzle. "Thank yas, Pops; Ah 'ope this isn't the last time us blokes see each other. Ah'm grateful that my 'alf-brother knows yas."

    Junior had a look of determination on his face. "Shall I try again, Master? I would like to get my tail ready..."

    Before the cute griffin boy could finish his sentence, a massive tremor shook the Dojo as well as Toon-Briarwood! It felt like an Earthquake was making the land shake, despite it not being a natural occurrence.

    Junior whimpered, and hid underneath the legs and tail of Deryk Roo. "Earthquake..." he gulped.

    Suddenly, a voice projected from around the Dojo, the source unknown. "Come out, Dragon Rangers... Face us, and Toon-Briarwood will be spared; hide from us, and the only thing left of this city will be your smoking helmets!"

    Jan 14 2010, 10:53 AM
    Cheetahna growled, as she froze another annoying pest, "What did you kids call these ugly things?"

    Magnus replied, "Ziplings! That was a good ice blast shot, by the way!"


    Team Narrator said, "Nightflight... there are two disturbances going on that I think you should know about. Cheetahna and the Dragon Disc Rangers are fighting the ugliest mini-dragons that I have ever seen. Double Yuck-Yuck."

    Nightflight arched an eye. "That bad, huh? What's the other disturbance?"

    Team Narrator continued, "The other disturbance is the return of the Dragon Soul's arch enemies from their day and age. I don't know where they came from, but they are attacking Toon-Briarwood where Junior, Cosmic Wizardess, and Scarlet Contessa went."

    Nightflight hummed. "We'll put in a call to the Night Fury Power Rangers. That's in their stomping grounds. Dark Times is outside of our territory. Tex Luthor should be happy to get some serious action for a change."


    Toon-Britton said, "Smoking helmets? That sounds like what Bakuretsu always said."

    Godyva Escamillo threw her Spanish hat into the air! "Where mystery and romance collide!" Red ribbons then appeared in the air and flowed down and wrapped themselves around her vixen body. "With a good foil at my side!" Her hat then came down and landed on her head, which dropped a black mask down over eyes which then tied securely behind her head. "The Scarlet Contessa will ride!" The ribbons then exploded off of her body revealing the skimpiest of string bikinis that barely covered her nipples and privates! Fortunately, her scarlet cloak appeared around her shoulders, as she drew her rapier and struck her fighting pose! "Bullfighting for justice!"

    Cosmic Wizardess simply shimmered into her working clothes and cape. "I love cosmic powers. Let's get outside and see what's what. You can hide in here, Junior, since you're obviously not a superhero."

    And the two ladies rushed outside.

    Deryk Roo hummed. "That sounded like an insult to me, mate."


    Argo grinned. "I'll bet you're good in bed, David." And he got back to work whistling innocently.

    Just then, CJ and Ernie returned and joined in with the work in progress.

    Ernie said, "Ah think Ah cheered CJ up immensely."

    Jan 15 2010, 07:41 AM
    Jenna blinked. "Demons? Sounds like a group of them has found out that most of the Rangers were here." She then showed her 2G Bracer, as a yellow light pulsed in the shape of the dragon coin outlines. "If Demons from our home is out there, then I need to kick their asses. Mom expects that I do so."

    Sharklad hummed, after chomping down half of his Tuna Sub. "Richard, I think the girl is determined to fight."

    Junior pulled his sleeve up, and tapped his bracer. "Guys, Demons are on the loose in Toon-Briarwood. Wherever you are, we need to get our tails in gear! Hyaku!"


    "Shimatta." Junior cursed, then held up his 2G Bracer, and got out from under Deryk Roo's legs. "I may hide when Earthquakes come around, but I am not going to take that insult. Time for me to Dragon Up!"

    "LeoDragon of Light!" Junior shouted as he struck a pose. "Second Generation..." He then pressed the center of his bracer, making the lighted outline of the Dragon Coin visible on the metallic surface. "Soul Awaken!" Suddenly, he was within a gold and black cyclone background, as the original Gold LeoDragon Ranger appeared behind Junior, as a black jumpsuit with red stripes on the sides appeared on Junior's body! Gold gloves, boots, and belt appeared on his body, as Junior's leonine tail disappeared into the seat of his pants. As the first Generation Dragon Ranger super-imposed himself over Junior's body, a visor-less helmet with the LeoDragon design appeared on Junior's head. As the past ranger disappeared, the Dragon Soul logo, and the number '4' appeared on his chest. He struck a battle pose, as the 2G LeoDragon Zord appeared behind him, and let out a massive roar. "Gold LeoDragon Ranger! 2G Soul of Light!"

    Multiple close-ups of the futuristic ranger form occurred, ending on the dragon head design on his helmet. He then hugged Deryk Roo. "Sorry that I hid under your legs." He then darted off in a ninja like fashion.

    Bakuretsu growled from where he was perched on top of one of the higher skyscrapers. It's that Bitch Bunny and Loose Vixen?! This is Dark Times, not ASPCA City! Time to improvise... "You aren't Dragon Rangers... But if you get in our way, we will destroy you along with this city! Unnamed Generals, Attack!"

    Drainfighter, LuvHexubus, Obesity Hothead, Shadow Blue, and SealMaster came out of their points and started causing problems within Toon Briarwood. Reflectoron was nowhere to be seen at the moment.

    David chuckled. "It's probably going to be wild and rough, mate..." He winked, remembering how he likes it.

    CJ smiled, and got to lining the cleaned out stalls with fresh hay. "Thanks for helping me with that part, mate." He stopped momentarily to give Ernie a kiss on the bridge of his muzzle, before getting back to his task, humming a happy aborigine tune he learned from his father.

    Jan 18 2010, 09:09 AM
    Cosmic Wizardess grinned. "We may not be rangers," she paused and pointed off to the north, "...but they are."

    Lined up with their Fury Morphers at the ready were Zale Kent Jr., a male orange cartoon cat; Tex Luthor, a male cartoon longhorn bull; Jack Roodolph Jr., a male cartoon kangaroo; Kara Lang, a female cartoon Cajun skunk; Echo Logan, a female cartoon reindeer; Jenna Morgan, a female cartoon Brazilian cockatoo; and Tom Cat Tomorrow, a male golden cartoon lion.

    Tom Cat Tomorrow shouted, "Ready team?"

    The Fury Rangers replied, "Ready!"

    Tom Cat Tomorrow exclaimed, "Let's do it!"

    The seven struck their battle stances, as they raised their fury morphers over their chests, one at a time in a row, as they shouted, "Star Night!" And this was followed by their colors, "Fury Red!", "Fury Black!", "Fury Bronze!", "Fury Pink!", "Fury White!", "Fury Green!", "Fury Techno!" Instantly, the morphers illuminated and flashed brightly, as their clothing changed into special battle uniforms of their ranger colors, with a laser gun in one holster, and a belt pouch of law gear on the other side. Tall knee-high black leather calf-bracers covered their legs, while long leather gloves of their ranger colors covered their hands. Their torsos were then covered with a beautiful breastplate space age reflective armor, and a special species-shaped symbol appeared on the side of their chests with the insignia their weapons upon it. Finally, a shiny helmet with electronic visor appeared over their heads, covering their identities. As the glow subsided, they shouted out their ranger names.

    Then they struck a team pose and shouted, "Feel the Furry Thunder! Power Rangers Night Fury!"

    Just then, Lexington Wolfe, a male cartoon wolf; Sethopolis Sidarius, a male cartoon bear; Lisa Salis, a female cartoon Siberian tiger; Russell Raccoon, a male cartoon raccoon with a tool belt; Britton Gryff, a male cartoon griffin with a black belt; and Deryk Roo, a male cartoon gang kangaroo all emerged from the dojo and lined up with their Song Dragon Morphers and Paw Pendant Morpher at the ready.

    Toon-Britton shouted, "They want some Dragon Rangers, so let's give them some Dragon Rangers from the time when the Night Fury needed extra ranger help recently! Are we ready?"

    The Toon-Dragon Rangers replied, "Born Ready!"

    Toon-Britton exclaimed, "Time to Rock and Roar!"

    The Toon-Dragon Rangers brought out their respective morphers, and struck a fighting pose. "Dragons of Music!" They then activated the morphing function. "Songs Awaken!" As the sequences began, all the rangers were in a draconic land, as dragons of their respective colors unleashed their elements upon the toons. As the elemental forces died down, the rangers were in their full uniforms, complete with the appropriate gear. The dragons then transfigured themselves into helmets, securing on the toon-warriors’ heads nicely. With the morphing sequences complete, the rangers struck a pose, and shouted, "Dragon Rangers! Protectors of Harmony!"

    And... Deryk Roo's turn was next... "This one is for yas, Seth!"

    Deryk Roo pulled out his Outback Legend Coin and his Paw Pendant Morpher from his pouch and connected the two together, placing them into his Dragon Legend Morpher. "Kangaroo Song Awaken!" The sound of thunder rocketed the landscape as Deryk Roo was seen in the desert near Paw Springs with his arms raised to the sky. The spirits of all the Dark Times gang leaders converged and struck his body in a magnificent glow. From the glowing brilliance came his Platinum, White, and Violet jumpsuit, a violet belt with the symbol buckle and sheathed Dragon Sword of Justice, and violet calf-bracers and gloves appeared on Deryk Roo's body. The head of the Outback Legend roo-dragon was shown behind him, unleashing platinum flames, which instantly died out to form the red-visored helmet. As the morphing sequence completed, he struck a battle pose, yelling "Song of Justice!" as the morphing sequence completed in an flash of silver sparkles. "Outback Legend! Platinum Dragon of Justice!"

    Then they struck a team pose and shouted, "Hear the Music of the Dragons! Power Rangers Dragon Song!"

    The Night Fury and the Dragon Song then posed together and shouted, as explosions went off behind them, "Dark Times Power Rangers! United as one!"

    Scarlet Contessa then said, "So you see, demons... we never intended to fight you. We were the distraction."

    Cosmic Wizardess grinned, as she pulled SC away. "And it worked all too well. But I think Junior might need his team mates, so let me summon the rest of them." And she used her cosmic powers and...


    Narrator said, "Super Duper Crazy Cat was watching the Ranger chaos on his Chateau plasma screen TV screen with Super Duper Crazy Kitty. And the cameras are back... NOW!"

    SDCC grinned. "Do you think the Dark Times Rangers can handle all those demons, dear sister?"

    Jan 18 2010, 09:45 AM
    Somewhere, Seth would be blushing as he read the comic.

    Junior silently appeared quicker than a whip behind Bakuretsu, and knocked him off his perch, sending him down to the ground. The Second Generation Gold Ranger then appeared between the Blue and Gold Dragon Song Rangers with ninja agility, and struck his own pose. "Four! Continuing the tradition of the powers of Light, LeoDragon Ranger... 2G Gold!"

    Bakuretsu growled, as Drainfighter and SealMaster helped him out of his crater. "Cheap shot..."

    Kitta grinned. "I think those Rangers have a fighting chance. Although you should've asked for a monster that would've caused some total swelling, and I am not talking bruisers, either." She winked, as the Theatrics Bell rang. She then brought out her black book from her cleavage, and wrote down her dirty joke with a chuckle.

    Feb 5 2010, 02:57 AM
    SDCC chuckled as he picked up his phone. "I think you have a great idea, Kitta. Let me place a call to Dark Side..."


    Cosmic Wizardess' voice was heard around Jenna, CJ and David. "Junior is in trouble in Toon-Briarwood. Prepare to be teleported. And prepare to morph. It's an emergency. Demons of an old school sort."

    And with that, Jenna, CJ and David were all whisked off to Toon-Briarwood where they appeared in front of the Night Fury and the Dragon Song.


    Back in ASPCA City, Cheetahna unleashed her arctic blast on the ugly little Ziplings, freezing their flitting mass solid! "Ugly horrible things! How do you guys put up with this?"

    Tara said, "It's a talent, Cheetahna." Said with a straight face.

    Deryk Devlin III exclaimed, "Don't look now, mates! It's Demosirc! And 'e got General Dark Storm with 'im this time!"

    Demosirc laughed! "And this time, Dark Storm is ready to crush you all!" And the demon sorcerer cast his spell of growth on the evil dragon general making him grow an enormous amount.

    Dark Storm laughed and swung his sword at the Dragon Disc heroes and Cheetahna, barely missing.

    Magnus rolled his eyes. "Even bigger he can't hit the broad side of a barn. It's the old bad guys grow spiel again, guys! Let's do it!"

    Tara struck her pose and placed a clawed glove over the white disc on her chest. "Star Surge! Arise!" Her form then glowed, as the outline of a white dragon emerged from the dragon disc and enveloped the heroine in the growing and radiant form of a full sized paragon white dragon. "Star Surge! Dragon of Light!"

    Magnus struck his pose and placed a clawed glove over the black disc on his chest. "Wild Surge! Arise!" His form then glowed, as the outline of a black dragon emerged from the dragon disc and enveloped the hero in the growing and shadowy form of a full sized paragon black dragon. "Wild Surge! Dragon of Darkness!"

    Cathleen struck her pose and placed a clawed glove over the red disc on her chest. "Meteor Surge! Arise!" Her form then glowed, as the outline of a red dragon emerged from the dragon disc and enveloped the heroine in the growing and radiant form of a full sized paragon red dragon. "Meteor Surge! Dragon of Fire!"

    Devlin struck his pose and placed a clawed glove over the violet disc on his chest. "Ultra Surge! Arise!" His form then glowed, as the outline of a violet dragon emerged from the dragon disc and enveloped the hero in the growing and radiant form of a full sized paragon violet dragon. "Ultra Surge! Dragon of Force!"

    The four then shouted, "Disc Dragons Unleashed!"

    Feb 9 2010, 10:10 PM
    David, CJ, and Jenna took a stand next to Junior. "We may be late to the party, but Ah say that it's time to prove our worth!" David said.

    Jenna agreed. "Dragon Up, boys!"

    "Dragons of Myth!" David and Jenna shouted as they struck a pose. "Second Generation..." then pressed the center of their 2G Bracers, making the lighted outline of the Dragon Coin visible on each of the bracers' metallic surfaces. "Soul Awaken!" Suddenly, they were within a blue, white and black cyclone background, as their predecessors appeared behind them, as a black jumpsuit with red stripes on the sides appeared on both David and Jenna's body! gloves, boots, and belts of their respective colors appeared on their bodies, also. As the first Generation Dragon Rangers super-imposed himself over their successors' body, visor-less helmets with the design of their respective Dragons appeared on their heads. As the past rangers disappeared, the Dragon Soul logo, and their respective numbers appeared on their chests. They struck a battle pose, as the 2G Dragon Zords appeared behind them, and let out a massive roar. "Dragon Rangers! 2G Protectors of Earth!"

    CJ yanked the Platinum Pendant off from around his neck, which instantly reconfigured itself into the Justice Sword. "Dragon of Justice! Second Generation..." He then sliced in an arc and pressed the symbol on the weapon's hilt before raising his sword high in the air. "Soul Awaken!" The roar of Bahamut echoed throughout a silver, amethyst, and gold cyclonic background. The predecessors to CJ appeared, and super-imposed themselves over his body, fading into his black and red-striped ranger suit. Purple gloves, boots, and belt appeared, as well as silver shoulder pads. Then his helmet modeled in the likeness of a celestial dragon appeared, followed by the Dragon Soul logo, and the number '0' on his chest. CJ struck a battle pose, as the Platinum Dragon Zord appeared behind him, and let out a massive roar, turning the background into a celestial courtroom! "Platinum Dragon Knight! 2G Power of Justice!"

    Bakuretsu growled, "Who cares?!" He launched a few shuriken at the Rangers, and the fight was on. The 2G Dragon Rangers got in their fight, with David going against Shadow Blue, Jenna with LuvHexubus, Junior with the demonic leader's doppelganger and CJ against SealMaster.

    May 27 2010, 05:10 PM
    The Team Narrator for the Toon Titans said, "Pardon me for butting in again, Nightflight, but the name of this series _IS_ the Toon Titans. So don't you think you should get the team mobilized and help the visiting Rangers? Or is this a Dark Times One-Shot episode?"

    Nightflight glanced up at air. "Dark Side has a rule that only Dark Times heroes can operate on the West Coast unless they have permission to perform there. Cosmic Wizardess knows this, so she will also know to keep Contessa out of any fights there. However, we can mobilize to assist the Dragon Disc Rangers, since they are having their fight on the East Coast."

    Max Kerry smiled. "I'll hold down the fort, Richard. And thanks again for rescuing me. You're the only one who believes in me."

    Nightflight activated the wall communicator. "Any titans not busy with something important need to join me and Cheetahna in ASPCA City. ASAP!" He then gave Max a deep kiss on the muzzle, and darted off toward the outside of the Double-T Tower.

    Flittermouse sighed, as she glanced over at Max. "...well, if you're really going to make an effort to become a good guy... I guess... I can accept it."

    Argo suddenly bonked Flittermouse on her head with his bow. "I used to be an Euroepean Super Villain, Flitter. If I can become a good guy after the rape and abuse I've been through... then surely he can. He's only been abused." He then headed off to join Nightflight.

    Flittermouse blinked her eyes as the large equine headed outside. "...raped...?"


    General Dark Storm swung his sword at the Dragon Surges, but this time it was deflected by the Dragon Disc Rangers quite easily.

    Having defeated the Ziplings, Cheetahna was now matching wits and powers against Demosirc, and she wasn't doing so well. But she was about to get help. It's handy to have a team, you know.

    Demosirc was about to send a magical bolt of lightning at the feline femme heroine, when suddenly, Captain Moose landed quite suddenly point-blank in front of the bad guy and grabbed his spell fingers and squeezed them using the strength of Herculion! CRUNCH!

    "It's not nice to zap a lady, eh hoser?"

    Demosirc screamed out in abject pain!


    Atomic Squirrel slowly removed himself from microscopic size and nodded his head to Zatana Rabbit. "That's the last of the upgrades, my friend. Now, let's see about giving Cyberbull the charge that is due to his respected honor."

    Zatana Rabbit nodded his head. "I'll teleport us to the roof with him so he can receive the solar charge for the first time in his life. Wait until he awakens and sees the Skimplant Bionics he now has. I hope he will be happier than he was when he joined the Toon Titans."

    One teleport later, the squirrel, rabbit, bull, and shark were on the roof, pool-side, where the sky was cooperating for a change... not a cloud to be seen and... there was direct solar charging sunlight all for Cyberbull's benefit. And the charging started the moment they were in the sunlight.

    Reku Matsukaze
    May 27 2010, 08:44 PM
    'Reflectoron' appeared during the altercation when beam weapons were in use, and reflected every attack back at the rangers, causing a major problems. "Miss me, Toonmasters?!" He barked in an evil fashion.

    David growled, and took out the Dragon Blade 2.0, and energized the power levels. "So energy weapons our out? Fine." He then charged in to slash the Unnamed General, and right when he jumped to increase the strength in an attempt to crack one of the mirror plates...


    A powerful force of dark lightning has caused both sides to be sent back, as a monstrous entity with gigantic titanium-reinforced fists and a neck-less head. Unlike the so-called Unnamed Generals, this monstrosity was strong, and even his aura was more dark, as he reached to grab each of the Demon doppelgangers (whom disguises were blown off by the bits of road from Toon-Briarwood), and growled. "What is this outrage?" He said in a very deep voice. "Sullying the name of Armageddon with these impostors?!" He then threw them with great ease into the upper stratosphere, and when they disappeared from sight, a twinge of white light shown where they disappeared. "What a disgrace!"

    CJ got up from where he was sent back, and grimaced. "A Neo-Demon?!"

    Junior was just as surprised. "Looks like we have a bigger brawl than we thought he had."

    Jenna gulped. "We haven't even faced one without the rest of the team."

    David staggered his way to the others, and helped them up. "We must try... we are rangers, and we need to fight the Neo-Demons to keep tradition alive.

    The Neo-Demon said in a guttural pitch, "Quake in fear pests, for I am Galvafist, and this world will be claimed in the name of the Neo-Demons for the impostors' mockery!" He then clasped his fists together, and slammed it into the ground with such brute force, a skyscraper came tumbling down, as an energy rift appeared before Galvafist, and a swarm of many Neo-Soldiers (new-generation demon soldiers more powerful than the last incarnation of Demonic grunts) came out of the rift before it closed.


    After being hit with the sun, the new implants on CyberBull's body started to become active, and the solar energy was helping him maintain his charge. He opened his eyes, as he can see through his natural eye as sharply as he used to, and his artificial eye was surprisingly not in the red tint he usually has seen in; only in a light blue tint. "W-wha?" He tried to mutter gently, before looking at his surroundings. "Atomic Squirrel? Zatana Rabbit? Garth? What happened?"

    Sharklad smiled as he looked to CyberBull. "We only helped out a friend in need. Look at yourself, Victor."

    The ruminant of the group took a look at himself, as tears welled in his eyes... he wasn't as ugly as he used to be in his old implants. "What is this? Another hallucination caused by the power drainage?" he asked quietly, as he watched as each system in his body was brought back online and to full functionality.

    May 27 2010, 10:27 PM
    Atomic Squirrel said, "CyberBull, have you heard of a new, obscure prosthetic research called Skimplant Bionics? Well, I am the inventor of the new technology and you have been upgraded with the first working set of them. They can be recharged either through electricity or solar energy. How do you feel?"


    Instantly, floating in midair, there was a real world human male wearing fantastic looking space armor and wielding a scepter like weapon that looked like a giant sized ink pen that was glowing with an eerie light. He had shoulder length black hair with a silver streak across the top, pale yellow eyes, and dark red skin. He had black cloven hooves and large draconic leathery wings jutting out of his back. The Creator known as Dark Side had appeared to the side of the Ranger battle site. "I must not allow this battle to destroy this toon-city. I will transport all here to the battle site in the Great Forest. If any stupid demons want to fight me... they will find out why I am a Creator."

    And in a blink of the eye, the entire battle (demon, rangers, and Dark Side) were all out in the Great Forest where things were continuing as they had been a second before.

    Reku Matsukaze
    May 28 2010, 03:33 AM
    Galvafist growled. "This world will be mine whether you like it or not... Neo-Soldiers, attack!" Unlike the Demon Soldiers of the first generation, these grunts were three times as powerful than their earlier counterparts.

    David pulled out the Dragon Flute, and placed it on his Dragon Blade, causing it to transform into a bigger weapon similar to the original Dragon Blade's Battlized form. "Honor Mode!" He then started fighting like his father would in his Battlizer Armor.

    Jenna pulled out her Dragon Flute as well, and placed it on her Dragon Bow, causing it to transform into a different weapon altogether. "Crossbow Mode!" She then started to dodge more attacks from the Neo-Soldiers, and fired from point-blank range, as well as from a distance, even saving Junior and CJ, at times.

    Junior used Dragon Spear to trip a Neo-Soldier that tried to blindside him. He then places his Dragon Flute on the weapon, thus allowing it to change into a far different pole-arm. "Naginata Mode!" He then started to show his techniques; those that are worthy of gaining the black belt at his father's dojo.

    CJ was using his Justice Sword to block a few attacks from the grunts, and like in the Sidarius Station's simulation dome, he was able to handle the grunts with his abilities. "Let's show 'em 'ow we can fight Neo-Demons, mates!"

    CyberBull hummed, "I feel a lot better, and the pain where my implants connect to my body has eased greatly. I have read about Skimplant Bionics, however, I never thought that I would be a worthy enough candidate due to my stature and size." He then reached and hug both Atomic Squirrel and Zatana Rabbit, since neither of them is in the pool.

    Sharklad smiled. "You look better than you did with the old model. Ernie is going to be blushing like a girl dolphin with a huge crush on Marine Otter when he sees you next." he winked.

    Cyberbull blushed himself.

    Jun 1 2010, 12:45 AM
    While the Dragon Surges fought the gigantic General Dark Storm...

    Nightflight, Sahara Hunter, and Kamen Ryuu arrived on the scene via teleportation a la Ernie Devlin.

    "Sure am glad to see you guys," said Cheetahna. "This Demosirc sorcerer doesn't know when to say uncle. And Captain Moose already hurt him once."

    Nightflight nodded his head. "Crazy Kitty is off with her cousin still, Wizardess should be back soon from Dark Times, and Sharklad and CyberBull will be along in a moment. CyberBull was recharging after his latest upgrade."

    Reku Matsukaze
    Aug 2 2010, 02:05 AM
    Suddenly, arrows of ice were raining from the air directly onto the bad guys, as Sharklad is seen on a hang glider flying over the battle! "Forecast calls for freezing rain, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Sharklad." He grinned, showing all his rows. "And that's not all that is breaking news!"

    CyberBull's narrator then set up the scene. "In a thick of a battle involving his fellow Toon Titans, a bull in a sleek and very form-fitting silver costume charges into battle in a great sprint, stopping behind his comrades with close enough stop. With a massive snort to release the steam. His furry arm transformed into a silver ion cannon, fully charged and aimed to fire."

    Cyberbull aimed his cannon at the bad guys, and said with a less depressing tone in his voice, "Surprised to see me outside of the lab?"

    Aug 9 2010, 10:58 PM
    Just then, the Dragon Surges made a telling blow on the gigantic General Dark Storm which caused him to flip head over heels and hit the ground where he shrank back down to his normal size.

    Dark Storm got up and exclaimed, "This round to you, Disc Dragons! But next time..." And he vanished back to his own world.

    Nightflight, Sahara Hunter, Kamen Ryuu assisted Captain Moose, Cheetahna, Cyberbull, and Sharklad against Demosirc. But just then, Cosmic Wizardess arrived with both Super Duper Crazy Felines and their Narrators.

    Cosmic Wizardess chanted, "!moob og dna nwod llaf crisomeD" And the demon sorcerer seemed to slip on a banana peel and hit the ground with a thunderous boom as both SDCC and SDCK crash landed on top of him... deliberately!

    The Narrator exclaimed, "That had to hurt!"

    The Night Fury and the Dragon Song fought against the remaining left over demons in the area as the Dragon Soul 2G team and Deryk Roo (the Platinum Dragon Outback Legend) handled Galvafist.

    Deryk Roo exclaimed, "He's a tough one!"

    Reku Matsukaze
    Aug 10 2010, 01:20 AM
    Lady Narrator said, "I couldn't agree with you more, Irv."

    Kitta was first to get up, her breasts breaking her fall, obviously. "Double the Pleasure double the fun." She paused. "Wait... this isn't a commercial for Double Dip Gum!" The theatrics bell rang over her head, which made her pull out her book, and write it down."

    Sharklad took out a bottle of water, and opened it, forming the water within into a big icy sledgehammer. After his eyes stopped glowing from using his magic, he leaped up and slammed it right into Demosirc's face, the ice shattering on impact. "Blast... forgot to make that hammer permafrost hard."

    After the group was overpowered by Galvafist, the four 2G Dragon Soul'ers regrouped. "This isn't working, mates," CJ said, keeping a tight grip on his Justice Sword.

    Jenna growled, as she held up her crossbow with one hand. "Indeed... Galvafist is too strong for us... maybe if the others were here, we would have a chance."

    Junior said, keeping his Naginata at the ready. "Tell us something we don't know, Jenna. You got us into this mess."

    The White Ranger said. "This again?!"

    David's free fist was starting to shake at the sounds of his teammates bickering again. He has held his tongue of what he thought of his teammates for quite a while, and he has had more than his fill of doing nothing about it. He thrusted the Dragon Blade's Advanced Form into the ground, and shouted. "ENOUGH! Do yas know the real reason why we're all losing, blokes and sheila?! We're being too lazy to work as a team. CJ, Ah thought yas would know better, and volunteered to 'elp clean stables instead of 'aving fun with yer 'alf-brother. Jenna, yas are too busy with finding your next blackmail victim to even care about being a ranger. And Junior, you are being too clingy to yer parents, that yas went to yer father's toon counterpart!

    "Ah see it, my twin sees it, and so does our fucking parents! If yas can't make our parents proud by beating a Neo-Demon's arse, then power down, and 'and over yer morphers. Yas are not fit to be successors to our parents if yas can't work with others for a same cause." After his rant, it was noticeable that David's chest was heaving in his ranger suit from yelling at them. He then said in a strong tone. "Choose."

    Though the youngest of the Sidarius twins hit a few sore points, CJ, Junior, and Jenna knew that David was right; they weren't working as a team. They should've joined David in cleaning the Mexicollie Devlin Station if they were a team. They were being selfish and lazy, and they knew it. The only teamwork that was truly happening before the unexpected Toonmasters adventure was that between the co-leaders, Deryk and David Sidarius themselves.

    CJ was the first to say. "If we need to truly work as a team, what better way to do it than to take down this Neo-Demon, then Ah shouldn't let father down after 'e entrusted me with the Powers of Justice."

    Junior says, "We were being selfish and lazy, and now is the time we end this, and with this Neo-Demon!"

    Jenna raised her crossbow high. "Yeah!" She then tilted her head. "But how are we going to tell the others about this?"

    David took his weapon out of the ground. "We tell 'em when we get back. But first, let's work together to take this beast down. Jenna, CJ, you two try to get him from be'ind, Junior and Ah will take 'im up front and center with the Platinum Outback Legend, and we'll come back together to take 'im down."

    The 2G Dragon Rangers readied their weapons, as the Platinum Knight and White 2G Wyvern Ranger ran with their weapons around Galvafist, firing their weapons at the massive Neo-Demon. The Blue and Gold 2G Dragon Ranger had come in with their weapons, parrying the heavy metal fists, and making an opening for each of them to slash Galvafist once.

    Sep 7 2010, 05:49 PM
    Deryk Roo exclaimed, "They can read about it in the Comic Book, mates! Ain't that right, Chip and Seth?" He winked toward the sky with a dopey kangaroo grin. "Now let's beat demon tail!"


    Demosirc simply faded away although it looked more like that his master summoned his unconscious flattened ass back home.

    Tara then said, "We meant to mention this to you guys earlier, but we're not really Power Rangers. We're simply a band of human teenagers who received the Dragon Disc powers and have been using them to perform superhero missions against the bad guys. The public calls us Power Rangers, but we're not."

    Captain Moose grinned. "I can see where that could get confusing, eh hosers?"

    Nightflight smiled. "I am glad you were able to handle your enemies. So what will you do now?"

    Magnus replied, "Would you Titans mind if we made use of your training chamber for the rest of our visit here? You guys have an awesome set of equipment."

    Cathleen giggled. "And we don't mean between your legs, either." And the Theatrics Bell rang.

    Deryk the III laughed. "So cracking puns makes that thing ring! Now we know!"

    Tara slyly grinned. "And knowing is half the battle!" And the Theatrics Bell rang again. "But seriously, we need to get some more training in. I just hope the Second Generation Dragons win their battle or else their parents should spank them raw for being so lazy."

    SDCC then said, "Something tells me that their parents may spank them raw anyway when they punish them for joy riding in the Trans-Dragon Cycles. They wrecked them worse than my cousin and I crashing into something. We're lucky that Tex and Tom Cat agreed to try to repair them."

    Reku Matsukaze
    Sep 8 2010, 12:51 AM
    CyberBull looked at SDCC in a quizzical manner, as his Ion cannon transformed back into a normal looking arm (gotta love the Skimplant Bionics). "Butts spanked raw? Second Generation Dragons? How much did I really miss when I was stuck in my lab?!"

    Sharklad crossed his arms across his chest. "Don't look at me; I was making you were going to be okay; you had us all worried." He then said. "I admit that I haven't seen the rest of the Second Generation Dragons, so I wouldn't be the one to judge."

    SDCK grinned. "I hope that griffin boy doesn't get too badly punished. He's pretty cute, even if he looks mostly human." She then turned to Victor. "It seems that someone steered SteerBot to finding a new look. It fits you."

    CyberBull snorts.

    Sep 22 2010, 07:19 PM
    After the epic battles on both coasts

    Double T Tower Island
    Gag'em City Bay

    Narrator said, "The Toon Titans and the Justice Furries had regrouped at the Double T Tower. The Disc Dragon Heroes were using the Titans' extensive training chamber, as they said they would be doing."

    Nightflight said, "Glad to see a team of heroes working on keeping their skills and teamwork in check."

    SDCC replied, "I totally agree, Richard. There is a time for Theatrics and a time for serious training. And for them, this is the time for serious training. Their mentor must be proud of them."


    Britton Gryff's Dojo
    Briarwood; Dark Times

    Dark Times Narrator, "Having defeated the evil Galvafist, the Second Generation Dragon Soul Rangers were awaiting their ride home from very likely to be upset parents at Briarwood's Dojo that was owned by Britton Gryff, a male cartoon griffin with a black belt who was Britton Carson's toon counterpart in Toonmasters. The rest of the Dragon Song were all waiting around to see their counterparts when they arrived, while Deryk Roo and Junior both worked on the special martial arts style that Britton Gryff taught. The remaining 2GDS Rangers were having to do some hard labor around the Dojo, with the exception of David and CJ who had chosen to re-join Ernie Devlin, Argo Malverne, and Victor Bullder in Mexicollie at MagiDragon's Aussie styled station."

    Deryk Roo was helping Junior get his stance correct. It was a lot of fun to have another student around.

    Of course, Deryk Roo's guests were still on hand, including his leonine fiance.


    MagiDragon's Aussie Station
    Mexicollie, North Americat

    Sahara Hunter smiled as he happily helped David in his chores, staying very close to the human boy he liked so much.

    Kamen Ryuu said, "So yas and yer team think yas learned something during the fight, did yas?" He and Cyberbull were talking to CJ who was very much so doing some hard work at the station. SH and David were in another stable to themselves.

    Reku Matsukaze
    Sep 23 2010, 01:15 AM
    SDCK grinned. "They seemed to work better than the young Dragon Rangers Zan-El and I have been monitoring at Kent Chateau while Tom Cat worked on the damaged Ranger vehicles." She paused for a beat. "That team has a lot to learn about working as a team, and they seem to take a turn in the right direction after their leader's eruption."

    CJ nodded. "We learned a few things; we work better as a co'esive team when we work together more often, we were disappointing our parents by not being as good as them, and never make David angry. The bloke is family, but 'e is scary when bothered like that."

    CyberBull hummed as he was still taking some time to look at the Skimplant Bionic implants he was wearing, now. It pretty much revealed a LOT of his build compared to the bulk of his painful previous cybernetic structure that was far too bulky and required much support through its metallic design. "Sounds like you guys had it easy when you were becoming heroes; I was forced into being a hero after my hideous appearance in my earlier design made me look like a monster.

    CJ said, "Yas do look sexy, now Victor; why were yas so 'ard on yerself?"

    Victor sighed. "Long story, CJ." He then promptly changed the subject. "Do you guys wonder what Argo and that Dragon Ranger are doing in the other stables, or is it just me?"

    Sep 23 2010, 01:38 AM
    Cosmic Wizardess commented, "I've noticed that you seem a lot more affirmative and sure of yourself than you usually are, SDCK."

    SDCC smiled. "A station break is good for that. Right cousin?" He winked at the audience.

    Ernie smiled. "Now leave Argo alone, mate. Yas know 'ow withdrawn 'e keeps 'imself currently. It's rare for 'im to find someone 'e really likes enough to open up a bit and spend time with. Ah personally don't care if they are yiffing in the 'ayloft, as long as it 'elps Argo become more social on our team."

    Argo was actually in the hayloft with David, but no yiffing was occurring... yet. They were pitching hay down to the appropriate pens and such. "I really like you, David. I wish you could stay here in Toonmasters with me. Couldn't you... you know... ditch the rest of your team and let one of the Creators toon you so you could live with me?" He winked as he patted the seat of David's pants with a smile.

    Deryk Roo smiled at Junior. "Keep yer tail lifted as yas bring yer left leg and foot up like this." And he demonstrated the high-powered partial leap and kick-slap against a punching bag. "Now, yas try it, mate."

    Toon-Britton watched from where he was leaning against a post. Although he was also keeping an eye on the only team member to be working at the Dojo. Namely Jenna.

    Reku Matsukaze
    Sep 23 2010, 02:32 AM
    SDCK glared in a hilarious manner. "Don't let it get to your head, Bitch Bunny." She then looked to her 'younger' cousin. "And you've seem to have brightened up a bit from the dark mood you've been in earlier. Did that fool of a narrator change some minds?"

    CJ grinned. "My cousin's sex life aside, you really look good in those jeans, Victor. Shows off all yer natural shapes and such."

    Victor oh'ed, and stood up taking a look at them himself, showing off a little. "I thought they would make my hindquarters look abnormally huge. They're Texass cut fitted jeans. I used to wear them a lot before the accident."

    David blushed a little at the pat on his seat end, as he finished up the side of the stables with fresh straw. " I know... Ah kind of feel the same, but'ow fair would it be to my family and twin if Ah up and left just to be with yas when the Neo-Demon threat in Dreamtrail hasn't even gotten a chance to get worse? Ah still don't feel that Ah or my team redeemed ourselves enough to ask for Insurance in case we want to return yet." He then gave a kiss to Argo in passing and gave him a gentle pat on the groin. "I know it bites, but know this; Ah really like yas a lot too, mate, and would be the same way if Ah was in yer shoes."

    Jenna was put to work restocking Toon Britton's supply of karate belts, and the variety was vast. She would know that for certain when she gets to the second part of her task; not only does she have to organize them by color, she has to organize them by rank of the belts, whether they're solids or striped, type of martial arts, and type of species it would go to. Better to be precise than sorry. ;-)

    Junior was getting a bit better with keeping his leonine tail lifted, as he was starting to do what Deryk Roo was teaching him, and made the strike on the punching bag; not as perfect, but it wasn't bad for a beginner. "Wow... if I ever thought I would learn how to use my tail like this a year ago, the jocks at the high school wouldn't have tried to rip it off of my tail end."

    Sep 23 2010, 03:08 AM
    MagiDragon grinned at SDCK. "I am tempted to summon Ernie's dad right now instead waiting for tomorrow. Ernie's been bugging me for another sibling. So unless you ladies want to be the ones laying eggs, then you best behave while I am around."

    Cosmic Wizardess said, "I hear the kitchen calling me." And she headed off for the kitchen.

    American Rabbit hugged SDCC. "I am glad the mini-adventure is over with for now. We were supposed to be here congratulating Nightflight and The Quizzler on their marriage; not upstaging them with otherworldly superheroes."

    "Quizzle me this, heroes! What goes forever with a single mare, yet not a word so spoken?"

    Nightflight grinned. "The sounds of silence?"

    Quizzler hugged Nightflight. "Oh Richard, you know my quizzles too well. Yes, the sounds of my mother not being here."

    Nightflight giggled. "Wait until we sleep together."

    Flittermouse muttered, "...I think I am going to be sick..."

    Ernie chuckled as he pulled out a camera. "Why don't yas both strip naked and pose together for a picture?" He winked.

    Argo sighed as he came over to David and slowly brought him down in the hay. "Well, if you're not going to return someday, then help me with a child. The way MagiDragon and Deryk Devlin did just last year, Toonmasters' time. You yiff me and I'll bear the child here on Toonmasters Earth. And I'm not taking no for an answer. Either you promise to return every weekend with Deryk Devlin when he comes to see Ernie or you yiff me right now. I really don't think you want my massive shlong in you." He grinned and slurped David's face as he started undressing the human...

    Deryk Roo gave Junior a kiss on the side of the beak. "Anytime yas 'ave trouble with jocks, yas just call on ol Deryk Roo and we'll take 'em down... L.A. Lions style. RIGHT BUTCH?"

    Butch glanced up and exclaimed, "Right on, Deryk! Just name the time and the place and we'll have a rumble!"

    Reku Matsukaze
    Sep 23 2010, 03:57 AM
    SDCK irked, and looked to the side, "Umm... if yas excuse me, I think Sharklad is calling me... COMING, SHARKLAD!" She then sped out of the room in a blink of a Catniptonian's eye.

    Cyberbull hummed. "I know what you like, so since you've been very nice to me, Ernie..." He started to strip down to his nakedness. CJ didn't need to be asked a second time, as he started to remove his clothes as well. Each of them were throwing their clothes in one pile, and after CJ threw down his loincloth flap, they were both in the natural, and it was obvious that CyberBull was obviously the biggest, with seams where the organic skin and the bionics meet. CJ however, was the gymnast build, though he looked as if he was born with his package upside down as a birth defect.

    CJ said, "So, what do yas think of us sexy blokes, Ernie?" he winked with a grin.

    Victor blushed, as he took a look at what CJ was packing. "Are you going to reciprocate in giving us a good look at your slender form?"

    David smiled, as the clothes he was wearing were being taken off by Argo. "Ah don't know when Ah'll be able to get Toon Insurance to join Ernie's father to visit, so I guess we can do this, mate." The redheaded Blue Ranger then reached up to rub up and down Argo's hips gently, kissing back when he could as Sahara Hunter stripped him down. He was getting turned on by the thought of doing it right there in the straw.

    Junior smiled. "Mina-san... arigato gozaimasu." he thanked both Butch and Deryk Roo in Japanese that Toon-Britton would probably understand if he was like his father. He then gave Deryk Roo a nice hug. "You are as kind as my home's counterpart of you," he whispered in the toon Kangaroo's ear.

    Sep 23 2010, 05:07 AM
    Ernie removed his clothes, but as everyone always seems to forget... Kamen Ryuu is a dragon boy. He doesn't have outward tools; he has a slit. "Ta da! Feast yer eyes on the silky smooth features of a slender scaly!"

    Deryk Roo whispered back, "Maybe, but Ah like Seth Sidarius better. 'e and Ah sat on Engagement 'ill 'ere in Toonmasters one night and enjoyed the stars and drank some Fosters."

    Captain Moose asked, "Where did everyone go to, eh hosers?"

    Nightflight laughed! "The ladies made themselves scarce when MagiDragon suggested that they lay his eggs."

    Captain Moose grinned. "Nothing I haven't seen before."

    Down in the danger chamber training room, the Dragon Disc Heroes were glad to see other heroes joining them for the training session. Tara said, "Good to see that even among the toons that no one is allowing a party to give them the flab."

    Reku Matsukaze
    Sep 23 2010, 05:35 AM
    CJ came up and smiled as he looked at his half-brother. "Yas look so sleek and streamlined, kinda like the Shadodraks and young drakes in Uncle Seth's 'secret' simulation program." He winked.

    Victor, on the other hoof, found Ernie cute, even without clothes. He blushed as he looked at the slit compared to his male bits. It kinda made him a bit curious, as he went over to rub the nice sleek scales with his big, yet gentle hand. "Feels plenty oily... like my old joints were."

    Junior whispered something no full-human would say, since they don't have very fine senses. "Don't you know Uncle Seth smells too different to be human?" He then let go gently, and bowed respectfully to the Deryk Roo.

    Sep 23 2010, 04:49 PM
    Ernie smiled. "Thanks." To Victor, "It's a by-product lubricant called Dragon Oil." Then to CJ, "Though Ah've been told that non-dragons 'ave to be careful with the stuff, cause if it gets into yer bloodstream or in yer mouth, or even... pumped into yas sexually..." he blushed with a grin. "...then yas would change into a dragon like the one who made the by-product. Now if yas just want to join the species, throw caution to the winds and lick my slit. Overnight, yas will be like me. Otherwise, yas can stay yer boring original species." He giggled.

    Deryk Roo suddenly grabbed Junior up and carried him out of the chamber to his own private chambers where he closed the door behind them. "Sorry for the roughness and suddenness, but Ah think yas should know a bit more... MagiDragon and Ah both know what Seth is. 'e isn't 'uman at all; 'e is a dragon in 'uman form. Oh sure, 'e grew up 'uman. But 'e is actually a dragon. When 'e would morph without 'is morpher... was when 'e was actually using 'is dragon powers to cause the transformation. If 'e wanted to, 'e could sponsor 'is own team of Power Rangers, whose morphing energy stemmed from 'im. Seth's temper is a dragon temper. And when 'e glares at someone, it's really the dragon fear aura being projected through 'is eyes. And if 'e 'ad kids... then at least one of them is definitely a dragon, just like 'e is. Now who do yas suppose ended up with that unknown ability on yer team?"

    Reku Matsukaze
    Sep 23 2010, 06:43 PM
    CJ snickered, giving his half-brother a hug and a kiss on the side of the muzzle. "Sounds like fun, mate... though father would spank my butt raw with a Bad Roo Paddle if Ah tried to do that."

    Victor hummed. "It makes you look... stunning."

    Junior hummed, "Wonder why Uncle Seth would keep that secret? Uncle Lexington would've had a fit, and it would've caused an uproar thoughout the family." He then listened to what was said about Seth getting angry. "I haven't seen anything like that in cousin Deryk, though he never usually gets angry; he's usually unsure of himself compared to his twin. But earlier in the battle, I thought that David was quite scary when he snapped at us, and he's usually a happy person. His anger felt like it could cause a natural disaster if it got any worse." The griffin shuddered a bit, his tail flicking a bit awkwardly.

    Sep 23 2010, 09:42 PM
    Deryk Roo grinned. "Then David is most likely the one who is the dragon and just doesn't know it. There is always a dragon is every litter, when the father/mother is a dragon." He then petted on Junior's shoulder. "But 'ey... Ah got a nice present for yas."

    And before Junior could ask what the present was, Deryk Roo pressed his lips to Junior's and planted a very deep roo kiss on him.

    Ernie slyly grinned and he not only kissed CJ in return, but he Frenched him on the mouth, sharing his toon saliva and oil taste with him. "Brothers 'ave to share, mate... besides," he winked with a grin. "...accidents can 'appen."

    Reku Matsukaze
    Sep 23 2010, 10:19 PM
    Junior was surprised by his first ever Roo kiss, it almost caught him off-guard. Once he was able to come to his senses, he blinked in curiosity. "Are you like the Dreamtime kangaroos that my twin cousins and CJ talk about most of the time they aren't focused on work or fighting menaces?"

    CJ spat out the taste of Dragon oil. Something about the taste didn't settle too well with him, though he did accidentally injest the trace of the taste left in the mouth. "What the 'eck, mate? Ah know Ah'm for french kissing, but what was that foul taste?"

    Victor was analyzing the properties of the spit with his artificial eye, which is hard to tell whether which eye it was now that Skimplant Bionics made him look hot. "The analysis of the saliva CJ spat out consists of a variation of human saliva, toon dragon saliva, and dragon oil."

    CJ made a sour face. "I won't blame yas for that, mate... yas really must 'ave some Devlin in yas, Ernie."

    Nov 6 2010, 01:49 AM
    The Next Morning all over Toonmasters

    Saturday... duh duh de dum! The day the Dragon Soul 2G's parents were coming for them!

    The Disc Dragons had been up early, had cleaned up the danger chamber, and had prepared a farewell breakfast for their Toon Titans friends, before jumping a dimensional portal for home. Would they be back? Only time would tell. But they were not only polite and clean, but they cleaned up after themselves AND prepared a meal for the Titans.

    Cosmic Wizardess came into the kitchen dreary eyed and stopped short when she saw all the prepared food and FRESH COFFEE at the ready. "KITTA! The coffee is already made!" And she quickly poured herself a cup and sipped it slowly. "Mmmmm...."

    Deryk Roo woke up with his arms around Junior in his Dojo Bedroom. "Aww... the bloke is so cute when 'e is asleep."

    Ernie was up doing chores with Argo and Victor... discussing the cute encounters the night before.

    David and CJ were still in the Station house yet to wake up.

    Reku Matsukaze
    Nov 6 2010, 03:26 AM
    Kitta came into the kitchen, floating as if she was a ghost-zombie. Her hair was desheveled, and "Did you get a new coffee maker with a 'delay toon brew' function?" She didn't noticed anything until she poured herself a cup and took a deep sip! "WOW! You really outdid yourself this morning, Bunny. This looks like a banquet even the Kangadorians would love."

    Garth came in only wearing a speedo-like bikini briefs, and he was very attractive... for a shark. "I need warmed fish broth, if you please... had a bad night for sleeping."

    The Catniptonian grinned, her ears perking up. "Have you checked your toilet?" She winked, hearing the Theatrics bell go off. She reached into her cleavage, and pulled out her little black book, writing down what the shark said and her comeback.

    Jenna was in the living room cooking some breakfast of ham, cheese, and hashbrown potatoes. She rarely ever did this, but for being allowed to sleep on the couch, she had to do something after being allowed to spend the night, even if she had to do more chores later.

    Junior murred in the embrace of the toon roo, obviously feeling better than he had ever felt, even before his teenage years. He rubbed the sides of Deryk Roo gently, looking up at the roo. "Mmmmorning already?" He said in a tired stupor, looking up sleepily to the eyes of the boomer.

    David walked into the stables sleepily (thankfully clothed) and hugged Argo gently with a smile. "Morning, Ernie... Argo, 'ow did yas sleep, mate?"

    Victor hummed. "Sound like someone slept well." He winked. "What about CJ?"

    David shrugged his shoulders. "Dunno, bloke; 'e wasn't in 'is bed when Ah woke up."

    Dec 10 2010, 06:13 AM
    Cosmic Wizardess replied, "There's a note here that says that the Disc Dragons made this meal and the coffee for us. They say they may return for a visit someday." She looked at SDCK and Garth. "I am just glad we met a good bunch of humans for a change. I wonder how the other bunch are doing? Their parents are due to arrive today."

    Nightflight walked in and got himself some coffee. "I am glad the Disc Dragons did prepare this meal for us. This is going to be a LONG day, I think."


    Deryk Roo smiled and gave Junior a friendly rubbing in censored places as he slurped the boy on the face. "Yeah, it's morning, mate. We need to clean up and then get in some morning exercises."


    Argo smiled and kissed David gently, hugging him. "I slept good, hon. How about yourself?"

    Ernie hummed. "Maybe CJ hit the out'ouse before yas got up, mate. Ah'll 'ead out there and check, just to be sure." And he headed off to do as he said.

    Argo released David. "I'm just glad that none of my enemies have thought to look down here in Mexicollie for me. I'm going to speak to your parents on your behalf so I can see you again someday."

    Reku Matsukaze
    Dec 10 2010, 07:05 AM
    Garth smiled. "Those Rangers are pretty kind to do this. This is something that the others are missing out on... Is that sausage?" He walked forward and took a plate. Forget fish broth; this was like a buffet for a mostly-naked shark!

    Kitta glared playfully. "Don't take too much, Shark; I need some for myself too!" She then took a plate, and started to shovel some food onto her plate.

    Junior rubbed in that censored area with a loving look towards Deryk Roo. "That might be a good idea. Don't wanna give Jenna any ideas of what we were doing, and use it as blackmail material."

    David smiled gently, and rubbed Argo's chest. "Maybe if yas can catch my pops on a good day... which is almost everyday compared to father."

    As Ernie was heading to the outhouse to check for CJ, a toon dragon with kangaroo features, and an Egyptian expression in his eyes flew down from the sky behind Ernie, and gave him a huge POUNCE!

    The Dragon then turned his subject around, and planted a huge kiss on the muzzle. "'ello brother! Wanna play rough and naughty, mate?!" It was CJ's voice, definitely, and he looked like his mind was in the gutter.

    Dec 12 2010, 02:34 PM
    Ernie held on to CJ as he shouted, "Victor! Argo! David! Ah need some 'elp out 'ere! Ah found CJ! And 'e needs Detox! QUICK!"

    Argo turned his head that way. "Uh oh... that can't be good. I wonder what CJ turned into?"

    Ernie said, "Now bro... it's too early for naughty stuff. Yas might accidentally get stuck. Then mom would flay us both."


    Deryk Roo escorted Junior to the shower room where they began getting cleaned up.

    Britton Gryff walked into the kitchen and saw Jenna preparing a meal. "Morning Jenna. You didn't have to do this. Although I do expect you to do some training later today along with Junior and my other regular students."


    "Quizzle me this, Titans... When are Ranger Retirees not so cheerful looking? Answer... when they called in just now to say they would be arriving this afternoon, after lunch. They asked to make sure their soon to be grounded children are all present and accounted for."

    Nightflight looked at his mate and replied, "Oh fun. That sounds like we might want to be anywhere but here. I am tempted to let the JFA handle this."

    Cheetahna walked in and grabbed some food and coffee. "Handle what? I see I missed the Disc Dragons departure. Which is a shame since I really liked working with them."

    Captain Moose came in next and sat down at the table. "This is my last day with the Toon Titans for a while, hosers. The Canaduckian Mounties need me in Quebuck to handle a series of mysterious robberies where the said villain has super powers. They are saying that Doctor Sylvestia is involved and that always means trouble for me."

    Cosmic Wizardess hummed. "Maybe you would accept some Toon Titans back-up, Captain? I mean, I would love to get back out into the field to fight some baddies."

    Reku Matsukaze
    Dec 12 2010, 05:26 PM
    CJ extended his wings to full spread, and covered himself and Ernie with it as if he was getting ready to mount . "Why not, mate; it's very fun. But a five-way orgy is far more fun, too!"

    David shook his head. "Uncle Deryk would 'ave a fit if 'e finds out CJ got tooned. Come on, Argo." and he ran out there with Victor.

    After they got to where CJ was struggling to be romantic with his half-brother, Victor opened a slot in his right wrist, and pulled out an injector device from the hidden compartment. "I regret to have to use this on CJ; this sedative is strong enough to knock out an adult dragon for two hours. I keep a few of these at various potencies when someone needs to be sent to Detox." He uncapped the injector, causing it to extend its length an extra inch. He then stabbed the end of it into the base of CJ's draconic neck, pressing the top down to inject the sedative into CJ.

    Once he felt the serum injected into him, CJ's eyes widened in shock, before his eyes rolled into his head, and he started to wobble drowsily, then his eyes closed and he fell right on Ernie with a big PLOP! Victor then picked up CJ as gently as he possibly could off of Ernie, and set him to Ernie's left.

    David pulled off the necklace holding the Platinum Pendant from around the dragon's neck. He then said quietly "Ah'm really sorry yas 'ave to go through this, mate." He then held out a hand to Ernie, and said. "Ah'll be 'olding on to 'is morpher until 'e gets better. Need some 'elp up, mate?"

    Jenna said, "I don't have to, but I just would like to be thankful. My parents would be disappointed if I wasn't. Though I wonder what's keeping Junior, though? I thought he'd be up by now."

    Garth looked up from filling his plate with food. "I would love to meet their parents, especially the ones of that nice girl that I've met yesterday."

    "Hopefully in more than your undies," snerked Kitta.

    Garth glared playfully. "Be lucky I put on underwear, Kitta... I would've flaunted all I've got out for everyone to see." He winked.

    Kitta blushed.

    Jan 6 2011, 08:24 PM
    Nightflight smiled. "Quebuck is sounding good to me, too, Captain Moose. I really don't want to deal with disgruntled parents. I wonder where the JFA are this morning."

    Cheetahna replied, "Tom Cat Tomorrow was repairing the Dragon Cycles at Zale Kent's chateau. If you want to call up there to check on the progress there..."

    Captain Moose said, "I really appreciate everyone's support in wanting to come home with me to help catch the robbers."

    Cosmic Wizardess giggled. "Anything is better than dealing with humans who are mad."


    Deryk Roo and Junior soon entered the dining hall where Britton Gryff and Jenna were awaiting them with the morning meal. "Morning Sensei. Morning Jenna. We saved yas some 'ot water, Jenna, if yas want to bathe."


    Ernie accepted the hand up as he looked at the unconscious CJ. "'ow are we going to explain this one?"

    Argo replied, "Honesty usually works best, Ernie. You're not afraid of your mom now, are you?"

    Ernie nodnodnodnodnodnodnodnodnodnodnodnodded his head rapidly! "'e might pop my be'ind with the bad dragon paddle!"

    Reku Matsukaze
    Jan 6 2011, 09:25 PM
    Kitta grinned. "I'll call Zan-El... He will be able to check on Tom while I get some food." She then pulled a cell phone from her cleavage, and dialed up the Kent Chateau on her cell phone.

    Garth grinned as he took a plate, and sauntered off to his room; maybe to eat while he gets dressed, either way, he needed to get dressed, and no one wants to see a sharky in his birthday suit... yet. ;-)

    Jenna said, "Thank you; maybe I'll have some time to take one after breakfast."

    Junior hummed. "Breakfast?" He then sniffs the air, smelling good food, and nothing tricky about it. "Who are you, and what have you done to Jenna Carpenter?"

    Victor said gently. "I'm sending out an alert to Detox Services. They should be here soon. As for CJ, I remember him saying that he knew that there was some Devlin in you after you kissed him." He then retrieved the data through his systems and sent out the notice with coordinates to Detox wirelessly through his upgraded systems.

    David hummed, "Don't worry, bloke. 'e 'as the Devlin curiosity in 'im; even yer mother could understand that. Ah am pretty concerned about 'yer father's reaction, though; 'e might not like that CJ got toon'd accidentally."

    Jan 8 2011, 09:50 PM
    The feline voice on the other end of the phone call was new to Kitta. "Kent Chateau, Captain Americat speaking."

    Britton Gryff smiled. "As hard as it may be to believe, Junior... Jenna is capable of being a lady occasionally. At least she better be if she wants good words relayed to her parents."

    Deryk Roo giggled. "Junior is a nice guy to 'elp, Sensei."

    Detox Services did show up, but so did Magi Dragon.

    "Son... I know this was an accident, but... you can't just go around kissing and sharing fluids with unprotected human visitors. I know the Disc Dragons politely requested their Anti-Toon Insurance forms, but I am not sure if CJ and his friends ever requested their Insurance or not. Because if they didn't, then CJ might have problems getting restored."

    Ernie sighed. "Sorry father. Ah didn't mean to cause this."

    Magi Dragon then looked at Argo and David. "And you are pregnant. Argo... I thought you had more control than this. But since you love him, you better damned well promise to raise that child to the best of your ability or else."

    Argo looked sheepishly apologetic. "Sorry, sir."

    Reku Matsukaze
    Jan 8 2011, 10:43 PM
    Kitta blinked in a stupefied expression, then said in a semi-irritated tone. "What's a 'Captain Americat?' This is Zan-El's cousin, either get my cousin on the phone, or let me talk to Tom Cat Tomorrow, before I come over to the Chateau, and..." The last part of the sentence was better left as a whisper.

    "Uh-oh," Lady Narrator said; "This may get ugly."

    Junior smiled. "If it is alright, I'd like to help wash the dishes... she may have cooked the meal, but I would like to be the one to help clean up after it."

    The young Carpenter girl smiled. "All I'm missing is a halo," she grinned.

    Junior almost choked on his beverage in reaction to his teammate's remark.

    David looked down, not only feeling guilty about getting Argo pregnant, but also feeling bad about not asking about anti-toon insurance. "Ah may have to apologize for this 'appening to CJ as well. Ah was 'oping that all of us would get the insurance as a team once we earned the right to ask, but with our team not even knowing true teamwork until the battle, and all the damages we caused, Ah take the blame for not asking about insurance for us."

    The Detox workers were getting CJ onto a harness made specially for dragons, and it was a four-man effort judging at how tricky it is to get a sleeping dragon off the ground.

    "Careful," shouted one of the more experienced Detox workers (a siberian husky) said after applying a protective cover over CJ's groin for transportation purposes, "Hurt something of the victim even by accident, and it may cause complications." He then led the team effort to get CJ onto the harness.

    Victor handed a fifth detox worker the empty vial of sedative, and gave him the information on the potency of the dosage. "I didn't like having to use any sedative, though it had to be done in this case; He was about ready to do something he would've regretted if there was no one around to intervene."

    Jan 10 2011, 07:47 PM
    Captain Americat made a face when he heard all of the foul language...

    ...and before Kitta knew what had happened, she had a black box / sound silencer over her muzzle. And it felt like it had her muzzle taped shut.

    Nightflight arched an eye. "Is that a Marvel Furniverse censorship box?"

    Cheetahna replied, "I think it is. They are used in abundance in their dimension to silence vulgar language."

    Captain Moose walked over and tried to help Kitta get the thing off of her, but it wasn't budging.

    Deryk Roo smiled and snaked his tongue out and slurped Junior's face.

    Britton Gryff giggled. "Behave, Deryk. We have lessons today."

    Deryk Roo said, "Yes, Sensei."

    Magi Dragon said, "Deryk is going to face-pawing himself when he hears about this."

    Ernie said, "Just make sure CJ gets restored. Ah really didn't mean to infect 'im with Toonification."

    Argo hugged David. "We're lucky that Victor acted so quickly."

    Reku Matsukaze
    Jan 11 2011, 01:17 AM
    Kitta felt like Rita Repulsa when ooze was covering her mouth and she couldn't get it off! She was grumbling vulgar explicative through the censorship box.

    Lady Narrator then said. "Angered by the strange censorship box over her muzzle, Kitta held out her phone, and handed it to Cosmic Wizardess, and stormed to her room, furious by the Marvel Furniverse visitor's reaction to her plethora of colorful metaphors."

    Kitta then gave an obscene hand gesture with her right hand before she disappeared around the corridor, something that is also better off censored.

    Lady Narrator then said in a cheerful tone, "Yes, Kitta, the Titans are number one!" The theatrics bell rang out. "Good thing Kitta isn't going to admonish me for that right now."

    Junior shyly blushed after that lick. He was like a school girl crushing over a handsome jock. At least when it came to Deryk Roo. It was so adorable even for a cute griffin boi like Britton Carson, Jr.

    Jenna grinned! She now had something more she can hold against Junior when she wants him to do her bidding. Ooh... that is so scandalous!

    David hummed. "I can be definitely sure that my father won't be too 'appy with us; me even moreso." He knew how angry the one where he got his red hair and high stamina from.

    CJ was lifted up onto a flatbed with good ease thanks to the harness. One of the workers, a panther, was holding a tablet PC up to his face as he wrote specific of detox needs for a human turned toon dragon. "We'll also need to inspect his genital slit to see if he samated some unsuspecting toons when he wasn't in his right mind. Maybe Dipper or another of the Slit Rescue Service members available can aid us with the task."

    Victor hummed. "Thank you for coming on such short notice in a prompt manner, DeVon."

    DeVon, the panther worker, said. "It's no problem. By the way, any method on how we should contact his parents, next of kin, or family?"

    Victor said, "His father is on his way to Toonmasters as we speak. We'll inform him of the situation as soon as he arrives."

    Feb 10 2011, 06:22 PM
    Cosmic Wizardess said into the phone, "This is Cosmic Wizardess with the Toon Titans. The foul mouthed kitten was actually Zale's cousin. And she is the type to get even when something like this happens to her. Who is this on the other end?"

    "This is Captain Americat of the Mighty AvengeFurs. I am here to recruit Super Duper Crazy Cat for a mission back in my dimension. Apparently your Legion of Groom thought it would be fun to team up with our Ductor Doom and we are having trouble stopping them since we don't know your world's enemies very well."

    Cosmic Wizardess remarked, "I hope you don't mind my saying, but that sounds like a perfect mission for the Toon Titans. We could be ready by tonight to come help you guys. We have to make sure some teenagers get back to their parents. But after that, we would be all yours."

    "Then I'll be glad to wait for tonight. Luckily for your friend... that was only a 5 minute censor box. For first time offenders. In our world, superheroes do not curse like that."

    "I'll let her know. Thanks again, C.A. Bye." Cosmic Wizardess smiled at the others. "That was Captain Americat. They need help versus the Legion of Groom in the Marvel Furniverse. He had arrived to recruit SDCC, but it sounded like a job we could do. But I haven't forgotten offering my help to Captain Moose. So... I think we should get the Young Dragon Soul back to their parents, then decide which destination we would like to go to. Choice A: Captain Moose and Quebuck, Canaduck, or Choice B: the Marvel Furniverse. But those going to the Marvel Furniverse need to drastically curb their language because they don't speak that way there."

    Nightflight hummed. "I think that is an excellent idea. Besides, in the Marvel Furniverse... we might be able to motivate some of their teenage superheroes into forming a team like our own. It would be good business for everyone."

    Cheetahna grinned. "I am starting to like this idea. We've been cooped up in the Double T tower for far too long."

    Captain Moose smiled. "I appreciate the offer to help, but I've always wanted to see the Marvel Furniverse myself. We can head up to Quebuck when we return."


    Deryk Roo smiled. "Ah think yer lady friend would look good with a tail, mate."

    Britton Gryff giggled, but didn't make a remark this time. It might be good to see the other ranger squirm for a bit.


    Magi Dragon said, "I know you didn't mean to, son, but with humans... you really have to be careful. They are very susceptible to toonefication."

    Ernie sighed. "Ah really like CJ, dad. Can't we just clone 'im? Please?"

    Argo helped David into the transport with his brother. "Don't worry, love. These people will have your friend fixed up in no time. And not long after that, I'll give birth to our son." He winked at David. "Then your father will have to permit your returns to help raise the boy. Don't make me tell Shadow on you." He giggled.

    Reku Matsukaze
    Feb 12 2011, 05:34 AM
    The aquatic narrator then said, "Sharklad returned, now fully clad in his hero persona, was feeling a bit more attractive than in his usual mood, has come into the room, looking as chipper as he was when he was close to nakedness."

    "I think that is quite enough, Narrator; thank you," Sharklad said, as he zipped up the wetsuit. "What's the plan guys? And is that Kitta's Cell Phone in your hands, CW?" He grinned, then decided to have a bit of a fourth-wall moment. "Maybe a little payback is in order for the feline..." He then winked to the audience.

    Jenna irked, and turned a bit red in the face; if she was her mother that red would be anger. However, her face was flush with embarrassment.

    Junior smirked, as he muttered in the ear of Deryk Roo with the intent of the troublemaker overhearing. "Maybe she would look a bit more better with a pouch, eh... mate?" He winked.

    Victor ahemed; "Cloning is inadvisable without his mother's permission, Ernie; not to mention that it doesn't always work unless a creator gets involved."

    David hummed, as he got his seat belt on. "CJ and may be close to an older brother we could ever 'ave, but he's my father's cousin, since Great Uncle Valon - may he rest in peace - was his father." He took a pause to look at the sedated tooned dragon, then said. "I could never get the proper family terms right further than uncle, cousin, and great uncle and Gran."

    Not soon after the Detox Services departed the area, a real, un-animated yet amphibious aircraft was flying from the skies through a hole it made in the sky that just started to heal up, closing a dimensional portal. It started to make landing procedures, as the craft was lowering itself a safe distance from CyberBull and the two Toon Dragons present.

    Feb 12 2011, 06:26 AM
    Nightflight replied, "The plan is... once we get the young Dragon Soul 2G kids back with their parents, we collect the team and head off to help SDCC and Captain Americat against the Legion of Groom in the Marvel Furniverse. Just remember that the Theatrics Bell doesn't function over there in that world."

    Cosmic Wizardess handed the cell phone to Garth. "Oh right. It is. Here... you can give it back to her later. I think she went to her room."


    Deryk Roo quietly giggled. "Not a pouch, cause then we'd 'ave to stuff someone into it. Maybe a muzzle and some cute ears? A bunny maybe?"


    Magi Dragon said, "Good thing Argo went with CJ and David, because... here come their parents."

    Ernie irked. "What are we going to tell them, dad? They just missed seeing two of their screwed up offspring by 5 minutes."

    Magi Dragon hummed. "Perhaps it would be better to talk about Jenna and Junior, at first. Yes, that's what we'll do."

    Reku Matsukaze
    Feb 12 2011, 07:21 AM
    Sharklad had a scheming grin on his muzzle once his hands were on the Catniptonian bombshell's phone. "Oh delight! maybe I should send something naughty to Zale, and put the blame on his cousin." A little naughty payback for calling Sharklad a 'fish' for a long time. He then looked up. "The Marvel Furniverse, huh? That would be a great adventure indeed."

    Jenna was trying to ignore the teasing, and she was feeling a bit irritable.

    Junior giggled, "Or maybe a vixen? Someone to make Uncle Renny's fur stand on end..."

    Victor closed his eyes, and tried to keep his neutrality. "Let's hope they understand what has happened today, come the end."

    The hatch opened wide, to reveal Seth Sidarius, Deryk Devlin, and an all-too familiar Tiger Shark Atlantean that is all grown up, at least by human standards. Seth was now muscular instead of being a bit overweight, and Deryk Devlin - though he looked older - was looking a bit 'fat', and it looked like he couldn't conceal it any longer.

    "Sorry we're late, love," said Deryk, as he came down the ramp and gave MagiDragon a hug and a kiss.

    Seth smiled as he stepped out of the SHARC as well. "It took us a while to get 'ere, but we managed to get the SHARC, only on the condition that Prince Evan came with us to pilot the vehicle. We had to make a stop at Dreamwolf to make sure that my brother in-law was insured."

    Prince Evan was looking at the surroundings in interest, as he slowly walked down. "The other parents had to remain in Dreamtrail to make sure the other twin and Russ' son didn't get into any more trouble back home. My beloved King would've came if it wasn't for our children getting ideas. We just can't take them anywhere!"

    Feb 12 2011, 07:32 AM
    Deryk Roo giggled. "'e's the Kitsune, isn't 'e? 'ey! 'ow about two vixen tails! Then Uncle Renny would really be interested!"

    Britton Griff smiled as he dined on his dessert. He was enjoying the idea of a two-tailed Jenna... although... no one had mentioned Jenny-Tails yet. Hee-Haw?


    Magi Dragon replied, "You should have brought the other boys with you. Why don't I just kidnap then and drop them into the Naughty district's breeding farms up near ASPCA City?" He winked with a giggle. "Just give the word and two poofs will be all she wrote!"

    Ernie smiled at Seth. "It's always good to 'ave the originals on Toonmasters. Any chance of seeing yas pop out some eggs while we're 'ere?"

    Reku Matsukaze
    Feb 12 2011, 07:59 AM
    Deryk said, "Let them be, Peter; Steven is too serious to do anything stupid, and Deryk Lexington keeps being unsure of himself unless David is with him." He then smirked for a second, "Although Vladamir Cutter is definitely taking after his Uncle Joseph. Even my partner and good ol' Ramses are both 'aving problems with 'im."

    Seth smiled. "Though Ah would love to be the cause of some egg-laying, Ernie, Ah can't... yer Aunt Lexie is a bit 'ormonal again, and Ah'm afraid for my slit should 'e 'ear that his sons 'ave 'alf-siblings." He winked.

    Deryk looked at Seth with his peripheral vision. "And what is wrong with 'alf-siblings, mate?"

    Seth irked. "Nothing, Deryk... Your half-brothers are very sexy. Anyways, Ah'm just here to make sur"

    CyberBull hummed. "Are these two really parents?"

    Prince Evan said, "Seth and Deryk are good parents to their children, though the Dragon Warrior has a thirst for adventure sometimes, he slips, and Lex flips his lid... I've seen it before. My children, on the other fin, are embodiments of trouble in the kingdom."

    Feb 12 2011, 09:50 AM
    Magi Dragon smiled. "The cranky one stayed home yet again. It's funny that SDCC has to go to Earth to visit him, yet he has only been here once. Anyway..." He looked to Deryk and Seth. "Jenna and Junior are up at Britton Griff's dojo... and... well... CJ got into some trouble before you arrived... and... David got... one of our teammates... pregnant."

    Ernie sighed. "Ah'm sorry, mom. Ah didn't mean for CJ to get tooned into a dragon like me. It was an accident. 'e is at Detox services at the moment."

    Reku Matsukaze
    Feb 12 2011, 09:09 PM
    Seth shook his head. "My son... going to be a father? I thought he wasn't the one that would be the hatchling of the litter. He was the responsible one."

    Deryk had a look of disappointment on his face. "Seth... Ah don't think they ever thought about Anti-Toon Insurance; your son might've not known about it, and it may be a problem to get CJ back to normal." He then looked to Ernie. "Ernie, yas may not know it, but Ah could understand when curiosity can get yas into some trouble. I was stuck in yer father's slit once, and Ah 'ad to be rescued and detoxed. Tell me what 'appened that yer 'alf-brother was tooned on yer watch?"

    Prince Evan was shaking the hand of CyberBull with a grin. "Sounds like the children are getting into a lot of trouble since they accidentally got here..."

    CyberBull nodded his head. "Agreed. I was surprised that the emergency arose for me to tranquilize a toonified victim. But he was about to force his will on his half-brother."

    Mar 2 2011, 03:02 AM
    Magi Dragon commented, "The other dragon superhero team that were here at the same time not only performed well together, but they also willingly cleaned up after themselves, were more than polite to Shticky Fox, acquired the Anti-Toon Insurance, and... cleaned the Double-T Tower AND prepared the Toon Titans a farewell breakfast before they returned to their world. Too bad they weren't Power Rangers, but their team was very similar to Power Rangers. Maybe you've heard of them from the comics... they are called the Disc Dragons."

    In the meantime, Ernie told Deryk the full truth. He never lied to his mom, although he did admit that he didn't mean anything bad when he shared his toon-saliva with his half-brother. "After he got changed, CJ was acting like he was in a heat overdrive. It was actually scary, until Cyberbull gave him the knock-out shot."

    Reku Matsukaze
    Mar 2 2011, 03:34 AM
    Seth rubbed his chin. "Not that Ah can recall, Peter... Maybe Evan would know, since Atlantis does get inter-world and dimensional visitors every now and then." He then looked toward the Tiger Shark. "Evan, have you heard of anything about the Disc Dragons?

    Evan raised his striped muzzle from checking the time within Toonmasters on a handheld Atlantean device. "I haven't heard of any Disc Dragons, not even from the scaled individuals that have visited the kingdom." He was swishing his tail in the air a little.

    Cyberbull said to Deryk. "If it counts, Mr. Devlin; CJ wasn't in his right mind when he was changed. He probably would be upset if he was told what he was about to do."

    Deryk shook his head. "Yas don't understand, bloke; even without the toonification, he's the least trouble of my group, but he's too curious for 'is own good. 'e probably might've tried it on 'is own accord, if it was alright with Ernie." He then looked toward Ernie. "Yas are lucky to 'ave a friend like CyberBull, Ernie; though yas need to understand that sometimes, if the same thing 'appens again, you may not be as lucky. Some actions do 'ave consequences, yas know, and yas need to remember that before you go sharing saliva with a non-toon."

    Mar 18 2011, 02:37 AM
    Soon, Magi Dragon had the team up at Britton Griff's Dojo where the Alumni Dragon Soul and guest get to see Deryk Roo giving Junior and Jenna a martial arts workout.

    Britton Griff smiled at the others. "They've been at this for an hour. Deryk Roo can really hold his own, although he likes Junior. Can we keep him?" He winked, though joking.

    Ernie said, "The others got into some sexual trouble. Argo will be bringing them once they are done at Detox."

    Britton replied, "I am sure it is not your fault, Ernie. I mean, Jenna is responsible for getting the others here in the first place, so..." hint hint... "And Tom Cat Tomorrow brought over the TransDragon Cycles the moment he and Tex Luthor finished repairing them."

    And from a side door, Marine Otter said, "I thought I sensed another other worldly Atlantean on planet."

    Reku Matsukaze
    Mar 18 2011, 03:17 AM
    Deryk laughed a little, then nodded. "'is form reminds me more of 'is father. Maybe if he saw how good 'is son's form is, maybe Britt could decide that 'e might benefit through the training Ah see going on, and permit 'im to return to learn."

    Seth smiled, as he nudged the tiger shark Atlantean with his elbow. "Looks like yas 'ave an admirer, mate." He then looked to Marine Otter, and gave him a wink. He then looked to the others. "Ah think it would be punishment for Tailslap to get stuck with a female. Maybe Parcelpaw would be a better choice, don't yas think, Deryk?" He winked.

    Jenna, though doesn't know what they're talking about, felt like she was still in deep trouble when it came to the parents. She ulped, and left an opening for Junior to kick her feet right out from under her, and made her land on the mats flat on her back! "Careful, Jenna..." he muttered, before putting his full attention to Deryk Roo's combat style."

    Evan snapped out of his moment, then turned around to see the toon Otter in front of a side door. He shot a glare at his brother in-law, and then smiled at Marine Otter. "Yes, I am an Atlantean from another world." He then cleared his throat, and said in a way a royal should. "I am Evan, Prince Consort to the monarch of Dreamtrail's Atlantis. You know of my adoptive species?"

    Victor nodded once to Britton Gryff, showing some respect for the Dojo Master.

    Apr 20 2011, 12:53 AM
    Marine Otter shook Evan's hand and said, "Here on Toonmasters, the Atlanteans are sea otters and the Lemurians are shark people. We're under a truce, currently, mainly in part to Sharklad's heritage. He is part shark and part otter. Although more the shark shows through. Sharklad has visited your world's Atlantis, although he was not permitted to visit the royal family then."

    Britton Griff then leaped out among the other students shouting, "Training Test! I'm your enemy! Defend!" And he extended his talons and began the test.

    Deryk Roo coiled and leaped the moment the talons came into play and he was moving around the dojo like lightning, ricocheting off of support beams and furniture barely giving time for Master Britton to focus on the roo.

    And then Britton was on the mat with Deryk Roo on top of him. "No Fosters for yas, Sensei." Then he got off and helped the griffon to his feet... then they bowed to each other and Britton walked back over to the others as Deryk Roo resumed his lessons with Junior and Jenna.

    Britton smiled. "That is the quality of my dojo's teachings, Seth. Three long years of training that kangaroo. And he only gets better and better."

    Just then, Argo came in with a restored CJ and David was being held lovingly by the pregnant stallion. "We're here," said Argo. "...although Detox said that CJ may have brief relapses for the next few months, but he should make a full recovery."

    Magi Dragon said, "Good. Perhaps now the kids are ready to return home where their parents will pronounce some grounding. Although... David and you... look rather nice together. And CJ... should be allowed to return, too. The Devlin boys were working, luckily."

    Reku Matsukaze
    Apr 20 2011, 01:38 AM
    Evan nodded his tiger sharky muzzle, and hummed, "I remember arranging for the visit years ago for a friend of the family after hearing something about Sharklad being an exile. The reason he couldn't see us back then was partly because the King and I had to go through an ancient breeding rite in a last ditch attempt to produce an heir."

    Seth stood amazed, as his jaw dropped. "Ah'll definitely be sure to put in a good word with Junior's father about having him return 'ere."

    David blushed a nice shade of red, somehow feeling a bit embarrassed by the compliment.

    CJ, on the other paw, feeling a bit rubbed raw from the experience of being Detoxed. He was also feeling a bit guilty for how many victims the Slit Rescue Services had to recover once he was awake. "Don't remind me how many blokes Ah 'ad in there, please..." He said, tired from the whole ordeal.

    Deryk crossed his arms over his belly, debating in his head whether being through Detox was punishment enough for his son. "Ah'll make sure that Lexie understands the situation with David. And Ah'll make arrangements for CJ to return sometime, WITH the proper credentials, mind yas." He winked to MagiDragon, before turning his attention to Argo. "What kind of brief relapses could my son 'ave from this ordeal?"

    May 2 2011, 02:50 AM
    Argo replied, "Detox services told me that if he smelled the scent of dragon sex, he could instantly change into a toon dragon and go after cute boys on your world and then in the worse case scenario... he could teleport back to Toonmasters on his own with his new boy friends. And if that happened, you'd never know where CJ went. Especially if he appeared in the Mexicollie region where the dragons down there live. Especially since it's the only dragon region he was shown during his visit here. And Ernie isn't down there all the time. And one more word of warning, Deryk... if a girl gets shoved inside, if you catch my drift, it won't take long for them to be changed into a toon boy." He glanced sharply at Jenna.

    As funny as it may sound, it was a very serious implication.

    MagiDragon hummed. "Perhaps the young team could return together, since they know what teamwork is really about now. And I don't mean so much for a vacation, but perhaps... a training session? On the other paw, love... you COULD send them to Medievon where we KNOW they would be put to work." He winked with an evil looking grin.

    Deryk Roo smiled at Junior and Jenna. "'ear that, mates? They are saying they may let yer whole team come back."

    Marine Otter nodded his muzzle. "At any rate, I need to get back to work. The JFA will be calling me otherwise." And he headed off toward the nearest JFA transporter.

    Toon-Britton gave Seth a hug. "If you don't get that finicky mate of yours to come visit, I may have to just keep you here so he could come rescue you." He winked at the dragony Seth.

    Reku Matsukaze
    May 2 2011, 10:11 PM
    Deryk, being in a dragon's internal workings, could understand a few things about the way a toon dragon works. He nodded in understanding. "Okay, thanks for letting me know about what could 'appen, mate."

    Seth messed up his youngest son's hair. "Though yer father wouldn't like 'earing what went on 'ere, mate... 'e'll probably accept some of what 'appened in time. Yas know that Ah'm proud of yas for adding to the family tree."

    Evan looked at his device again, and hummed. "We best get packing if we want to get home in time. Owen is expecting us in an hour or two."

    David said, "The Trans-Dragon Cycles are at Kent Chateau."

    Seth smiled. "Don't worry; we'll get em on the way back 'ome. Evan, Ah'll 'elp point yas to the right direction." He turned his attention to the children. "We will be back, and Ah'll drag Lexie back 'ere even if Ah 'ave to fake my own kidnapping." he winked to Britton Gryff.

    "I'd appreciate it," the Atlantean nodded.

    Junior bowed to both Deryk Roo and Britton Gryff. "Arigato gozaimasu." he said, thanking the master and Deryk Roo both for training him and taking him and Jenna in.

    Jenna bowed as well. "Thank you for the training, Master Gryff." She said it with out grinning or crossing her fingers behind her back. Did Dreamtrail pigs fly?!

    David hugged Argo and rubbed his stomach gently. "'opefully it won't be too long before Ah can come back again, mate."
    End of TT-04 Bigger Foes Means Better Unity

    Stay tuned for TT-05 Theatrics Revised