Toon Titans™
Lost Future Dragons Deux Play

"Theatrics with a smile!" Join the crazy mysteries of the teen aged furries of ASPCA City as they have junior hero adventures with a smile around every bend. And watch out for the Narrators and that crazy Theatrics Bell, too! This role playing game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.


Nightflight (Richard Grayson-Kerry), an American robin - Warheart
Cheetahna (Veronica Carmichael), an African black cheetah - Warheart
Kamen Ryuu (Ernie Devlin), an Australian dragon - Warheart
Captain Moose (Billy Moosden), a Canadian moose - Warheart
Sahara Hunter (Argo Malverne), an Arabian stallion - Warheart
Cosmic Wizardess (Maggie Donnelly), a Futuristic white bunny - Warheart

Cyberbull (Victor Bullder), an African-American bionic bull - Tailslap
Super Duper Crazy Kitty (Kitta Kent), an Orange Catniptonian Tabby Cat - Tailslap
Sharklad ("Garth"), a Great White Selachiian (humanoid shark) - Tailslap


Super Duper Crazy Cat (Zale Kent), an orange tabby cat - Warheart
Wonder Dog (Bruce Prince), a grey/silver mutt - Warheart
Flittermouse (Diana Wayne), a black bat - Warheart
Marine Otter (Arthur Atlantis), a brown sea otter - Warheart
Donkey Guardian (Harold Jefferson), a brown/grey/white donkey - Warheart
Atomic Squirrel (Dr. Scott Hayley), a red squirrel - Warheart
Hawk God (Prof. Tony Farley), a grey/black hawk - Warheart
Reindeer Lightning (Quintin Black), a black reindeer - Warheart
Zatana Rabbit (Harrison Zatana), a white rabbit w/red star on forehead - Warheart
MagiDragon (Peter Devlin), a pink/pastel dragon - Warheart
Scarlet Contessa (Godyva Escamillo), a red/orange vixen - Warheart
American Rabbit (Robert "Rob" Rabbit), a white rabbit - Warheart

Power Rangers Dragon Disc:
White "Star Surge" Dragon Disc Ranger (Tara Covington) - Warheart
Black "Wild Surge" Dragon Disc Ranger (Magnus Covington) - Warheart
Red "Meteor Surge" Dragon Disc Ranger (Cathleen Preying-Hawk) - Warheart
Violet "Ultra Surge" Dragon Disc Ranger (Deryk Devlin III) - Warheart

Power Rangers Dragon Soul, 2nd Generation:
Blue Dragon Ranger (David Sidarius) - Tailslap
White Wyvern Ranger (Jenna Carpenter) - Tailslap
Gold LeoDragon Ranger (Britton Carson, Jr.) - Tailslap
Platinum Dragon Knight (CJ Devlin) - Tailslap

The Quizzler (Max Kerry), a tall White Lab Rat - Warheart
Platinum Dragon Soul Ranger (Deryk Devlin-Dragonheart) - Tailslap

Tatsu-Cryonus, an evil Dragon Lord
General Dark Storm, an evil Dragon General
Demosirc, a Demonic Sorcerer
Ziplings, slender and fast draconic grunts with sharp blades
'Bakuretsu' and other 'UnNamed Generals'
Lost Future Dragons Deux Play
By Warheart and Tailslap
November 13th, 2009

11-13-2009, 08:04 PM
A desolate region outside of ASPCA City...

All is quiet... then...


"We've got you now, Demosirc!" exclaimed the White Dragoness as she and her teammates fought against the Demon Sorcerer!

Demosirc growled, "YOU MADE ME BOTCH THE SPELL, YOU STUPID RANGERS!" And with that, he teleported away!

"That was crazy!" exclaimed the Violet Dragon. "But where are we?"

The Black Dragon replied, "Maybe we should power down in case this place doesn't have dragons."

The Red Dragon nodded her head. "I'm for that. I hate being in the red dragon form too often. Time to power down."

And the four dragons glowed and... transformed into four real world Earth teenagers. Two were identical twin sister and brother, the leaders; the Native American girl with fiery red hair was next; and finally, a very familiar looking Australian boy with a violet shirt.

The twin girl said, "Something tells me that we're in a cartoon dimension. And that's not good. We don't have access to Einstein here."

The twin boy said, "Let's try to find the nearest city and ask for help."

And the four teenagers set off walking toward the east.


Double-T Tower in ASPCA Bay...

All was quiet for Billy Moosden. He was outside the tower with Argo Malverne at the docks. The real noise was inside the tower. They would simply stay out here until needed.

11-14-2009, 01:01 AM
Somewhere on the outskirts north of ASPCA City...

Four different crashes have sent up plumes of soil and natural debris up into the air. Four old-looking capsular dragon-type motorcycles have crashed nose-first into the ground. Upon crash landing the cycle's 'eyes' flashed as if something discharged power. Only the black and gold cycle's hatch was popped open upon impact. Out of that cycle come out a teenage Power Ranger in a futuristic Ranger form. The visorless helmet was the main clue that it was futuristic, especially with no evidence of weapons on the buckle-less belt. He was mostly in black, except for the gold mane on his helmet, the red stripes and gold belt, boots, gloves and the number '4' on his chest. "'This is gonna be fun,' Jenna says," The gold ranger griped in a griffin-like growling. "She ends up getting us into much more trouble than we have ever been!"

A pure Aussie voice from within the silver and amethyst capsular cycle came from another warrior, with a silver dragon helmet and gold and red accents. He had a sword attached to his belt. "Junior, Ah know yas are upset with Jenna, but since yas are out of yer cycle, would yas mind 'elping us out of ours?"

Junior irked, as he pressed the left side of his helmet to activate communications. "Sorry, CJ; I am just upset that we landed in a forest that look a lot more animated for comfort."

A female voice growled from within the white cycle with gold 'antennae.' "Next time, I'll get the David and his twin to do my bidding, because they seem more fun."

Another Aussie voice came on to communications from the blue and black cycle. "Ah think that's enough about this, especially about me and my twin, Jenna." The bloke must obviously be David. "Ah might be missing lifeguard duty at the beach, but what we can't 'elp that now, Junior. We'll find any evidence of emergency lever to open the hatches, like in our advanced cycles. Let's 'elp Junior out, mates."

As Junior started to dig out the blue cycle to help...


Double-T Tower in ASPCA Bay...

Garth didn't want to tolerate the noise coming through the Double-T Tower, either. And with Victor deep in the anals of his Lab recharging his artificial parts, the Atlantean shark had nothing else to do. He was swimming around in the bay, his dorsal fin only seen out in the waters, until he reached the docks, and peeked his head out of the water. "Couldn't tolerate the noise, either, Argo?" he asked in a gentle voice, as he placed his arms on the edge of the docks to keep himself up.

11-15-2009, 06:26 AM
Argo grinned at Garth. "With the JFA visiting and bringing Richard and Max wedding presents... you would think Richard married a real woman. But Max is... has been rather good since the wedding. Flittermouse won't shut up though. I wish we could dip her in the ocean."

Billy said, "ZING! Darn it, my wish granting power doesn't work on cranky bats on PMS!" He winked and giggled.

Argo laughed out loud, falling on his back!


American Rabbit exclaimed, "His horrible mother wanted to move into the Double-T Tower?! You got to be kidding me!"

Richard smiled. "We let SDCK deal with the old battle axe."

SDCC grinned. "I am sure she did her job to the best of her ability. Where is she anyway?"

Cheetahna whispered to the power ringed Donkey Guardian, "Still freaks me out that SDCC hasn't cracked a single joke since the formation of the Furry Fury Rangers over in the Dark Times setting. It's like he's a different toon. And that's spooky."

Donkey Guardian replied quietly to Cheetahna, "He is obeying the new storyline and personal manner that the Creators and Fans want him to show. A very serious SDCC rather than a funny corny joke version. I've heard that the Creators are going to explain this as another encounter with Red Catniptonite, which is why he acts serious all year long. American Rabbit loves the new SDCC... I... heard they were dating..." He makes a face.

MagiDragon just grinned, clearing overhearing the Donkey Guardian. He was glad others on the team were exploring HIS side of the fence for a change.

11-15-2009, 06:56 AM
Garth couldn't help but to laugh. "That can be arranged, Argo... and it doesn't need a wish." He winked.

The Selachiian then looked to Billy. "Sad I didn't get to witness the wedding though. President Obrahma was a very nice host. I think I'll ask Victor if he has it recorded."

Lady Narrator says, "Suddenly out of the banging and clanging ruckus coming out of the other room, SDCK in a summer outfit as Kitta Kent, came into the room, a spaghetti strap from her barely skimpy top slipping off her shoulder."

Kitta growled. "I'm not in the mood, Lady Narrator!"

Lady Narrator replied, "But I work only for you, Kitta."

Kitta shook her head in frustration, and looked to SDCC. "Be glad that you hadn't have a mother like that when you were a kitten, Zan-El; Max's mother just called me a 'village bicycle' because of the way I dress when I am in my civvies. Maybe Bitch Bunny would be better at dealing with her than I am."

11-15-2009, 07:08 AM
SDCC's Serious Narrator finally said something and it was that creepy voice that would run chills down even the most hard core hero in existence. "In an annoyed manner all his own, the cat of steel turned his forlorn gaze toward his cousin and said..."

SDCC then spoke as if he was in sync with the voice, which made the effect all the more creepy eerie. "...want me to go slap her into the middle of a coma, dear cousin?"

And even more eerily, there was no Theatrics Bell. As if it too was too afraid to ring.

Ernie shivered. "Jeeminee! What is up with SDCC's narrator? Ah already miss the mouthy one!"

Outside, Billy remarked, "Cyberbull DID record the whole thing for you, Garth. He really thought of you."

11-15-2009, 07:45 AM
Garth smiled, and said, "That was pretty nice of him. Maybe I should go see him after he finishes recharging in the lab. I hope something's not wrong with him."

Kitta irked, thinking it would be rude to say something bad about SDCC's new sound. You're not the only one, Ernie. "It's fine Zan-El, just stay and relax... I'll let the Bunny handle her. As serious as you are, you are one of our guests in the Double-T Tower." Even Chip would be freaked if he heard that conversation.

11-17-2009, 08:43 AM
Argo hummed. "What is up with all the recharging? He does that more than anyone I've ever known. He claims to be fully charged, then after a walk to the bathroom and back, he's plugged in again."

Cosmic Wizardess walked into the room holding a Genie Bottle and set the clear see-through bottle up on a shelf. Inside the bottle was Quizzler's Mother, still bitching about getting out, but apparently there was an anti-sound spell on the bottle as well. "When she called me an unclean faith healer... that is when I had it with her. Permission to teleport the bottle to Hadji? Please?!"

Richard exclaimed, "No! She's my mother in law, but she can't live here. You can teleport her to Hawaii.... Nude."

Maggie grinned. "With pleasure." POOF! The bottle was GONE and so was the bitching mother in law.

11-17-2009, 02:19 PM
Garth's smile turned into a look of concern. "Sounds like there might be something wrong with him that he's too afraid to bring up for some reason. Or he might not be feeling to well, and its effecting his power consumption. Who knows."

Kitta let out a sigh of great relief, and grinned like the Cheshire Cat. "I think I am starting to like you a little bit after sending that battle axe away, Bunny."

Lady Narrator says, "What is this, a compliment from Kitta Kent?! Call the Authorities!"

Kitta glared and looked up. "Don't get used to it!"

Dec 27 2009, 09:57 AM
Billy said to Garth, "How can we help him though? If we even suggested getting him any help, he's likely explode."

Argo hummed. "There must be a way without making him mad."

SDCC said, "There is nothing wrong with being serious for a day, cousin. You ought to try it someday and watch your comic book's ratings go sky high."

MagiDragon's eyes suddenly did that sparkling thing that it was now famous for as he went into a trance. "Young Dragons... from a future time... they come to fight evil... they come..."

Ernie steadied his mom as he helped MagiDragon to a seat. "You said... young dragons from the future are coming."

Cosmic Wizardess said, "From the future? I'm from the future myself and I don't know of any dragon teams in the future."

Dec 27 2009, 10:38 AM
Kitta looked to the two dragons, and raised an eyebrow. "Father coming for an unexpected visit, Ernie?"

Garth hummed. "I don't know for sure, but he's gets a bit annoyed when we enter his lab without permission. Let's see about visiting him once the party is over. Ernie would probably be concerned as well, but probably because he likes his blokes big." He winked.

Dec 27 2009, 12:32 PM
Ernie replied, "I don't think mom was referring to dad coming. Deryk Devlin isn't from the future. Besides, he makes the crossing from Dreamtrail to Toonmasters every weekend just to see me. And he was just here last Saturday, which was about six days ago. And that means he should be arriving tomorrow. Maybe he will know more about these dragons from the future."

MagiDragon said, "Young dragons. I do not see these dragons as being adults yet. They are still teenagers."

Ernie hummed. "Then it's not dad coming. He IS an adult these days."

SDCC said, "Perhaps Kitta and I should make a patrol around ASPCA City just in case. It will be nice to have both Crazy Cats in the air at the same time. Right cousin?"

Dec 27 2009, 02:55 PM
Kitta said, "Sure thing, Zan-El." She then went to the intercom. "Yo, SteerBot, you got it working yet?"

CyberBull was unconscious while his cybernetic implants were recharging, thus the reason why she is not going to get a response anytime soon.

The feminine feline hissed. "Sounds like he hasn't activated that system for me yet... and is sleeping on the job. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself." She then rushed out of the room, and returned a second or two later with a pink phone booth. She set it down, and walked into it.

Kitta smirked, "Looks like there's a job for..." She then slammed the door shut. Suddenly, the phone booth started to bounce around as if Sadistic Lisa got into a cat fight with Chloe Grange (mind the reference), and suddenly it spun around at high velocities twice, before falling apart at the seams, revealing. "SUPER DUPER CRAZY KITTY! Foes shall quake in their undies tonight!"

Lady Narrator said. "Despite the technical difficulties, SDCK knows how to reveal her heroic form in style!"

Kitta looked to the air. "You know it!"

Dec 29 2009, 12:19 AM
SDCC's Serious Narrator said in that same creepy voice as before, "In a dark manner all his own, Zan-El activated his dark vision and created a phone booth of shadows and stepped inside of it." He then played ominous organ music in an artistic way as SDCC did as the Narrator dictated. "Within moments, the shadows of the booth slowly dispersed to reveal SDCC wearing his all-new black, red, and gold costume. The Catniptonian wonder of steel, the marvel of justice from another galaxy... Super Duper Crazy Cat. Though from his facial expression... you could plainly see that there was nothing crazy about this cat. He was out for blood."

Ernie growled, "Okay, now that's enough! We don't support that kind of talk around 'ere, mate!"

Just then, SDCC's regular Narrator said, "Ernie... the fans want the seriously spooky and forlornly disturbing Dark Cat of Steel. That's why we are doing this for a year. One, it gives me a small vacation which I seriously needed. And two, Zale hasn't told me to shut up once. That's a God send for me. I was starting to get depressed when he would tell me to shut up. And lastly, three... the Creators have something planned for the end of this Catniptonite run. But I can't tell you anything more than that. I don't want to ruin the surprise."

SDCC's serious Narrator said, "You're still around? What for?"

SDCC's regular Narrator replied, "Monitoring your work for the Creators. Rather than narrating, I get to report your work to the Creators."

SDCC's serious Narrator quietly stated, "Oh."

SDCC growled, "Zip it, you two!" Then he looked to SDCK. "Ready to fly the stratosphere of the twilight of gloom?" Then without waited for a reply, he flew off to a nearby window and... stopped inches in front of the window, opened it, and then flew out the window and into the skies.

SDCC's regular Narrator sighed. "I am starting to miss his splatting into a wall and causing the Theatrics Bell to ring. Let's go, Serion... HEY! He's already gone! Dammit..." And he was gone too.

Nightflight sighed, too. "Boy I feel sorry for you JFA'ers. Having to put up with THAT for a year. That's worse than Flittermouse's best dark mood."

Quizzler said, "Worse than the Jackler when he's losing at Poker."


Somewhere north on the outskirts of ASPCA City at the other human teenagers crash site...

The first set of young dragon rangers came upon the crash scene of the second set of young dragon rangers.

"'ere now, mates," said the familiar looking Aussie in the violet jacket. "These real 'uman teenagers are in some trouble."

The female twin in the white jacket said, "You're right. Let's help dig them out."

Ten minutes later...

The two teams of teenagers were in their own groups looking at each other. The female in the white jacket said, "Perhaps we better introduce ourselves, guys. I am the leader of the Dragon Disc Rangers, the White Dragon Disc Ranger, Tara Covington."

"And I," said the twin boy in the black jacket, "am her twin brother, Magnus Covington, the Black Dragon Disc Ranger."

The girl in the red jacket said, "I am Cathleen Preying-Hawk, the Red Dragon Disc Ranger."

And the familiar looking Aussie boy in the violet jacket said, "And I am Deryk Devlin the Third, the Violet Dragon Disc Ranger."

The four of them struck their team pose and shout, "Dragon Disc! Feel The Surge!"

Tara smiled. "And who might you guys be? I thought we were the only Dragon Rangers around anymore."

Dec 29 2009, 01:28 AM
SDCK growled. "I'll make sure to make him regret being too serious and creepy..." She then muttered. "I'll smack him with Garth if I have to." She then bolted off to follow suit at mach speeds, breaking through a wall with help from her massive bust size as she flies off to follow SDCC.

Lady Narrator said, "And off she goes, to catch up with her disturbing cousin, Zan-El. And I should be off with the narrators and follow suit as well." And she was gone as well.

At the Trans-Dragon Cycle Crash Site...

The redhead lead of the group in a blue t-shirt and red swim shorts said. "Ah'm one of the two co-leaders of my team; David Sidarius... the Blue Dragon Ranger."

The brunette girl in the white Michael Jackson memorial t-shirt smirked with a look of mischief in her eyes. "Jenna Carpenter, White Wyvern Ranger."

The Asian-American with minor griffin features and a leonine tail with plain black and taupe outfit introduced himself next. "Britton Carson, Jr., though my friends call me Junior, Gold LeoDragon Ranger."

The Aussie with blond and black streaked hair and the docile yet just nature smiled. "Looks like there is more than one Devlin among us, mates. Ah'm CJ Devlin, Platinum Dragon Knight."

The four got into a group pose, following suit of those of the Dragon Disc team. "Continuing the Tradition of protecting home and abroad, The Second Generation Power Rangers... Dragon Soul!"

Junior said, "Thanks for helping us out, but how did you guys get here if not by accident?" He then shot a dirty look at Jenna, still mad at her for getting them into trouble.

Dec 29 2009, 01:48 AM
Cathleen replied, "We were fighting the evil magician Demosirc and Tara caused him to foul up a massive spell seal he was creating. Usually when he makes one of those seals, a demon monster is spawned out of it and we end up fighting it."

Magnus then said, "Only this time, the seal caught all five of us and the next thing we knew, we were further north of here still in mid-fight with Demosirc."

Deryk grinned. "But 'e 'igh-tailed it away once 'e realized that 'is spell fouled up."

Tara nodded her head. "We already know that we're not in 2030 Talisman City, Adalia. That's where we are from. Did you say 'Dragon Soul'? That means you guys are from Dreamtrail. I remember reading one of the classic Graphic Novels about the originals. Unfortunately, I don't know where we are now."

Dec 29 2009, 02:02 AM
David said, "Honestly, sheila... we don't know where we are, but surely this isn't 2029's New Briarwood. Ah didn't even know that the Trans-Dragon Cycles were still active. Father will blow a gasket if he found out Ah ruined 'is cycle. 'e's already disappointed that Ah took the blame for my brother finding the original Dragon Blade."

Jenna smirked. "You wouldn't have known if I hadn't convinced you three to come with. And what is Dreamtrail, anyway? Isn't that the realms the Aussies of my group keeps squabbling about?"

CJ hummed. "Ah wonder if this is the place father told me about. Where he 'elped a dragon in need?"

Junior glared directly at Jenna. "And Father and Uncles Sidarius had them sealed away for a reason!"

Dec 29 2009, 02:24 AM
Cathleen smirked. "Looks like SOMEONE isn't keen on their trans-dimensional Trans-Dragon Cycle's capabilities!"

Tara said, "Give them a break, Cathleen. As they said, they didn't know they still worked. Jenna... let me explain Adalia, Dreamtrail, and Terra to you. Back in the Graphic Novel adventures of the original Dragon Soul, Lexington and his friends were often crossing between the various dimensions on some pretty wacky adventures. During a dimensional accident, the Dragon Guardians of Adalia crash landed in Dreamtrail and briefly met the original Dragon Soul. Seth Sidarius discovered at that time that he had a crush on Devlin Aussies, and that upset Lexington. After a very short stay, the Dragon Guardians went home, but that short stay was just long enough for Bakuretsu to get an idea."

She then said, "He tricked the Dragon Soul Rangers into meeting with him, but it was a trap. And he sent them through seals to Adalia where they crashed in two locations. In Adalia, the Dragon Soul met up with the Dragon Guardian Rangers and the Fighting Dragon Kamen Riders. The adventure was titled as Triple Dragons. After showing how much of an overkill it was to fight Rangers and Riders in Adalia, Bakuretsu fled and never bothered with it again."

Tara smiled. "Later on, when Dreamtrail's version of Deryk Devlin got in trouble, the Dreamtrail Rangers recruited the Dragon Guardians and the Fighting Dragons to assist them versus another one of Bakuretsu's plots. They won the day and the Dragon Soul received their newest ranger... the original Platinum Dragon Knight. An Aussie dreamboat."

She then said, "Dragon Soul had many other dimensional adventures after that, including a trip to the Medievon dimension where they met the Ranger Lords, and a trip to the Toonmasters dimension where they teamed up with Super Duper Crazy Cat and the Justice Furries of Americat. As a matter of fact, now that I see you guys here with the Trans-Dragon Cycles, and Toonmasters was a programmed destination in the Trans-Dragon Cycles on many MANY occasions... and how animated our surroundings seem to be... I'd say that we are in Toonmasters. But if we are... then we aren't here legally. In the Graphic Novel, the Rangers had to have called-in permission to visit here. But we came in through a back door method. And the dimension probably saw the Trans-Dragon Cycles and just assumed it was the originals coming for a visit."

Magnus hummed. "If we're in Toonmasters, then we need to find the local superheroes and see if they can help us to get home. I don't want to be arrested for being here illegally. It's Demosirc's fault that we Dragon Disc Rangers are here in the first place."

Deryk the Third was looking at CJ. "Aye yes, Ah can see the family resemblance. Yer a Devlin all right, mate."

Dec 29 2009, 02:55 AM
Jenna smiled. "Glad to know that the Sidarius parents are more dysfunctional than my parents are, that would scare the serious look off my brother's face."

Junior's eyes lit up. "Medievon is pretty nice, especially Uncle Gryff's kingdom... the archway leading to Medievon is deep within the ol' Griffin Nest if I remember right."

CJ smiled. "Ah'm glad that yas approve, Deryk the third... or would 'Trip' be more proper?"

David understood what the others told him, and probably believed that their parents were being protective when hiding the Trans-Dragon Cycles the way they did. "Still getting confused by people with the same names, CJ?"

CJ nodded with a sheepish grin. "Don't want to confuse this Deryk with yer twin brother, cuz."

Dec 29 2009, 03:58 AM
Deryk the Third grinned. "Oh, if that's all that's bothering yas... We Dragon Disc Rangers all 'ave nicknames that we use when we're working. Tara is 'Star', Magnus is 'Wild', Cathleen is 'Meteor', and Ah am 'Violet'."

Tara smiled. "So if it helps you guys, just call us by our nicknames. Now I think we could try to find the JFA or whoever else is a superhero around here. I am surprised that we haven't seen any locals yet."

Magnus replied, "I think that is simply dumb luck, dear sister. I am sure the moment we enter a city, everyone will know that we're not toons."

Cathleen hummed. "You would think a group of humans would have attracted someone by now."

Dec 29 2009, 04:56 PM
David was tinkering with his 2G Bracer, and seeing if it would bring light to their situation. So far... nothing. "Looks like we can't figure out which town we are closest to, mates. The 2G Bracers can't connect to any global system."

Junior scratched his hair gently with his claw-like fingernails. "Likely, Meteor-san. We aren't even a trace of toon. And we don't even know how long it's been since there were human visitors."

CJ smiled. "Judging on 'ow Super Duper Crazy Cat is one of the stars of this world, Jenna would probably feel right at 'ome 'ere. Don't yas think, Violet?"

Jenna beamed a bit after overhearing CJ's compliment.

Dec 30 2009, 05:11 AM
Tara suddenly said, "I see something in the sky just over the mountain to the south. Either Super Duper Crazy Cat grew boobs, or it's his cousin, Kitta, on a date with some dark clad super dude."

Cathleen said, "Super Duper Crazy Kitty is supposed to have super hearing, so she should hear this..." And she pulled out a dog whistle and blew it as hard as she could! Then she shouted, "CRAZY KITTY! WE NEED YOUR HELP!"

Magnus rolled his eyes. "A dog whistle on an animal toon planet where there are sure to be millions of dogs..."

Deryk grinned. "Cathleen isn't terribly bright, yas know..."

Titans Double-T Tower

Wonder Dog winced. "OW! Someone just blew a dog whistle!"

Dec 30 2009, 05:38 AM
SDCK flicked her ear twice, listening carefully to the shouts for help. "Dog Whistle and a call for help..." she then looked at SDCC through her peripheral vision. "Zan-El, I hear something. Follow my lead, and for the love of Catnipton... be careful with your words." She then started to increase speed to head over to the source of the whistling, and her boobs started to inflate, as devoted readers know what will go on next...

Lady Narrator says, "I may regret exacerbating, but here goes... For those who are calling for help should get at a safe distance, because here comes..."


As sudden as SDCK shouted her name, she landed forming a massive impact crater, with the debris burying the Trans-Dragon Cycles once again as her breasts once again made a crater, knocking both ranger groups back with the impact's gust of wind.

Junior got up, and started cursing. "What in Uncle Gryff's pit was that?! The impact buried the cycles!"

Jenna was rubbing her painful butt. "That felt like trouble."

David got onto his hands and knees, and looked to the others. "Don't do anything rash yet. Someone might be in the crater, and we can't be sure if it's one of the locals or not."

CJ nodded, and kept his position, kneeling after getting up initially.

Dec 30 2009, 11:51 AM
SDCC's regular Narrator said, "Let me set the pre-scene then you can announce his arrival."

SDCC's serious Narrator replied, "Oh very well."

Near the Dragon teams, SDCC's regular Narrator said, "For those just tuning in... Super Duper Crazy Cat is suffering from the 1-year affects of Red Catniptonite and is currently dressing and acting in a very serious manner. And now, on with the scene already in progress..."

SDCC's serious Narrator said in that dark creepy voice that would make the weakest villains lose control of their bodily functions, "Gliding down slowly from the sky wearing his dark super costume, the dark hero of the hour, Super Duper Casual Cat landed gently on the ground, far unlike his usual crazy landings of times past."

SDCC stated in an annoyed voice at the serious Narrator, "Stop changing my name. Not even my old Narrator would try that. You are NOT the plot writer. Just narrate the script the normal way."

SDCC's serious Narrator inquired, "What script? I'm just ad libitum in a way that the scene seems to dictate."

SDCC's regular Narrator exclaimed, "YOU DON'T READ THE SCRIPT?! I have a copy of the script right here and I read that damned script every day to make sure I understand what is going to happen that day! It's a Toonmaster's LAW! You are REQUIRED to read the script so you don't make mistakes!"

SDCC's serious Narrator sneered, "Why don't you butt out, vacation boy?"

SDCC's regular Narrator growled, "In concordance with the Fair Narration Act, I challenge your sorry ass to a fight! Right here! Right now!"

A boxing bell appeared and a hammer rang the bell, as a Narration Union Official and Shticky Fox, the Creator who controlled puns, lame humor, and slapstick props that made humor in cartoons fun in Toonmasters.

Schticky Fox announced, "This is a fight for the right to Narrate for Super Duper Crazy Cat! Both Narrators... the rules are simple! There aren't any! Just don't take the fight outside of this field! And... BEGIN!" The boxing bell's hammer rang it again, and then, an apparent 'fight' between normally 'unseen assailants' who were now temporarily visible began! And they were both fighting hard and roughly!

SDCC sighed as he turned his attention to the two groups of real humans. "Those two have been cruising for a bruising since this whole serious farce started. Now, about you guys... what brings you to Toonmasters and how did you get here?"

Tara said, "You're Super Duper Crazy Cat? In that costume? No offense, but I like your other costume with the mirrored armor plating better."

The Narration Union Official said, "That costume isn't due for release until 2028. How is it that you have seen that costume, young lady?"

Tara said, "My group of four friends are Dragon Disc Rangers from 2030 Talisman City. An enemy of ours sent us here via a fouled up spell and then he fled after dumping us here. I apologize on behalf of our team for our being here without permission."

She then pointed at the other four. "As for them... they claim to be Second Generation Dragon Soul and they got here via joy riding in their parent's Trans-Dragon Cycles, which are currently buried by the debris that Crazy Kitty accidentally caused with her crash landing in the extremely soft ground around here. I wonder how far down she went?"

The Narration Union Official said, "According to the script, a good three miles. She was likely figuring the ground was harder out here, like it is in the city. I assume Lady Narrator is still with us, yes?"

Dec 30 2009, 04:53 PM
Lady Narrator nodded. "Of course, I am still here... SDCK is trying to get up here right now, and she's rather surprised about the soft soil." She then sighed as she referred to the match. "Those two narrators are like two bulls near the Great Wall of China."

David stepped up. "Ah can see why... we were surprised that the systems were still working, despite our lady teammate getting the idea to crack the code to the First Generation vault." He then cleared his throat. "We are from New Briarwood in 2029, the one where Dragon Soul was a team before any of us were born. The blokes, sheila, and myself are four of a team of six our parents chose to become Power Rangers in their place when Armageddon made his return."

Junior said, as he flicked his leonine tail from left to right "As for how we got here, one of us must've triggered something that activated the Cycle's primary ability, and we were shut in the cocoons of the Cycles as we were sent through a dimensional hole to an unknown destination, until we crashed here. David theorized that his father along with Jenna's father might have taken out the special engines out of most of them, but that proven to be wrong."

David nodded, "The appearance of our parents' cycles have made it to look like four of our parents were coming to Toonmasters, judging by the Trans-Dragon Cycles being capsular in design. We apologize for being in this dimension illegally, but we never expected to be stranded in another dimension."

Suddenly, SDCK flew out of the hole, and landed on her two feet. She then shook off the soil from her fur and hair, and looked up to Lady Narrator. "Whose idea was it to make this ground so soft?"

Lady Narrator replied, "The ground North of ASPCA City is softer than the soil within the cities, SDCK."

Dec 30 2009, 05:13 PM
SDCC rolled his eyes then said, "Fortunately, all is not lost for your Dragon Soul Rangers." MagiDragon? We found your young dragons. Could you and Ernie teleport here please?

MagiDragon and Ernie both appeared in the field.

SDCC was already using his X-Ray Vision to locate the Trans-Dragon Cycles and was uncovering them once again. "MagiDragon, I need you to place an early call to Ernie's father and tell him that the Second Generation Dragon Soul crash landed here in Toonmasters. And I want his exact response relayed so we can all hear any possible dirty words, Aussie or otherwise."

Ernie coughed. "There are sure to be a few if these blokes damaged the Trans-Dragon Cycles."

MagiDragon used his magical powers to send the message across the Dimensional Barrier to Dreamtrail where Deryk Devlin, Ernie's father, was living... and then waited for any reply.

Ernie then noticed the battling Narrators. "Ah've always 'eard that Narrators would fight over a star, but Ah've never actually seen any do it before." Then he noticed Shticky Fox. "'EY! My favorite foxy in all of Toonmasters! Can Ah pet and rub on yas, sir?"

Shticky Fox grinned. "Be my guest. I'm just watching the fight to see who wins."

Ernie quickly petted the foxy! BLISS!

SDCC said to SDCK, "Dragon Soul's kids and a new Dragon team from Future Adalia. The girl let it slip about a new costume that the Creators have apparently been preparing for me to wear in the future. It's armored and shiny."

Dec 30 2009, 05:51 PM
Deryk Devlin sent the message back promptly, with a bit of a disappointed tone after he muttered a curse word in Ancient Chinese. "Is the three joey bait that should be sent to Tailslap's mob for falling for Jenna Carpenter's blackmail named David Seth Sidarius, Britton Carson, Jr., and Calvin Joseph Devlin?"

SDCK oohs! "That would be something you'd like wearing, Zan-El."

CJ blinked, and asked the Captniptonians. "Who is Ernie's father?"

David and Junior didn't know what SDCC was talking about to MagiDragon, but they both had a feeling that they should be ashamed of themselves.

Jenna blinked as she looked at SDCK. "I haven't been much of a fan of crazy cartoons, but I really like your style."

SDCK grinned, as she glowed in that all-important ratings glow. "Oh goody! A new fan! My ratings are going up! Maybe we should go shopping after this!" She pulled out a PDA from her cleavage, and watched the statistics of her ratings go up a bit.

Dec 30 2009, 06:03 PM
SDCC replied to CJ, "Ernie's father is the original Platinum Dragon Knight of the original Dragon Soul team. MagiDragon is the mother of the dragon egg."

MagiDragon replied back to Deryk Devlin, Yes, all four of them are here. SDCC are digging out the Trans-Dragon Cycles right now. There is another dragon team here from 2030 Adalia, they claim... some place called Talisman City, California. I am not sure where that is though. When can you be here to take charge of the three joeys and unruly flyer?

Tara smirked. "So This Australian got this dragon pregnant and he laid an egg that hatched to become Ernie?"

Ernie grinned and nodded his muzzle. "That's right, sheila! And dad comes to visit every weekend! Though Ah get the feeling that 'e will be arriving earlier than usual this time!"

Deryk the Third said, "So my Grandfather's Dreamtrail counterpart is the original Platinum Dragon Knight... that sorta makes sense."

Dec 30 2009, 06:33 PM
CJ hummed, "Deryk Devlin's my father, too, which would likely make Ernie and Ah 'alf brothers."

David, Jenna, and Junior's jaws dropped at CJ's theory.

SDCK blinked. "That can't possibly be true, could it?"

Lady Narrator says, "I am just as surprised as you are, SDCK."

Deryk Devlin replied. Ah'll see about getting in touch with Atlantis... Lexie and Seth both are pretty upset, and Nanami is worried sick... I'll try to be there by tomorrow at the earliest, depends on how fast I can convince King Owen to let me borrow the SHARC. Thanks for letting me know where my youngest son and the others turned up, and make sure they don't get tooned before Ah get there, love.

Dec 31 2009, 02:20 AM
Ernie grinned. "So my 'alf-brother is a Power Ranger, while Ah am a Kamen Rider." He then pulled out his Kamen Rider Ryuu Changer belt and exclaimed, "Watch my smoke, CJ."

Ernie strapped the belt around his waist and shouted, "Rider Transform!" and threw his right arm at a diagonal to his left then rotated it clockwise until it was a diagonal to his right. Then he retracted it to his waist and thrust out his left arm at a diagonal to his right. After making that pose, he leaped into the air and shouted, "Ryuu Majo!" and then his internal powers activated his transformation sequence. His Ryuu Changer began flashing wildly with magical lights and cosmic power, as his stylized Rider Helmet appeared over his head, followed immediately by his Ryuu Majo red, black, and green costume with sterling silver boots and gloves that had a platinum edge. His Ryuu Blasters appeared in their holsters on his belt, as he landed on the ground for all to see. "Kamen Ryuu! Magic Rider!"

MagiDragon then said, "You've been practicing, son. As for you others, here is what I was told... Deryk Devlin won't be here until tomorrow. You are all stuck here for the next 24 hours AND... you are to try NOT to get tooned while you're here. None of you have Anti-Toon Insurance, like your parents do."

SDCC grinned. "You mean like their vacation visit where Chip Lonewolf tried to leap through a toon tree prop in Toon-Briarwood of Dark Times to Rootcore and ended up as an orange male cartoon beaver standing in a pile of his loose clothes?"

Oh boy... 2G Dragon Soul just learned one of the unspoken stories that happened in Toonmasters!

SDCC giggled. "And I joked about his urge to build dams at the speed of lightning!"

Magnus said, "What is Anti-Toon Insurance, Crazy Kitty?"

Dec 31 2009, 02:49 AM
David immediately blushed. "That was something Ah didn't want to know about my Uncle Chip." If he was an anime character, a big sweat drop would appear over his brow as well right about now.

Jenna grinned; something for the White Ranger to hold over the Knight of New Briarwood.

Junior looked up and down Kamen Ryuu, and felt a bit nervous, mumbling something to himself, as he decided to sit next to the cycle, feeling a bit shy.

CJ grinned, "Very impressive Rider form, mate." He then looked to MagiDragon, and thought it wouldn't be good to blow smoke unless he got permission, feeling that he is already in trouble for falling for Jenna's blackmail as it is.

SDCK replied to Magnus, "Anti-Toon Insurance is usually given to visitors of Toonmasters after they book their vacation with the Toonmaster via the 1-800 number dialed in the Dreamwolf Superhero Universe to those who intentionally visit our world. It comes with a particular price, and once you pay it, you get life insurance for life. However, if you ever want to live here and become a toon, just simply rip up your Anti-Toon Insurance papers, and you'll instantly turn into a furry toon. This is only for the good guys, mind you."

Dec 31 2009, 03:22 AM
Magnus said, "You said 'usually'; I assume then that there is a way to get this insurance for those accidentally dumped here by a villain, since Villains don't have to get insurance to be here. How can we get some?"

Shticky Fox replied, "Because you are smartly inquiring about getting the insurance and your leader politely apologized for your team being here without permission, and since you are not on vacation... I can assist you with getting the life-time insurance for your team. I will also handle your getting permanent visitation passes so you can come again at a later date, hopefully legally this time. Let me get started on your insurances and permissions."

The Narration Union Official said, "...and..." He rang the boxing bell several times. "We have a victor! Winner and still champion of Super Duper Crazy Narration... Irvine Huxford!"

SDCC arched an eye. "My regular narrator has an actual name? Really?"

Irvine Huxford panted as he walked over and leaned on SDCC. "Everyone has a name, old friend. I am wondering though why you aren't more surprised that I would actually fight for you."

SDCC smiled. "I was wondering that too. But you won. I'm sorry we got so distanced before. It's just... this whole Serious SDCC thing... it's like it's not the REAL Super Duper Crazy Cat. And I think the fans know it."

Deryk the Third giggled. "Narrators 'ave real names. Isn't that a real kick in the shorts, eh Kitta?"

Dec 31 2009, 04:00 AM
SDCK uncrossed her arms from under her breasts, and sighed. "It is... However, I'd appreciate it mine doesn't reveal her name until she has to go into something like Mr. Huxford had to do.

Lady Narrator replied. "I am glad that you want me to keep my identity a secret, SDCK."

SDCK looked up, and said, "I am not doing it for you; I wouldn't think I could handle knowing your name, even if I am on the brink of being you-know-what." She then smiles as she walked over to Junior, and rubbed his feathery head. "You're part griffin, are you?"

Junior's eyes widened, as he gulped. "Yes, onee-san."

SDCK blinked, and arched an eyebrow. "What did this cutie call me?"

David hummed, and looked to MagiDragon. "Ah 'ope that we won't be too much of a burden to you guys while we wait for my godfather Deryk to pick us up." He then looked to the others. "Ah am sure that we will try to be on our best behavior, Jenna included."

Jenna shrugged her shoulders, and rolled her eyes. "Despite not seeing the fun in that, I'll try to be a good girl while we're here; cross my heart." she made the proper motions."

Dec 31 2009, 04:43 AM
MagiDragon hummed. "There are a few places where we can take you rangers. The Double-T Tower where we were attending the bridal party for Nightflight and The Quizzler... Toon-Briarwood where you can meet your parents Toon-Counterparts at the Rock Porium... the JFA Satellite where we can force you to sit on monitor duty like the back-up members used to do... or we can put you to doing work chores down on my Mexicollie Aussie Station. Choose one."

Ernie grinned. "If Ah wasn't a Devlin, Ah know which one Ah'd choose..."

Tara said, "If it's all the same to you, we Dragon Disc Rangers will choose to go to the Double-T Tower. That training chamber of theirs is to die for. We need to hone our fighting abilities for when Demosirc shows up again. And believe me... he'll be back to attack us."

Magnus, Cathleen, and Deryk III all nodded their heads in total agreement.

SDCC looked to the Narration Union Official. "What will happen to Mr. Doesn't-Read-The-Script?"

The Union Official replied, "He is being accused of attempting to become a rogue plot writer. We have a nice prison cell for him... plus, Toonmaster is waiting to have some words with the shit." He then handed forms and passes to the Dragon Disc team. "Here are your insurance forms and visitation passes. You are now here legally."

And with that... he, Shticky Fox, and the bad Narrator are all whisked away to Toonmaster's place in the clouds.

Duh da de doom...

MagiDragon said to the 2G-Dragon Soul, "Where would you like to spend the next 24 hours?"

Dec 31 2009, 05:22 AM
Junior looked to SDCK. "I called you sister, as I don't know another way to call you."

SDCK shut up for a moment, as what he said made her think a little bit.

David said, "Ah think we need to decide in unison where to go, mates. We may be two thirds of a team, but we should decide as a team; Our parents would expect that of us."

The four 2G Dragon Rangers came together, they had to decide where to go. David had muttered about wanting to be responsible for their actions, while Junior was noting that he was starting to miss his family, and CJ had bonding with his half-brother on his mind, and Jenna saying whatever was fine, even if she has to get her hands dirty. Not too soon after, they nodded to each other, and got in line.

The redhead leader of the group said, "I would like to take responsibility for my group's actions, and do chores during our stay."

CJ smiled cautiously, "If it is alright, Ah would like to stay with Ernie, and get to know my 'alf brother better. Though Ah am close to David's family, Ah don't 'ave any siblings at 'ome."

Junior looked up. "I would like to go to Toon-Briarwood to see my parents' counterparts, if that is permissible."

Jenna blinked, "The Double T-Tower sounds fine to me... I would like to see where heroes and heroines like SDCK work to save the day."

SDCK then walked over to the Dragon Disc team. "If you'd like, Zan-El and I would give you a ride back to the Double-T Tower, if my cousin would like to help." She winked.

Dec 31 2009, 02:34 PM
SDCC, even though under serious contract, really couldn't RESIST cracking one joke about his cousin.

"Yes, Sister Kitta is definitely active in the local churches. She's actually a nun, you know."

And the Theatrics Bell went crazy!

MagiDragon chose to open magical gateways to the three various locations, sending Ernie, CJ, and David to the Mexicollie Station. Britton Junior was sent to the Rock Porium in Toon-Briarwood. And the rest were sent to the Double-T Tower, leaving the two Catniptonians to deal with each other. MagiDragon returned to the Double-T Tower and told the others what was going on. Scarlet Contessa and Cosmic Wizardess chose to go keep an eye on Junior in Toon-Briarwood. And Sahara Hunter chose to go join Ernie at the Station. Being teleported made his leaving town better and sneakier in case his enemies came looking for him again.

And the Theatrics Bell was still going!!

The Narrator said to Lady Narrator, "Someone is going to get it for sure. He wasn't supposed to say that. It isn't in the script."

Dec 31 2009, 03:52 PM
Lady Narrator replied. "Agreed, Irv. I've been following the script as well."

SDCK growled. "Bite it, Lady Narrator!"

Lady Narrator smirked. "Sorry, SDCK; I am not Sharklad."

SDCK face-palmed herself, as the Theatrics Bell took a break to ring for the Lady Narrator's crack. "What did I tell you about cracking jokes?!" She then looked to her cousin. "I am happy that you cracked a joke for once, Zan-El, I was a about to smack you with that damn fish out of water if you creeped me out even more." She then hummed. "Let's head back, unless we need to do something else."

Jan 1 2010, 12:15 AM
SDCC nodded his muzzle. "I'll be glad when this serious year ends. I can be serious without being forced to do it. But 24/7 is getting to be a pain in the tail." He looked at the Trans-Dragon Cycles. "I need to transport these TDCs back to Kent Chateau and borrow Tom Cat Tomorrow to help me do repairs on these things. Lexington is going to be so ticked when he sees the damages that the 2G Rangers have caused to these vehicles..."

The Narrator replied, "Yes, Lexington will be upset and likely already is. I didn't mention this earlier since Narrators are really only supposed to give hints when it is only the person they narrate for and themselves around... but I can open a plot hole effect to any dimension, with permission from the Creators, to borrow someone from there and bring them here. I don't need permission to send them off to other dimensions, usually because it is their choice... like when Lexington wanted to go to Adalia after the Vacation Visit went sour."

SDCC hummed. "It went sour because I miss-planned the Toon-Briarwood visitation between them and their counterparts, whom I had been in contact with."

The Narrator then asked, "Do we have Dragon Guardian counterparts too?"

SDCC shook his head. "Actually, no. And I'm not sure why they don't exist here. Yin-Yang's counterparts exist... I've seen the counterpart of Janet Renton... and I don't want to see that again without protection." He shudders.


Mexicollie Devlin Station

Argo, Ernie, CJ, and David were at the family homestead in Mexicollie where MagiDragon and Kamen Ryuu lived and where Dreamtrail Deryk Devlin would visit every weekend. The station was Deryk's arrival zone in Toonmasters, in fact.

Argo said, "I'll help David with the chores, Ernie. You stay with CJ. And thanks for letting me come along again. I... like hanging out with you." He blushed and headed off to work.

Ernie smiled, blushing a little himself. Seems the Elemental Fins outing really brought them closer together. He then looked at CJ. "Well, mate... what would yas like to do during our time together? My few interests are motorcycles, magic, and mysteries. The three M's." He winked with a grin.


Toon-Briarwood / Carson Griffin Dojo

Junior, Scarlet Contessa, and Cosmic Wizardess all arrived at the Dojo where Toon-Britton the Griffin was holding a class for his most important student... Deryk Roo, the Los Angeleos Lion gang member, though he didn't look so lonely today. Sitting over to one side of the Dojo chambers were special guest stars... Butch (Leo Kingsden), Ripper (Renard Ranger), Yeti (Caleb Farley), Detective Mal Faraduck, and Mrs. Adara Ranger (Ripper's mother; the Pride Mom), all from the Los Angeleos Lions (Dark Times) series.

Toon-Britton exclaimed, "Spin-Kick!"

Deryk Roo replied, "Yes Master!" And he leaped high into the air and made a 360 spin with his big foot extended. An interesting maneuver that didn't seem like much alone, but imagine if he had been surrounded by enemies when he did that!

Toon-Britton exclaimed, "Tail-Trip Blitz!"

Deryk Roo replied, "Yes Master!" And he tail-slapped the floor with a cracking sound as he spun slightly, swinging the tail like a club, then performing a one-two punch where his tail had just been.

Toon-Britton exclaimed, "Ultra Morph!"

Deryk Roo replied, "Yes Master!" And he made a fist with his left paw and brought it over his chest rather fast striking an imaginary right hand target, jerking his paw back slightly at the end, then he back-handed the right hand target with his right paw as he brought it in an arc and then back down on to his left wrist. "Ultra Morphing Time! Power Up!" He then struck a pose, bringing both fists down to his sides striking imaginary targets in their groins on either side of himself, as he raised his muzzle up and forward. "Morphing Sequence Complete! Enemies Down!"

Toon-Britton smiled and gave Deryk Roo a nummy-treat. "Good job, student. Take a break. You and I have company."

Deryk Roo bounded over and pounced Ripper, kissing him all over!!

Toon-Britton turned toward Junior and the two female superheroes. "I hope you enjoyed the demonstration. Deryk Roo is a very important student. I try to spend every day with him. At least today... he is getting a monitored visit from his fiance and fiance's mother and his friends."


Double-T Tower

The Dragon Disc Rangers were all inside the Training Chamber fighting holographic grunts that they helped to program in... in their case, the Ziplings, not so cute demon-versions of the Shadodraks.

Jenna was with the other Titans and JFA members in the main chambers where the bridal party was still going on.

And yes, Flittermouse still had a sour look on her muzzle. She was NOT happy with all of this.

Captain Moose and Sharklad were off examining the unconscious CyberBull, privately, with the help of Zatana Rabbit, who was not only a Star Clan magic user but a doctor, scientist, and alchemist as well.

Nightflight said to Jenna, "Welcome to the Titans Double-T Tower, Jenna. Not much out here, but you can look around, I suppose. Quizzler and I just got married..."

Flittermouse growled, "Do you HAVE to keep saying that?"

The Quizzler looked at his old nemesis. "I wanted to marry you, but you always said no. Richard rescued me from the abuse I have been dealing with at home. But I guess you support abuse, don't you?"

That shut Flittermouse up.

Jan 1 2010, 01:47 AM
SDCK grinned. "I can help with getting the cycles to your chateau. I hope that my impact crater didn't damage them too much. The only time I get to greet visitors, I further the damage to their vehicle. Does this get any easier, Zan-El?"

David was starting with the stinkiest and the most problematic job in the station; cleaning the stables. He was following what he has done at the Sidarius Station before he inherited his father's ranger powers. He hated the smell, but didn't mind the hard work, even if his twin wasn't with him to work with.

CJ smiled. "Ah'm mostly interested interested in swordsmanship, anything unique, and keeping up my pop's old 1980's motorcycle and side car, may the old Dragon'eart rest in peace."

Junior blinked at Toon-Britton, then smiled, as he bowed formally to the Dojo Master. "I am not a black belt yet, and I haven't seen that from most of the black belts my parents trained, even Uncle Lexington."

Jenna remarked, "Sounds like my parents when they are debating how to punish me." She then looked to Nightflight. "Thank you, and congratulations on yours and the Quizzler's wedding."

Sharklad was definitely concerned about Cyberbull, as he stroked the metallic side of the bovine muzzle. "I'm sorry that he is going through whatever he's going through. How's it coming, Zatana?"
End of TT-03 Lost Future Dragons Deux Play

Stay tuned for TT-04 Bigger Foes Means Better Unity