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TT-01 Birthday Concert for a Shark

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    TT-01 Birthday Concert for a Shark

    Toon Titans™
    Birthday Concert for a Shark

    "Theatrics with a smile!" Join the crazy mysteries of the teen aged furries of ASPCA City as they have junior hero adventures with a smile around every bend. And watch out for the Narrators and that crazy Theatrics Bell, too! This role playing game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.


    Nightflight (Richard Grayson), an American robin - Warheart
    Cheetahna (Veronica Carmichael), an African black cheetah - Warheart
    Kamen Ryuu (Ernie Devlin), an Australian dragon - Warheart
    Captain Moose (Billy Moosden), a Canadian moose - Warheart
    Sahara Hunter (Argo Malverne), an Arabian stallion - Warheart
    Cosmic Wizardess (Maggie Donnelly), a Futuristic white bunny - Warheart

    Cyberbull (Victor Bullder), an African-American bionic bull - Tailslap
    Super Duper Crazy Kitty (Kitta Kent), an Orange Catniptonian Tabby Cat - Tailslap
    Sharklad ("Garth"), a Great White Selachiian (humanoid shark) - Tailslap

    Guest Starring

    Silver Shadow (Sam "Sammy" Olicat), an Australian titanium-grey liger - Silver Shadow

    The Quizzler - Warheart
    Genie Mouse - Warheart

    Birthday Concert for a Shark
    By Warheart, Tailslap, and Silver Shadow
    April 19th, 2009

    Apr 19 2009, 05:30 PM
    Ernie Devlin (Kamen Ryuu), Argo Malverne (Sahara Hunter), and "Garth" (Sharklad) were all three in West Virginia on motorcycles en route to a Elemental Fins concert. The Elemental Fins were various aquatics who represented one of the four elements. Their head singer was a shark who represented FIRE. The dolphin guitarist represented WIND, the turtle keyboard player represented WATER, and the female sea otter represented EARTH. The three Titans had tickets for the event.


    The remaining Titans were on duty in both ASPCA City and Gag'em City. They had gotten word that the JFA had to be off-world for a few days to rescue a planet from space pirates (fire powered rats) who were trying to get their claws on some Catniptonite.

    Nightflight stood on top of the Gag'em City First National Bank as he spoke into his communicator. "All clear at checkpoint one. Over."

    Cheetahna was on the roof of Blue Starfish Labs. "All clear at checkpoint two. Over." I am so bored!

    Captain Moose was in Central Park. "All clear at checkpoint three, eh hosers. Over."

    Cosmic Wizardess was at the Gag'em City warehouses. "All clear at checkpoint four. Over." Although it wasn't really clear there. She had just finished beating the crap out of some thugs who tried to break into a Narrators Warehouse.

    Apr 19 2009, 07:36 PM
    Though she made another huge crater (rumored to be caused by her breasts), Super Duper Crazy Kitty made it to near the Gag'em Gazette. After she got her ball-bearings back, she checked in "All clear at Checkpoint five, over."

    CyberBull was at the Island where the Statue of Furry Justice would call home. "Checkpoint six is all clear after three different scans, over."

    Apr 21 2009, 12:15 PM
    "Quizzle me this, Redbreast!" which was followed by some rat like laughter. "What rug is sometimes called Arabian? And what is oil put in to light up our lives?"

    Nightflight turned around and saw the Quizzler standing there behind his position. He slowly walked over to the lab rat villain and placed an arm around his shoulder. "Quizzler... Flittermouse is off-planet with the JFA, and I haven't been Redbreast in weeks. I now call myself Nightflight. And what does Persian Lamps have anything to do with what you're doing here?"

    The Quizzler sighed as he leaned on Nightflight. "One, I am lonely. And two, some small time thugs mentioned that they were going to try to steal a Persian Lamp from an antiques store in Gag'em City tonight. This lamp supposedly has the ability to grant powers, of some sort, to whoever holds the lamp. And because the Super Villain Union would be ticked by small time thugs having that sort of power, I had to come find you."

    Nightflight nodded his head. "Thanks for alerting me to the crime, Quizzler." He then gave the white lab rat a deep kiss on the muzzle. "I do like you a lot, old friend. I currently run a team called the Toon Titans. We live in the Double-T building on the island in the Gag'em City Bay, where we can watch both ASPCA City and Gag'em City. Please try to stay out of trouble while Flittermouse is out of the city. Okay? For me?"

    The Quizzler kissed back and slightly nodded his head. "I promise, for you, Nightflight. You're the only one who treats me like someone. Flittermouse hates me." He gave Nightflight directions to the antique store. "Be careful, Nightflight."

    Nightflight smiled and kissed Quizzler again. "I will." He then stepped away from Quizzler and spoke into his communicator. "Team, I just got a tip about a break-in plan on an antique store in Gag'em City. I will provide directions. Use extreme caution if you get there before I do. The thugs are after a magical Persian Lamp."


    Cheetahna, Captain Moose, and Cosmic Wizardess all three responded at the same time, "I'm on it!"

    A nearby Narrator laughed. "No you're not; it's in Magi-Dragon's slit!" And the Theatrics Bell went off!


    Ernie, Argo, and Garth had arrived at the Elemental Fins concert in West Virginia, where Garth saw a huge banner that read: Happy Birthday, Sharklad!

    Ernie chuckled. "Looks like the Elemental Fins got my message, mates!"

    Argo blinked his eyes. "How old is Garth, anyway...?"

    Apr 21 2009, 05:12 PM
    CyberBull says as he hops into his jet ski "Maybe SDCK should operate from the base this time, since we don't need her to blow the operation with a bigger crater."

    Kitta growled in communications. "Shut up, bovine... unless you want your danglers to be missing."

    Garth blushed real deep. "Obviously still old enough to still fall for surprises on my birthday." He gave both Ernie and Argo a hug. "How did you guys find out?" He remembered how his first celebrated birthday went, and it didn't go to well.

    Apr 27 2009, 01:23 PM
    Cheetahna, Captain Moose, and Cosmic Wizardess all converged on where Nightflight was awaiting the team on a neighboring rooftop.

    "I hope Crazy Kitty doesn't break any fine china when she lands in the area." stated Cheetahna.

    Nightflight grinned. "If she does, she's paying for it by herself."


    Ernie hugged back. "Ah tried to ask Marine Otter first, but 'e wouldn't tell me. So Ah resorted to asking my father. 'e used 'is seer powers and found out that way. Then Ah 'appened to do a favor for the Elemental Fins and they offered to repay me 'owever Ah liked. So... when yer birthday came near, Ah called them up and they agreed to set up this part for yas. 'ere in West Virginia, so yas wouldn't be tipped off that it was an aquatic surprise for yas."

    Argo quietly said, "Ernie offered to let me come along because he rationalized that if The Jackler spoke to anyone in Arkham about my being around and word did get back to those after me, they would have reports of me leaving the East Coast. So I agreed to make the trip with you guys."

    Apr 30 2009, 08:32 AM
    Luckily enough, SDCK came in using her Super Duper Crazy Speed! "Alright... who am I going to spay or neuter this time?"

    Lady Narrator says, "Damn that Bob Barker... woof woof." And the Theatrics Bell went off instantly.

    SDCK raised her fist into the air. "Stop out-joking me, Lady Narrator!"

    Lady Narrator says, "I only work for you, SDCK."

    CyberBull arrived by a Cybernetic Cycle, and rolled his organic eye. "Catniptonians."

    SDCK snapped at CyberBull. "I heard that!"

    Garth replaced the power cell and the sea water chambers on his gill stimulator (holding his breath as he did so), before placing it back over his gills, and saying, "Marine Otter knows what had happened on my first couple of celebrated birthdays. None of those moments have I been very proud of." He shuddered at the memories of his first couple birthdays. "I am grateful that you thought of me, Ernie. Thank you to both of you. Still sad that CyberBull couldn't come with us without a recharge, though."

    May 4 2009, 01:38 AM
    Nightflight said to the team, "These non-powered crooks are after a magical lamp in this antique store. If they get this thing, they could become super villains in a heartbeat. My informant tipped me off to this theft attempt. So lets get in there and try to locate this lamp before the bad guys can." And he led the team into the building through the skylight.


    Ernie smiled at Garth. "Ah just wanted to show yas a good time, Garth. Plus the band 'ave a sea water aquarium set up for yas, too, mate."

    Argo looked around. "It does seem safe around here. Maybe I can try to relax a little on this outing."

    May 4 2009, 10:34 AM
    SDCK went to dive in, but CyberBull grabbed her by the cape. "Don't think of making a crater with your boobs, Kitty. You know what Nightflight said."

    "Don't tell me what to do, bully!" SDCK growled, as she leaped down for a more comfortable landing.

    Garth hugged Ernie more as a thank you. "Thanks, Ernie. sure beats replacing the power cells and the water chambers on my gill stimulator." His tailfin was swishing from left to right happily, as if he was back in the water already.

    May 9 2009, 09:24 PM
    Soon, with Garth in the sea water aquarium, Ernie and Argo sat down just off stage for a near point-blank experience of the rock band's performance. With no villains to know that three superheroes were at a rock concert, perhaps they would have a good time...


    Team Narrator quietly stated, "Inside the antique store, the Toon Titans carefully and quietly made their way through the dimly radiant corridors that contained ancient treasures of a time since passed."

    Nightflight rolled his eyes, wondering when the team actually got a narrator. He knew the Justice Furries had one, but he hadn't put in a request for a team narrator. Yet they now had one. At least he wasn't annoying like most narrators were.

    Cheetahna made her way along in the company of Cyberbull. She thought that would be the safest for the both of them. "No offense, Cyberbull, but doesn't being in an antique store remind you of a bull in a china shop?" The theatrics bell went off very quietly, as they two were trying to be sneaky at the moment.

    Captain Moose and SDCK traversed another corridor in the old shop. "Do you think we'll find anything, Kitty?"

    Cosmic Wizardess was using her magic to detect magic within the shop, but she was having a problem because she was getting more than one target. And one of the magic targets seemed to be moving.

    May 9 2009, 09:57 PM
    CyberBull released a whole bunch of steam from his nostrils; at will this time, since he was snorting. "I never really liked that joke, even when we are in a shop like this." He muttered quietly to Cheetahna.

    SDCK shrugged. "I think will be able to find something, if we don't end up losing tempers." She then sighed in relief. "At least I wasn't paired with that bull... I would've made him a steer." She grinned, tapping her fingernails.

    Jun 9 2009, 06:46 PM
    Cheetahna quietly said to Cyberbull, "In truth, you aren't the bull in the china shop, Cyber; SDCK is. I'm flat-chested which allows me to attain high speeds. Everyone knows that the bigger your breasts are, the more air resistance you get when flying. So it is in my opinion... that is why SDCK crashes a lot. Its all in the aerodynamics."

    Nearly every listening Narrator gasped at that point. Someone was sure to get it later for saying that.


    Captain Moose said to SDCK, "Eh hoser... can't you be a little more polite? I mean, Garth isn't even here this time."


    Nightflight whispered to Cosmic Wizardess, "What do you have on your scope?"

    Cosmic Wizardess quietly replied, "It certainly isn't Listerine, that's for sure." The Theatrics Bell quietly sounded. "Oh shut up, you." Then she focused on Nightflight again. "I am getting two magical signals. One is stationary; the other is moving slowly, like we are."

    Both Nightflight and Cosmic Wizardess stopped walking. Nightflight asked, "Did it stop just then?"

    Cosmic Wizardess replied, "No, it's still moving."

    Nightflight smiled. "Good. I was afraid it was one of us?"

    Jun 9 2009, 07:06 PM
    SDCK hissed silently. "I thought I was talking about CyberBull, and not Sharklad. Sorry if I didn't make that quite clear."

    CyberBull shook his muzzle. "Either way, that Kitty seems to be worse than Nightflight when it comes to landings. At least her cousin aims to lessen the damages to goods when he crash lands... or so I've heard."

    Jun 20 2009, 05:37 AM
    Cheetahna quietly said to Cyberbull, "Let's keep searching."


    Captain Moose said to SDCK, "Do you have to be so nasty to everyone?" Then he looked up into the air and asked, "Lady Narrator... is SDCK on her period or something?"


    Cosmic Wizardess quietly said, "I think we found the lamp." She points at the stationary target in front of them.

    Nightflight quietly walked over and picked up the fragile ceramic magic lamp. "Now that we have this thing, lets try getting out without getting ambushed."

    Jun 20 2009, 05:52 AM
    CyberBull nodded sternly, as he continued to help Cheetahna on their search.

    Lady Narrator replied, "When is she isn't on her period?"

    SDCK growled lowly, shaking her fist in the air. "Very funny, Lady Narrator... do you dare to say it to my face?" She was pretty cranky, and when someone says something bad about her, it pushes her near the breaking point.

    Lady Narrator said, "I am only saying what is true about your behavior, SDCK."

    07-20-2009, 02:36 AM
    Nightflight activated his communicator. "Come on, guys. I got the lamp. We'll regroup at the Double-T tower and try to figure out some things. And try not to kill each other until we get home, okay?"

    Cosmic Wizardess muttered, "A little late in some people's cases. By the way, Nightflight... who tipped you off to this robbery?"

    Nightflight glared at CW. "None of your business, bunny bitch."

    CW grinned. "And here I thought she was over in Dreamwolf." And the theatrics bell went off nearby. Then she caught what Nightflight said at the end. "Hey!"


    Cheetahna smiled at Cyberbull, "Looks like we don't have to search after all. And I think it is about time for another recharge, isn't it? Let me give you a lift back to the Double-T tower. We'll be back before Wonder Boobs can get there." And she picked up Cyberbull and sped out of the building.


    Captain Moose mentally thought at Lady Narrator, Good one! Then to SDCK he said, "We can go back to the tower now, eh hoser?" And he started back out of the shop.

    07-20-2009, 02:50 AM
    SDCK hissed lowly as she flew close behind Captain Moose. "Don't call me hoser!"

    CyberBull was indeed in need of a recharge. as Cheetahna started to take off while carrying him, his power cell had five percent of its charge remaining. When it reaches that level, CyberBull feels a good need to sleep, as his implants start to reduce their energy intake greatly to reduce the consumption of the remaining power.

    07-21-2009, 10:06 PM
    At the Elemental Fins concert in West Virginia, Ernie, Argo, and Garth were enjoying the Birthday Concert for Garth.

    "Our next song is for our birthday guest... SHARKLAD!"

    "There's a fish who lives in the sea,
    Scariest fishy that he can be.
    Better watch out when he's near,
    He's a fishy that you should fear.

    Shark, shark, here comes a shark,
    Get you in the morning and after dark.
    You know his bite is worse than his bark,
    He's a gonna getcha, here comes a shark.

    He's got teeth sharp as knife,
    Oh so long and pearly white.
    He eats anything he can,
    An old brown shoe or a garbage can.

    Shark, shark, here comes a shark,
    Get you in the morning and after dark.
    You know his bite is worse than his bark,
    He's a gonna getcha, here comes a shark.

    He's so fast, he can really swim,
    All the little fishes are scared of him.
    They know when to swim away,
    When the shark is comin' their way.

    Shark, shark, here comes a shark,
    Get you in the morning and after dark.
    You know his bite is worse than his bark,
    He's a gonna getcha, here comes a shark.

    I hope no matter what you do,
    Listen to the warning I have for you.
    When you see the shark coming 'round,
    Swim to the shore and head for town.

    Shark, shark, here comes a shark,
    Get you in the morning and after dark.
    You know his bite is worse than his bark,
    He's a gonna getcha, here comes a shark."

    Song Title: Shark
    Song Artist: Geof Johnson
    Album: Geof Johnson's The Sea, Beach, and Summer Stuff
    Ernie smiled at Garth, really hoping his friend was enjoying his outing.

    Argo was standing at the vending machines with a grin. "It's really nice to see Sharklad enjoying himself."

    07-21-2009, 11:06 PM
    Garth was practically dancing in the tank, admiring the Elemental Fins', and his favorite song. Though through his swimming, he wondered if Ernie was borrowing his waterproof MP3 player or if he went to MagiDragon to get the clues. However, Sharklad shrugged it off, and just decided to enjoy the show. However, if he had a lighter, or had fire abilities, he would light a small flame just to support the elemental fins.

    07-30-2009, 07:06 AM
    The team were soon back at the Double-T Tower in the bay where the fragile porcelain magic lamp sat on the meeting room table for all to see.

    Nightflight said, "Now that we have this thing in the light, it really doesn't look all that special to me."

    Cheetahna was examining it without touching it using a magnifying glass. "It's a porcelain lamp, boss bird. Doesn't look all that great to me either."

    Captain Moose was standing to one side with Cosmic Wizardess. "Are you sure you can detect magic on that thing?"

    CW replied, "Most definitely. It is a magic lamp. As for what kind of magic, I don't know."

    07-30-2009, 04:21 PM
    CyberBull hummed, as he was being recharged not too far from there. "Why don't one of us rub it, and find out?" Unfortunately, since CyberBull's touch to some fragile inanimate things seemed to crush them, so he wouldn't be doing that anytime soon.

    Kitta blinked. "And make it purr while we're at it? I rather it be put in stasis or in the vault before one of us opens a can of worms." she took the lamp, and held it close to her cleavage, unintentionally rubbing it against her big knockers.

    08-08-2009, 08:51 PM
    At that moment, the lamp glowed and became active as a smoke emitted from the lamp and clouded the enclosed meeting room!

    Nightflight exclaimed, "What in the Hell?" He coughed. "I can't breath!"

    Captain Moose coughed and shouted, "Did a fire break out?!"

    Cosmic Wizardess was heard coughing then chanting, "MLEH NEGYXO!" POP! "Oh, that's much better. Now to open a window and get a breeze moving through the meeting room." And with that, she was heard opening the window and activating the suction fan.

    Within moments, all of the smoke was sucked out the window and out of the Headquarters!

    08-08-2009, 09:09 PM
    SDCK coughed worse than Sharklad did when he needed his Gill Stimulator to breathe out of the water for more than an hour. When she was able to breathe again, she growled. "What was that for? I didn't rub it!"

    Luckily, CyberBull had his own air filtration system. After venting steam from his nostrils, he said. "I am estimating that her boobs had rubbed up against the lamp unintentionally."

    08-13-2009, 11:40 PM
    After the 'smoke' had been cleared out of the meeting room, Nightflight said, "It dawns on me, guys, that if this is a genie lamp and SDCK accidentally rubbed it, then where is the genie? Besides us, I don't see anyone in the meeting room."

    And a quick look around revealed that it was true.

    Cheetahna said, "That's a good question. I thought genie lamps had genies; not just a lot of foul stinky smoke."

    Nightflight looked to Cosmic Wizardess. "Are you still detecting magic on the lamp?"

    CW replied, "Actually no. It seems to be de-powered now."

    Captain Moose said, "Maybe all that smoke was the magic. We all inhaled that stuff."

    Nightflight rolled his eyes as he heard the Theatrics Bell ring nearby. "Narrator! That isn't funny! False alarm!"

    08-14-2009, 08:56 AM
    "Say 'no' to drugs, ladies and gentlebulls," CyberBull remarked in a very sarcastic tone.

    SDCK hummed, then growled. "This isn't funny! That Genie better show himself, or when I find him, he is going to be sterile!"

    08-15-2009, 04:35 PM
    At that moment the Team Narrator actually said, "According to the script, the genie isn't even in the building at the moment. Bright bunny over there sucked it out the window with her quick thinking."

    And then, Nightflight's cellphone rang. "I'll take that in the hallway, guys." He stepped out into the hall where he could still see the team and answered the phone, "Toon Titans Head Quarters. Nightflight speaking."

    In a very very quiet voice, he heard a familiar voice, "Quizzle me this, Nightflight... actually, Redbreast still sounds better. I miss calling you that. Listen up. I was walking home and came across another robbery in progress. I thought I would give your team the heads up. It's the Bridal and Formal Shoppe over on Queen Anne Avenue. I overheard the thugs say that they are going to steal a wedding gown that has magical properties. Something about making the woman who wears it completely obedient to the groom they know of. Better mobilize your team before they steal the thing."

    Nightflight turned off his cellphone and entered the meeting room again. "The genie will have to wait, guys. My informant just gave me another heads up warning. Tonight must be a magical item theft theme night. There are some crooks after a magical wedding dress has the power to make the female wearing it totally obedient. Let's get going, guys."

    Cheetahna said, "You know what, Nightflight? I don't think the whole team should go this time. I am sorry for maybe overstepping my bounds here, but Cyberbull might need another recharge and I think he and I should stay here and try to solve the genie part of the mystery that bunny bitch screwed up."

    Cosmic Wizardess growled, "I didn't hear you making any suggestions at the time? Maybe you were getting high on that foul genie smoke!"

    Captain Moose then said, "Perhaps we should split up the team, Nightflight. You take Super Duper Crazy Kitty with you and I will take Cosmic Wizardess with me to a curator of magical artifacts to do some research on these items. Cheetahna and Cyberbull can stay at head quarters and work on the Genie mystery. I think I trust Cyberbull with a magic lamp before I would trust the Catniptonian with the lamp..."

    Nightflight sighed. "Okay, but no more arguing! Let's just go!"

    08-16-2009, 06:04 AM
    SDCK shrugs. "Might as well... Enjoy your investigation with Bull-Bot over there, Cheetahna." She then went with Nightflight.

    CyberBull hummed. "I never thought that SDCK would be this cranky with Sharklad away." It was an off-the-record observation, as he looked at his power meter. "Thirty-eight point five percent charged." He observed in a near-cold tone.

    08-16-2009, 06:16 AM
    Cheetahna smiled at Cyberbull once the team was gone. "I knew you weren't finished recharging and you and I can get more accomplished here instead of being in the egos way."


    Nightflight was taking a chance and was riding on SDCK's back. He knew the risks, but he would just leap clear when she went for a landing later. "What do you make of all these robberies, Kitta?"

    08-17-2009, 09:30 AM
    Kitta didn't mind that she was called by her Toonmasters Earth name while in her alter ego when no one was around, however a few things were stuck in her mind, and Nightflight's information. "I don't see what is going on with the petty thieves, Richard, but the informants and the links to magical items seem too fishy."

    CyberBull nodded in acknowledgment to Cheetahna. "Indeed. The Wizardess and SDCK causing problems give me a worse headache then when I first felt the cybernetic replacements on my body."

    08-24-2009, 11:52 PM
    Nightflight said, "Again with the fish reference... Do you miss Garth that much or are you so much in love with him that you have to make it look like you actually hate him?" Then he paused. "Um, you do know that today is Garth's birthday, don't you? Ernie took him off to give him a surprise birthday present."


    While holding the lamp, examining it, Cheetahna said, "If this lamp had the genie right now... I would wish for a number of things... Hey, I can be selfish, you know! But primarily... I would wish that every time someone called Sharklad a fish, he would gain super powers like SDCC and SDCK and become Super Duper Crazy Shark... and only a kiss from SDCK would revert him to normal. The classic Frog and the Princess story. Garth is the repulsive frog who was once a handsome prince... and Kitta... well... okay, one half of the story isn't so much. How about any girl who kisses him makes him revert to Sharklad?"


    At the concert... Garth, who had been enjoying himself with Ernie's surprise birthday present... suddenly glowed briefly then the glow vanished as quickly as it came.

    Ernie exclaimed, "'ere now! What in the pouch just 'appened?" He had clearly seen Garth glowing for a moment.

    Sahara Hunter had just finished getting himself a soda and had just taken a sip when a sniper in the distance shot a clean hole through the bottom of his Styrofoam cup, causing the drink to spill out on the ground. He growled, then glanced over where the shot had originated from. "Oh no. It's Silver Sniper with VCorp-Europe that I ran away from. How did he find me?" And he immediately leaped up and landed on the roof of the concession stand's roof and fired one of his own arrows back at the high powered sniper weasel. *TWANG* >=========> *THUNK* Which was followed by a sharp explosion when the arrow lodged down the barrel of the weasel's rifle and exploded.

    Sahara Hunter shouted toward the band over the cheers of the audience, "BATTLE MUSIC! DAMNED VILLAIN IS OUT HERE!"

    Ernie sighed when he heard Sahara Hunter shout those words and he quickly pulled out his Kamen Rider Ryuu Changer belt and exclaimed, "'appy birthday, Garth! Yas don't 'ave to actually 'elp if yas don't want to!" And then...

    Ernie strapped the belt around his waist and shouted, "Rider Transform!" and threw his right arm at a diagonal to his left then rotated it clockwise until it was a diagonal to his right. Then he retracted it to his waist and thrust out his left arm at a diagonal to his right. After making that pose, he leaped into the air and shouted, "Ryuu Majo!" and then his internal powers activated his transformation sequence. His Ryuu Changer began flashing wildly with magical lights and cosmic power, as his stylized Rider Helmet appeared over his head, followed immediately by his Ryuu Majo red, black, and green costume with sterling silver boots and gloves that had a platinum edge. His Ryuu Blasters appeared in their holsters on his belt, as he landed on the ground for all to see. "Kamen Ryuu! Magic Rider!"

    08-25-2009, 12:36 AM
    Kitta was upset. "I am used to having a nice rivalry with him, and it bugs me that I wasn't invited to his surprise party. I am not in love with him, for I don't want to think about what he would look like without a wetsuit on." She lowered her altitude a little. "Besides, we like to poke fun at each other, and without doing that, it doesn't feel right."

    Garth glared; with his birthday being spoiled by something like in the past, he doesn't want to let the party pooper get away. "The story of my life... oh well... here goes..."

    Garth chanted a complicated Atlantean spell under his breath. then swiped a fin-hand in front of him, forming an opaque violet cloud within the tank! Suddenly, the tank started to glow in magical colors of the sea, with the muttering of English words... "By the magics of Atlantis, Justice from the seas will come to dry land." The opaque cloud unleashed an energy stream into the sky, and as it disappeared, it revealed Sharklad, in his heroic wetsuit, with streams of water forming the aquatic hero's logo above his head. "Selachiian Hero of Justice, Sharklad!"

    Once the water returned to the tank, Sharklad leaped to dry land outside the tank, and said. "I'd rather lick the Shark King's tail than to let a villain do his worst. Let's go, Kamen Ryuu!"

    CyberBull hummed. "If I were to wish for something, it would be for the prosthetics to stop causing what's left of my organic body physical pain."

    09-12-2009, 01:19 AM
    Nightflight looked at SDCK and said, "Look, Kitta... Ernie told me that he wanted to lift Garth's spirits on his birthday. They went to an aquatic Elemental Fins concert in West Virginia. If you want to take a patrol over that way, say... out of concern for Garth, I won't stop you. But I want to remind you... they went in their civvies so none of our enemies would know that a few Titans had left town for some reason. I am positive that they are not having any kind of fun adventure or they would have called for help by now."


    As another explosion went off, rocking the side of the hill near the Elemental Fins concert, Sahara Hunter was quickly trying to fire another one of his archery arrows at the assailant and his crew of cronies.

    Kamen Ryuu was firing his blaster at a group of the grunts that he had found. "All Ah wanted to do for Sharklad was give 'im a special day where 'e could relax and enjoy 'is birthday, and these bastards just 'ad to ruin it for 'im."


    At the Double T building, Cyberbull suddenly felt all of his pain vanish. He was beginning to feel better than he had ever felt.

    Of course, Cheetahna hadn't noticed and was saying, "I would also wish for the Titans to get a few more team members. The ones we have aren't bad, but we could use a few more neutrals on the team to offset Crazy PMS Kitty and Cosmic Bitchy Bunny."

    09-12-2009, 03:36 AM
    Sharklad found another set of grunts, and started to fight them. "There is more where that came from, party-pooping scum!" He then struck one of the assailant's cronies with his tailfin, just for trying to get up.

    Kitta smiled. "Garth's just fine where he is. It's his birthday, and he deserves a break from what he goes through everyday." She then looked down, and changed her flight arc. "We're nearing the location, Nightflight... better jump off while you can, because it's time for the villains to fear...


    CyberBull felt the pain disappear, and his eyes widened. How can this be? After Cheetahna made the remark, CyberBull said, "I would agree with you 100 percent on that, Cheetahna."

    09-13-2009, 11:55 PM
    The Elemental Fins were singing...

    There is a battle mapping line,
    you got yours and I got mine...
    And it's called the weapon system!

    And our freedom demands,
    That our heroes take a stand...
    And the villains better take note and listen!

    Dee Da Da Da Duh! Dee Da Da Da Duh!

    Sahara Hunter fired a one of a kind shot that pinned the main sniper to a tree quite soundly and he immediately had another arrow notched and ready for a second shot!

    Kamen Ryuu put his blaster away and... the cronies were suddenly engulfed in Ernie's dragon breath weapon attack! It was like a melting flame thrower!


    Nightflight fired his grappling line and hooked it into the side of a building, as he leaped off of SDCK before she was to make one of her famous landings. "Ok, Lady Narrator! Get the Richter Scale ready!" And the Theatrics Bell sounded nearby. "It wasn't that funny yet! Stupid bell is jumping the gun!" The bell sounded again.


    Cheetahna said, "You know what? I am starting to get hungry. I wish we had a large banquet candlelight dinner to share."

    POOF! The table was suddenly covered with all the food anyone could ask for, complete with the candelabra and tablecloth.

    Cheetahna blinked her eyes. "Hey wait a minute! Didn't Cosmic Wizardess say that she couldn't detect any magic in this lamp before she left? So if the lamp isn't magical, then who is granting our wishes?"

    09-14-2009, 12:40 AM
    Sharklad stopped fighting, after sending a grunt flying into his fellow cronies. He then summoned some water using his Atlantean Magic, chanting a spell in a mutter, and when he was done chanting, and his violet eyes stopped glowing, the assassin's cronies were stuck in a cage made out of bars of seemingly permafrost ice. "You ruined my birthday, so I am going to have you wait here until the cops come and get you." He then bared his rows of shark teeth to show that he was serious.

    As SDCK made her landing (though it wasn't seen by the untrained eye) her breasts seemed to inflate as she made her crash landing, and as she crashed into the ground the crater was indeed much bigger than SDCC's craters, as her boobs went back to normal size, and she was shaking away the rochette canaries from her head. "I'm okay."

    CyberBull hummed. "Let's see if this would work to find out who... I wish the culprit appeared before us right this instant, or else SDCK's rack becomes smaller every minute he wastes." He winked using his organic eye. "Can't a Cyborg crack a joke at least once?"

    Silver Shadow
    09-14-2009, 04:43 PM
    A flash of light and burst of sound fill up the room of the Tower that CyberBull and Cheetahna are in, as the form of Silver Shadow appears out of a teleport in mid-air, having managed to somehow screw-up a long-range teleport to Gag'em City to land here, where ever shi was, before shi lands face-first on the floor near the table with the lamp.

    "Ummm... You folks speak English and do you know where the smeg I am?" Silver Shadow asked as shi slowly got up and brushed some dust off hirself. Somehow doing teleportations ALWAYS made one a magnet for dust or other particulate annoyances.

    09-14-2009, 05:26 PM
    Cheetahna blinked her eyes! "This person is the culprit?"

    And then from a nearby shelf, a solitary giggle came. Sitting way up on the top shelf was a devilish looking mouse in Persian Genie clothes and he was holding a hand-held bell. "You guys crack me up! I didn't know shi was going to appear, but this was just too convenient to pass up a good laugh!" He then rang his own little bell, and it sounded just like the Theatrics Bell.


    Just then the Team Narrator spoke to Nightflight, "The Creators wanted me to inform you that the Theatrics Bell has been hijacked by a sneak thief and they have been ringing the thing all over the city at things that are not funny. So until the bell is recovered, Theatrics Ratings are on standby."

    Nightflight looked to SDCK. "Well that's just dandy! SDCK makes a legal crash and it can't be counted because some thief has to a smart ass!"


    Kamen Ryuu was glad when the National Forest Guard arrived and started rounding up the bad guys. He stood with Sharklad and Sahara Hunter and quietly explained to the officer in charge on what had happened.

    The Officer, a uniformed forest boar, looked to Garth and said, "They ruined your birthday party, did they? Don't you worry about it; We'll make things right. You'll see." He then turned to his troops. "Get a move on! These thugs have a date with the prison!"

    Argo sighed, as he looked to Garth. "This is all my fault. They came after me. I warned you guys that it wouldn't be safe if I was around. Maybe I should just leave so you guys don't have any more trouble."

    Ernie said, "Nothing doing, mate! Richard would 'ave my 'ide if Ah let yas leave out 'ere after a villain attack! Yer a Titan! We look after our own!"

    Silver Shadow
    09-14-2009, 05:33 PM
    "Whaddya mean 'culprit'?!" Silver Shadow asked confused "I was simply trying to teleport to Gag'em City to see if there were any festivals going on!"

    "I'll append me question of 'Where am I?' to include 'Who the smeg is that and what's he ringing?!' as well!" Shi commented as shi saw the little mouse with the funny-looking bell.

    09-14-2009, 05:53 PM
    CyberBull analyzed the bell that the Genie Mouse was holding using his cybernetic eye. "Cheetahna... the analysis I just run concludes that he is holding the Theatrics Bell!" He then activated his right arm's tranformation into a cannon, and aimed it right at the Genie Mouse!

    SDCK grumps, as she flew out of her recent crater. "Damn it! Just when I was having fun, too!" She pulled out a tin of mints from her cleavage, and popped one in her mouth before putting the tin away.

    Lady Narrator says, "Don't blame something on us just because something beyond our control happened, SDCK."

    Garth sighed, and squatted down. "It's not your fault, Argo; every time I celebrate my birthday, something bad always happens to crash it. Even Marine Otter knew that. It's the story of my life... nothing has ever gone well on my birthday, and let's just leave it at that." He felt like a bad luck charm that one day a year, and when something bad happens, it puts him in the doldrums.

    09-15-2009, 04:23 AM
    The Genie Mouse smiled, pointing the bell at Cyber Bull. "Now that isn't going to work, you stud. The moment you fire, I'll teleport, then the damage to the building will be your fault."

    Cheetahna hummed. "He's right, Cyber Bull. And Nightflight would be kind of upset if we messed up the Double-T tower this soon." She then looked to Silver Shadow. "You're in the headquarters of the Furry Titans here in ASPCA City's harbor. You missed Gag'em City by a few miles."


    Captain Moose then joined Nightflight and SDCK. "Glad I caught up with you guys. The professor found out something important about that lamp. It had been stolen from, get this... Gag'em City's Arkham Prison. Turns out that the lamp was a magical prison for a super magical villain known as Genie Mouse. The lamp could keep him imprisoned until a feline rubbed the lamp and released him, which would then render the lamp totally without any power. Genie Mouse grants wishes when ever he feels like granting them, lamp or no lamp. His original lamp was destroyed a long time ago. Cosmic Wizardess and the Professor are researching for the only way to stop the little shit."

    Nightflight looked to SDCK, then rolled his eyes briefly, then replied to Captain Moose, "What's done is done. Genie Mouse must be the one who stole the Theatrics Bell then. Theatrics Ratings are on standby because of him. But where would he be right now?"

    Captain Moose replied, "He would be near the area where he was released from, being a horrible nuisance."


    At the Concert, the boar re-approached Sharklad and said, "The President of the United Species of Americat would like for you to come have dinner with him and his family tonight... as a means of making it up to you for what these villains did to your birthday party."

    Ernie smiled and patted Garth on the shoulder. "See? Yer not a bad luck anything. Dinner at the White 'ouse... Yas can't beat that, mate."

    Argo hummed. "Perhaps we should ride back toward ASPCA City then. I am starting to wonder if the other Titans are in some sort of trouble."

    09-16-2009, 01:11 AM
    Sharklad nodded. "You two should get back. I can't pass up on an honor such as meeting the President." He then hugged and gave a small kiss on the muzzle to Kamen Ryuu. "Though the concert party ended up ruined, I know that it's the thought that counts. Thank you, Ernie."

    CyberBull lowered his weapon, and let a lot of steam to release from his nostrils out of frustration as he lowered his cannon arm, and reverted it into its cybernetic arm form. "Why did you take the Theatrics Bell for, Mouse? Speak or you'll end up regretting granting my next wish."

    SDCK growled in frustration as she figured out what had happened. "Guess the blame should be put on me for grabbing that damned lamp and holding it against Fifi and Rita," she said, referencing her big boobs.

    09-17-2009, 11:41 AM
    The Genie Mouse grinned and rang the bell again. "I'll put it back when you get that little black book away from SDCK that she keeps down inside her cleavage. You know the one... whenever she causes this bell to ring, she pulls that book out of her bosom and writes in it."

    Cheetahna hummed. "Maybe she is going to publish it someday. Would you give the bell back if I gave you some cookies?"

    Genie Mouse grinned. "Bake and frost a large wedding cake, and I'll hand the Theatrics Bell over to you."

    Cheetahna made a face. "Me? Cook?"


    Captain Moose, Nightflight, and SDCK entered the dress shop and quickly found the item they were after. Although it wasn't the best looking wedding gown, it was glowing in the dark.

    Nightflight said, "Let's get this back to the Double T tower and-"

    And that moment, Nightflight's cellphone rang. "Hold that thought, guys." And he stepped away to answer it. "Nightflight here. And the first word better not be Quizzle."

    Ernie was on the other end. "Kamen Ryuu 'ere, mate. We're driving back minus Garth. 'e got invited to dine with the President for 'is birthday dinner. Sa'ara 'unter and Ah will arrive in the next 'our, if we're lucky."

    Nightflight replied, "Okay, Ernie. We'll see you then." He then closed the phone. "SDCK... Garth got invited to dine with the President of the United Species. The others are on their way back right now."

    09-17-2009, 04:31 PM
    Lady Narrator said, "Uh-oh! Sharklad isn't going to hear the end of this from Super Duper Crazy Kitty."

    SDCK growled, "That lucky vat of Shark Fin Soup! He's going to get it when he gets back from dinner." She then looked up to the sky. "And don't you provoke me either, Lady Narrator."

    Lady Narrator said, "Quoting your cousin's narrator... 'I only work for you,' SDCK."

    CyberBull said, "She might as well eat you than to cough up that book, Genie Mouse." He looked at the readout in his artificial eye, seeing that his power cell was charged to eighty-four percent power. Thinking that he would be charged enough, he had the cord retracted back into the dock on the back of his left thigh, and the bovine cyborg stepped away from the wall. "She doesn't like when people are curious about what she writes in her little black book."

    Silver Shadow
    09-18-2009, 12:21 AM
    Silver Shadow glares at Genie Mouse after hearing shi missed hir target by a few miles, before calling out "Mahou Ninpu Teleport!" and trying to teleport the rest of the way, but is blocked from doing so for some reason.

    "What in the blue blazes is going on here? Why can't I teleport right now?!"

    End of TT-01 Birthday Concert for a Shark

    Stay tuned for TT-02 The Quizzler's Wish List