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Toon Titans: Profiles

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    Toon Titans: Profiles


    Toon Titans: Profiles

    "Theatrics with a smile!" Join the crazy mysteries of the teen aged furries of ASPCA City as they have junior hero adventures with a smile around every bend. And watch out for the Narrators and that crazy Theatrics Bell, too! This role playing game is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.

    The Character Profiles in this Thread are only for the Players / Writers who are going to be joining me in this role playing game adventure. All characters will dwell near or around ASPCA City or Gag'em City.


    Darrel's Toon Titans:

    Richard Grayson, Nightflight - American robin
    Veronica Carmichael, Cheetahna - African black cheetah
    Ernie Devlin, Kamen Ryuu - Australian dragon
    Billy Moosden, Captain Moose - Canadian moose
    Argo Malverne, Sahara Hunter - Arabian stallion
    Maggie Donnelly, Cosmic Wizardess - Futuristic white bunny
    Max Kerry-Grayson, Labyrat - White lab rat
    Kamal Akmad, Guardian Shadow - Anubian jackal
    Galatea Stavros, Wonderoo - Amazon albino kangaroo

    Chip's Toon Titans:

    Victor Bullder, CyberBull - African-American bionic bull
    Kitta Kent, Super Duper Crazy Kitty - Orange Catniptonian tabby cat
    "Garth", Sharklad - Great White Selachiian (humanoid shark)
    Silver Pemberton, Jr., The Star-Spangled Wolf - Silver wolf
    Virginia Olivia "Virgie" Hawk, Static Hawk - Peregrine falcon

    Silver Shadow's one-shot Toon Titan:

    Sam "Sammy" Olicat, Silver Shadow - Australian Titanium-grey liger


    • Alter Ego: Richard Grayson
    • Home of Origin: Gag'em City
    • Sex: Male
    • Type: Anthro Robin
    • TM Relation: Flittermouse (Diana Wayne) - black bat; Butler (Alfred Pennywolf) - English wolf
    • Powers: Non-Powered Adventurer; Acrobatics; Gadgets
    • Catch-Phrase: "Years of abuse under Flittermouse is why I have the privilege of leading this team."

    Richard Grayson, an anthro red-breasted robin, worked quietly on getting the new computer systems up and running inside the new Double-T building in ASPCA Harbor. He and his friends had just formed the Furry Titans not more than 72 hours ago and they needed a headquarters of their own. They were already tired of breaking and entering into the old Hall of Furry Justice in Gag'em City to have their meetings, not to mention that the last time they did it, he got a scolding from Super Duper Crazy Cat's Narrator, himself.

    So now, their furry-made island had been placed in the harbor with the proper permits in place, and the new Double-T building had been constructed there.

    It was Richard's job to get the computer systems in the building up to par.

    Of course, Flittermouse herself was none too happy that Richard had not only walked out on her, citing that she was actually too much in love with The Quizzler to actually arrest him and throw his white furry butt in prison, but that he had also chosen to base their new team in another city.

    Suddenly, something caught his attention and he glanced behind himself with an annoyed glare. "What do you want?!" Then he stopped and saw that it was Ernie Devlin. "Sorry man... I thought Cheetahna had come back to interrupt me again. What do you need?"

    Ernie, the son of MagiDragon, replied, "Where are the living quarters located, mate?"

    Richard smiled. "Up on the floor that makes the cross-bar section for the Double-T. I figured that if we were going to have a living quarters, it might as well be big."

    Ernie smiled back. "Thanks, mate. Ah'll direct our new furniture up there right away and let yas get back to work." And off he went.

    Richard grinned. "Damned lucky to have the son of MagiDragon on the team. Damned lucky. I better get back to work now..." He paused, then whispered with a sly grin. "...mate."

    And a soft Theatrics Bell sounded somewhere close by, though only Richard heard it.

    • Alter Ego: Veronica Carmichael
    • Home of Origin: Centaur City, Kornsas
    • Sex: Female
    • Type: Anthro African Black Cheetah
    • TM Relation: The Golden Age Terrificat Tornado (Varick Carmichael) - anthro male black lion; The Golden Age Feline Frost (Camilla Chill) - anthro female French alley cat
    • Powers: Super Speed; Icy Glare
    • Catch-Phrase: "If you call me the Queen of the Cold Shoulder one more time, I'll make sure you don't thaw out until Independence Day 2030." ZIP! Runs off!

    Veronica Carmichael, an anthro African black cheetah, sat in the meeting room of the new Double-T building. Earlier, she had been running to and fro on errands for Nightflight in her own guise as Cheetahna. Now she was carefully applying a medicated cream to her aching feet. While it was true that she was lightning fast, good foot pad protection was hard to come by that could survive her super speed.

    Captain Moose had once suggested she wear Canadian ice cream in place of shoes. But he was just a hoser... Right?

    At that moment, she saw Ernie Devlin carrying furniture into the living quarters on one of the monitors. "Now there is a body I could get comfortable watching... and he's not taken by anyone yet, either."

    The Anti-Hero Narrator remarked, "Aren't you supposed to be doing something useful, Cheetahna?"

    She replied, "I am medicating my feet. Do YOU want to do this? If not, then shut up and let me get back to it."

    Kamen Ryuu
    • Alter Ego: Ernie Devlin
    • Home of Origin: Hancock Station, Devlin Depot, Mexicollie
    • Sex: Male
    • Type: Anthro Slender Australian Dragon
    • TM Relation: Gay Dragon/MagiDragon (Peter Hancock Devlin) - Mexicollie dragon; Platinum Dragon Soul Ranger (Deryk Devlin of Dreamtrail) - Australian human
    • Powers: Motorcyclist; Kamen Rider; Martial Arts; Mystical Arts
    • Catch-Phrase: "Let's send 'em back to the Croc 'ole, mates!"

    Ernie Hancock Devlin, a slender anthro amethyst dragon, continued to carry the new furniture into the new Double-T building. He was, of course, extremely thrilled when his fathers both agreed that he could join up with the new Furry Titans team that was forming. And even though he liked most of the members on the team, the three that he couldn't stand being around were Cheetahna, Super Duper Crazy Kitty, and Cosmic Wizardess. He preferred nice joeys like Cyberbull, Captain Moose, and the Sahara Hunter. The other members... he barely tolerated.

    As he was unpacking and setting up a billiards table, he noticed the Sahara Hunter setting up a complicated weight machine over to one side. "Um, looks like a real 'efty piece of love, mate," commented Ernie nervously.

    Sahara Hunter barely glanced over at Ernie, replying timidly, "........thank you."

    Ernie resumed working on his own project. He really wanted to know what horrors had happened to the big sexy Arabian Stallion to make him cringe and speak so quietly. Ernie was really hoping that it wasn't child abuse or some crap like that.

    Captain Moose
    • Alter Ego: Billy Moosden
    • Home of Origin: Quebuck, Canaduck
    • Sex: Male
    • Type: Anthro Canaduckian Moose
    • TM Relation: Merry Moose (Mary Moosden) - anthro Canaduckian moose; Shazam (old wizard) - anthro goat
    • Powers: Transformation to Greater Form (Ancient gods and heroes who make up the wizards name also give Billy his powers; the wisdom of Solomonkey, the strength of Herculion, the stamina of Atlaseal, the compassion of Zeubrus, the invulnerability of Achillephant, and the speed of Mercurabbit.)
    • Catch-Phrase: "The best place to start is at the beginning, eh hoser?"

    Billy Moosden, an anthro Canaduckian Moose, was in his more powerful guise of Captain Moose as he chatted with the Coast Guard Dogs at the docks at the base of the Double-T tower. "Yes, we had all the proper permits registered and signed, eh hoser. Nightflight saw to all of that stuff himself."

    The Coast Guard captain, an anthro Pinscher (German hunting dog), said, "We just wanted to make sure, Captain Moose. A lot of the old Legion of Groom have been shifting around lately and we want to make sure they aren't hiding in your tower."

    At that moment, Nightflight's Narrator commented, "They would dare be in the tower while Cosmic Wizardess was here on her period?"

    The Pinscher captain shuddered at the thought. "As you say, um, yeah. If you have anything to report, let us know, Captain Moose."

    And they got back on their cutter and sped away from the docks.

    Captain Moose grinned, as he folded his arms over his chest. "Does Nightflight need me, Narrator?"

    The Narrator replied, "Yes, he does. He thought the wisdom of Solomonkey might be able to help solve a problem with the new computers."

    Captain Moose chuckled. "Time to go lend a hoof then." And he headed back up toward the Double-T tower.

    Sahara Hunter
    • Alter Ego: Argo Malverne
    • Home of Origin: Saudingo Arabia
    • Sex: Male
    • Type: Anthro Arabian Stallion
    • TM Relation: The Dreamsmith (tutti-frutti colored anthro macaw parrot; villain)
    • Powers: Invulnerability; Archery; Tracking; Trapping; (Weakness: Low Self-Confidence)
    • Catch-Phrase: "I think..." then suddenly blushes when everyone looks at him. "...never mind..."

    Argo Malverne, an anthro Arabian stallion, sat in his private quarters within the new Double-T tower. He was glad when Cheetahna vetoed the idea for team members to share rooms to conserve space, but yet... he hated being alone among so many strangers. Though if Nightflight hadn't bailed him out of his first run in with the law in Gag'em City, he would likely have been in jail by now.

    So he quietly lay on his bed while holding his hunting bow, a weapon that was as invulnerable as himself. The same couldn't be said of his arrows, but it was probably for the best. He was always making new arrows for his missions. It kept him busy.

    Just then, a slight sound at his door made him reflexively notch an arrow and fire it at the door!

    Nightflight was there and he quickly caught the arrow mere inches from his chest! "Thank goodness for Circus training. Dinner will be ready in about 15-20 minutes, Argo. Are... are you okay?"

    Argo sighed, as he looked at his arrow-making tools. "...i'll be fine... be out in twenty minutes... promise..."

    Nightflight shrugged his shoulders slightly, then turned to the door. "You do know that you can come to me any time you need to. My door will always be open to you, Argo." And he headed out the door.

    Argo didn't say anything for the longest time, but his mental thoughts were not so silent. ...would your door still be open if you knew that I was once a European super villain...? I strongly doubt it...

    Cosmic Wizardess
    • Alter Ego: Maggie Donnelly
    • Home of Origin: Stratopolis Space City; 25th century
    • Sex: Female
    • Type: Anthro Futuristic White Bunny (not a rabbit or a hare; there _IS_ a difference!)
    • TM Relation: Claims to be related to Spacemaster (but there is no recorded data to support that claim)
    • Powers: Cosmic Awareness; Supernatural Spells; Psionic Abilities; Miraculous Powers
    • Catch-Phrase: "Great Cosmos!"

    Maggie Donnelly, an anthro futuristic white bunny, floated around in a seated position within the kitchen preparing the evening dinners for the team. Oddly enough, she had commented at the time, she was the only one with a cooking degree in the culinary arts who even deserved to be in the kitchen... unless they wanted Ze Cook! But if they did want him, they were just S.o.o.L.

    "I may have to take Argo a meal. I get the feeling that he might not want to eat publicly with the rest of us... the poor guy. I hope Sharklad likes what I prepared for him. At least I mentally looked into his thoughts concerning food before I made him something..."

    Cheetahna was at the kitchen door. "You did what? You were told before, you harlot! STAY OUT OF PEOPLE'S HEADS!!!"

    Maggie replied, "This was a culinary emergency. I didn't look at anything important in his mind concerning how hot he thinks you look or anything... Oops, did I say that out loud? Sorry." She winked, as she resumed working.

    Cheetahna growled and started to surge a leap into kitchen, but was stopped in mid air and levitated back OUT into the other room, where she was unceremoniously dropped in front of the couch on the living quarters floor!

    Maggie chuckled. "Cosmic powers, remember? Now behave yourself or I'll see to it that you have to eat the things you don't like."

    • Alter Ego: Max Kerry
    • Home of Origin: Gag'em City, United Species of Americat
    • Sex: Male
    • Type: Anthro White Lab Rat
    • TM Relation: Formerly The Quizzler; married to Nightflight
    • Powers: Super Intelligence; Puzzle Master; Martial Arts; A-maze-ing Illusions
    • Catch-Phrase: "Quizzle me this! I mean... You now face an amazing enigma!"

    After the wedding to his new husband, Richard Grayson, Max Kerry had accepted martial arts lessons from Kung Fu Crane, a Japanese avian who often taught very serious students wanting to learn this art. He didn't want to instruct Max at first, but with vouching from Diana Wayne, another of his students, he relented and agreed to instruct the lab rat.

    This morning, Max was practicing a holding maneuver where he would hold his body in an unmoving pose for as long as he could. Kung Fu Crane emerged from his meditation chamber and saw Max poised there before him.

    He just had to say something. "There are no classes today, Max Kerry. Please return to your mate."

    Max was tempted to obey the request, but then he remembered the lesson from the day before. Even if someone tells you to move, you should hold your pose. Be like the stone columns and do not move. Thus, Max chose not to move. He was trying to remain as still as possible.

    Kung Fu Crane smiled. "Good. You are remembering your lessons. When you finish, join me in the dojo and I will give you your next lesson." And with that, the Crane turned and walked toward the dojo doors. But then he stopped and turned his head to look back at Max. But the lab rat was no longer standing there. "Now where did he go?"

    He turned and entered the dojo and came to a sudden stop.

    Across from the door seated on a futon was Max. He grinned and said, "Quizzle me this! I mean... You now face an amazing enigma!" He giggled.


    Guardian Shadow
    • Alter Ego: Kamal Akmad
    • Home of Origin: Ygept, Africat
    • Sex: Male
    • Type: Anthro Anubian Jackal
    • TM Relation: known to Hawk God (JFA)
    • Powers: Shadow Manipulation; Flight; Animate Stone; Boon of Anubis
    • Catch-Phrases: "Greetings from the underworld, dwellers of light." "Anubis sends his left hound. Me."

    Summoned from the underworld by Hawk God for a successful mission against the King of Serpents, Kamal Akmad now resided in a museum of Ygeptology in ASPCA City. He had not opted to return to the underworld because he saw that there were others like the King of Serpents in the world of light and his lord, Anubis, would approve of his decision to stay and rid the world of the other despicable evils.

    Today he was playing the role of museum tour guide, since he knew more than the curators did of the objects and treasures on display. Plus, he was just gosh darn HAWT looking to look at. Males and females alike had told him this. But he didn't show much interest in the compliment, and not because he wasn't seeking a mate, but because he was reserving his energy to pursue the villains who deserved the wrath of Anubis.

    A rather handsome young male golden retriever asked, "How come you look so unhappy, mister?"

    Kamal gazed down upon the nice boy. "In life, happiness should be pursued while you have the soul to succeed. But when the breath of Autumn extends it's creeping shadow... Anubis sends his left hound. Me."


    • Alter Ego: Galatea Stavros
    • Home of Origin: B'oz Town, Massachusetters; United Species of Americat
    • Sex: Female
    • Type: Anthro Amazon Albino Kangaroo Flyer
    • TM Relation: Ward of Bruce Prince aka Wonder Dog
    • Powers: Kanga Fu; Flight; Amazon Training; Amazon Tools (lasso, bracers, etc.)
    • Catch-Phrase: "Great Athena! Yas blokes are just asking for a beating from my mates and me!"

    Galatea Stavros had been hearing about the Toon Titans for a while now, but since she was stuck in B'oz Town, she really didn't think there was any way she could ever apply to join their team. For now, she worked on various community jobs, when she wasn't chasing down small time hoods. When she wasn't playing the hero, Galatea wore black frame glasses, not that she needed them. The lenses were simply clear glass. But in a moment's notice, the glasses would come off and she would begin her transformation tail spin, which would result in her costume appearing and the appearance of... Wonderoo.

    Today was like any other day, however... She was chasing another small time hood. Galatea was about tired of small fries like this weasel. She longed for big time villains.

    Finally, she had the weasel cornered in an alleyway. "Nowhere to run... nowhere to 'ide."

    The Weasel did the obvious thing and shot his gun at Wonderoo, but the attempt was futile as the bullets bounced off of her bracers. "Dammit, Wonderoo! Why do you bother with us small fish? You know my lawyer will have me out of jail in an hour. Why bother taking me in? Why don't you join my side instead and let me give you a kiss on your sweet muzzle."

    Wonderoo about gagged from the offer. "Great Athena! Yas blokes are just asking for a beating from my mates and me!"

    The Weasel grinned. "Do you have a mouse in that pouch of yours?"

    Wonderoo simply folded her arms over her chest and grinned.

    And at that moment, Wonder Dog landed on top of the weasel from behind, knocking him to the ground. "Are you okay, Wonderoo? You look a mite green in the cheeks."

    Wonderoo replied, "'e asked me to join 'im in crime and then... made a crude comment, like they always do. Wonder Dog... Ah am tired of chasing these small time 'oods. May Ah 'ave permission to go join the Toon Titans? Please?"

    Wonder Dog smiled. "I was wondering when you were going to ask me that. Come on, we'll drop this crook off in jail, then we'll head down to ASPCA City to see the Titans. Remember: it's up to them on whether you join them or not."


    • Alter Ego: Victor Bullder
    • Home of Origin: ASPCA City
    • Sex: Male
    • Type: Anthro Bionic Bull
    • TM Relation: Teacher (Sarah Fins) - bottle-nose dolphin
    • Powers: Parts of body replaced with prosthetics, giving him super-strength, intellect, and durability, as well as being granted with numerous functions like sensors and weaponry.
    • Catch-Phrase: "Gadget me up, compadres!"

    Victor Bullder, an anthro dark brown-furred bull is finding it better to be in the security of the Titan's lab, taking inventory of what was coming in. He still felt like a sore thumb among the other Titans for his outward appearances, though he tried to keep a strong face to the others. He has gotten used to his prosthetics and the responsibilities that came with them.

    Victor hummed. "Good, the new supplies so far are all accounted for. Maybe the entire inventory is done, I can master Cycle City Masters 4 before I have to recharge." He had a Tablet PC attached to a USB port on his chest, as he took intensive inventory of what was inside the crates before opening them to check the accuracy of the packing before putting them in the proper places. As he worked, his prosthetic left eye let out a laser light to pinpoint the supplies as he counted them in his head. "Now these replacement fuel cells are all... Wait just a good moment! One of the fuel cells are unaccounted for." He then looked at the invoice, and remembered exactly what was on the list.

    CyberBull snorted a large amount of steam out of his prosthetic nose after looking at the invoice; they were given one less fuel cell than what was expected. "Looks like I should let the others know about this before there is some confusion; these fuel cells are not compatible with my prosthetics." He made note of it on the Tablet PC before walking out of the Lab to advise Nightflight of the situation.

    Super Duper Crazy Kitty
    • Alter Ego: Kitta Kent
    • Home of Origin: ASPCA City
    • Sex: Female
    • Type: Anthro Orange Catniptonian Tabby Cat
    • TM Relation: Super Duper Crazy Cat (Zale Kent) - anthro orange Catniptonian tabby cat; The Narrator (SDCC's Narrator) - Disembodied Male Voice; Lady Narrator (SDCK's Narrator) - Disembodied Female Voice.
    • Powers: Super Strength, Flight, Super Hearing, Freeze breath, Laser eyes, Super speed.
    • Catch-Phrase: "I'm a female, yet I make bigger craters than SDCC! Is that a yarn ball?"

    Lady Narrator says, "Kitta Kent, the biological cousin of Zale Kent, was making sure that the Titans new training gym was well-equipped with heavy weights, and durable gym equipment. She was wearing the suit of her alter ego at this time, becoming Super Duper Crazy Kitty."

    SDCK looked up at the sky. "Hey, aren't you taking on what my cousin's Narrator does?"

    Lady Narrator says, "I don't work for SDCC, Kitta; I only work for you."

    "Sheesh, nobody bothers to help a girl lift the heavy stuff." She winked with a giggle. SDCK was nearly like Super Duper Crazy Cat of the JFA, but she was a female, but with bigger impact craters than her younger cousin. Despite being older than Zale, she was caught in stasis when she was caught in the meteor shower of the remnants of Catnipton. She was bringing in four stationary bikes in both hands, proving that she wasn't as much of a pushover.

    Suddenly, CyberBull came into the gym, launching enough steam from his nostrils to fog up the entire gym as he passed by, and left the gym in the closest exit.

    SDCK blinked as she looked around with the steam, her hair straightened due to CyberBull's snort. "Now I know who to go to when I want a steam bath; all I have to do is "steer" him in the right direction." She winked again, as she heard the Theatrics Bell ring in her head. She then pulls out a notebook from her cleavage, and jotted down what made the Bell ring.

    • Alter Ego: "Garth"
    • Home of Origin: Gag-em City
    • Sex: Male
    • Type: Great White Selachiian (Humanoid Shark)
    • TM Relation: Marine Otter (Arthur Atlantis) - anthro otter
    • Powers: Atlantean Magic; able to manipulate water by heating or freezing; enhanced strength and senses.
    • Catch-Phrase: "I rather lick the Shark King's tail than to hear Captain Moose sing."

    Sharklad, known to the non-aquatics as Garth, is swimming around in his personal pool, allowing himself to breathe after an hour of being dry. "This is far better than living on the shoreline of Gag-em City, hands down." He did a couple moves any show aquatic would, even emerge from the water to perform a double somersault, before coming down.

    Super Duper Crazy Kitty was there, writing her judgment on a card. She then held it up to reveal a '9.5'. "A nine point five for the perfection of the move, but your missing the other half of that point for charisma, Sharklad. Close, but no perfect ten."

    Sharklad came to the edge of the water, and splashed SDCK with a bit of the sea water. "So says the girl who makes bigger craters than Super Duper Crazy Cat!" He grinned showing one of his many rows of powerful shark teeth. "I thought felines like you hate water."

    SDCK shook the water off. "I am Catniptonian, fish course for twenty," she winked. "I just came to check in on you after that wheezing fit."

    Sharklad sighed a little, swimming in circles in the confines of his personal pool. "I couldn't find my gill stimulator to help me breathe the oxygen you land furries, avians, and scalies love so much after the hour I could breathe without aid."

    SDCK grinned, as she pulled out what looked like a metallic collar with a blue visor concealing the advanced mechanisms within. "Does it look something like... this?"

    Sharklad shot a glare at the super feline. "Taking my gill stimulator is the same as me ditching you in a vault of refined Catniptonite... so not cool. May I have it back, please? I would rather lick the Shark King's tail than to be without that."

    SDCK sighed, as she tossed it to the Shark. "Such a whiny little fishy. I better go see what's eating both Future Wizardess and Cyber Steer. See ya, Sharky." She winked, making the selachiian blush.

    Sharklad sighed, as he put away his gill stimulator. "SDCK... the type to make any Shark run and hide for cover; SDCC must have some shark in him," he winked, and the Theatrics Bell caught him off guard, as his super-hearing was in use at the moment, and he flinched, holding his head. "Note to self: never EVER have super-hearing on when cracking a joke."

    The Star-Spangled Wolf
    • Alter Ego: Silver Pemberton, Jr.
    • Home of Origin: Wazebraton, DC
    • Sex: Male
    • Type: Silver Wolf
    • TM Relation: Golden Age Star-Spangled Wolf (Silver Pemberton, Sr.; father), The Star-Spangled Narrator (disembodied voice; narrator)
    • Powers: Wielder of the Cosmos Staff (capable of granting the user flight capabilities, levitation, energy manipulation, and absorbing stellar energy), otherwise, an unpowered superhero with a martial arts background.
    • Catch-Phrase: "As long as the Spirit of Americat is channeled through my Cosmos Staff, justice will favor the good." "What the Stars and Stripes?"

    The Star-Spangled Narrator said, "Aided by the Cosmos Staff, the Star-Spangled Wolf treks through the nation's capitol, his ears always perked for sounds of distress and any attacks as he observed from the top of the Wazebraton Monument. He was determined to..."

    The Star-Spangled Wolf growled lowly. "Quiet, Narrator... you'll disrupt my focus on locating any trouble that needs a hero's abilities; particularly my own." He then heard something in the distance, as he started to sniff... "Smells like something is wrong," he muttered lowly, as he leaped off the Wazebraton Monument, and used his staff to fly towards the direction where he heard the altercation.

    It was a mugging, going on the husband of the victim was knocked out, as a masked accomplice took a wallet, as the other mugger tried to grab the purse from another lady with a switchblade at her throat. "Give it up willingly, and I'll be gentle to you. Scream, and you'll regret it."

    "That's far enough, degenerates!" said a voice from above, leading the muggers to look around, seeing a shadow of a figure holding a staff.

    The mugger's accomplice growled, "Who the heck are you!"

    With a single gesture, the staff glowed bright enough to show the figure was a slender teenage wolf wearing a star-spangled jumpsuit with red and white-stripe gauntlets, boots, and underwear part. "Don't lay another hand on a single jewel, miscreants, for the Star-Spangled Wolf is here!" He then raised his Cosmos Staff in the air. "As long as the Spirit of Americat is channeled through my Cosmos Staff, justice will always favor the good."

    The muggers started to laugh. "This wannabe claims to be the legendary Star-Spangled Wolf! And to think we would be busted by the Titans!"

    The other mugger said, "Don't humiliate yourself, brat!"

    The Star-Spangled Wolf took offense to that, and pointed his Cosmos staff, summoning a single stream of energy to knock out both muggers. Once he was done, he flew down to take the wallet from the muggers, and gave it to the wife. "I believe this is your husband's, miss."

    "T-thank you, kid." She said, taking back the wallet.

    The lupine hero in American colors suddenly heard some sirens. A passerby might've called before I got here. "My work here is done. Inform them that the Star-Spangled Wolf is back, and will be finding out what these... Titans are." He then raised his staff and in a huge flash of light, he managed to disappear, leaving the woman bamboozled, and the police to handle the rest of the case.


    Static Hawk
    • Alter Ego: Virginia Olivia "Virgie" Hawk
    • Home of Origin: Akita, United Species of Americat
    • Sex: Female
    • Type: Peregrine Falcon
    • TM Relation: One of the 'Big Kaboom' Victims of Akita
    • Powers: Electricity and Electromagnetism, used for various purposes.
    • Catch-Phrase: "Allow me to give ya a shock to your system, suga!"

    One of the victims of the 'Big Kaboom' Incident in Akita, Virginia Hawk had lost her wings during the blast of radioactive chemicals. But in turn, she has gained the ability to control electricity and electromagnetism. Though she thought being one of the victims (that mostly became villains), she became a superhero herself. She was known as Static Hawk.

    At this time, she was in Akita. Taking on another victim of the 'Big Kaboom.' A Salamander with a dragon-like breath weapon and ability to fly with pyro wings. The villain was after cash that was being transferred to the Akita First National Bank via Armored Truck. The electromagnetic heroine was able to fly thanks to a help from a manhole cover under her clawed feet. She was avoiding the breath weapons left and right (above and below, too). "I'm startin' to get tired of this... maybe I should give ya a shock to your system, suga!"

    She charged her hands with electricity, and fired a few blasts to knock the bad guy off balance and distract him. When he came to his senses, Static Hawk was floating upside down right in front of him. "Eat Taser!" She then punched him with a charged fist, sending the salamander into a nearby building.

    She checked on the drivers of the armored truck as paramedics came by, now speaking in a fourth wall moment. "I hope that the other victims stay out of trouble while I join the Titans, but then again, some of them never seem to learn, with all that jive goin' around." She then told the police officers that escorted the ambulance of the situation, then took off in the air with the manhole cover, flying away to return the manhole cover, and find an alternative to it. Don't blame her; she's a law-abiding citizen!


    Silver Shadow
    • Alter Ego: Sam "Sammy" Olicat
    • Home of Origin: Snowing Mountains, New Species World, Zoostralia
    • Sex: Herm (form curse="(Hot water = 100% Female. Cold Water = 100% Male. Warm Water = reset to Herm)" /form)
    • Type: Anthro Titanium-Grey Liger (Born of the Silver Tiger & Grey Lion bloodlines)
    • TM Relation: N/A
    • Powers: Ninjutsu, Grey Lion Clan Style (Father's heritage); Magic (taught by Mother); Transformation belt & brace combination, designed and built by hir parents to maintain and help Sammy control hir hidden ninja and magic abilities, plus to transform into hir Alter Ego of Silver Shadow.
    • Catch-Phrase: "Fer the love of Dorzon!"

    At 6'4 and just shy of 200lbs (nearly all muscle), Silver Shadow is NOT one you want to piss off and meet in a dark ally, even without hir Ninjutsu training, shi could still send a being into hospital with a dislocated shoulder and a few broken ribs, powered up or not.

    Sitting on hir bed, Sammy thinks about what shi could do as shi was currently bored outta hir skull. "Let's see... I finished school a couple of years back, no more college classes for the rest of the year, my martial arts class hasn't yet regrouped after the holidays... So currently nothing to do but lounge on me arse and wait for someone dumb enough to rob a store or something."

    Sammy grins as shi looks at the brace and belt that appeared on hir left wrist and waist appropriately, thinking about how much fun she had last time shi kick the arse of a local small-fry villain who keeps trying to melt the snow to pave the mountains for his own chaotic fun. "Well, I could always try and teleport over to Gag'em City, I hear they have some good autumn festivals over there!"

    After a bright flash of light and a cry of "Mahou Ninpu Henshin!", Sammy Olicat was no longer in the room, instead in hir place was the hero Silver Shadow! "Now! Time to have some fun over in Americat! Mahou Ninpu, Teleport!" and with that cry and another flash of light, Silver Shadow was no longer in hir house in Zoostralia.