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TTR-04 Dinner With The Titans

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    TTR-04 Dinner With The Titans

    Toon Titans - Revision

    Episode Three: Dinner With The Titans
    By Lord Pouchlaw (Darrel Vanwinkle) and Devvy-boy (Lexington Lonewolf)
    February 25th, 2019
    Join the crazy adventures of the teen aged furred toons of ASPCA City and Gag'em City as they have junior hero missions with a smile around every bend. And watch out for the narrators, zany criminals and that crazy theatrics bell, too! This round robin adventure is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.
    Toon Titans:
    Richard Grayson, Nightflight - American robin
    Billy Moosden, Cmdr Quebuck - Canadian moose
    Kitta Kent, Super Duper Crazy Kitty - Catniptonian orange cat
    Veronica Carmichael, Cheetahna - an Africat black cheetah
    Maggie Donnelly, Cosmic Wizardess - a Futuristic white bunny
    Fairfin IV/"Garth", Sharklad - a Great White Selachiian
    Silver Pemberton, Jr., The Star-Spangled Wolf - Silver wolf
    Victor Bullder, CyberBull - African-American bionic bull
    Galatea Stavros, Wonderoo - Amazon albino kangaroo
    Elroy Harper, Quicky - an English fox
    Rhianna Farley, Falcon Girl - an Egyptian falcon
    Jason "Jay" Todd, Redbreast II - an American winged fox
    Joseph Strife, Lunar Boomer - a Zoostralian moody were-kangaroo
    Benjamin Twayn, Sunshadow - an Africat black sun lion
    Virginia Olivia "Virgie" Hawk, Static Hawk - Peregrine falcon
    Max Kerry, Labyrat - a white lab rat
    Elliot Cannonrider, Slippery Otter - a naughty Sea Otter
    Captain Quebuck, Jr. (Freddy Elkton), a Canadian elk
    Jake Smythe, Tempest Roo - A Zoostralian blue-furred wallaroo
    Filipe Aerosmith, Aeromafleuve (Fragrant Sage) - Furench Skunk
    Anime Titans:
    Ernie Devlin, Kamen Ryuu - Zoostralian Mexicollie dragon
    Jacob Park, Aspiring Light - Galactic three-tone jackass
    (???), Tornaduck - an European Anasian green mallard
    Harvis "Harvey" Tetch, Hatter Hare - an English hare
    Ricky Descoonis, Kamen Tanuki - an American raccoon

    Devlin Kangaroo - Zoostralian Ozark Were-Kangaroo
    Duncan Donkey - Arkornsas Jackass
    Denise Swanson - Ozarkian Swan
    Elysia Rabbit - Zooropean Rabbit
    Dennis Drake Swanson - adopted Puckworldian Duck
    Justa Society of Anime [Toon Justice]:
    Bucky Roberts, Captain Symphony - an English white rabbit
    Xena Kennison, Island Squirrel - a Hawonkikian red squirrel
    Ace Dangers, Dark Night - a black labrador magician
    Rory Owain, Discus Dragoon - a Whalsh dragon
    Hub Marsupial, KangaNet - a kangaroo of an unknown breed
    Zander Lord, Fedora Croc - a saltwater crocodile
    Justa Society of Anime [Justice Heroes]:
    Deryk Roo, Kung Roo - a Paw Springs male kangaroo
    Renard Ranger, Ripper - an Otterside male lion
    Mercedes Diego, Thunderbolt - a Paw Springs female Cougar
    Lamont Faraduck, Long-arm - an Otterside Canaduckian mallard
    Aurora Borealis, Shaman of the North - an Arctic female Polar Bear
    Willona Montenegro, TechnoDoe - a Canaduckian white-tailed female deer
    Lexington "Lexie" Lonewolf, Combat Wolf - a Cowlifurnian human
    Seth Sidarius, Sea Drake - a Cowlifurnian anime Dragon
    Rufous Hummingbird, Garuda Boy - Anime Briarwood Hummingbird
    Titanic Marvels:
    James Buchanan "Buckhart" Barnes, Star Buck - a Furniverse reindeer
    Roara Hefton, Storm Crane - a Furniverse Africat mutant crane
    Argo Malverne, Arabian Arrow - Arabian stallion
    Kamal Akmad, Guardian Shadow - Anubian jackal

    Paula Roeley, Artema - a white tailed deer

    Sponsors: Justice Furries of Americat:
    Zale Kent/Zon-El, Super Duper Crazy Cat - an orange Catniptonian cat
    Robert "Rob" Rabbit, American Rabbit - a white rabbit
    Bruce Prince, Wonder Dog - a grey/silver mutt
    Arthur Atlantis, Marine Otter - an Atlantean brown sea otter
    Harold Jefferson, Donkey Guardian - a brown/grey/white donkey
    Dr. Scott Hayley, Atomic Squirrel - a red squirrel
    Prof. Tony Farley, Hawk God - a grey/black hawk
    Quintin Black, Reindeer Lightning - a black reindeer
    Stephanie Zatana, Zatabunny - a white rabbit w/blue star on her forehead
    Peter Hancock-Devlin, MagiDragon - a Mexicollie pink/pastel dragon
    Godyva Escamillo, Scarlet Courtesan - a Spanish red/orange vixen
    Jack Roodolph Jr., Kangaroo Chief - a Zoostralian Kangaroo
    Lucius Unicorn, Dr. Unicorn - a mystical unicorn
    Diana Wayne, Flittermouse - a cranky black bat

    HAJI Allies:
    "Wanda", female human of the Hendricks and Johnson Universe
    "Marcus", male human of the Hendricks and Johnson Universe

    Other Allies:
    Shticky Fox, an English fox, a Creator
    Dark Side, a red skinned fallen angel, a Creator

    Various Members of the Legion of Groom; Do they work together? HELL NO!
    The evening after the previous episode...
    Nightflight watched Aeroma (Filipe) set the banquet sized dining table in the gathering hall of the satellite as every possible Titans team and their sponsors all arrived to participate in Richard's dinner and official update and check in meeting.

    And with the newest members all having parental permission to attend this dinner as well, everyone would get to meet the newest collection of Titans who had opted to join the new hero movement.

    Ernie walked in with both his team as well as the Ozark Boomers Toon Force team of Anime Current Bluff.

    Deryk Roo arrived with his Justice Heroes team from Los Angeleos dragging the L.A. Lions along for a decent meal.

    Captain Symphony was all too happy to bring in his people for a dinner that they themselves would not have to prepare.

    The smallest team to arrive was Star Buck's group of the Titanic Marvels. Apparently the idea of young heroes in the Furniverse had still not caught on too well as yet.

    Having the JFA as well as all of the Creators and Toonmaster Mouse himself present probably meant that receiving the official update was being given the green light especially since the Titans had a master Furench chef (approved by Interpol) on board.

    Dark Side pointed Combat Wolf off toward Devlin Kangaroo and their group whom were standing with Kamen Ryuu's bunch.

    Nightflight said, "Aeroma... I think you may have outdone yourself for this dinner meeting."

    Aeroma smiled. "Oui, Richard," he said with his Furench accent as he swished his tail. "I aim to please. The table is set and there is seating for everyone. I have all manner of dinner drinks at the ready depending upon whom wants what."

    Combat Wolf smiled towards Ernie. He was expecting to see him later when the upgrade module he was starting to build on his spare time was completed and ready for beta-testing. He then saw the counterpart of his son for the first time, He took his Ookami Noh Mask off his face and moved it to the side. He saw the were-kangaroo that seemed to have eyes for Ernie. He walked over and hugged Ernie close. "Ernie! Still doing yer father proud?

    Devlin Kangaroo sniffed the newcomer. "'o is this bloke, Ryuu? 'e seems to know yas quite well." He also noticed that the glance the anime human had towards him looked a little sad, but thought it too polite to say something in present company.

    The only one not oblivious to the potential interaction was Garuda Boy, whom was zipping around to see what kind of teams were brought up. He was more of the Toon and Anime Masters fan from his source's memory. He was tiny enough to not be a hindrance to others. Sharklad however, was not amused by Charlie Lonewolf Hummingbird's static left in the air by his constant wingbeat; elemental differences. Lightning and Water don't mix. "Would you mind not spreading static near anyone aquatic, please?" He knew it was going to be his turn learning from Marcus tonight.

    "Sorry, Sharklad" said Garuda Boy with a smile on his elongated beak. "Couldn't resist wanting to see all the other species that came to this dinner. It's so exciting!" He noticed the Star-Spangled Wolf was distancing himself albeit temporarily from the Tribal members of the Titans. "What's eating the legacy hero there?"

    Seth smiled as he walked up to the others. "Chill out a little bit, Tweety," said the chubby green Dragon in an amused tone to Garuda Boy. This is meant to be a relaxing social gathering. Not just a meet and greet. He looked around. "Where did Lexie go?"

    Lunar Boomer nodded toward Seth, being with Kangaroo Chief when they were rescued two years prior.

    SDCK smiled as she looked around. "Looks like we have some good branches going around the three worlds, eh Richard?" She was in observations with Richard, keeping things civil for now.


      Richard smiled. "On the bright side, Kitta; with all of the new Titans, you might find more material to work with. I am going to go over and say hello to Argo; I still care for him a lot." And he walked over to spend a few moments with the Arabian stallion.

      Quebuck and Quebuck Jr. had gone over to see if Silver was okay. "What's up, hoser? It isn't like you to be a wallflower during a social gathering."

      American Rabbit and Captain Symphony were seated at grand pianos which were near each other as they played some nice dinner music together.

      Redbreast II, Quicky, and Shticky Fox were preparing to fill their plates with some food.

      Captain Americat spoke to SDCC to one side about a serious matter. "I did some checking around for you, colleague; and I found out that your comic is in no danger of being cancelled. The rumor was started by some of your arch enemies in the Legion of Groom in hopes of making you change your style; shifting to something you are not used to being. I know you can be serious without being forced into it. But we each have our quirks, old chum. Just remember to keep things professional between yourself and your younger heroic charges."

      SDCC smiled at the red, white, and blue clad brown and white furred feline. "I owe you one, Americat. I was starting to despair in regards to this rumor. And I almost did act inappropriate to Nightflight, whom I really respect as a fellow hero."

      Ernie grinned as he replied toward the anime human, "Ah am be'aving myself, Combat Wolf; Devlin and 'is friends recently joined the Anime Central Titans and although under my command, they will continue to be based out of Current Bluff, Mezsirat, where they solve mysteries and 'elp out the local law. Quite a nice mob of joeys and sheilas in my opinion. Ah will 'ave to borrow Dark Side in getting their Current Bluff Toon Force base set up in a cavern system that they 'ave claimed. The cavern overlooks their 'ome town." He then looked to Devlin. "Devvy... this is Combat Wolf also known as Lexington Lonewolf formerly from another dimension where 'e 'ad been a real world 'uman until an enemy of 'is accidentally sent 'im over to Anime Masters without meaning to. Well, 'im and 'is mate Seth Sidarius; 'e is the sea dragon over there near Discus Dragoon and Fedora Croc. Being a dragon, Ah should 'ead over and slum with the scalies."

      Tornaduck found himself as the attention of Dennis and his rubber shword. "Yes, young duck. You got the drop on me. Why don't we go find some food and drink you will enjoy."

      Dennis said, "Do you ever take that armor off, Mr. Tornaduck?"

      Tornaduck quietly released sigh. "My identity must remain a secret even among my friends. I know the Crazy Cats could just use x-ray vision on me, but since they have never met my other identity before, it wouldn't help them to figure out whom I am."

      Marcus asked Aeroma while petting his fur, "Say Filipe? How did you get to be such a fantastic chef?"

      Aeroma replied, "Everyone in Furance is a culinary arteest. We just come by the skill naturally. You pet on a skunk very nicely, Marcus. I made a birthday cake for you since your parents didn't even make you a decent party nor give you gifts during your actual birthday."

      Marcus smiled. "Thanks, Filipe. That was very nice of you."


        "Sorry, Dragoon," said Seth being a little bit more interactive toward his fellow scaled creatures. "As much as I am curious, I am a mated dragon... to a Human I found quite fascinating."

        "Aw... too bad." said Discus Dragoon; sie wasn't too disappointed. Just rarely saw another Dragon that fascinated her. Fedora Croc was nearby. He just humphed and leaned back in his seat to show he doesn't give two figs about the gathering.

        Devlin Kangaroo said to Lexington. "Yer Zoostralian accent is pretty nice."

        Lexington chuckled. "In my world, its called Australian, and Ah am 'alf-American. Ah know Kamen Ryuu, as his mum is 'uman and one of my closest friends, yas 'ave a similar voice to 'im Devvy; Ah miss the bloke deeply." He stopped short of sharing knowledge of who his father is. It was not his business to tell him, and he didn't even say that the young roo's Earthian Counterpart is the five year-old son he never met. "Got any good friends down in... Current Bluff?"

        Devlin nodnodded his muzzle. "Duncan is one of my better friends, although sometimes Ah feel for 'im when he thinks 'e got the short end of the stick. Elysia is the lead when our groups investigate mysteries, sometimes she's the glue that keeps our group together with reason. Denise is our musical member; though she fancied me growing up, she settled for being friends after she found out that Ah dated a Stallion for a few months."

        "A stallion." Lexington said in an amazed tone, he then had a mental thought of taking a schlong that large. 'e 'as the endurance gene alright, if 'e isn't thinking badly about it.

        After zooming around the scalies, Garuda Boy got an aloof back hand from Fedora Croc, and he was spinning multiple times in the air towards the three donks of the collective Titans (and JFA) teams. he ended up crashing into the chest of Donkey Guardian before erratically flying once he removed himself. "It's a real hot dog... to be the Faucet Gourd... of the Silverfish Porkers... I accept... the mantelpiece with... great gun-fiction." The poor hummingbird then crashed to the ground, his eyes became wingding eyes, spinning as he was dizzy beyond belief.


          Nightflight then spoke up aloud. "Everyone! We are going to have our meal before the official Titans report is made! The Creators are present since part of our reason for forming the Titans is an issue they have been dealing with behind the scenes! A.K.A. The Legion of Groom!" He then finished getting his selection of dinner before heading off to dine at a cafe table that there were plenty of in the chamber.

          Arabian Arrow (Argo) was already seated at the table enjoying his meal and drink.

          Ernie grabbed a plate as he got in line at the banquet table. "Food first, then socializing... and if there is time afterward... smex." He giggled after muttering the last part quietly.

          Donkey Guardian said to Duncan, "So you have dreamed of being a hero like the JFA all of your life? What of your hard work and sports activities?"

          Duncan replied, "Hard work leads toward showing other heroes that I can tow the line. The sports was so I could learn socializing among team mates. Of course, it did make me into a sporting champion; coupled with the good grades I would get in school, all in all, this was all just a past time in preparation toward becoming a hero like yourself and the others. Solving mysteries is all well and good, but it is a temporary past time. We don't make the arrests when we reveal a bad guy. We simply bring in the sheriff and let him do his job. We usually get a lecture on how we shouldn't have been snooping around as if we were adult detectives. But we will be adults someday and when we reach that stage, I would like to join the heroes as one of their own. Most of the Toon Force hasn't decided what to do with themselves after we finish school. But I know what I want."

          Cheetahna zoomed in and had her platter full of food before anyone knew what her blur was doing. "A fast female has to eat."

          Marcus was seated between Dr. Unicorn and Sharklad at a side table. "How often do you practice the mystical arts, Unicorn?"

          Dr. Unicorn (Lucius) replied, "Twice a day especially since my magical skills are on high demand when I am not running the Dream and Cream. What about your magical studies, Garth?"


            Garth smiled. "I don't consider my abilities magical. My abilities to control water and freeze it are just as natural as swimming. There is no arcane or rabbit-out-of-a-hat style to my water and ice powers. They run on instinct and lots of experience being a part of Marine Otter's aquatic shows. What was it called again... Mega... no... Mana... not that either... It starts with an m... I just can't put a fin on what I was told my powers were..."

            Lunar Boomer made a tribal praise to the Lunar deities before eating the meat and select veggies on his plate. He was going to be in his New Moon Phase tonight, and that is something he looked forward to. Regenerative powers of renewal.

            Devlin, being taught proper table manners, was surprised at how some of the tribal toons ate. But being raised by grandparents, he was able to dig in without offending Emewely Post. He was picking out a well-balanced plate (though meat was still the hero) and it catered more to his running sports roots.

            Seth had gotten a plate that was more advised by Lexington to be more balanced (without going all Sadistic Lisa on him). Lexington chose not to imbibe and had some of the Toon Coffee being served. They sat across from each other at the table, and welcomed other toons that wanted to sit there too.

            TechnoDoe was with the herbivores, preferring to enjoy the different meat alternatives made. She had a single bandage on her forehead to cover the stitches, but she was deemed fit for light duty and limited lab work for the time being.

            SDCK grinned as she remarked toward Richard. "Looks like everyone's not at each other's throats. And the fish isn't being too... fishy."

            The Star-Spangled Wolf kept his cool as he had his plate ready for some red meat. He kept to himself considering how the tribal toons scared off the city wolf pup from the training grounds.


              Dr. Unicorn said, "Marine Otter described your powers to manipulate as mystical and since I am a combination of magical and mystical arts I just thought that there was some magic in your abilities. I apologize if I misunderstood Marine Otter's description of your abilities. Since you don't think of your powers as magical, would you call them Meta-Physical talents or Mutant powers instead?"

              Marcus got up to get some more food. In the comic books, Garth's powers according to the editors were magical and now the nice shark boy was saying that they weren't. Someone got it wrong somewhere. As he walked by the rabbit boys, he rubbed a hand over their furry ears before heading on over to the food table.

              Captain Symphony smiled as he got his ears petted on. "He's a nice boy, Rob."

              American Rabbit replied, "He reminds me of Skip White of the White Brothers Band, Bucky. I'll bet Marcus would look good as a rabbit like us. But he seems to be more attracted to the other males more than civilized lapines like us. I am bisexual myself by choice although I lean toward females; if Bunny O'Hare hadn't asked for some time apart recently in her work for Teddy Panda, we would still be dating. Although I have seen a little action with Skip White on the side. The drummer was lonely and I wanted to cheer him up. We both benefited that night."

              Nightflight whom was sitting with Argo and Star Buck said, "I have no clue as to why everyone's hormones are in overdrive. I can stay focused myself, but the others look and act like they are being affected by a pheromone agent in the air. It isn't affecting the Furniverse guys, the donkeys, myself nor the Creators; just the others. I hope no one is sick or entering their cycle."

              Star Buck replied, "A medical exam might be in order since Americat makes sure we all get one back home before a team effort is put to the test. How often do the JFA get checked out?"

              Nightflight thought about it. "Once every two to six months. SDCC has been worried over his comic sales so that would account for his distraction. The former Backup members all had medical checks done the week before I formed the Titans. So for a select few, it hasn't even been a month as yet."

              Arabian Arrow then asked, "Is Dr. Unicorn a medical doctor as well as being an occult expert?"

              Nightflight thought about the inquiry. "He sure is."

              Star Buck said, "Then you should bring this topic up to him and make it mandatory for all Titans and Sponsors to get a medical check up to make sure no one is carrying a sex-inducing virus. You said it before, Richard; the Titans are not a dating club."

              Nightflight smiled when he saw Dr. Unicorn heading toward the restrooms. "I see the best time to talk to him in private. He is heading for the restrooms. I'll be back shortly, I hope. Unicorn is gay, you know." And Richard got up to follow Dr. Unicorn to have a professional talk with him.

              Aspiring Light then asked Duncan, "Are you and Devlin dating? I see him looking over this way and his gaze seems to be on you."

              Duncan sighed, an indicator that there was some sort of problem. "He was dating a stallion whom was studying medicine for a while; before that, I had dated a lot of students in high school, although he wasn't one of them. He likes me, but since I learned of his infatuation* with dragons, I have been wary of dating him. A not so nice homosexual dragon tried to kidnap me when I was Dennis' age... to use a sex toy, he said. Had he been like MagiDragon's former self, I might have given him the time of day. But he wanted to insert me inside of himself... to join the others, he said. I don't swing that way, guys. I tried to explain this to Devlin once with Elysia and Denise as witnesses, but he didn't seem to get what I was saying. The ladies got it and Elysia almost wanted to go dragon-slaying because of it."

              (Infatuation is defined as "an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something.")

              Donkey Guardian arched an eye over Duncan's admission. "I recall Peter saying that some dragons were like that when they were entering their cycles. Pouches and Slits are very similar in their design and usage especially among males. The females can control themselves pretty well; but the males need, to coin one of Cheetahna's phrases, to take a chill pill."

              Aspiring Light said, "In regards to your joining the heroes with powers, sad to say, you are going to have to talk to MagiDragon or Zatarabbit about getting an empowerment. I am sure you do not want to gain powers the way that most of the rest of us got them. Sometimes painful; other times a near death experience. So think about it before you switch sides."

              Duncan smiled at the two heroic donkeys. "I am glad I am getting advice from you guys. I wouldn't want to be in extreme pain and a near death experience would make my friends worry about me."

              Tornaduck spoke to Cyberbull. "With your bionic replacements, are you considering re-entering the sports profession or have you resigned yourself to the labs?"

              Star-Spangled Wolf soon found Kangaroo Chief almost directly behind him. "Silver... it came to our attention that you left the training gym when you were assisting Quicky with his training. On behalf of the tribal Titans, I wish to convey an apology for spooking you with a discussion that the rest of us don't regard as being inappropriate among our own people. I know you grew up in a city, so you didn't have the opportunities that the nature lovers had when they grew up. Richard said the satellite had other training rooms. So again, please forgive us for admiring your good looks in that particular way." He turned to return to his own table, although if Silver wanted to say something in return, he could.


                Silver understood the apology, and nodded. "City, Country, Royal, Tribal, Alien... we all have our own ways. We shouldn't let that separate us based on our own inhibitions, and we must remember that."

                SDCK rubbed her chin, as she sat with CyberBull, Star-Spangled Wolf, Cheetahna and CW (or at least the same table. "Odd. The only males from the off-shoots that seem to not be desiring each other right now is the married couple over there." Referring to Seth and Combat Wolf, whom were eating their dinner together.

                CyberBull put his tablet under his arm. "You already answered that with how you described them, Kitty. They're married. By their reckoning, they have been mated five years."

                Devlin swiped a paw at Slippery Otter's muzzle, only for it too slip off of him. He was being perverted towards the Kangaroo as he sat with the marsupials. "Ooh! Feisty! I like that!"

                "Now see 'ere bloke," said Devlin in a somewhat grumpy manner. "Let yas want to be rabbit-kicked in the pup makers by Elysia or, yas keep yer webbed paws off my tail!"

                "It's so huggable, though! And you don't have a virgin smell anymore. "We can go exploring and..."

                Jake Smythe glared. "The bloke already tried to slap yas. Leave him be, Otter!"

                Sharklad stood up at his table, and glared towards his fellow former sidekick. "Elliot... stop alienating other teams' members."

                Slippery Otter turned to the direction of his comrade, and looked at the glare Sharklad was giving him. It was nearly the same one Marine Otter gave him when he was starting to go too far. Coming from a shark it looked more menacing. He dusted off his tail and buttocks and sighed. "Alright." He walked away from Devlin Kangaroo.

                As Sharklad sat down, Garuda Boy let out a sigh of relief from where he was sitting with Combat Wolf and Seth (he apologized to Lexington before invited to sit. The hummingbird should've remembered how much of a perv Slippery Otter is, and how... different... Devlin Kangaroo is compared to the other moon-touched such as Kangaroo Chief and Lunar Boomer. He was stuck with some of the nectar flowers and some sap from the bark of trees. He was quite tiny compared to Nightflight, so if he chose food he remembered his Forest Lord counterpart eating, his eyes would be many times bigger than his stomach.

                "Something wrong, Garuda Boy?" Seth asked.

                Garuda Boy said, "I thought a fight was going to break out between Devlin Kangaroo and Slippery Otter. At worst, the Otter is insatiable. Devlin is too well-behaved to romp with others blindly."


                  Kangaroo Chief returned to Silver and gave him a warm hug from behind. "Thanks for not being upset with us, mate. Sometimes nervous tribals in order to cheer ourselves up and become more sociable tend to joke about someone else's attractiveness and youth which 'elps us to open up so yas can get to know us better. Yas saw 'ow Lunar Boomer was shy and reclusive until the topic turned to enjoying yas. And then 'e started opening up and becoming more talkative. After yas left, the bloke got quiet and focused on 'is training once again. We thought we 'ad injured yer feelings, Silver. Our societies may be different but we all 'ave feelings that are as different from night is to day. Even Slippery Otter over there is experiencing what we felt earlier in the training room. Yet 'e is going far beyond what is acceptable during a dinner. 'ad we done that you yas, then you would 'ave every right to 'ate us to the point of complaining to Richard. Again, we really like yas, Silver. Ah 'ope yas come back to the training room again later when yas feel more calm to do so. Quicky said that yas were really 'elping 'im to open up. Ah need to get back to my food and drink now, 'andsome. Despite what we said earlier, we really like yas, mate."

                  Marcus while getting some more food, noticed Redbreast II standing next to him getting some more food as well. Marcus turned to Jason and softly pulled the vulpine muzzle down where he gave the winged fox a kiss on his lips. "You are really good looking, Jason." Then he paled and stepped away from Jason. "I'm sorry, Redbreast... I should asked before I just assumed that you would be okay with a male to male kiss." He turned to get some more food.

                  Jason wasn't angry over the kiss, but he did feel an arousal in himself from the caring that Marcus had for all of the Titans. "You did nothing wrong, Marcus... you are just feeling lonely. You don't have Wanda to chat with currently and you miss her."

                  Marcus smiled at the winged fox. "Thanks, Jason. I am usually more well behaved than this. I don't want to receive a crazy kick in the baby maker for getting fresh with a new hero." And the Theatrics bell rang over Marcus' head despite it not looking like he did anything funny. "Shush you."

                  Jason started laughing as he patted Marcus on the back. "It sneaks up on all of us, Marcus. And sometimes your reaction is the common reaction. But remember... this dinner is to feed us and then after, Richard wanted to talk to all of us in the official meeting." Then he whispered, "At least no one set off the super duper crazy bazooms." He winked and the theatrics bell sounded over Kitta's head clear across the room although she had not said anything funny.

                  Within the boys restroom, Dr. Unicorn listened to Richard's request to give all of those aboard a medical check up as he had the robin boy assist him with his ejaculation. At least Lucius had taken his arousal to the restroom instead of trying to get down someone's pants in public. "You surprised me by following me into the bath room, Richard, but now you know why I chose to come to a private location when too many sexy guys made me feel too erect to be in public."

                  Richard stroked over Lucius' manly unicorn phallus nicely as he replied, "You are not the first one I have had to help with an erection, Lucius. Bruce got one one time during a stake out and he voiced that he might have to leave his observation post to take care of it. That is until I went over to Wonder Dog and gave him a fellatio right there in our watch station. I think he fired off more than he intended to, but all in all, he wanted me as his sidekick more because of the help I had given him. As you know, Lucius, I am not gay myself, but when a teammate or superior needs help, I am not beyond giving that help. Crazy Cat and Donkey Guardian were like that one night and I was around to help them. Lords know that I cannot do this with Diana; she doesn't have a stiffy." And the bell rang in the boy's stalls.

                  Lucius giggled for a moment. "No wonder so many JFA male superiors want you as their sidekick. They know they can rely on you for personal help. I wish we could have promoted you to full JFA status, Richard. You are really helping me with this problem."

                  Out in the dining chamber, Duncan was now speaking to MagiDragon and Zatarabbit in regards to the empowerment topic that Donkey Guardian and Aspiring Light had mentioned and how Duncan should speak to the two of them in regards to this inquiry. "So... can you guys help me or do you think I should wait?"

                  MagiDragon said, "Ah could do it, but we need to know exactly what the ending empowerment is to be like or yas might be disappointed with the results and there yas would be. Ah 'ad to make these plans when we redesigned Billy Moosden's powers after the old goat removed his Captain Moose powers and then we made Commander Quebuck."

                  Zatarabbit said, "I too have helped people with an empowerment. Although my assistance was more private and not as known due to the disguise I wore at the time. I was responsible for granting the American Rabbit his powers. So you see, I could do it as much as MagiDragon could; but again, Peter is right, we already knew what the end result would be which made the empowerment all the easier. You should not simply copy what another hero already has; instead, you should determine what is needed or missing from the team and go with a theme of that nature. MagiDragon and I would be glad to help you, Duncan. After all, It is your dream to be a hero like the rest of us."

                  Duncan thought about it for the time being... "...something that is missing from the team..."

                  CW then said to Crazy Kitty. "We shouldn't stuff ourselves too much on this rich food. I seem to recall an ancient story about how rich food that heroes were not used to eating had all of them sitting on the crapper for the next few hours after the dinner ended. And how they had not stocked enough toilet paper when the crisis occurred. I personally wouldn't want my friends to suffer through that. We may bicker from time to time, Kitta, but overall, we ladies do better together than the guys do."

                  Veronica looked at her uneaten food on her plate. "She's right. I don't want to get too fat or I won't be able to run. And if I have the runs later, I aim to be in there, first." She then looked to where the Theatrics bell would normally be. "...and if you think that is funny, I will have MagiDragon give you diarrhea."

                  The bell didn't sound at all at the threat.


                    "How can you give a bell diarrhea unless it's anthropomorphized?" pondered Kitta as she tried to write down what made the Theatrics Bell ring earlier. She got confused. "Narrator? A little help please?"

                    "According to the script, Redbreast made a joke about your boobs to Marcus." said Lady Narrator. She then said, "It was in bad taste, and you might want to leave it out of your book Kitta, since it wasn't a joke you made."

                    "Amen to that," said Kitta, making a note to not include it in any of the edits. "I am going to have a little chat with Richard's successor later." She then read a fortune on her mint. Dissatisfied with it, she popped it in her mouth and put both the tin and the book away. She then looked to Veronica. "Maybe you Earth toons have and some aliens have to worry about the runs; Catniptonians have a decent immunity to crap under the yellow sun. Unless we use up our powers or there's a solar flare or a variety of other things to slow us down."

                    Sharklad excused himself from eating. Since it was fresh on his mind, he wanted to apologize to Devlin Kangaroo for the uncouth behavior from his compeer. If he didn't, he wouldn't be able to enjoy Marcus with a mind filled with the anger of the marsupials and Elliot's naughty misdeeds. "Mr. Kangaroo, I just came over here to apologize for the way Slippery Otter acted towards you."

                    "Yer ma- er... friend was interested in having my tail end." said Devlin with a somewhat annoyed tone. He was told how saying 'mate', though innocent to Zoostralians and Anglo accented people, but to others, it may mean something else. He was being careful about that. "Ah may enjoy being with other blokes, but Ah wanted to be the top boomer in my next relationship. Thanks for apologizing for 'im, but yas don't seem like the type to be 'is keeper."

                    "Marine Otter had a better time dealing with him," said Garth in a thoughtful manner. "Next we have a gathering. I'll make sure that he and some of the naughty members of the Titans are reminded of proper etiquette in social functions. But it doesn't excuse his lustful behavior, and not all aquatics are perverse like him."

                    Jake said, "Would yer Rabbit friend have really done damage to the Otter though?"

                    Devlin nodnodded his muzzle. "Elysia caught one of our friends eavesdropping on the girls locker room at our 'igh school. She made Richie Stoat regret it. And now she has him as an informant over what the police knows of what we investigate, unless he slips then she goes to the principal and make him even more sterile."

                    Sharklad cringed. "I guess it was a good thing that he backed off when I glared at him. Enjoy the rest of your meal." He then walked back to the table and finished his meal."

                    Seth decided it was time for him to chat with MagiDragon about what they discussed before the hornet drones started stalking his mate. "I see MagiDragon. There is something I wanted to converse with him about. Excuse me."

                    "Remember to be back before Richard's discussion, Meatball," Combat Wolf said as he wiped his face after his meal. "It may be important should you come around to becoming a 'ero in yer own right."

                    "Hero is your job Lexie," said Seth in a slightly annoyed tone. "Supporting your exploits and making a decent living for us is mine."



                      Within the little boy's bathroom, Lucius was helping Richard get all the unicorn cum that accidentally exploded all over the robin's body cleaned off of the junior team leader. "I am so sorry, Richard. I am usually more in control than that. I'll make it up to you."

                      Richard smiled. "Don't be sorry; in a weird sort of way, it was actually fun. I would rather be coated in that instead of the nasty stuff that the Jackler dumped Flittermouse and I into that one time last year."

                      Veronica then said, "If the Crazy Cats are immune to rich foods, then I will amend what I said; eat all you want, Kitta."

                      Maggie got up and took her plate, cutlery, and glass back to the sink and placed it into the dish water. Then she went by Redbreast and said, "You need to apologize to Kitta; she found out that you made a joke about her."

                      Jason then quietly said, "Marcus came on to me and then apologized with blushes. He was afraid Kitta was going to Crazy kick him in the baby maker for kissing me on the muzzle without asking me first if I was okay with it. Then I tried to cheer him up by mentioning the crazy bazooms; but that doesn't have to mean Kitta. She isn't the only Catniptonian female in the universe; she is just the only local one. I will make with the apology to her so she doesn't clobber me in private." And then the two returned to Kitta, Veronica and Victor's table. After they approached Kitta, Jason placed a plate of cake to the side of Kitta's plate. "Maggie told me that you are upset with me, Kitta. Here is what happened with Marcus." And he repeated the gist of what happened with Marcus to Kitta in as polite a manner as possible. "I didn't know the bell would react to the boobs joke I used to cheer the human boy up. He is seriously missing Wanda despite being gay."

                      While Zatarabbit focused on Duncan, MagiDragon smiled when he saw Seth approaching him. "'ey, Sethie mate! Wanna make an egg with me so Ernie 'as another sibling?"

                      Duncan whispered to Zatarabbit. "I think you and I should go talk somewhere else while the dragons get in trouble." And the two left the table to speak in the team library.

                      Within the library, Duncan turned to Zatarabbit and said, "I think I have my choice figured out."

                      Zatarabbit smiled. "So run the idea by me and I will help you streamline it so you are not unhappy with the results."

                      Duncan smiled as he rubbed on the magical male rabbit and he said, "What I want is the following. A mostly full body black uniform with a pale blue utility belt, violet gloves, a violet cape and cowl. The cowl would have a golden yellow full moon on one side and a second black circle with a thin golden yellow corona to the right side of the full moon. When the hood is down, I would be tangible and physical, but when the hood was raised, I would become the ghostlike hero named Shadowbrayer who takes to the streets to fight crime of the mundane and mystical. My powers when the hood was up would be equal to a ghost with flight powers and the ability to learn and use shadow magic. Have I missed anything in describing this, Zatarabbit?"

                      Zatarabbit said, "And how would you like to hide the uniform when you need to be seen in public in your civilian identity?"

                      Duncan smiled. "How about this... when I say the words, 'the shadows rise', an inky black fog comes out of my black hooves and cloaks me from sight and when the fog dissipates, I am fully costumed and ready for action. And when I say, 'the sun brays', I resume my normal clothing and normal identity. Later if any of my friends want an empowerment, they should do as I did and talk to either you or MagiDragon, just as I had the bravery to do. Is this too much to ask, Zatarabbit. I could be the Titan's ghost toastie hero." The Theatrics Bell sounded over the Africat Americat donkey's head. "Please..."

                      Zatarabbit said, "I think we should have Richard witness your empowerment so he can vouch for your enrollment into the team. He is in the bathroom talking to Dr. Unicorn. Lets go find him." And the two headed off to talk to Richard.

                      Elysia Rabbit stood between American Rabbit and Captain Symphony as she handed them some piano sheet music. "You boys play this for me and I will sing one of my favorite songs."

                      Denise smiled as she nudged Devlin. "Elysia is going to sing for the Titans. She doesn't do this too often. The last time was at the Current Bluff school dance."

                      Dennis was sparring playfully against Long-Arm since he was more of a real duck than Tornaduck was. Dennis was using his rubber shword and Long-Arm was using a plastic baseball bat.


                        Seth said, "I thought about what we have talked about earlier regarding what I want to do about you-know-what. That's a tempting idea for a trade-off." Seth blushed slightly. " I thought about it a lot while snuggling with my mate at night. Lexie doesn't deserve the risk of being stuck in a dragon's nethers and Slit Rescue Services coming after him whenever he wants to do it. I decided the best option is to be magically made anatomically incorrect (meaning external hatchling maker) for his sake."

                        "You just want to see me just with hips wider than those Kardasheepans that did nothing for their fame except look like floozies Veronica," smirked Kitta in a slightly insulted manner. "In the meantime, It's high time for us to go go on a mouse hunt if Toonmaster has such a perverted sense of humor are responsible for using the bell in that manner."

                        Devlin smiled, as he was speaking to the other marsupials. "Yas will like this, mates; Elysia is one of the more musically inclined in our group when it comes to singing. Ah'm not so musically inclined, and Ah don't use my Dreamtime abilities to fake talent."

                        "It looks like yer more athletically inclined," Lunar Boomer said. "But yer not as muscular as my father is."

                        "My muscles weren't bulked for weightlifting," smirked the Teenage boomer. "Mine was a product of running and holding orphaned joeys of different species."

                        "Yas plan to be a pouch father someday?" asked LB.

                        Devlin said. "With the right bloke. Ah'm not ready to be pouch father, especially since Ah don't know mine or my father. All Ah've known is my grandparents in the Ozarks."


                          Maggie looked to Kitta. "Toonmaster and the Creators are over at their own table, Kitta. They showed up to learn the status of the Titans updates in regards to the Legion of Groom. So it would be a short hunt."

                          Jason pointed across the room toward the Founders Table. "Over there, Kitta."

                          Within the boys bathroom, Zatarabbit and Duncan found Richard just after the robin boy's clean-up with Dr. Unicorn.

                          "...and that is Duncan's request, Richard. I wanted to have you witness his empowerment for the official record. The rest of his friends have yet to make a powers request."

                          Richard smiled. "Go ahead, Zatarabbit. I am watching."

                          Dr. Unicorn had chosen to return to the banquet to get some more food and drink.

                          While Bucky played his piano, Rob Rabbit sang with Elysia Rabbit. The piece was the duet of Endless Love.

                          Rob began with, "My love, there's only you in my life; The only thing that's bright..."

                          Elysia then added, "My first love, You're every breath that I take, You're every step I make; And I, I want to share, All my love with you, No one else will do..."

                          Then together they sang as one. "And your eyes, your eyes, your eyes; They tell me how much you care; Ooh yes, You will always be; My endless love."

                          "Two hearts, Two hearts that beat as one; Our lives have just begun; Forever (Oh) I'll hold you close in my arms; I can't resist your charms; And love, oh love; I'll be a fool, for you I'm sure; You know I don't mind (Oh) You know I don't mind; 'Cause you, You mean the world to me (Oh) I know I know; I've found, I've found in you; My endless love."

                          "Ohh; Boom, boom, Boom, boom, boom boom, boom, Boom, boom, boom boom; Oh, and love oh, love; I'll be that fool for you I'm sure,
                          You know I don't mind; Oh you know I don't mind; And, yes; You'll be the only one; 'Cause no one can deny; This love I have inside; And I'll give it all to you; My love, my love, my love; My endless love!"
                          Legalese: Duet by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie; Lyrics by Lionel Richie; song lyrics are used to further the role playing game session and we make no challenges on the rights to this song. All Rights Reserved to their original creators.
                          MagiDragon remarked, "For this, Seth, we need to go some place private. Let us head to Ernie's room; we don't need to make a public show of this." And he led Seth off to get the deed done.

                          Although Marcus was near no one in particular at this point, he was admiring every guy on the satellite hopefully without coming across as being too creepy. He knew he was hurting for some male on male activity, but he also knew that he needed to be careful with whomever he approached in the Titans. At the moment, he was admiring both Symphony and Star Spangled Wolf.

                          (Yes, the wolf was a sex object without trying.)


                            Sharklad put his gill stimulator on, knowing that he was nearing his limit. He walked up to Marcus and placed his fin-hand on his shoulder, and said lowly to be discreet. "Enjoying the view, Marcus? Too bad Wolf is far too domesticated to ever want to explore with our types. He prefers the dams, despite his nice figure." Sharklad's new costume was a little bit more open in the chest unlike the last one (so it would help to honor his Atlantean side, but he had upper part of the costume regardless).

                            "I'll just speak to him when the time is right," said Kitta as the mints took their calming effect. "It's no use to rush head-long into being a bully towards Toonmaster; that is what a mouse like him expects from us hotheads. I don't want to give him that luxury."

                            Lexington was approached by the Star-Spangled Wolf. "Scuttlebutt is that you are good at the martial arts," Silver said.

                            "Yes," Combat Wolf nodded. "I was a martial arts teacher on Earth."

                            "If you can, would you teach me a few moves so I can rely less on using my powers? All I know is self-defense."

                            Combat Wolf looked him up and down. Not for sexual purposes like some of the others, but to see how he will fare. "Yas might want to get some weight training in, but yas don't 'ave to go full-on body builder, or swim a lot like Sharklad. I can teach yas some advanced moves that will help yas after the meeting." The anime human said. "I'll be glad to 'elp yas improve to honor yer loyalty to the American Way."

                            In Ernie's bedroom, Seth was nervously unzipping his pants. Looking around. "Do you think Ernie would mind us using his bedroom for this, Peter?" Since they were in private, he felt it comfortable to use MagiDragon's name. "It seems only yesterday that I saw your performance at the Dream and Cream."


                              Marcus smiled at Sharklad. "Yeah, but I know all the good ones are off limits. That is partially why it hurts so much. People don't try to be hot and the next thing you know, they are clobbering you for even suggesting anything. I know Kangaroo Chief spooked the wolf earlier in the gym and during the dinner he apologized to him. I almost made that mistake with Redbreast earlier and I apologized quickly. Your having two claspers sorta scares me but I know you would never hurt me, Garth."

                              Richard, Zatarabbit, and Shadowbrayer (Duncan) soon returned to the dining chamber where Richard took to the podium at the front of the dining hall to prepare the meeting portion of the gathering.

                              Peter grinned at Seth as he turned on a monitor to show the dining chamber where Richard was front and center. "Seth, Ernie has done far worse than we are about to do in here. And Ernie is more open about kissing cousins than I normally am. Now don't worry, this will be over shortly. We aren't going to be having sex in here unless you want to help me make a sibling for Ernie."

                              Veronica was braver than Kitta as she zipped over to the Founders' table and said, "Sir? I have a question in regards to the Theatrics Bell? I recall that it was only supposed to be operating originally as a week long test. Here we are months later and the bell still operates. Was the bell finalized as a success or did something else happen with the bell?"

                              Toonmaster looked Cheetahna in the eye before twitching his whiskers and replying, "The original bell was stolen before the week could end. A few days following, a replacement bell took its place although we were no longer in control of the bell's activities. We again suspect the Legion of Groom. I hope that clears up any issues you may have been wondering about. Before the bell, the Creators themselves awarded Theatrical Points and they couldn't be everywhere at once. We thought the bell would be a fair alternative; until the original got stolen."

                              Veronica nodded her head. "I am so sorry... I didn't think it was that, sir. Excuse me..." And she zipped back to her seat and muttered, "...I feel as if I shrank to an inch tall..."

                              Redbreast said, "You took a chance, Veronica; that is more than the other Titans did."