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TTR-04 Dinner With The Titans

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    Sharklad nodded and affirmed that he would be gentle with Marcus, "This is untested waters for me as well, so I know how to be gentle when uncertain about things, Marcus." He then noticed Nightflight at the podium. "Looks like final prep is being made for the meeting. We'll have to be patient until he's done."

    Seth unbuttoned the tail button that held his pants in place and dropped his pants and the boxers, revealing his masculine bulge and draconic slit. "I'd be willing to help you with that since you're helping me with my problem. But as Lexie and Deryk can attest to... I am an alpha male in the bed." Kicking the pants off his ankles, Seth was completely nude from the waist down and he put his webbed claws on his hips, his stomach only showing ever-so-slightly from under the shirt.

    Kitta said, "If I went up there I would've gotten mad Jason, it wouldn't have went well for either party. I'm lucky that mint helped cool me off when it did. I don't know how much of the book is ruined. But I am already redacting that last bell ring, because it wasn't me that cracked that joke."

    Fedora Croc opened an eye to show attention to what was going on. He then closed both eyelids. He may look aloof, but he wasn't going to give people the satisfaction of knowing that he listens attentively; he uses it to surprise others later if he decides it's necessary.



      Peter smiled. "Then you should mount me before I make the magic upon you, Seth. When I carried the egg that made Ernie, no one could tell that I was with an egg and Ernie turned out so wonderful and fun; as well as good looking. When we are done, I will help you obtain the outward genitalia you are asking for."

      And the two will be busy for at least a few posts within this RP.

      Richard then received a mental explanation from MagiDragon on how he and Seth were busy but he had a monitor turned on so they could overhear the meeting itself.

      Nightflight turned to look at the collection of young heroes and their mentors as well as the Creators table. "Attention, my friends... we need to get this meeting underway so Dr. Unicorn can perform his medical duties before anyone can go fornicate when the meeting ends. I have noticed that nearly every hero seems to be suffering from a pre-rutting stage which would drive innocent bystanders into a breeding frenzy. I am not against friends showing compassion, but I want everyone on the Satellite to get a necessary medical physical done before you get tied into someone's hole. And no, I am not trying to be funny. As sad as it might be experience, this means that the Creators and Toonmaster must also receive this medical examination or be accused of causing it. This is NOT the Dream and Cream, my friends. This is the Titans."

      "Furthermore, I have noticed that it seems to only affect Americat citizens. Those from outside of Americat do not seem to be affected by this breeding desire. Argo is my friend and I know how big he would be if I permitted him to stretch me. I would be in he horspital afterward. And again, this is not a joke. I am initiating a null effect on this meeting to prevent the Theatrics Bell from ringing within the Satellite until the meeting arrives at its end. If anyone would like to forego the examination, then please leave your Titan Alliance IDs in the bowl next to the exit transporter before you depart. I will be sad to see people leave, but I just want you all to be healthy and safe."

      Richard then said, "I know from reports that the Legion of Groom have been operating across several worlds. The fact that they stole the original Theatrics Bell and left a faulty bell in its place which rings at even the most lamest of jokes including but not limited to jokes involving sex and sexual body parts. Even going so far as to ring when someone is not trying to be funny or even alerting someone who is not being implied when a statement is made; Yes, Kitta, I found out about that incident earlier. There are security cameras and microphones all over the Titans Satellite thanks to Victor's installation assistance."

      He then looked to Marcus. "Our visiting human is not affected by the breeding spell that seems to be making everyone else to be less than professional. Marcus was already suffering from his situation before he came to hang out with the Titans; as a junior Furry fan, he loves us too much to jeopardize our friendship just for a one-night stand. In truth, he misses Wanda who is at Summer Camp. So if anyone has caught Marcus looking at you/them, then rest assured; he was only admiring you. We are lucky he chose to ask for permission to come to us; people with his depression often choose the other choice... suicide. And I do not want to lose a fan who loves us as much as he does."

      Nightflight then pointed to Monitor One and clicked it into the on position. "These are the official villain reports we have received in the last twenty-four hours. If anyone would like this opportunity to make a personal report, then please come up to the podium and use this moment to speak your mind. If you would like to make a statement about another issue that has been bothering you, you will be permitted to come forth to make a public statement. I will not be conducting meetings like this one every week. That is not why you became Titans. A running joke in the JFA was that they needed new members to join to assist with changing light bulbs in their satellite headquarters. We back-up members never saw any core members doing that job so who knows if the joke was serious or not. I know I changed a few light bulbs when Flittermouse was too lazy to replace a shop light herself."

      He then stepped away from the Podium. "Who would like to take the Podium next?"

      Dr. Unicorn had his black bag sitting in full view on his dining hall table. He knew that Richard was serious about this especially when Richard deliberately walked over to the Unicorn's table and submitted himself to a medical examination right in front of everyone.

      If you are going to call for this to be done, be willing to go first!

      Marcus chose to go over to the Unicorn's table and await an examination himself. He didn't need to make a public statement since Richard had thankfully done that for him.


        Fedora Croc is going to wait for everybody else to get done before he gets up from his spot. He hasn't felt the need for whoopee like the others. Probably the biggest reason is he is more apathetic unless hatchlings and children are in danger. He hated lines; it forced socialization, which he does not care for.

        "I will for the Justice Heroes," Representing the Justice Heroes in Los Angeleos, Willona took the podium. "TechnoDoe representing the Justice Heroes in Los Angeleos, Cowlifurnia. To keep everyone up to date of the happenings in Los Angeleos, we have had some problems with a mystery stalker using hornet-like drones to stalk one of our members. The first one was frozen by a visiting Forest Lord that knows more than he lets on, and the other was brought in by the presumed target, ran through with a trench knife and later smashed by our resident dragon. We are currently investigating its origins. The first one self-destructed after the scans, and the second one is in pieces so it will be easier to investigate. We may have an enemy that is waiting in the shadows to make his move. If any of the other teams' tech experts would like to coordinate efforts, or have seen similar drones in use, we would appreciate the assistance."

        Lexington sneezed then rubbed his nose. "Whatever Meatball is doing, 'e better get done fast. Don't want 'im to get in trouble if it's mandatory to get examined." He was waiting for him to get done so they can go together; Combat Wolf was not too fond of doctors that weren't Dreamtimers.

        Charlie (Garuda Boy) got a message on his Garuda Phone on the status of something he was working on. It was a phone made to be protected from electrical powers. Lexington looked towards the Hummingbird. "Got a 'ot date later, Tweety?"

        "None of your business, Wolfie," Charlie countered, placing the phone over his chest.

        Devlin Kangaroo hummed, then used his Dreamtime powers briefly to reach out to his friends to come speak with him. If they have to go, they go as a team to get examined.


          The Ozark Boomers Toon Force of Current Bluff
          Devlin Kangaroo, a Zoostralian Ozark Were-Kangaroo
          Duncan Donkey, an Arkornsas Jackass
          Denise Swanson, an Ozarkian Swan
          Elysia Rabbit, a Zooropean Rabbit
          Dennis Drake Swanson, an adopted Puckworldian Duck

          Shadowbrayer (Duncan Ward) whom was now empowered headed over to where the Devlin Kangaroo, Denise, and Elysia were gathering before getting an examination. "Devvy... I have chosen to join the Titans and the ensemble I am wearing is my new empowerment. I call myself Shadowbrayer. A ghost-like hero whom takes to the streets to fight crime of the mundane and mystical. My powers when the hood is up would be equal to a ghost with flight powers and the ability to learn and use shadow magic. I made an agreement with Zatarabbit and MagiDragon that if you guys wanted to also get an empowerment that you had to talk to one of them. As I was speaking to Zatarabbit, I began to experience an attraction to him that I would normally have more control over... I respect the magic using rabbit and to be fawning over him like a love-sick puppy indicates a problem or a likely villainous plot to make the heroes misbehave. We may all check out as clean during the examination if it proves that an enforced mating spell has been cast on the heroes."

          Denise wanted to growl. "Stupid Legion of Groom. There is only one thing that turns me off toward sex and that is Spiders."

          Elysia on the other paw was thinking about what Duncan had just said about empowerments to join the Titans. "This old detective with powers... Yes, I could then be in Devvy's league of abilities and powers. Don't get me wrong... when I have the detective agency opened for business, sex is the last thing on my mind."

          Dennis said, "I've been staying out of trouble with Tornaduck and Long-Arm. I wasn't feeling any arousal as long as I was focused on sparring and playing with my rubber shward. Besides, us birds don't experience arousal the way the other mammals do."

          And exactly as Duncan suggested, Nightflight got a clean bill of health. But as he had mentioned earlier, he was one of the ones whom didn't seem to be affected by this breeding effect that nearly everyone else was experiencing. And as Dennis had said, as long as you are focused on something important, you can shirk off the spell-like effects.

          Dr. Unicorn said, "You're clean, Richard. Thank you for volunteering to go first. Now lets get your friends checked out. We do have important business to conduct and having this many idle bodies around is not good for social acceptance."

          Peter having gotten cleaned up after his play time with Seth, now had another egg in his egg sac, meaning that Ernie would someday have another sibling.... he was now placing an multidimensional call to Planet Earth. "That's right, Mrs. Devlin; the Toon Titans dinner party needs a round of yer famous inoculations to 'elp them get their 'eads out of the gutter. Could yas come and get this done before everyone chooses to leave and spread whatever is affecting them all over Toonmasters. Yes, Ah can provide the magical portal. Ah appreciate this. Bye." He then looked to Seth. "Sorry, mate... it is for the best. Ah noticed that everyone was acting funny earlier. Better safe than sorry."

          Moments later, Auranea Devlin joined Dr. Unicorn at his table where upon she gave both the Unicorn and Nightflight a shot of the anti-recruiting medicine which also worked versus induced magical breeding. "Thank yas both for being brave to get yer shots. Great Mathilda, it smells like overripe rut and 'eat in 'ere! Good thing Peter called me to come in or else yas might 'ave gotten a few civilians in trouble later."

          Nightflight was rubbing on his bum where the Devlin lady had chosen to give him his shot. "Thanks... that really hurt. I have a team to run... ow..." And he walked off to glare Toonmasters right in the eye. "Since I got mine, you are certainly going to get yours and don't think you aren't either. Everyone attending this dinner is to be getting a shot for their own health. So if you are causing this breeding effect, then you better turn it off right now or else, learn pain just as I and Dr. Unicorn did."

          Toonmaster said, "I can assure you, Richard, that I am not causing this. And to show you that I can be a good patient myself, I am going over to Mrs. Devlin right now to have her inoculate my ass just so everyone can see me getting mine. As you know full well, the Legion of Groom have been causing this chaos all over the Toonmasters sector." And he floated in mid air and went over to Mrs. Devlin to receive his shot in the ass before returning to his seat. "Ow... she has needles of every shape and size... but she did say that anyone not getting the shot will have to swallow the liquid or fizzy tablet variety instead and they do not taste good at all... ow..."

          Zale Kent along with Malcolm Rogers approached Auranea to get their medicine. Afterward, SDCC was standing at the water fountain with his tongue hung out of his muzzle trying to wash away the bad taste of the medical liquid. "Nothing Theatrical about this nasty stuff... but I couldn't get the shot due to my invulnerability."

          Americat side, "Only in that regard do I feel sorry for you, colleague. I got the needle, but I took it like a man."

          Then an anthropomorphic triceratops approached the water fountain and said, "Zale, this is what I really look like when I am not in the Narrators booth." Zale looked at the Dinosaucer and smiled when he recognized his narrator Irvine Huxford in his true identity.

          Then Irvine got a fond hug. "Did the mean old lady hurt you, Irvine?"

          Irvine said, "Not really, but she had to give me two shots since the first one collided with one of my bone plates. Just wait until Lady Narrator has to get her shot."

          Malcolm whom would normally not laugh at anything... as well as Zale started laughing at how funny that sounded. Malcolm then said, "My narrator will have to get one too."