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    Deryk Roo face-kicked one of the lizards HARD sending him flying away from him. "If yas were yer counterpart, mate, Ah could fix yas up with a spare morpher! But we recently altered the Dragon Song morphers to only work for those on our specific team!"

    Kamen Ryuu and Yeti power punched a muscular lizard with the dual punch up into the air and when he came back down they pile drove him into the floor through the mat!

    Honeypuff and American Rabbit then brought Drasgon to the ground with his arms, wings and tail pinned up along his back! "Call off your dojo, Drasgon, or we go all the way instead of simply bringing you and your criminal bunch to justice!"

    Drasgon knew that Honeypuff was good with his threats as he shouted, "Stop fighting, Green Dragon Dojo! We concede! We have lost to the new victors! We can rise another day! Enow!"

    The enemy dojo combatants relaxed their fighting stances and withdrew to stand in a defeated position to await their judgment.

    American Rabbit said, "Thank the makers that you remembered what Honeypuff is capable of doing!" Drasgon was promptly placed under arrest and then he and his dojo were taken off to maximum security prison. A.R. then went over to Deryk Roo and Ripper who were about to perform a lip-lock kiss and he said, "Deryk Roo? I came here today to invite you to join a big league team. The Justice Furries need to branch out to cover more of the world and we just don't have the toon power at our disposal to do it ourselves. So... we're recruiting for the all new Justice Heroes. Would you like to officially join the team?"

    Deryk Roo was blushing now. "Me? Little old me? The L.A. Lion Joey in a big league team? May Ah approve those joining?"

    "Yes you may, Deryk."

    Deryk was now doing a happy roo dance. "Ah want my boyfriend in it. Renard Ranger. 'e is my lion lover. See my engagement ring?" He was again showing it off with pride.

    Now Renard was blushing. Two of the cutest people around.

    American Rabbit then said, "Your headquarters will be based in Los Angeleos, so you know what that means..." He winked again with a smile. "Plus, I will be your official liaison with the JFA, the Titans, and the JSA. So you will likely see Nightflight and I a lot."

    More happy roo dancing, although he was dancing with his boyfriend now.

    Butch laughed out loud. "So you're saying the L.A. Lions and others can 'help' Deryk sometimes, is that it?"

    American Rabbit nodded his muzzle. "Good allies are hard to find but easy to earn. Deryk Roo will make a fine leader of the JH."

    Deryk Roo stopped dancing when he heard that. He just thought he was going to be a member; but the leader? He fainted dead away!

    Butch laughed some more. "Just like old times!"

    Shticky Fox said, "Good job on being brave and true to yourself, L.B. Your information will be added to the database. Richard will review it later. He tries to be everyone's friend including some of Flittermouse's arch enemies who literally have a sad existence."

    At that moment, Captain Symphony arrived via transporter and loaded up a video file to the Titans mainframe. "Shticky? As per our agreement with Nightflight in regards to our team being in the Titans alliance, we have recorded our own secret origins for the Titans database." He then clicked on the play button so that Shticky and the others present could preview the Justa Society of Anime origins.

    "The Secret Origin of Captain Symphony"
    In the movie, Symphony is seen playing the piano for a HUGE crowd in Liondon Symphony Hall. When the performance ended and the curtain closed, the scene slowly became transparent as Symphony walked into the scene and faced the camera.

    "Welcome to the secret origin of Captain Symphony. I made this video back when I had unrestricted use of my voice before I paid the old witch that which I owed her." He then sighed with a frown. "A lot of my situation is my own fault. Magical curses are like that. Be glad this isn't your origin, my friends. My real name is Bucky Roberts. In my home land in the United Kingdom, I lived in Liondon in a poor neighborhood. I was a near leper and begged for food on the streets. I lived in a cardboard box in one of the many back alleyways. Orphaned or abandoned... whichever it was, there I had a bleak start.

    - While he talked, a slow pan of the streets where he grew up were shown. -

    "I shouldn't have survived at all. But luck was often with me. They always said rabbits feet were lucky." He winked.

    "During my teenage years, I boldly tried to steal food from an old lady's house. Except... she turned out not to be just any old lady. She was a very powerful wicked druid witch. As she held me pinned to one wall, I told her that I had nothing to give in exchange for the food. How everyone else in the world was lucky to have powers and abilities far better than I... while I suffered in the streets and alleys.

    "She then asked me which hero of the world was my favorite. Being unlearned as I was from my youth, I never knew the super cats had the word crazy in their names, so I replied, "Super Duper Cat." And in the next instant, the staff she had me pinned to the wall with glowed and sent a massive super charged blast into my body. Then she let me drop to the ground where the charge finished giving me powers.

    "When I picked myself up from the ground, she then told me, "I just placed a curse on you, rabbit. You now have all the powers your hero has. But this is the curse... whenever you leave the United Kingdom, you will lose your voice and you will only gain it back when you are here at home. If you want me to lift this curse, you must find a way to pay me one billion pounds. Without stealing it. And earned here in the United Kingdom. Money earned elsewhere won't count. When you have the money, return to me and I'll lift your curse. But be warned... if I lift this curse, you will lose all of your powers. What is more important to you, rabbit boy? Your voice or your powers? You decide." And then she laughed and I was magically transported back to my alleyway cardboard box. I was now under a bad curse.

    "I first encountered the Justice Furries when Sargoat the Sorcerer lured them over to the United Kingdom all in a ruse to use Wonder Dog's bulletproof bracers as a part of a magical ceremony to summon a demon. Super Duper Crazy Cat was powerless against him because for some reason... his powers were weak against magic. I had been in the park that day searching for food. Even though I had powers, I didn't know how to use them. And then I ran into American Rabbit in his civilian identity. I recognized him on sight. He was none other than Rob Rabbit, the famed pianist.

    "The Justice Furries were in trouble and it seemed that only heroes who got their powers through magic were immune to Sargoat's magical powers. This happened shortly before most of the backup members left the team to go form their own team. Anyway, Rob Rabbit offered to teach me how to play the piano, but he had to save his friends first. And then he showed me who he really was. The American Rabbit. My heart was in my throat. I really wanted to help... and I told him what the witch had done to me. He had the Narrator borrow one of SDCC's costumes and then A.R. had me put it on. And once I was fully dressed... there I was... a hero like my hero. But a hero without a name. A.R. fortunately came through for me. He said that I should call myself Captain Kingdom since we were in the United Kingdom.

    "And then we launched our attack on Sargoat. American Rabbit would engage the sorcerer directly while I went in and freed the Justice Furries and got Wonder Dog's bracers back for him. I was about to get away with the bracers when Sargoat knocked A.R. away from him and he leaped at me chanting a spell toward me. And instantly, the old witch was there in between us and she knocked Sargoat backward faster than he had been coming at us.

    "On that day I learned her name. How I wish I hadn't. Wonder Dog recognized her on sight. He yelled, "It's Morgana Pendragon! The Druidic Witch of the Faery Realm!" Yes, Morgana Le Fay herself. The all powerful antagonist of the King Harthur Pendragon stories. And I owed my powers to her. Now I really knew how powerful that curse really was. All because I tried to steal food from her.

    "Sargoat and Morgana fought each other for quite a while after that. The rest of us vacated the small island, returning to the nearby park land in the United Kingdom. And that's when it happened: there came a magnificent explosion and the entire island just vanished in a puff of black demonic smoke. Both magic users were gone. That night, the Justice Furries and I attended one of Rob Rabbit's performances. And Morgana showed up in the seat just in front of me. She said, "You are my investment, Bucky. No other magic user is going to rob me of your existence. Just remember what we agreed upon." And then she was gone before the Justice Furries could question her.

    "After the performance when Rob was back with us, I came clean and told them what had happened between me and Morgana... and about the curse. Again... A.R. came to the rescue. He said that if he taught me to be a pianist like himself... I could perform for pay throughout the United Kingdom and once I paid off Morgana to get my voice back... if I really wanted my powers back, the Justice Furries could help me make a deal with MagiDragon or Zatarabbit to once again become Captain Kingdom.

    "Just after the Ernie Devlin trial in Toonmasters, I managed to make the final payment to Morgana and where I was about to go to assist others who had been as unfortunate as myself. That showed maturity, she said. She altered the spell on me so I could retain my voice as long as I cpontinued to be honest to her and I continued to assist the underprivileged such as I had been. She even permitted me to keep my powers. This means I can't ever lie to her or I lose everything. She can be a nice witch... or she can be your worst enemy. Since I wasn't going to be in the U.K. anymore, I chose to take on the name of Captain Symphony.

    "And now you know the whole story behind my secret origin. I had to learn Ear Lang from American Rabbit just to have a way to speak sign language formerly while mute outside of the United Kingdom. But since I had earned my powers and my freedom, I have unrestricted use of my voice although I still retain the Ear-Lang for private discussions. SDCC and American Rabbit are my heroes. I apologize to Fedora Croc for making him endure my muted Ear-Lang moments. I know he hates it."
    "The Secret Origin of Island Squirrel"
    The red squirrel stood up and faced the others with a smile. "As Marine Otter does know, my real name is Xena Kennison. But the rest he has never asked about therefore, all of you will be the first to hear about my Pacificat Ocean adventure.

    "I was originally from Honolulupine, Hawonkiki in the Polynesian Ring of Donkey Fire. My story begins just before a massive typhoon and tsunami caused havoc to the small seaside village I originated from. We had a seaside shrine where special Tiki idols represented spirits who governed over the land, the air, and the sea. During the day where it was my turn to check on the Tikis, an old rival of mine showed up and was in the process of messing up the order of the Tikis. I caught her in the act and I shouted at her. She fled with one of the Tikis, but the damage was done. The weather started turning nasty instantly. I chased her down and tackled her. After a brief fight, the Tiki got damaged and my rival up and fled laughing. I grabbed the Tiki and ran back to the shrine.

    "When I got there, there wasn't much time left. I quickly started trying to get the Tikis back into the correct order. But since the last Tiki, the one that controlled the sea, was damaged, it wouldn't sit properly in its holder. And then it happened. While I held the Tiki, a massive tsunami hit the shrine and the village..." She sighed as she remembered this part. "...wiping both off of the face of the island. Everyone died. And I would have died myself had it not been for the intervention of a very special someone.

    "While I lay unconscious on the floor of the ocean just under where the shrine had been, still clutching the damaged Tiki in one hand, Marine Otter and the local heroine, Mauna Loa, found me and took me back to the heroine's undersea dome headquarters near Lemuria. When I was revived, I learned that Marine Otter had been trying to stop the storm battering Hawonkiki without success. That's when I revealed the importance of the seaside shrine to my rescuers and what our duties over the centuries were in concerns over the weather. I told of my rival's evil deed and how I tried to set things straight. When I was well enough... both took me back to the seaside shrine, or what was left of it, and helped me to mend the damaged Tiki and get it set back into its proper position. The moment it went into place, the wind slowed, the waves calmed, and the storm began to subside.

    "Because I was the last of the Island Squirrel Shamans, Mauna Loa granted me full access to the powers that my ancestral forefather shamans had in centuries past and on that day, I became the new Island Squirrel. Mauna Loa arranged my ceremonial costume, not what I am wearing at the moment (this is for casual wear when not playing hero,) and we went out to help Marine Otter with clean up and rescuing people who were still in danger. When anyone asked who stopped the storm, both Marine Otter and Mauna Loa both said that I stopped the storm. The islands' newest superhero.

    "I still maintain the shrine once a month, but after that day, I set up a life guard station on a local beach and became the localized superhero for the people in a new age. Occasionally other heroes would come by and ask for my assistance. To name a few, I met Marine Otter on multiple occasions and sometimes he would have Sharklad with him; Mauna Loa; Commander Lemurian and Captain Atlantis, both; and Weather Bitch, a sexy sea dog pirate queen.

    "Although I can breathe underwater like Marine Otter for a few hours, like whales, I do have to surface to get some air, or else I risk drowning. My other powers include aquatic flying, which means I can only fly over bodies of water, so I don't use that one very often; Fire and Lava Powers, which I inherited through my Shaman ties; Water Manipulation, similar to what Sharklad can do, although I will always admit that he is far better at it than I am; and I have a Hover Surf Board which I can use to hang ten over both sea and land. I use it the most since my other flight power is so limited."
    "The Secret Origin of Discus Dragoon"
    "Throughout the athletic community, Ah am known as Rory Owain, one of the best discus throwers in all of Whales. However, it didn't start in that manner.

    "When Ah was 'atched, my parents gave me up to an orphanage after they found that Ah was a 'ermaphrodite. For people who don't know, that means Ah was born both a boy and a girl. Ah was a fast grower in my youth, and took up a great interest in athletics, more paticularly the track and field.

    "Ah was okay in most of the track and field, but Ah was great at using the discus, breaking school records left and right with my athletic skills. 'owever, when the tournaments came around, they were confused as to whether Ah should be classified in men or the women section. With my placement unable to determine, the school Ah was attending decided to refrain from using me in competition.

    "Ah admit that Ah was upset about it, but on the way back 'ome, Ah found that Ah was meant for more than being an unrecognized athlete.

    "The orphanage Ah called 'ome was set on fire by a weasel that 'ad grew up there just as Ah was living there. 'e wasn't a 'appy bloke judging by the crime 'e was committing.

    "Though my orphanage brothers and sisters were trapped in the burning building, Ah couldn't let the criminal, get away, so Ah grabbed a lid to a metal bin, and threw it as if Ah would a discus. and Ah nailed him on the back of 'is neck, knocking the bugger out cold, before Ah can rescue them.

    "Saving those kids gave me a lot of recognition throughout Whales, and even got the attention of a local super'ero that asked me if Ah wanted to become a super'ero myself.

    Discus Dragoon said, "Ah 'ave plenty of discus at my disposal, as well as a few trick ones and a few that are elemental. Otherwise, Ah'm just a draconic 'erm with decent strength and athletic prowess."
    "The Secret Origin of Dark Night"
    "My origin occurred just before Toonmasters West became Anime Masters. My real name is Ace Dangers and I am one of the foremost magicians in the world. My power is right up there with Zatarabbit and Magidragon, although they are far more famous than I am. American Rabbit and I both come from San Franciscolt. I was on top of my game and was about to score big on my opening night, pardon the pun. I had planned my magic show all year and I felt that nothing could ruin it for me. And then it happened...

    "Super Duper Crazy Cat and Tex Luthor had carried a fight of theirs from ASPCA City to Toonmasters West, a place where Theatrics were outlawed. Apparently Tex had said the entirely wrong thing to SDCC and the feline of steel was through playing Mr. Nice Cat. My magic show had just ended and the reporters were about to interview me in front of the theater making my dream come true when the super battle cut right through the scene before us. I shielded the reporters with one of my spells, but the damage was done. The moment a real superhero was on the scene... I was all but forgotten.

    "When the battle ended, the reporters all gathered around the crazy cat and they spoke with him. This infuriated me so much that I secretly swore revenge on a comedy hero stealing my hard earned fame. I slipped away so I could make my plans. You know the old stories; a superhero often creates new enemies out of people they would never mean to make enemies from. And I swore I'd get revenge on Super Duper Crazy Cat.

    "It took some careful investigation, but I learned that the Crazy Cats were susceptible to magical powers. Ironic that as powerful as they are, magic can take them out so easily. But rather than hit the crazy cat with a curse, I chose to upstage him. I designed my costume, magically created my powers, then the next time I heard that SDCC was doing something publicly, I would go there, magically make him weak, then I would fly in and finish his job for him. The first time I did that, it was against his enemy Bizebro. When I won the battle, I announced my hero name with a smile, then flew off without letting anyone interview me. Superhero style.

    "Of course the moment I was gone, SDCC's weakness subsided. And so it went for the next year and a half. Whenever I'd show up, the stupid cat would fall out of the sky as if he had been hit with Catniptonite. And the moment I left, he would get his powers back. Then the hero of the year awards came up. And it was the very thing I had been waiting for. If I won that trophy, it would upstage the crazy cat once and for all. But then the American Rabbit figured out that I was the cause for Super Duper Crazy Cat's sudden weaknesses. He threatened to arrest me if SDCC couldn't perform for the orphans that weekend. Needless to say... the mention of the underprivileged... got my heart. So I went to K-MEW and I gave Felicia Lane an exclusive interview with me, something every reporter in the city had been after.

    "And I finally told the truth and why I had been doing it. Revenge for the crazy cat upstaging my magic show debut in Toonmasters West. She was a little upset at first, but then BrainiEagle broke into the interview room and kidnapped Felicia Lane. He had even stunned me with his mental powers. I knew I couldn't handle him by myself... so I went and confronted SDCC. He started to get weak the moment I arrived, but I cancelled the spell and he got all his powers back. I then told him the truth. He then did something I never expected him to do: he apologized for stealing my glory back then. I felt so stupid after that. But then we teamed up with Zatarabbit and Magidragon and we went after BrainiEagle. That's when I learned just what being a hero was all about.

    "The hero of the year award went to... the American Rabbit. But at that point, I didn't care. Afterward, I dropped off the radar. It wasn't until Darkside found me and told me that I was needed for Symphony's new hero team that would be based in Cowlifurnia. When he told me who was to be leading it... I was very moved. Another underprivileged superhero. I vowed to help him no matter what. I love... I mean... I respect... Captain Symphony."
    "The Secret Origin of Fedora Croc"
    "I am known as Zander Lord. I'd rather not go into the details of my childhood, as I don't remember any of it whatsoever, aside from what my juvenile crime record in Floridolphin says about me.

    This croc hasn't had any friends aside from his own fists since I could even recall, and every time I got into some serious trouble, I have been locked up in juvie for many charges; theft, assault, battery... you name it. I've done it.

    After my final juvenile sentence was served, I got into a fight against a thug that called himself Fedora Mongoose. I beat the crap out of him for trying to pick a fight with me. It was only then I was noticed by the ringleader of the Fedora Villains himself, Fedora Cerberus. Though his three heads deliberated on what should be done with me, it was eventually agreed that I should be fashioned as a Fedora crook myself.

    Since joining the Fedora Villains, I've became notorious for the crimes I have done; especially for the crimes that my faction had done before I was brought into the circle. I was good at beating my victims to a pulp. It was only whne I was ordered to execute some little children that I froze up. The innocent and sad looks in their eyes stopped me from pulling the trigger. No matter how strong I was, and no matter how intimidating I could have been to those furred hatchlings, they stopped me right in my tracks. I could NEVER harm the hatchlings, even if my life depended on it. Then it pained me greatly to watch as one of my comrades ended their lives before they had truly begun.

    Though I've shown hesitation for the first time in my life, not even my track record since joining could save me from being punished by Fedora Ceberus, leaving me with a scar where he sliced through my left side in his attempt to kill me. No matter how many times I was beaten down to the ground, I couldn't die right their to sate his anger towards me. After a couple days, he decreed that I should be exiled, and if another Fedora villain sets their sights upon me, I was to be killed in a most painful manner.

    I haven't shown my muzzle in Jackalville since I was left outside of town. I was left homeless, dirty, and with nothing of value but my fedora I rescued from the Gulf of Mexicollie. My clothes were in tatters by the time I crossed the state border into Georgilla. I succumbed to my weakened state soon after; dehydrated, malnourished, and remorseful for the crimes I have committed. I thought of this as the creator's way of exacting justice for the many victims, especially the innocent children I was too afraid to save from getting holes punched out of them. I was going to die...

    I woke up in the Atmanta horspital... I don't know how long later... Most of my injuries and wounds were treated, yet I didn't know why a wanted criminal such as I would have his life saved, until I realized that I was handcuffed to the gurney. I was put under arrest with police guard at my door.

    Once I was extradited to Tallahorsiee, I was given a plea bargain. To give the real names of the Fedora Villains that were once my comrades, in return for protection from any retaliation, and eight years in a rehabilitation program, with most of the sentence in a half-way home. Accepting the deal eventually brought my ex-comrades to justice, but it also left me with the scars that can't be seen; the looks of fear on those innocent children before they died. It still haunts me to this day. And from that moment on, I swore to protect children from the crimes I once committed against others.

    After word got out about a croc knocking out villains of Floridolphin for crimes against the youth of Americat, I was offered a chance to become a hero of justice by Kangaroo Chief, which I initially refused because of my criminal past. I remembered him saying to me 'why couldn't you be a superhero if you already saved a lot of blokes from criminals, already?' That hit me like a ton of bricks that gigantic kangaroo could've dumped on me. Strings were pulled by the JFA to allow me to legally return to being Fedora Croc without the criminal ties. I was also sent to Briarwood for martial arts and Zen training under Sensei Gryff.

    A year or so later, with a new suit and tricks hidden within my hat, I was back as Fedora Croc to protect the young of Americat.

    Fedora Croc slumped back into his chair, and into his comfortable 'devil may care' position. "I was called into service in Toonmasters West after my exploits got national attention in right and wrong ways." He closed his eyes in disinterest. A moment later, Fedora Croc opened his eyes once again. "Don't tell me you also want to know my abilities aside from martial arts... Hmph! Fine. I'll give you one that is more noteworthy. I am a master of darts... and that is all."
    "The Secret Origin of KangaNet"
    The projection screen shows the inner digital workings of cyberspace, where KangaNet was feeling right at home with a digital couch made up of ones and zeros. As he lounged the couch started to take less of a digital form, and look like a real couch (from a toon's perspective).

    "G'day, mates. My name is 'ub Marsupial. Yas blokes and sheila know me as KangaNet. Yas wonder why Ah am in the inner world of the JSA computer network, and not outside with yas mates telling yas my origin. It's because Ah 'ad abilities like this all my life.

    "It started when Ah was born... in Zoostralia. Ah was born along with my twin brother on a stormy Zoostralian night. My father was an IT Professional, so 'e was working on a project that 'is boss wanted him to finish, despite mum 'aving us in the same room. Before Ah could be put into the safety of my mum's pouch, some strange lightning struck Dad's computer, and then struck me from the table the midwife 'ad me on for my first cleaning. Then there was a bright flash of light, and then Ah was stuck in Dad's computer."

    KangaNet sighed, as he looked away from the screen. "Dad 'ad 'is computer taken to a bunch of professionals in Americat under the banner of Starfish Labs, where they tested the integrity of the 'program.' the tests they ran were invasive. What they called 'testing my program's integrity' was a way of saying ''urting me for their cruel experiments.'

    "It was later when Ah was found by a cybernetic horned loner one night. My program was left on while the scientists called it a night. I saw the sad look in his muzzle. Ah asked 'im why would 'e 'ave such a long face? After a conversation, he revealed that 'e was also one of the company's experiments, and 'e didn't want to see another toon suffer for the name of science. The bloke plugged 'imself into the terminal, and gave me a means to escape the firewalls that locked me in, along with a few additions that 'elped me defend myself against any type of viruses.

    "Ah found myself quite useful at destroying viruses, especially when the firewalls were down. Like the time Ah got to the network of JSA HQ. There were a ton of Viruses that broke through the network's firewall. Ah found myself fighting them, until the firewall was brought back up. When the last virus was deleted by my additions, Ah found myself going screen-to-screen, seeing if someone there would notice."
    The white Rabbit known as Symphony smiled. "And now you have the JSA in your database. I must return to my underprivileged friends in Mystery Bay. Feel free to come see us if you need serious training in Anime Masters." And he went to the transporter and used it to return to the new JSA headquarters in Mystery Bay, Wazebraton state.

    Shticky Fox smiled. "I think the new JSA is going to be an important group of allies for the Titans to have as backup."


      Knowing that a kiss would be better to wake up a sleeping beauty like Deryk Roo, he respected the engagement as exclusive (not that it had stopped him and Seth before; especially Seth). Instead he brought out of his sleeve a little container of smelling salts he kept in case he was dozing off while working on the books, and brought it up under the muzzle of the toon boomer. The son of a true warrior teased gently in a silly lyrical tone. "Wake up sleeping boomer! It is real life, just not a fantasy..."

      Back at the JFA satellite, Seth suddenly sneezed twice! "Usually when Lexie sneezes like this, someone must've been thinking about him or cursing his name."

      Lunar Boomer arched his eye. "Is that an anime thing?"

      "It's a Japanese supersition; Lexie's maternal grandfather was a Japanese expatriate." Seth took a handkerchief to his muzzle. "One sneeze means you are being praised; two if someone is cursing your name, and three if you're about to fall in love or your lover is thinking about you."

      The Star-Spangled Wolf asked. "What does four mean?"

      Seth smiled mischievously. "You have a cold."

      Once those in the lab get a moment to look at the origins after they finish the procedure, they would see that KangaNet became a part of the JSA; there is so much research done to track him, that affiliation wasn't on record until now. So how is a semi-dismantled cyborg bovine to know when it doesn't come from the deep net level?


        The Pride Mom said, "Perhaps Deryk would like some Methylated Spirit applied to his sore spots and-"

        Deryk Roo was immediately up and hiding behind the American Rabbit. "NO!"

        Butch just laughed some more. "It is painful stuff, isn't it, Deryk, old buddy?"

        "NO! Ah mean, YES! But she's not putting any on me! Ah'd rather roll in mud first!"

        American Rabbit gently petted on Deryk Roo's shoulder. Yes, the news had been a shock to the gang kangaroo.

        Deryk Roo's parents approached their son and hugged him. "We's knew yas would get a chance to work with good folk someday, son. Yer gonna be great."

        Deryk Roo was still a little glassy eyed over his good fortune. Not only was he the new tournament champion but he was now going to be the leader of the new Justice Heroes in Los Angeleos. " own team..."

        Kamen Ryuu said, "It's okay, Deryk. Yas can count on the Titans Alliance for support while yas get yer team straightened out. Just remember: yas got to 'ave both joeys and sheilas or the team will fail."

        Deryk Roo nodded his muzzle. "Right, mate. Ah got to 'ave both."

        Kamen Ryuu grinned and giggled suddenly. "Once yas do get yer team together, there is a tradition Ah 'ope yas will perform that every 'ero team performs at least once. The famed bonding session; it always works."

        Deryk Roo smiled. "That sounds like it might be fun, mates."

        The American Rabbit said, "Might do all of us a world of good. For now, we need to get the team over to the Los Angeleos Hall of Justice; that's going to be your temporary headquarters until we can get your official base built. It's not too fancy, but its in public. We asked other potential heroes from around the world to congregate there if they wanted to join the new team, so you get the screen the newbies, Deryk Roo."

        Deryk Roo looked faint again, but he didn't fall over this time. "oh right. my own team..."

        Los Angeleos, Hall of Justice

        Deryk Roo had everyone helping to clean up the place. Presumably the rangers and such had other things to do; but if they stayed, they were put to work.

        Zale Kent Jr. was on hand with Tom Cat Tomorrow and Tex Luthor Jr. to get the computer systems online.

        MagiDragon escorted Seth down to join Lexington at the new build site. "Now that there is no fighting going on, mates... Ah can focus on ironing out yer powers and other issues if yas plan on joining any of the teams around 'ere. So if yas 'ave any nice ideas, lay them on me."


        Triple T Satellite

        Nightflight was back aboard with the others doing finish up work for getting everyone settled into their new quarters aboard the satellite. "Good to see that our team vision is really coming together. What's next on the agenda?"

        Cheetahna said, "Maggie and I were talking about costume upgrades since the ones we have have been the norm since the JFA back-up days. I know I am bad need of a new wardrobe. And since you have a new suit yourself, Richard, the rest of us should follow suit. Argo is already designing his new Arabian Arrow costume with Elroy's assistance."

        Hawk God said, "Atomic Squirrel and I just put the finishing touches on Cyberbull's upgrade. He will be needing a new costume to stay decent."

        Richard looked around toward those who were present. "If new costumes are desired, then that is what we need to work on. Are there any further comments on getting new suits?"


          Seth could see that Lexington had his head lowered, worried about the twins he felt he had abandoned because of the way they fared, especially since they were about to lose their lives at the claws of Sakar. The brawl with Drasgon's minions only served as a distraction. And now he was superbly worried. The Anime Dragon placed a webbed claw on his mate's shoulder. "Focus, Lexie. I know that look and I feel it too. Until the threat of Sakar is gone, we have to trust that Deryk can take care of the twins."

          Lexington wiped the tears flowing from his eyes with his forearm. "Right... right. Powers and other issues. Yes..." He then cleared his throat. "Without the Elemental Powers, which are now non-existent because Draconia still exists in Anime Masters, All Ah can rely on for now is my martial arts skills and my expertise with martial arts weapons, like katana, zanbatou, and even a tanto, as well as blunt weapons like a bo staff. Ah am almost as skilled with weapons as Zander is, although the meteor 'ammer and rope dart is something Ah need to work on."

          Seth said, "I never had an elemental power aside from the ones naturally granted to me as a Dragon. Water Elemental powers influenced by sea water, and though I hate to use it, my Dragon Fear Aura is effective. It got a whole bar in Dingoshire quiet if not pissing themselves. I am not proud of using that ability. I haven't seen if my Warrior transformation works this disconnected from our Earth yet. It's the only form that doesn't need a ranger morpher."

          "Come to think of it, my costume could use a little less restriction," said Sharklad. "It has been seeming tighter than skin-tight, though Marine Otter thought the full body wetsuit suited me."

          "Thinking about a special someone to impress, Sharklad?" teased Kitta.

          Sharklad shook his muzzle. "No. Being part-Atlantean makes me hate wearing too much clothes, Lemurians only wear something to cover their claspers."

          "What are claspers?" said SDCK. Star-Spangled Wolf cringed, then whispered in her ear what they were. Kitta blushed and said. "Forget I asked."

          Silver said, "All humor aside, this is my father's costume. If I need to set myself apart from his footsteps, I believe I should look different from him as well. However the Cosmos Staff stays the same."


            MagiDragon rubbed his chin with one claw and said, "Perhaps there is a way to get your blue flame back legally. If I were to escort you both over to Draconia, you could plead your case to the draconians and see if they would permit you to represent them here in Americat. Are you interested in this suggestion?"

            Kamen Ryuu swept the sidewalk outside of the Hall of Justice which would give him a chance to see who arrived.

            Dark Side was making sure the new headquarters' walls would survive a villain attack should one ever occur.

            Shticky Fox hugged Nightflight as he said, "I know you and the others will do good while Dark Side and I are off at the Creators meeting to discuss the Legion of Grooms' newest plot. Toonmaster must be furious if he is going to be addressing this issue at an official meeting. I will let you know how it goes."

            Nightflight smiled. "Thanks for lending your support to the Titans Alliance, Shticky. We couldn't have done this without your sexy fox fur."

            SDCC chuckled. "I'll make sure the Titans get my full support, Shticky. I supported the idea when Richard first told me his plans to run his own team. And later... Zale Kent will get the official interview with Nightflight for my newspaper and TV station. I am sure he doesn't want Felicia Lane drilling him for information. She is as sadistic as a local home town girl of the Power Ranger variety."

            Richard stepped over to SDCC and held him by his arms as he looked him in the eye. "Zon-El... I know you want to be our supporter, but your eye of attraction toward me is making me think that you are hard up for a bed partner. I never slept with Flittermouse and I am not sure I want the Catniptonian Express under my tail feathers."

            Zale sighed. "I'm sorry, Richard... I've been concerned over my comic book sales as of late... Irv told me that sales are dropping. The fans want to see a more mature side of the Crazy Cat. And as you know, I am not dating anyone. I am actually lonely... and I have always desired to have you as my sidekick or full partner. Flittermouse never seemed to care about you or anyone else for that matter."

            Now Richard felt dumb for even bringing up the concern now that he knew what was bothering the Crazy Cat from another world. So... he hugged SDCC tightly. "We will work something out, Zale. I was thinking it was something else, that's all."


              Stiffening up, Lexington said. "Looking as Ah am to the dragons of Draconia, they may believe Ah am nothing more than a one-bite snack."

              "Maybe that would be a good idea," said Seth with a word of encouragement.

              "Meatball..." Lexington warned. Starting to glow like an anime character powering up.

              "No, no..." Seth said noting the ki of his mate is getting stronger, "Both you and MagiDragon are right. We should go to Draconia, but you shouldn't go as we are. I'll be fine as I am since I am a dragon. Since you aren't one, you might want fix yourself up to present yourself as honorable to dragonkind."

              The ki settled to normal, Lexington let out an anime-style sigh. "Why didn't yas just say so, love?"

              "You like to jump to conclusions," Seth closed his eyes and said with a smile, "And sometimes I let you just to astound you when I add something that makes sense."

              Lexington playfully punched his mate in the shoulder. But instead of Seth wincing, Lexington was the one who was cringing in pain. "Dragon scales! Ouch! Bad idea to do that when yer a dragon." His hand was throbbing in comedic anime fashion.

              "What's so wrong with Felicia Lane being like that?" said SDCK skeptically. "On the second thought, she is competition in the for the Mewlitzer Awards." She hissed in thought of Felicia Lane lording over her with imaginary Kitta screaming symbols used for expletives.

              Sharklad popped the thought bubble before anyone could see a distasteful fantasy. "Sorry to burst your bubble, but we gotta get back on task."

              Lady Narrator said. "When Sharklad popped the bubble, Kitta was thinking about her darkest never-acted-upon fantasy of..."

              Kitta said, "They don't need to know of what fates I imagine for my journalistic rival!" She then popped a mint in her mouth."


                SDCC said, "She would demand to know all of the secrets the new Triple T Satellite had. She tried to do something similar when we opened the JFA Satellite. She said it was for the fans. But we didn't want every villain around to know our secrets."

                Nightflight said, "I think you have a good point there, Zale. I remember how that interview went. The JFA had the interview on top of the news building and she wanted to know why the interview wasn't taking place on the satellite itself."

                Cheetahna smiled. "Flittermouse told Felicia to shut up."

                Redbreast II said, "Sounds like I missed out on some rather dumb things. I only hope to be as good as Richard."

                MagiDragon smiled. "Let's get yas joeys cleaned up and into some decent visitation clothes. Any particular fashions the two of yas want to get settled into?"


                  Kitta said, "Such a vile toon, that Felicia Lane. Pushes for information. A good journalist should be able to get the information to come to her. Not be a pushy bi-"

                  "You might want to take another mint, SDCK," said the Silver thoughtfully, notices she calms down slightly after popping a mint in her mouth.

                  And she crunched her second mint. "Someone help me take my mind off that insidious disgrace to the written journalism ethics, please."

                  Lexington said after rubbing his chin, "Maybe something that would make me look like a modern Riderman, without the grass'opper theme." He shuddered, as he recalled a kid putting a grasshopper down the back of his shirt in kindergarten. "Every Lonewolf has an irrational fear of an insect. It's rare that a Lonewolf has a fear of the same insect. Extremely rare that they don't fear bugs at all. Grass'oppers are the worst." He shuddered at the memory again.

                  Seth said, "If you are going to go that route, you might not want to make yourself look like a dragon unless you can prove you can honor their name."

                  "Then maybe following my family name might 'elp," the anime ginger said thoughtfully.


                    Star Buck, Storm and Aspiring Light sat off to the side discussing their version of the Titans... The Titanic Marvels. Guardian Shadow and Arabian Arrow were sitting close to their group since they seemed more into the serious side than the rest of the toons aboard the satellite.

                    Billy Moosden was spending some time with his fan, Freddy Elkton, and assisting the youth with his school work. The Wisdom of Solomonkey really came in handy when it came to school subjects.

                    Ernie Devlin and Ricky Descoonis chatted about hero/sidekick things while designing a new uniform for Ricky's usage.

                    Cosmic Wizardess came in and served Kitta a fresh cup of toon coffee. "Got a fresh batch ready, Kitta. Galatea is making more cookies. The Wonderoo specialty. Elroy sure loves those cookies."

                    Quicky said, "I would rather have a cookie addiction than a drug addiction. The cookies are tastier, too."

                    MagiDragon then consulted Butch, the leader of the L.A. Lions. "Do yas know a shop in L.A. that caters to oriental formal wear, mate? The boys 'ere need to impress some 'igh class dragons in Draconia."

                    Butch said, "Since you said Oriental instead of Rad, there is only one place that caters to that style. And that is the Ookami's Blade; It's a clothing store that the Lone Wolves gang do their shopping at since the shop is in their district. The only Lone Wolf gang member that we are familiar with is Nirvana since he attends the same school as the rest of us do. As long as you don't cause any fights in the pack home, then anyone can shop there. They are as defensive as we are in regards to the pride zone. And anything we cannot finish, the Pride Mom will use that Mentholated Spirit of hers to put so-called brave people in their place." He then gave MagiDragon directions to the Ookami's Blade clothing store, before returning to help clean up the Hall of Justice.

                    MagiDragon looked to Lexington and Seth. "Shall we go shopping, boys?"


                      Taking a sip of the new batch of Toon Coffee, and she lifted up several feet in the air with her feet fluttering like butterfly wings. "Some the best brew from the finest beans! Fresh as a Kangadorian Sunrise with colors only Catniptonians can see!"

                      Lunar Boomer and Jake Smythe were talking to each other. Never has he met a hybrid between a wallaby and a roo (wallaroo), and was curious about the meaning of 'exchange student' as the wallaroo came from Perch, Zoostralia. There are still things about the day-living toons this tribal were-roo has yet to understand.

                      The Star-Spangled Wolf was a good supporter of Quicky. He looks like he was starting to think of him like a kid brother of sorts. "Looks like you have a firm path to recovery, Quicky."

                      Lexington said, "As long as we can exchange the rest of our currency on 'and to American Dollars. With our money being Aus-er... Zoostralian, rather, we can make sure to pay for some things."

                      Seth said, "I have about fifty left after leaving a C-Note for the damages caused by the brawl at the Dingoshire Brawl; You didn't bring your wallet." He winked.

                      Lexington pulled down the off-hand sleeve of his gi as if he was a samurai, and revealed a strap on his arm holding a couple hundred now-Zoostralian Dollars. "Ah always 'ave a rainy day fund on me, and Ah say it's pourin'."

                      Seth had an anime sweatdrop. "Here to think we nearly wasted all our resources on making a home down under."

                      "Yas never know when it the shit is going to 'it the fan," said Lexington as he remembered the Professor helping to secret him away to the Exchange while Seth was looking at the touristy stuff to convert his rainy day cash from United States tender to Australian Dollars.

                      Seth hugged his mate. "Don't ever let me call you devious and sneaky again, Lexie."
                      End of TTR-02 Holodeck of Origins

                      Stay tuned for TTR-03 Switching Sides