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TTR-02 Holodeck of Origins

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    TTR-02 Holodeck of Origins

    Toon Titans - Revision

    Episode Two: Holodeck of Origins
    By Lord Pouchlaw (Darrel Vanwinkle) and Devvy-boy (Lexington Lonewolf)
    January 8th, 2019
    Join the crazy adventures of the teen aged furred toons of ASPCA City and Gag'em City as they have junior hero missions with a smile around every bend. And watch out for the narrators, zany criminals and that crazy theatrics bell, too! This round robin adventure is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.

    Pouchlaw's Titans:
    Richard Grayson, Redbreast/Nightflight - American robin
    Veronica Carmichael, Cheetahna/Feline Flash - African black cheetah
    Ernie Devlin, Kamen Ryuu/Ryurider - Australian dragon
    Billy Moosden, Captain Moose/Cmdr Quebuck - Canadian moose
    Argo Malverne, Sahara Hunter/Arabian Arrow - Arabian stallion
    Maggie Donnelly, Cosmic Wizardess/Cosmica - Futuristic white bunny
    Kamal Akmad, Guardian Shadow - Anubian jackal
    Galatea Stavros, Wonderoo - Amazon albino kangaroo
    Quicky (Elroy Harper), an English fox
    Falcon Girl (Rhianna Farley), an Egyptian falcon
    Redbreast II (Jason Todd), an American fox-gargoyle
    Toon Tornaduck (???), a European Anasian green mallard

    Tanurider (Ricky Descoonis), an American raccoon
    Captain Quebuck, Jr. (Freddy Elkton), a Canadian elk
    Artema (Paula Roeley), a white tailed deer

    Max Kerry, Quizzler/Labyrat - White lab rat
    Party Hare (Harvis "Harvey" Tetch), an English hare

    Star Buck (James Buchanan "Buckhart" Barnes) - a Furniverse reindeer

    Devvy-boy's Titans:
    Victor Bullder, CyberBull - African-American bionic bull
    Kitta Kent, Super Duper Crazy Kitty - Orange Catniptonian tabby cat
    Fairfin IV/"Garth", Sharklad - Great White Selachiian (humanoid shark)
    Silver Pemberton, Jr., The Star-Spangled Wolf - Silver wolf

    Virginia Olivia "Virgie" Hawk, Static Hawk - Peregrine falcon
    Slippery Otter (Elliot Cannonrider), a naughty Sea Otter
    Lunar Boomer (Joseph Strife), a moody Australian Outback Were-Kangaroo

    Tempest Roo (Jake Smythe), blue-furred wallaroo

    Guest Starring: Justice Furries of Americat:
    Super Duper Crazy Cat (Zale Kent), an orange tabby cat
    American Rabbit (Robert "Rob" Rabbit), a white rabbit
    Wonder Dog (Bruce Prince), a grey/silver mutt
    Marine Otter (Arthur Atlantis), a brown sea otter
    Donkey Guardian (Harold Jefferson), a brown/grey/white donkey
    Atomic Squirrel (Dr. Scott Hayley), a red squirrel
    Hawk God (Prof. Tony Farley), a grey/black hawk
    Reindeer Lightning (Quintin Black), a black reindeer
    Zatarabbit (Harrison Zatana), a white rabbit w/red star on forehead
    Gay Dragon/MagiDragon (Peter Hancock-Devlin), a pink/pastel dragon
    Scarlet Courtesan (Godyva Escamillo), a red/orange vixen
    Outback Jack/Kangaroo Chief, (Jack Roodolph Jr.), an Australian Kangaroo
    Dr. Unicorn, (Lucius Unicorn), a mystical unicorn
    Seer of the Unknown, (Muddy Hawg), an African Warthog (RETIRED)

    HAJI Allies:
    "Wanda", female human of the Hendricks and Johnson Universe
    "Marcus", male human of the Hendricks and Johnson Universe

    Other Allies:
    Shticky Fox, an English fox, a Creator
    Dark Side, a red skinned fallen angel, a Creator

    Various Members of the Legion of Groom; Do they work together? HELL NO!

    R&R on the Holodeck

    Nightflight/Richard had the Holodeck programmed to look and feel like a camping grounds that he was familiar with outside of ASPCA City. Shticky Fox and Dark Side sat in chairs on either side of the door leading back into the rest of the satellite headquarters.

    The rest of the team were required to join him in the Holodeck for a special bonding session meeting. Richard had spoken to Shticky Fox in private earlier so the American Robin now knew Argo's dread secret and he felt sorry for his friend.

    Cheetahna/Veronica said, "Imagine having our own campgrounds aboard the satellite any time we want on our own Holodeck. Absolute privacy from nosy civilians and criminals."

    Cosmic Wizardess/Maggie stood near the lake waters in a futuristic 25th century style one-piece swimsuit in a picturesque pose. "I haven't gotten to wear this in a while. I am glad it still fits. Well, I better get the toon coffee brewing at the campsite camp fire." And she headed over to do that.

    Kamen Ryuu/Ernie and Star Buck/James were out on the water on Water Cruiser cycles. "Yas are good at this, James!" to which the answer was "Americat makes sure I get in my practice just in case."

    Billy, Sahara/Argo, Guardian Shadow/Kamal and Wonderoo/Galatea sat near the cot containing Quicky/Elroy who was still recovering from his drug rehab.

    Falcon Girl/Rhianna soon entered with the New Redbreast/Jason as she brought him over to Richard. "Your cranky ex-partner did it again, Richard. She went and hired Jason here to play the new Redbreast."

    Richard replied, "Oh boy... I feel sorry for you, Jason. Flittermouse is pain to work with.

    Jason replied, "Don't I know that... the first night in the Flitter Cave, she drilled the rules of the relationship into me until I could repeat everything she had said to me... of course, I did so with my own flourish and she nearly had a coronary. And when she threatened me with if I chose to work solo, I could not wear the costume because she had it copyrighted to herself, I countered with that my species of Gargoyle performs better in the nude than in some silly pompous costume anyway. In as few words as possible she threw me out of the Flitter Cave."

    Richard laughed. "You have balls to go toe to toe with Flittermouse; I was always afraid to do that."

    Since the water was simulated, Sharklad/Garth knew he was on limited time before he started thrashing. But that didn't stop him from swimming and breaching every now and then to do some old exercises he did after he was tamed by Marine Otter. in some he was doing an airborne corkscrew before landing in the water.

    The Star Spangled Wolf/Silver was inspecting and cleaning the Cosmos Staff, making sure it gleamed like the well-lit big cities of Americat in the simulated distances, while CyberBull/Victor was working on the operations of the satellite on a tablet remotely connected to the terminals in the Lab.

    Super Duper Crazy Kitty/Kitta Kent, was lighting the campfire with her crazy hot beam eyes, as she read over her notes for a farewell article her public identity needed to turn in, considering she was planning to devote herself full time to the Titans until they manage to have enough members. The last daughter of Catnipton wore a swimsuit she would wear in her public identity... very modest compared to the two-piece bikini she originally wanted to wear (which Lady Narrator noted to her, she would be in deep danger of 'spilling out'). "The fire is good and ready now, Bunny!" She heard rumors of a dimunitive nickname for Cosmic Wizardess, but seeing as they just met, she wouldn't use it unless Maggie got cranky at her. And her threshold for tolerance for cranky people is set at medium, especially with having clashed with Flittermouse on one or two occasions.



      Maggie began brewing the toon coffee which would go good with Galatea's cookies that she had baked earlier.

      Elroy stirred in his recovery bunk as nervously muttered, "I smell cookies. May I have one."

      Galatea handed Elroy a cookie saying, "Eat it slowly, Quicky. You are still recovering. Wonder Dog and I saved you from the drugs that American Sparrow was forcing you to take. Wonder Dog's doctors determined that you didn't really need those fake meds you were taking. You are among friends now."

      Argo remained quiet himself since he was nervous about this whole group bonding session that Richard had asked everyone to attend.

      Shticky Fox then approached Richard and whispered something to him. Richard then stepped over into the open and using a wireless mic, he said, "My friends! To make our team stronger together than we would be apart, I have gathered us together for this bonding session so we could reveal our origins to each other! Shticky has already informed me of a few of you who may be afraid to speak on your own behalves, so he is offering to tell your stories for you! As for the rest, one at a time, step into the open and freely tell your stories! I will go first... and yes; the JFA did this very same thing way back when they first brought their team together! And they are a stronger team for it!"

      Richard then said, "This is..."

      "The Secret Origin of Nightflight"

      "My real is Richard Grayson and I was once a member of a traveling circuses troupe of acrobats known as the Flying Graysons. We didn't actually fly, but we had learned the trick of gliding in mid air between the trapezes so it looked as if we were flying during our staged shows. My father was the professional in the troupe and it was he who trained me in everything that I knew about 'flying'.

      "There was a crooked strongman who was embezzling money from the circus and my father privately confronted him and told him that if he didn't change his ways, that he was going to contact the authorities. The strongman sabotaged the trapeze and when my family went to perform on it, the trapeze broke and they all fell to their deaths.

      "That was when Flittermouse showed up at the circus. She had seen what the strongman had done, but during a fight with the strongman, he managed to give her the slip when he distracted her into looking toward my doomed family. Flittermouse changed back into her other identity and came to me afterward and comforted me. A few days later, when she heard me vow that I would bring the criminal to justice, she adopted me and revealed to me that she was indeed Flittermouse and it was through her, and her training, that I became her sidekick, Redbreast the Robin Wonder.

      "It took several adventures before we caught up with the strongman but he was finally caught and I revisited my family's grave site and told them that it was over. But my adventures as Redbreast had just begun. I was soon embroiled in several messes involving Scatwoman, who wanted to eat me; the Quizzler, who befriended me once out of loneliness; the Humanguin, a penguin with hideous human traits who simply wanted to torture and kill wealthy industrialists, like Flittermouse's secret identity; and the Jackler, who tried to use me as bait so he could kill Flittermouse.

      "When the JFA invited Flittermouse to join their ranks, she brought me along with her, explaining to them that where she got permission to go, I got permission to go. Or they could do without her. She was on another one of her periods that day and it was I who smoothed things out with the JFA members. You could say... that I saved face for Flittermouse during her induction into the JFA.

      "During an adventure in the shrunken city of Kangador, I met up with a Captonian Kangaroo who called himself Noc-El and he wore a black, blue, and silver costume much like a superhero would wear. He even wore an eye mask. I was so impressed by Noc-El that I asked him what his hero name was and he said that he sometimes called himself Nightflight. Years later, it would be in his honor that I would revive the hero that once was.

      "Kangador has since been destroyed but the costume was preserved by Super Duper Crazy Cat in his Litter Box of Solitude.

      "When Outback Jack and Gay Dragon both got promoted out of the backup membership of the JFA, while the rest of us did not, it was at that time that Cheetahna, Captain Moose, and I jointly decided that it was time for us to move on to greener pastures. Flittermouse and I had a very heated argument on the day I moved out of the Flitter Cave officially, but upon reflection, I thought and still think that it was for the best. She made me strip nearly naked before my departure from the Flitter Cave. I suppose she thought my modesty would prevent me from walking out. But I left anyway. I knew I couldn't call myself Redbreast anymore since she owned the copyright on the hero name, like the prick-bitch she is; so I got the idea to revive Nightflight. Argo provided me with a trench coat and afterward, I contacted Super Duper Crazy Cat and told him my plan to revive Nightflight into circulation here in Toonmasters. He liked the idea so much that he personally brought me the costume and all of the gear that went with it. Then, Kitta arrived to get some advice from her cousin and the rest is history as the new Triple T Satellite was brought together.

      "I officially became Nightflight from then on. And that, my friends, is how I got my start."

      Richard looked to his friends as he held out the wireless mic. "Who would like to go next?"

      Billy stood up and said, "That doesn't look so hard, eh? I'll go next." And he walked over and stood on the stage, before turning to face his friends.

      "The Secret Origin of Commander Quebuck"

      "Although I was originally going to join your team as Captain Moose, when my stupid mentor got word that I was no longer going to be a back-up member in the JFA, he called me last night and removed my granted powers as he imbued an all-new Captain Moose. But I will get to that in a moment.

      "My real name is Billy Moosden and I am from Quebuck in Canaduck. For a long time, originally, I was a TV station junior reporter for QWAM-TV, the youngest one that my station allowed. I was exemplary in my ability to handle reporting the news without getting embarrassed in front of the cameras.

      "One day, an old goat wizard appeared to me and told me that he was needing a champion to continue his battles against the forces of evil. At first, I wasn't interested in helping him. I thought he was another kook. When you work for a TV station, you see kooks like this all the time. But he quickly showed me that he wasn't a kook. He told me that by my speaking his name, I would be imbued by the best qualities from heroes and gods from ancient times.

      "I was going to receive the abilities and powers of the wisdom of Solomonkey, the strength of Herculion, the stamina of Atlaseal, the compassion of Zeubrus, the invulnerability of Achillephant, and the speed of Mercurabbit. The first letter of their names, in order, spelled out the wizard's name and when I spoke that name, I would be changed from from my normal identity into... Captain Moose.

      "As I said at the beginning, when the old goat learned that I was about to join a real team, he took away my powers. I then contacted Ernie's father, MagiDragon, and together, we crafted all new powers and a new costume for my heroic identity while still drawing on the same ancient powers that I respected originally. And now, I will demonstrate...

      "Elder Powers! Ignite!" The surroundings around Billy became that of the arena where the famous elders held court to give out their advice. Solomonkey shouted, "Wisdom!"; Herculion shouted, "Strength!"; Atlaseal shouted, "Stamina!"; Zeubrus shouted, "Compassion!"; Achillephant shouted, "Invulnerability!"; and Mercurabbit shouted, "Speed!" With each shout, a flash of power wrapped around young Billy's body until all six powers had enveloped him and he transformed into the adult champion of Canaduck... Cmdr Quebuck! The surroundings returned to normal as the view centered on his face and muzzle as the scene slowly pulled back to reveal the good commander in his radiant glory. "Guess who's back, eh hosers?"

      Billy then handed the wireless mic back to Richard before returning to his seat. "I am glad you all accepted me as a full member of your newly forming team, eh?" He winked with a smile.

      Richard smiled back. "And it was well told, too. Who would like to be next?"


        Kitta grinned as she flew over and landed on the stone stage. "Now its time for me to get into the spotlight. Here I go!"

        Lady Narrator says, "Kitta stepped into the spotlight, looking to the others with that weird smile on her face, showing the family resemblance between her and her cousin, Zale Kent."

        The tabby cat looked up into the sky. "Would you please zip it while I tell the story?"

        Lady Narrator says, "But I work for you, Kitta."

        "The Secret Origin of Super Duper Crazy Kitty"

        "My real name is Kitta Rox-El, chronologically the older cousin of Zon-El, though being stuck in a stasis pod kept me very youthful over time. Though naming conventions force me to use my father's name as a surname until mating, I adopted Zon-El's human family name on Earth to be called Kitta Kent. I am his older cousin, but because of the meteor shower, my stasis pod didn't open when it crashed on Earth, and I was stuck in there without a release until after Black Cat Thursday, when I started my search for the Catniptonian baby that was Zon-El.

        "At that time, I didn't know that my Stasis Pod malfunctioned, and for years, Zon-El grew up into a man who called himself Zale Kent, and was working for K-MEWS. After a while of seeing my cousin uphold justice as Super Duper Crazy Cat, I worked on sewing up my take on the suit, and I became Super Duper Crazy Kitty, being helpful... or a pain... who cares about the difference.

        "I was lied to by my father about his intentions, and I lost my memory once, and found myself working on the other side of the United Species of Americat. Now I just work as a news magazine reporter in Natural City, and currently suffering from writer's block when I called Zon-El for help, and here we are. Thanks for asking!"
        Kitta rushes down, and sits next between Nightflight and Commander Quebuck in the blink of an eye. "My powers under the yellow sun are the same as SDCC's, but I have a better handling at flying than he does."

        Sharklad grinned. "Yet you seem to make bigger craters than he does."

        Kitta grinned, "Yes, but I know how to make an impact." she winked.


          Buckhart stood up and went forward to give his account.

          "The Secret Origin of Star Buck"

          "I, James Buchanan "Buckhart" Barnes, was born in Shellbyville, Indiantelope in 1925. I grew up as an Army brat after I was orphaned when my father was killed in training at U.S. Army Camp Lehorse in Virgennia just before the United States' entry into World War II. As a result, I was unofficially adopted by the camp as a mascot. Given the nickname of "Buckhart", I took to wearing a uniform and becoming savvy with the ins and outs of military life, even though I was a teenager. It was at Lehorse that I met and befriended Private Malcolm Rogers, who by all appearances was the clumsiest soldier in the camp. This was at the same time that reports of the then-mysterious Captain Americat begin to appear in news magazines, and I eagerly devoured the accounts of this new hero.

          "In 1940, I accidentally walked in on Malcolm Rogers changing into his uniform, thus discovering that my friend was actually Captain Americat and insisted that I join him. I underwent extensive training and was assigned to be Captain Americat's partner. The military justified putting a 15-year-old in harm's way by using me as a symbol to rally the youth of America. We fought Blood Skull together, and Captain Americat accepted me as his partner. Together, we fought Nazis both at home and abroad, as a duo and as part of the superhero team known as the Finvaders, fighting Master Monster in our first mission. I also teamed up with the sidekicks of other heroes in a group called the Young Alleycats. Additionally, I was the organizer of the flashback World War II super-team the Liberty Legion. I was also briefly one of the Kit Commandoes at this time. I often served as an advance scout for Captain Americat and the Finvaders, often being assigned tasks that none of the heroes could be seen doing.

          "In the closing days of World War II in 1945, Captain Americat and I tried to stop the villainous Baron Zebro from destroying an experimental drone plane. Zebro launched the plane with an armed explosive device on it, with the two of us in hot pursuit. We reached the plane just before it took off. I unsuccessfully tried to defuse the bomb, and it exploded in mid-air before reaching its intended target.

          "That should have been the end of me when the explosive detonated, but fate had other designs for me when the explosion threw me off of the Furniverse planet where I drifted in space temporarily until Donkey Guardian found me and took me to a galactic hospital where I was nursed back to health. Upon release with temporary amnesia, I was enrolled in the Galacticat Patrol as a Patrol Officer nicknamed as Star Buck. During a fight against Space Py-ratts, I was shot in the head and all of my old memories returned; my original training coupled with my new training, along with powers gained when my body absorbed cosmicat radiation from floating in space, I defeated the Py-Ratts and after turning them in to the law, I requested permission to return to the Furniverse world.

          "Upon arriving, I chanced upon my old partner revived from being frozen in ice after the war, and I assisted in him in defeating the return of the Blood Skull. Then Americat got word that Richard was forming a multi-world superhero team of young people and he suggested that I join the new team as it could mean new partners in crime fighting. And that is how I came to join you aboard the Triple T Satellite."
          Buckhart then returned to his seat and said, "As a non-powered adventurer, I had army training and excellent fighting skills; after my cosmic experience in Galacticat Patrol, I gained flight, near invulnerabilty, and a powered ray blast from my fists when I focus my power at a target. I am also trained in world war weaponry as well as space weaponry. I also trained in lab repairs for machinery and weapons. I am nowhere near Cyberbull's level of technology, but I do pretty well, I guess."

          Cheetahna stood up next. "I'll bite. My past is actually fun." And she walked over and stood on the stage, before turning to face her friends.

          "The Secret Origin of Cheetahna"

          "My real name is Veronica Carmichael and I am from Centaur City in Kornsas. I am the daughter to the Golden Age Terrificat Tornado and the Golden Age Feline Frost. A hero and a villain. They say that opposites attract and this was no different.

          "My father was the hero; the fastest cat alive... and my mother was the villain; the diamond stealing ice queen. When they married and finally settled down in Kornsas, I guess they thought their adventuring days were behind them.

          "And then I was born with a portion of both of their powers. I could freeze people at a glance and I was so fast that my clothing would burn off of my body when I ran. The comments were almost always, 'The nekkid streak is at it again!' My parents had to make me special clothes that allowed me to be in public in a decent manner.

          "My first encounter with the JFA was when they came to ask my father to suit up one more time to fight a villain who had called himself the name that one of my father's arch foes had been named and even had the same powers. But my father told them to go away. He was retired and too old to put on a costume and speed around like a tornado. When I heard that he wasn't going to do it, I stole dad's costume, using skills mom taught me, put it on, then went outside and offered to help the JFA catch this criminal, as a trial outing only. If I did badly, then they could send me home.

          "But I did surprisingly well, actually, and we brought the son of the original to justice. The JFA offered me backup membership in the JFA and gave me a JFA satellite pass key so I could go there whenever I liked. When my father heard what I had done, he decided it was time for me to make my way in the world, but he insisted that I get my own costume. Something unique to me. And so, Cheetahna was born.
          Cheetahna then walked back to her original seat, even as Cosmic Wizardess was taking her place next. "And now we get to be bored to death by Ms. Mind-Reader, herself."

          Cosmic Wizardess exclaimed, "It might not be so boring, Complainer Woman. Besides, you're the only one I like to see lose their temper." And she stepped up on the stage, and turned to face the others.

          "The Secret Origin of Cosmic Wizardess"

          "My real name is Maggie Donnelly and I am from the 25th century. Where I grew up, all rabbits were required to study the mystical and magical arts, no matter what field of expertise. But because of my high degree of raw untapped expertise in all of the fields, and because no one knew who my parents were, I excelled at every field. I was even called a jinx for a while because no one could beat my power level.

          "One day, a villain called Chrono-Ripper hit the magic school and stole the dean's artifact known as the Fade Eraser. Then he leaped through a time portal into the past, your present day time. I quickly followed him with a colleague and a teacher.

          "When we arrived here in your time, the time portal closed behind us and that was when we realized that there was a time difference of an hour or more between the few seconds we had been behind the villain. And then, we were stranded here in your time.

          "We settled in a secret valley near Mount ASPCA and I volunteered to go out into the world and try to find this time thief. To date, I haven't found him yet. But during my search, I did have encounters with each and every one of you. To which I was grateful to meet such good folk. And though Cheetahna and I argue a lot, where I am from, losing your temper against someone is a compliment, regardless of what you say in the heat of the moment.
          Cosmic Wizardess then stepped down and walked back over to where she had been originally. "My powers include: Cosmic Awareness a la oracle, Supernatural Spells a la wizard, Psionic Abilities a la psychic, and Miraculous Powers a la priest. And as Kitta learned yesterday, I can make a mean cup of Toon Coffee."


            "The Secret Origin of Sharklad"
            "I never knew my real name, though following Lemurian naming conventions, Marine Otter dubbed me Fairfin IV. However when he brought me to the surface world, he gave me the name of Garth to make it easier for others to associate with me. I am the child of a Lemurian father and an Atlantean mother. In Toonmasters, Atlantis is ruled by otters, and Lemuria is the domain of sharks, despite the name making it sound like an Island of Lemurs. A misnomer perpetrated by the ancestors of old.

            "I was born in an Atlantean colony, and from what was discovered, my mother died during childbirth. I am a child of both lands, yet none accepted me, mainly because of the odd color of my eyes. I was exiled when Atlantis and Lemuria both rejected responsibility and left to fend for myself, and was found by Marine Otter. Because I fended for myself for years, I was a wild toon, distrustful of anyone and needed lessons to learn how to talk in Atlantean and this land-based tongue. It was in noticing my abilities to augment water and make ice that he decided to bring me above water. It took months for him to tame me, especially when my unique respiration system wouldn't allow me to breathe above water for more than an hour at a time. I was taught how to move and walk on land by Island Squirrel, teaching my muscles so used to swimming to get used to the pressure of the air, which is more of a challenge than swimming in the water. Once I mastered the language of the land, Marine Otter made me a part of his aquatic shows on land, while training me to be a sidekick, as his original sidekick Slippery Otter had proven to be a little too lazy and more interested in keeping his mind in the gutter than participating in heroics.

            So long as I can stay calm, I can breathe the air for about an hour before needing the gill stimulator to aid my breathing; even less time if I get excited, as my mentors can attest to. Though I look more like a Lemurian Shark, I honor the lifestyle of the Atlantean. When in civvies, I don't wear any trappings to cover my chest; only females cover their chest.
            Garth's violet eyes glowed as several water pillars formed in the lake, and froze in place, looking like Nightflight, Kamen Ryuu and Commander Quebuck. "I can use hydrokinesis and cryokinesis pretty easily, using water and ice in offensive and defensive purposes." He stepped down, and placed the gill stimulator over his gills and took a deep breath. "I hope I can be a good help to the team, and I am happy to be accepted among you guys... and Super Duper Crazy Kitty." He winked.

            Kitta glared playfully. "You still look like a fish course for twenty." she winked. "I wanna hear SteerBot next."

            CyberBull let out a small rush of steam from his nostrils, and this time, it was voluntary. "No... I don't want to subject all of you to what I had to face."

            Kitta glared at CyberBull. "Come on, we all had to do our secret origins. Don't make me swing a fish at your muzzle!" She almost was ready to grab Sharklad if push comes to shove.

            Garth stood up. "Kitta, enough with the fish jokes already." He then looked to CyberBull. "I know you don't want to, CyberBull, but almost all of us were hesitant. It's okay. We won't judge." At that point, he was glaring at Kitta.

            CyberBull glared with his right eye. "The answer is still 'no,' you two. I don't want to victimize all of you with what happened in my past."

            "Alright..." said Silver. "To buy the hesitant ones some time, I'll be the next one."

            "The Secret Origin of the Star-Spangled Wolf"
            "My real name is Silver Pemberton, Jr., and I am the son of the Golden Age Star-Spangled Wolf. From when I was a pup, I always admired the Star-Spangled Wolf for his patriotic duty to the United Species of Americat, and setting the greatest example to the children of Wazebraton, District of Columbiass. Being one of the Star-Spangled Wolf's most devoted admirer, I was too naive to figure out that my father, disillusioned by the current American economy, used to be the hero I practically prostrated to.

            "Like most of the kids (and grand kids) of politicians in Wazebraton, DC, I attended one of the best private high schools in the East Coast. Yes, that meant I wore a school uniform, and forced to speak Latin. I was walking my girlfriend home after school, when I was shoved aside by a toon wearing a mask, and he took her. I couldn't forgive myself for letting her get captured like that, and even more so when news came to me that she was found murdered. I sought refuge in my room, losing faith in the criminal justice system that let her killer out of prison. I slammed my fist into a part of the wall in frustration. Instead of my fist going through the wall, my bookcase spun around to reveal the costume of the Star-Spangled Wolf, and his mighty Cosmos Staff. I didn't know why it was there, and how it got there, but I grasped the Cosmos Staff, feeling such power in a staff made of unknown metals.

            "I had decent martial arts experiences, and I started to be a vigilante. I was considered a joke by the criminals, because of how I couldn't fill out my predecessor's costume. I was pretty lithe compared to my father when he was in his prime. However, hiding the fact I knew about the costume wasn't going to last, as father found out on the news about my start as the Star-Spangled Wolf. He was upset that I found his costume, but seeing that I had the faith that I could boost the morale of the United Species, he modified the costume so it wouldn't be so loose on me, but I still looked like a twink in it. 'Maybe you'll grow into the suit in time,' my father said. I think that was an excuse for his lack of decent tailoring skills.

            "It wasn't long before Father talked to his connections with the other Golden Age Superfurries that the Toon Titans were forming, and brought me to the Triple T satellite to join."
            Having the other superheroes see what he can do, Silver raised his Cosmos Staff in the air. "For Liberty and Justice for All, a Hero Arises!" Suddenly, in a glow of patriotic red white and blue light from the Cosmos Staff, his civvies were changed into his costume, complete with a stars-and-stripes eye mask! After a 360 degree view of his costume, the Star-Spangled Wolf proclaimed, "As long as the Spirit of Americat is channeled through my Cosmos Staff, justice will always favor the good!"

            The Star-Spangled Wolf then lowered his Cosmos Staff with a swing that sent a streak of cosmic energy over the lake before it disappeared. He then said. "My abilities are limited to the extent of the secrets of the Cosmos Staff, and my skills in the martial arts. And I am still finding opportunities to expand my horizons in both aspects." Picking up the wraps he had his staff in, he made his way back to his seat, leaning his cosmos staff gently against the back of his camp chair.


              Richard turned and looked at Argo. "What about-" he started, but was cut off.

              "When I tell mine," said Argo. "you may choose to kick me out of the Titans." Then he paled when he realized that he spoke so openly, and he quickly said, "...sorry, don't mind me... I don't want to talk about myself..."

              Richard was a little shocked by Argo's reply.

              Then Shticky Fox and Dark Side both reminded everyone that they were indeed still present when Shticky said, "Remember, Titans... I mentioned before that those who will not speak for themselves will have their stories told by the Creators. Refusing to tell your stories is the same as saying that you feel that you do not belong among friends. When Argo arrived aboard the satellite originally, I did recognize him; but I chose not to embarrass him upon his arrival hoping that he would choose to open up on his own. But if push comes to shove, we will tell your stories for you."

              Kamen Ryuu stood up and said, "Ah'll go next, mates." And he walked over and stood in the open, then turned and faced his comrades as he gave an Aussie smile.

              "The Secret Origin of Kamen Ryuu"
              "My real name is Ernie 'ancock Devlin and Ah am from an Australian station located in Mexicollie. As most of yas might already know, Ah am the son of the former Gay Dragon, Peter 'ancock who is now the MagiDragon, and that Dreamtrail Platinum Dragon Ranger, Deryk Devlin.

              "Ah always 'ad a love of motorcycles as Ah was growing up and dragons like me grow up fast and live a long time. One day, Uncle Russell and Aunt Lisa were visiting with us and Uncle Russell suggested that Ah develop myself as a Kamen Rider, cause 'e really liked the Fighting Dragon riders from Valhalla. Ah 'ad to get some information on Kamen Riders because Ah didn't know anything about them. But with MagiDragon's 'elp, Ah was able to develop a really keen superhero identity. Kamen Ryuu, which means, Masked Dragon in Japanese.

              "But in addition to my Kamen Rider abilities, Ah did inherit powers from MagiDragon, to a degree, so Ah can also use minor magical abilities. Its a small edge, but there if Ah need it. Every little bit 'elps, yas know.

              "In my first debut as Kamen Ryuu, Ah encountered the motorcycle maniac, Road 'ogg, who Ah 'ad to teach a lesson to before Ah tossed 'is bacon in jail. 'e vowed to get revenge on me, but Ah didn't 'ave time to listen to 'is whining. Sometime later, Nightflight contacted me on be'alf of Cheetahna and Ah was offered membership in the Titans. And that is 'ow Ah came to be 'ere with yas guys."
              Kamen Ryuu then returned to his seat near Argo. "Ah am glad to be given this opportunity to show 'ow 'eroic Ah can really be. Ah won't let any of yas down. Ah swear it." He winked with the trademark Aussie smile before looking to Argo. "If Richard trusts yas to be among us, then yas must be worth 'is protection. Besides, yer an awesome stud, mate."

              The otherwise stuffy and serious Anubian jackal warrior stepped forth and said, "I will present my boring and terrible story now."
              "The Secret Origin of Guardian Shadow"
              "Born in the creche of the Ygeptian warrior kennels of Amon Anubis under the name of Kamal Akmad, I was trained in the ancient ways of war for the day when we would be called forth to combat against the foes of Heliopolis. My training was long and arduous. Theatrics were all but unknown in the kennels. Death was more a joke than something funny to others.

              "One day, Hawk God called upon our lord, Amon Anubis, to assist him against the tomb robber duo of Kleptoglyph and Cleobastra. Amon Anubis called out the best warriors which included myself since I had just finished a training course in the finer arts of combat. I was what you all know all too well as a sidekick to one of the better warriors.

              "During the fight against the villanous duo and their goons, my superior was killed and I used his weapon to take down the ones who had taken him down. I then returned my partner's weapons still bloodied to his body and told him that the ones responsible had paid for claiming his life. Soon after, the other warriors began to cart my former partner's body back to the Underworld kennels. Yet Hawk God's beautiful daughter, Falcon Girl, took the time to clean a wound I had sustained and she asked me if I wanted to be her friend. No one had ever been that nice to me before and I had a new feeling in my stomach that I did not understand.

              "Hawk God then spoke to Amon Anubis about furthering my training in the surface world so I could someday be a warning guardian against future attacks on the sacred tombs. I was given the offer and I said, 'On behalf of the shadow of my former partner, I will become that guardian.' On that day, I became known as Guardian Shadow. My training continued under Hawk God's watchful eye with Falcon Girl often participating in my training sessions as well. Then Richard's call for new teammates came to join his newly forming team and Falcon Girl and I both wanted to see about joining the Titans as new members."
              Kamal then grinned in an unsettling manner as he returned to his seat. "My Ygeptian armor is magical, as is my ancient Anubian weapons. I also retain the powers of a Shadow Shaman of Amon Anubis as well as being one of his guardian warriors at his beck and call. And if anyone brings harm to Falcon Girl, I will escort their dead bodies directly to my lord, Amon Anubis, as a bloody offering. Get me?"

              Argo slowly rose to his hoofs as he trotted over to the front of the Titans. "What I am about to tell you I truly hope you can find it in your hearts to know that Richard protects me from the dangers of simply being my friend can befall to the rest of you. I am a wanted refuge from Europe as you are about to learn... I was kidnapped, beaten, molested, raped, trained to kill innocent bystanders... all against my will. Easy is not a word that comes easily to people like us. Even when we change our colors, those who knew us before have to see proof that we have changed. It has been a long struggling road for me. But Richard defended me when no one else would. He is my hero and I owe him to do good. I got help when I needed it the most. In return, I joined him in his crusade to form a new team. I will need a new identity and a new costume if I am to remain in your team."
              "The Secret Origin of Sahara Hunter"
              "My real name is not known to me, because I was kidnapped at birth, but I was raised with the name of Argo Malverne. My upbringing in VCorp-Europe was similar to a militaristic boot camp that was hidden in the mountains. While young, I was injected with experimental serums and formulas, half of which almost killed me, but I always seemed to pull through. The criminal scientists were trying to recreate a legendary super soldier serum that existed back during World War II. I was the test subject for their experiments. The exact combination of formulas to make the end product was lost to the winds, but somehow... they accidentally stumbled upon the combination by simply injecting me with things. They foolishly didn't write down what they combined to succeed, but after they did succeed, I was impervious to needles.

              "At that point, Blademaster chose to train me as a new sniper for their organization. They had lost their old sniper to a lucky shot, and they needed a new one to take his place. I was given the code name of 'Sahara Hunter' and trained in all things archery. But at the same time that I was training in archery, I was secretly studying lock picking, stealth, and Whodini's escape stunts. Little did I know how that would help me to escape in the months to come.

              "During practice, I was a sure-shot. I never missed what I aimed for. But during my very first villain mission, my task was to shoot anyone who tried to play the hero against my team. All was going as planned until I saw my first mark: it was a pretty she-tigress. Try as I might, I couldn't fire my arrow at her. When we returned to base, I was chained to a post in the training square and Blademaster whipped me repeatedly with his Man-of-nine-tails. He whipped me until I bled. And then, he threw me into my room without supper.

              "I had been getting abuse my whole life, but that was my breaking point. I knew I had to do something or the next time, he would kill me. In the middle of the night, I put together an all new stealth like archer costume, then I sabotaged their tracking computers with a paperclip, and finally, I escaped from the mountain base and fled the country. Of course Blademaster and his goons tracked me down repeatedly, I ended up fighting them off nearly everywhere I went... that is until I almost encountered my old master at an airport. I was about to head to my scheduled flight to Siberia, when I saw him and another goon checking everyone who was getting on the plane. I knew I had to make a fast decision or they would find me. What I chose to do at that point was to get into a large crate marked with an address that read: STARFISH LABS. Little did I know that my decision that day would send me from Euroepe to the United Species of Americat.

              "The lab boys freaked out when I leaped out of their crate and escaped from the building, but as I hit the street just outside the labs, I knew I wasn't in familiar hunting grounds anymore. Eventually, I made my way to Gag'em City where I was nearly caught robbing a cafe for a bite to eat. I was starving. I didn't know what to do anymore. And then Richard came along as Redbreast and he vouched to the police for me. I was surprised that a complete costumed stranger was sticking up for me... a trained sniper. He took me to a private place where he arranged my living conditions and made sure I had all the food and drink I could ask for. All he wanted in return... was for me to join the Toon Titans with him. I told him that I would think about it. Eventually, I found myself here on the Titan's Triple-T Satellite actually moving into the new headquarters. When I saw Shticky Fox, I almost fled because I knew a creator would recognize me. But rather than embarrass me, he pretended not to know me. I understand why now... Richard trusts me so Shticky also gave me that same chance.

              "The night I left my apartment to come to the new satellite, I got wind through a contact that VCorp had placed a bounty on my head. I was to be brought back dead. And anyone who tried to protect me was to be killed too. So you see... that is why I didn't want to reveal my origin. Simply knowing about me is enough to place you all on the hit list with me."
              Richard hummed. "I see. Well, I've dealt with worse than that, Argo. Besides, I promised that I wouldn't let anything bad happen to you. And I keep my promises."

              Shticky Fox said, "What about using the identity of Arabian Arrow as your new name. We can stage the new version of you defeating the old version of you so the news report gets back to VCorp, along with the report that your body had been cremated as per your last request. Then they may choose to leave you alone if they think a new hero bumped you off."

              Argo smiled at the Fox. "If you will do that for me, I will finally be free. Thank you."

              At that moment and surprisingly from his recovery cot, Quicky spoke up, "I want to tell my story before you finish this event."

              Falcon Girl petted on the young fox and said, "We will make sure you get to be heard, Quicky. Wonderoo's cookies are good, aren't they?"

              Quicky nodded his foxy head cutely. "Yes..."


                CyberBull snorted in his mechanical manner, and set the tablet next to Nightflight. The way he carried himself shown not only mental discomfort from being part cybernetic, but also physical discomfort from the Starfish labs implants. "I guess it is my turn to give my origins. I didn't want the others to know how I became this way. I wouldn't wish this cybernetic curse on anyone."

                "The Secret Origin of CyberBull"
                "My real name is Victor Bullder, and I used to be the star quarterback of the ASPCA City High School football team, despite being raised to be someone else. My father worked for STARFISH Labs, and has used me since I was a calf, experimenting on me using intelligence enhancing projects. Athletics were the only way for me to rebel against him. My mother, the saint that she was, had talked him into allowing me to be in athletics, despite his obvious objections.

                "When I was heading to the State Finals for High School Football, My mother and I were both victims in a car accident, and we were both killed instantly. When I came to, my father told me he had saved my life, though when I saw my reflection, I was horrified; parts of my body were replaced with these... these... fabricated parts! I couldn't move, see out of my left eye, or feel anything. I was so... numb. I was revolted by the feeling, and kept on demanding the answer from my father of why he couldn't leave me to die.

                "He never answered me, and once I was released from the hospital, the people's reactions made a 180. I was given fearful reactions of those who passed by, even by my friends, former teammates, and the only girlfriend I had. When I was not allowed to rejoin the athletics program, and sent to private school, I was near the point of committing suicide to end my emotional and physical suffering, until I was asked to be talked to one of my teachers. Sarah Finns saw beyond the metal and fabricated exterior, and saw me for who I was... who I am... on the inside. She helped me see that looks didn't matter, though I still felt the pain that came with being hit with this burden.

                "I came back home for a summer, preferring not to be around my father in the mansion he bought from the profits of his success in the science industry, and working with TexCorp. One of my friends confronted me when I was out one day, and tried to manipulate me into helping him in a terrorist attack on the United Nations, but I ended up being the one to stop him, using my installed weapons for the first time to halt his plans in his tracks."
                CyberBull let out a sigh. "I could never forgive my father after what he did to me, saving my life when I should've died with my mother. Because of him, I am more hideous than some of the Villains the JFA ever faced. Now I have to live as this... this... MONSTER!"

                Silver nearly dropped the Cosmos Staff in reaction when hearing what kind of a father Victor had to deal with, but managed to catch it. Sharklad looked upset hearing about over the intense rejection CyberBull had after he was revived, as evidenced by the bubbling in the gill stimulator.

                Kitta said in a rare serious moment, "Everyone here would agree that the atrocities you suffered at the hands of your father is downright sickening, and none of us would wish it even on our worst enemies."


                  Darkside then said, "Atomic Squirrel's company has been developing the new skin like replacements called Skimplant Technology. If you were to receive this upgrade, you would no longer look like a walking half-toon bull, half-robot monster as you yourself are calling it. But it is up to you, Victor."

                  Galatea then hopped over to the forefront and said, "I guess it is my turn to tell my story."

                  "The Secret Origin of Wonderoo"

                  "On Paradise Island, I was sculpted from clay by my mother Queen Hippolyta and I was given a life to live as an Amazon, along with superhuman powers as gifts by the Greek gods. My mother named me Galatea Stavros after a daughter that Artemice had lost track of after an encounter with King Actalopeon of the Island of Zeo.

                  "During Wonder Dog's early days as a test pilot for the U.S. Air Force, Captain Bruce Prince's plane crashed on the island and he was found alive but unconscious by I and my fellow Amazon Kangaroos, as well as my friend Malatea. I nursed him back to health and fell in love with him. A competition was held amongst all the Amazon Roos by my mother in order to determine who was the most worthy of all the sheilas; Hippolyta would charge the winner with the responsibility of delivering Captain Bruce Prince back to Toon's World and to fight for justice. My mother forbade me from entering the competition, but I took part nonetheless, wearing a mask to conceal my identity. I won the competition and revealed myself which surprised my mother, the Queen Hippolyta, who ultimately accepted since she had given her word to the gods to grant the winner the prize the right to go fight for justice in Toon's World. I was then awarded a special uniform made by my mother for my new role as Wonderoo and I safely returned Bruce Prince to his home country utilizing my invention which was called an Invisible Jet.

                  "Even though I was in love with Bruce Prince, he was many years my senior and one day when he cornered me as Wonderoo after my intervention to save his life from spies, he recognized me as Galatea. Not long after that, he had me assist him in the creation of his own take on the heroic identity that I was engifted with: Wonder Dog. I assumed the role of his sidekick and crime fighting partner. Not long after that, he and Zale Kent along with several others formed the Justice Furries of Americat. Wonder Dog was hesitant to have me in the new JFA since they treated sidekicks and backup members so poorly. So I remained in Buntown at Bruce's estate where I would protect that region from crime and make the occasional ASPCA and Gag'em Cities rounds when our enemies would go down there. My first encounter with Flittermouse and Redbreast was one that Richard and I will probably never forget. Flittermouse asked Wonder Dog a crime fighting question and when I was able to provide the answer before Wonder Dog could answer, the cranky bat told me to shut up and Wonder Dog popped the nasty bat in the mouth and bawled her out for daring to mouth off to HIS partner. Richard about fell over laughing.

                  "My personal arsenal of advanced technological crime fighting items include the Lasso of Truth, a pair of indestructible bracelets, a tiara which serves as a projectile, and a range of devices based on Amazon technology."
                  Galatea smiled as she hopped off to one side to check on Quicky. "And as Richard and Quicky already know, my best common skill is the ability to bake some awesome cookies." She then petted on Quicky and said, "Okay, cute stuff, it is your turn. Don't be afraid. You can speak from your recovery cot; no one will judge you."

                  Quicky took a breath and said, "When I saw that a big strong stallion like Argo was afraid to speak and then he mentioned being kidnapped as a colt, it made me want to tell my story since I was also kidnapped."

                  "The Secret Origin of Quicky"

                  "When I was born, I was named after my forest ranger father in Northern England under the name of Elroy Harper, Jr. I have since dropped the Jr. part since my father died while serving in VCorp when I was very young. A mysterious sparrow woman stole me out of my fox mother's home and took me deep into the Shirewood Forest where a group of archer bandits were hold up at. The original plan was to hold me for ransom so that my rich mother would pay for my safe return. But when my mother had a heart attack over the grief of losing her only son as well as her husband, I was never returned. I grew up in the bandit's camp, although the mystery woman came and went often bringing supplies to the camp. While among the bandits, I was taught archery skills as well as the ability to hunt game in the woods. One day, the American Sparrow showed up in camp and she defeated all of the bandits with her archery skills. I almost shot her in the back when I heard that the camp was under attack; upon reflection, I should have went through the action.

                  "While with the bandits, they had given me some sort of drug to heighten my reaction times and hyperactive abilities for hunting and when American Sparrow encountered me, I was already an addict. She took me to a British doctor who was a toon lion and he identified the drug as heroin and he suggested that I be committed to a drug rehab center in Liondontown until I was cured. But American Sparrow didn't want to lose the prize of all prize sidekicks to a very exclusive cure, so she ferreted me out of England and back to her estate in North Americat.

                  "At her estate, she handed me a modified version of the Redbreast costume made over to look like an natural archer minus the obvious Redbreast logos. After I was dressed in the costume, she declared that I was Quicky, the archer of the hunt. She would continue to procure heroin pills for me to take so my skills remained in top form. After that, we would go on outings to fight criminals using archery skills.

                  Flittermouse kidnapped me away from American Sparrow late one night during one of our outings when Redbreast was out of commission and when she saw my costume, she knew it was one of her copyrighted creations modified to be something new. She trained me in several different types of hand-to-hand combat including judo, kickboxing, and karate. She also taught me to speak Japanese the same as she did with Richard. When American Sparrow confronted Flittermouse to get me back there was an argument which prompted Richard to rouse from his bed to come see who had agitated the bat that time. When he saw what I was wearing, he got me out of the Flitter Cave and commended me for modifying the Redbreast costume and then he gave me a Flitter cookie. That was when I developed the understanding that heroes who gave me cookies were people I could trust.

                  "Just before the Toon Titans formed, Wonder Dog had been on an outing with American Sparrow and I; and when I saved Wonder Dog from a sniper shot that he had not detected, Sparrow started to get on to me for leaving me post and Wonder Dog popped off to her that I was a hero and that I had saved his life. When he announced that he was going to take me home with him, Sparrow warned him that he would be sorry after spending a short amount of time with me. When Wonderoo found out that I was addicted to heroin, she and Wonder Dog got me into a hospital for treatment. And soon after that, Interpol learned that Sparrow had been the mystery sparrow woman who had kidnapped me originally. She was an ex-VCorp sniper who had chosen to fight crime in Americat -- for pay. A true insult to any true hero. When she tried to get at me in the hospital, Wonder Dog moved me up to your satellite to join your team. And Wonderoo's cookies are really good, too."
                  Quicky sighed as he looked to Argo. "Thanks for giving me the courage to tell my story, handsome. Ernie is right; you are a stud." He then looked to Galatea. "May I please have another cookie?"

                  Galatea handed Quicky a chocolate chip cookie which the young fox nom-nom-nommed on happily.

                  The Ygeptian falcon female stepped forward and said, "While I do appreciate Kamal's vow to protect me, I am sure he remembers why his love for me is forbidden."

                  "The Secret Origin of Falcon Girl"

                  "As many of you know, I am Hawk God's daughter, Rhianna Farley. But that is only part of the story. I am also Amon Ra's granddaughter. I was raised in Heliopolis for the better part of my youthful upbringing. Amon Horus trained me in the art of aerial combat using the weapons of the past against the foes of the present. Hawk God often had me making brief outings with him into the Toon World. He kept me out of the JFA spotlight for the same reasons Galatea mentioned before.

                  "In addition to my weapons training, I also had inherited Amon Ra's ability to shoot a sun ray out of my eyes; this ray has detrimental effects against the undead, like zombies and wraiths, and it can cause Anubian warriors to become weak if exposed to the light itself for too long a period of time. Since I am a sun entity and Kamal is a night entity, our love is forbidden among the Ygeptian Gods. But that doesn't stop evil night gods from trying to woo me without permission. Anubis and Ra both creamed Set the last time he tried it."
                  Rhianna petted on Kamal fondly before walking back over to her post where she turned to face the team. "My family's wealth can help fund the Toon Titans with things they may later find that they desperately need. Repairs and supplies don't come cheaply."

                  Richard then rose back up and stood before his gathered friends. "Well told, my friends. Just remember this one extra bit of knowledge... we are to be getting some more titans in the next few weeks and I will procure their origins for the rest of you to review when they are available. I figure, knowing your allies can help you in helping them to adjust to something that they need help with that they cannot solve themselves. And they perhaps have something to contribute back to you as well."

                  Shticky Fox then stood up once again. "As Darkside and I are your Creator mentors and star supporters for your team, I will now explain an extra feature depending upon what world you are performing your heroics upon. On Toonmasters, cracking a joke, a pun, or performing a funny action will cause the Theatrics Bell to ring and you will get fan rating points. On Anime Masters, the bell will not ring but instead, in transparent numbers in mid-air, you will see how many activity points you have scored for your heroic activities. In the Furniverse, which is based on both Activity Points and Fan Ratings, the more serious your actions, the higher your scores will be. Cursing will cause a censorship box to appear over your mouth. For first timers, the timer is five minutes; for repeat offenders, the timer may last longer; and the more vulgar you are, the longer it lasts. If you cannot curb your language in the Furniverse, it is best advised that you avoid that world entirely. The bell will never ring there and the narrators there are far more subtle preferring to speak to your fans while your ability to hear them is reserved for times when you directly address them. Are there any questions or inquiries before this meeting is over?"


                    Victor frowned, looking to Dark Side. "I can consider the bionics as a possible solution to my problem. However, the internal implants will be very difficult to replace, considering removing the originals can kill me. How long will it be until Atomic Squirrel's company is ready to do trials on living toons?" He wanted some relief from the physical pain his current implants were causing.

                    Kitta said, "I can imagine the day when you crack a joke Steerbot, the Theatrics Bell will be ringing for at least ten minutes."

                    Silver said, "It seems like toons that follow the Americatian way to the letter can thrive in the Marvel Furniverse. On that note, Father would get censorship boxes layered over his muzzle since he hung up his costume and Cosmos Staff."

                    Garth said, "No questions from me at this time. As long as we mesh as a team, and Kitta doesn't follow through on making me a fish course, I'll accept things as they are." He then realized the ice sculptures were up of the three most handsome of the Titans at the edge of the lake. "Sorry about that..." He blushed, using his hydrokinetic powers to shatter the idyllic ice sculptures, leaving the idyllic ice sculpture of Kamen Ryuu for last.

                    Kitta said. "No guarantees, Shark Fin Soup." That made Garth flinch for obvious reasons, then she brought up the way he blushed at the sight of his ice sculptures being still up before he broke them. "Didn't know you were of that stripe, Sea Bass!" She grinned. "This is going to be so much fun!"


                      Darkside walked over to Victor and said, "We can call Atomic Squirrel right now and get him started on your skimplant bionic replacements. I know you don't want anything to do with your father and he would likely be upset if he learned that anyone messed with his work; but if he is upset, you would be happy."

                      Falcon Girl then said, "Richard, Hawk God told me the other day that Donkey Guardian has a donkey apprentice who is training to be a hero like us. I can send word to my father to look into sending the invite to the young jack and see if he would like to join us."

                      Richard said, "You do that, Rhianna; we can use all the Titans we can get. I am just glad that we are getting so much attention in our teams' start."

                      Darkside then turned his head toward Richard and said, "There are a few young heroes in Anime Masters who might be interested in the Titans. I can send word to them and see if they would like to get more information on your team. They were thinking about making their own team, but they don't have the funds to make a team base."

                      Richard replied, "Send word to them, Darkside. We have a three-way base and they can easily occupy the Anime Titans side of the base. Star Buck will be manning the Furniverse side of the Titans base along with anyone else who can stand to be that serious. And if anyone knows of any other young heroic people, feel free to advertise our team to them. And with that, I think this get together is done. Everyone can do as they like. Dismissed, friends. I need to contact Zale and let him know how things went."


                        CyberBull nodded. "My father wanted a genius son, and got an athlete. Then his son died and replaced his injured parts with implants and mechanical parts to bring him back to life." He then picked up his tablet and a compartment in his left thigh opened up with a satellite phone. He pulled it out and turned it on. "Since we are in space, and not every company can call outer space."

                        SDCK said, energized on Toon Coffee. "I can get the word out with the classified department at the magazine Kitta Kent works for in Natural City when she submits her last story before leaving." She then said. "We could use some more International Titans as well." Since Kamen Ryuu had only Mexicollie and Earth Australia covered. Cheetahna was from Africat, but she knew the Titans needed more representation in the world, especially then followed Richard. "Ask if Zon-El has the number for Kangaroo Chief. He may know some Zoostralian prospects. And anyone from across the pond that we can contact as well!" She was filled with ideas, which means her writer's block might end soon.

                        Sharklad hummed, shaking off the idea of suggesting Elliot as a candidate for the Titans. He did make a mental note to give a few of the Titans a Gill Stimulator to keep in case something went wrong and the one he carries gets destroyed mid-mission. "If anyone isn't in a rush to get to their own stuff, I can perform a show I've been practicing before I joined in the lake before I need go to my chambers to relax underwater." He did say he was a part of Marine Otter's shows, so he has skills.

                        "I always wanted to see a water show, but we don't get much demand for those at the American Capitol." said Silver, then he looked at Quicky. With an origin like his, he hasn't seen an aquatic show, either. He walked over to the cot, and removed his mask to show the recovering addict a friendly face. "What do you think Quicky, would you like to watch an Aquatic show while you are recovering?"


                          Later that afternoon, Atomic Squirrel and Hawk God had returned to work on Cyberbull's operation upgrade. Apparently the entire JFA supported the idea of the Titans becoming a real team and getting all the help they could ask for.

                          Wonder Dog and Wonderoo escorted Quicky to see Sharklad's aquatic performance since Interpol suspected that American Sparrow might try to get at Quicky again during the show. Wonder Dog was still not happy with the criminal wannabe hero-for-hire insult to all sparrows.

                          Since Cheetahna originated from Kornsas and had nothing to do with Africat at all, Kitta's idea to use Veronica to get word around Africat was a bust. However, Falcon Girl and Kamal were from that region and they could possibly look for young people within that zone.

                          Kamen Ryuu was contacted by a young raccoon fan and his friends who wanted in at the ground floor to support the new Toon Titans as entry level reserve members, a junior Titans team.

                          Cosmic Wizardess used her powers to contact Outback Jack who had been promoted years earlier when he became Kangaroo Chief, an Aussieland Shaman who could grow to titanic sizes to fight against the evils of Gorillana, a female ape who would grow to gigantic sizes to commit crimes. Maggie asked Jack if he would permit any sponsored young people to join the Titans.

                          Nightflight, SDCC and American Rabbit were on location in Anime Masters to speak to some young contacts [Toon Justice] that the magical heroic rabbit knew of who were having trouble forming their own team. Land and building prices in Anime Masters were out of this world and the Titans already had a base in orbit that the new aspiring team could make use of until they got on their feet officially.

                          Shticky Fox and Darkside had brought in Donkey Guardian along with his asinine apprentice, Aspiring Light, who was more of a Rainbow Lantern being able to use all of the lantern powers instead of solely one.

                          "The Secret Origin of Aspiring Light"

                          "Born on the Frontier world of Apple Grove with the name, Jacob Park, I was a junior astronomer who was fascinated by the light that the Guardian star of Oa pulsed with which was able to shine with all of the colors of the rainbow. I wasn't sure what it meant but I studied it whenever I had free time from my chores to do so. During an attack on the Oa home base from one of Donkey Guardian's arch foes, the enemy's light magnifier went haywire and fired a multi-colored beam of energy down through my telescope which left a gaping crater where my telescope had been. The blast of the amplified Ao light resulted in giving me the full guardian spectrum of powers that Oa represented. When I recovered from the blast that had empowered me, I found that I could launch myself into space with a protective air field around my body and I flew up to Oa to see what had destroyed my beloved telescope; I saw Donkey Guardian in a losing battle against Shadow Maniac [a simian Brainiac/Gorilla Grodd wannabe clone] and I used my new powers to assist the hero of the stars in defeating the villain within a holding sphere of ever-changing light.

                          "Since my heroic abilities were literally raw (and I got lucky by encasing Shadow Maniac in an energy sphere), Donkey Guardian chose to take it upon himself to further train me in the ways of a hero even going so far as to replace my beloved telescope with a fully functional observatory with new telescopes of a stronger alloy than my original had been constructed of. The Observatory became my new base of operations when I wasn't tending to the apple orchards. And I've been in training ever since until Donkey Guardian was contacted by the Titans to invite me to join their number as a fully functional team member. In Frontier, we refrain from abject humor since being funny in space can lead to a hero's demise. So I would best fit into either Anime Masters or even the Furniverse. Whichever the case, I still relish my training sessions under Donkey Guardian."
                          Jacob smiled as he shook hands with the two Creators. "If the Titans can make use of my abilities, I will gladly help them in their mission."

                          Star Buck was busy casing the young Furniverse database to see if any other aspiring hero to be wanted into the entry level of the Titanic Marvels. He thought that title sounded better than calling them the Dark Titans. He knew he wouldn't find many since young Furniverse heroes tended to avoid the spotlight as much as possible. But with Captain Americat as a founding sponsor, how could a young hero decline the chance to join something major that could shape their lives in the future.


                            CyberBull had sent out an email to a fellow sufferer of the Starfish Labs experiments and door in the firewall that would open only for the contact as CyberBull was about to be under the knife for his surgery. After appearing on many screens throughout the satellite, KangaNet appeared on the screen of the lab, and looked at the vitals display of his rescuer. "The bloke is asleep... wait a tick; he's under heavy anesthesia!" He then looked out as if he was looking out at the others and knocked from the other side of the screen. "Oy, bloke and shiela! Sorry to interrupt pre-op, but what are yas doing to the bloke that saved me from Cyberspace torture?"

                            SDCK was drinking her second cup of Toon Coffee, as she observed how the rumored 'Bitch Bunny' was able to communicate with Kangaroo Chief. She was left behind while Zon-El went with Richard to Anime Masters. She did take a moment prior to apologize for her honest mistake to Cheetahna.

                            The nerves of Garth weren't compounded when he was told about the risk to Quicky at the Aquatic Show. Since he was at home in the water, he was fine with that. He's willing to stop the show to assist at a moment's notice should American Sparrow goes after Quicky again. He was dressed in performance wetsuit, and got his fins through the arm holes of the sleeveless wetsuit. He didn't like wearing coverings over his chest aside from his specially-made hero wetsuit. However, he was trained to be a performer by Sharklad. Silver was among the guard in the bleachers, his Cosmos Staff wrapped up in case he needed to summon cosmic energy.

                            Elliot Cannonrider was not a part of the show, as he watched the toon dolphins get into position. "Your last performance in Marine Otter's aquatic show for a while, eh Garth?"

                            Garth was readying himself to take off the Gill Stimulator for the show. "It's my solo show I've been practicing for a while."

                            "You came a long way from being the wild shark left to fend for yourself in the oceans," said the Otter with a near uncharacteristic not-dirty grin. "I'll watch the recording of the show later. Marine Otter needs me to do extra practice at the training pool since you'll be with the Titans after this show."

                            The shark-otter hybrid grinned. "If you asserted yourself better you would've been much better off instead of making passes at the ladies like a pervert. Or pleasuring yourself in your personal cabana..."

                            Elliot smacked Garth on the rear end as he laughed. "What can I say? We got a lot of hot aquatics on payroll. Give it your best, Sharky!"

                            Garth nodded and zipped up the front of his wetsuit as he heads for the diving board for the start of the performance.

                            Meanwhile on Anime Masters, Fedora Croc (Zander Lord) left the conversation with the visiting heroes to the friendly dragon hermaphrodite and Symphony. He walked away from the group where they were struggling to start, and sat on a lawn chair putting his feet up. Being a former member of the Fedora Villains and keeping his dapper villainous appearance for hero work made for a lot of misunderstandings that either Symphony or Dragoon had to clear up. It was best for him to stay out of this and just not bother with the tedious diplomacy. Good luck trying to understand Ear-Lang, thought Fedora Croc as he tipped his Fedora down for a siesta. He couldn't understand the the form of sign language their leader uses... at all, and it frustrated him.


                              On the Furniverse World, Star Buck found himself in a talk with a nice teen age female crane who wore the uniform colors of her maternal meteorologist stork. Her father was a crane who could control lightning. The female crane was calling herself Storm.

                              Storm smiled at Star Buck as she said, "I was surprised to get your call, handsome. Professor Y said that your idea was perhaps one of the better ideas for integrating mutant animals into social teams of the multiple worlds. Are you sure your friends would want a weather controlling mutant crane martial artist in their number?"

                              Star Buck grinned. "Sharklad would enjoy your ability to bring the ocean to him during his wheezing fits."

                              Storm said, "Summoning a tidal wave from the nearby bay was an accident that one time; but that prissy skunk girl just made me so mad."

                              Star Buck chuckled. "I am glad Professor Y is letting you leave the Y-Team to make a start with me and my friends. We could use more young people for the Titanic Marvels. We might even get our own comic book series out of this."

                              On Anime Masters, Symphony stopped using Ear-Lang suddenly and verbally said, "Ever since I made the last payment to Morgana Pendragon, I have regained the use of my voice; but I have gotten so used to using Ear-Lang since it is more private. I often forget that not everyone can use it. My being freed of my curse is all thanks to you, Rob. Dark Night still remembers the humility lesson you gave him as well. While it is true that we wanted our own base, the prices in Anime Americat are truly crazy. My friends and I will have no choice but to accept the temporary lodgings in the T-Satellite. We have several people wanting to join Toon Justice, but they were holding off until we procured a base for ourselves. Making a team without a base is just silly."

                              Nightflight said, "We might be able to grant a care package present to you and your team in exchange for a Titans Alliance. Having MagiDragon magic up your own base for a blank slice of land would be more affordable than buying a property with a building already on it. I assume you already have a location in mind?"

                              Dark Night brought out a map of a near coastal region with a river access point to the sea in Puget Sound, Wazebraton state. "We have been interested in a piece of property on the west side of the sound near a small town called Mystery Bay. There is a state park nearby as well. Because it is waterfront property within view of Seacattle, Wazebraton, the realtors have jacked up the prices unfairly. Even with the earnings that Symphony can bring in with his concerts, we just cannot afford a price tag like that. We need help."

                              Island Squirrel then said, "If Mystery Bay was in Cowlifurnia, then we would check into land at that location. We really like the name of that town."

                              SDCC said, "We will have Dark Side acquire the land for your team and then we can magically create the shell for the new base and then your programmers can make the base your own."

                              Within the Titans Satellite, Hawk God turned to speak to KangaNet since Atomic Squirrel couldn't be interrupted. "We are giving Victor a much needed upgrade to replace the parts that are causing him so much pain and anguish. We got his permission before we began this operation. He is to be receiving the Skimplant Bionics that Atomic Squirrel has been developing. It has been mentioned in all of the Programming magazines as of late and reviewers have given it rave reviews."

                              Falcon Girl and Guardian Shadow were in Africat meeting with a shaman tribe of Lion Warriors making the usual Titans inquiry.

                              The head shaman warrior chief said, "My son Benjamin through a mating with an outsider is ready to make his way in the world, if the Titans want to take a chance with a Shaman Lion Warrior cub. He has black and ash gray fur as opposed to the golden sun yellow fur the rest of us have. Nearly all of the other youths have shunned him for being so different. He has passed his shaman tests and he is ready for an adventure if you want him."

                              Kamal exclaimed, "Call him. The Titans have three factions. Surely he can fit into one of them."

                              A few moments later, the black lion arrived with one of the sun golden lions keeping stride with him. "Did you call for me, Father?" The reply had come from both lions.

                              "You can turn that off now, son. The Titans have expressed an interest in acquiring you for an adventure with them."

                              The sun golden lion slowly faded away as the black lion smiled at Falcon Girl. "She shines like a goddess and she has one of Anubis' own as a Guardian. I know that is a feat almost unheard of."

                              The Shaman Chief said, "Benjamin Twayn, the time has come for your spirit to walk and hunt with the Titans. May your pride stand firm against all foes the Titans may face. Today you go forth as Sunshadow, the Warrior Shaman of the Night." A pair of leather bracelets were then affixed to the cub's wrists. "Go and pack your goods and then return here to depart with these fine Titans. And remember... make us proud to be your family."

                              Benjamin smiled as he headed off to his stick hut to pack his traveling gear. This didn't take him long as he soon returned with a large leather backpack of gear and tribal goods. "I am ready, princess of the sky."

                              The two held on to the black lion on either side of him and activated their Titan transporter badges and vanished from the warrior camp.

                              At the Aquatic Show, while Garth was performing, A glint of light in the sky caught Wonder Dog's attention as he quickly said, "Wonderoo! Bracers! Eleven O'clock!"

                              Wonderoo leaped directly in front of Quicky and raised her magic bracelets just in time to deflect what seemed to be a medical needle that was aimed at the young fox.

                              Hovering in the sky wearing a stolen electronic camouflage generator was American Sparrow and she was about to fly away after the drug shot was deflected when... a fast arrow launched from behind Wonderoo which hit the Sparrow in the back and caused a expando-Net to pin the Sparrow's wings to her body which in turn made her fall toward the poolside ground!

                              Quicky sighed. "Stupid bird. She has to know she has already lost. You guys rescued me from her."

                              And then without warning, Flittermouse and Redbreast II were there as they caught the stupid Sparrow woman and handed her off to the Interpol agents. Flittermouse walked over to Wonder Dog and said, "I was on my way to see you to return these leftover JFA transport badges that were being stored in my cave. Since I am no longer in your team, I have no right to keep them." She handed a box over to Wonder Dog. "Meet the new Redbreast. His real name is Jason Todd, an American winged fox who recently lost his parents. With Richard gone, I needed a new partner. But unlike before, I am not going to make Jason stay in the cave near my vulgar mouth all the time. So... if Richard wants to team up with Jason, all he has to do is ask Jason if he wants to patrol with him."

                              Jason-Redbreast looked to Quicky and said, "Your uniform looks a lot like mine, although I do like how streamlined the designs are and how you use black instead of yellow like my uniform is."

                              Quicky smiled. "I am recovering from a drug problem. Thank you for the nice comments. Has Flittermouse taught you Japanese yet?"

                              Flittermouse smirked. "Not yet. But that is something we need to remedy later unless you and Richard want to help him with that."

                              Wonderoo said, "You sound like you have mellowed out, Flittermouse; was losing Richard that effective on you once you realized that he wasn't bluffing?"

                              Flittermouse sighed as she hung her head. "I honestly thought he would come back after a day. I had to do some reflection when I realized that I had no one to talk to in the lair. The butler threatened to 'fix me' if I dared to mouth off to him. He said Richard was the only person who made his job with me worth while. I need to apologize to Richard when he has some free time. But with him being Zale's sidekick now, I suppose that is not going to happen."

                              Wonder Dog patted Flittermouse on the shoulder. "They haven't made that arrangement yet, Flittermouse. Zale is simply sponsoring the Titans at the moment. You know the JFA rules, however, you cannot reapply for membership for a year after either being dismissed or quitting the team. But if you are turning over a new leaf, we can still be on speaking status with you."

                              Kangaroo Chief arrived aboard the Triple T Satellite along with his charge, Lunar Boomer, and they were speaking to Shticky Fox and Dark Side about the newest arrival to join the Titans. "I was surprised with the request, Creators. Lunar Boomer's powers reflect the phases of the moon and the phases also reflect his moods at times. I would hope that wouldn't drive any Titans crazy."

                              Shticky Fox said, "Perhaps being around other young people would improve his abilities. Up until now, the only Aussie we have in the Titans is Ernie; He is off speaking to some fans of his who are interested in the Titans. We do require for Lunar Boomer to recite his origin to us for the official record. Don't be afraid, young joey... you are among friends here."