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    TTR-01 Sidekicks No More

    Toon Titans - Revision

    Episode One: Sidekicks No More
    By Lord Pouchlaw and Devvy-boy
    December 11th, 2016

    Join the crazy adventures of the teen aged furred toons of ASPCA City and Gag'em City as they have junior hero missions with a smile around every bend. And watch out for the narrators, zany criminals and that crazy theatrics bell, too! This round robin adventure is rated [SA] for Suggestive Adult scenes.

    Pouchlaw's Titans:
    Richard Grayson, Redbreast/Nightflight - American robin
    Veronica Carmichael, Cheetahna/Feline Flash - African black cheetah
    Ernie Devlin, Kamen Ryuu/Ryurider - Australian dragon
    Billy Moosden, Captain Moose/Cmdr Quebuck - Canadian moose
    Argo Malverne, Sahara Hunter/Arabian Arrow - Arabian stallion
    Maggie Donnelly, Cosmic Wizardess/Cosmica - Futuristic white bunny
    Kamal Akmad, Guardian Shadow - Anubian jackal
    Galatea Stavros, Wonderoo - Amazon albino kangaroo
    Quicky (Elroy Harper), an English fox
    Falcon Girl (Rhianna Farley), an Egyptian falcon
    Redbreast II (Jason Todd), an American gargoyle-fox
    Toon Tornaduck (???), a European Anasian green mallard

    Tanurider (Ricky Descoonis), an American raccoon
    Captain Quebuck, Jr. (Freddy Elkton), a Canadian elk
    Artema (Paula Roeley), a white tailed deer

    Max Kerry, Quizzler/Labyrat - White lab rat
    Party Hare (Harvis "Harvey" Tetch), an English hare

    Devvy-boy's Titans:
    Victor Bullder, CyberBull - African-American bionic bull
    Kitta Kent, Super Duper Crazy Kitty - Orange Catniptonian tabby cat
    Fairfin IV/"Garth", Sharklad - Great White Selachiian (humanoid shark)
    Silver Pemberton, Jr., The Star-Spangled Wolf - Silver wolf

    Virginia Olivia "Virgie" Hawk, Static Hawk - Peregrine falcon
    Slippery Otter (Elliot Cannonrider), a naughty Sea Otter
    Lunar Boomer (Joseph Strife), a moody Australian Outback Were-Kangaroo
    Tempest Roo (Jake Smythe), blue-furred wallaroo

    Guest Starring: Justice Furries of Americat:
    Super Duper Crazy Cat (Zale Kent), an orange tabby cat
    American Rabbit (Robert "Rob" Rabbit), a white rabbit
    Wonder Dog (Bruce Prince), a grey/silver mutt
    Marine Otter (Arthur Atlantis), a brown sea otter
    Donkey Guardian (Harold Jefferson), a brown/grey/white donkey
    Atomic Squirrel (Dr. Scott Hayley), a red squirrel
    Hawk God (Prof. Tony Farley), a grey/black hawk
    Reindeer Lightning (Quintin Black), a black reindeer
    Zatarabbit (Harrison Zatana), a white rabbit w/red star on forehead
    Gay Dragon/MagiDragon (Peter Hancock-Devlin), a pink/pastel dragon
    Scarlet Courtesan (Godyva Escamillo), a red/orange vixen
    Outback Jack/Kangaroo Chief, (Jack Roodolph Jr.), an Australian Kangaroo
    Dr. Unicorn, (Lucius Unicorn), a mystical unicorn
    Seer of the Unknown, (Muddy Hawg), an African Warthog (RETIRED)
    Flittermouse (Diana Wayne), a black bat
    American Sparrow, (Lily Nightingale), An American sparrow

    HAJI Allies:
    "Wanda", female human of the Hendricks and Johnson Universe
    "Marcus", male human of the Hendricks and Johnson Universe

    Other Allies:
    Shticky Fox, an English fox, a Creator
    Dark Side, a red skinned fallen angel, a Creator

    Various Members of the Legion of Groom; Do they work together? HELL NO!
    Prologue: Final Fallout.
    The previous night at the Flitter Cave outside of Gag'em City...

    "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE LEAVING?" Diana Wayne shouted as she stood next to the Flittermobile. "I told you that we had to give the Flittermobile an overhaul!"

    Richard grinned at the cranky bat female as he stood near the exit with his suitcases. "Zale is offering to hire me to help out around the Crazy Lair; he likes me. You hate everyone."

    Diana then said, "If you are leaving, then you need to do one last thing before you leave this lair."

    Richard didn't look phased. "And what would that be? You can fix your problems yourself. Earlier you said you didn't need me anymore since you locked the Jackler up in Arkham."

    Diana grinned. "I own the Redbreast costume you are wearing. Remove it entirely and you can then go where ever you like."

    And then to her dismay, Richard removed the costume without a second thought, boots, gloves and utility belt until he stood there in his undershorts and then... he pitched the costume and gear over the edge of the precipice into the pit below. He picked up his suitcases and departed out the drive tunnel where he uncovered his personal motorcycle and tied his suitcases to it before getting on, starting it up, and speeding away from the entrance of the Flitter Cave. "Stupid bat. I hope the others are not having the night that I am having. Now I need a new costume. I hope Zale has a good idea for me. The air out here tonight is pretty cold."

    From high in the sky, the Donkey Guardian watched as Richard sped down the highway in his skivvies. "Flittermouse is as bitchy as Redbreast said she was. I cannot believe she made him strip naked before leaving."

    The Burden of a Sharklad

    "Sharklad is having his breathing fit again... Looks like he got excited and it caused him to run out of breath again."

    Slippery Otter, trying not to earn the wrath of Marine Otter for not getting off his duff and helping his hybrid sidekick, got up and pulled out his spare rebreather, and placed it secure on his gills. Breathing heavily to catch his breath from his 'asthmatic' attack, Sharklad managed to eke out a meek "thank you" from between his teeth. It didn't take long for Slippery Otter to get it together that Sharklad was covered in remains of a cake and frosting... not to mention some remains of gifts. He looked as if he was getting ready to strip for the Dream & Cream, though he was too modest to do that. If only he had a better influence than the oily otter to get him to come out of his shell.

    The Otter also known as Elliot Cannonrider nodded. "What's gotten you in the fit sooner than expected?" He knew that getting excited outside of the water would reduce the selachiian's time he can breathe on the surface. Blame the Atlantean Otter and Lemurian Shark genes not harmonizing, or the limits of his lungs and gills... who knows?

    "I made things worse for Marine Otter," said Sharklad in a concerned tone. He went by the surface name of 'Garth,' as he did not know his real name just yet. "He and Island Squirrel prepared some surface tradition called a birthday celebration. I got too excited and didn't put on my rebreather, and... you can guess what had happened."

    Slippery Otter wiped off the frosting off of his pec, and grinned as he took a taste. "Hmm... delicious! Maybe you should be the platter for the cake at my birthday. You taste naughty!" He grinned nastily.

    "That is not funny!" said Sharklad. "I've been a burden to Marine Otter since he found me, and tried to domesticate me. Maybe it's best if I relieve him of the burden and just go."

    Slippery Otter went back to his lounging spot. "Sounds like you need a bit of a bath Garth. Why don't you do laps in the pool and think about it before you approach Arthur with your fears."

    "Alright..." said Sharklad quietly. "But I don't think there is anything in the world that can change my mind, Elliot."


      Last Night on Back Up Duty...

      Aboard the JFA Satellite... Veronica Carmichael aka Cheetahna and Billy Moosden aka Captain Moose were in a private conference call with Wanda and Marcus, those two furry fans from the Haji Universe. "...and when Muddy Hawg retired and gave Gay Dragon all of his powers, GD gained an all new identity and the JFA promoted him to full membership status. Redbreast, Moose and I were overlooked even though we had put in far more work and toil than Gay Dragon, I mean MagiDragon, had. He got full membership and we got nothing."

      Captain Moose then stated, "Redbreast was supposed to have spoken to SDCC privately after the JFA Promotion meeting. We haven't heard a word on how that went."

      Marcus then said, "If Redbreast made a promise to you guys, then you can bank on his word. He is far more trustworthy than Flittermouse is. He wouldn't forget you guys."

      Wanda added, "Marcus is right. You back up members have been friends since the JFA started. Don't just jump to conclusions until after he fails to call one of you tomorrow by noon. Red tape happens to everyone. He told you that he was going to be breaking his partnership with Flittermouse; It is a wonder he lasted this long with her. Her own comic says she is almost impossible to deal with. And the JFA comic says that Richard is responsible for smoothing out her tantrums for the JFA. If it weren't for Richard, Flittermouse would have been voted out during the last integrity meeting. Marcus and I need to get back to our homework, guys. Thanks for the call in. We look forward toward seeing your new adventures in your own comic series. Oh did I let the cat out of the bag? I was giving you guys some hope. Bye for now."

      Cheetahna glanced at Captain Moose as the call ended. "The Wisdom of Solomonkey paid off again, seems like. Wanda just confirmed what the JFA Narrator hinted at a few hours earlier. We are about to get our own comic book series. That would suggest that Redbreast was successful in his talk with SDCC."

      Captain Moose gave Cheetahna a hug. "Let us get our belongings packed up for the expected move later. At the very least, the JFA will see us cleaning our spaces."

      Cheetahna swished her tail. "You are right, of course. I really hope Redbreast came through for us or we will be on our asses."

      At that moment, Hawk God came into the satellite meeting chamber. "I just wanted you guys to know that I voted to have all of the backup members promoted to full status. But I was out-voted. The main whiny negative voter was Flittermouse. So if Redbreast went to end his partnership with her, then he is likely not Redbreast anymore. She owns the costume and the identity. She smartly copyrighted the name, so no one can use it unless they are partnered to her useless muzzle. We will permit you to keep your JFA access badges so you can get back in later if things don't work out. Just don't be afraid to return if you have problems. Before we got this satellite, we had a headquarters in the back security offices of the Mall of Justice in ASPCA City. We had to work part time for night security services. But we got a discount on various shopping stores."

      Cheetahna said, "Thanks for the words of encouragement, Hawk God. It is nice to know who voted for us."

      Captain Moose said, "We have some bedrooms to clean up."

      The two then headed off to get things started as Hawk God looked at the meeting room table with a sigh as he remembered the secret meeting and votes on promotions.


        Following the American Way... the Second Star-Spangled Wolf.

        Silver Pemberton, Jr. got caught wearing his father's old costume again. He was clutching onto the Cosmos Staff as if it was a walking staff. He was a scrawny wolf compared to the Alpha-wolf his father was in his prime. He didn't even fit that well in his father's costume, and it made him look like a wannabe in a store-bought costume.

        Silver Sr. looked a little overweight and his eyes shown a despondent look as he saw his son holding the staff he once used, trying to wear the costume he once filled out well. He could see the earnest determination on his son's face. The dream of Americat still with his son even though it was lost on him long ago. Instead of striking his son for finding his costume, he fell into a hug and started to tear up. The former Star-Spangled Wolf could see the patriotism that was held close to his young son's heart.

        "I should be grounding you for life for playing the vigilante," said Silver Sr. "But at the same time, hearing that the Star-Spangled Wolf was starting to inpsire hope in kids again..." He then unzipped the old costume his son was wearing. "Just don't tell your mother about this, or her head will blow off." He then pulled out scissors and a needle with thread. "Get out of that costume. I'll be able to make it a better fit for you to wear. It's already too loose on you as it is. At least then you won't be a laugh to the baddies that go to my bar."

        As soon as Silver Jr. handed over the costume, his father went straight to work. "Um... Father? Why did you stop being the Star-Spangled Wolf in the first place?"

        "It's a long story, but not all people in the United Species of Americat are interested in protecting the American Way. And good people are often bought, but they couldn't buy me..." He continued on with his story so his son could understand why he stopped being the hero in stars and stripes with a Cosmos Staff.


          Better Respect for a Sidekick...

          Wonder Dog (Bruce Prince) was teamed up with American Sparrow (Lily Nightingale) as they were in the midst of a drug gang bust as they assisted the local police dogs, pigs and skunks against small time hoods with advanced weaponry. Wonder Dog had his sidekick, Wonderoo (Galatea Stavros) on a nearby rooftop keeping an aerial watch at the event just in case the heroes missed someone. Just as a criminal took what he thought was a secret aim at Wonder Dog from an alleyway to the side, an arrow crossed the fight scene directly in front of the Greek canine hero's nose and muzzle as it lodged deeply into the barrel of the firearm which caused it to explode in a noisy blast which knocked the criminal to the ground smouldering from the blast. Standing to the other side where a police car had been parked, an English Fox kit in a cute red archer costume, black eye mask and a yellow hat with a feather in it stood with the bow still in the fired position. Quicky smiled as he quietly said, "He was using a silencer, Wonder Dog."

          American Sparrow then turned her head toward her sidekick and growled, "I told you to stay on the roof, you stupid fox!"

          And just as suddenly, Wonder Dog belted the Sparrow to the ground with his paw-fist. "He just saved my life, you dumb bird!" He then went over to the fox boy who was starting to look as if he was going to cry. Wonder Dog placed one arm around him. "You did nothing wrong. What's your name, son?"

          The fox lowered his muzzle. "I don't know. She calls me Quicky."

          The police were starting to round up the hoods at that point as Wonder Dog said, "Would you like to come back to my place with Wonderoo and I?"

          Quicky asked, "Do you have any cookies?"

          "Wonderoo made a batch just before we got the call for this outing," said Wonder Dog as he noticed American Sparrow getting up to her foot claws.

          "You will be sorrrrry, Wonder Dog. After one night with Quicky, you will be begging me to take him back."

          Wonder Dog replied, "If you skip town, I will place a warrant on you for your arrest. The charge will be abuse. I aim to find out what his real name is. He is more than a hero, Sparrow. He saved my life."

          Sparrow then said, "Just saying, Wonder Dog. I will even forgive the punch to my jaw when you have had enough of him. Good luck learning his real name. I didn't have any."

          Later back at Bruce Prince's stately home in DC...

          Wonderoo gave Quicky a plate of cookies and a glass of milk "These are chocolate chip sugar cookies. I hope you like them."

          Wonder Dog sat at his computer monitor scanning in the blood sample and paw print sample of Quicky to see if he was on record anywhere. After a few minutes, the answer from the International missing children network spat out a dossier profile. "Elroy Harper, Son of Rex and Cynthia Harper from Skipton, England. Why did Sparrow say this would be so hard?" He got up and printed off the information and he brought the information sheet into the living room where he found Quicky lying on the floor wrapped up in Wonderoo's magic lasso while twitching as if he was having a seizure. "What happened in here, Galatea?"

          Wonderoo looked to Wonder Dog and showed him the pill bottle. "He was about to pop one of these pills and I stopped him when he refused to tell me the name of the medication. The bottle has no label and I thought that looked suspicious."

          Wonder Dog placed a call to one of his trusted doctors to come over immediately. "I found out his real name, Wonderoo. He is Elroy Harper. He's been missing from upper England for the last decade."

          Wonderoo said, "Do you think Sparrow kidnapped him?"

          Wonder Dog replied, "I don't know but he is staying here with us until we find out." He then opened the bottle and sniffed the opening before making an awful face as he put the lid back on the bottle. "Heroin Pills. Someone is keeping him doped up. Now I am an angry dog."


            And at a deadly pace, she came from (Toon) Outer Space...

            Natural City, United Species of Americat

            Lady Narrator said, "Kitta Kent, a mild-mannered reporter for a magazine in Natural City, was crunching on one of her heart-shaped mints again. Was it her article being up, is it her time of the month?!"

            "Oh for crying out LOUD, Lady Narrator!!" shouted Kitta, aka Kitta Rox-El aka Super Duper Crazy Kitty. She definitely was in a foul mood. The Kitty of Steel in her mild manner reporter status was suffering from writer's block. "I am going crazy without figuring out how to write my theatrics for my book without having an anvil landing on my head right now..." Suddenly on coincidence, An anvil was unceremoniously dropped on her head from the floor above her office. It broke and fell to either side of her desk chair. Good thing it wasn't made of Catniptonite, otherwise she would be hurting!"

            Lady Narrator snerked, "Now that what's called 'using your head!'" The Theatrics Bell rang.

            "I TOLD YOU NOT TO STEAL A JOKE!" Kitta lamented, before reaching for her phone and dialing someone on her speed-dial. "It's okay... I just need to figure out something that can help me work better on my book. Oh great... voicemail." She paused until she heard the beep. "Hey Zon-El, It's your cousin, Kitta Rox-El. First thing's first, this is for not answering your phone." In a toon fashion, she reached into her phone and made as if she slapped Zale Kent really hard. "ANSWER YOUR PHONE WHEN YOUR COUSIN CALLS!" Kitta popped in another mint to ease her anger. She took a deep breath, then said. "Okay, The second thing is... I need a big favor. I need a change of scenery, and it's getting pretty B-O-R-I-N-G in Natural City, now that LaTexa Luthor and Maximal Lord are both in prison. Please call me back as soon as possible. And also tell me how you deal with your narrator upstaging you... that will be greeeeaaaat..." She pressed the end button on her phone, and plopped her head on the desk. "I want to write again!!!" she lamented.

            Lady Narrator said. "Wherever you go, I'll go."

            Kitta cried. "That's what bothers me."


              At the Mall of Justice Security Offices... located behind the ASPCA City Shopping Mall...

              "Super Duper Crazy Cat (Zale Kent), Donkey Guardian (Harold Jefferson), Atomic Squirrel (Dr. Scott Hayley), Hawk God (Prof. Tony Farley), American Rabbit (Robert "Rob" Rabbit) and Zatarabbit (Harrison Zatana) were just finishing up the cleaning of the Security Headquarters at the Mall of Justice with the assistance of Reindeer Lightning (Quintin Black), Dr. Unicorn, (Lucius Unicorn) and Scarlet Courtesan (Godyva Escamillo) while the new MagiDragon (Peter Hancock-Devlin) and the new Kangaroo Chief, (Jack Roodolph Jr.) waiting nearby with MagiDragon's son, Ernie Devlin. The kawaii adorable toon dragon was fine tuning his motorcycle while he waited for his father to be free for going home." commented SDCC's narrator at a location where the crazy feline couldn't hear him. "Greetings, I am Irvine Huxford, Zale's narrator. Today is our day off; and when we have a day off, I can make comments and he won't hear me. When we are working, I am forbidden from telling him my real name. Zale's heart would be full of butterflies if he ever learned that he was my most favorite hero in Toon Masters. I am actually a fan."

              "Reindeer Lightning, Dr. Unicorn and Scarlet Courtesan had missed the secret Promotion meeting due to toon work issues. But when they learned how the backup members were hurting, they suited up to come in and help the others get the Mall of Justice ready for Richard's new team idea. (Wonder Dog had also missed the meeting due to crime fighting.)"

              Donkey Guardian said, "So that was your cousin on the phone, was it? I didn't know you had one."

              Super Duper Crazy Cat had just placed his cellphone into a compartment inside a pocket in his cape. "I thought I had that phone on voicemail while we were working. You guys continue cleaning up the Mall of Justice while I go and meet up with Richard. He was supposed to be coming to my chateau tonight after he dealt with the cranky bat that I cannot wait to kick out of the JFA. What a horrible pain in the tail! First she vetoes the idea of promoting all of the backup members and then she makes Richard strip naked before leaving the Flitter Cave. If he hadn't had a motorcycle stashed outside, he would have been nude on foot at night."

              Hawk God then said, "She wasn't the only one who vetoed the full promotion of the sidekicks, Zale. Even without Richard, she has an uncanny pull in the team. Try not to purposely crash land on your way home, Zale. You are off duty tonight and no cameras are watching you. So no ratings on your day off."

              Super Duper Crazy Cat replied, "You are right of course, I need to swing by the Litterbox of Solitude and pick up a care package for Richard. Something he and I spoke of before his plan to go dump the bat. I'll be back later with Richard, I hope. I really like him; I sometimes wish he were my sidekick." And the Crazy Cat departed the Mall of Justice en route to the North Pole Cat Zone.

              Dr. Unicorn then said to Hawk God, "Had the rest of us full members been at the meeting, Diana's plot would have failed. Everyone would have been promoted. The JFA are having full members join nearly every month. So it only stood to reason to promote the backup members."

              Earlier at a secluded apartment in Gag'em City...

              After knocking on the door and hearing the muffled words of "who is it?" Richard Grayson replied, "Argo, it's Redbreast albeit out of costume. I will slide the envelop of money under the door as we agreed upon. I am no longer Flittermouse's sidekick, obviously. She kicked me out. I am about to form my own team. I would really like it if you joined us. But I will give you a few days to think about it. As I said before, if you joined us, I would even let you have your own private chamber to yourself. You are a very handsome Arabian Stallion, Argo. I hope you still believe me to be your friend. Well, I have to get going now; I have to meet up with the Crazy Cat later tonight outside of ASPCA City."

              And he walked away a little sad that he wasn't going to get to see Argo's face tonight. As he got out to his motorcycle, he heard a sound from above. "Heads up, Redbreast." As he quickly looked upward, he saw Argo with his window open where he was tossing out a package of some sort toward the anthro robin.

              "We are still friends. You saved me from the police and I still owe you for that. By the Creators, you really are naked. I hope I am not being too forward but you are hot like that."

              Then he pulled his head back into his apartment and closed the window.

              Richard opened the package to find a thermal black trench coat and a simple eye mask also in black. He put them on before getting back on the motorcycle and heading off for his date with the Crazy Cat.


                A Hawk's Discovery of her Powers

                Akita General Hospital

                The events of the Big Kaboom caused by a Tear Gas and a mutagen developed by Catmus Labs has left more than several people in the hospital. Virginia Hawk was in a private room with her wings surgically removed from her back. She was one of the bystanders that got caught in the disaster that stemmed from an all-town gangs fight in Akita. Police Officers, several Gang Members, and Bystanders were DOA or brought to Akita's Hospital to be put in Intensive Care. Others required minor surgery, or in Virgie's case, major surgery. She was in a private room. Some of the other victims were in other rooms but even the Hawk family didn't feel unsafe in the Hospital, especially with Police guarding the rooms of gang members. The gangsters have been cuffed to her beds.

                Shemar Hawk and Mr and Mrs. Hawk were brought into the room where Virgie was resting. The parents were at bedside, looking to care for their daughter, while their son Shemar was looking out the window. a fine view of the smoking crater from what history will know as the Big Kaboom was. It was a destructive scar in the city of Akita, and it was something that would shape the city in the time to come.

                Virgie woke up, albeit slowly "mom... dad... wha-?"

                "Shh..." said Mrs. Hawk. "Rest now, child."

                Mr. Hawk said, "The doctors tell us you were in part of that explosion, Virgie. We are glad you are safe, though there is some bad news that you will find out about soon."

                "i can't... feel my wings..."

                Virgie's mother said, "Rest yourself. You are okay."

                "No she's not!" snapped her younger brother Shemar. "She got herself in the wrong part of town after leaving Regina's house, and look what it got her. A flightless falcon with her wings removed!" He went out the door, and slammed it behind him.

                "Shemar!" said Mr. Hawk, as he went after him. Virgie was tearing up. Mrs. Hawk went to embrace her daughter without touching her back. "It's okay, child. Now is a time for rest."

                She did so, and fell asleep in her mother's arms, albeit crying herself into the lull.

                It was the next morning when Virgie woke up. Her parents were outside scolding Shemar for running off. She was still catheterized, so she didn't have to worry about using a bathroom that much. It was going to take a while for her to get up without help from the nurses. She was reaching for the hand mirror her mother left out of reach. She tried to reach harder, and then electicity encased her hand and the mirror and it moved to her hand. She was shocked. Virgie decided to test it out once again. This time with her mother's purse. She managed to bring it to her lap with intense concentration. She decided to keep it secret for now, but she couldn't help reaching in for a chocolate. She didn't think it would cause harm... unlike her newfound abilities. It is going to take her a while to make a name for herself as a hero, and one day become the Hawk she is destined to be.


                  Kent Chateau

                  Richard arrived on his motorcycle wearing only the trench coat, eye mask and his undershorts. He left his suit cases tied to the back of the motorcycle. He probably could have unpacked his clothes and gotten dressed in his street clothes but he felt like remaining as was and make a statement. Especially since Flittermouse demanded he strip before leaving.

                  At that moment, Super Duper Crazy Cat glided down out of the sky and he landed quietly in front of his front door where he saw Richard waiting on him. "Day off is the only reason I am not making a horrendous crash landing and reciting off a corny joke. Let me look at you, Richard."

                  Richard removed the trench coat and eye mask as he bundled them up and placed them with his suit cases. Then he turned back to face the Crazy visitor from another planet. "Want me to lose the shorts, too?"

                  Zale then powered down and said, "I am not a sadistic bitch like Diana, Richard. But if you want to go in the feathers, who am I to say no? Just be glad Peter isn't here."

                  Richard removed his shorts and laid them over his handlebars.

                  Zale then took Richard inside the chateau and off into the secret elevator where they rode down to the rarely seen Crazy Lair. "I really like you, Richard. I hated how Diana treated you when you were her sidekick. Are you sure you want to found your own team? It won't be an easy trip."

                  Richard smiled at Zale and replied, "I like you too, Zale. And yes, I want to do this. Diana about made me forget what Theatrics was all about. If I didn't make this team, what would happen to me and the others?"

                  Zale hugged Richard close to himself. "A lot of us want to kick Diana out of the JFA. She is one of the worst people in the Federation. And she has Lily in her back pocket. Two ladies on constant PMS is not a good thing for the team. If you didn't make your team, we would remove membership from Flittermouse and American Sparrow and then, you and the others could become full time members. Aside from that, hon... you can live here at the Chateau with me. I have spare bedrooms."

                  Richard asked, "Did you at least remember to fetch me a copy of 'the costume and utility gear'?"

                  Zale smiled. "Yes, I remembered to fetch the costume and gear. You have earned it as far as I am concerned. I even had it tailored to be bullet proof as we talked about previously. My cronies are getting the Mall of Justice ready for your usage, but in truth, I would rather you guys didn't set up shop there."

                  Richard raised his eye brow. "Why not? Is there a snag that you remembered at the last second?"

                  As the elevator door opened into the Crazy Lair, he led Richard out and into a dressing room where he handed him the package containing the new Black, Blue and Gold costume. "The Mall of Justice is in Gag'em City and Flittermouse could walk in on you guys without warning whenever she liked. And that would not be a wise arrangement. Instead, you know how the JFA has a satellite in orbit?"

                  Richard nodded his head as he unpacked the new costume and gear before starting to get dressed in his new outfit and gear. "What of it?"

                  Zale stated, "Shticky Fox suggested to me that you guys should have an orbital headquarters as well. And since he is the bees knees in friendly Creators, I think we should heed his advice, Richard. He actually looked serious when he gave me that suggestion. And when he is serious, its an alarming sight. Downright scary, in my opinion. What have you decided to call your new hero team, Richard? As the Daily Mews reporter, the public will want to know."

                  Richard put on the last of his new costume as he looked at himself in the mirror before he slowly turned around to face Zale Kent. "I am Nightflight... and my new team is called..."
                  "The Toon Titans"

                  Zale smiled as Richard posed like that and the words formed above his head like that. "I am so proud to be your sponsor and mentor, colleague. Shall we see about getting you a new headquarters set up?"

                  Richard smiled as he hugged Zale tightly and gave him a very deep kiss on his lips.

                  And then an alarm was heard in the outer chamber. "Attention Zon-El, your cousin is about to arrive."

                  Richard released Zale and inquired, "You have a cousin?"

                  Zale grinned. "Yes. She is sometimes an annoying pain in the tail but she is in no way as bad as Diana was. Pardon me for a moment..." He went over to a bookcase and pulled on a thick phone book and the wall slid open revealing a chamber full of phone booths! "This looks like a job for..!" He ran into a phone booth and closed the door behind him! Then, the whole phone booth rocked back and forth and spun a few times, then exploded, coming apart at the seams! "Super Duper Crazy Cat!" And SDCC stood there in his full glory with the radiant glow of ever readiness illuminating from his super heroic self! "Evil shall know no rest tonight, colleague! Shall we go meet with Rox-El? Although she prefers to be called Kitta Kent; she is supposedly still on duty. I go back on duty at Midnight."

                  The two heroes came out of the dressing room where just outside in the dormant volcano which contained the Crazy Lair they saw...


                    "SUPER DUPER CRAZY KITTY!!!"

                    She zoomed down in her costume and landed in a deep crater right in front of her cousin. In that brief moment, one can swear that her boobs grew bigger whenever she made her crash landings. It was the infamous parts of her crash landings compared to what her cousin does.

                    Lady Narrator says, "I consider that a 9.5 out of 10, and your breasts grew to a Double E-cup!"

                    SDCK got her head up out of her crater. "Holy chalupas! Please don't tell the boys how big my ladies get when I land!"


                      SDCC smirked. "Good thing the Crazy Lair extends out to fill the old dormant volcano here in Mount Asspen otherwise, I would be angry at my cousin for wrecking my rarely used lair. He then looked up toward a spot in the sky. "Lady Narrator? I am still off duty and in the midst of helping a colleague during my no-theatrics time. Nightflight, Lady Narrator. And vice versa. My cousin is in the crater she made. What is Kitta's problem this time, L.N.?"

                      Nightflight threw a rope out to Kitta in the Crater to help her climb out to solid ground. "It is not for me to judge on how a Crazy Feline's landing can be, Kitta. Zale is helping me set up a new team."


                        Lady Narrator said, "Extreme writer's block for her Theatrics Book. Didn't you listen to her voicemail? She defied logic to Zsa Zsa you by voicemail."

                        SDCK aka Kitta, daughter of Rox-El was not happy with her writer's block. "I'm hurt that you don't pay attention to me, Zon-El! The last surviving daughter of Catnipton. The one that was supposed to take care of you, yet you took care of me. And now I am physically younger than you are! What are you supposed to have me do with this writer's block? I need new material! I need new theatrics... I need a -" She then looked to Nightflight, with a strong interest as if he was holding catnip. "New team?"


                          Nightflight smiled. "That's right, a bunch of us young people are going to be the Toon Titans. Zale was helping me on his day off and we were about to go see about building a new orbital headquarters. Earlier, he helped me get fitted into my new costume. I used to be Redbreast, the unfortunate sidekick to that horrible bat on PMS, Flittermouse. You can call me Richard since we are all on a first name basis at the moment and this isn't public."

                          SDCC nodded his head. "That's right. As for not answering my voicemail, this is mine and my Narrator's day off. When I have a day off, I get to enjoy living without theatrics for a day and my narrator refrains from speaking where I can hear him. I may gripe at him time and again, but according to my fan ratings, that is what the fans like to see. Most fans wish they had a narrator like we do. A few hours with a narrator and most of them would likely change their minds. And that reminds me, Nightflight... now that you are going to be a full time superhero, we need to get a narrator request processed for you. They aren't all hard to put up with and they can even be your friend when you really need someone to talk to."

                          Nightflight nodded his head. "Headquarters first, Narrator processing second. How does the Double T Watchtower sound for an orbital headquarters, Zale?"

                          SDCC grinned. "Don't you mean the Triple T Watchtower. The word 'The' has a 'T' in it as well. Triple power, your team is there..."

                          Nightflight thought it over before hugging SDCC firmly. "Yeah, you are right. Double T would remind me that Flittermouse has two T's in her useless name. If she didn't hold the copyright on Redbreast, I wouldn't have had to change my hero identity."

                          SDCC then looked to Kitta. "You have heard what I am up to today, cuz. I need to get Richard's HQ started before midnight or else my useless Theatrical self will be in orbit making a mess of everything. And I want everything to go just right for Richard and his new team."


                            "Do you need some extra paws, cuz?" said Kitta as she flew herself out of the crater. "I may not be as handy, but two set of paws are better than one."


                              Zale then said, "You can help, but we don't want their new HQ to come apart while a bunch of toons are in orbit no matter how funny and theatrical it may be."

                              Richard then said, "If you were a member of the Titans, you might have all manner of new Theatrical opportunities come your way simply by being around other people. By the way, Zale. I want one portion of the three-way tower to be lit nicely, one portion needs to be shadowy, and the final portion should be high tech with a training chamber and a nice rec room for allowing the team members to watch some decent TV when they aren't being good team members. We also need a decent and well stocked kitchen. Some of us cannot function in the morning without a good breakfast. or in some toons' cases, a good cup of Toon Coffee."

                              Zale asked, "Why the one portion shadowy?"

                              Richard replied, "Because I promised a friend of mine a private place of his own in the new base. He is uneasy around new people and the apartment where he is now isn't very private."