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    [Dark Times] Extreme

    DTE-01 Extreme Adventure
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)
    November 16th, 2018

    Chapter One

    :Somewhere in Dark Times; Toonmasters Dimension:

    "Did you see the report, Shticky?" asked Dark Side as he read over the sports section of the Angeleos Times. Dark Side was a Toonmasters creator appeared to be a real world human male wearing fantastic looking space armor and wielding a scepter like weapon that looked like a giant sized ink pen that was glowing with an eerie light. He had shoulder length black hair with a silver streak across the top, pale yellow eyes, and dark red skin. He had black cloven hooves and large Draconic leathery wings jutting out of his back.

    Shticky Fox was a cartoon fox whose appearance was unmistakable among all the creators. Shticky was a wacky looking cartoon red and white fox with a tool belt full of toon props. He was always sporting a happy smile. "Another loss for the home team. I am beginning to think that a human could do a better job than the serious toons on our competitive teams."

    Dark Side remarked, "If you truly feel that way, old chum, then why don't you go scouting for a young athlete on Earth to come here to score us some important wins. Preferably a cute boy. If you have trouble finding a boy, just remember that they have ding dongs."

    Shticky remarked, "I have half a mind to go do that. Just don't report me as AWOL while I am off fetching this kid."

    Dark Side grinned. "As long as it is a cute boy, I won't say a thing. But if you bring in a skanky girl, I will tattle on you in a heartbeat."

    Shticky also grinned. "And they call us foxes yiffy. Listen to how you are talking. Anyway, I hope to be back soon."

    :Deer Harbor, Washington; Planet Earth:

    "And he scores! Number fourteen; Marshall Fletcher; just kicked the soccer ball for the length of the court into the opponents' goal net. But wait a minute, the referee is calling for a time out to talk to the coaches and a few of the players. Despite the shot being as fantastic as it was, I cannot believe my ears... They are saying that the scoring goal kick is illegal because a foul flag had been dropped just before Marshall made the kick. They are disqualifying the winning kick and Marshall is being sent to the penalty box for continuing play during a foul marker declaration. And now I see Mr. Fletcher walking out on to the playing field; he just grabbed his son and he is escorting him away from the field entirely. Mr. Fletcher is stripping the team uniform off of his son and he is throwing the gear into the Deer Harbor garbage bin. Personally I think the referee made a huge mistake. I was watching from the announcers booth and I didn't see any foul flag being dropped from either team's coach. This wouldn't be the first time that Marshall Fletcher has been called out for a bogus sports ruling. I see the Deer Harbor coach having words with Mr. Fletcher and from the reply, it seems that the Fletcher family has had it with the local sports teams. In this announcers' opinion, without that boy on their team, Deer Harbor just forfeited their championship to the Seattle team. And now for a 60 second commercial break and we will be right back."

    Marshall Fletcher stood at five foot six inches tall with blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. He wore a cartoon fan club ring from the Toonmasters' Racer Rabbit comic book series which promoted fair sportsmanship regardless of the insurmountable odds in which others had against you. Marshall was just barely fourteen years old. He raided his sports locker and began to get dressed in his casual everyday clothing. He was just finishing tying his shoes when he saw the red and white furred legs standing in front of him. Then he saw the swishing tail just behind the legs. He raised himself up to look at the owner of the sexy legs and tail. "Shticky Fox from Toonmasters? I saw your cameo in the last Racer Rabbit comic book. What are you doing here? My dad is about to remove me from every sports team in Deer Harbor."

    Shticky replied, "Dark Times needs your sporting help in Toonmasters. In fact, if you do this for us, I'll see to it that you get to meet Racer Rabbit in the fur."

    Mr. Fletcher had just entered the locker room when he heard Shticky Fox's offer to his son. "Mr. Fox? Arrange for my family to migrate to Dark Times and you may have my permission to enlist my son's aid in whatever sports emergency you have up against you. My son nearly worships Racer Rabbit. Aside from my wife, our family parrot and Marshall's dog, there are two younger sons and the baby twin daughters. They haven't started talking as yet."

    Shticky then said, "Show me the way to your home, Mr. Fletcher, and I will make the arrangements to have your family migrated to Dark Times. We don't have too many humans in Dark Times but with my recommendation, we can get you people integrated into the setting pretty easily. And unlike the QC Planet fiasco, there are no dangers of getting tooned."

    Once the group arrived at the family home, Marshall showed the cartoon fox creator the entire property including the garage and the basement (which had been made over to look like Racer Rabbit's lair in the comic book.) "So what do you think, Shticky? Why did you want to see the family home?"

    Shticky said, "Does your family own the entire property, lock stock and barrel so to speak?"

    Marshall replied, "Yes; although dad wanted to own the entire hill but he couldn't earn the money to buy all of it. We thought it was dad's imagination when he got passed over for a promotion at this work place. But when I started getting disqualified in all of my sporting outings, it just seemed as if the entire community were against us."

    End of Chapter One