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[DT-02] DB-01 Triangle Rescue

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    [DT-02] DB-01 Triangle Rescue

    Dark Times presents...
    Plothole, Animeiyo Continent, Bermuda Triangle

    [DT-02] DB-01 Triangle Rescue.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One.

    Ever since my plane got sucked through the triangle and I crash landed here on the Animeiyo continent, Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse have been trying to assist me in trying to create a way for me to get back into my own universe. I am Gerard Dandelion Prince, son of top CIA agent Leon Electrum Prince. As of this introduction, I am fourteen years old and the year is mid-2000. Ever since several well-known cartoon and anime stars were sucked into the Bermuda Triangle and their home production studios contacted my father, I have been in the thick of assisting the Plothole community for the animated stars trapped here in this land with me. Sometimes I think they enjoy my helping them in my empowered anime rabbit form more than they should in a normal community. But then again, there is nothing normal about this other-dimensional universe. As for how I ended up getting involved with the toon and anime stars trapped here within this animated land, I will let a good old flashback educate you on how I got sidetracked into this situation. And cue the wavy lines...


    Dear Bugs Bunny,

    Thank you, Buster and Babs for the personal autographed pictures that I requested. I didn't think my photographed home-made rabbit costume was all that good but I guess you guys thought otherwise. As agreed upon, if you guys want the costume, just let me know where to send the parcel. How I wish I could have a real adventure with you toons. My dad is one of the best CIA agents or at least that is what his bosses keep saying. The only adventures I get to hear about is the things he did on missions. Sad to say, I am a little jealous. Worse that we are not allowed to have any pets due to mom's allergy to dirty fur. Sometimes I wish I was a super powered rabbit so I could have some real adventures like you and your friends do. I also wish I could tell you where I was currently; due to dad's work, we are often moving around the country and I am sick of moving every three and a half seconds or less. And no I am not trying to be funny. Although we are currently packing our bags and belongings, dad has already mentioned that we will be moving to Norfolk, Virginia for his next mission. If only the toons would request an official agent to assist in something where I could meet you and the others in person.

    Sincerely yours,
    Gerard Dandelion Prince, good fan and very bored teenager.

    PS: Save me from boredom, my toon friends. I beg of you. I will even suck your cock, Bugs, if I can just be involved with the toons in a serious arrangement.

    Gerard folded the letter and inserted it into an envelope before holding it up above his head and saying, "Fan Mail, Bugs Bunny!" And the envelope vanished out of his hand bound for parts unknown.

    At that moment, his father, Leon Electrum Prince came into the room from the kitchen and he said, "Gerard? Although we are going to be moving soon, my contact at the Pentagon just handed me a new mission to handle in Norfolk. Although I shouldn't involve you in my missions, Gerard, Warner Brothers and Disney are both missing a plane load of their well known animated stars after their plane failed to arrive at the Arlington Air Port. Since you have been in written contact with Bugs Bunny, I want to ask you for your help in finding your favorite toons. I firmly believe that a younger mind can think outside the box and have a better chance at finding your heroes than an older man could. Are you interested in helping to locate Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse? Their production studios are offering a huge reward for their safe return. I trust your abilities in outside the box thinking, Gerard."

    Gerard smiled at that offer. "Am I ever?! I was bored out of my mind, dad! I just sent Bugs Bunny a fan reply to the signed photos he sent of himself, Buster and Babs!"

    Leon said, "Let me see these fan photos, son, while you grab your favorite jacket and your ID wallet. We will board the Black Knight and head up for the Norfolk Air Force Base."

    An hour later, Gerard was cleared through security clearance into the briefing chamber at the air force base where Leon showed the fan photos to the Pentagon General in charge. "Bugs Bunny sent my son these fan photos of himself, Buster and Babs at whatever location they are at right now. I do not recognize the background scenery where they are standing, Ma'am."

    General Alice Carroll shook hands with Gerard as she said, "Welcome to the Norfolk Air Force Base, Gerard. These are interesting fan photos. How long have you been in written contact with Bugs Bunny?"

    Gerard replied, "Once every three to six days and he is usually good about replying to my letters. It used to be more often until the plane crash. He told me in the last letter that they weren't sure where they were marooned at currently. Bugs told me that he, his Warner brand friends and their stunt doubles are all congregated within one camp site while the Disney crew are at another camp site. He told me in the letter that Fan mail and toon cameras still work while radios and television broadcasting equipment cannot penetrate the outer cloud layer that seems to surround the land mass they are marooned upon. I can send another letter right now if you need me to get word to them."

    General Carroll replied, "We have reason to believe that the toon stars are trapped within the Bermuda Triangle. We have been in touch with Cloud Land Rescue Services and they have told us that if where the toons are operates in the way they are thinking, then there is only one way to get them out of there. Noble Heart Horse contacted World Builder Services and procured a world space to be available when the rescue occurs. There is only one catch... We need to send someone into the Triangle trap where the toons are so he whom is sent in can place Rescue Anchors all around the island continent. Noble Heart said that when the rescue occurs, it will bring the entire continent out of the triangle and place it upon the awaiting new world that they are arranging for this rescue attempt. After that, a Star Gate will provided by World Builder Services that would allow Earth people to come and go from the vacation resort whenever they liked. Warner and Disney would of course set up production studios within the new tourist capable filming mecca. Would you like to be the one whom goes into the Triangle, Gerard? That way, Bugs and the others can help you secure the anchors. Without these anchors, going in is one way and getting out would be impossible."

    Gerard then said, "Better make that two Star Gates, then... Warner and Disney have a rivalry going and I get the feeling they won't want to share a Star Gate. It is rather petty at the moment since they both want their toons back. If I may ask, what is the Cloud Lands similarity that Noble Heart Horse feels the Triangle is similar to?"

    General Carroll replied in a serious tone. "Noble Heart called it a non-space trap referred to by time police as Tomorrow. Once you are stuck there, you need outside help to get free."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two.

    General Carroll then continued. "Noble Heart said that the purpose of bringing the entire continent out would be if the Bermuda Triangle tried to send anyone else to the continent, they would arrive on the new world rather than be trapped in a non-space. Since you have been in contact with Bugs Bunny, we want to give you the opportunity to go in to be their hero."

    Gerard said, "Say no more! I'll do it!"

    Leon smiled. "That's my boy. Your ability to think outside the box will help you to find the toons and succeed in your mission. And after the rescue, I am going to give you permission to spend time with the toons as much as you like since you think so highly of them."

    Gerard smiled as he blushed. "Thanks, dad. You are way nicer than mom and that weird allergy of hers. Um, How are we going to trick the Triangle into pulling me directly to where the other toons got sent to?"

    General Carroll remarked, "The Warner executives commissioned and created what they call the Toon Chameleon Padded Suit. The padding will contain the Rescue Anchors and you will be wearing the suit with clear visor sealed until after you verify that you found the toons. When all of the Rescue Anchors are securely buried under big rocks all around the continent, You will then send us a toon mail to state that the anchors are in place. After that, we will send word to Noble Heart Horse to start the rescue. During the rescue, it might feel as if the entire island continent is trying to leap out of the ocean. But do everything in your power to hang on to Bugs Bunny even if you have to place a lip-lock on his muzzle."

    Gerard said, "Sounds to me like as long as they get Bugs Bunny back, they don't care what happens to the rest. But I am not backing out of this mission."

    General Carroll said, "We have coated the entire plane you will be in with a fine layer of toon paints from both studios. At first, the plane you will be in will be under remote control as it follows the flight path the other studio planes took. Once the Triangle latches on to your plane, do not bale. The remote control will automatically switch off and then you let the triangle bring you in. After landing, locate the toons and begin placing the rescue anchors. Send the toon note once all anchors are in place and then prepare for the ride to the other world. Any questions?"

    Gerard said, "Sound pretty straight forward to me. I'll send Bugs the toon mail to expect my arrival to help save them. Then get me into the suit and aboard the plane and then, we will begin the rescue efforts. Think happy thoughts, dad."

    Leon said, "Never give up, son. That's all that I can ask."

    After sending the emergency toon mail note to Bugs Bunny to inform the toons that he was coming to rescue them, he was then shown the Toon Chameleon padded suit that looked more like a space suit than a rescue suit. Donning the suit and shown where the anchors were located, he was guided out to the one-engine plane that had only one use, to get the boy out to where the toons were last reported at before they fell off the radar. Word was then sent to Noble Heart that the toon fan was boarding the plane for the rescue effort. The plane lifted off.

    Gerard had a clear view of the weather the plane was flying through and at first, nothing seemed amiss. He then saw a green fog with a glowing orange border rising up in front of the plane. He noted what the barometric pressure was at the spot where this was occurring before he wrote out a toon note with the data and he sent it back to his father. And that's all he had time to do as the plane's auto-pilot switched off and it felt like the plane was in free-fall as it began descending rapidly. But then the unexpected occurred as the plane began to come apart at the seems until Gerard fell through the non-existent plane and that was when he learned that the suit was waterproof and acted as a flotation device as he hit the water and began skidding forward over the top of the water toward the shoreline of a land mass where spelled out in stones was the word Plothole. As he slid up on the beach nearly upside down, he quickly began to see toon rabbits crowding around him as they grabbed him by the sides and began to haul him away from the coastline toward what looked like one of two camps.

    Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse were meeting in regards to the boy's latest note when they got the word that the boy arrived. The two quickly went over to Camp Warner and assisted in helping Gerard get out of the suit. Then Gerard explained to the two what the plan was before asking, "Is there any part of this plan that you feel might be dangerous to complete?"

    Mickey Mouse said, "This island continent is actually two islands connected by shallows. When we first arrived here, the few humans we were with noted that it seemed that human activity had migrated over to the other island. They told us to stay here and they went to check it out. When they didn't come back, the Warner humans thinking the Disney humans found a way off the island went after them and they never returned either. We then sent in our sneakiest toons to see what was going on over there. There is a devolved human society on the other island that is similar to Lord of the Flies. Evolved humans are locked up in prison stockades for being too smart. Either devolve and join them, or stay locked up. Rescuing those whom arrived with us would be nice, although, Eisner can stay a prisoner over there. It was his fault that most of the Disney afternoon got canceled."

    Bugs said, "The shallows are actually sand covered magma pipes that connect the two volcanoes on both islands. The magma pipes could easily be broken through during high tide which would cause flooding in those lower tunnels. We could rescue the good humans that we like, but as with Disney there are a few Warner undesirables that we would rather leave behind. Like the guys whom almost got Wile E. Coyote killed and the executives that ruined the Road Rovers show and renewed Freakazoid, of all the stupid things. He's a toon human lunatic whom runs around in his underwear. At least the rovers wore clothes."

    Gerard said, "How hard would it be to rescue the good humans that you like before the main rescue?"

    Bugs said, "It would have to be a night hit or a lot more of us might get captured. Thankfully, Krypto is in camp with us. We know you have to plant the rescue anchors around our island continent. We can use heat vision or sharp shovels to sever the other island continent away from ours by breaking the magma pipes that make the shallows. The devolved humans apparently have forgotten how to swim."

    Gerard said, "Send the word out. This is the plan. I will take a few stunt rabbits with me to plant the rescue anchors. Krypto can do the rescue of the good humans, tonight."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three.

      At nightfall, the two teams headed out to do their tasks. Gerard was with the Stunt rabbits most whom looked like Bugs Bunny. Bugs, Mickey and several other Disney muscle bound toons were in position to break the magma pipes to separate the two islands. Krypto cloaked in black soot flew over to the island and began hooking up rescue ropes to cages containing the good humans. Those whom had been rowdy to say they were smart were all in one cage. This included Eisner and several other Warner Executives that all swore that they knew more than the Neanderthals knew. Around Midnight, a continent wide tremor went off when Bugs and Mickey authorized the severing of the shallows to break the one island away from the other. Krypto was seen just barely toting four huge wooden cages from the South island Continent to the North Island Continent. As the last of the rescue anchors were buried in their proper places, Gerard gave a deep kiss to each of the stunt rabbits whom helped him with this task. "I'll give you guys a blow job later when we have more privacy." They headed back to camp where the regroup occurred. Krypto then made his report. "The cavemen took the super smarties whom couldn't keep their mouths shut deep into one of the caves to an underground cage. That made it easier for me to know which cages to rescue from the devolved society." Gerard said, "All rescue anchors were buried all around the main island continent. I just need to send the toon mail back to General Carroll so word can be sent to Noble Heart Horse to get their part of the rescue started. If the studios ask what happened to Eisner and the other Warner execs, the best thing to say is that they abandoned you guys on the North beach to look for a way off the island. And you never saw them again."

      Bugs and Mickey both said, "Agreed!"

      Bugs then said, "When we broke the shallows, the South Island Continent slid further Southward rapidly as low lying beaches were inundated with seaward flooding."

      Gerard nodded his head. "Its a good thing you broke the shallows; I discovered that I wasn't given enough rescue anchors to circle both islands." He then sat down and wrote up the toon mail back to the Norfolk Air Force Base and he sent it off. "Toon-Mail!" And it vanished out of Gerard's hands. After that, Gerard sat off with the Stunt doubles and as promised, he gave them all a blow job for their helping him to bury the rescue anchors. He ended up swallowing a lot of their toon rabbit fluids. Then the rabbits slept all around the boy.

      Early the next morning, every rescue anchor fired off a rainbow beam into the Heavens above the island continent as the entire shoreline became a glowing rainbow ribbon as the entire island was lifted up out of the water and it flew up through a hole in the upper atmosphere where it then slid sideways until it lined up with the next available dimensional hole and the island continent then lowered itself down through the hole which closed behind them and then the island continent was secured into the ocean just off the coast of what appeared to be an animated North America. It then snowed in the Northern part of the island continent while the Southern end of the island continent became temperate. Animated Bermuda was just Southeast of the Animeiyo island continent where the rescuees were now securely at.

      The World Builders were on the mainland getting the rest of the Animated World ready for tourism and occupation. When the world builders arrived on the island continent, they arranged a Star Gate portal service that would take the toons and humans from the island continent to Animated Burbank on the West Coast of Animated North America. so they could reach either Disney or Warner Corporate headquarters. But a secondary service would permit them to go anywhere they wanted within reason. Mickey Mouse lived in Florida while Bugs Bunny lived on Long Island in New York. The Bugs Bunny Stunt Union made an inquiry of Gerard of where his favorite place to live was and the boy told them that his family had once lived just outside of Crystal Cove, California, just South of Irvine. Based on that information, The stunt rabbits asked for the new stunt rabbit union headquarters to be rebuilt just outside of animated Crystal Cove, California, with a shortcut star gate portal giving access between the stunt union and Bugs Bunny's estate on Long Island. They wanted the boy to have access to Bugs Bunny any time he wanted. Leon and the idiot executives then arrived on the new animated world where Gerard was treated like a hero for rescuing their esteemed toon properties. Gerard then mentioned that as his reward for helping, he wanted any time access to any of the studio toons any time he wanted. No matter what. This meant both Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse. After making that request, Gerard made an arrangement with his father to permit him to live on the new planet in Crystal Cove because he had made friends with the stunt bunnies. His father was quite reasonable and granted his son permission to live in the home of his choice in Crystal Cove as long as Leon could periodically check on him. Not surprisingly, Gerard chose a modest two-story home just South of the new Stunt Rabbit Union Headquarters. The new home also had animated maid service to help keep the place clean.

      After being handed his luggage from his father, Gerard's first order of business within the new home was to take a bath and put on clean clothes. Leon was too polite to say it in front of the Studio heads, but once they were in private, Leon told his son, "You smell like rabbit oral sex, Gerard. I know you love the rabbits, but please bathe before someone else notices what seems to be all over your face and nose."

      Leon then said, "I got the information you were asking about in regards to the Animeiyo Dream Boy Junior project. While you bathe, I can tell you what it is all about."

      Gerard then got naked and into the tub. As he got his bubble bathe started, his father said, "The Rover Rovers creator, Dr. Shepard, is the head project scientist in charge of the program. It is in his opinion that the reason the Senior program is not working for Dr. Anderson is because he is trying to empower adults whom have closed minds. They don't think the way teenagers think. As in outside the box, like you, Gerard. When I told Dr. Shepard that you were interested in the program, he indicated that you would be a prime choice."

      Gerard remarked, "How soon can I sign up for his project, Dad? You know me... I want to help."

      Leon replied, "There is some paperwork you need to fill out and on the day of empowerment you are allowed to bring up to four friends for support to witness your transformation."

      Gerard smiled. "I know whom I will bring. There were four main stunt bunnies that helped me out of the water as I arrived on the island and they helped me to bury the rescue anchors."

      Leon said, "The when your bath ends, you fill out the paperwork, then we pick up your stunt bunny friends and head over to Shepard's labs which are actually located Northeast of here."

      Leon smirked. "Remember... use deodorant, please."

      Once Gerard finished his bath and used deodorant, he drained the tub and he got dried and clothed before his father sat him down to fill out the project paperwork. When that was done, Gerard sent word to his stunt bunny friends to let them know why he needed them so soon. After the stunt bunnies arrived, Leon escorted the group over to Shepard's labs. Heading inside, Leon then handed the paperwork over to Shepard whom had other teenagers already in the chamber with him.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four.

        The stunt union bunnies stayed out of the way for the time being since they were curious about Gerard's empowerment choice.

        Dr. Shepherd had several other teenagers mostly male and one female. "Gerard Prince? This is Valiance Knightmane, Darren Hayes Montauk "Dazmont" Merlock, Steven "Jag" Draughn, Jameson "Jamie" Zamak and Lena Hawthorne. The current volunteers for Animeiyo. The last three are cat fans."

        Gerard couldn't help making the obvious open joke since the cat fans were comprised of two males and one female. "So those three are the Samurai Pizza Cats?"

        Dr. Shepherd smirked. "But which is which? Anyway, its time to get you guys prepared for the empowerment process."

        After a brief change of clothes into one piece bathing suits, the volunteers were placed into empty fluid capsules and every teenager was equipped with a snorkels which were connected to oxygen hoses. Then the capsules where closed up and the empowerment fluids began to fill up each capsule with colored cream like goop which submerged each human teenager. Dr. Shepherd then began to fine tune in the animal choices the volunteers requested during volunteering.

        Gerard wasn't sure what the other teenagers were feeling, but to him, he felt electrical pain cascading throughout his whole body as his eyes felt like they were on fire as his body felt as if it was becoming slender yet athletic at the same time. He felt his head puffing out around his nose and chin while it felt as if his ears were being stretched up over his head. And perhaps worse was his agonizing feet pain because it felt like his feet were inflating to a new size. And near the end of the transformation, it felt as if his tail bone was itching something fierce as it felt like something was growing out of his back side. At the same time, his genitals painfully transformed within his shorts as he felt his sheathe forming. And finally, he felt his new fur growing in all over his entire body. With his new muzzle not quite fitting the snorkel properly, he felt the fluids entering through the sides of his muzzle as he could taste the semen like fluids seeping down his throat. He was soon sporting an erection much as Stunt Bunny Bugs had been earlier when Gerard first met him.

        He then heard Dr. Shepherd exclaim, "Calm down, Gerard! The empowerment process isn't finished yet! Clench your eyes shut hard! Just hold out for another minute or so! Please!"

        In the next moment, it felt as if the snorkel and oxygen hose dislodged from his new muzzle as it felt like he was now drowning within the empowerment fluids. He quickly began tapping on the capsule glass in Morse code... 'I cannot breathe'. And following that, the fluids began boiling within the capsule as Dr. Shepherd began to quickly shutdown Gerard's capsule and he hit the drain fluids button. As the remaining fluids drained out of the capsule, Gerard began vomiting out the remaining fluids which had gotten into his throat and stomach moments before he felt as if he had diarrhea as he felt fluids soiling his shorts while he wore them. Gerard's new appearance looked like Ace Bunny of Loonatics Unleashed even though that animated character had not been created yet.

        As the capsule was opened, Dr. Shepherd handed off Gerard to the stunt rabbits and instructed them to clean him up in the shower room and make sure he got an enema as well as a full muzzle and throat cleansing. It was important that the boy remembered who he had been.

        An hour later, the stunt rabbits had a cleaned up Gerard Bunny at the ready for Dr. Shepherd's inspection. "What was your full human name?" the human researcher asked.

        "Gerard Dandelion Prince."

        "Do you remember the names of your family members? And if so, please name them."

        "My father's full name is Leon Electrum Prince and he is a C.I.A. agent as well as a weekend live-action role player; My mother's full name is Rianne Luna Lombard-Prince and she was a library researcher and former secretary for a hunter organization; she is currently a housewife. My older sister's full name is Lupa-Vega Babe Prince and she is interested in rocket sciences. We have one older brother whom is already off at college majoring in business and sales. His name is Klayton Willowby Prince; although he usually drops the Prince surname and calls himself Klayton Willowby. He is the only member of the family whom has black hair."

        "Gerard? You have only lived in one location before today. Where was that location?"

        That was when Gerard broke out of his casual answering stance as he growled, "As if?! Dad was all the time moving the family here, there and everywhere right after each and every mission he came home from! Lupa and I bitched repeatedly about having to move so often! I hope you were joking about living in only one location!"

        Dr. Shepherd smiled. "Yes, that last question was to make sure you were in your right mind, Gerard. Since you passed my test, let's get you suited up into an outfit and see about naming your new lapine identity. And remember... always be careful about naming yourself; once you choose something, you will be saddled with that name for life. Even if you grow to hate the name, the public will still call you by the first name you gave the rabbit."

        Gerard then asked, "How did the others fare in their empowerment, Dr. Shepherd?"

        Dr. Shepherd replied, "Only your empowerment worked, Gerard. And that frankly puzzles me. The empowerment fluids were the same in all cases, except yours was the only one that worked. This is a mystery that I need to sort out."

        Gerard then thought about it before saying, "Perhaps not the same, sir." And he then explained how he had given the stunt bunnies a blow job back on the rescue island and it hadn't been twenty-four hours as yet, and he hadn't eaten anything else before now and then he also got a healthy dose of the empowerment fluids down his throat. "If the others never received the added species catalyst then they didn't receive the same dosage that I had. I didn't mean to drink their semen, sir, but it just happened when I was giving them a reward for helping me with the rescue anchors."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five.

          Dr. Shepherd said with a grin, "Rabbits and Foxes really do have one-track minds. Since your explanation might be the necessary missing formula link, I will need to make some phone calls and then attempt the others' empowerment a second time. In the meantime, decide on your uniform design and what name or names you will be calling your rabbit. And remember the warning I gave you. Choose carefully. You don't want to permanently be called... Shit Bunny, do you?"

          Gerard made a bleck face as he replied, "I have some ideas in mind for my lapine names, sir. I was thinking about joining the stunt bunny union under the name Dandelion; but my heroic name would be Star Rabbit or shortened to Star for ease of use. Star Rabbit, the Security Bunny; and Dandelion, Stunt Bunny for Hire. What do you think? Two identities defined upon what outfit my lapine is wearing at the time. When wearing the hero outfit, he would be Star; when wearing his casual clothes and stunt gear, he would be Dandelion."

          Dr. Shepherd said, "Then we should be getting your uniforms in order. But we also need to be finding out what your powers are. I have an idea on what one of your powers might be. When you were in the empowerment capsule, the boiling fluids wasn't caused by the machine, Gerard. You have some sort of Molecular Vision power."

          "I know my eyes felt like they were on fire while the rest of my body felt electrified. I have martial arts from the lessons that my father instructed me in to defend myself from bullies in the various places that we have lived. As for any other powers, we will have to run some tests."

          Using Zero-G simulation and switching the controls between on and off at odd intervals, they learned that Gerard's lapine identity could fly while another test rendered an invulnerability power. Unlike Superman, he didn't have super breath or as Gerard called it, breath so bad that would knock the buzzard off of the shit wagon. Also unlike the man of steel, Gerard did not have super strength nor was he completely impervious. Blunt items broke against his body while sharp items like a medical needle could still penetrate his outer hide. He also could not fly faster than the speed of light. He could barely reach the speed of sound if he really pushed it. However, he had super senses, like a rabbit would and he could manipulate his lapine ears to make various semaphore like sign language if he was trained to do so. This meant that he could eventually learn the Ear-Lang of the Frontier Rabbits.

          After receiving his stunt uniform chosen by the three stunt bunnies, they took Gerard off to the stunt bunny union to get him registered under his new stunt bunny identity.

          Stunt Bunny Bugs said, "Just remember this one rule of thumb, Dandelion: never talk about how you used to be a human unless they figure it out on their own. As long as they think you are the newest stunt bunny, you can get signed up officially and you will receive offers to perform stunts for various lapine stars in the industry. They will require you to perform a screen test during sign up. Just make sure you let the camera man know the type of work you are best suited for."

          Signing up for espionage stunt performances, his screen test went swimmingly as he got the attention of a few directors especially so when he identified an arsenic scent coming from one of the prop trunks. When he opened the trunk along with stage security at the ready, his alert nature proved to be correct. The entire trunk had been laced with the stuff. And that was bad because an animal star was supposed to be locked into that trunk later in the day for a filming session. "You have good senses, Dandelion. It is going to be a pleasure having you around the filming studios. Your screen test was better than most stunt rabbits from ages past. Almost as if you were raised in that lifestyle. We'll be in touch with you later."

          Upon their return to Animeiyo, Gerard saw that the others had finally completed their empowerment processes and were now getting the examination from Dr. Shepherd. There was a tall muscular mouse man built like a body builder; there was a white furred Norse wolf man in much the same build as Gerard; There was a jaguar man with a South American appearance yet stood much like the wolf did; There was an African lion man with a similar build to the mouse man; and there was a white furred female Persian cat woman built like a sexy Miss America, yet there was something magical about her aura and overall appearance. "I see you got the empowerment done, Dr. Shepherd," said Dandelion as he now worked on his heroic outfit at the same table with the others. "I got signed up with the Stunt Bunny Union in the Espionage division."

          Dr. Shepherd asked, "Did you have any problems getting signed up?"

          "In truth, no," he replied. "I even helped them to locate a poison laced trunk that a rival actor sabotaged which was in their prop department. The Union Directors really like me."

          The mouse whom had been Valiance said, "I can fly too, Gerard, and you aren't the only one with secret agent family members. Both of my parents are secret agents with Whitehall; they are currently M.I.A. Jamie and Lena can also fly, although Lena and Dazmont are the magical ones."

          Steven said, "My nickname in high school was Jag and I would appreciate it if you called me by that nickname as well. At any rate, I am assisting Dr. Shepherd with our quick change costume changer devices. If only the Swat Kats had access to this stuff back in their hay day."

          Gerard couldn't help but to make a nice comment. "You turned out sexy and slender like me, Jag. So you are the science wizard on the Animeiyo team?"

          Jag replied, "It was more than a passing fancy back in high school. I even surpassed Paul Haley's science scores which often made him mad when he thought he was about to wow the teachers only to have me show up with something I invented years ago that functioned far better than his stuff did. I am the Jaguar version of Bond's Q; only my stuff doesn't blow up."

          Another hour passed at the design table before Jag handed out Pendant Necklaces which had some sort of circuitry built in. "These are your costume changer pendant necklaces. They can be activated in one of three ways. You can reach up and tap them with one hand which will activate the quick change function which will replace the clothes you are wearing with the heroic outfit in your chosen colors. Until I can fine tune the costumes, they are all similar in appearance save for their color schemes. Number two activation method, say the words, 'Level Up'." You do not have to shout these words. Later we can fine tune your words to make it unique to you alone. Method number three... I have the pendants mentally attuned to your own thought processes. If you are ever gagged and/or you have your hands tied behind your back, you can still change costumes in a flash simply by thinking the costume change words. In the case of those of us with long tails or manipulating appendages, you can use their prehensile capability to touch the pendant with a tail tip or ear tip in Gerard's case and make the costume switch. You can even designate a trusted friend or significant other the ability to activate your pendant for you in any of the methods although the costume change only functions for your body. The pendant Necklaces can be worn under your jump suits and shirts and still be activated."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six.

            Jag then continued, "When you are ready to switch back to casual mode, just say or think the words 'Power Down'. This should keep the process as simple as possible for now." He stepped out into the center of the chamber and demonstrated the costume changer so the others could see how it was going to look. "Level Up!" And he was covered in a Spandex outfits which had black form-fitting pants, a gold belt with the Animeiyo symbol upon it, the torso was covered in a form-fitting Spandex white tee shirt with a cool looking leather jacket in their chosen color also having the Animeiyo symbol upon the right hand side of the chest. Their leather gloves and boots were the one color and they all had cool looking light sensitive goggles with a communicator ear piece built into them. The whole ensemble had a style all their own. "The goggles are something that I put together years ago for a government project that was never fully approved. So we get to use them now. They have view sensitized lenses which become sunglasses in bright light, clear viewing night vision goggles in darkness and they even have a built in communicator for contacting other Animeiyo team members. The costumes are self-sanitizing which is done the moment you change into and out of your costumes. This will keep foul odors and filth away from your overall appearance when it is important to look and smell clean."

            Jag then powered down and said, "Team vehicles will take a few days. Even if you can fly, it is important that you have a team vehicle during those times when you don't feel like flying or in a guys' case, when you just want to 'Wow the babes'. We will all get motorcycles, cool cars, water vehicles, air craft vehicles and even space craft vehicles. I am even planning Ice, Inline and Roller skates as well as Surf and Skate Boards in our colors."

            Dr. Shepherd said, "Everyone line up and announce the names you have chosen to use in your heroic identities. This is for the official record."

            "Level Up!" Gerard was second in line, thank the gods. He didn't want to be first even though the government had the highest respect for him. "American Mouse!" "Star Rabbit!" "Whitepaw!" Princess Arcana!" "Lion Lord!" Crusader Jaguar!" And at the end, they together shouted, "We are the Champions! Project Animeiyo!"

            At that moment, a representative from the Pentagon came into the room holding a clip board and she had a pencil over one ear. She was wearing a blue naval uniform with a white cap on her head. "Well done, Dr. Shepherd. Your version of Animeiyo puts Dr. Anderson's version to shame."

            Star Rabbit exclaimed, "I know you! You're Admiral Priscilla Thompson! The Pentagon operative who goes around and personally checks on all of the government issue projects to make sure they are still operational and to get progress reports!"

            She smiled as she looked at the rabbit. "That is right and how would you know that, Mr. Rabbit?"

            Star Rabbit replied, "You came to a Thanksgiving dinner at my family's home in Boston when we lived there to personally give my father his next mission. Hannah was busy with something else. You might say my father is the best party goer in the C.I.A. He only needs twelve hundred and fifty experience points to go up a level."

            Admiral Thompson grinned. "Gerard Prince. I am glad to know that the Prince blood ended up in this project. But let us try to keep this inspection professional, shall we?"

            Star Rabbit remained quiet after that. The project only worked because of his idea to add in the actual species catalyst into the empowerment fluids. He still wasn't sure which stunt bunny contributed the empowerment abilities; but having all four helped the process. However, what puzzled him was why he ended up looking like a bunny in which there were no Warner matches of whatsoever. (Note to readers: Ace Bunny of Loonatics Unleashed 2005 has yet to be animated in this time line; Ace would have yellow highlights; Gerard had silver highlights.)

            The only part of this project that Gerard didn't like was that it seemed to dig into his fan time with the toons and stunt bunnies. "Dr. Shepard? Are you finished with us for the day? I am feeling the need to go use the restroom and find something to eat later."

            Dr. Shepard replied, "Is the need to use the restroom a human desire or a rabbit desire? If it is a human desire, then you may leave. Otherwise, we need to run tests on your rabbit pellets to see if your powers are going to be permanent or not. I know it sounds disgusting; but this was covered in the fine print of the paperwork you filled out."

            Gerard was then shown the exact section on the manure testing. "So if I power down and still feel the need to go as a human, then I may leave for the day. Otherwise, I get to poop into a collector for you." He turned to the others. "Were you aware of this part of the contract when you signed up?"

            Jag spoke up at that point. "No one said I had to poop into a collector and it wasn't pointed out in the contract either. I am related to lawyers and I read the whole sign-up form and never saw that on the original before I signed." The others all agreed with Jag. No one had been told about having their manure tested.

            Gerard brought over the suspicious form with his signature on it and he showed it to Jag. Then to Shepard's shock, Jag pulled out his tablet device and brought open a PDF file that looked like the original form without a signature. Jag said, "I scanned this into my parents computer network before I filled out the form and signed it. And as we can all see, in the original when compared to this doctored near duplicate of the form, there is no mention of the manure testing. It says that if successful, we would be on call if the Govt needed us."

            Gerard then powered down to his human form and he fled out of the room to the men's room where he barely made it to a stool, yanked down his pants and starting doling out soft serve in droves. "I ALMOST DIDN'T MAKE IT!" After he had gone into the restroom, the others began to wonder when their own diarrhea would begin. The stunt bunnies all went into the restroom where the boy was to keep him company. One said, "This was one reason we wanted to warn you not to drink a toon animal's semen, Gerard. Diarrhea is one of the following results."

            Gerard asked, "What else can happen?"

            Stunt Bunny Bugs replied, "With four times the dosage of our semen down your throat like we did on the island, you could eventually lose the ability to revert to human entirely."

            The boy continued to poop out a steady stream of soft stuff. It didn't feel like pellets. "So in effect, by drinking your fluids, I agreed to join the species." They all nodded, yes.

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven.

              Out in the main chamber, Admiral Thompson was now looking at the contract evidence that the team was making sure to loudly complain about. She said, "Shepard? I remember the original contracts myself and that extra fine print was not on the originals. Just fess up as to whom placed that into the sign-up forms and I won't have to give a negative report on you."

              Dr. Shepard replied, "Before I moved my labs here to The Animated Zone for Entertainers (TAZERS, for short,) one General Michaels visited both Anderson and I to hand us these new forms to make sure the sign-ups signed and understood. His reasoning was that the empowerments could be working; but by using the restroom, the subjects were pooping it out before it could take a permanent hold within the body. It sounded reasonable and that was why we didn't verify the change to the contracts back with the main hub."

              Shepard then said, "Please don't quit the project! Until you people came along, I have never seen a successful empowerment occur within our labs at all! You six youths were the first!"

              Jag remarked, "Back up a second, Shepard. At first, our empowerments failed while Gerard's was the only one that worked. Then he revealed the missing catalyst to you. We five thought that it sounded disgusting; but we were willing to try it if it meant that we would get the empowerments that we had requested. Jagwar of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was all too glad to donate his fluids to me. King Thun the Lion Man of the old Flash Gordon cartoon helped Jamie. Tigra of the Thunder Cats helped Lena. Gere the Asgardian God-Wolf helped Dazmont. Sorcerer Mickey and Mighty Mouse both donated a mix of their empowered genetic material turned liquid to help Valiance acquire his Sam abilities. But now I have to wonder something extra... why weren't the rest of us hit by the diarrhea that Gerard seemed to get hit with after his initial empowerment? We are still standing here while he is in the men's room."

              At that moment, Dandelion, Stunt Bunny for Hire, walked back into the outer chamber flanked by all four stunt bunnies. Dandelion said, "The rest of you will not have to worry about diarrhea. Not unless you drank four times the catalyst like I accidentally did. But let me warn you ahead of time, if you do this, you will eventually lose your humanity. I am on a timer currently. As long as I focus on becoming human when I power down, I will become human as a result. But if I forget, Dandelion will be the result. I want to also suggest that all successful empowerment subjects be permitted to have homes in the Crystal Cove area within our own little Animeiyo community. I know there are no bedrooms here in the labs and my father will rescue me from here if you try to hold me prisoner here."

              He then continued, "I already have a home in Crystal Cove. The others wouldn't have issues getting their own homes set up on the street with mine. Perhaps we could have a training chamber accessible underground and connected to each of our homes so that you, Shepard, could monitor our progress. Another thing... I never agreed to fully join your junior hero team. I said I would help to make the project successful. I am an independent hero. A back up member if the team should ever need my help against the enemy."

              Admiral Thompson said, "I think Gerard Prince's suggestion is a good one. Successful empowerment project members can join the Crystal Cove Animeiyo community. That would make it easier for us to check on them within reason. Gerard already has such an arrangement with his father. Jag could have a government supported lab on his property for his own use. Is this to the team's liking?"

              After a brief huddle, the empowered teenagers agreed to the conditions being laid out for them.

              With toon assistance and the world builder's help, the street where Gerard was choosing to live in Crystal Cove was soon occupied by more homes of the project teenagers' choices. After the others got moved in they had a quiet pow-wow in Gerard's backyard where a gate into the Stunt Bunny Union Headquarters was clearly visible. Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse arrived via the star portal shortcut, although their focus seemed to be more on Gerard than anyone else. Bugs said, "I conferred with Sorcerer Mickey in regards to a medicine you can take periodically that would help you to retain your humanity, Gerard. I know you said you wanted to give me a blow job; but had I known that you were going to do that with the stunt bunnies, I could have stopped you and prevented you from accidentally setting yourself up with a species loss trigger."

              Mickey Mouse then said, "Now for the bad news... The undesirables we left behind on the triangle's South Island were found washed ashore on the North beaches of Barbuda Island. Aside from telling us toons to stay at the refuge camp, they don't remember much else. Our bosses already have our report on how these people abandoned us to save themselves to get out of the Triangle. The Undesirables are being kept in a Mental Recovery Hospital back on Earth and are not being told that we toons are in TAZER."

              Gerard smirked. "Apparently not even the Triangle wanted to keep those people that you guys didn't want."

              Bugs said, "The Warner Executives and the Disney Executives have already accepted yours and your father's offer to keep an eye on the toons here on TAZERS. Eisner and the others lost out on controlling us when they left us to fend for ourselves at the camp sites where you found us."

              Gerard then asked, "What did the Warner executives say when you showed them the picture of my finalized empowerment rabbit form of Star Rabbit, Bugs? I find it odd that by drinking the stunt bunnies fluids that I ended up with a rabbit form that doesn't match anyone in the database."

              Bugs replied, "It took some sweet talking and begging; but the rabbit you ended up looking like is for a TV show that is still under construction. You are nearly identical to the leader whom they are calling Ace Bunny whom is to be my future descendant in the year 2772. He has pale gold highlights and your highlights are silver. Apparently one of the stunt bunnies was created ahead of time to represent the team leader if the leader ever needed a stunt double. Problem is, the stunt bunny didn't end up with the right looks. You did."

              Gerard asked, "What kind of show was it to be based on, Bugs?"

              Bugs replied, "As you know, Batman Beyond is a popular show at the current time. A few of the Warner animators got this idea to make a dark Dystopian future starring the descendants of the Loony Tune characters as a superhero team. It was to be a serious take on how to make the descendants important in their society. The Undesirables, in this case the Warner writers whom ruined the Road Rovers show, suggested throwing sexual innuendo into the series to make it funny. Thankfully, their suggestion was rejected. Potty humor kills a show."

              Gerard replied, "I still recall the uproar from the Angry Mothers League when the Russian names song slid in the nearly dirty sounding curse word phrase at the end of the song."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight.

                Mickey Mouse then asked, "Gerard? Which one of the boys is Valiance Knightmane. He requested some fan time with me a few days ago and I was busy. But since I have time now, I'd like to visit with him."

                The young man pointed Mickey toward a handsome teenager whom was limbering up for what looked like acrobatics. "That's him. He chose the empowered identity of American Mouse."

                Mickey remarked, "Thanks, pal." And he headed over to talk to the young man.

                The moment the Disney mouse's back was turned, Gerard took Bugs over to a building in his own backyard and inside where he said, "I am a fan of my word, Bugs. I know you are a straight rabbit; but when I make an offer I always try to keep my word. When I told you that I would suck your cock just to meet you, I meant it. You don't have to enjoy it. I know you bathe often and thus, you won't taste dirty like some of the other rabbits. I still enjoy their company and I know they love me."

                Bugs nodded his muzzle as he got into position to prepare himself. "Sorcerer Mickey and the species doctor both agreed that if you offered to go ahead and keep your word to me, then my semen reserve should contain a healthy dose of the cure against what the other rabbits did to you by accident. This way, you get the first part of your medicine for preventing the loss of your humanity. The only concern I have to their suggestion is that I would be rabbit number five added to your already imbalanced physiology. My semen might speed up the process. Or."

                He then laid his gloved hands on the boy's shoulders. "Or... you might become a were-rabbit and be fighting the changes as you shifted from human to rabbit and back against your will. Or, number three... the imbalance might flip the powers making it so you're a rabbit whom can assume a human form. There are too many what ifs to ponder and I don't want you to lose yourself since you value my friendship so much. You gave us all hope when we were stuck in the Bermuda Triangle."

                Gerard then said, "I'd do it again for you, Bugs." And he got started on sucking the rabbit's tube steak. Although Bugs Bunny was a pro and was trying to focus on being good, he eventually found his rabbit side getting the better of him and he began unloading down the boy's throat in thick pudding like floes of semen mixed with the magical medicine. And when that ended, The feral rabbit wasn't finished, he undressed his fan and he mounted him from behind and proceeded to fill his backside as well. All the while in his mind, he was thinking, "Pepe! This is all your fault! I'm losing control while trying to help my fan! I don't know what he will be thinking if I accidentally get him pregnant!" Mentally he heard Pepe reply in that French accent, "Easy solution, Bugsy, my darling! Let the boy mount you in return; Such is the way for love!"

                NOT what Bugs wanted as advice; but the feral rabbit coaxed the boy to mount him from behind to return the favor. Soon after, the boy felt empty as he and Bugs lay there near a door that led into a nearby shower stall. Bugs was trying to be very apologetic as he spoke. "I am so sorry, Gerard... I haven't been on a date with another rabbit in weeks; not since before the Triangle accident. My feral side took over for a bit and I hope I didn't hurt you."

                The boy reached out and managed to slide open the shower stall door as he replied, "I think we should both wash all of this sticky gook off of our bodies so your friends cannot smell at a glance what you accidentally did." He then pulled Bugs close to him and kissed him on the muzzle. "I still respect you, Bugs, animal instincts happen sometimes." The boy then helped to get Bugs into the shower stall with him as he slid the door closed and tapped the water activation switch. The moment the distilled and purified water began pouring all over the two individuals, Gerard felt an electrical charge flash through his body as he briefly received a copy of all of Bugs Bunny's acting and acrobatic skills. Bugs Bunny also felt the electrical jolt shoot through him as he got a copy of all of the boy's skills added to his own rabbity package. The boy cried out, "Ow! What the fuck was that?"

                Bugs had a similar remark, "Ow! I think the magic cure interacted with the empowerment fluids you already had and that in turn mixed in with all the times I've even been enchanted which resulted in copying our learned skills into each other's bodies. If you didn't know acting before, you certainly know how to do it now. And my gods! Your Martial Arts skills list is amazing! I barely know what half of these things are! Let's finish getting cleaned up. What acting skills are you seeing in your mind?"

                As Gerard bathed, he began to recite something he saw in his mind. "Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath borne me on his back a thousand times, and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it. Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft. —Where be your gibes now? Your gambols? Your songs? Your flashes of merriment that were wont to set the table on a roar? Not one now to mock your own grinning? Quite chapfallen? Now get you to my lady’s chamber and tell her, let her paint an inch thick, to this favor she must come. Make her laugh at that." Then he paused as he quoted, "Hamlet, Act 5, Scene 1, circa 1601. I've never studied Shakespeare in my life, Bugs. But I now know these lines as if I had played Prince Hamlet myself in the plays you did in the early days."

                Bugs smiled. "That's one way to learn someone's skills. Would you do it all again if I asked?"

                Gerard was still washing himself as he turned and smiled at Bugs Bunny fully. "In a heart beat. I am your fan and I respect you. Your animal instincts is what got loose; not your personal willpower. But if you think we should let your personal physician examine the both of us, it couldn't hurt. Having one's feral side come out might be a cause for concern and I know you wouldn't want to do that on the set of an important shooting lot. The paparazzi would have a field day."

                Bugs said, "There is another theatrical production in the works scheduled for 2003; its sub title is Back In Action. I personally think it is a lame movie title. Lets finish the shower and go see my personal doctor. Homemade cures are rarely the best solution when a human is involved. I do not want your father skinning us alive if we cannot hand you back over to him as human as you were when he last saw you."

                When the shower ended, they got into the wind tunnel aka hair dryer and the two had a fun ride as the water was blown off of their hair and bodies. Getting dressed afterward, the two went out and got into Bugs Bunny's limousine and proceeded toward Burbank to check in with Bugs Bunny's personal doctor. At the physician's office, Bugs took the boy in and after an explanation to the doctor on what was going down and what solution was attempted, the animated rabbit doctor began to check out the boy first paw, himself.

                The doctor was saying, "What a mess! I knew the stunt rabbits were on the verge of their ruts but the rest of this is sheer chaos! Its a wonder that the tampering fools didn't kill you!"

                End of Chapter Eight.


                  Chapter Nine.

                  The rabbit doctor finally said, "You evaded the pregnancy bullet this time, and so did Bugs, but very little of your former humanity is even intact within your body at the moment. All I can tell you is this... get used to whatever names you named your two rabbits because that is whom you are now. You could change back into your human form temporarily; it won't last."

                  Bugs said, "Could you elaborate on that, Doc?"

                  The rabbit doctor replied, "Gerard Prince could shift to into his human form and when he went to bed and slept, he would wake up rabbit, likely in the rabbit form of less resistance. Dandelion Bunny. Performing the empowerment transformation would shift Dandelion into Star Rabbit. The time of being human would be less and less the more he attempted it until eventually, the ability would be lost entirely. And on that day, a lot of rabbits would throw him a welcome to the species party."

                  Bugs looked at his fan sympathetically. "I am wondering if Dream Boy Junior is on the level, Doc. Due the concentration of Stunt bunny fluids in the boy's stomach, the empowerment only worked for him the first time. But after Gerard told Shepard what the missing catalyst was, they went and got fluid donations from the other toons and the others got their empowerment to work. I have to wonder how long the delay will be before they lose their humanity based on what we are seeing in Gerard."

                  The rabbit doctor said, "Based on the numbers, Bugs, American Mouse's time will be twice as long as Gerard's initially was. The others are lucky to only have the standard four times as long. However, this can be altered the longer they spend in their heroic forms and less as a human. Regulate your transformation time so you don't end up throwing your humanity away. Once full conversion is made, as Gerard is finding out, access to the human form will be less and less until it is nothing but a memory."

                  Gerard said, "So Dream Boy is some sort of plot to create a toon empowered strike force for their military command forces? Superheroes, my ass! I know what Valiance and Jag will say about that! Like me, they will rebel!"

                  The rabbit doctor remarked, "If you feel that they will side with you, then make sure they get the humanity loss warning. The more you embrace your empowerment, the less control you have over returning to your human form afterward. For you, Gerard, it is too late."

                  Bugs said, "So he is past the danger thresh hold to have a chance to prevent it?"

                  The rabbit doctor said, "Had he been brought to me before the dream boy empowerment, I could have pumped his stomach to reduce the overload of fluids that were in there leaving enough residue to still result in a successful empowerment. Then saving his humanity would have been a lot easier. But with all of the contamination and over-saturation of toon rabbit fluids within his genetics, intermixed with the dream boy Mutagen (you might as well call it...) once his humanity was gone, Gerard would be like us."

                  Gerard said, "As I told Bugs before we came here, I would do it all again for him, if he asked me to."

                  The rabbit doctor smiled at Bugs Bunny. "You found a good one, my friend. We will help his transition as much as possible."

                  Bugs then said, "I would like to offer a Sponsored Adoption to Dandelion Bunny/Gerard Prince so no one else gets any funny ideas about using him. Dated the day before the rescue."

                  The rabbit doctor looked to the boy. "Is this okay with you?"

                  Gerard replied, "I'd do it for Bugs. So yes; do it."

                  The rabbit doctor added. "We will need to have your father sign a form dated several days ago and then toon-mail it back to us. Do you think he will do it?"

                  Gerard remarked, "If I include a note in Prince code explaining why he needs to do it, then he would do as we are asking."

                  The rabbit doctor handed the boy a notepad of paper and a pencil and then he went to get the sponsored adoption form. When the doctor returned, he handed the form over to Bugs Bunny to make edits and sign his own signature on the Sponsored Adoption line. The parental permission line had to be signed by the father, preferably.When Gerard finished writing the coded note, he handed it over to the doctor whom slyly grinned when he just barely made out what the code was. The two papers were clipped together and then toon-mailed to Leon.

                  A few moments later, the second form returned with Leon's signature upon it.

                  Using page aging techniques available to toons, they aged the ink on the adoption form and then the adoption was processed. Making copies of the adoption form in triplicate, the rabbit doctor said, "Congratulations, Gerard. Your Sponsored parent is Bugs Bunny from now on. You may either live with him at his place or keep the charade going in Crystal Cove and using the shortcut to go see Bugs once a week in New York."

                  Gerard said, "I think I will work on rescuing the other project subjects and then with Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse's assistance, we can migrate somewhere more secure. I think having the government on the planet by default is a big mistake. I know Jag and the others liked the idea of being superheroes; but I think they would frown upon the idea of being nothing more than the government's military strike force. The adults might go for that; but the teenagers would want what was promised to them."

                  Bugs Bunny then asked, "When you are comfortable with moving the teenagers over to New York, where would you like it to be set up at? I have an estate in South Brooklyn."

                  Gerard replied, "Since South Brooklyn has an Western coastline, perhaps rename a suburb of the locale to Crystal Cove, where we would become the Crystal Cove Champions."

                  End of Chapter Nine.


                    Chapter Ten.

                    Kicking the government projects off of the new planet was first. According to the planet's name, no one in the government was an Entertainer, live action nor toon. Dr. Shepard was also easily ousted when it was discovered that his claim of working with the Road Rovers was a lie since he was not nor had he ever been the Master.

                    The citizens of TAZER had a deal with Leon Electrum Prince; he and his family had privileges for being on the planet whenever they liked. Similar deals were extended to the families of Valiance Knightmane, Dazmont Merlock, Jag Draughn, Jamie Zamak and Lena Hawthorne. All others either had to work for the production studios or be the families there of. Teen Force International from Earth extended the olive leaf to the new teenage heroes on planet so they could call themselves Teen Force members officially.

                    Crystal Cove, South Brooklyn, New York City, Long Island, New York state; TAZERS

                    Having moved all of their homes as well as the Stunt Bunny Union Headquarters to the new locale, the Crystal Cove suburb looked exactly like the California counterpart had looked. Although this suburb was more of a gated community that Bugs Bunny owned and lived near. A warning sign near the entrance of the gated community warned visitors that this suburb was the home of the locale Teen Force of New York on TAZERS - The Crystal Cove Champions. They served as part of the planet's security team.

                    The Stunt Bunny Union could be visited without entering the Suburb.

                    Sitting at a picnic table in Crystal Cove park, Dandelion spoke to Valiance and Jag. "Sorry I had to pop the Dream Boy Junior bubble lie for you guys. How is the re-empowerment from a clean source performing for you guys at the moment? The process can't work for me since the project went too far when they empowered me, originally. What you see is what you get."

                    Valiance said, "I am just glad you found out the truth before Jamie and Lena did. Jamie is from a corporate mining family and Lena comes from a family of witches and warlocks in Salem on Earth. Ooky-spooky all the way."

                    Jag said, "My re-empowerment utilizing my sponsor Jagwar's non-mutant genetics is developing quite well. Just have to train this tail to behave, that's all."

                    Valiance remarked. "I hear you, Jag. My tail acts like it has a mind of its own."

                    Dandelion smirked. "Glad I chose a species with a short tail."

                    Jag smirked. "No, your ears keep moving around."

                    Dandelion grinned. "It is a combination of both sonar and radar. My ears are reacting to people in our immediate area. Not to mention, once a day I get tutoring for learning Ear-Lang."

                    Valiance asked, "How much have you been taught?"

                    Dandelion replied by giving a demonstration. "This set of ear movements means, Good day. While this set of ear movements means, We got trouble."

                    Jamie walked up at that point and asked, "And what are the ear movements for," and he said something vulgar about unwanted followers.

                    Dandelion arched an eye as he remarked, "Did they come after you again on planet, Jamie? I thought we had security in place to prevent that?"

                    Jamie huffed. "I was in my Lion Lord form and Lena was in her Princess Arcana form and we had been patrolling Ellis Island's receiving station where tourists come into the planet at and I overheard a group of business suited men talking about finding and capturing Jameson Zamak. They didn't even have the balls to use my shortened name. I had Lena use an audible illusion to make it seem like my alter ego was trying to sneak back through the star portal to Earth and saying the words in my voice, Maybe they didn't see me."

                    Jag laughed. "How many gave chase?"

                    Jamie grinned. "All of them! They forgot that their passage tickets only permit you entry for one visit no matter how short that visit is! The moment they went back to Earth and then tried to get back in, they were told that their passes were invalid and if they wanted to get back in, they would have to buy new passes! Most went away grumbling! Sadly ten got back in and now I am being stalked by Corporate spies whom want to use me against my family!"

                    Dandelion calmly said, "Unless you forgot, we have a rule in place in case someone targets a TFI Champion on TAZERS." The stunt bunny pulled out his dual purpose caller and hit the conference calling feature. "Attention Justice League, Legion of Doom and other independent super villains of DC Entertainment, Avengers, Defenders, X-Men, Kingpin and Shield. This is Dandelion Bunny with the Crystal Cove Champions. We have a breech of possibly ten or more business suit wearing non-unionized criminally acting humans on planet to try to capture the alter ego of Lion Lord whom is a teenager to use him against his corporate family back home. The rules for this hunt are simple. You cannot kill them. For every ID of the captured man verified by Lion Lord you catch, you earn upgrade points redeemable in whatever you need to upgrade within your personal armories or team headquarters, no questions asked."

                    Jamie sat down at their table. "I forgot all about that rule we all agreed to."

                    Jag said, "Star Rabbit may have a floating independent membership with our team, but he is charismatic to every other power in the city."

                    Dandelion chuckled. "Having the Bugs Bunny connection helps with that. The US government really didn't put up a fuss when we turned over the evidence of the Dream Boy projects to them."

                    End of Chapter Ten.
                    End of Episode One.

                    Stay tuned for the next episode, Who's That Coming.