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  • Adm Pouchlaw
    Chapter 10

    That night, at the Prince residence, Gerard took a nice long bath, while his dirty clothes were being washed. In the family den, Leon and Rianne discussed what Gerard had told them about the outing itself. Leon said, "So do you believe what he told us?"

    Rianne replied, "What kind of question is that, Leon. Gerard has never lied to us before and he looked us straight in the eye when he told us what happened. Unlike Lupa does when she's trying to cover something up. I believe his story. At least one of Lampwick's boys helped him out of the poop. A little enthusiastic pouncing is to be expected. We're lucky it was just poop and not an anvil or tar and feathers or even being painted to look like a skunk."

    Leon hummed. "I don't know, Rianne. I know Gerard has never lied to us before, but this time... it just seems like he's covering up some hidden agenda for someone. I hate to be suspicious, but after my day in council, I think I'm entitled to be a little suspicious."

    Rianne asked, "So what happened in council this morning?"

    Leon replied, "Daffy Duck passed wind, and then, the fire department arrived in response to the four alarm fire that was on Daffy's tail feathers and... Are you sure you want to know how my day went?"

    Rianne grinned as she folded her arms over her chest. "If Gerard had your day and he came home and told you that story, would you have believed him?"

    Leon started to reply, but then he realized that he had lost the argument again. "I see what you're saying, honey. My day sounded more made up than his story, so we should believe whatever he tells us, to a degree."

    Rianne grinned. "We're on Q.C. Planet, Leon. My day wasn't all that believable. Bossybelle the cow and Minnie Mouse arrived to chat with me, then around lunch time Wile E. Coyote dropped by with Mighty Mouse to ask if they could borrow your drill. Then this afternoon, Top Cat and Sylvester chased Tweety across our lawn and into the neighbor's septic tank. So a little story about falling in poop is completely believable to me. It could have been a lot worse."

    After Gerard's bath, he dressed in clean clothes and headed out on to the back hill to gaze at the stars. For an instant, he thought he saw Superman and the Human Torch fly over. Yes, living on Q.C. Planet was certainly going to take getting used to.

    Suddenly, a near naked familiar otter sat in his lap and hugged him. It was Oslo. "You're on my spot again, Gerard. But I don't mind a bit."

    Gerard smiled and hugged Oslo back. "Coach Winslow said he'd give me a tryout this Saturday, but not to keep my hopes up. He said all of the positions were already filled."

    Oslo smiled. "If you don't get on the team, Gerard... come on back to me and I'll fulfill your other sports interest."

    Much later, Gerard was sitting on his bed in his pajamas, while he held his journal in his lap and began writing in it.

    Journal Entry: Day 27 / Month 05 / Year 2013; Monday...

    My first day of school was interesting, to say the least. I made a few friends and struck a few deals. Fenmire Rat and Jack the Kangaroo, among others, have made this an experience to remember. Wilwick did pounce me and I think he enjoyed it a little too much. I didn't like having to fib to mom and dad about how I got messed up, but even I am surprised on how quickly they believed me. Looks like Lampwick was right... mom and dad's day must have been so weird, that my little story sounded too tame to believe. But good old mom sided with me and she knows how to wrap dad around her little finger when she has to.

    Although I miss Lupa-Vega already, I can't help but to wonder how it's going between her and Spike in college. Too bad the Looniversity is in the Wonderland region, but perhaps it's for the best that Lupe didn't get to see me smelling like a barnyard and looking like it too.

    Lampwick cleared me into the club, but they didn't really tell me what the club did other than light candles. That sort of bothers me a little, but I am sure I'll find out later this Saturday when Fenmire and I are doing community service work on Pleasure Island to repair and clean up things. Imagine a whole island being alive and liking to be cared for.

    Sooner or later, I will have to get someone to tell me where... 'That Place' is. Principal Dum mentioned it to Fenmire, but they never mentioned it again. Makes me want to go find out what 'That Place' is. Maybe I can do it next week during the teacher's meetings next Friday.

    Tomorrow is another school day, so I better sign off and see about counting some sheep so I can get some sleep.

    As he put his journal away, he suddenly realized that he was not alone in his bedroom. Standing there looking at him were over 100 numbered cartoon sheep. Their leader said, "Don't mind us. We're just doing our jobs. You just focus on sleeping."

    Gerard rolled his eyes and got under the covers and replied, "Okay, start jumping, guys."

    "1. 2. 3." And so it went until Gerard was asleep. Yes, it was certainly going to take some getting used to, but Gerard was officially on Q.C. Planet. And even if he didn't get on the Softball team, he had certainly made some new friends.

    End of Chapter 10
    End of Episode One: AniSapien High

    Stay tuned for Episode Two: Carnival Cleanup

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  • Adm Pouchlaw
    Chapter 09

    The two silently headed inland, via a route that only the club members knew about and soon, Fenwick and Gerard were walking along inside of the now closed carnival high atop Pleasure Island.

    Gerard glanced around at all the broken machinery and shattered windows and doors. "What a mess. Maybe I should come back on a weekend and volunteer to clean up around here and do some repairs. Do you think Lampwick would like that?"

    Fenwick giggled. "I don't know if he would, but I know the island would like it."

    Gerard arched an eye. "The island would like it? How do you mean?"

    Fenwick grinned again. "I told you... the island still has it's powers. It's literally alive. And it loves to have people take care of it. And it also loves to have donkeys upon it. And that's why you have to be careful."

    Gerard said, "Before I had heard of Q.C. Planet, I had always thought that Pleasure Island was just a fairy tale. But now, I am really glad to actually have the chance to visit the place safely and to meet the famous Lampwick. Is there anything you should tell me about him so I don't get the wrong impression?"

    Fenwick smirked. "He's more responsible in actual life than you might have read about him in the story. But he does like to make boys happy, still. It's sorta his job. And of course, there is our club, that you will soon be an official member of."

    Gerard couldn't help being hyper. Meeting Lampwick was like the ultimate dream of every boy out there on the whole Earth. Who wouldn't want to meet the boy who originally took Pinocchio with him to Pleasure Island and having all manner of abandoning fun?

    Eventually, Fenwick led Gerard into a dark building that smelled like a stables for donkeys.

    Just after entering the darkened insides of the stable building, Fenwick said toward where he thought Gerard was, "Watch your step, cause I don't want you to get-"

    And before he could finish speaking, something leaped on Gerard from behind, knocking him forward unto the wet slick and sticky ground of the stall before him. In a way, he was glad he couldn't see what he had landed in... on the other hand, whatever had tackled him was still on top of him, and had an incredible grip, as it held him in place, with something unspoken pressing hard into his backside.

    "I got him, Lampwick!" said the one on top of Gerard. "Want me to donkefy him?"

    Fenwick finished his sentence a little too late. "-hurt. Hey! Don't you dare change Gerard! I brought him here to join Lampwick's club! Besides, his dad is the new city councilman in Terryville!"

    At that moment, Lampwick stepped out of the shadows directly in front of Fenwick. "You know it isn't safe to bring a human boy in here during the daylight hours." He then glanced through the darkness where his donkey companion was atop Gerard, holding him in place. "If the boy promises to play with you, then you can't donkefy him. But if he refuses... accidents happen."

    Gerard shouted, "I PROMISE, already! Sheesh! Is this how you treat new joiners to the candle lighters choir club?"

    Lampwick grinned slyly, as he turned a gaze at Fenwick and whispered, "Is that what you told him?"

    Fenwick whispered back, "I had to tell him something. He was a sexy stud, just like you described. Besides, he asked his parents for permission to join our 'choir', so it was the best story to use."

    Lampwick lit a lantern and looked at the other donkey boy on top of Gerard. "All right, Wilwick... get off of the nice boy. You've made him accidentally mess up his clothes."

    Wilwick was still holding Gerard down. "You mean I don't get to keep him?"

    Gerard was starting to get a little miffed. "Please get off of me. My pants feel wet. Did you tinkle on me or something?"

    Wilwick slowly got off of Gerard and looked at the boy's jeans. Sure enough, the entire backside was dark and wet. "I'm sorry, Gerard. I guess I wasn't dry yet from my bath before I pounced you."

    Gerard was upset now. "My parents are gonna kill me! Look at my clothes! I'm a mess front side and back! They'll never let me have outings like this again!"

    Lampwick exclaimed, "Oh yes they will; you're on Q.C. Planet. So what you'll tell them is that one of the other students enthusiastically pounced you during the field trip, and you were knocked into a pile of doo and when you tried to get up, you fell in it. All you gotta do is lie and everything will be fine. Just don't make it sound too fantastic and they will believe you. Trust me. Do this for us and you're in the club."

    End of Chapter 09

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  • Adm Pouchlaw
    Chapter 08

    Gerard just had to ask before he headed off to get dressed out for P.E., "Um, how is it you know Oslo?" Coach Winslow blushed deeply, shifting from one cloven hoof to the other. "Er, I'd rather not say. Now run along, Gerard."

    Gerard was really wondering what hold Oslo had over people, as he got dressed out for P.E.

    One of the other school boys, a cartoon kangaroo named Jack, whispered to Gerard, "Ah know about what you asked Coach Winslow... but it'll cost yas for me to tell yas, mate. Just promise to do me a favor at a later date and Ah'll tell yas what yas want to know."

    Gerard whispered back, "I promise. So what's the big secret?"

    Some moments later, after having been told by Jack what was up, Gerard and the other boys did their exercises and ran laps around the gym and then, they played some basketball. Gerard couldn't get Coach Winslow and Oslo out of his mind, but he felt sorry for them.

    After P.E., Gerard got dressed again and headed on to his next class. But the class he was actually looking forward to was the last hour's class, where he'd get to spend some time with Fenwick and the other guys he met during lunch period.

    Gerard met with Fenwick at their shared locker just before the start of the last class of the day. The cartoon rat grinned. "You ready for the last class?"

    Gerard grinned back. "I sure am!"

    Fenwick then asked, "Did any of the teachers assign you with any homework your first day here?"

    Gerard replied, "No, they didn't. They said I could wait until Monday before getting into receiving homework like everyone else. Pepe le Pew is a riot as a Toon Physics teacher."

    Fenwick giggled. "Good. Then you can leave your books in the locker. You won't be needing any for the last class. I hope you like field trips, because the last class, P.I. Sciences, takes place away from the school. Every single day. It's almost like getting out of school an hour earlier than everyone else."

    Gerard was excited! "Wow! I can't wait to see this class, then!"

    And the two headed off and joined the others under a teacher calling himself Professor Stromboli. The class group left the school, piled into a minibus, and drove out to the docks on the nearby Lake Ecric. There, they got off the bus and boarded a boat and sailed over to a lone dock at the base of island with high bluffs.

    As they got off the boat, the Professor said, "Find the three natural items pictured in these sheets I am giving you. And boys... stay near the beaches. I don't need to remind you that we lost a few boys out here a few years ago and the Toon Authorities still haven't been able to locate them. I'll wait here at the boat. You have until sundown to find the items.!"

    Fenwick and Gerard tore off across the beachhead and around the far end. Once they were out of sight of their teacher, Fenwick slowed to a walk and said, "Told you he was cool! And now, we literally have the rest of the afternoon to do whatever we like and still get good grades for doing so!"

    Gerard was leaning against the stone wall of the bluff as he asked, "I forgot to ask this earlier, but where exactly are we?"

    Fenwick grinned as he gave Gerard a gum ball, and then, started chewing one of his own. "This place? Oh, this is Pleasure Island. You know... from Pinocchio." He held Gerard's arms, as he continued. "But don't worry... the place has been closed down for centuries. And besides, the only donkey boy I know is Lampwick." He winked at Gerard as he said that.

    Gerard had been about to freak out when he finally learned what P.I. meant, but upon the mention of the famous donkey, he was excited and smiling again. "THE Lampwick is still around?"

    Fenwick grinned, as he nodded his muzzle. "Yeah, he's the leader of the candle lighter choir's club."

    Gerard grinned again. "When do I get to meet him?"

    Fenwick chuckled. "We could go meet him right now, if you wanted. But we have to be careful. This is Pleasure Island, you know. And it's power still works. As long as you don't make an ass out of yourself, you'll be safe. Think you can hold yourself in reserve while doing that?"

    Gerard bobbed his head up and down. He was just excited to get to meet the famous, but not so well known, Lampwick of Pleasure Island. "Let's go!"

    Fenwick grinned. "You're mighty hyper. Remember what I told you and you won't end up braying. Now, follow me and try to keep it quiet. We don't want the Professor to know where we're going."

    Gerard said, "If we get caught, I'll just say I got too curious for my own good and you stopped me before anything bad could happen. You'll end up looking like a hero... and that might get Principal Dum off your tail."

    End of Chapter 08

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  • Adm Pouchlaw
    Chapter 07

    His father thought it over, then gave his reply, "Call your mom and if she gives the okay, then you're in your first club. Have a good day at school." And his father hung up the cellphone. Gerard then made the call to his mom explaining the deal yet again being wise to use the exact same words that he used to his dad. And she complied, as well, then he hung up the phone.

    Fenwick smiled. "So how did it go?"

    Gerard replied with a happy grin, "They both said I could be in the club."

    Soon, they were getting off the bus and Fenwick escorted Gerard to Principal Dum's office. "Our principal is Scooby-Dum, so be nice to him. He's not all there a lot of the time. I'll talk to you around lunch period. Bye." And Fenwick headed off to his locker.

    Gerard knocked on the door, then walked inside.

    Principal Dum was holding a magnifying glass and examining a piece of paper on his desk. "A clue. Right there."

    Gerard giggled. "Um, Principal Dum? I'm Gerard Prince. I was told to report to you for my class schedule this morning..."

    Scooby-Dum smiled at Gerard. "Well hush my mouth! Gerard! There are four classes you will be required to take. But the remaining three are for you to choose. The required classes are: Toon Geometrics, which includes geography and geology of Q.C. Planet. It's best if you can find your way around and know what mineral does what; Q.C. Planet History, self explanatory; Script Literature, which is spelling, writing, reading, that sort of thing; and Mathematics, cause you never know when an equation might save someone's life. These 4 classes occur in the morning. What other 3 would you like to take?"

    Gerard replied, "I at least need to take a P.E. class with Coach Winslow, if that's possible. As for the other two... I'd like to take Toon Physics, so I can know how toons operate... and... hum... Can I see a list of classes that Fenmire Rat is in, please?"

    Scooby-Dum coughed and dropped his magnifying glass when Gerard mentioned Fenmire's name. "I hope you're staying away from that boy, Gerard. He's trouble with a capital T. I'll show you which classes he's in, hour by hour, so you'll know what classes to avoid having to be with him in."

    Gerard looked over the list, noting the last class of the day that Fenmire was in. "I'll take my last class of the day in P.I. Sciences. The teacher's name looks interesting." Gerard assumed that P.I. stood for Private Investigation, but was he ever going to find out how wrong he was.

    Scooby-Dum was sort of shocked that Gerard had chosen that last one as his last choice, but it was clearly Gerard's choice and Scooby-Dum was going to honor it. He handed Gerard a map of the school with his classes clearly marked, as well as his schedule.

    As Gerard was coming out of the Principal's office, Fenwick walked up and said, "Principal Dum. I know you think I am trouble, but can Gerard share my locker?"

    Scooby-Dum humphed. "I don't think you're trouble, I KNOW you're trouble. Why else would you end up in Saturday morning detention just about once or twice a month?"

    Fenwick presented his best Bambi eyed expression and trembling lip to Scooby-Dum. "P-p-please...?"

    Scooby-Dum sighed. "Okay. You get one more chance to straighten up. But if you blow it this time, you're off to... That Place. Get the picture?"

    After Fenwick showed Gerard where the locker was and taught him the combination to the padlock, the two parted company again until lunch period. It was at that time that Gerard sat at a table with Fenwick and three other cartoon boys... two dogs and a pudgy weasel. The four talked for awhile, as Gerard shared his lunch with the others, then it was off to classes once again.

    When Gerard walked into P.E., he noticed a slightly older young buck cartoon deer with a coaches cap on his head and wearing a whistle around his neck. Gerard walked over to him and said, "Are you Coach Winslow?"

    The buck deer turned an eye to Gerard. "That's who I am. You must be Gerard Prince, the councilman's son. I heard you took my class. What's on your mind?"

    Gerard replied, "I'd like to try out for the Terryville softball team."

    Coach Winslow replied evenly, "Don't take this the wrong way, but I'd be afraid that the opposing softball team would hurt you if you were on our team. They're toons, you know, just as our team is and that means that they can take some extra-ordinary damage that I am sure you can't take."

    Gerard frowned, "But Oslo told me last night..."

    Coach Winslow cut him off, saying, "You met Oslo last night? Really?" His attitude and expression seemed to instantly change concerning Gerard. "Of course you can try out for the team, Gerard. But don't get your hopes up. Like I said, the positions are filled, this year. But we'll give you a try, that's for sure."

    End of Chapter 07

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  • Adm Pouchlaw
    Chapter 06

    Trying was the better word to use because he was laughing as he read each news article.

    Soon, Lupa-Vega and Gerard sat down at the table and had breakfast with their parents.

    When breakfast ended, a male cartoon jackal on a motorcycle pulled up in front of the house and honked the horn. "Come on, Lupa! Your ride is here!"

    Lupa smiled. "That would be Spike. I'll see all of you next weekend. Good luck in school, Gerard." And Lupa headed out the door, put on her helmet, and got on the motorcycle behind Spike. "Let's hit the road, Spike!"

    Spike exclaimed, "You got it, babe!" And together, they sped off into the distance. VROOM!

    Then, the school bus arrived out front and honked it's horn.

    Rianne kissed Gerard and handed him his lunch box. "I fixed your favorite, honey. As soon as you get to school, you're to check in with Principal Dum to get your class schedule sorted out. Have a good time, honey."

    Gerard headed out the door and stepped aboard the school bus, where he saw a mish-mash of cartoon animals and teenagers conversing with each other. Gerard irked when he saw what he was riding with and he sat at the very front of the bus, by himself.

    At the next stop, a male anime rat, Gerard's own height that looked unwashed, boarded the bus and sat in the seat next to Gerard. When he saw the ordinary human, he turned toward Gerard and quietly and politely asked, "What are you being punished for?"

    Gerard looked at the rat and whispered back, "I'm not being punished for anything. I just didn't want to sit back there with..." he paused looking scared... "them."

    The rat grinned and gently patted Gerard's shoulder, then he held out his paw. "I'm Fenmire Rat."

    Gerard shook Fenmire's paw, which felt warm and sticky, but didn't seem to have anything on it. "Gerard Prince. The new boy, I guess you could say."

    Fenmire whispered to Gerard, "How'd you like to be in the club my friends and I are in?"

    Gerard arched an eye. "What sort of club is it?"

    Fenmire grinned. "I'm in the candle lighter's choir. We're called, the Wicks. You have a nice voice, so how about it?"

    Gerard asked quietly, "You mean, you and your friends sing?"

    Fenmire quietly giggled and shook his head. "Only on Sunday morning. Members of the club take part of there name and affix the suffix -wick, so we can tell who is in the club. For instance, I am Fenmire Rat, but in the club, I am called Fenwick. A new name. Keen, isn't it?"

    Gerard hummed. He wasn't particularly fond of his first name, and Gerwick sounded really dumb. "I don't know, Fenwick. My first name doesn't sound that great with -wick. Gerwick makes me sound like a loser."

    Fenwick grinned. "Do you have a middle name?"

    Gerard had to grin back at that question. Yes, he did have a middle name that he often toyed with, but no one ever called him by that name. Ever. "Sure, it's Klayton with a K, but no one ever calls me that."

    Fenwick patted Gerard's shoulder. "Klaywick sounds like a winner. So how about it? Will you join our little club? I am sure the club leader will take to you like I have."

    Gerard was starting to really like Fenwick. "If my parents say it's okay, I'll join up."

    Fenwick wrinkled his nose a little. "Why do you have to tell them?"

    Gerard replied, "Cause my dad just joined the city council and he'll want to know what I'm doing with my time. But I think they'll say yes, because the candle lighter's choir sounds like something that they'd approve of my doing."

    Fenwick grinned again. "Okay. If he asks what we do, just tell him that we light the candles in the local Terryville church every Sunday morning. Which is exactly what we do. Though there is more to our club than just that. But I can't tell you anymore until you join us."

    Gerard dug out his cellphone and opened it. "I'll call dad right now and ask him. Won't take a minute." He tapped in the number for his father's cellphone and then spoke to his father about joining the choir's club. He explained what he'd been told about it, not mentioning that there was probably going to be more to it.

    End of Chapter 06

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  • Adm Pouchlaw
    Chapter 05

    The trip to Terryville was extremely boring... until just before arriving at Animation Park where they encountered a brief weird fog as they continued toward the entry transportal at one side of the amusement park itself. Lord Albert Atticus and a collection of Cat Lords awaited visitors at the Atticus Inter-dimensional Receiving Station (A.I.R.S. Depot) as the family arrived. When they arrived, they were stopped and individually given a nude medical exam in private examination booths before being permitted to get their dry-cleaned clothes back on. While they had their exams done, the entire car was scanned for foreign materials that could be dangerous to the planet. Then the family were permitted to continue their journey toward Terryville. Regular people weren't supposed to be able to live on Q.C. Planet. So this was sure to be a real eye opener for the cartoons already living there.

    The transition from reality to animated scenery through the entry Transportal was like those many scenes in Disney's Mary Poppins.

    Gerard had been sadly watching the scenery go by, when suddenly, there was a horse galloping backwards as fast as the car was driving, directly beside the car itself. And there was a short cartoon cowboy trying to catch his horse. This got Gerard's attention immediately as he rolled down the window on the car and reached out to touch the animated horse.

    The moment contact was made, the horse turned his head toward the boy and said, "You must be the new council member's family. They're waiting for you in front of the city hall in town. I'm Buckeye the Stallion, and I'm looking forward toward seeing you in school, kiddo." And with that, he continued on, galloping backwards ahead of the car, as if the vehicle was sitting still.

    Gerard smiled. "The locals seem pretty nice, so far. I can't wait to meet some of the others."

    Leon said, "You see? You were getting mad about moving too soon. You already made a friend and we're not even to town yet." Gerard was excited as he watched the new surroundings. An hour later, the car pulled up to a stop in front of city hall. And what Gerard had not been expecting was a celebration party for the Prince family's arrival in Terryville! It looked like the whole city had showed up for the party. And the council members... they were some of the most well known cartoons in history.

    From the Disney set, Simba and Mickey Mouse presided. From the Hanna-Barbara set, Scooby-Doo and Yogi Bear presided. From the Warner Brothers set, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck presided. And from the Harvey-Toons set, Casper and Wendy presided.

    These eight famous cartoon characters made up the standard Terryville city council. And now, Gerard's father was joining them... but why? Gerard still couldn't figure that one out.

    Simba was saying, "As the head of the Terryville city council, I am proud to welcome you, the Prince family, to Terryville. The first non-cartoon humans to ever have been given the privilege to live among us."

    Yogi then presented Leon with the key to the city, or a replica to the actual key, as Yogi explained it, and then, the feasting and partying commenced.

    It wasn't until late that afternoon when the Prince family were able to pull into the driveway of their new house, which was on a private drive in one of the more upstanding and quiet neighborhoods... a suburb called Spoonersville. Gerard was glad to be at their new house.

    That night, after a good dinner, Gerard was out behind the family property admiring the animated night time landscape. It was still hard to believe that they were being allowed to live on Q.C. Planet. They were certainly lucky. He wondered what school was going to be like. He recalled that Buckeye the Stallion said that he'd see Gerard in school, so apparently, the school was unlike any other, if cartoon animals were allowed to attend.

    While Gerard sat there, he saw a cartoon bunny dash by in the distance. A few moments later, an anime styled Kitsune emerged from the bushes and looked around. He then saw Gerard and padded over to the human on the small hilltop.

    "Pardon me, hon youngster...can you tell me where bunny-san dashed?"

    Gerard hummed. "He zipped into that tall field of clover and vines. Are you going to eat him?"

    The Kitsune chuckled, as he patted Gerard on the head and gave him a gold coin. "He is not for my meal...but for my daughter." The Kitsune departed, once again, and vanished into the clover and vines.

    Gerard arched an eye, as he looked at the gold coin. "It's going to take some getting used to living here, that's for sure..." He pocketed the gold coin and got up to return to the house.

    Standing directly behind where he'd been sitting was a male cartoon otter wearing a leather jacket and silver jewelry. "It is quite the view, isn't it? The name is Oslo. So you're the new kid..."

    Gerard said, "Gerard Prince. You come here often?"

    Oslo stepped passed Gerard about a foot and replied, "You might say that. I like to bring either my girlfriends or boyfriends up to this hill for a bit of fun. Especially at night. And I'd hate for you to get any funny ideas about claiming this particular spot. Because if you did... I might have to hurt you," He peered back over his shoulder at Gerard. "if you know what I mean..."

    Gerard arched an eye. "A girlfriend, I could understand... but what do you mean by a boyfriend?"

    Oslo lowered his dark shades and grinned. "You really don't know, do you? I'm a bisexual cartoon otter. That means I go both ways...if you catch my drift."

    Gerard paled a little, as he frowned. "Um...I think I'm starting to get the picture. I'm sorry I intruded in on your spot...really I am..."

    Oslo slowly turned to face Gerard fully. "I really think you are sorry, kid. Tell me something... what're your favorite sports?"

    Gerard smiled a little. "Softball and martial arts, though mom will only let me do softball."

    Oslo smiled, as he shook Gerard's hand with his extra warm paw. "In school tomorrow, ask Coach Winslow for a softball tryout. If he says no, mention my name. See you around, kid."

    The next morning came sooner than Gerard had hoped. Inside the Prince household, it was like any other morning. Breakfast was being prepared, Gerard was emerging from the bath tub, Lupa-Vega was preparing for Acme Looniversity in nearby Wonderland. Leon Prince was sipping a hot cup of coffee while reading the morning paper.

    Or rather, trying to read the morning paper.

    End of Chapter 05

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  • Adm Pouchlaw
    Chapter 04

    Gerard's father, Leon, spent Thursday morning tying up a few loose ends downtown in regards to their mailing address and magazine subscriptions as well as receiving his final paycheck from city hall. They had tendered his release based on being voted out by the other council members despite being the son of the city's founders. He wasn't upset at being released since he had a guaranteed job awaiting him in Terryville on Q.C. Planet where the city council there needed his help with some unusual issue.

    One of the reasons for Leon's release from the council was that he had authorized the release of Arnold Domingo from the city Orphanage to the boy's rightful father, a police officer, in Big City, Florida. That coupled with his helping the bank owner to re-discover the family's true Japanese name was enough to cause the council unnecessary worry for his actions.

    Takatakashi sounded a lot better than Tralfazworth. Bennett Takatakashi was overjoyed for Leon's assistance in clearing up his family's surname mystery. The large reward more than made up for his being fired from the Atticus City Council.

    His sister, Lupa-Vega, and their mother, Rianne, were busy packing up dishes, utensils and food products within the kitchen.

    Lupa was pretty excited about the whole move. Their family was about to move to the well-known animation project world where their father had been hired on by the Terryville city council by none other than Simba himself and Leon was all too happy to move the family with him. For herself, this was an ideal move because it would allow her to attend the Acme Looniversity in Wonderland with her email friend, Spike, a male toon biker jackal.

    "Is your brother still in his room?" asked Rianne as she wrapped the dishes individually.

    "I'll go upstairs and check on him. Be right back, mom." And she headed up the stairs and proceeded to her brother Gerard's bedroom.

    Gerard Prince was mad.

    His dad was being transferred to a new branch office in an unheard of part of the country, and worse, Leon was moving the family with him. This wouldn't normally be such a horrible thing, but it couldn't have come at a worse time. Gerard had just earned his way on to the local softball team. And not just anyone could get into that.

    So, here he sat... packing his belongings into boxes that his mom, Rianne, had picked up from the moving company. His friends all knew that his family was moving, and most sympathized with him, but there was nothing they could do.

    Gerard's older sister poked her head into Gerard's bedroom. "Taking it kinda hard, aren't you?"

    Gerard lifted his head up at his usually wiser than thou sister, Lupa-Vega, and replied, "How come you're not pissed off with all this? Doesn't this ruin your credits toward that scholarship you were working on?"

    Lupa-Vega smiled. "Mom and dad didn't tell you where we were moving to, did they? If you had known, you wouldn't be so mad. Not just anyone gets to move into that area."

    Gerard arched an eye. "No, they didn't say... but I was pretty mad at the time and stormed up to my room. I just got on the softball team, Lupe. It just isn't fair."

    Lupa-Vega smiled, patting Gerard's shoulder. "I know it isn't fair, but you'll soon be having more fun than you'll know what to do with on Q.C. Planet."

    Gerard suddenly brightened. "Where? Q.C. Planet? But... I thought that was reserved for cartoon characters and such. Why are we being allowed in there?"

    Lupa-Vega replied, "Dad got transferred into the Terryville city council. That's how come we can live there. I only hope we get into a quiet SANE neighborhood. I don't want to be awakened at 2:57 AM by a cartoon cat chasing a mouse through a circus parade."

    Gerard had to laugh at that.

    Lupa-Vega grinned. "See? I got you to smile. It's not so bad of a move, now is it? And I am sure they'll have a softball team of their own you can join. Think of the wacky new friends you'll make. Besides, you can always stay in touch with your old friends."

    Gerard smiled. "Yeah, I can. Thanks for cheering me up, Lupe."

    Lupa-Vega walked out of the bedroom saying, "I have to go help mom in the kitchen. Finish packing your gear, Gerard. I'll see you when you're finished." Lupa-Vega headed downstairs and back to the kitchen.

    Gerard was still smiling. "Q.C. Planet... That might actually be fun."

    Within the kitchen, Rianne asked, "So how was he?"

    Lupa-Vega smiled. "Pretty miserable until I cheered him up. He'll be okay now, mom. Let's get the rest of the dishes packed." Thus the two continued to pack up the kitchenware and utensils in preparation for the move.

    End of Chapter 04

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  • Adm Pouchlaw
    Chapter 03

    Journal Entry: Day 30 / Month 10 / Year 2010; Saturday...

    Halloween weekend, the Last Quarter moon of the month. Normally the Trick or Treat outing would occur on the 31st itself, but since that day is a Sunday, the city of Atticus is holding that outing on the previous Saturday so as to not insult the Lord thy God. Felipe duplicated a full body latex costume of Action Gray complete with the head, ears and tail for me to wear on Halloween itself. A seamless costume like this would normally costume thousands to produce let alone own. But apparently Felipe had a lot of these costumes at his disposal. And with both Action and Felipe escorting me on the Halloween outing, we were sure to get a lot of candy on our outing.

    I forgot to mention, I am currently eleven years old now. Dad completed his investigative stint for the Comet City council where grandpa and grandma Lombard both live. Comet City is the wolfy city right next door to Atticus to the Northwest. Felipe's home valley is in the middle between the two cities. Dad now works for the Atticus Council. We chose to hit Comet City first and we were joined by some teenager is an awesome wolf boy costume. It was seamless like my costume was... that is if it was a costume at all. I cannot really tell these days. I am always blown away when I see people in expensive animal costumes. When we completed our rounds in Comet City, the wolf boy accompanied us to Atticus to make our rounds there.

    In Atticus, we were joined by an older kid in a lion man costume that made him look like Lion-O and a Voltron lion rolled into one. Making the armor for the costume had to run in the millions as far as I could tell. He was traveling with a black dragon lady with reddish armor of her own as well as a younger boy who had a wolf costume which had a pouch on his tummy which had a toy baby kangaroo joey sticking partly out of it. Some people can come up with creative costumes. Not like a dummy like me. I am lucky I made friends with Action and Felipe.

    After the Trick or Treat outing, we handed over our candy to my grandparents so they could make sure the goods were safe (mean people were putting drugs and razor blades in treats to punish and trick good little Halloween boys and girls and the police had a warning out to concerned parents.) Then we went to a Halloween party being sponsored by the town's banker, Bennett Tralfazworth. Gods, Astro of the Jetsons must face-paw himself every time he hears that name! At the party, I met up with a donkey boy dolled up to look like Disney's Lampwick in human clothes made to fit a donkey before Lampwick lost his mind at the pool hall in the animated film. He was a natural when it came to dunking for apples in the water tub. I just got wet a few times. I guess I must of sighed in frustration over not being able to get a candied apple like everyone else when the donkey boy came over to me and gave me one of his spare candy apples and then he not only hugged me but kissed me on the muzzle. That was when I got the sensation that his costume was likely not just a costume since I could feel his lip and tongue muscles controlling the donkey jaws and lips of his costume. When he noted that I was seeming to get it, he winked at me in such a way as if to say, "Yeah, its for real."

    After the lion boy, the dragon lady and the pouched wolf were picked up by some chauffeur driven limousine with license plates that read ZAMAK-1 upon them, I found myself on the front porch with the donkey boy as we enjoyed the Last Quarter moonlight. There was snow on the ground despite our being in a Southern state like Georgia. I was just glad that these costumes seemed to be thermally lined. I was again aroused as I usually was when wearing an animal costume or being so close to someone very nice I liked.

    "Thanks for sharing the candied apple," Gerard said. "My name is Gerard Prince, what is your name? I want to be friends even if you are only passing through the area."

    The Donkey Boy replied, "I am William C. Wickers. The C. stands for Chandler. I like to drop the 'h' and 'r' parts to make it into 'Candle'. My guardian doesn't seem to mind. You can shorten my name to either Will or Candlewick."

    Gerard smiled. "How come you are dressed up as Lampwick from the Disney film? I actually thought you were him."

    Will grinned slyly. "Charles Lampwick is my sponsor, Gerard. He always lets us dress up as him on Halloween when we make our outings to look for bad boys. When I saw you couldn't get an apple and I heard you sigh, it touched my heart; So I gave you one of mine that I was able to score from the tub. I would love to become another one of your friends, Gerard. You didn't complain when I kissed you. As for why a toon donkey boy is on Earth, as I mentioned before, we are recruiters working for Lord Lampwick of Pleasure Island. Maybe someday you will get the lucky chance to meet my guardian. He taught us how to give out nice kisses and share our apples like good boys should. I would love to spend the rest of the night with you, Gerard. My actual job occurs on Sunday night, the actual Halloween night. That is when bad boys cannot resist acting like jack asses. So our job is to grant their wishes to become one since that is what is in their hearts. I really enjoy meeting good boys like you, Gerard." He held out his hoof-hand. "Friends?"

    Gerard took the hoof-hand into his paw-hand and he gripped it in a handshake. "Friends forever, Will." Then he removed his rabbit head before he gave Will a kiss on his muzzle so the donkey could feel Gerard's actual lips and tongue this time. "This is what I really look like, Will. Since we are going to be friends, you should know what I really look like."

    Will kissed back willingly. "Blond, blue eyes and hot all the way! Boy, I hit the jackpot tonight! You must not have any problems making friends, Gerard! I love being this close to you! What kinds of pets do you have at home?"

    Gerard sighed once again. "Animals react badly around my mother which is why we cannot have pets around the family property. They make a fuss when she is nearby. Almost like they smell something bad that they do not like. That is why I am glad I get to make friends with the local animals in the whole county area. And now I got to meet you."

    Will felt sorry for me since all good children should be allowed to have pets and he offered to spend a sleepover with me and my other friends if they permitted it. Thankfully, Felipe thought is was a good idea since his home was a shortcut between Earth and the animated world where Lord Lampwick lived. Back at the cat lord's invisible home, I removed the rabbit costume and Felipe stored it away for me citing that it was mine forever since I had claimed it. Afterward, we cuddled up on the carpeted floor and enjoyed some male bonding time. Sadly, Will would be gone by morning since he had a job to do but he would leave me a note to say that he enjoyed his time with me and was glad that I was his friend.

    And that was how my Halloween of 2010 went. I got to make a few new friends. I never learned the names of the Zamak kids in the expensive armored costumes. That must have cost a pretty penny and a half. But my next concern would occur a few years later when I turned fourteen and barely managed to get on the Atticus softball team as a left field catcher.

    The entry and date would be... Journal Entry: Day 23 / Month 5 / Year 2013; Thursday... the end of a Waxing Gibbous moon.

    End of Chapter 03

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  • Adm Pouchlaw
    Chapter 02

    Journal Entry: Day 25 / Month 05 / Year 2006; Thursday...

    For the record, it is still the same afternoon of the telling I was reciting to you where I lost my clothes and saved a new friend from a grisly fate. Dad has always told me that saving lives was far more important than decency. However, I didn't want to be naked in some city with a toon regardless of how he was making me feel. Now back into the telling...

    As the manhole cover lid exited from the ground and the sunlight poured in at the new location, Action Gray helped Gerard out of the hole into what seemed to be the middle of a meadow clearing in the layout of a small suburb with indentations that could have been streets at a period of time a long while ago. However, there were no buildings to be seen at that location at all. That is until a door-like opening appeared within one of the open fields and what looked like a naked toon cat man motioned to the naked rabbit and naked human to come over to him. The male toon cat was otherwise wearing a house robe and slippers on his furry feet. Action escorted Gerard over and through the impossible door into what appeared to be a living room just beyond the door itself. Inside the room, there were windows facing out toward where they had come out of the manhole at. An invisible house was pretty cool.

    After permitting the toon rabbit and the real human to get properly cleaned up in his bathroom, the toon cat soon had his two guests sitting at his dining room table where he was serving them food and drink. "I don't get to see too many naked toons and naked humans way out here since the Quad Counties folded. My name is Felipe. I used to be a Cat Lord from Nirvana until I got infected by Toonium. I guess I was lucky that I stayed in cat man form. So what are your stories?"

    Action Gray began by explaining how he was one of five stunt doubles for Ace Bunny in the upcoming new Warner Brothers TV series. When the head executive found out that he was homosexual through his romantic romps with another toon actor, the plan was crafted to do away with the unwanted toon stunt double.

    Gerard Prince then explained how he got involved with Action Gray when he was exploring the woods behind his grandparent's home on the hill and he overheard the bad men doing their deed to do away with Action Gray whom he actually liked. He also explained how he lost his clothes while trying to save Action from dropping all the way down the Purging Well but ended up falling to the bottom with him when the vine gave way under both their weights and the momentum of the stress on the plant. He ended his tale with the landing on the spongy shore and how he helped to untie Action and after losing his clothes how the two flew along the old tunnels to emerge in the field outside of Felipe's invisible house.

    Felipe then said, "Were you going to mention that you allowed Action to teach you about sex? I could smell it on you both when I permitted you both to come in."

    Gerard sighed. "I didn't want to embarrass Action since he asked if he could teach me politely since we were stuck at the bottom of the hole."

    Action then said, "I am fortunate that I had enough power to fly us to the emergency exit before I lost my charged powers entirely. Toonium can remove powers if you inhale the fumes for too long. And we were near the stuff for a while, Gerard. I just wanted to get you out of there before you started changing into a toon like the rest of us. Hopefully, I was quick enough to get us out of those tunnels."

    Felipe then said, "So you are the grandson of Grandma and Grandpa Prince of Terryville, Georgia. I know the authorities renamed the town to Atticus when the Quad Counties folded. A lot of pompous back patting if you ask me. Well, permit me to check you out, Gerard. I used to be a toon doctor as well as a cat lord before this happened to me. My living room front door leads out to the old Infinite Heights Meadow. My kitchen door leads out to Q.C. Planet in the Meta-Star City region. A magical short cut if you want the truth. Now hold still so I can see if you got any Toonium in your body, Gerard. If you did, then you will be primed for a transformation over time. Hopefully you are able to stay as human looking as possible. Otherwise, you may change into a toon rabbit like Action since he was with you in the well."

    Gerard held still as he said, "I am actually more afraid of my grandparents being angry that I lost my clothes in the woods while exploring an area my father knew of when he was a boy."

    Action said, "I want to help Gerard adjust if he got infected. He did risk his own life to save my life, Felipe. I owe him for his selfless act."

    Felipe then asked, "When you landed on the spongy shore, Gerard, were you face up or face down?"

    Gerard replied, "I know I bounced after I landed on my back and I think I got flipped over face down. I remember tasting something that was like Silly Putty and Modeling Clay on my tongue before I sat up and spit the taste out or I tried to. I can still faintly taste it when I think about it and I cannot make my woody go soft. Action said it was an erection. I never had one before ending up in the hole with Action. I do like him. He is my newest friend. I don't care if he is gay. He is nice."

    Action sighed himself. "He got it in his mouth. Now I really feel responsible for his accident in trying to save me. But the trade off is that I made a friend who wants doesn't care what my sex drive is like. Felipe, do you have any magic at all that you can use to siphon the Toonium out of Gerard and send it back to the well? I know the boy and I will need some clothes as well. As you might guess, when I was working, I wore my stunt uniform nearly every day. When they stripped me naked and tied me up, they said I wouldn't need clothes where I was going. And the next thing I know I hear Gerard trying to save me from my predicament. This boy is a hero even without powers. Please say you can help him."

    Felipe went and retrieved some glowing liquid from his medicine cabinet. "Gerard... I want you to open this vial, pour some of this in your mouth, swish it around over and under your tongue and then swallow the rest as you stand at the toilet stool. It is tasteless but it will induce vomiting to remove this unwanted gunk from your stomach and body."

    After a good vomiting session in Felipe's bathroom into his toilet, I washed my mouth out with soap and water to remove any leftover putty taste. I cannot say that drinking what tasted like Head and Shoulders is the best thing I have ever had in my mouth but it helped to keep me human. I do not blame Action Gray for what happened. He is my friend. Felipe then summoned new Earth clothing and sneakers for my body which included new underwear. I got dressed and presented myself for my new friends before I hugged them once again. Action Gray was given a new stunt rabbit leotard uniform with gloves and boots. He looked hot in his stunt gear. I can see why he scored a stunt rabbit position now. Felipe handed me an envelope to deliver to my grandparents in regards to what the Warner Stunt Union tried to do this time. The letter was addressed to someone named Rock E. Coyote, Esquire.

    End of Chapter 02

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  • Adm Pouchlaw
    started a topic [OQCP-01] BG-01 AniSapien High

    [OQCP-01] BG-01 AniSapien High

    Terryville - Q.C. Planet

    [OQCP-01] BG-01 AniSapien High
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter 01

    Journal Entry: Day 25 / Month 05 / Year 2006; Thursday...

    The new moon is almost upon us. My father gave me this adventurers journal so I could record my life's adventures that I felt the need to report to the lords of experience. Dad is always talking in LARP gamers speak. My name is Gerard Klayton Prince and this journal is a late birthday present or an early one as my father Leon prefers to say. He said I should keep track of the more important things that happen to me so I can read back over the events that could help me to solve problems in the future.

    Although I am currently seven years old, apparently I already have a lot to record within my journal. Lets take yesterday afternoon for example.

    It is almost impossible to get lost in the woods just North of Atticus, Georgia where we live. I mean, there are roads all over the area. You are bound to come across a road or a highway in your travels at any given time. Anyway, this is what happened this last time I was out that way...

    Wandering through the woods just over the hill from where his grandparents lived, Gerard was following an old trail that his father had told him about. As he pushed his way through some tall brush, he tripped on a vine and he fell forth ripping his pants on a brier bush as he raked the back of his rump against the thorns of the plant which was just past the vine he had tripped over. "Aw man... I ripped my pants. I can feel the air through the hole in both my pants and underwear. This is embarrassing. I am glad no one else is out here."

    But then, just ahead of him through some more overgrown weeds, he heard what sounded like two men. "Be careful around the hole, Frank. We don't want to fall in with this homo. Sure is sweet that Warner is paying us ten grand to dump this queer down the purging well here in the old Quad Counties. If the locals knew what this hole really was, they would likely have it capped and then we wouldn't be able to dispose of any more unwanted toons for the boss."

    The other man was heard saying, "Yeah, Joe, this job is almost as sweet as the Atticus Council is crooked for hiding the newest city orphanage. I heard that local banker is still looking for the place. Talk about a stupid Jap banker. Okay... lets heave this guy over the edge and then no one will ever see him again. Everyone knows what happens to toons who go down this hole except for Plucky Duck. For fuckers like this, it is one way. Lets finish this and get out of here. Being this close to the Prince house freaks me out."

    Moments later, Gerard could hear the two men departing as fast as possible. He then crept forward and he almost fell head first into the hole before him as he stopped just in time. Caught on a rocky ledge outcropping down within the deep hole on one side, he could see a gunny sack that was humanoid shaped. It seemed to twitch somewhat proving that whomever was in it was still alive. Wanting to help whomever it was, Gerard went back to where the vine he had tripped over was and using his knife, he cut it near one side before bringing it back with him to the hole as he tossed one end of the vine down the hole. He then began the descent down the hole which had a weird smell and was starting to make him feel aroused. When he got to the gunny sack, he tied the vine securely around the mid-section of the gunny sack as he said, "Don't struggle too much, mister. I am going to try to get you out of this hole."

    Finishing the tying of the knot around the gunny sack, Gerard then began to try to climb back up the vine himself, but without warning, his foot got caught in a loop of the vine near the gunny sack as the load swung over the edge it had been caught on and then suddenly, Gerard, the gunny sack as well as the vine which had been secured at the top slowly slipped and fell all the way down the hole until they landed at the bottom on the soft spongy shores of what looked and smelled like silver colored Play-Doh or Silly Putty. Gerard glanced out at the erection causing fluids within the cavern just off shore of where they had landed. He remembered that a few weeks ago, the area had suffered from a drought and that was probably the only reason the waters were no longer covering the beach they had landed on. Using his knife, he began to cut the bindings loose that were holding the sack closed and to remove the vine. He was taken off guard by the occupant of the sack who seemed to be a sexy naked toon stunt double for Ace Bunny. "Lets get you all the way out of this sack, sir. I didn't intend for us to fall all the way into the bottom of this hole. Thanks to the drought, the waters in here are lower than they likely would have been. Otherwise, we would have gotten wet. And I don't think you would have wanted to learn to breath underwater. Lets get the gag and wrist bindings off of you. Someone tied you up severely. Mind telling me who you are?"

    Once the gag and wrist bindings came off, Gerard worked on the ankle bindings which were just as tight. The toon rabbit with a nice erection said, "My name is Action Gray as in the color. I am a same-sex oriented stunt double for Ace Bunny of the Loonatics Unleashed cartoon series. Yes, that means I am gay. A homo or a queer as they were calling me. And I think you are the most handsome rescuer I have ever met. Sad you are probably going to loose all of your clothes in a moment. That isn't water out there; It is leftover Toonium. I know you do not know what that means, but this shore we are sitting on is also the dried version of Toonium as well. If this stuff gets wet, we will both sink into the stuff and then you won't be human any more. Ah, your shirt and pants are already coming apart, as I feared they might since we are so close to the source. You will be as naked as I am in a moment. I appreciate your attempt to save me but unless we can get out of this hole, then we are stuck down here. In the old Quad Counties, this was known as the Purging Well, this is where unwanted Toon and Anime characters would commit suicide at. They would jump into the Toonium and get remade into all new characters. I would rather not perish so soon, young man, but you are turning me on something fierce. Do you know what sex is?"

    Gerard finished cutting off the ropes from Action's ankles as the remainder of his clothes simply fell off of his body. "Um... you mean this stuff destroyed my clothes? Sex? Isn't that what animals do with each other in the wilds to make babies?"

    Action said, "Well, any animal and/or human can do it. May I show you how it works while we are both down here? I will teach you how to mount me afterward. Let me do this with you and I might be able to get us both out of this hole. Otherwise, the only other way out is to swim through this stuff to the emergency exit in the old Infinite Heights valley. And as I told you earlier, if we get this stuff on us, you won't be human anymore afterward. Will you please indulge me? We will not be making babies. I promise."

    Gerard thought about it before giving in to the request. He was happy to learn a new skill and Action was not a real rabbit nor a human like himself so it should be safe enough to permit a lesson with the amorous male toon rabbit stunt double. He hated losing his clothes like that but unless they could get out of the hole, then they were stuck down there.

    After a shared set of sessions which Gerard seemed to learn quickly, Action hugged the boy and kissed him deeply on the mouth. "Get on my back and hold on tight." Once Gerard did as ordered and he clasped his hands around Action's torso over his furry nipples, the rabbit took flight carefully as he flew over the top of the Toonium being careful not to fall into the stuff as he navigated the old sewer tunnels until they reached a toon iron ladder leading up toward what looked like a manhole cover. Up they went and Action punched the lid hard.

    End of Chapter 01