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[OQCS-08] PB-02 Hop To It

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    [OQCS-08] PB-02 Hop To It

    Planet Gallahart - Frontier

    [OQCS-08] PB-02 Hop To It.
    By Darrel Vanwinkle (Lord Pouchlaw)

    Chapter One - The Weather Got Really Rough.

    As the sail boat was making good time between continents, Clockly nudged his Equine Knight friend and said, "Dark clouds and heavy wind coming in from the Northwest. We may be in for some trouble. If you go overboard, I will do everything in my power to rescue you. I know Rudy and Burt care about Bruno. I hope Phillip can stay afloat if the boat gets in trouble."

    The Equine Knight said, "Can't you veer to the Southwest and skirt the incoming storm?"

    Clockly replied, "It is coming in pretty fast. I need to get this maneuver going pretty quick. Put on the flotation vest and hand out the rest to the others. It is going to get rough as we do this."

    The Equine Knight went and put on his flotation vest. Then he went to hand out the rest to the others. "Has anyone seen Phillip? He's not in his bunk!"

    Sitting up in the crows nest, Phillip had been keeping track of the distant land mass (The Rabbit and Hare Continent) with a telescope; he hadn't noticed the storm clouds moving in. and then a strong wave hit the side of the sail boat and he dropped the telescope and he found himself in the churning sea water as the ocean and waves went crazy. When he surfaced to get some air, he didn't see the boat at all. "I'M GOING TO SWIM FOR THE SHORE!" And he used his transformation magic and he changed himself into a dolphin and he swam due West toward where he had seen the shore before. No one aboard the sail boat heard his shout at all since the wind was howling and the storm was pushing the sail boat far to the Southeast. Rain was falling and blowing in torrents.

    A large tidal wave lifted up the dolphin and threw him over a sand dune at the shore he was trying to reach earlier. He chose to transform back into his human form so he could perform a gymnastic land and roll along the sand before skidding to a stop near a warm clay mud laden cavern entrance. Because the storm was still raging around him, he crawled inside the cavern and found a narrow passage leading into a warm soft chamber where the wind was barely heard and he could dry himself while waiting for the storm to pass. "I don't even know if I reached the right continent. I hope the others didn't drown in that storm. But it was strange that the storm homed in on the boat and even though I got thrown ashore by the waves, the storm doesn't seem to be following me. So whom was the target?"

    Choosing to rest in the cavern while waiting for the storm to pass, Phillip removes his wet clothes and lays them out to dry while he lets the warm air dry his wet body and then he slept quietly.

    Back at the sail boat, Clockly held the steering column and wheel with determination. The Equine Knight held Clockly to the spot since he didn't want to lose his friend. Within a secure hold in the back of the sail boat, Bruno held Burt and Rudy close to his body as he strapped the three of them to the insides of a life raft. "I think something Phillip told me is the cause for this storm. He had the curse removed from himself, but since he is no longer on the boat, the storm is still attacking us. Or more to the truth... me. I think I should jump overboard to save the sail boat. If the storm focuses on me, then Clockly can get the boat to safety. Rudy, since you are the swimmer, you can attempt to get me to Phillip's donkey-dragon sorcerer friend, Jakadra, to get this curse off of me. We don't have much time."

    Burt said, "We promised Phillip that we wouldn't abandon you, Bruno. Where you go, we go."

    Rudy then said, "New plan... Help me get the life boat into the water upside down and then you two hold on to the inside of the boat and I'll guide the life boat back to the Donkey Continent underwater while you guys stay in the air space within the life boat."

    And the moment they got the upside down life boat into the water, Bruno and Burt held on to the inside air space of the boat as Rudy used his otter strength to pull the boat underwater and began guiding it back in the direction they had come from.

    Clockly and the Equine Knight wouldn't know the storm had been defeated until they were out of it.

    Within the warm cavern, three individuals joined Phillip within the storm shelter space and Phillip felt what seemed like three fur coats pressing up against him. The largest one was behind him and holding him around his chest from behind. The other two were in front of him.

    The one behind him rested his muzzle on Phillip's shoulder and was soon very asleep. At least his company all had warm fur coats. They all were asleep after that.

    The storm was affecting the entire Northern hemisphere. The evil enchantress tried to stop it and she was hit by a massive lightning bolt that killed her! Peasants and nobles were taking refuge in the Bishop family basement. Azalla had shown up at the farm and was using her magic to place a shield over the entire trio of farms. She was doing this as a favor to Phillip whom repaired her broom. The preacher, Angelus Bishop, said to the donkey girl, "You do realize that you are on a farm owned by a religious icon of the lord thy God, don't you? I am a man of the cloth whom does God's work." Azalla replied, "Your son repaired my heirloom broom for no reward and this is the least I can do to help protect his family and friends. A dragon deity is looking into this curse that is on your family,. Mr. Bishop. Someone was getting revenge."

    She then added, "We've never seen storms like this one on our world. That is why we refer to this as an effect related to an evil curse. I may be a witch, but I am not an evil witch."

    Angelus remarked, "My son repaired your broom? That is just like him. Doing good deeds for people and not asking for anything in return. Although I feel he deserves rewards for all the friends he is capable of making except for that one older boy whom raped him when Phillip was younger. He got sent to a work farm for the crime and his father has never let it drop. He claimed that his son was falsely accused of the rape crime except his son had stupidly bragged about it in an arcade to his friends and the owner overheard his boast. Therefore, not only was the don guilty, so was the father for trying to lay a false alibi for his own offspring. Word was that his son ran away from home shortly before the storms destroyed our farming community shortly after I got my preaching certificate. I suppose the boy's father arranged the curse that is apparently on the Bishop family. I don't want to spread heresy nor gossip since that is rather petty, but when I earned my certificate in a college he was the dean at, he swore I'd never get to work in public. And then three disasters wiped out our farming community and forced all of the other citizens to move to the big city. Our friends and my family held out until we got the invitation to come practice my learned profession on this world."

    Just then a loud dragon like voice stated, "Angelus Bishop! I am Lord Io, a dragon deity known by your own God almighty! I have been trying to lift the curse on your family and recently I contacted your God and told him of what was occurring! We formulated a plan to duplicate the curse on the caster's family until the day he removes it from himself and his family; and when he does, the curse is automatically removed from all parties! Once he gets tired of the backlash of bad fortune that he cursed upon you, the curse will be lifted! I apologize that we cannot find any other way to remove this wicked thing! Stand up with your faith, Angelus! God says you are doing the right thing!"

    Azalla grinned. "How long do you think he will suffer the same thing he laid upon you?"

    Angelus replied, "Knowing him like I do, he is weak and would seek to undo the effect within a day. Unless I am wrong, then the evil curse will be gone in less than three days."

    Azalla stated with a smile. "Do you trust me a bit more now? I am keeping the storm out of your farms, after all."

    Angelus replied, "I am loyal to my wife as well as my Lord Thy God. You are a pretty donkey girl witch, and you are choosing to help us due to the help Phillip provided to you. I hope he is okay wherever he and Bruno went."

    Azalla said, "I believe Phillip was touring the other continents. He heard of some lands that got his attention and he wanted to see them."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two - Hopping Society.

    When Phillip woke up, he was still being held by the large creature from behind and he felt the creature's prehensile penis deeply inside of his anus and he was being held to the big guy's groin.At that moment, a male rabbit and a male hare returned from outside and the rabbit boy said, "It isn't pouring down hard anymore, but it is still drizzling along with cold water. I've never seen ice falling from the sky before. We may be in here for a while. I don't know why it is raining ice. We've never had that before."

    The hare boy said, "The storm seems to have moved out to sea aimlessly. How is the furless boy you are having sex with, Longtail?"

    The large creature apparently named Longtail replied, "I woke up with my tool inside his bottom. I didn't mean to slide into him. I like to have permission before I do this with people. My father would have the boy pregnant by now. Does this mean he can be in the Hopping Society with us? Normally, I get to have sex with new club members. And since this was an accident, we have to follow our own rules. So what say you guys about this instance. We found him here in one of our clubhouse caverns. He's not complaining about the sex I am providing him with. Although I am sure he is wondering what species I am."

    The rabbit boy sat down and said, "You're the club leader, Longtail. You've had sex with us when we willingly joined the club. Besides, as a kangaroo, you are the best club leader we have ever known."

    The hare boy said, "I am just glad kangaroos don't go into rut when the rest of our people do. Or else we wouldn't get anything done."

    Phillip lifted his head and said, "I am awake... as for the white stuff falling outside the cavern, we humans have two words for it. If it is hard and icy, then we call it sleet. But if it is fluffy and covering the ground in soft whiteness, then we call it snow."

    He then added, "Snow usually only falls in the Winter. But sleet and hail can occur before, during or after bad weather storms. There are some fun things you can do with fresh snow."

    Longtail inquired, "Thanks for not being upset with how we woke up and what I doing with you. As you likely heard, I usually do this when someone joins our club. The Hopping Society numbers about two hundred some odd teen aged rabbits, hares and kangaroos. Although my people usually reside in the Southern part of the continent. But some of my best friends are up in the North where we are now. Would you like to join the Hopping Society? I usually talk with the accent to my elders, but I choose not to use it with my friends because it makes me sound rather dopey."

    The human boy said, "My name is Phillip Bishop and if your are offering a friendship as well as club membership, then yes, I'd love to join your club."

    The kangaroo teenager said, "I'm Longtail son of Longjump." The rabbit teenager said, "I'm Peter Cloudtail." The hare teenager said, "I am Blackavar son of Darkhop. My father works for the secret police of Jumpland, the continent we are on now."

    Phillip then asked, "Is Jumpland the original rabbit continent? The Dragon sorcerer I met on the donkey continent implied that this was the continent of Rabbits and Hares, but he never mentioned any kangaroos. And by the way you are talking, Longtail, the roos were here first."

    Longtail fired a stream of his fluids inside of Phillip's backside as he replied, "The rabbit soldiers call this Jumpland; we roos and hares originally called it Dreamhop. Apparently the original Jumpland was ruined and destroyed when the rabbit soldiers couldn't figure out how to take care of their original land and they invade and take over other people's continents to occupy until that land is ruined and then they move on to do it again. I discovered that the younger rabbit populace are trainable and actually care about the land they live on. But the soldiers only care about fighting and being in charge. When the rabbit soldiers first arrived in our lands, they initially only saw the hares. Later when they encountered the kangaroos whom out-numbered (and were larger in size) than they were, they at first implied that they were peaceful."

    Peter then said, "The adult soldiers are good at lying; but they get upset if we younger leverets do the same as they are doing. Total hypocrites by nature. When the soldiers took our people away from the original home land, they declared that we shouldn't talk about it anymore and we should never mention our god's name since he did nothing to help our people. The rabbit god's name is Everleap. We suspect that he is still around to keep an eye on the female and younger rabbits; but he frowns upon the soldiers whom ruined their own home land before laying the blame on him, himself."

    Phillip then asked, "And whom is the god of the hares? And the god of the roos?"

    Blackavar replied, "The hare god is the deity of stealth and camouflage. He prefers not to be seen by mortals while he gathers information. He is called by many names, but the one name we often hear is Quill. Quill is a Scribe and Sage deity whom collects information to share with his people. Quill was supposedly allied with Mathilda and her mate, Redpouch, the two roo gods of Southern Dreamhop. Northern Dreamhop was originally the hares home territory. When the rabbit soldiers began to take over, they outlawed intermingling between the species saying that we had to stay within our own territories; but Longtail quickly defied that stupid rule saying that rules were meant to be broken since gods never obeyed a mortal's laws and rules and thus, why should a youngster obey what a god won't?"

    Phillip asked, "Suppose the rabbit soldiers were coerced into believing that the new continent's land was ruined and was starting to smell like their home land... What would they do and what continent was their next target after leaving Dreamhop?"

    Longtail grinned. "The gods could pull off that idea and plan. Although I wouldn't want to kick Peter off of the continent. He is a club member willingly and he has done nothing wrong. It is the stupid soldiers whom are making life not so fun for the rest of us."

    Phillip asked, "Where do the gods of this land hang out the most, Longtail? And could I be permitted to talk to them since I am not of their species?"

    Longtail slyly grinned while making that dopey kangaroo muzzle grin. "Redpouch dwells up on Spiritrise while Mathilda tip toes around the landscape kicking idiots in the rump with that big foot of hers when she isn't tail slapping bad guys into the ocean. The roo gods are three times the size of the rest our people. Mathilda is ten times our size and usually invisible. And with Quill liking to stay unseen, he and Mathilda roam around wherever they like. As for Everleap, he could be spoken to in a parley provided he came to your presence for your wanting to speak to the hopping gods. I could escort you up to Spiritrise to meet with Redpouch but I could not guarantee Quill nor Everleap listening to your request for a parley. I've only seen Redpouch myself on a minor few occasions."

    Phillip smiled. "So take me up there. Maybe I can convince the three to meet with me. Maybe Redpouch want like a body rub."

    Longtail grinned. "If you excite him, he will mate with you."

    Phillip giggled. "Like you almost did?"

    Blackavar and Peter both laughed at how that sounded. "He talks like we do."

    Longtail said, "Lets get cleaned up and then we head to Spiritrise."

    End of Chapter Two.