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Toonimation Studios (Original Quad Counties Stories)


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Arctic Vista: Marco Fernando and Sons
When a forest ranger is assigned to an animated woodland, insanity and adventure follow as his sons locate and join him.
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We Three Kings
This is the story of three brothers each in different situations.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[TS-01] Book of Gerard
The original story of a young man whose family travels to QC Planet to help the council of a city called Terryville.
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[TS-02] Book of Felix
The adventure of a family assisted by Gerard Prince to live on the West coast of the animated world.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[TS-03] Book of Joseph
After a scripted explosion transforms the son of a law enforcement officer into a superhero, they are moved to Meta-Star City where the teen age boy can learn to be a hero like his TV hero -- Overcat.
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[TS-04] Book of Covington
The adventures of a set of twin siblings who wins the grand prize after renaming a major vacation resort in the animated world.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[TS-05] Book of Casey
Having won the most recent Sponsor a Prince contest, Casey Glendon moves to Coolsville to live with the sons of famous animal team heroes.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[TS-06] Book of Arcana
Join Cala Raffi and her friends in their adventures around Mythos Bay (formerly called Spooky Harbor.)
This is a series by Veronica June.
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Artemis Archer
[TS-07] Next Generation
When the sons of Gerard Prince attend ISHTAR to begin their heroic careers, avoiding their father's old friends leads to adventures in the Last Frontier.
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[TS-08] Freddy Prince
The story of a human teenager and his friend whom are accused of a crime (performed by bullies) and where they are sent to despite their proclaimed innocence.
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[TS-09] Styx: Arnie Roo
This is the adventure of a human teenager (Arrio Nemesio Rudford) transformed into the lovable Devil Kangaroo champion of justice known as Styx (Arnie Roo.)
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Lord Pouchlaw
[TS-10] Tonda Lochmond
When Tonda Lochmond gets sponsored in the Japanopolis/Montropolis zone, wild adventures with the support team of Legacy Shipping occur as he struggles against the evils of C.O.M.E. (Consortium of Masterful Evil).
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[TS-11] Book of Lionel
A college minded young man moves into a boarding house where the residents are not exactly human; weirder things follow when the nice boy gets enrolled at the school of choice in Mythos City.
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Lord Pouchlaw
[TS-12] Mousecapades
30 years after Edward "Eddie" Quincy Adams teamed up with Triple I's Devil Mouse agents, Eddie started a family in the same neighborhood before being asked to tackle one more III mission and disappearing without a trace. Now of age himself, Eddie's son, John Douglas Adams, meets up with Masya by chance and a friendship blooms.
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[TS-13] Book of Queen
Freddy Queen and his family migrate to Jaded Shadow as his father accepts the challenge from his rival the mayor of Polkaville which leads Freddy into all new adventures.
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Lord Pouchlaw
QC Unlimited
The forum for advanced sensible QC stories without all the bull crap from before.
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QC Discontinued
The place where stories on indefinite pause end up.
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Lord Pouchlaw
Inner City (9/76)