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[LG-PR1] Saga-LP: Summoning the Samurai

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    [LG-PR1] Saga-LP: Summoning the Samurai

    Power Rangers Samurai Saga™
    Lost Performance Pilot: Summoning the Samurai
    Written by Lexington “Chip” Lonewolf

    Samurai Red, Fire Lion Ranger - Hikaru Reimon
    Samurai Blue, Water Dragon Ranger - Danny Tsunami
    Samurai Pink, Sky Turtle Ranger - Marika Kazue
    Samurai Green, Wood Bear Ranger - Andre Watanabe
    Samurai Yellow, Earth Monkey Ranger - Miki Tachibana

    Also Starring:

    Samurai Master Tsubasa

    River Demons:
    Dark Emperor Samurai Krakenstein
    Viceroy Mistress Dentrimenta
    Seer of Worlds Warloquid
    Nanashi, grunts
    Cold and Hot Warrior Scaryface

    Please note that all text is spoken in Japanese by characters. English will be spoken in italics.

    Act One: Increased Activity

    Unknown Dimension; Feudal Kyoto, January 2010

    An innocent kid was tossing a type of ball that was foreign to the modern streets of Kyoto. It was a baseball that was being tossed in the air. His father must've went overseas to another land, and found a gift worthy of his son's attention. On a normal day, he would be catching the ball with his father in the early morning before his parents went to work.

    However, after overestimating his abilities, the ball fell to the ground and rolled into a gap between two hard cement walls that were spaced close together. The kid reached into the wall, not knowing what else is in between the walls. Suddenly, the darkened gap started to glow red, and the kid was pushed back from the gap. Suddenly from the red glow came out some footsoldiers with heads and armor that didn't look human at all; rather demonic. Secretly, a small alarm made out of simple fibers and two gold bells started ringing. The kanji on the alarm's tag read only two words. 'Gap Alarm.'

    Anyways, the grunts were starting to brag in their own language, with no one to fight, they could start terrorizing this kid to benefit their own pleasure.

    Before the kid could scream out in fear, a disc came flying into the scene, distracting the grunts by ramming into them, only doing minimal damage. Then two hooded figures dressed in all black came seemingly out of nowhere and threw smoke balls on the ground, effectively distracting the monsters while a third hooded figure helped the kid to safety.

    Suddenly, a traditional drum started to sound, as two banners with a clan symbol depicting a distinguished line was raised while the smokescreen was starting to clear. A strong man dressed in traditional samurai outfit stood between the banners. He was armed with a peculiar-looking katana, as well as a tanto strapped to the back of his waist sash. He got into a pose, as he spoke in to the monsters. "Nanashi, you will return to your masters quaking in fear."

    The Nanashi, now seeing opposition, recoiled a little, as they asked in some weird pattern. "Who... dare.... oppose us?"

    The warrior revealed the same disc that was originally thrown at the Nanashi, and placed it on the octagonal hilt on his katana, before unsheathing it, and getting in a ready stance. "It is I, Samurai Master Tsubasa of Kyoto, who will stand against your attempts at bringing terror to the Land of the Rising Sun. Quake in fear, and return to the Sanzu River, or you'll surely get cut down!"

    Tsubasa then shouted a battle cry and charged into battle with the Nanashi troop the Demons of the Sanzu River sent out. Slashing them multiple times, and bringing them out to the open. Each monster he faced got a chance to best him. However, the samurai master was as experienced as he was clever, and ended up besting them.

    Once he had a moment's reprieve, Tsubasa pulled out a red disc with a lion pattern all around it, and replaced the black disc on the Katana with that special disc. "Time I end this, and send you back to your maker." The samurai then pushed the trigger on the handle of his blade, and spun the disc, as the mirror hilt shows an image of a lion running. As the disc spins, a firey aura augments the katana in a powerful fashion, and a firey snake wrapped around his blade, and formed a mini-cyclone on the blade of his sword. "Samurai Katana, Inferno Dance!" He then swung it around, fire hitting the Nanashi with each swing, then turned his back, as he sheathed his katana, destroying each and every one of the nameless grunts in multiple explosions.

    Tsubasa dusted his hands, as he relaxed the added tension in his body. The River Demons are likely to make their move, and send out a true warrior to test my endurance. I don't know if I'll be able to take on all those monsters without help from worthy samurai. The samurai master then cleared his throat, and clapped his hands only twice. "Stagehands, come before me."

    End of Act One.

    Act Two: Recruiting Plans and an Evil Rises

    Tsubasa's Mansion, Downtown Kyoto

    Samurai Master Tsubasa drank a small cup of cold sake, as a toast for defeating the Nanashi forces that started to terrorize a child. However, it was only a skirmish, and Tsubasa knew that. He then got off of his high seat for the head of the mansion, and walked into a door he slid open on a wall that was to his right. It was the mansion's library, with scrolls, books and papers written in the past. After all, in that world, the Feudal Era has existed since its induction, and their is a lot of history and prophecies of what will come, and no amount of modernization has changed that.

    Tsubasa watched a Stagehand working on organizing the scrolls, and walked up to him, and said, "It's time... I need the scroll of the modern prophecy, along with a daikyu with five arrows brought to me."

    Despite the theatrics of shock from the Samurai Master's servant, the Stagehand nodded and bowed, before grabbing a ladder to reach the higher shelves. Tsubasa sat at the table, and brought out a brown cellphone of sorts from its pocket within his kimono, and flipped it open. He looked around, then twisted one long side of it 180 degrees until a brush point appeared, then wrote in the air at his side the kanji for 'candle.' Once he was done writing the kanji, Tsubasa struck the kanji sideways with the peculiar pen, and the kanji had transformed into a lit candle, bringing a more intense light to the table.

    A few moments later, two Stagehands came before him with a wooden longbow with five arrows, and a scroll that looked like it hasn't been opened in many decades. The paper was yellowed with age, and Tsubasa thought it was time to break the seal, as he did so, the dried wax crumbling with a simple squeezing of the seal.

    Tsubasa opened up the scroll and looked at it. All that we could see is a globe with an Asiatic Lion, a long dragon, a sea turtle, a bear, and a monkey surrounding it on the top of the scroll, and on the bottom a special kanji that would summon five warriors.

    On the shores of the Sanzu River

    A short squid-like warlock was looking at the peacefulness of the dimension they are attacking through the bottom hoop at the head of his staff. "That blasted Samurai Master has meddled too much in the River Demon affairs, and it is too peaceful in that world once again. Not to mention that he also is able to use kanji magic quite well with his silver katana. The Dark Emperor won't like this one bit."

    Suddenly, a disturbance in the water caught the warlock's attention, and made him turn around as a tower of stained water reached into the arid red sky, followed by the surfacing of a twisted red and black skeletal ship of an old pirate design. The warlock was intrigued, as he walked toward the start of the waters. "Finally, the time of the Dark Emperor's awakening has come. I must go and present myself and offer my abilities to him."

    A short while later, the squid-headed warlock got onto the boat through an open hole, only to hear the off-key strumming of a shamisen (Japanese guitar). "After all these centuries, I never thought the likes of you would be on this ship, Dentrimenta."

    The Demonic woman with mouths all over her armor stopped playing her music, and looked to the warlock. The Viceroy Mistress Dentrimenta then spoke. "And I never thought that you would seek the Dark Emperor, Warloquid. Since those things are in hindsight, he is about to awake."

    Warloquid, known as the Seer of Worlds and the seeker of knowledge, nodded, and rubbed his facial hair-like tentacles on his face with intrigue. "That was the idea I got when the ship surfaced."

    Suddenly, the curtain between the central deck and one of the cabins was sliced open by a mangled-looking katana, heralding the appearance of Dark Samurai Emperor Krakenstein, in all his demonic glory. He looked around, and growled. "Nanashi... where's my sake?"

    A Nanashi grunt approached the Emperor as he sat down in his usual spot with a saucer like cup in one hand, and a big bottle of sake in his opposite hand. The two items were forcibly grabbed by Krakenstein, making the Nanashi scramble in terror.

    Dentrimenta calmly threw her bladed bachi at the Nanashi, killing it for its insubordinance. The bachi went through the grunt, and stuck to a support column.

    The Dark Emperor sighed, as he looked like he had woken up with a massive migraine, as he filled his vessel with the murky sake, and guzzled it down. Once he gotten some of the cursed air back in his lungs. He looked to Dentrimenta, and said. "Dentrimenta, play some of your music for me, for I am vexed."

    As Dentrimenta pulled out her bachi from the column, Warloquid approached and bowed to the emperor. "Krakenstein-sama, I, the Seer of Worlds, Warloquid, offer his services to you as a guide to this side of the river. The world that connects to this region of the Sanzu River has no history of the five Legendary Samurai that cut your body into many pieces and sealed you away many centuries ago."

    Krakenstein growled, "You may prove yourself as an asset to me. But I want to see a test of your subordinates, Warloquid. I am not the one to trust on first impressions."

    Warloquid nodded, "As I don't expect you to be."

    End of Act Two.


      Act Three: Samurai from Another Earth

      Back at the Mansion, Tsubasa was walking through a hallway right through an open door in the back yard with his daikyu and a quiver that contained the arrows with tags that contained a magical kanji that would summon five samurai to Kyoto. After reading that scroll containing a modern prophecy, he knew what to do. The Samurai Master set his bow down momentarily, and brought out his Samurai Pen, and converted it from its cell phone form. He then slowly started to write that special portal kanji above him, pointing into the sky. He knew that using this spell would limit the levels of Kanji magic he can use for quite some time, but to summon the five samurai from another world to fight the River Demons, it is worth it to summon them.

      Once Tsubasa completed the kanji, he turned it around, and pressed the 'send' button. Suddenly, the kanji changed shape into a magical portal. "Let's hope these arrows reach the chosen ones safely," the samurai master muttered to himself, as he notched an arrow, and shot it into the portal, and continued doing so until he ran out of arrows. After the last arrow went through, the portal closed, the sky looking as if the portal never existed in the first place.

      The noble Samurai Master got down on one knee, and started to breathe heavily. A couple Stagehands came to his side to help and check on him, though it was Tsubasa that was most concerned about the need for help. I surely hope those messages got to the right people; that was our only shot of getting them to come.

      Shores of Lake Biwa, A dimension parallel to Tsubasa's

      It never ceases to amaze a serious person such as Hikaru Reimon on how the amulet he has had since childhood can change from a five-sided stone into a lion-like creature. He had a string from one of his old sweatshirts, getting the lion to chase the string as he makes it change direction from one way to another and yet another. He was in a secluded location on the shores of Lake Biwa, training on his own for the day he will become an actor in the feudal-era recreation in Kyoto's Kansai District.

      The mini lion looked like he enjoyed batting around the knotted end of the string, playing with it intently as if it was a kitten chasing the loose end of a yarn ball. It roared each time the the knot was pulled out of its stubby reach.

      Hikaru was not good with his emotions, but he knew how to hide them underneath his calm demeanor. The look childlike curiosity in his eyes, however, is something that can't be hidden. Lucky for him that he is alone.

      Suddenly, an arrow landed right on the string, holding it down tight, as it caught both the mini-lion and Hikaru by surprise! The lion reconfigured itself back to emblem form, and Hikaru's eyes widened a little. He grabbed Fire Samurai Amulet, before noticing that the arrow had a tag. He looked around the shoreline, including the shore across the lake at Kyoto. He saw no archers around. He removed the tag from the arrow, and read the kanji on the note aloud. "Summons..." Before he could have a moment to observe, Hikaru, and any trace of his presence at the lake, disappeared.

      Beaches of Santa Monica, California, USA

      Everyone on the beach was watching and cheering on a professional Japanese-American surfer that is taking on a nice-sized tidal wave. Unlike most surfers that wore wetsuits, Danny Tsunami wore a waterproof belt around his waist, with a hexagonal Water Samurai Amulet hooked on securely. Wherever he went, even in the water, Danny was never without his good luck charm and family heirloom.

      Danny was getting ready to stand up to take on the wave when the arrow hit the surf board, making him fall into the water with a resounding splash. Fortunately, the young surfer got his head up over the waters, and sighed as he looked at the arrow that hit his surfboard. Without damaging his surfboard even further, Danny removed the tag, and opened it up. He muttered in English, "Summons?", being very oblivious about the fact that the ocean was going to swallow him whole. Thankful enough, the muttering of that word in any language triggered the kanji magic to make him dissapear before the wave hit him and his surfboard.

      Along the Great Wall of China

      A tourist whose name was Marika Kazue was walking along one of the few wonders of the world that could be seen from space; the Great Wall of China. Marika never seen such beauty in something historical and foreign before, but she felt comfortable there. She was so distracted by the beauty, she forgot that her tourist group went on without her.

      Marika was oblivious to how alone she was, until an arrow landed a couple feet away from her left hand. She let out a short squeal of fright. Suddenly, her circular Sky Samurai Amulet around her changed into a sea-turtle like object, and guided her to the arrow. With the turtle's coaxing, Marika removed the note from the primitive projectile, and read the kanji aloud, since she was alone. And like the other two in Kyoto and Santa Monica respectively, Marika disappeared from the Great Wall, amulet and all.

      Central Park, New York City

      Andre Watanabe was playing hookie from school once again, in favor of enjoying a beautiful cold winter's day in Central Park with a few of his fellow rebels in skipping school in favor of a fun day. While the other two were playing in the snow, the Asian-American was paying for a hotdog. What was peculiar about the way he dressed was he also had hooked on his wallet chain was his Wood Samurai Amulet. He was more laid-back today, as he added a couple Sacagawea Golden Dollars to the vendors tip jar.

      Before Andre could find his friends, he held up his hotdog and tried to take a bite. Unfortunately, it was a few dollars down the drain, as an arrow shot through the hot dog, and went to the ground with the arrow holding the delicious baseball treat to the ground. Andre growled. "A beautiful day like this, and an arrow ruins my lunch. How rude!"

      However, he did notice that there was a paper on the arrow, so out of curiosity, Andre took it off. "Maybe it has a return address so I can tell the shmuck that fired that arrow he owes me a hot dog." Unfortunately, it had the word of summons on the paper, as he read it. "That is just great!" Andre remarked, before he too disappeared.

      At a secluded loacation within Okinawa Prefecture, Japan

      Miki Tachibana was practicing with a kendo stick. She was a tomboyish girl that has been interested in the samurai way for many years. She took up the responsibilities of her older sister, whom died from having leukemia when Miki was still a child. Her family even had her inherit the family heirloom on her thirteenth birthday, the Earth Samurai Amulet. She smiled as she hit the dummy correctly. "See that from above, Sis? I did it."

      Suddenly, the dummy was hit with an arrow to the back, which made Miki jump. She went around, and saw the note. "A message on an arrow?" the tomboy remarked. "Who would send me a message in that way."

      With that done, Miki pulled the note off the arrow, and unfolded the paper. She read the only kanji written, not knowing what saying it would make a path to destiny. "Summons..." She blinked and looked for a moment, before she, like the other four, disappeared out of that reality.

      End of Act Three.


        Act Four: What in the World?

        Hikaru, Danny, Marika, Andre, and Miki both suddenly appeared at the front gate of Tsubasa's mansion. Though it looked like a residential area of Kyoto, Hikaru was the first to know that something was off about this place. "Something tells me that this is not the Kyoto I know of."

        Danny was the first to speak up. "How did I get here, last I knew, I was in the waters of California."

        Andre could understand the Japanese, but hasn't had advanced teachings in it. "Does any of you speak English?" he said.

        Marika blinked. "I was at the Great Wall of China, and now I am near the historical Kansai District of Kyoto?" she asked, referencing the feudal era dress of the passersby, whom were giggling at the sight of Danny's wetsuit.

        The tomboyish Miki hummed. "It's a long way from Okinawa Prefecture to Kyoto... How did I get here instantly?"

        However, things were soon to be answered, as the gate opened, revealing Samurai Master Tsubasa. "Welcome to this world's Kyoto. Obviously, you don't want to embarrass yourselves with the foreign clothing. Come inside quickly, please." He bowed to them.

        Everyone but Andre bowed in kind to Tsubasa. Hikaru muttered to Andre in a thick Nagoya accented English. "It would be appropriate to bow to our respective host, Ikoku-san.*"

        Andre glared. "What did you call me?" Though he ended up bowing before he and Hikaru both caught up with the Samurai Master and the other three 'chosen ones'.

        Tsubasa turned around, and looked right at Andre, and wrote a 'translate' kanji spell in the air with his brown Samurai Pen. He then turned it around, and has cast it on the Wood Samurai Amulet holder. "Maybe you'll be able to understand Japanese better when you hear it, young man."

        Andre's face turned red with embarrassment, as he continued to walk forward, shrugging it off as they followed the Samurai Master into the mansion.

        As they entered, five Stagehands were holding a stack of theatrical samurai-like gear in colors of red, blue, pink, green and yellow. Tsubasa said, "The Stagehands offer clothing for you to change into. Once you get cleaned up, I will expect all of you to gather in the common room. Follow the Stagehands to a place where you may freshen up."

        Each of Tsubasa's servants, bowed to the ones they stood before, and urged them to follow them into five different rooms within the mansion, where the five were getting dressed.

        The boys were dressed in black slacks with stripes of their repsective colors down the sides, as well as long-sleeved black t-shirts of the same design, and sleeveless leather jackets of their respective colors with what looked like coattails. The boys' respective Samurai Amulets were placed on a hook on the left of their respective belts of their colors. They wore white socks, with black boot-like sandals provided for outdoor use.

        The girls were dressed in black skorts similar to the black slacks the boys are wearing, with mock turtlenecks, and leather jackets similar in design to the boy's jackets, with longer and thinner coattails; each of their respective colors. The girls' respective Samurai amulets were placed on the hooks on the left side of their respective belt buckles. They wore white stockings, with feminine boot-like sandals provided for outdoor use.

        End of Act Four.


          Act Five: Scaryface and the Five Samurai

          Krakenstein's Sailship, Sanzu River

          Dentrimenta was distracted by a splashing outside the hole in the hull, the normal method River Demons use to get into the Sailship. She stood up, and looked in that general direction as Warloquid welcomed one of his minions on the ship. Krakenstein, however, was drinking another vessel full of sake to ease his migraine.

          Krakenstein wiped his dripping face, and looked towards Warloquid and his subordinate. "What is the meaning of bringing a River Demon on my ship, Warloquid?"

          Warloquid sneered, "This is one of my warriors that can take on that Samurai Master in our potential land, Krakenstein-sama. Allow me to introduce Hot and Cold Warrior Scaryface.

          Scaryface bowed in respect to Krakenstein. "I am honored to fight for you and cut that Samurai Master open for you, Krakenstein-sama."

          Krakenstein nodded, but not before Dentrimenta threw the bladed bachi close to Scaryface's head. "Don't be so eager, Scaryface; Krakenstein-sama hates cheerfulness."

          The River Demon Warrior looked towards the feminine general. "Ah, Viceroy Mistress Dentrimenta. I see that you are still clinging to that Shamisen."

          Krakenstein then got to his feet, and growled. "Both of you... ENOUGH! Scaryface, you are to cut down the Samurai Master if he gets in the way. Torment the humans of that world's Kyoto, and make the Sanzu River's waters rise, so that the river floods into that world, then we can claim that world as our own. We failed to do that many years ago with the Legendary Samurai sealing us away many centuries ago!"

          Scaryface bowed again, and sneered. "I will do so at once, Krakenstein-sama."

          Tsubasa's Mansion; Common Room

          Once the five were more properly dressed, Tsubasa had them all gather and sit on the mats of their respective uniform colors. "Now that you are properly dressed, we can get to the essence of why I brought you to this world."

          Marika interrupted for a second, "Wait a minute, did you say 'world?'"

          The Samurai Master looked to the lady in the pink uniform. "Yes I said 'world.'" He then looked to all of them. "However, first, we should introduce ourselves.

          Hikaru went first. "Boku wa Reimon Hikaru, desu." My name is Hikaru Reimon, translated.

          Danny introduced himself next. "In America, they call me Danny Tsunami, with Danny being my given name, and Tsunami my surname."

          Marika was next. "My name is Kazue Marika, the traveling beauty."

          Andre blinked, as he introduced himself to the group. "My name is Andre Watanabe."

          Finally, it was Miki's turn. "My name is Tachibana Miki, and it is nice to meet you all!"

          Tsubasa smiled. "I am the Samurai Master of Kyoto, Tsubasa. And I brought you to this world due to an emerging threat that was told to have been stopped in your world by the Five Legendary Samurai. The five that have carried the Samurai Amulets you possess today."

          Danny asked, "Monsters?"

          The Samurai Master sighed, "Not quite. The River Demons that inhabit the Sanzu River have overpowered the seal that was placed on the Dark Samurai Emperor, and it is said in prophecy that five warriors from another Earth will be summoned to fight off the River Demons, before they flood our world with their waters. According to the prophecy, you are the five Samurai to save our world from the forces of the Sanzu River. So far, I have beaten their armies of Nanashi that they sent through the gaps, but if a Warrior comes out of the gaps and I face him in my condition, I would likely fail to fend him off."

          Andre shook his head in frustration. "If you can't face a Warrior the River Demons would send, how do you expect we do?"

          Hikaru sighed. "Didn't you see the Kanji magic the Samurai Master used on you, Andre? That type of magic is what our ancestors were capable of, and with a lot of practice, we might be able to end these foes' attempt to flood this world."

          Tsubasa nodded. "You're exceptionally astute, Hikaru." He then reached his hand down on a floor panel in front of his raised platform, and revealed five folded Samurai Pen phones, and in front of each of them, a disc of the five respective samurai creatures and colors. "To the chosen five, I grant to you these Samurai Pen Morphers and your Samurai Elemental Discs. The Samurai Discs will allow each of you to empower your weapons with your Samurai Elements. You five are destined to start a Samurai Saga as a team of warriors known only as Power Rangers."

          Upon everyone's look of surprise, a bigger bell, with the kanji of 'detection' on the tag started to ring. A Stagehand approached it, as the string attached to the bell triggered a device, which brought up a number on a rather primitive contraption, which tipped over, and a long and thin stick dropped out. The servant read it and walked over to Tsubasa, and whispered the number. "That's downtown Kyoto!" Two other stagehands brought a map to this downtown Kyoto. "Take your Samurai Pen Morphers, and your Samurai Discs, and head out immediately. Return in case the Warrior retreats or you have slain both lives."

          End of Act Five.


            Act Six: With a Stroke of a Pen...

            Downtown Kyoto

            Scaryface was having a field day, scaring off the citizens and sending attacks at the buildings, trying to get the Sanzu River to rise. "Yes, cry and squeal in anguish; there is nothing you can do about it... not even the Samurai Master..." He then grabbed an innocent geisha, and placed one of his swords against her neck.

            Suddenly, a sounding of a battle drum has sounded, as two barriers were carried by Stagehands into a slightly higher elevation from the River Demon Warrior, and banners were raised as well, each with the symbol of the Samurai Master. As the front barrier was taken away, the five chosen ones were revealed.

            "That's far enough, River Demon!" Hikaru barked, keeping his stoic demeanor in tact.

            Scaryface growled, knowing that the five have ruined his fun before his sword could split a single skin cell on her neck. He threw the geisha to the ground, and she was helped to safety by a Stagehand. "Who the fuck are you idiots?!"

            Andre stepped forward, and grinned cockily. "We'll be the one that kicks your butt to the gap you came out of!"

            Danny growled. "Show some respect, baka!"

            The girls simply shook their heads in disbelief that they could be set up with those two... and someone as severely serious as Hikaru.

            Hikaru cleared his throat. "Regardless, you are going down! Samurai Pen Morphers!" He and the other four pulled out their cell phones, and flipped them open, and converted them to pen mode!

            The River Demon irked. "What?!"

            Hikaru started to write the Kanji for 'fire' in the air. “With a stroke of a pen, samurai shall prevail!” As the kanji were completed, he used the Samurai pen to turn the kanji, which made his ranger suit appear. Also, the Samurai Katana appeared on the belt, hooking into place. Then the kanji covered the face, forming the helmet with kanji visors. With the sequence complete, Hikaru took out the Samurai Disc from his buckle, and placed it down on the hilt of the Katana, and unhooked it from the belt, and struck a heroic pose with the Fire Lion Zord in the background. “Samurai Red! Fire Lion Ranger!”

            Danny started to write the Kanji for 'water' in the air. “With a stroke of a pen, samurai shall prevail!” As the kanji were completed, he used the Samurai pen to turn the kanji, which made his ranger suit appear. Also, the Samurai Katana appeared on the belt, hooking into place. Then the kanji covered the face, forming the helmet with kanji visors. With the sequence complete, Danny took out the Samurai Disc from his buckle, and placed it down on the hilt of the Katana, and unhooked it from the belt, and struck a heroic pose with the Water Dragon Zord in the background. “Samurai Blue! Water Dragon Ranger!”

            Marika started to write the Kanji for 'sky' in the air. “With a stroke of a pen, samurai shall prevail!” As the kanji were completed, she used the Samurai pen to turn the kanji, which made her ranger suit appear. Also, the Samurai Katana appeared on the belt, hooking into place. Then the kanji covered the face, forming the helmet with kanji visors. With the sequence complete, Marika took out the Samurai Disc from her buckle, and placed it down on the hilt of the Katana, and unhooked it from the belt, and struck a heroic pose with the Sky Turtle Zord in the background. “Samurai Pink! Sky Turtle Ranger!”

            Andre started to write the Kanji for 'wood' in the air. “With a stroke of a pen, samurai shall prevail!” As the kanji were completed, he used the Samurai pen to turn the kanji, which made his ranger suit appear. Also, the Samurai Katana appeared on the belt, hooking into place. Then the kanji covered the face, forming the helmet with kanji visors. With the sequence complete, Andre took out the Samurai Disc from his buckle, and placed it down on the hilt of the Katana, and unhooked it from the belt, and struck a heroic pose with the Wood Bear Zord in the background. “Samurai Green! Wood Bear Ranger!”

            Miki started to write the Kanji for 'sky' in the air. “With a stroke of a pen, samurai shall prevail!” As the kanji were completed, she used the Samurai pen to turn the kanji, which made her ranger suit appear. Also, the Samurai Katana appeared on the belt, hooking into place. Then the kanji covered the face, forming the helmet with kanji visors. With the sequence complete, Miki took out the Samurai Disc from her buckle, and placed it down on the hilt of the Katana, and unhooked it from the belt, and struck a heroic pose with the Earth Monkey Zord in the background. “Samurai Yellow! Earth Monkey Ranger!”

            The four flanking Hikaru bowed with their Katanas still in hand. Samurai Red then held his sword like he was looking through the sharp edge. "We are the official Samurai Saga..."

            The new ranger team then got into a battle stance, then slashed their Samurai Katanas down, then looked up for a beat, before striking their team pose. "Power Rangers!"

            Scaryface growled. "Five against one isn't fair... how about five against two-hundred and one?! Nanashi!" Suddenly, out of a few gaps came out many Nanashi grunts, each holding their blades, and surrounding the River Demon Warrior that summoned them.

            Danny got in front of Hikaru, as all the stagehands, the banners, and the barricades went away. "What are we going to do about this?" Samurai Blue asked.

            Miki was looking like she was shaking within her boots. "They all look so... scary."

            Hikaru shook his head, and pulled the Trigger on his Samurai Katana, and spun the Samurai Disc on the guard, as the mirrored hilt shown the Samurai Master's symbol spinning. He then took the Samurai Katana in both hands, as it engulfed itself in flames, and changed into a big sword with a huge blade "Great Fire Sword!" Hikaru then pulled out his Fire Lion Disc, and placed it on the Disc Sensor.

            Samurai Red then looked at his teammates and simply said, "Follow my lead..." He then charged into battle, slashing at the grunts at a pretty wide and massive arc.

            Danny pulled the Trigger on his Samurai Katana, and spun the Samurai Disc on the guard, as the mirrored hilt shown the Samurai Master's symbol spinning. He shifted the Samurai Katana to his left hand, as it became as fluid as water as it changed into a water-themed bow. "Swift Water Daikyu!" He then placed the Water Dragon Disc into the Disc Sensor, and pulled on the fin-like grip until he reached a ready stance, and let go, unleashing a barrage of arrows made of aquatic energy at multiple Nanashi, hitting them on target. "Bulls-eye!"

            Marika pulled the Trigger on her Samurai Katana, and spun the Samurai Disc on the guard, as the mirrored hilt shown the Samurai Master's symbol spinning. She held her sword in an improper way as it became a cyclone in her hand before changing into a massive fan. "Gale Sky Fan!" She then placed the Sky Turtle Disc on the Disc Sensor on the back of the fan. Then Samurai Pink got to work in fending off the Nanashi in a flare used by war fan experts. Once she found a decent opening, Marika spun around, and whipped up a cyclone with her War fan, knocking the grunts on their asses. "Yatta!"

            Andre was fighting some Nanashi with his Samurai Katana until the grunts managed to knock the blade out of his hand. Taken a back by the mistake, Andre barely was able to avoid the sword attacks from the footsoldiers. He had to use his street fighting skills to keep in the game. Once he found a decent distraction, he cartwheeled out of the way, and regained the Samurai Katana. "Let's see how you fend off this!"

            Andre pulled the Trigger on his Samurai Katana, and spun the Samurai Disc on the guard, as the mirrored hilt shown the Samurai Master's symbol spinning. Andre held it as if it was a spear, as it sprouted up like a bamboo branch, changing into a pole arm-like weapon! "Sturdy Wood Spear!" He then placed the disc on the Disc Sensor behind his kanji symbol, making a sharp javelin-like blade sprout out. Samurai Green then started to get a better advantage, using it like a bo staff to take on the Nanashi, and once he got them in a circle surrounding him, Andre quickly disposed of them with a single naginata-style swipe of the spear!

            Miki pulled the Trigger on her Samurai Katana, and spun the Samurai Disc on the guard, as the mirrored hilt shown the Samurai Master's symbol spinning. She held her sword in an improper way as the outer shell broke off like eroding rocks, as the interior changed into a three-bladed star weapon. "Tremor Earth Shuriken! She then placed the Earth Monkey Disc on the disc sensor closest to the grip. Samurai Yellow started to better fend off the Swords of the Nanashi, before she threw it, "HA!" and hit most of the Nanashi on target, before it returned to her like a boomerang.

            While the others were finishing off the Nanashi, Hikaru was fighting one on one with Scaryface, who tried to shoot Samurai Red with energy from his weapons. However, Hikaru was quick in using the Great Fire Sword like a shield, deflecting the energy easily. He then gaurded himself against a double sword slash expertly as if he was holding only a simple Katana.

            Scaryface growled, "Such power coming from a Samurai... what motivates you?!"

            Hikaru replied, as he knocked the River Demon back onto a building's cement column. "What motivates me... is the hope of this world!" He then ignited the Great Fire Sword, and slashed a massive inferno arc through the River Demon Warrior and the cement column, causing enough collateral damage to destroy Scaryface on the spot with an instant explosion!"

            The rangers regrouped, as the younger ones started to celebrate. Hikaru simply said, "Not time to celebrate... Tsubasa says the second life of the Warrior is about to begin!"

            And Samurai Red was right, as the flames ignited once again, and Scaryface appeared restored, and grew to massive porportions, making him a massive pain in the backside for the new Samurai Rangers.

            End of Act Six.


              Act Seven: The Secret of the Samurai Amulets

              The now gigantic Scaryface growled, as the teeth on his lower armor started gnashing. "Now you can't stop the anguish I cause when I destroy this city!"

              Hikaru lowered the Great Fire Sword as it reverted to the Samurai Katana, and sheathed it... "We'll need to use the Samurai Amulets..."

              Andre blinked. "Say what Amulets?!"

              Danny nodded, and pulled out his Samurai Amulet, as it converted to a small Asiatic Dragon. "Samurai Amulets, our family heirlooms that can turn into beasts. We all have one."

              The girls brought out theirs, and Andre and Hikaru got theirs in hand. Samurai Red then said, "Get out your Samurai Pen Morphers, and follow my lead."

              Hikaru had his Samurai Pen Morpher at the ready, as he placed his Samurai Amulet on the ground before him. "Summon the Creature, Samurai Zord!" He then wrote the kanji for 'big' over the kanji on his Samurai Amulet. Suddenly, the amulet started to grow to massive proportions, and Hikaru leaped a top of it, sinking into the Amulet as it finished growing and configured itself into the Fire Lion Zord!

              Marika looked up at the product, and squealed. "I didn't know we could do that to our amulets..."

              Danny, Marika, Andre, and Miki had their Samurai Pen Morphers at the ready, as they placed their respective Samurai Amulets on the ground before them. "Summon the Creature, Samurai Zord!" They then wrote the kanji for 'big' over the kanji on their Samurai Amulets. Suddenly, the amulets started to grow to massive proportions, and the Samurai Rangers leaped a top of them, sinking into the Amulet as they finished growing and configured themselves into the Water Dragon Zord, Sky Turtle Zord, Wood Bear Zord, and the Earth Monkey Zord!

              Hikaru placed the Samurai Katana into the control column within the Samurai Zord helm. "It's time to take on this River Demon!" He stated as he pushed the blade's handle forward. The five Samurai Zords were charging towards the battle scene, the Fire Lion, Earth Monkey, and Wood Bear from the ground, and the Water Dragon and Sky Turtle from the air.

              The Water Dragon Zord was the first to strike, as Danny pressed his Samurai Katana forward in the control column. "Draconic Waterfall!" he shouted, as a stream of fire was unleashed from the maw from above on Scaryface. The River Demon Warrior growled as he tumbled to get away from the rest of the burning agony.

              That was Marika's chance. "Time to take this to the skies..." She then had the Sky Turtle Zord revert to its Amulet mode, as it started to spin as a tornado formed underneath it, kicking up debris as it directed its path to the River Demon.

              Unfortunately, the momentum went to a dead stop when the mouth on Scaryface's lower body armor, clenching on to the Sky Turtle tight. "Good, a hostage!"

              Marika was trying to get her zord out of the jaws. "Let go of me, bastard!" She shouted, shifting her Samurai Katana back and forth on the control column.

              Andre growled, as he brought the Wood Bear Zord to its hind legs. "Take this!" He then tried to scratch at Scaryface's leg to free his comrade However, it failed when Scaryface kicked the zord down on its side, converting to Amulet Mode before it crashed.

              Miki had a better idea. "Let me help you out of there, Marika-kun!" she then had the Earth Monkey Zord leap towards a building with twin towers, the massive triangular hands grabbing onto the bridge between them, and swung through it a few revolutions to gain enough force to throw itself at Scaryface. The Earth Monkey reverted back to its Amulet form and gave a more than decent tackle to the River Demon Warrior's stomach, making him expel the Sky Turtle Zord. For good measure, Danny came in with the Water Dragon Zord, and turned into its Amulet form to tackle, then flew off in Dragon form.

              Hikaru pulled the standard Samurai Disc off his Samurai Katana, and replaced it with the Fire Lion Disc. "I have him in my sights!" As all the other Samurai Amulet Zords regrouped. Samurai Red then pulled the Samurai Katana, pulled the red trigger, and spinned the red disc, the mirrored hilt showing an image of the Fire Lion Zord running. "Blazing Phoenix Crash!" The Fire Lion Zord leaped into the air, and Transformed into flying Amulet form, and ignited in flames as if it was coming into the atmosphere! The Fire Lion Zord went completely through Scaryface, destroying him once and for all!

              Hikaru let out a sigh of semi-relief, as he placed his Samurai Katana back into the Control column. "And that brings this battle to a close."

              End of Act Seven.


                Act Eight: It's Not Going To Be Easy

                Krakenstein's Sailship, Sanzu River

                Warloquid was sticking a bamboo pole into the deepest part of the Sanzu River outside of the hole in the sailship, and noticed that there was a lot of the pole left above the surface of the water. "What? Only a centimeter? That fuckin' Scaryface did nothing to raise the river! Last time I trust Warriors stuck in the shallow end of the Sanzu River."

                Dentrimenta snerked, as she momentarily refrained from playing her shamisen. "Even I would've known not to underestimate the talents of the Samurai Master; summoning five warriors from a trail of realizing their dreams is a good motive to attempt to keep the Sanzu River's level down. However, it has left him weaker than the five he has called."

                The Seer of Worlds glared at Dentrimenta. "Hold your tongue, Viceroy Mistress; the Samurai Saga is more than what they seem, especially the one that bears the Fire Lion."

                "Unfortunately, I agree with the Warloquid," growled Krakenstein, as he stood up. "I should've been able to surmise that there would be an opposition like the time we fought the five samurai of legend. But for right now, we must wait and prepare for the next opportune battle." He unsheathed his wicked katana. "And failure will not be taken that easily next time!"

                Tsubasa's Mansion, front gate

                The Samurai Rangers were returning from their battle, with their coattails flapping in the breeze as the front gate of the mansion was opened by the Stagehands.

                Tsubasa was waiting for them, as they bowed, and walked into the sanctuary. "I am surprised you five were able to get rid of the River Demon Warrior so quickly."

                Hikaru just simply said, "It was too one-on-one for me." And started to unzip his jacket a little, as he headed toward his room.

                The Samurai Master looked toward Hikaru's direction quizzically, then looked to Danny.

                Danny remarked, "Andre was the weakest link; couldn't do damage to the Demon Warrior."

                Andre took offense to that and started an argument with the Water Samurai, giving him a piece of his mind in English. While that was done, Marika and Miki were strolling, with the former saying. "Come on, Miki-san. Let's not let the boys bog us down with their testosterone. We girls must stick together, right?!

                Miki looked down, and nodded. "Um sure..."

                Tsubasa grimaced. They descended from the Five Legendary Samurai of ancient times, but most of them act like brats of the current generation. They'll need to be whipped into shape and taught the meaning of teamwork soon, or we'll never have a chance against the River Demons, and this world will drown within the waters of the Sanzu River. Their training must begin tonight, or they will never learn.

                End of Act Eight.
                End of Performance One.
                Stay tuned for the next Performance, The Great Samurai Warrior!