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[LG-PR1] Power Rangers Samurai Saga

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    [LG-PR1] Power Rangers Samurai Saga

    Power Rangers Samurai Saga™
    Based on the concept of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
    Written by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf
    Concept Created: 03/25/09


    During the early Feudal Era of Japan, The River Demons of the Sanzu River plotted to end the age of humans, until five Legendary Samurai took a stand. With their abilities to influence the elements through special discs and Japanese Kanji, as well as influence the spirits of great creatures from stones that can alter their shapes, the five Samurai of legend sealed the Demons away in the Sanzu River with their leader. However, after the events of the final battle were over, the samurai succumbed to their injuries, and passed the remaining discs and Samurai Amulets onto their heirs. In the year 2010, the River Demons have surfaced in a world where the Five Legendary Samurai did not exist, thus the good Samurai Master’s need to summon the heirs to Kyoto in order to stop the River Demons from reaching their ultimate goal; flooding the Sanzu River into that world’s Japan to destroy the human race. With the powers of the influence of Japanese Kanji and swordsmanship, these five heirs start their own Samurai Saga as Power Rangers.


    Samurai Red, Fire Lion Ranger - Hikaru Reimon
    - A serious teenager whom was trained in the Samurai arts; dreams of being an actor in the historic Kansai District.
    Samurai Blue, Water Dragon Ranger - Danny Tsunami
    - An established American surfer from California. He is bilingual, as he can understand English and Japanese.
    Samurai Pink, Sky Turtle Ranger - Jane Maynard
    - A journalist for a British travel magazine; doesn't stay home for long as she travels from country to country. Tends to understand multiple languages.
    Samurai Green, Wood Bear Ranger - Jeffrey Keyes
    - A typical high school-age slacker from Manhattan; has trouble with understanding the concept of Japanese.
    Samurai Yellow, Earth Monkey Ranger - Erika Constance
    - A woodcarving apprentice from the Pacific Northwest. Though a bit clumsy in nature, she tries to fill the shoes of her terminally ill sister.
    Samurai Gold, Light Sushi Ranger – Raiden Hideaki
    - A native of the Modern Feudal Kyoto, with the dreams of becoming a samurai started when the Samurai Master gave the Backup Lightning Squid. He works as a sushi chef at an establishment in close proximity of the Samurai Master's mansion.

    Lady Samurai Red, Fire Lion Ranger - ???
    - The true heir to the Samurai Red powers, she is secluded, for she knows the secret to ending the River Demon's campaign, as does her predecessors.

    Samurai Master Tsubasa, mentor who summoned the Samurai Rangers to his world. Usually equipped with both a silver Samurai Katana, and a crimson Sushi Blade when in battle.
    Stagehands, Tsubasa's servants that help in non-combat situations. Their bodies concealed in black, these servants are meant to be seen, and not heard.
    Margaret Constance, though she only appears in flashbacks, she was originally meant to be Samurai Yellow. A terminal illness has ended that path prematurely, thus the training was passed onto her sister.
    Damien Aster, a photographer whom travels through the multiverse. In times of need, he can transform into Kamen Rider Decode, a Rider with the powers of different Kamen Riders at his disposal.
    Travis Wheeler, a thief that can travel through the multiverse to steal a dimensional treasure, though he is able to transform into Kamen Rider DeFrag when needed to.

    River Demons:
    Dark Emperor Samurai Krakenstein, leader of the River Demons
    Viceroy Mistress Dentrimenta, first general and a River Demon Hybrid from the feudal era
    Seer of Worlds Squidlock, second general
    Reverse Blade Master Rokiri, a rogue hybrid that strives to find his match in a sword battle. Able to maintain a human guise due to his hybrid status
    Scissorhands Leviaclip, a general with a hidden agenda that is capable of summoning giant Kirigami grunts which he mentally controls.
    Various River Demon Warriors
    Many-Eyed Warrior Oculock, a River Demon Warrior that inadvertently stole the DeFrag's Change Blaster, and became a warped version of DeFrag, causing distortions within the Samurai Saga reality by the transformation. Because of the transformed state, it cannot revive into a berserker, nor does it need to return to the river to regenerate.
    Nanashi, grunts armed with swords. Also have a giant-bred warrior and flying giant warrior classes.
    Sakamata, super grunts that are capable of launching fireballs from their crocodillian mouths; bred giant as well.
    Kirigami, Leviaclip's giant grunts made from paper magic when the devious general cuts a piece of all-purpose paper into a warrior; mentally controlled by their creator.



      Samurai Discs reliable discs that are used in coordination with weapons or useful tools. Acts as a hilt on bladed weapons Categorized by the use of the Rangers.
      - Neutral: Samurai Disc, Character Disc, Shield Disc, Super Samurai Disc, Samurai Formation Disc, Super Formation Disc, Ultra Formation Disc, Master Formation Disc, Mystery Disc
      - Samurai Red: Lion Disc, Storm Disc, Byakko Disc, Ancient Disc, Bull Disc, Samurai Master Disc
      - Samurai Blue: Dragon Disc, Marlin Disc
      - Samurai Pink: Turtle Disc
      - Samurai Green: Bear Disc, Beetle Disc
      - Samurai Yellow: Monkey Disc
      - Samurai Gold: Sushi Disc, Squid Disc, Lobster/Ocean Samurai Disc, Help Disc, Attack Disc

      Samurai Pen Morpher The morpher of the primary five. Morphs the rangers when they write out their element properly in the air. Also key to Kanji magic.
      Samurai Sushi Morpher Samurai Gold's morpher. Morphs by use in conjunction with the folded Sushi Disc. Capable of Summoning the Squid and Lobster through their respective discs. Able to conjure Kanji magic through a texting program.
      Samurai Booster A Battlizer of sorts that can only be utilized by one Ranger in battle. With the Super Disc and the Samurai Katana, one of the Primary Samurai Rangers can become a Super Samurai Ranger. When in Super Form, the Super Disc is used as the hilt of the Samurai Katana, with any Disc able to be stored in the Samurai Booster.

      Samurai Katana A blade made for the primary Samurai Rangers that also acts as a Kanji magic praxinoscope, as well as a control for a Zord/Megazord. Attaching an Element Disc will allow a Samurai Ranger to perform an elemental Attack. Using a Backup Disc in conjunction will allow a Ranger to summon a Backup Zord. A standard Disc will allow the Samurai Ranger to summon his/her special weapon.
      - Great Blaze Fire Sword a dual mode weapon that can be converted to the Samurai Great Fire Launcher to launch the primary animal discs when Lion Disc is replaced with a Backup Disc.
      - Quick Hydro Bow a Bow that fires aqua arrows. When used in conjunction with the Marlin Disc, it is used to summon a healing mist.
      - Tornado War Fan a fan capable of whipping up a tornado to fight enemies.
      - Sturdy Wood Spear a spear that can be used as an extendable bo staff, or a spear with the retractable spearhead.
      - Tremor Earth Shuriken a throwing star that can whip up a dust storm or form a fissure after being thrown.
      Shuriken Chopsticks Chopsticks that are loaded with explosives so Samurai Gold can utilize them against enemies in and outside of Ranger form.
      Sushi Blade Samurai Gold's personal weapon that is used with his own fast style of swordmanship in conjunction with Iaido techniques. When used in conjunction with one of the ocean-type discs, it can either infuse Kanji magic into enemies, or a finisher with the Sushi Disc. Like the Samurai Katana, it is capable of controlling a Zord/Megazord.
      Ancient Sword An extendable sword once used by the Legendary Fire Samurai. Now a well-protected relic, it is used by Samurai Red only, after proven to be more powerful than the Samurai Zord. When used with Ancient Disc, It summon its Zord form, with the sword the only way to control the behemoth. In times of need, it transforms Samurai Red into Hyper Samurai Red. On rare occasions, it transforms Samurai Gold into Hyper Samurai Gold and Samurai Green into Hyper Samurai Green.
      Samurai Lantern and Lantern Sword A talking lantern made as an aide or a backup weapon as a disc launcher. Becomes a giant warrior in conjunction with the proper Kanji magic. When clogged, it needs its 'buttocks' hit to reset. The Lantern Sword can become the arms of the Samurai Lantern.
      Berserker Cannon A weapon modeled after the Great Bull Carrier, that can combine with the Super Samurai Katana to make its super form. Powered by the Mystery Disc for an outstanding finisher, and also can be grown big for the Great Bull Megazord’s use.


      Samurai Ultrazord A combination that only be formed with a Super Samurai Ranger active. The primary six zords form this colossal zord. Capable of using the Lobster Sabers to slash grunts and weaker foes.
      - Samurai Megazord combination of the five primary Samurai Zords that form from the Samurai Amulets. Wields a giant Shield Disc and the Samurai MegaKatana. It arms can also fold up to emblem mode to become a dual-armed cannon.
      -- Fire Lion Zord A Lion Zord formed from Hikaru's pentagon-shaped Fire Samurai Amulet. Capable of finishing a weak River Demon Warrior, and firing flames from its mouth. Forms the head and torso.
      -- Water Dragon Zord An Asiatic Dragon Zord formed from Danny's hexagon-shaped Water Samurai Amulet. Has a blue fire breath weapon. Forms the left leg and battle helmet.
      -- Sky Turtle Zord A flying Turtle Zord formed from Marika's circle-shaped Sky Samurai Amulet. Capable of summoning up tornadoes and hiding in its 'shell' to launch itself in an attack. Forms the right arm.
      -- Wood Bear Zord A Bear Zord formed from Andre's square-shaped Wood Samurai Amulet. Armed with claws to attack foes or those who annoy Andre in its smaller form.
      -- Earth Monkey Zord A 'baby' Gorilla Zord formed form Miki's triangular Earth Samurai Amulet. able to use buildings to help fling itself onto enemies.
      - Samurai OceanZord A single-unit Megazord with four faces decided with a spin of a wheel from Samurai Gold, each representing a cardinal direction of a compass. Eastern Face allows the use of the lobster claws for a scissor-like finisher. Western Face allows the use of a weapon fan to deflect arrows or projectile attacks. Southern Face allows the Ocean Zord to use twin sabers to slash through giant grunts. In conjunction with the Backup Spear Squid, the Northern Face allows the OceanZord to be equipped with the Backup Squid Zord. Each sentient component shrinks down to 'toy size' and are stored in the fish tank outside Samurai Gold's room.
      -- Light Lobster Zord Primary Zord created by Samurai Gold to aide the others to a greater extent.
      -- Backup Spear Squid (Northern Face only) Samurai Gold's Backup Zord used as a primary prior to the Light Lobster Zord's completion.
      Great Bull Megazord A fierce-looking secondary (single-unit) megazord used by Samurai Red. It's finisher involves firing its gatling cannon in conjunction with the giant disc loaded on its head firing a burst of 'ferocious' Kanji magic.
      - Great Bull Carrierzord A once-wild Samurai Zord that was once believed untameable, sealed away in a rock formation until it can be controlled with a Samurai Disc. Able to carry a Megazord in it's 'cart' in a riding formation.

      Other Formations:
      Samurai MegaHawk An aerial type megazord formation that is made by the primary Backup Zords. Finisher involves crashing into an opponent.
      - Backup Cannon Beetle Forms the right wing, feathers, and 'bird head' Originally controlled by Hikaru, but entrusted to Andre.
      - Backup Sword Marlin Forms the left wing and tail. Controlled by Danny.
      - Backup Drill Byakko Forms the body. Controlled by Hikaru.
      Samurai LanternZord Formed by mistake when the Samurai Lantern's Warrior transformation interferes with the Samurai Megazord formation. Armed with the Lantern MegaSword. The Samurai Lantern replaces the Fire Lion Zord in the Megazord formation.
      Samurai Super Megazord Formed when the Samurai Megazord combines with Samurai MegaHawk. Capable of flying and a new finisher involving the Samurai MegaKatana.
      Samurai MasterZord Formed when all the Samurai Zords (minus Ancient Sword Dinosaur) combine into one. Due to the extreme weight of the MasterZord, it uses the cart to mobilize, as it will fall over otherwise. Capable of firing a massive cannon on it's helmet to destroy a foe. The ultimate formation.
      Samurai UltraCannon Formed when all four Backup Zords come together to become a heavy artillery cannon to be used by the Samurai Ultrazord. Because of the massive amount of Kanji magic needed, it can only be fired only once per battle.

      Equip Formations:
      Megazord Cannon Mode Armed with the Beetle Cannon Helmet and added arm armor to perform its Artillery finisher.
      Megazord Sword Mode Capable of transforming the MegaKatana into the Samurai Naginata. Finisher involves inserting the sword in the top of the Marlin Sword Helmet, and 'bowing' to its opponent.
      Megazord Drill Mode Armed with the Tiger Drill Helmet and Drill Collar. Rams into the opponents with the drills active for a wintry finisher.
      Megazord Spear Mode Armed with the Squid Shield and Squid Arm Spear. Able to extend spear to hit opponents, as well as squirt ink and freeze opponents using its shield. Finisher involves slashing the spear.
      Megazord Ancient Sword Mode The Dinosaur Saber and the Ancient Sword helmet equips to the Megazord. Capable of extending the blade to great distance to attack the monsters from a safe distance.
      OceanZord Spear Mode Only capable when the OceanZord has the 'Northern Face' active. The Squid Shield becomes extra chest armor and the Squid Spear acts as a staff in this formation. Finisher involves thrusting the spear into an opponent. Samurai Gold's main Megazord.
      MasterZord Ancient Sword Mode The Dinosaur Saber is equipped to the MasterZord to increase its ultimate attack for a powerful finisher.