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[GNR-SQ1] RG-09: Sim Clan

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    And thus, the intellectual discussion ended between his father's vassals and himself. Young Renny (Lord Rein Akinobu) was allowed to rest for a few days and soon the day of return occurred for the young kitsune in development. With a fond farewell to the Yin-Yang Rangers and Stanley Thunder, Renny along with his father and the two vassals returned to the States where a small estate and new home near Rabbit Creek, Oregon/California was acquired for Renny's father and his Tanuki and Ookami vassals. The location was situated on the border of the two states which would give Mr. Reinger access to both territories. The nearby town was likewise also on the state line.

    Renny himself (after being allowed to see where his father would now be living,) was soon returned to Briarwood where he rested in his room for several days and mentally recanting all that he had learned. But soon, he would not be alone in his studies. He would be receiving his own assigned instructors and there wasn't anything the Shark Squadron could do about it. Imagine their surprise when they started seeing Lord Rein's new menagerie...


    Three Weeks after Renny's return...

    On the particular morning in question, a female Tsuru and a male Usagi (both in the attire of their clans) stood at the SS main computer console where they were quietly programming in access permissions for the five instructors without so much as letting any of the Rangers to know where they had just suddenly came from. When the Celestial moved, it was like a cherry blossom petal in the wind; you simply never heard it slowly fall from the Heavens.

    Within the Comic Book chamber, a female Kame and a male Tanuki were in the process of cleaning up and categorizing the extremely chaotic collection of comic books and other reading material. Such a library would be needing a new section for the scrolls and tomes for Lord Rein's education. A new male Ookami was now awaiting Lord Rein just outside of Renny and Chip's bedroom door. He was stoically on sentry duty in the defense of his new charge. When Chip noticed this guy, hopefully he would not go too defensive.

    The Tsuru and the Usagi would soon be spotted by a Ranger mentor coming in to take his position on watch versus Ivan Ooze's campaign to destroy the ozone.

    And thus...


      Adam hummed, as he looked to his long-time lover, Rocky. "When did Renny bring back this menagerie of creatures?" He said while warming up for some training. Being older sure made it a lot more ritualistic before training.

      Rocky hummed, "I dunno, but they don't register as intruders, oddly enough."

      Bryan Harbeck was with them, getting some training in before he sets his sights on Daphne again. "Things have been getting stranger and stranger lately. There is a wolf-like figure near Chip's quarters, and he took a defensive posture when I passed by." He didn't want another incident like the Jelly Jar in Dreamwolf, so he didn't bother to object to the guard. "I wonder how Evan is doing on his trials? I heard he has to do it without using his Ranger powers."

      Karen was off elsewhere, aside from the others, Owen, Evan and Kwon were on-call while defending the still-rising Atlantis. The Orange Ranger may be on patrol, maybe finding flirtations on the public beach... who knows?

      Chip, in the meantime walked out of the bedroom, trying to figure if it was his ministrations that made the Kitsune pregnant. He felt a nudge from his small Hengeyokai companion, Kamzil. "The smell of Ookami is obvious right next to you, Chip-san."

      Chip looked both ways, and saw the ookami to one side. "Umm... Ohayo-gozaimasu." Chip said with a bow. "What brings an honorable Ookami such as yourself to the Aquabase?" He was wondering why the Intruder alarms didn't go off yet.


        The Tsuru and the Usagi both turned and bowed to Adam, Rocky, and Bryan as the first began to speak. "I am Tsula and he is Usago. We are two of Lord Rein's advisers and instructors. Kamika and Tanuko are both organizing your library, for it was a mess. And Klautano is standing guard near Lord Rein's personal quarters. We are all Lord Rein's educational sensei advisers."

        Usago rose as he nodded his head once to the rangers. "We were simply inputting our identities and specialties into your vast data collective. Lord Rein is important to us and because you hold him as a dear friend, where he goes; we go."

        The Ookami warrior bowed to Chip as he acknowledged him. "I greet you, favored one of Lord Rein. I am Klautano, Lord Rein's Celestially assigned combat instructor and personal guardian. I and the others assigned to Lord Rein Akinobu must accompany him where ever he goes. Because you are recognized as his mate, only you have open permission to share his quarters." He then bowed again and resumed his guardian stance.


          Chip was starting to think that maybe Rootcore would be a better idea to live in, but with Nick's adoptive parents visiting their son and his new wife Madison, it wouldn't have been a great idea. But then again, there would be plenty more room for Renny and his charges to live in as well. Not to mention that Adam has the team already stretched too thin as it is, and Ivan Ooze could attack at any minute. This is something that the displaced Lonewolf knight needs to think about.

          Kamzil appeared, and made himself known in a turtle-like bow. "Honorable Ookami, I greet you as well. You may call me Kamzil. I am the Hengeyokai companion of Chip-sama, as well as his mentor in learning languages and a culture other than his own."

          Chip had a quiver strapped up and was slinging up his strung bow around his torso. "I am going to head out to the forest for archery practice. Well, met Ookami, and if Lord Rein asks where I went, let him know that I've gone out for my usual ministrations. He's having pretty bad morning sickness lately." He snapped his fingers magically, summoning his magic carpet to follow him to the Vehicle elevator.

          Renny was in the bathroom, still vomiting as if he was drinking too much sake, and he hasn't touched a drop since he found out he was pregnant. "Chippy's not going to be happy with me." BLEAUGH!!!


            Without warning, Tanuko was assisting Renny in the bathroom, holding him in a supportive position over the commode so none of the upchuck landed on the floor. "We must change your diet, Lord Rein, for these Western foods are not good for your stomach when you are in term with child."

            The main bedroom was now being cleaned by Kamika, Usago, and Tsula, while Klautano continued to guard the door. Oh sure, let Ivan Ooze try to lay harm on Lord Rein now what with the Ookami stationed on the young Kitsune lord's door.

            Usago was heard saying, "These quarters are not appropriate for Lord Rein's comfort. The air flow here just doesn't allow nature to assist his abilities to sustain the proper power. Lord Rein requires a better place."


              Renny was wiping his muzzle with a conjured handkerchief after coming up for air. "I never was this sick at the Aquabase before, and the food has agreed with me before..." said the kitsune lord. "Rootcore in the Briarwood Forest would've been a better option to return home to if Nick and Madi weren't newlyweds."


                Tanuko commented, "But you have likewise not been pregnant in the Aquabase before either. A kitsune requires open air, trees, and natural stone to survive properly. The steel walls of this place while protective for your friends does you no good while pregnant."


                  "There are peaceful creatures with a village not that far into Briarwood Forest," said the Kitsune Lord weakly. "It's well above sea level, and lots of natural trees. As long as we do not disturb the tallest tree with the dragon-head root, or Chip's private archery field, we might find a safe place to camp, at least until the time for me to give birth arises."


                    "Come, we will make the preparations for getting you into an estate in natural surroundings," said Tanuko as he helped to support the Kitsune Lord to his feet. "Your mate can assist in getting your estate in order." He then paused with a thoughtful expression. "His archery skills are without question most impressive."


                    Tsula = Tsuru (Crane Courtesan of Honor and Etiquette)
                    Usago = Usagi (Rabbit Wu-Jen)
                    Kamika = Kame (Turtle Martial Artist)
                    Tanuko = Tanuki (Raccoon-Dog Priest)
                    Klautano = Ookami (Wolf Bushido Warrior)

                    With Chip and the other Shark Ranger's assistance, Tanuko and the other advisers assisted in carrying both Lord Rein and his belongings out to a location just behind Briarwood Forest which was near a most majestic and beautiful waterfall and river.

                    Klautano remarked as he panned his gaze over the locale, "This is the place. Stand guard while we erect Lord Rein's ancestral estate at this location."

                    And then he and the other advisers walked over to a spot near the river's edge and joined hands in a circle although facing outward from each other. They began to chant a very ancient magical incantation and as they reached the apex of their spell, the ground beneath them as well as their surroundings on both sides of the river were overtaken in the terraforming effect which recreated the Akinobu Estate from ancient times at that modern location. In fact, the layout was exactly as Renny had remembered seeing it when he and the other Ren's journeyed back in time to assure that his existing was insured. There were even artistic bridges over the river itself and a vastly beautiful garden. The main building itself had the ancestral crest upon its awning.

                    Then the five released their hands and began to make their rounds as they were lighting the lanterns and claiming their own domiciles within the property. However, there was an additional building with a more than familiar marking upon it. Even Adam and Rocky could recognize what the symbol meant: it was a Zord Repair Workshop and Hangar.

                    Tanuko returned and escorted Renny and the others within the main building which had a built in dojo as well as more than an army's share of personal quarters. For what was anyone's guess, although Lord Rein was privately guessing that those extra rooms were for his followers and/or sons and daughters of the clan itself.


                      Chip was surprised that there was a most decent armory available, as he unstrung his recurve bow, and set it on a rack. Then with a big smile. He held up a small treasure box in the palm of his off-hand, and snapped his fingers magically. Several quivers with different types of arrows and bolts appeared in appropriate places. And along with the recurve bow came a longbow, selfbow, and a Forest Village-made Crossbow for when he had to practice his hand at a crossbow for when he started out as the Yellow Mystic Ranger, and again when his Lion Staff unlocked the Crossbow Form.

                      Adam and Rocky were concerned, since they didn't know that a Kitsune would have that much trouble living in an Underwater station. They were surprised to see in the Zord Repair Workshop already had a zord in it; The Akinobu Kitsune Zord, complete with two tails (to reflect this Akinobu Lord's level of magic). And to their shock, the Zord started to scratch an itch with its hind leg right where it sat!

                      Renny retreated to the Lordly suite and went straight to bed, which saddenly was close to the floor. He needed some rest after the ordeal with the constant sickness. He got under the covers and started to snooze. It was for a good nap, and he didn't know how he was going to tell Chip that the Kits weren't his.


                        Several Days Later...

                        Klautano stood on guard just outside of Renny's quarters permitting no one except his fellow advisers and Chip himself to pass the entrance. Renny had apparently been far more tired than he expected explaining the long sleep. Now it was a new morning, yet again, as the Ookami Bushido noted movement inside the master chambers. He knew in his heart that Chip loved Renny yet worried what the human archer's response was going to be to their lord being pregnant. Chip was bound to realize sooner or later that Renny was indeed pregnant.

                        Within the kitchen, Tsula and Usago prepared breakfast for their lord whom they predicted would be not only awake but hungry for something on this morning. Kamika and Tanuko were both tending to the estate's greenery and natural herb garden in the meantime.

                        Usago made a quiet comment to the other. "Do you think our lord's travels have finally ended? He knows his heritage and he is no longer transforming like a caterpillar changing into a butterfly. What more is there?"

                        Tsula replied, "It is hard to travel when one is pregnant. When he rises above this latest challenge, we may yet again see him journey the land. But as you say, for now he is anchored down. And his mate will not let him make himself more ill with a journey."


                          Even though there was some minor bickering heard, things were halted by the Crimson Gripper's (Chip's morpher) ringing. As sudden as the door to the Lordly suite slid open, Chip came running out, his crimson uniform appearing as he ran out of the bedroom. He snapped his fingers to get his Bow and a quiver, and the orb containing his carpet. "My apologies, but I must make my departure in haste! The Aquabase is under attack by Ooze's forces! I am needed to help defend it... Kamzil-san, you can stay to help Klautano-sama or come with me. You'll be safer here, and I know how you are frightened by Owen's demeanor."

                          Kamzil thought of sharks as voracious and fearsome creatures. He made himself tangible and sat on Klautano's shoulder. He was still pretty tiny. "I'll alert you if something goes wrong, Lonewolf-san. Go... your allies await."

                          Chip nodded, as he snapped his fingers again, and his boots flew right to him. Once out on the outer doorstep, Chip magically released the orb, and allowed the carpet to become normal-sized. He leaped on top, and said. "To the Briarwood coastal bridge, and make haste!" He then flew away to the coastal region, departing for an emergency, while putting on his boots.

                          Renny emerged soon after they left. He looked to Klautano, and said, "I didn't tell him the child wasn't his. It was surprising enough that he noticed my stomach growing, and I told him I was with child."


                            Klautano said, "Because he is your mate, would you like him watched to make sure he remains safe in the world? If this is the case, you can give that command and it will be done. The others are preparing breakfast for you, Lord Rein. As for telling him whose it is, you are the lord here, you can mate with whomever you like. That is the Kitsune way."


                              "I was raised among alien rodents," said Renny. "Being in bed with each other was the only way to keep warm. Even when we hit puberty. He knew how I acted when I returned to Earth. I even ended up being mounted by his Cowboy cousin." He blushed admitting falling for the alien libido that Cade Stevens had. He then looked to Klautano. "You may go whenever you like to help Chippy, but not in a battle as serious as it can be against the Pollutants." He then said quietly. "For now, you and Kamzil-sama need to defend this compound until Chippy returns, and says its safe. I want to feel safe while I give birth to Rikki's kits. I can use someone to defend me in this time of need."

                              Sure, Chip would end up seeing the end of Ivan Ooze, the coronation of Owen as King of Atlantis, and the Ozone Layer being fully healed, but the next episode will be a start of a new adventure. And as our young Lord Rein Akinobu undergoes the changes that are involved with his first pregnancy, Chip will learn what it will take for him and his family to be truly accepted by the inhabitants of the Forest. And a magical foe will make his move. Whatever happens, Chip will find out what it takes to be a lord in the Forest. The next adventure will begin in the next story arc: Chip Gaiden!

                              End of Adventure 09.