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[GNR-SQ1] RG-09: Sim Clan

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    [GNR-SQ1] RG-09: Sim Clan

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    Reinjaa Gaiden
    Adventure Nine: Sim Clan
    By the team of Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf
    Darrel James Vanwinkle

    Lunar Boomer
    04-12-2011, 12:57 AM

    Renny let out another gruff growl, rubbing his head. "I don't like the visage of that black-furred kitsune. Even his aura commands more power than a two-tailed Kitsune such as I. We cannot face him in our capacity. I would be considered a novice compared to him, and we will not fight a kitsune that feels that powerful unless we have a better chance. Let us head to the temple, and see if we can talk to the Ookami that saved that kit. Let's go, and remember what Kaminari-sama said about being in this time." He then started to sneak, hoping to stay upwind from that dark Kitsune as he took the lead to the temple the Ookami was heading towards.

    Lord Pouchlaw
    04-28-2011, 05:34 AM

    Ren-Tao said, "Come on, Lord Rein. Let's go down to that temple and see if we can find out what's going on."


    As the four closed in on the temple and docks, they could hear the Ookami telling a Tanuki shukenja, /Yes, holy one. Lord Rein has ordered for his grandson to be ferried to the far away new world. I am to accompany him and protect him from the primitives in that land. And I would advise that you make yourself scarce as well. The black clan will be here soon./

    The raccoon dog like priest nodded his head as he helped to prepare the boat. /Perhaps I should come along. I know those lands. While you protect the youth and train him, I can gather food and herbs for our survival./

    The wolfen warrior hummed. /Very well. But we need to go now. The black clan have no honor. They aim to kill everyone connected to Lord Rein's honored clan./

    As the Ookami and the Tanuki were getting into the boat, several black clan Kitsune suddenly arrived in the temple striking down Tanuki guards in their way!

    Renard-Voyager exclaimed, "They are still too close to the docks, Lord Rein! They'll be caught for sure... unless we buy them some time!"

    Renny-Lion said, "He's right. History doesn't mention how they got away; only that you exist now, Renny."

    Ren-Tao smiled. "Looks like we're going to see some action after all, old friend. We'll get to the docks and then... since we're in Japan... /It's Henshin Time!/" And taking the lead for the others, they arrived on the docks just ahead of the black clan. Ren-Tao shouted in the ancient Japanese at those in the boat, /GO! We'll handle the black clan!/ And then he nodded to the others and shouted, /Transform! Now!/

    And the three just behind Lord Rein began their morphing sequences.

    Ren Reinger struck his battle pose as he raised his morpher bracelet over his chest. "Spirits of Yin!" He pressed the white Yin button. "Spirits of Yang!" He pressed the black Yang button. "Tao Power! Fire!" Suddenly, a huge rotating Yin and Yang symbol appeared above him as he leaped upwards and through the revolving symbol. His surroundings became that of a torii gateway in Japan, as the sun, the moon, the stars, and the flames of his freedom all exploded into the brightest inferno ever created. As the fires dimmed, he was wearing his Tao Ranger uniform of red, silver, and chrome, with his shining silver gloves and glittering silver boots. A belt with the Yin and Yang symbol appeared around his waist. Then his helmet formed over his head, as an army of red phoenix soldiers wearing shogun armor appeared just behind him. Then the whole scene exploded in a blast of flames as he was once again with the others. "Red Phoenix Ranger! Tao Fire!"

    Renard Ranger struck a pose and slapped his hand over his morpher pin on his shirt and shouted, "Sailor Power! Unfurl!" The scene became like the deck of a buccaneer sailing ship, as he ran and jumped up into a ship's sail of yellow, and emerged on the other side wearing his one-piece ranger uniform. His cape then appeared, as did his belt, boots and gloves. Finally, as Renard slid across the deck into a new pose, his ranger helm appeared above his head and he reached up and pulled it down over his head. As the scene returned to normal around him, Renard's Sailor Dragon Zord appeared in the scene behind him. "Yellow Dragon Sailor Ranger!"

    Renny Rainger shouted, "Elysium Quest!" as he shoved both hands into his pockets. When he quickly withdrew his hands, he had on sienna gloves that had a dark lion paw imprint, top and bottom, on both gloves. Then, as he slapped his right hand over the back of his left hand, he shouted, "Lion Patrol! Sienna!" He then brought both hands down to his sides and lifted his head and roared. The roar was joined by every lion in the world, as his morphing sequence took hold. His three-piece ranger uniform appeared first, starting with his leggings, then his torso, and finally his bandanna scarf, all in reddish sienna. Then his boots appeared followed by his belt and finally his lion like helm. His Elysium Lion Patrol Zord appeared briefly behind him, as every phase of the moon spread out like a folding fan in an arc over his head. He leaped up and made a mid air flip, and as he landed, he shouted, "Sienna Lion Patrol Ranger!"

    Lunar Boomer
    04-28-2011, 10:31 PM

    Lord Rein (Renny Reinger) made some martial arts moves, as he shouted, "Magical Knowledge! Atlantean Power!" He then pressed the bronze star on his bracer morpher, which caused both Athena and Thoth to appear on each side of him. They then pointed their power staves at Renny, causing his body to become enveloped in a bright crimson glow from the neck down. His ranger uniform of white and silver appeared first with black Celtic designs all over it with his tails being magically hidden, and over that, the gold bordered bronze armored cloak of the Arch Magi appeared. Next, his bronze gloves and boots appeared, along with his belt of magical power. Then, a giant owl and a giant ibis both appeared directly behind him, as his bronze feathered helm with a shiny goggle like visor appeared over his head. Finally, a staff-scepter of bronze appeared in his grasp, as magical explosions of greater god like power erupted all around him. "Bronze Arch Magi! Atlantean Magician!"

    Renny growled, holding his staff-scepter tightly in both hands. "The black clan shall not claim the life of another kit."

    Lord Pouchlaw
    09-18-2011, 11:07 PM

    The Ookami saw what was fighting on the docks versus the Black Clan. /I should be there. They are fighting my battle for me./

    The Tanuki who was rowing rapidly replied, /Celestial sent them to guard our escape, old friend. If we stayed, wouldn't that be disobeying your lord's orders. We must get out of here. There will be another day./

    The Ookami sighed as he nodded his head. /You are right. My orders were to protect this kit from all harm. Even though my spirit longs for the battle I am missing, my duty lies here./ He then stood up in the boat and shouted, /I will honor this aid someday by returning aid when you need it most! This I swear by all that is Celestial!/ He then sat down again and grabbed an oar. /Come. The far land awaits./

    Back on the docks, the Red Phoenix Ranger initiated a flaming wings attack on a group of the Black Clan. "Did you hear that, Bronze Sensei Wu-Jen? An oath in your name!"

    The Yellow Dragon Sailor struck his foes with a proverbial dragon tail slap sending black Kitsune flying back up hill. "In a way, that oath is fulfilled! We're here now!"

    The Sienna Lion Ranger releases an echoing growl that floors black Kitsune to the ground. "Is it my imagination or does it seem like the Black Clan are pulling back?"

    Lunar Boomer
    09-19-2011, 03:59 AM

    Renny growled, and rapped a fallen Black Clan Kitsune on the head with the blunt end of his Staff-Scepter. "Let us not lower our guards because of the Black Clan's forces are pulling back. There's something fishy about this, and I am not talking about an Atlantean."

    Post #6

    The black Kitsune lord who wore dark kimono robes that were torn somewhat from a fight stood on the hill holding his blood soaked glowing black bladed katana glared at the four reinjaa warriors who had stopped his elite forces from succeeding in their mission. "/So. Lord Reinjaa-sama has the aid of the Celestial. I have been awaiting a day when I could test my skill and my blade against the Celestial. And now that day is here. How sweet this will be like cherry blossoms over rich sake./"

    He struck a pose and lifted his katana on high as he shouted, "/DAIKI HENSHIN!/" And a blast of power erupted from his dark katana as he in a fiery flash of bright flames and black smoke grew into a monstrous mega monster with twin glowing katanas in both claws. "/Bring it, Reinjaa Warriors! Or fall from my blade!/"

    The Sienna Lion Ranger shouted, "He just got king sized!"

    The Yellow Dragon Sailor replied, "I hope someone has a plan!"

    The Red Phoenix Ranger tagged Lord Renny and exclaimed, "It's time for Kitsu-Ra, the Celestial Crusader! Lead the jump, Lord Renny! You are the leader so you will be in charge! We don't have much time!"


      Post #7

      A huge roar came from a vortex in the sky that transcends time and dimension, as a familiar draconic sight to Lord Rein emerged into the this old-time world. He landed right between the multiple Rennys and the mega monster. The zord-sized beast let out a magical breath weapon that knocked the monster back a few giant paces.

      "I've come to return the favor of your aid in previous battles, my vulpine friend!" It was Royal Bronze, the Royal Dragon that was usually left out of the Atlantean Dragon Megazord formations, only for Renny to show up and have a battle formation of their own. "And that is not all I have managed to muster!" He then let out a magical roar towards the still-open portal, as the mechanical zords most of the Rangers control emerged from the portal! "Get ready for the formation Rangers; I don't know how long this monster can take to recover from one of my Techno Magic blast!"

      Renny leaped up into the helm of the Dragon, as he and Royal Bronze shouted together, "Bronze Magician Formation!" Royal Bronze then glowed brilliantly, as his shape changed, becoming more humanoid, as it's form changed to resemble an Atlantean magician. This new megazord was decorated in the trappings of an ancient Atlantean noble of magic, which was lined with shining golden metal along the edges of it's pure bronze armor plates. Then Renny grew in size in mid air as the Bronze Magician armor came together on his body all over in all the right ways. Over this, a bronze bordered golden cloak appeared. Then his Bronze Dragon Helm settled over his head. Finally, his Staff of the Magi rocketed out of the sky and landed firmly into his awaiting grasp. "I am the Atlantean Bronze Magi! Power of Magic!"

      The Atlantean Bronze Magi then shouted. "We'll merge when ready, friends. Prepare for Celestial Crusader formation!"


        Post #8

        The Red Phoenix Shogun Zord came flying down out of the vortex as fiery and as bright as the sun. It's ranger partner teleported up and landed in the cockpit and shouted, "All right! Yin Yang Phoenix! Online!"

        The Yellow Sailor Dragon Zord zoomed into view appearing to be a miniature old world sailing ship that was all yellow with white sails. It's ranger partner leaped up and merged into it as the sailing ship transformed into its Yellow Dragon form. "Sailor Dragon Zord! Ready for battle!"

        The Elysium Lion Patrol Zord appeared to be a bronze like metallic lion and as it came into view, the Sienna Ranger leaped up and vanished into its mouth. Behind a sienna podium within, the partner shouted, "Elysium Lion! Let the quest begin!"

        Lord Rein Akinobu, Ren Reinger, Renard Ranger, Renny Rainger leaped into the air as they all shouted, "Royal Bronze! Tao Phoenix! Sailor Dragon! Elysium Lion!" And suddenly interrupting them from out of nowhere came the fifth zord as a mysterious noble voice was heard. "I may be dying, but by all that is Celestial, the Black Clan will not survive this day! Akinobu Kitsune!" And all five zords began to come together as the final shout was issued. "Celestial Crusader Formation!" The Akinobu Kitsune Zord glowed into a flash of light, becoming glowing shogun armor pieces, as Royal Bronze grew to megazord size, flying into the center of the armor cloud. Then the Tao Phoenix, Sailor Dragon, and Elysium Lion transformed into living beams of light which fired directly into the heart of the megazord. The four Renny's found themselves bathed in the last bit of living energy that the ancient spirit had, as they all seemed to merge, becoming one mind inside of the forming named megazord. The armor pieces adhered to the megazord's body, all over, protecting it in all the right ways. Then, a glowing naginata of celestial light erupted from the Heavens landing directly into Kitsu-Ra's glowing grasp. The whole body then flared up, with the symbol of the Celestial Realm and the Akinobu Clan banner larger than life swallowing the background. Landing on the battlefield was Kitsu-Ra, the Celestial Crusader! "/Go, descendant! My battle is now yours! Fight with honor!/"

        Rapid fire close-ups of the new named crusader occurred in rapid succession as Lord Renny found himself in charge of the majestic and beautiful shogun crusader.

        Lord Daiki Black stepped back when he saw what had formed before him. He was actually affected by the Celestial Crusader. "/It's not possible! I killed you! With my special blade! You cannot be here now!/"


          Post #9

          The Celestial Crusader has pressed forward, walking towards the Black Clan, fighting him back with the naginata, though Renny wasn't sure how to use a weapon like that. Regardless, he felt influenced by the ways of his ancestor, and used it in such a fashion, that he broke one of Lord Daiki's Katana's and kicked him back. Then with the flat end of the Naginata blade, he rapped the monstrosity on his head. "/The Black Clan will not survive this day for its crimes against fellow Kitsune,/" Kitsu-Ra stated. "/Victory will not be yours, this night./"


            Post #10

            Lord Daiki Black continued to fight although his confidence was shaken as he repeatedly stepped back to attempt to avoid being struck by the Celestial blade. "/I was to have won this day! History says that I win! You cannot be here now!/"

            Mentally, Lord Rein could hear the Elysium Lion Renny saying, I can hardly believe that this villain is actually scared of the named crusader megazord. His very actions scream that he wants to escape.

            Tao Phoenix Ren stated, We cannot allow him to get away even in honor since he did murder Lord Rein's clan. Judgment and execution belongs to Lord Rein. Do what you have to do, Renny. Make Chip proud of you.

            Sailor Voyager Renard remained quiet since he was still new to this named megazord stuff, but in his mind Lord Rein could sense that he would support whatever Renny decided to do.


              Renny said, Not much for the physical attacks, but since that assassin has slain my honorable ancestors in that manner, I'll make sure that their deaths are avenged in the same way. Like my Honorable Ancestor said, by all that's Celestial, the Black Clan will not survive this day!

              The celestial glow of Kitsu-Ra's Naginata started to focus mainly in the blade of the great weapon, as the glow faded from the pole-arm, "/The verdict has already been approved by all that is celestial. You shall be slain as swiftly as the rapids take a towards a waterfall!/" He then started to swing his weapon in a circle, as the various kanji of fire, water, earth, metal, and wood appeared along the circumference of the circle. "/Fall to the abyss that you have made for you and your clan this day! Celestial Brandish!/" He charged into his foe as it made slashes for each of those elements! And as he made those slashes, the steps of the Celestial Crusader made it look like a dance! He slammed each of those elemental powers into Lord Daiki Black, before a shoji closed over them, showing the shadow of Kitsu-Ra thrusting the blade into the stomach of the black-furred Kitsune monstrosity. He raised the assassin into the air with the pole arm, and the explosion broke the illusion of the shoji, and ended the days of Lord Daiki Black.


                And as before upon arriving, the four Rens felt the named megazord vanishing, but instead of appearing on the ground, they were sent back through the portal in time and...


                Kai-no-Habi's Tea Chamber
                Kami's Paw and Hoof - Inn and Tavern

                ...the four Ren's found themselves standing before Stanley once again, although Renny/Lord Rein had a new necklace with what looked like his clan banner in a silver circle on it.

                "I see you returned, Lord Rein," stated Stanley. "It is night here and the Tao Rangers are currently sleeping, except for Rikki and Deryk... they are playing a dice game; for fun, not for profit. They got to watch some of the professional local champions earlier whip the kimonos off of some challengers. Did your outing go as well as you had hoped, gentlemen?"

                Red Tao Ren replied, "Forgive me for mentioning this, Stanley, but I feel there is something amiss regarding Renny's past still. While it is true that we stopped the black clan from delaying the escape of an ookami and a tanuki who carried a lone baby kitsune prince away from the Akinobu Clan Estate... if that young kitsune was Lord Rein, then he today would be far older and have far many more tails. And as you can see, he does not. Therefore, there is still a mystery to solve."

                Stanley smiled. "It is late. The Tao Rangers will be accompanying Lord Rein on the rest of his adventure. You three will be sent back to your home worlds. Sienna Lion Renny has a worried boyfriend and a concerned Ratt to contend with. And a certain archeologist needs his son for an upcoming excursion to another world. The Sailor Rangers require your company, Renard Yellow. I will send you three home for now and worry not further for your counterpart. Education is a never ending process."

                The next morning...

                The Tao Rangers were nearly all seated around a table, except for Rikki (this time.)

                Rikki was in Renny's chambers getting Lord Rein's shower ready for him. Rikki was only wearing a loincloth himself which covered little but he was otherwise oiled and smelling clean although lightly scented in a pleasing (to Kitsunes) fragrance.

                He leaned over Renny's bed and lightly kissed the Kitsune Lord on the near side of his muzzle/lips... lightly or at least trying to. "Wake up, sleeping beauty... a new day's blooming... and that isn't the only thing from the looks of the middle of your bed... *chuckle*"


                  Renny smiled, and gave Rikki a wholesome and deep kitsune kiss on the mouth in return. "Then why don't you remove your loincloth and join me? Only then you get to see it in full bloom." He had a thing for guys similar to his Chippy, even in their choice of wearing very little when they are alone.


                    Most may have thought Rikki too straight to even bother, or of a mind to just belt someone for even suggesting something like that... but this was for Renny. How could he decline the request of a lord? He removed the loincloth to reveal himself fully as he gently slid under the covers with the kitsune lord and played submissive (Rikki submissive?!) to his cute aroused friend... as he planted himself firmly down upon the lordly scepter of might and leaned in close to plant a very deepening kiss on Renny's muzzle.

                    How far will this morning activity go and is Renny awake enough to realize that Rikki isn't Chippy?

                    Is this international sabotage?

                    Or is it just fooling around?


                      Sleepily Renny, whom sleepily thought his bedfellow being Chip, groggily shifted so he would withdraw from Rikki's anal ring before he got to the knot, and smiled, though his eyes remained closed. "No, my love... As much as I appreciate this, my tail end longs for your cock. Show me how much you love me."


                        Rikki was actually glad Renny wanted it the other way especially after Stanley's warning the other day. He was willing perhaps far too much to give Renny exactly what he was asking for. He had only done this with Deryk Dark once back in River Bluff (he never told Janet; that would have been a death sentence.) He gently slicked himself up and planted himself directly into Renny's back side and began to show the kitsune everything a lord would ask for... including the gift at (and within) the end.

                        However Rikki was very potent for a human male, which is why he was always careful when he did anything with anyone else. but he didn't have any protection here for he thought he didn't need any while playing with a kitsune.

                        But things could still happen. Especially when it comes in threes.

                        Afterward, Rikki would be helping Renny into the shower, carrying him much like a groom carrying his bride, but all the more gently and lovingly. "You were good, sexy... now let's get this shower going. And kitsune soap chosen by Stanley. Don't know what's so different between this and normal soap... smells the same to me..." He licked it and made a face... Tastes the same, too. Ew Yucky! He then began to lather Renny up good.


                          Opening his eyes, Renny separated himself from Rikki and the shock evident in seeing the ruddy complexion of Rikki instead of the boyish good looks of his Chippy. "Rikki?! I thought you were Chip! What in Divine Providence were you doing?!" He didn't mean to be insulting; he just was frightened that he allowed another guy to mount him, let alone another redhead that doesn't have the Lonewolf expression he fell in love with.


                            Rikki just smiled as he continued to lather up Renny's fur. "Stanley ordered me to give you whatever you asked for because you were a Lord. So when you asked me to have fun with you... I did it. I didn't want to get punished by Stanley. I didn't mean any harm, Renny. I am sorry if I did the wrong thing with you. Do you want to punish me?" He couldn't stop smiling about it though. Stanley instructed him to say that if Renny got upset with his helping the lord... but saying that was just too funny to him.


                              Renny hummed, as he backed away from Rikki once again. "The 'punishment' depends on what I see of you. Could you stop soaping me up for a minute so I can take a good look at you?" He was wondering what Rikki looked like, especially after feeling the Hot and sexy lovin' he got from this human.

                              What does Renny see?