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[GNR-SQ1] RG-08: A Kitsune Lord Revealed

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    [GNR-SQ1] RG-08: A Kitsune Lord Revealed

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    Reinjaa Gaiden
    Adventure Eight: A Kitsune Lord Revealed
    By the team of Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf
    Darrel James Vanwinkle

    Lunar Boomer
    01-22-2010, 03:24 PM

    Kai-no-Habi's Tea Chamber
    Kami's Paw and Hoof - Inn and Tavern

    Early morning found Ren "Renny" Reinger and Wallace "Wally" Blayze in the bathroom, both taking a hot shower. Throughout most of it, however, Renny was being given special servant attention by Wally, who seemed to be doing as he had been told to. Renny was enjoying the special treatment since his body felt better than ever and he could sense his powers rising from within.

    After the shower and a thorough drying and proper grooming, the two were dressed in appropriate clothing. Although Renny's clothes had been replaced during the night with that of a Kitsune Lord with the 'Autumn Faith' insignia emblazoned upon the back and a smaller one on his front left chest. Renny looked the part that he had become.

    Then they exited the personal chambers and joined Stanley Thunder, Deryk Dark, and Rikki Brooklyn at the breakfast table, having a seat in the appropriate manner and style that was befitting a Kitsune Lord.

    Lord Pouchlaw
    01-22-2010, 03:26 PM

    Stanley smiled, as he said, "Ah, I see Lord Rein Akinobu-sama has chosen to join us for breakfast. I hope the clothes and colors are to your liking. Yes?"

    Deryk Dark smiled. "I think you look awesome, Renny." He was quickly side-jabbed by Stanley, and he corrected himself. "...I-I mean, Lord Rein." Damn you, Stanley! That side jab HURT!

    Lunar Boomer
    01-25-2010, 09:27 PM

    Renny blinked and tilted his head a little. "Lord Rein Akinobu? What is the meaning of you calling me that, Kaminari-sama?" He then looked closely at his kimono. "Though the clothes seem to be a bit more comfortable than my last ones. Thank you."

    Lord Pouchlaw
    03-10-2010, 08:33 PM

    Stanley commented, "As the originator of your modern clan, you must use your clan name when possible. And your clan name is Lord Rein Akinobu. The Western translation of your clan name would be the water spirit of sparkling faith. And while here in training, you should be called Lord Rein, unless you speaking with fellow clan members whom you have not claimed any as yet." He paused. "But you will. It is the way of Kitsune to claim as many clan members as possible. Of course, claiming usually means conversion."

    Rikki then asked, "Does that mean he will take on multiple mates in his quest to covert others into his clan?"

    Stanley replied, "In more or less of speaking... Yes. Though he may be wed to one, he will mate with many because his Kitsune hormones will demand it. One mate will never suffice for him once he enters his period. And Kitsune enter that period twice a month."

    Janet grinned. "Sounds like Renny will be sharing the ladies products with us, Varvara."

    Varvara rolled her eyes. "Could be, but you shouldn't call him Renny. You're only safe because Stanley can't reach you."

    Stanley giggled, then narrowed his eyes. "I could reach her, if I wanted. I have Rikki point-blank with me..."

    Janet gulped.

    Deryk Dark laughed. "Such is the way of dangerous living when one is a Tao Ranger."

    Lunar Boomer
    03-19-2010, 10:34 PM

    Renny (or Lord Rein, rather) looked to Janet with a glare. "I know someone who used to be like that, Janet Renton, and he wouldn't appreciate hearing that if he was here. He is known to hit his enemies with a powerful kick for hitting sore spots."

    The Kitsune then looked to Stanley. "The method of conversion would likely involve something to do with censored activities, does it not, Kaminari-sama?"

    Lord Pouchlaw
    03-22-2010, 09:19 PM

    Stanley smiled. "There are several methods, actually. Some are sneaky and underhanded. But censored activities is the most common way, yes. But you must be actively meaning to do it during those activities; accidental conversion doesn't happen. You must will it."

    Wally smiled also. "I think Lord Rein asked because of the care I gave him last night. He needed the massage badly."

    Lunar Boomer
    03-22-2010, 09:43 PM

    Lord Rein nodnods his muzzle. "I'm glad that no one is converted by accident. Those I sleep with probably wouldn't be pleased if he woke up a Kitsune due to an accident on my part."

    Lord Pouchlaw
    03-22-2010, 09:52 PM

    Stanley said, "The last time a Kitsune had such happen by accident was when he didn't know he was a Kitsune and he was willing for censored activities with multiple partners. He preferred humans as bed partners. After a night of fun, he would awaken to find his partner gone. He simply assumed that they lost interest in him and had left."

    "Of course the same day after the activity, he had these fox people show up with little memory of where they came from but all swearing to be loyal to him. One night, he chose to stay awake to read a book after his activity and he got to watch his bed partner change into a fox person. He afterward came to the Kami's Paw and Hoof to seek help."

    "That is when he learned that he was a Kitsune and he had been converting all of these people into his clan. He had close to fifty five partners in his clan, both male and female, once it was all over with. And he was stuck with them. After conversion, they forgot who they were before because the Kitsune must will for them to remember or they won't, becoming new people in both body and mind."

    Rikki hummed. "Sounds exciting, yet dangerous. I am intrigued but disturbed at the same time. It's a mixture of feelings about such a thing happening. But I think Lord Rein would be far more careful since he knows that he is a Kitsune and he knows what can happen."

    Lunar Boomer
    03-22-2010, 10:19 PM

    Renny looked to Rikki and Stanley, "And I would not put their past memories at risk intentionally, and take away their uniqueness in personality, with exception of those whom have ill intentions. It would be terrible if it happened to my Chippy."

    Lord Pouchlaw
    03-22-2010, 10:38 PM

    Janet grinned. "You mean you wouldn't want to rename him and retrain him? And buy him a cute foxy collar and censored toys to play with?" She laughed.

    Stanley cleared his throat. "That tone of speaking is not appropriate, Janet. I still have your boyfriend within reach."

    Janet slyly grinned. "Rikki is straight. You try it with him and he'd beat the heck out of you."

    Rikki chuckled. "Um, well, I have been wondering what the other side of the fence is like, Janet."

    Janet paled when she heard Rikki say that.

    Stanley chuckled, too. "Any way, what would you like to do next, Renny. The time for being formal has passed. We could contact the Shark Squadron and ask them if Chippy is available. Or I could have one of my spirit friends just kidnap him for us." He winked.

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    Lunar Boomer
    03-22-2010, 11:00 PM

    Renny had to just laugh about that as well, but the thought of Rikki naked did slip his mind (better to keep it to himself than to be hurt by Planet Janet for voicing it out). "There is no need to summon him. I believe Chippy should remain where he is. The Pollutants are getting serious the last I had contact with him, and I would likely be in the way of his knightly duty to protect the environment." Renny then smiled as he tried to think of something else...

    Lord Pouchlaw
    03-22-2010, 11:17 PM

    Deryk Dark giggled. "What was Wally like last night, mate?" he asked of Renny with a grin.

    Wally blushed smiling.

    Lunar Boomer
    03-22-2010, 11:58 PM

    Renny grinned, and shared how it was with Deryk Dark. The naughty Kitsune then said "... if yas would like to know how he is first-hand, he would probably leave you blissed, Deryk Dark." he winked.

    Lord Pouchlaw
    04-05-2010, 11:10 AM

    Deryk Dark grinned back. "If yas weren't so 'ung over Chippy, Ah think yas would be a lot of fun to play with. No offense."

    Orion hummed, as he quietly rubbed over Rocket's neck and tummy. The Shadodrak had been equally quiet and content.

    Stanley then said, "Therefore, Renny... what would you like to learn about now? As I see things currently, you are a Kitsune, you are in control, and you know how to make your clan. And you know your true clan name and know that you are the leader of that clan."

    Lunar Boomer
    04-05-2010, 10:02 PM

    Renny giggled as a couple of dirty thoughts came to mind... However, he did want to know more about his clan. "I would like to know more of the history of my clan. If I don't know anything about them, then I wouldn't know if I end up making a mistake that would tarnish the name of my clan among other Kitsune."

    Lord Pouchlaw
    06-06-2010, 12:38 PM

    Stanley hummed and replied, "Something must have happened to your clan in the past to make them so obsolete that you were the only one to survive because your kin chose to hide you. Thus, my suggestion now is that you gather the other Ren's of the same name and have them help you on a mission into the past. Alas, this is not a mission that we of Yin-Yang Tao can help you with since there are no Ren's or Renny's among our kind. However... you may have already encountered two others in your travels who could help you. You helped them once, and now... they can help you in return. Thus, three alone is not enough to support this sort of mission. You need a fourth Ren Reinger to support you in this quest, even if he has no ranger nor superhero powers. I am not sure where to find such for you, but perhaps someone else can suggest something. Yes?"

    Rocket then spoke up. "If it is another Reinger you seek, then perhaps I know of one."

    Stanley glanced over at Rocket. "Go ahead. Tell us."

    Rocket grinned as he rolled over in Orion's petting caresses. "I happen to know of two Ren's, one in Medievon and the other in Haji."

    "Yin-Yang Tao once met with a Medievon team called Pirate Rescue. They acquired their ranger powers from the depths of the seas. Their newest young pirate hero was called Ren of Rain Garrison or Ren Reinger. Bad pirates learned that he had been stealing treasures from a cave of theirs and they trapped him and was lowering him down a maelstrom whirlpool as a punishment. The Pirate Rescue and Yin-Yang Tao burst into their party, and during a freak mishap, the rope controlling Ren's descent was slashed and he fell. Moments later, when the bad pirates were getting the upper hand, the Blue Rescue Shark Pirate appeared from the maelstrom and back attacked the bad guys. When the battle ended, he was revealed as Ren and then we made good our escape."

    "The other Ren we encountered was during another attempt to have a Tao vacation. You know how those go... A machine like red dragon pollution lord called Smaug attacked the resort we were staying at. And Cosmic Mouse told us that it would be totally uneventful. Naturally, the team was forced to morph. During our fight, this new team of rangers slowly started appearing and joining our battle. They called themselves the Eco-Action Force. The Gold Lightning Cheetah Ranger was rather cool. He assisted Janet and Varvara out of a tight spot. When they asked him who he was, he winked and said he was the Little Boy Lost of Never-Ever Land. When the battle ended, Smaug fled, mainly because I was forced to get big, and then their team regrouped and gave a role call."

    "The Red Thunder Lion of Earth was called Mark Merritt; the Gold Lightning Cheetah of Wind was called Renny Reinger; the Purple Mountain Panther of Fire was called Seth Sidarius; the Green Desert Coyote of Water was called Running-Paw; and the Blue Garden Jay of Heart was called Christine Andrews; the latter two are girls. When they brought their ranger powers together, they would form a Megazord Captain called the Ecology Crusader."

    "Their pollution enemies tried again while we were on vacation, but the butt kicking was ever worse the second time. Perhaps the most interesting story that Renny told us was the time they teamed up with a visiting Shark Ranger named Chip Lonewolf. You wouldn't happen to know him, would you?" He winked giggling.

    Lunar Boomer
    06-06-2010, 07:26 PM

    Renny hummed, trying to remember if Chip had told about an adventure like that; it was making his head hurt from thinking too hard. He didn't remember it. "Did Chippy really do that? I would remember if he did."

    He then looked to Rocket. "I know I helped Renard, a Yellow Ranger in Frontier, and there is a also a Ren who is a Red Ranger on Planet Terra who is still in speaking terms with Professor Rainger, though the Dragon sponsor is a bit dark. *cringe* I encountered them when learning the Kitsune ways when Peter and Glacyra were part of the journey."

    Lord Pouchlaw
    06-22-2010, 10:31 PM

    Stanley said, "Then those are two you need to ask to help you now. But you will need one more Ren. And I think I know of one whom you might enjoy, Renny. We won't bother with Rocket's fairy tales... but instead, I will tell you about Ren "Renny" Rainger, a 21 year old young man near San Antonio, Texas in Raerlahar. He is the Sienna Lion Ranger and is a member of..." He paused for effect. "...Dominik Rat's Elysium Quest. Like you, he was a prisoner on Verminoi. When he turned 21, Dominik Rat and a friend of his rescued Ren and two of his friends and they returned to Earth to battle a villainous game hunter. The game hunter is in prison, and currently Ren is simply taking care of his spread in Texas. But... I am sure he would enjoy an adventure with the Dreamtrail Renny."

    Lunar Boomer
    06-23-2010, 01:24 AM

    Renny grinned. "I think that I remember seeing Dominik Ratt's comic one of the times I went to that comic book store Chippy goes to. Then again, that was when I only had fur on my head and certain other areas." He winked. "But the trick is how they should be summoned. I can take a big guess that they wouldn't be too happy if they were just 'made to appear', so to speak."

    Lord Pouchlaw
    06-23-2010, 01:06 PM

    Stanley smiled. "I think what we will do now is individually contact the three Ren's and ask them to lend their assistance for this journey. We are within a Nexus Point here at the Paw and Hoof, therefore contacting the other dimensions should be no problem at all."


    Moments later...

    Stanley was utilizing a video communicator in the back of his quarters. "This is Stanley Thunder calling Dominik Ratt in Raerlahar. By the lord of us all, please answer."

    Dominik Ratt's image appeared on the screen. He was dashing and handsome as always. "By the lord of us all, Stanley. It is good to hear your voice. What do you need today? Has Huntrex escaped from prison?"

    Stanley smiled. "Oh nothing quite that gruesome. Huntrex was a pain in the tail. No, we simply need to borrow your Sienna Lion, Ren Rainger, for a mini-mission into the past here in Dreamtrail. The proper permissions are in place, therefore, we simply need to gather the team who are going."

    Dominik Ratt smiled. "Ren has been itching for another adventure. He's been bored. I will see to it that you get the Sienna Lion at the Paw and Hoof. By the lord of us all... Dominik Ratt out." And his image faded.

    Stanley smiled. "One down, two to go."

    The next image on the screen was Professor Anarus Rainger in River Bluff, Oregon on the planet of Terra. "Ah, Stanley Thunder. Konnichi wa. What do you need?"

    Stanley smiled. "We need to borrow your son, Ren, the Red Tao. And if it's not too much trouble, we need the other Frontier Renny, too. The Yellow Voyager."

    Anarus smiled back. "You're in luck, actually... both Ren's are on Terra right now. Let me tell them that you need them and you should have them within a few minutes." And his image faded.

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    Lunar Boomer
    06-25-2010, 06:00 AM

    While Renny was waiting, he brought out a pen and paper from his bag, and written a note to Chip about what they were going to do next, and reaffirmed that he loved him. Though it is not as efficient as two-way communication, it worked well for the Kitsune to inform his boyfriend, even with the turbulent times going on different sides of the Pacific Ocean. After he finished writing it, he sent it via magic to their room in the Aquabase, hoping that Chip would look for it there, unless he chosen to make the library his bedroom. *snickers*

    Lord Pouchlaw
    07-11-2010, 10:07 PM


    Ren Reinger and Renard Ranger from Frontier both stood in the chamber, as Renny Rainger from Raerlahar walked into the chamber wearing a black leather jacket with sienna colored lion armor built into the torso and shoulders of the jacket.

    "Ren Reinger, Red Crystal Tao Ranger of Planet Terra."

    "Renard Ranger, Yellow Sailing Voyager Ranger, Frontier Sector."

    "Renny Rainger, Sienna Lion Patrol Ranger, Raerlahar Dimension."

    Stanley nodded his muzzle to the three Renny's and pointed over toward a lordly doorway. "You may enter now, Lord Rein Akinobu-sama!"

    Lunar Boomer
    07-11-2010, 11:45 PM

    Just then, a kitsune entered through the doorway, and nodded his head, as his two tails swished, and he stood in front of them next to the Hengeyokai Rat. "Renny Reinger, also known as Lord Rein Akinobu, Bronze Archmage Ranger."

    Lord Pouchlaw
    08-11-2010, 12:13 PM

    Stanley said, "This is a mission for the Ren's from all walks of life. Once I open the portal in time, you four will arrive in Renny's ancestral past where Renny seeks to learn more about his clan. Be warned, all of you: if the Kitsune clan leader mates with you, then you will be transformed into a Kitsune under his control and you will be stuck in that time period. So keep your minds and tails out of the gutter and focus on the task at paw. Good luck."

    And with that, Stanley opened the portal in time and...


    ...the four Ren's found themselves just outside of an estate where the scent of Kitsune was strong, though familiar to Renny.

    Ren-Tao said, "Where do we go from here, Lord Renny?"

    Renard-Voyager smiled as he looked around. "This reminds me of the planet Pridepaw."

    Renny-Lion quietly rubbed his engagement ring that had a jeweled rat head on it. "Let's just do this so I can return to my boyfriend."

    Lunar Boomer
    08-11-2010, 02:30 PM

    Renny glared to Renny-Lion, then said. "Do you think any of us don't have boyfriends ourselves? Mine's risking his own life to save the world's environment from monsters that pollute the environment with not only their presence." He then stepped forward. "Don't worry; you'll get home to your own boyfriend soon enough."

    Renny said. "Last time I caught a glimpse of my ancestral past, neither the clan lord at the time, nor the celestial dragon visiting him were aware of my presence. Since Kaminari-sama opened up the portal to the past, we may have to learn what we can, while protecting our tails from this time's Lord. Or likely me, if we stay long enough. Now let's present ourselves to the servants properly, and hopefully they'll let us in. And if anybody asks, inform them that you're my vassals." He then magically added collars around the necks of the other Ren's, each one the different colors each of them represent, along with a feudal Japanese artwork on the leather depicting their origins of their ranger powers. The kitsune smiled. "Sorry for this, but it's just in case they have doubts of our cover story." He winked.

    Lord Pouchlaw
    11-12-2010, 02:56 AM

    Renny-Lion sighed. "I'm sorry, Renny. Although you sound like you're enjoying your Kitsune freedom and being in charge."

    Ren-Tao said, "He's in charge because it is his mission, Elysium Quester. We'll follow your instructions, Lord Renny. I still remember when you visited my team on our home world. Orion later said you were adorable."

    Renard-Voyager chuckled. "I met Chip Lonewolf myself and I can agree that Ranger would only have chosen an adorable foxy to be a boyfriend." Recalling his official Ranger debut on the Sirian Rangers home world. "What exactly are we looking for, anyway?"

    Lunar Boomer
    11-13-2010, 06:30 PM

    Renny said, "We need to open doors to a mystery that is thumping in my mind worse than when I was trying to figure out why I was changing into the kitsune that I am. We're in the past, since it would take more than me to find out why my clan has become obsolete in the past. There has to be something that happened that caused me to be the only one of my clan left living in the present."

    Lord Pouchlaw
    01-02-2011, 02:55 AM

    Ren-Tao said, "Wait a minute... what if our being here causes the event that made your clan obsolete, Lord Renny? I know you'd never forgive yourself for that."

    Renny-Lion hummed. "It is a little late for that thought, Ren. We're here now. Let's just get this over with. Besides... I am detecting... an approaching fox scent mixed with perfume."

    Renard-Voyager lowered his voice, "I see him, guys. Look beyond the bushes."

    Slowly striding along the trail was a completely black Kitsune wearing dark kimono robes although he had a glowing katana with a black blade. "/Today is the day, hon Reinjaa-sama,/" he said softly as he walked. "/A new gaiden will be written devoid of your clan and I will be the one to bring your doom. With this magic blade, your end is near./"

    Lunar Boomer
    01-02-2011, 04:43 AM

    Renny let out a low, but gruff growl. "That kitsune doesn't look like a good neighbor... And it looked like we might've come to the end of my clan, if not close to it." He flinched a little, seeing the stance of the dark figure. "We may need to distract him, or trick him to at least stall his advance. I can sense his darkness in his blade, and it wouldn't look good should I confront him alone, especially with me being a young one." Referencing the amount of tails he has.

    Lord Pouchlaw
    04-11-2011, 02:44 PM

    Renard-Voyager stood beside Renny. "The Yellow Dragon is with you and ready to fight when you give the word."

    Renny-Lion then turned his head and pointed toward a hill slope behind the estate. "Renny... I see what looks like an Ookami descending the back way toward a temple. He seems to be carrying a young bundled Kitsune boy."

    Ren-Tao said, "I see him too. There is some sort of a temple with its own docks down there. Now I wonder something important. If Renny's clan was truly wiped out, then Renny wouldn't be here now. But because he is, someone had to survive. And I think we're seeing that someone."

    End of Adventure Eight.