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[2T-PR2] PRLC-DBR-03: The Mystery Corsair

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    [2T-PR2] PRLC-DBR-03: The Mystery Corsair

    Power Rangers Legend Corsairs
    "Dark Blue Recruit" Arc
    Episode 3: The Mystery Corsair
    Written by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf
    Original Concept by Darrel James Vanwinkle

    1) Ray Lonewolf, Red Legend Corsair (Otter)
    2) Reggie Venus, Gold Legend Corsair (Fox)
    3) Cecil Barone, White Legend Corsair (Dragon)
    4) Colin Maxwell, Purple Legend Corsair (Wolf)
    5) Delilah Anthony, Black Legend Corsair (Stallion)
    6) Melody Singer, Pink Legend Corsair (Falcon)
    7) Lexington Lonewolf, Blue Legend Corsair (Shark)

    Also Starring:

    Legendia Earth Allies:
    General Aaron Winslow
    Stefania Barone
    Erin Lonewolf
    North Lonewolf
    Seth Sidarius

    Los T'Erath Allies
    Dream Master Cody Fox
    Keymaster Evan Barone
    Nargon, Corsair in-training
    Bryan, Pormorfon Kangaroo joey.
    Elder Nogran of Pleasure Island


    Chapter One: Dilemma of Lust

    Pleasure Island, Los T'Erath

    This was a more cheerful day for Lexington, whom was feeling more otter-like than ever after Bryan was weaned from nursing (and the pouch on his other forms had sealed up). He left Nargon with his fellow brothers while he went for a walk with the newly instated elder, Nogran. He was quite younger than the previous elder, but he did enjoy Lexington's company. The night was going to be celebrated with carnal delights, as evident with the song they were singing on this mostly-sunny afternoon.

    We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot
    We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot
    Yo ho ho, yo ho ho, an otter's life for me

    We extort, we pilfer, we filch and sack
    Maraud and embezzle, and even high-jack
    Yo ho ho, yo ho ho, an otter's life for me
    Aye! Yo ho ho, yo ho ho, an otter's life for me

    Eat up, me 'earties, yo ho ho
    Drink up, me 'earties, yo ho ho
    Pounce the beauties, yo ho ho...

    An otter's life for me, Aye! An otter's life for me

    Nogran smiled as he walked with Nargon's adoptive father. "You've been very exemplary as an Otter Brother since you were made one of us, especially keeping true to your promise of training young Nargon to be a Corsair. His father would be proud to see should we see the scalawag appear on that horizon."

    The young otter's blood parent was Ray Lonewolf of the Legend Corsairs team. Though he likely wasn't Ray at the time of the conception, considering he was known as Nathan Ray Gonis, and had otter features himself in said form. But seeing how the Otter Brothers breed, it was unknown whether he was the maternal or the paternal. That left a mental image in Lexington's head that made him cringe whenever he thought of his cousin being submissive. But then again... under a different identity, he supposed that anything was possible when it came to Los T'Erath.

    After the brief reminiscence on the Nogran's part he added. "You have done well to keep to your word, and I don't see why you shouldn't have a place on this island for you to help train your son."

    Lexington smiled. "Thank you, Nogran. I offer my congratulations in becoming the new Elder of the Otter Brothers."

    Nogran was the equivalent of an Earth human in their forties, as far as age was concerned. He was one of the Otter Brothers who preferred to stay on land over going to sea, but despite that, he was just as studly as Lexington was in his otter glory. "Thanks, Lexington. As my first business as Elder, I must be with another Brother before the festivities, and then again under the night sky for all to see. It is the rite of succession for an Otter Brother elder." He then placed a webbed paw on Lexington's shoulder. "I have chosen you to be with me."

    Lexington smiled with pride, not knowing what the rite entailed. "I am honored that you had chosen me, I will accept being at your side."

    The new elder smiled pervertedly, as he walked up behind the otter with red headfur, and glided his webbed paws up and down Lexington's chest and stomach, and around his hips, before giving the Corsair a grabbed at the goods between the legs. He then muttered, in Lexington's ear. "I will take good care of you, Brother... while we give life to a new generation."

    Lexington's eyes then widened, finally realizing what Nogran meant by 'being with' another brother. Before he could object, he was pushed onto all fours, and his legs were spread wide. Without much ceremony to seal his claim, the newly-minted Elder got on top, and thrusted into his prize, making his insides stretch to accomodate the engorged size of his 'scepter.' And being the same species meant something more for days to come. And heaven knows when otters multiply, it's always a cause for celebration and song.

    We're beggars and blighters, and never-do-wed
    But look out me 'earties, we're awesome in bed
    Yo ho ho, yo ho ho, an otter's life for me

    Yo ho ho, yo ho ho, an otter's life for me

    Yo ho ho, yo ho ho, an otter's life for me

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Vacation Rewarded

    Secret Corsair Base, the Pentagon; Earth, Legendia Sector.

    Melody and Delilah were summoned to the office within the Corsair base below the Pentagon; the one General Winslow frequents in his usual day-to-day operations. However, his door was closed and sealed, and even though the Black and Pink Corsairs could see the general's desk from the windows, they couldn't see what was going on that was making him shout. It was muffled.

    "So cavalier... Extra-Curricular... Risk... Compromising... CAN'T YOU SEE THE GRAVITY OF THE SITUATION?!"

    It's as if he was dealing with a teenager, Delilah surmised. But she knew that a consummate military man would be married and have children, but yelling at them from a secure facility? How ridiculous would that be?

    Winslow looked out the window, and saw the ladies he called into his office several hours ago. He looked as if he was caught with his pants down. He looked to his screen and said. "Think about what I've said. Winslow out." He then terminated the communication abruptly and waved the ladies in. He pressed a button to open the door to his office. "Come."

    While the ladies filed in and made their salutes. Winslow said. "I apologize for that. Was having a problem with one of the newest military recruits representing provisions. I swear, those grunts get younger-looking by the year."

    Melody nodded, knowing it would be something other than what the General says. It was not for her to judge. She was just a secretary outside of her Corsair Training. Delilah closed her eyes, definitely knowing how obvious some deceptions could be. "You've requested to see us, General?"

    "Yes, you ladies have been working so hard through the Dream World incident as well as the current incursions with the Demodroid swarms. I believe that you two deserve some time off for some R&R."

    Rest and Recreation was not in Delilah's category, being a Paralegal and a Legend Corsair. She was married to both careers, and hasn't known vacations. "Sir?"

    "I arranged it with Legal Wing and the Bureau of Investigations respectively to grant you two days and nights of R&R," Winslow said. "The men will get theirs at a time where we can accomodate having all of them on leave. But now is not the time. Agent Lonewolf will be busy in Quantico using his Bureau resources to investigate the remains of the Cannon Machine to any Earth resources. Cecil will be assisting him with International purviews when they are granted access through Intelligence. What a shifty Agency to deal with..." He cleared his throat, reminding himself he doesn't have to deal with international channels in his station. "Reggie, Colin and the younger Lonewolf will be scanning the remains of the Cannon Machine on the moon since the remains of the machine in Area 51 self-destructed to the point where any evidence cannot be retrieved."

    "I read Cecil's report at the debriefing" nodded Delilah. "Whoever the culprit is, they made sure no evidence could be readily retrieved from the machines."

    General Winslow sighed. "I don't want to make this an order for you Delilah, since officially you're an independent contractor on the Pentagon's payroll. But I really need you to take a vacation to prevent a burn-out situation. You nearly had one when the Unwritten rule of the Legend Corsairs needed to be mentioned to you."

    "Sir," Delilah was about to object, but seeing the stare she was getting, she knew she wasn't going to win this argument. "Very good, sir."

    "Melody," said General Winslow. "I know that you are one of the more... prominent personalities on the team. I would like for you to show Delilah how to relax and not worry too much about following rules to the letter."

    "I'll be happy to sir," The Pink Corsair replied.

    There was a chime, and Winslow's computer displayed an notification of a secure interstellar communication awaiting his eyes only. Kharazy. He thought to himself, remembering that request for additional arsenal for the Legend Corsairs was being made off-planet. "Good, ladies. That would be all. Enjoy your R&R."

    As soon as they left the office, he had the doors sealed once again. With this communique being more professional and diplomatic, Aaron Winslow knew he would have to make sure his tone reflects that. "This is Major General Winslow. What can I do for you, Doctor?"

    End of Chapter Two.