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[2T-PR2] PRLC-DBR01: The Newest Recruit

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    [2T-PR2] PRLC-DBR01: The Newest Recruit

    Power Rangers Legend Corsairs
    "Dark Blue Recruit" Arc
    Episode 1: The Newest Recruit (Premiere Episode)
    Written by Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf
    Original Concept by Darrel James Vanwinkle

    1) Ray Lonewolf, Red Legend Corsair (Otter)
    2) Reggie Venus, Gold Legend Corsair (Fox)
    3) Cecil Barone, White Legend Corsair (Dragon)
    4) Colin Maxwell, Purple Legend Corsair (Wolf)
    5) Delilah Anthony, Black Legend Corsair (Stallion)
    6) Melody Singer, Pink Legend Corsair (Falcon)
    7) Lexington Lonewolf, Blue Legend Corsair (Shark)

    Also Starring:

    North Lonewolf
    Erin Lonewolf
    Seth Sidarius
    General Aaron Winslow
    Dream King Cody Fox
    Keymaster Evan Barone

    Cannon Machine Mark I

    Chapter One: A Rare Visit

    Pleasure Island, Los T'erath

    It was another day full of Fish and family on Pleasure Island; a tradition that Lexington Lonewolf is used to, since he adopted Nargon, the Sea Otter Pomorfon, and been inducted into the Otter Brothers. Since Lexington was living on the island, he had the use of his studly Otter form at his disposal. Also, he had a pomorfon Kangaroo baby to take care of. Though he was still not talking about the fact that the Stellea Rae sired the joey, nor did he speak to the phoenix.

    On this particular morning, it seemed a bit too quiet, especially with the Otter Brothers singing the song they were accustomed to singing on a normal day. Lexington was making his recipe for New England Clam Chowder, thanks to the Otter Brothers teaching him how to get the meat out of the clams properly. "I wonder why everything is so quiet today?" Lexington hummed.

    Nargon, on the other paw, was working on the skills he learned the day before. "I think it's just that kind of day when things are way too quiet."

    However, that was all about to change, with a knock on the door. The father of two defaulted to thinking that the an Otter brother would need help with something. He walked up to the front door, and opened the door. The Otter smiled. "And to think I would never see you after Soul Specter lost power, Evan Barone."

    Keymaster Evan was at the door, obviously, he swam to the island in his pomorfon Dolphin form. "Guess I deserve that, Lex." he then gave Lexington a hug and a kiss on both cheeks. "Sorry I didn't come any sooner. Fox is speaking to Zephyr, so I took some time to visit a friend. May I come in?"

    Lexington nodded his muzzle. "Be my guest."

    Pretty soon, Lexington and Evan were catching up on their pasts, and talking about the happenings on Earth, especially the healing process he went through.

    "I know it was hard for you to get over Buck, Lex," Evan sighed. "Zoo or not, he was a real jerk to you, and there's no excuse."

    That was when Lexington irked. "Please, I don't want to talk about Bryan, unless it is about my joey." He then sighed. "I'm sorry; that is no way to treat a house guest."

    Evan held his hand up. "It was my fault for bringing it up, Lex. I should be the one to apologize." He then remembered something that Fox told him to do. "Oh, and before I forget, Fox and I want to give you this to congratulate you on your promotion to Legend Corsair." He then placed his hand on Lexington's chest, causing the otter to glow. "It is not a power per se, more like a special gift to use on Earth. Oddly enough, it is called Dr. Doolittle. It gives you the ability to understand any Earth animal of land, air, and sea."

    Lexington shook his whiskers as he grimaced.

    Evan then said, "I know you'd think it's more like an ability suitable for the unnamed other, but we thought it would be better if you had it."

    Lexington then hugged the Keymaster. "I would like to thank you, Evan. Would you and Fox like to stay for lunch? I have Clam Chowder simmering."

    Evan smiled. "I believe Fox would enjoy a bowl when he gets here, thank you."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: A First for Everything

    Arlington, VA; Earth, Legendia Sector

    It has been over a month since Lexington Lonewolf was discharged from the Phoenix Beach Hospital, wheelchair bound, and out of most of his original casts. Thanks to his family, and his acceptance to join the Legend Corsairs, the former Galactic Exchange Student candidate stayed on Earth after the explosion of the transport shuttle they were on to Earth from Planet Vega. Though the students, Lexington included, survived the explosion, Cody Fox lost his life, and eventually became the Dream King of Los T'erath, which was a better path for them, considering the only other option that he and the dream clone of (Keymaster) Evan Barone was given.

    Since the redhead was able to calm down, he made it a habit to visit Cody Fox's grave once a week, oblivious to a specific Bald Eagle and Fox's observations. When on Los T'erath, Lexington would rarely see the Dream King or Keymaster, if not at all. On Earth on the other hand, Evan Barone hasn't been on Earth since he left for the Galactic Exchange Program on the second transport, though they would he see his Ex-boyfriend on Earth.

    Most of the original students that were caught in the explosion went to Planet Vega after recovering and being debriefed by Government officials. Bryan Roeley went to assist Doctor Victor Kharazy, an Animax Vegan Jaguar, on his research station. Erica Hansen went back to England after the incident, thinking that the Galactic Exchange Program was not for her, but in retrospect, she missed Obsidian, the pomorfon black Dragon, secretly. In essence, Lexington Lonewolf was the only one in his group to stay behind on Earth. However, he did have promises that sanctioned him being on Los T'erath while he slept on Earth; his promise to train his adopted son (and Sea Otter Pomorfon), Nargon, and the birth of his first born, Bryan, who was surprisingly sired by Stellea Rae, the Phoenix Demoness.

    Since he started talking again, Lexington has decided to get rid of his old nickname of 'Dragon' for good, and use his full first name, though he let his cousin (once removed), North, call him 'Uncle Lex.'

    However, Lexington woke up on this day to see that his brother, Britton Carson, had sent his clothes from Briarwood about two weeks ago. His dress suit was ironed, and laid out neatly at the foot of his bed. on top of the suit, there was a note from Ray, saying:

    On your first day of work, you should always look your best. And make sure to tie your hair up.

    -- Ray

    Lexington combed his hand through his hair. Ray is right, he thought, as he felt like he was a bit of an idiot not to cut his red hair, but given the circumstances, he preferred the length of his hair. After reading the note, Lexington went into the guest shower, unaware of what General Winslow had planned for him, and the Legend Corsair team.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: An Awkward Carpool

      Once dressed in his suit and tie, with his hair tied up into a ponytail, Lexington put on his dress shoes, and noticed that they were size 12½, instead of being size thirteen, which were a bit more snug than what the redhead was used to. After letting out a sigh, he went into the dining room for breakfast, which in Erin's kitchen, was mandatory for growing boys, especially nineteen year-olds almost finished recovering from an onslaught of injuries.

      "It is Reggie's turn with the carpool this week," said Ray, eating his oatmeal. "He's a careful driver, but he does stop to let the kids cross, to most drivers' annoyances."

      "He's just like an overgrown kid with a big heart," Erin said.

      Obviously, Lexington did not want to add in what he knew of Reggie in Los T'erath, for that was not in his worries at the moment. Reggie was Rejuvenus when Soul Specter was in power, and he had a special power in which he could change adults into children slaves. Lexington remembered that Alana Carbur and the 'unnamed other' succumbed to this power, and were changed into their pomorfon forms.

      After Breakfast was over, Ray and Lexington's carpool came along, as they scrambled into the back seat of a black hybrid car. Cecil was already in the front passenger seat, listening to an MP3 Player. Once the door closed, Cecil paused in the middle of a single by Lonestar, looked back and spoke in the Japanese dialect, "Are you ready for your first day of duties, my friend?"

      Lexington, who was in a nervous mood, replied. "I hope so, Cecil, or else I'd probably melt down before lunch break."

      Cecil couldn't help but smile. "You'll fit in fine, Lexington. You are among friends, especially Reggie."

      Reggie raised an eyebrow, as he drove the car towards Colin Maxwell's home. "What are you saying about me?"

      Both Cecil and Lexington couldn't help but to laugh; the expression on Reggie's face was priceless.

      Ray said. "This is the guy carpool, Lexington... the girls have their own car to themselves. When the girls come around, don't be an idiot around them; they are professionals."

      That was like salt in a wound for Lexington He nearly sank into the seat, just before Colin Maxwell took the seat next to Ray, making the back seat an uncomfortable environment for the younger Lonewolf. "Maybe we should've had the new recruit make the carpool run today."

      Ray glared at Colin. "Be careful what you say around my cousin, Colin. You don't want to know what happens when-"

      "Ray, please," Lexington interrupted.

      Ray sighed. "Okay... my fault. Sheesh!"

      The ride was starting to get into a very awkward silence, until...


      "COLIN!" everyone reacted.

      Reggie crinkled up his nose. "Looks like someone should change their star animal to Skunk!"

      Lexington growled at that remark.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Diving into the First Day

        The Pentagon; Virginia

        Once both the guys and the girls parked their cars into the rather big parking lot at the Pentagon, the Legend Corsairs and new recruit entered the pentagon, where the Legend Corsairs were checked, and had their government IDs confirmed. However, the security guard stopped Lexington by holding his night stick in front of his chest. "May I see your ID, please?"

        Ray then said. "He's okay, Farrel. He is brought here under the request of General Aaron Winslow."

        That was when the other security guard got onto the phone to see if he was expecting a civilian. Once confirmed, the security guard nodded to Farrel. "General Winslow is expecting a civilian today."

        The younger redhead sighed in relief as the night stick was put away, and Lexington was checked before given the okay to proceed with the Legend Corsairs.

        Once the seven were able to access an elevator, Ray brought out a card, and slid it into the card reader. Once the card was confirmed, the elevator made its descent into a secret base where General Winslow was expecting them.

        Once the doors opened, the Legend Corsairs walked up and saluted the general, who was wearing his everyday uniform.

        "At Ease," General Winslow stated. "I don't expect you to salute on your first day, Mr. Lonewolf. Please come in before you get sent back to the first floor."

        At that point, Lexington walked out of the elevator, and a split second later, the doors to the elevator were closed. "Thank you, sir."

        "I hope your recovery went well, Lexington," General Winslow smiled, addressing the newest recruit. "I would be surprised you recovered from all those injuries so quickly, but since I have seen Ray recover, I suppose that anything is possible." He then had a stern face. "Before we get to the task at hand, we'll need to welcome the newest recruit of our team... with this."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: The Test of Fears

          General Winslow opened a case to reveal folding-sunglasses on a bracer morpher that was Blue in color with golden accents; something that looked like it wasn’t made on Earth before. "This is the Legend Brace. The main access to the Legend Corsair Powers. From here on out, your days as a dragon has ended, and now it’s time to take on the Shark. You are the new addition to the team, Blue Legend Corsair. This time, it isn’t a dream. You are a part of Earth’s Last Defense."

          Lexington took the torch, knowing that he was recruited when he was recovering in the hospital. However, he wasn’t told what his first mission was going to be, until now.

          General Winslow then said. "Now that we can set that aside, this mission can be assigned. Ray, Cecil, Lexington, you three will look for evidence of the culprit of an explosion. The remains will be in Secret Hanger 'Charlie' on the Moon. You three will investigate what caused the Explosion of a Transport Shuttle that happened not too long ago. Since the moon has no viable air, I suggest you morph into your ranger forms."

          Ray and Cecil nodded and saluted, before dragging the younger redhead with them to the Access to the Zord Hangar.

          When they were out of hearing range, General Winslow then said. "I assigned them to investigate the shuttle explosion that our new recruit was in. I didn’t tell them that for a reason; I don’t know how Lexington would react if I was upfront with him." He then said, "The rest of you should standby around the Moon, in case something goes wrong, but keep cloaked."

          Reggie, Colin, Delilah and Melody saluted General Winslow, and said, "Yes sir!"

          Zord Hangar

          Ray walked into one of the elevators, and looked to his younger cousin and Cecil. "We’ll be taking my zord for this case; conserve the rest of the zords, in case Earth gets attacked. Get on."

          Cecil let the new recruit go in first, before joining his comrades in the elevator. Ray then shouted, as the elevator closed… "Spaceship Otter Zord, Online!”"

          As the elevator was going down to Ray's zord, the Spaceship Otter Zord sprang to life; everything from weapons systems to Life Support activated on command.

          Ray pressed a button on his Legend Bracer, it announced out 'It’s Corsair Time!' As his morphing sequence started, the background faded into darkness as the bracer launched out a streak of red energy, transforming into the Legend Saber. A concussion blast of red energy was released, as his white one-piece costume appeared on his body. The discharged energy became armored boots, digital gauntlets, and greaves, as they adhered themselves onto the costume. A studly breastplate appeared, followed by his helmet, affixing itself to Ray’s head. "Red Otter Power!" Ray shouted, as he looked through the sight of his brace, transforming his eyes into sunglasses-like visor! As he sheathed his Saber, an image of a red star otter appeared behind him, as red fireworks exploded all around him. "Red Legend Corsair!"

          Cecil pressed a button on his Legend Bracer, it announced out 'It’s Corsair Time!' As his morphing sequence started, the background faded into darkness as the bracer launched out a streak of white energy, transforming into the Legend Saber. A concussion blast of red energy was released, as his white one-piece costume appeared on his body. The discharged energy became armored boots, digital gauntlets, and greaves, as they adhered themselves onto the costume. A studly breastplate appeared, followed by his helmet, affixing itself to Cecil’s head. "White Dragon Power!" Cecil shouted, as he looked through the sight of his brace, transforming his eyes into sunglasses-like visor! As he sheathed his Saber, an image of a white star dragon appeared behind him, as white fireworks exploded all around him. "White Legend Corsair!"

          Close-ups occurred on both Ray and Cecil in rapid succession.

          Cecil then said in Japanese, "You can do it too, Lexington."

          Lexington nodded, as he pressed a button on his Legend Bracer, it announced out 'It’s Corsair Time!' As his morphing sequence started, the background faded into darkness as the bracer launched out a streak of blue energy, transforming into the Legend Saber. A concussion blast of blue energy was released, as his black one-piece costume appeared on his body. The discharged energy became armored boots, digital gauntlets, and greaves, as they adhered themselves onto the costume. A studly breastplate appeared, followed by his helmet, affixing itself to Lexington’s head. "Blue Shark Power!" Lexington shouted, as he looked through the sight of his brace, transforming his eyes into sunglasses-like visor! As he sheathed his Saber, an image of a blue star shark appeared behind him, as blue fireworks exploded all around him. "Blue Legend Corsair!"

          Close-ups of Lexington’s new ranger form occurred in rapid succession, as he checked out his new Ranger form. "Sure beats being the redhead in yellow," He remarked, making both Cecil and Ray chuckle.

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Finding Clues and a Disturbance

            Within Lunar Orbit

            Delilah sulked at the cockpit of the cloaked Starship Stallion Zord. "Why did they put the rookie into the evidence detail?" she complained. "He doesn't know the rules of forensics, or investigation, yet. He could end up getting us in a lawsuit if he screws up on a single detail."

            Melody didn't like when Delilah gets into one of her whiny moods, as she kept watch at a higher orbit in her Starship Falcon Zord. "Give Lex a chance, Delilah. Cecil and Ray are with them. If anyone can teach him, they can." She then smiled, as she activated the monitor, and looked at the Starship Shark Zord. "Too bad they didn't take Lex's zord, though; It has rarely been used, but it has the properties of navigating space and ocean alike."

            Colin grumbled, as he wanted to fight, but instead, he was practically falling asleep at the controls of his Starship Wolf Zord. "Don't forget that Cecil didn't launch his Starship Dragon Zord, either. Besides, why are we doing this? My training schedule is messed up, now."

            The Starship Fox Zord seemed a bit more closer in orbit, though Reggie was still following orders. "We are here just in case they need back-up, Colin. Don’t forget there is still potential for something to come up or an Alien to attack. I am missing an opening of a new Children's Hospital that I helped to fund, but that's what we get when we accepted the job."

            Secret Hangar 'Charlie'; Transport Remains

            Cecil was analyzing the remains of the cockpit, trying to upload the logs from the black box into a PDA. "Hopefully, we'll find enough evidence to find out what really happened. The Vegans made it clear that their ships were flawless."

            Ray nodded, as he took a blood samples from a few of the bulkheads, and documented them accordingly. "This looks familiar, Cecil. But I really wonder why the General decided to have us investigate this wreckage?"

            Lexington was looking through the trash receptacles in case there was something that looked like a type of man-made detonator that could trigger the explosion, but instead, he found something that was more mysterious; a torn-up University uniform that was similar to the one he wore on the way to Vega. "Ray, how many transports were there to leave for Vega?"

            Ray replied, "From the research file that General Winslow gave us, there were three to be launched from the orbital satellite within the past two months. Two Auto-Pilot passenger transports, and a Vegan University transport."

            The Blue Corsair hummed. "What about any Vegan transports launching from Earth?"

            Cecil took the chance to reply. "None. Vegans take a transport pod to Earth. They don't want to be a target for anti-galactic alliance terrorists."

            Lexington placed the torn uniform into an evidence bag to check later. Afterwards, he picked up what appeared to be a book and thumbed through it out of curiosity. He saw one of his drawings! "This is the remains of the shuttle I was on, isn't it?" Lexington asked, the look of pain showing through his visor.

            Cecil looked up from taking some evidence from the remains of the cargo hold, and asked his friend, "What did you find, Lexington?"

            The new recruit replied. "I found one of my sketchbooks. It has some blood on it. And don't redirect me with a lie, unless some other Vegan University student hopeful signs their artwork in my hand."

            Ray then sighed, as he looked toward his cousin. Thank you General Winslow for the can of worms. "Lex... I remember the day we rescued you and the reinforced areas, namely the quarters and passenger seating. You were really bloodied up, and battered. It wasn't safe to move you from where you were found, but we had to do something to get you medical attention. Seeing you all broken like that, and barely breathing... it really hurt me. I never wanted to see anyone suffer like that. You were in the ICU for the two weeks you were in a coma." He then placed a hand on Lexington's shoulder. "I am sorry that this happened, Lexington..."

            Lexington shrugged off the hand on his shoulder, and walked towards one of the seats. "Leave me alone," he said in Japanese. He leaned on one of the bulkheads, and started to cry.

            Ray hummed. "Lexington... listen to me, please..."

            Before he could say more, an energy blast struck near the hidden hangar, causing the ground to shake.

            Over the communicator, General Winslow was heard. {Corsairs! A giant machine appeared in Portland, Oregon and started firing at the moon. Stop the attack with your zords before it destroys the secret hangars.}

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: Megazords of Land, Air and Sea

              Activating 'Launch Mode' on his Legend Brace, Ray said, "We'll settle all the issues with this situation later. Battle takes top priority. Cecil, Lexington… it is time to summon your own zords. Starship Otter Zord, relaunch!" He then teleported back to his own zord, as the Red Legend Corsair’s Otter-like starship lifted off from the landing site, and prepared for atmospheric travel.

              Cecil then patted Lexington on the back, and smiled under his helmet. "You can do it, too." He then activated the 'Launch Mode' on his Legend Brace, and shouted, "Starship Dragon Zord, Launch!"

              Lexington closed his eyes in frustration, then he activated the 'Launch Mode' on his Legend Brace, and shouted, "Starship Shark Zord, Launch!"

              From the Zord Hangar back on Earth in the deep within the Nevada desert, the ground opened to reveal the Starship Dragon and Starship Shark Zords, each with the likeness of their respective star animals. At the countdown from 3, the White and Blue Zords launched into space, and teleported the White and Blue Legend Corsairs to their cockpits.

              Leading the charge were the Spaceship Otter, Dragon, and Shark Zords, with the others decloaking and flanking the main three. Ray stated "Land/Air/Sea Triad Combination, Corsairs! Three-Pronged strategy is in effect!"

              Colin flinched, and replied "Are you sure we can do that? We haven’t done that before, not even in Simulations."

              Reggie said, "We must do something, the Cannon on that machine looks like it can take down a children’s hospital easily."

              Delilah nodded. "I agree. We should make quick order for the benefit of the world."

              The Red Corsair pulled out his Legend Saber, and thrusted it into the slot on the right control sub-console. "Corsairs, commence the Operation Land/Air/Sea Triad!" Lexington interfaced his Legend Saber into his Zord. The Land trio of Colin, Reggie and Delilah thrusted their Legend Sabers in the left sub-console. The Air duo of Cecil and Melody thrusted their Legend Sabers into the main control console, their Sabers now acting like control columns.

              "Initiate Starship Megazord sequence..." shouted Ray. Lexington pulled back on his saber and shouted with his cousin, "OceanZord!" the Shark and Otter Zords went on decent towards the Pacific Ocean, The Otter Zord split into two segments, as the tail of the Shark Zord detached. The Starship Otter became Arms. As an armored staff with a fluke blade was transfigured from the Shark's tail, the Starship Shark did a roll and transfigured itself into a body and legs! As the Otter and Shark components combined together, a head emerged as an otter-shark hybrid battle helm locked into place. Splashing into the ocean and surfing to the shore, the dual-unit Sea-based Megazord struck a pose. In a joint cockpit, Ray and his control console popped up from a port-hole to the left of Lexington's console. "Starship OceanZord! Activation Complete!"

              Reggie, Colin and Delilah shouted "Terrazord!" Hovering over the desert sands were the Starship Fox, Stallion and Wolf Zords. The Wolf Zord transformed into an armless torso. The Stallion became the Arm and Legs and combined with the Wolf's body. The Fox Zord, being the smallest of the Starship Zords, became a Megazord-sized blaster pistol, and a battle helmet which slid in place. Delilah was at the central controls, with Reggie and Colin flanking her, their controls facing outward from Delilahs. The land-based three-unit Megazord flourished the Terra Magnum and struck a battle pose. "TerraZord! Activation Complete!"

              Cecil and Melody descended their respective Starship Zords into the Stratosphere over Oregon and shouted, "Aerozord!" The Starship Falcon sunk it's talons into ports on the Starship Dragon Zord's back. the combined Zords ascended, as the Dragon shifted into a warrior form, and the falcon's head becomes a chest plate. The Dragon's maw opened to reveal a face as a feathered headdress appeared around the face of the combination. The combined helm of the Megazord was like a fighter jet, with Melody in the aft and Cecil as pilot! Lowering to the Troposphere, the dual-unit sky-based formation thrusted downward with the Aero Lancer as it struck an elegant pose. "AeroZord! Activation Complete!"

              The AeroZord landed in front of the giant Machine with its other counterparts in the locale of Southwest Portland, which looked like a walking fighting energy cannon warrior; like something off of a trading card! It aimed the cannons on its arms and shoulders, firing at will.

              The Megazord Trio was unaffected by the attack, as they walked towards the machine. "Stop what you're doing, and identify yourself!" Melody shouted on the loud speaker.

              Cecil got to work on his console. "Scanning for possible life forms piloting the machine..." He then looked up to his HUD. "There is no pilot... There isn't a cockpit, either! It's moving on its own!"

              Colin and Lexington both said. "Let's turn it into scrapmetal!"

              Delilah hummed, as she calculated some possible scenarios. "Seems like our rookie and hardhead are going to get their wish."

              The TerraZord laid down some cover fire as a distraction. The AeroZord whipped up a dust tornado with both pairs of wings to mask any visual sensors. The OceanZord powered up its Legendary Battle Fluke and swung it wildly as it leaped over the Willamette from the East. "Legendary Battle Fluke! Intergalatic Brandish!" It slashed through it three times with a masterful swing. Ray was impressed; with Lexington at the other controls, the finisher was much more smooth and expertly done. The OceanZord twisted the weapon in it's hand, and the machine exploded in a death throe.

              Both Ray and Lexington wanted to feel like celebrating for their own reasons, but communications from Delilah has come through the speakers. "Compulsory AfterMeasures for Enemy Mech. Prepare teleportation beacons to teleport remains of enemy machine for investigation purposes."

              Reggie and Colin groaned. "What a buzz-kill."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Interesting End to a Day

                After a debriefing, and a schedule for the investigation planned, the Carpool dropped off the Lonewolfs at Ray’s home, where Seth was just getting home from college. He smiled at the two redheads, as he put his bags at the side of the door. “Hey Ray, may I borrow your cousin for a minute.

                Ray patted on soft cast on Lexington's right wrist, as he said. "I'll have Erin keep a plate warm for you." With that, he walked into the house, being properly greeted by North.

                Seth smiled, as he walked towards Lexington. "I see that you came a long way from last month."

                The young redhead nodded, as he loosened his tie a little. "I guess so, Seth... but I do get queasy at the thought of..." He suddenly cringed.

                The well-fed Italian blinked. "What is wrong, Lexington?"

                Lexington put a smile on his face to cover up Classified information. "Nothing; I am just feeling a bit nervous and edgy after a long day."

                Seth smiled before looking into the other's navy blue eyes. "Would you like to go out with me Saturday night?"

                Lexington blinked. "What?"

                "I want to know you better, Lexington," said Seth, as he placed Lexington's hands into his. "You see, I really like you, and I want to know you more."

                The redhead hummed, as he thought of what to do. He then smiled, and said, "I think we can do that on Saturday, Seth. It's a date."

                Seth smiled, as he said "I'll pick you up at seven, Lexington." He winked before saying his goodbye, and heading home.

                Lexington smiled with both his mouth and eyes, for once in his life; he was asked out by someone who made him feel a bit like a shy school girl. Despite the metaphor, the Blue Legend Corsair liked the feeling.

                In a dark room somewhere, a robotic ebony and gold android-like warrior walked up to a form draped in the shadows. “Cannon Machine Mark I failed in succeeding to pulverize the remains of the Automated Transport, and was destroyed and wiped from existence by a team called the Legend Corsairs.

                The form disguised his voice, and let out a small robotic cackle. “Looks like our forces made an enemy in the US Government’s Power Rangers, and we should pulverize the lot of them along with keeping true to our original plans.” He then looked to the subordinate. “Now leave me; I have some planning to do.”

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode One.
                Stay Tuned for Episode Two: Rules and Regulations!