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[GNR-SQ2] DMC-01: Awakening

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    "Things are quiet on the station, and Lexie's trying to keep an eye out for foul play from the older students after seeing the deplorable state of one of the White Belts' uniform." He took a moment to really think, before a small smile came back for just a brief moment. He didn't like that this Rocket could get unhappy about a scent that bothered him. "I think I might have the time to join you guys for a while. Besides, Lexie isn't expecting me back for a day or two."


      Rocket then returned with a wrapped package of new team uniforms in all six colors. "Those tailors are good. They predicted that we might need new Yin-Yang uniforms for the team and already had seven sets of each color in preparation. Almost as if they read our comic books a year in advance or something... Naw..."

      Stanley then said, "Seth will be coming with us to see the team. He has a few days to himself, he said."

      Rocket smiled. "This is good. Although scent on you is faint, Seth, and I meant no disrespect about it. It seems to be more on your hands than anywhere else on your body. As if you had handled one of those dragon warrior villains in the past year or something like that. At any rate, I won't mention it again. I am sure the team would love to see you at Tao Base. Oh, and Mike and Tim are ordering all of us Pizzas and Cola! Or will you be going Sushi and Sake again, Stanley?"

      "You know me too well, Rocket. At any rate, we need to get back to the lair to see how Wally is coping with that tail of his." The Hengeyokai Rat looked to Seth once again. "Remember this... Yin-Yang tends to jump worlds and time periods with each adventure. Our encounter with Lord Rein and what he said of his traveling companions to us cannot be revealed to you currently because you are the Seth from before Lord Rein's journey. Such is the twists in the gears of Yin-Yang. Unpredictability is often our ally and our foe. But enough of that... let us go see the team in Van Buren; the city name is called River Bluff on Earth. Always remember that differences are also your ally and your foe."


      Tao Headquarters (Home of Yin-Yang) in Van Buren, Missouri; Planet Adalia

      The floors of the cavern complex were tiled in black and while interlaced circles, the walls were a golden brown, and the ceilings were a shimmering blue-circuited black. The computers and electronics were silver, while the furnishings were in various colors.

      Most of the team were in the great room seated at their various stations. The pizza and drinks had arrived courtesy of Mike Bowler and Timothy "Tim" McGraw. There was some soft music playing in Varvara's station, while the boys were watching the wide screen TV with someone Seth knew all too well... Cutter Devlin was there sitting next to Deryk Dark.

      And over at the white station at his desk was Wally. He was currently wearing a full bath robe although his lion's tail tuft was sticking out from under the bottom of it. He was sadly nibbling on the pizza that had been gotten for him.

      Stanley smiled. "We're home from the tailors, guys. And we brought home a guest. Seth Sidarius had a few days off and he agreed to come spend them with us."

      Janet glanced over at Seth. She was *SHOCK!* wearing a stylish DRESS and HIGH HEELS. *GASP!* "I heard what that evil Prince Raconuki made my counterpart in Trigram Tao do to you, Seth. You didn't deserve that at all. Lexington deserves it sometimes, but not you."

      Rocket took the white uniform over to Wally while the rest of the uniforms were distributed to the other team members.

      Originally posted by Yin-Yang Tao Team and Descriptions
      Cutter Devlin was Deryk's half brother who had been moved to River Bluff, Missouri, years before Deryk had grown up in Australia. And while Cutter had kept the trademark accent, he was careful not to use it around the bullies in town. He stood around 5' 6" tall, weighing about 165 pounds.

      Deryk Dark was a good-looking, slender Australian boy, with light tan skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. He stood at 5', weighing 115 pounds. He wore blue jeans, hiking shoes and a red t-shirt. He had a fair smile, and while slender, he had the makings of a fine gymnast.

      Orion Spencer Ki'lin-ti was an alien from the Planet Henge'rin Yo'ki. No, really! He was! He stood at 6'1" tall, weighing 190 pounds. He appeared Caucasian, with russet-brown hair and solid black eyes, which had no pupils, but did produce a nice shiny effect at night. He often hid his fox's tail inside his pants, wanting to appear as human as possible. Orion was Rocket's caretaker, most often.

      Royal Princess Varvara Najeeb of the Radiant Desert was a real native Saudi Arabian princess from a hidden kingdom hidden in the vast sands of the wind swept desert. She stood at 5'10" tall, weighing around 175 pounds. She had long black hair and crystal blue eyes. She often dressed in casual blouses, mini-skirts, and high-heel boots.

      Janet Renton was the all-American caucasian hometown girl, but trouble through and through. She stood around 5'9", being slender yet muscular, and she'd black your eye if you asked how much she weighed. She had short brown hair and green eyes, and often wore boys clothing. A real tomboy!

      Rickward "Rikki" Brooklyn was one of the former bullies, but he loved Janet with an undying passion. He stood at 6'3" and weighed 210 pounds. He had a ruddy-red complexion with freckles, spiky orange-red hair and green eyes. He was often training to better his skills for the team.

      Wallace "Wally" Blayze stood at 5'11.90" tall, weighing about 185 pounds. He had black hair, grey eyes and dark brown skin. He particularly liked Deryk a lot, and was striving to help Deryk whenever and however possible.

      Mike Bowler stood about 6'3" and weighed 220 pounds. He was Caucasian, with black hair and brown eyes. He was the Jackalite's owner and friend having earned him from Amon Set.

      Timothy "Tim" McGraw stood about 5'11" and weighed around 175 pounds. He had a far-eastern complexion, with brown eyes and a brownish-red mohawk. He dressed in the finest designer clothes that his twin aunts were constantly buying for him in the hopes that he would attract a very nice looking female to someday wed.

      Jack Set was a humanoid male Jackalite of Set who currently wore the clothing of a teen aged human boy, with golden earrings and golden body jewelry. He stayed quite close to Mike, protecting him at times, but rarely spoke.

      Stanley Thunder was a Japanese Hengeyokai Rat who currently looked like a tall athletic human boy who was often more into tennis than baseball. He stood around 6'1" and weighed about 165 pounds. He had spiky blonde hair and blue eyes, though his complexion and facial features would remind one of a brown rat. He really liked Janet, but his sole training focus was Deryk.


        Seth smiled as he looked towards the group. "I believe I have a good few of you guys to thank for helping Lexie when I was captured by the bad guys." He might be mistaken, but he remembered some of the names quite well from one of the previous adventures in Adalia.

        Originally posted by Seth's Description
        Seth Sidarius had the classic boyish looks for a nineteen year-old. He was 6' 4" tall, weighing around 242 lbs, and despite being chubby he was quite the athlete. He took part in gridiron football and Rugby in high school, and was from one of the two high schools in the River Bluff of Earth before returning to Briarwood, and finding an adventure that led him to being a Ranger, and married to a childhood friend. Though his husband wants a quiet life teaching young students the martial arts, Seth has his own adventures with or without Lexington's consent.


          Varvara smiled from her station, "We are not the Fighting Dragons, although we have met them. They live in the city of Rocky Falls which is just north of here. They were involved in helping you get rescued when you were on Adalia. I believe Yin-Yang were off on one of our wacky adventures at the time which is why we weren't here. We are always ending up somewhere... especially when we are TRYING to have a vacation." She winked with a grin.

          Orion smirked. "And how! And think about all the Rangers, Riders, and other heroes we have encountered during our travels. I don't know of any team that travels as much as we do. Even old Emperor Zedd in Desparia hates it when we come to visit. Janet nearly had his rumpus kicked by herself."

          Janet giggled. "I'm just good in a bad sort of way."

          Rikki stood up and came over to Seth. "Nice to have you here, Seth. Can we offer you some pizza and a cola?" He shook hands with the ex-ranger.

          Deryk grinned over his shoulder, "Yas know, we're gonna 'ave to talk Aussie style just so 'e doesn't get to missing 'is mate."

          Cutter chuckled. "You can if you want, Deryk, but I can speak in both the Australian Outback accent and the Australian Coast accent, or lack thereof, if you know what I mean."

          Wally handed over the bathrobe to Rocket as he stood in front of full length mirror to see how the new uniform looked on him and *sighs* that new tail of his. "Why did I have to grow such a long and large tail for?"

          Rocket said, "It isn't any longer than Aslan's tail. It isn't the end of the world."


            Seth could sense something off about Rikki (especially with the handshake), but decided to say nothing about it. It was only minor compared to how off he was feeling lately. "That would be nice. Thank you." He was missing his mate less, but there was something about Deryk Dark that set his 'Sexy Aussie Alarm' off, but he didn't do anything in case it would make this Janet flip her lid. "How have things been going in Adalia? I haven't been around these parts in ages."


              Orion replied, "Another mystery that we can't seem to figure out, in truth. Every time Yin-Yang has an adventure off world for longer than a week, when we return, everything planet wide is topsy turvy."

              Rikki nodded his head. "Ain't that the truth! We spent nearly a month in Dreamtrail Japan and when we got home, the Dragon Guardians were missing and there was this new team on the West Coast called the Guardian Dragons. And more strangely, no one on planet seems to remember the Dragon Guardians at all save for our own team. It is like they... ceased to exist while we were gone and that makes no sense at all. When we called Crusader Mountain to ask them about the Dragon Guardians, they said, Who are they? The only dragon team we know on planet are the Guardian Dragons. So that is our new mission, I think; to learn where they went and why no one on planet remembers them. I mean, if it weren't for them, a lot of us wouldn't even have our powers right now."

              Janet nodded her head. "Yeah, and the new Lionel Seward is NOT a son of Lord Thunderbird. When we asked him about his father, Lord Thunderbird, he gave us a weird look and said that his father was named... some other name Seward and was a Postal Employee."


                Seth hummed. "Sounds stranger than the mystery I've been working on and off on. I'll share what I know so far what my predicament." He then told them about how all things started with with the aftermath of the Terran Janet Kick, and his encounters with Cosmic Mouse, the Terran Razylymiigolos Andrakkan, and the various theories of how he could be considered a dragon.

                I admitted I was at a loss, here. And so was the Yin-Yang Team about the Dragon Guardians fading from existence. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have known my weakspot for Aussie blokes. If it weren't for them, all the Deryk Devlin's would've ceased to exist. If it weren't for them... we would've known of our Earth, and none of the others. I wanted to help them so much; not because Deryk Dark was on the team, but the Dragon Soul team owes a lot to the Dragon Guardians, and letting them remain non-existant was NOT an option.


                  Cutter said to Rocket, "Where did yas say that yas smelled the Dragon Warrior scent on Seth? Point it out to us."

                  Rocket flew over to Seth, hovering in mid air (easy to do as a Shadodrak) and he pointed first at Seth's hands. "The scent is second strongest on his hands." He then flew behind Seth and pointed at a spot on his right buttock. "And there is where the scent is the strongest... Almost as if he had been carrying one of these people around and using his powers without ever realizing it. And the energy could have leaked out and Seth absorbed it, slowly becoming the Dragon Warrior Villain. But... from the wrists and waist up and from his thighs down, I do not smell the scent. It is only on his hands and that rear spot."

                  Cutter then said, "Seth? Correct me if Ah am wrong... but yas kept the Dragon Coin in yer rear right 'and side back pocket and when yas went to morph, yas would pull it out with your right 'and and 'andle it in yer 'ands as yas put it into yer morpher."

                  Rikki commented, "If I get what you are implying, Cutter, then the coin isn't a Dragon Coin... its a Dragon Warrior Coin. Possibly a former Dragon Warrior villain who was transformed into a power coin as a punishment. It got made into the morpher that Seth ended up using in Dragon Soul. And if memory serves me right, Seth, when you made your first ranger appearance to the team... you were under evil's sway. Right? What if it wasn't just the bad guys who made it so easy? What if they figured out the significance the coin had and used that knowledge to make you evil like them through the coin itself?"

                  Which would make sense because Prince Raconuki did nearly the same thing when he caused Seth to resume being evil to attack Deryk Devlin at Mama Jean's Diner during the Trigram Tao team up. If it was the coin all this time, then anyone with magic could cause the coin to exert evil control over the ranger using it. And that is exactly what Raconuki did.


                    Seth pulled out the Dragon Coin. It still looked like the same Power Coin a former Green Ranger used. The VERY FIRST Green Ranger. "You mean the Coin Tommy Oliver and I both held... is a trapped Dragon Warrior that has done evil?" He then said, looking toward both Deryk Dark and Cutter. "I don't remember much of how I invoked it, but when I got irate at Raconuki... I unleashed a VERY strong water-based power that slammed into Raconuki like a deluge, and I had a hard time keeping Battlized until Deryk restored my Ranger Power when he powered down from that Almighty form.


                      Rikki said, "Tommy started out evil too, remember? Especially if that is the same coin. Rocket? Sniff the coin and see if it has the scent you are smelling."

                      Rocket then smelled the coin and made a puzzled expression. "Nope, nope, nope. That's not it. No dragon warrior scent on the coin at all. It's clean. Wait..." he then sniffed Seth's rings... "Ah, there is the scent. Its on one of your rings, Seth."

                      The coin passed the sniff test, but the ring?


                        "What?!" Seth said. "It couldn't be my wedding band. If it is, Lexie would never forgive me if I lose it, or..." Seth looked at his Sports Ring, and held it up towards Rocket. It was on his right ring finger, giving Rocket a nod.


                          Rocket said, "That's the scent source, Seth. I don't know why, but it is."


                            Seth was a little hesitant. It cost his family good money to be given that sports ring. However, if it was to be rid of something that could cause someone else trouble just as much as it did to him and Dr. Tommy Oliver. He tried pulling off the ring, and found some resistance. But with a little muster, he was able to remove the ring from his thick finger. Though through his light tan, the skin where the ring was is pasty white. "Then this isn't something that I should be wearing."


                              Deryk Dark said, "Seth... Ah 'ave an idea of my own... why don't yas use some of our jewelry cleanser to wash yer ring and then let Rocket sniff it afterward to see if that reduced or removed the scent. Because if it did, then some bad guy put the stuff on yer ring to trick dragons into smelling that scent and want to attack yas or be nasty to yas. Varvara can show yas where it is."

                              Varvara stood up and said, "Follow me, Seth. I really hope Deryk's idea is on the mark because I can tell how much you care about your sports ring. Rikki is the same way about his."

                              She led Seth into her jewelry station where Seth got his first glimpse of what a real Desert Princess keeps hidden away in her jewelry collection. She is never seen wearing any of this stuff... but gods, she has enough to start her own museum!

                              "The cleansing bowl and solution fluid are over here, Seth," she said pointing at a desk and chair where various jewelry cleaning aids were.


                                Regardless of what one thinks, the jewelry cleaner helped. I even asked nicely about cleaning my wedding ring (since Lexie would 'ave my tail in a grinder if something 'appened to our wedding bands). It was a wonderful experience, cleaning my Size 14 rings.

                                Oh shit! Looks like I have to talk to Rocket47 about the way I retaliated against Diamondwing56's and his wing. Writing like this makes me feel sad about how I acted. Something tells me I am going to have a hard time going to sleep. Probably for the better with the nightmare's I been having.

                                Until the next I can write...

                                Seth E. Sidarius