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2G-LRAF-06 Bold Endeavors

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    2G-LRAF-06 Bold Endeavors

    Lone Ranger Aquarian Force [2G-LRAF-01]
    Episode Six: Bold Endeavors.
    By Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    Co-Written By Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf
    January 20th, 2021

    Starring, Lone Ranger Aquarian Force:
    (1.) Mick Kane, Dragomon Defender; Black Stellar Ranger
    (2.) Shadow Flame, Shadow Mage; Silverfire Lion Ranger [Benjamin Twayn]
    (3.) Wendell Leonard, Eternal Bronze Tiger Ranger
    (4.) Aiko Marshall, Blue Noble Vixen Ranger
    (5.) Lari "Kingston" Knight, Red Unicorn Adventure Ranger
    (6.) Kimberly Ann Hart, Alumni Pink Ninja Ranger
    (7.) Helga Latham, Nebulan Dragon; Scarlet Wolf Ranger

    (1.) Deryk Lonewolf [Sidarius] (Yin-Yang), Tao Boomer Ranger
    (2.) David Lonewolf [Sidarius] (Leaper), Violet Boomer Ranger
    (3.) Hector Anthony (Jakkin), Green Diamond Ranger
    (4.) Sunrise Priestess, Sunrise Angel; Golden Tiger Ranger [Kyrsten "Kyr" Robin]

    King Nightlaw, Black Were-Kangaroo Commander of the Unseen Legion [Former Dreamtime Warrior]
    Roolock, Dreamtime Elder Power; Immoral Lord of Fun and Witchcraft
    Clipper, Information Devil Mouse
    Yin-Yang, Guardian Kangaroo Spirit
    Leaper, Guardian Kangaroo Spirit
    Jakkin, Shadodrak Companion
    Isaac, Benjamin's Black Fiance
    Captain Moonhopper, a dark-furred were-kangaroo in Nightlaw's army.

    Time Courier Services:
    Lord Timeon, a time Phoenix god
    Lord Morrow, a Time Dragon (nicknamed as the "Tomorrow Dragon")
    Captain Curiouspaw (Ariel Daniel "Danny" Devlin)
    various Time Courier Roos
    various Time Courier Drakes

    Lord Kananatoth, Evil Kangaroo Huntsman
    Scorpion Soldiers, grunts

    Chapter One: Discerning Shadows.

    Last Rebellion, Foresta Realm, Alter-Earth; 2012

    Previously on Alter-Earth Aquarian Force...

    Nightlaw said, "And with Deryk and Yin-Yang as the Tao Boomer Ranger and David and Leaper as the Violet Boomer Ranger. That rounds out the current ranger army for the rebellion. If yas would like to join the ranger forces yerself, Joey, just work out a ranger power and an empowerment equipment combination with Clipper and we can get yas on board as well. Otherwise, yas will be assisting the rest of the army in our tasks."

    Joey nodded. "Ah am honored, majesty. Ah do 'ave an idea in mind, if Ah wasn't going to be able to enlist with Commander Zander, that Ah would be assisting in a different way. An uncommon way." He looked to the twins, and smiled over how much they grown. He then looked towards the mouse. "If I may, Clipper... I would like to adapt the concept I had in mind for aiding King Nightlaw in the front lines against Kananatoth's forces."

    David smiled and gave Moonhopper a friendly kiss and a grope. "Maybe one of the next times yas can meet my family... besides Deryk and Big Brother Joey." After he extracted himself and got back on his feet, Deryk smacked his twin brother upside the head. "Middle-naming me in front of Kota, David Seth? If Ah wasn't reconnecting with 'im, yas would've been middle-named sooner!"

    Hector sighed. "Looks like our group only gets bigger. Joey is a really nice. But he doesn't have the same hair as the twins... I wonder why?"

    Sunrise sniffed the air, and said, "'e comes from a different breeding stock from the Twins. A non-human one." Hector blinked in surprise at her answer.
    The Following Morning in the Rebel Camp...

    The troops were planning an outing and the rangers were busy with various activities. Shadow Flame suddenly lifted his head and he sniffed the air before commenting, "I know we are in Dreamtrail Dark also known as Alter-Earth but I just smelled a very different King Nightlaw as if he just hopped by my training position. Yet I see nothing."

    Mick whom was preparing for the magic session with the tribal lion said, "I had the same sensation when I could of sworn that I sensed Clipper floating by at the same time, but there is nothing to see. The two of them would have no reason to be sneaking around Rebel Camp unless they suspected that the enemy had gotten into camp. But we are not being attacked, so let us resume our session."

    Kimberly and Wendell were handing out weapons and supplies to the kangaroo soldiers where they both saw one Hell of a huge Moravian Were-Worg emerge from the treeline at the edge of camp and pad directly toward camp. The Were-Worg had a morpher on one leg. The soldiers went on defense immediately. Wendell said, "He isn't attacking, mates. But be ready just in case." He then stepped out into the clearing and he suited up into his Battlecat Ranger identity. "Whom are you to approach Nightlaw's rebellion encampment?"

    The Were-Worg stopped when he saw the ranger as he softly chuckled. "If you knew whom I was, you wouldn't have morphed to confront me, little boy." He then shouted, "Moravian Alpha!" as he stood up on his hind paws and was coated in a dark trench coat like a vampire hunter would wear just before he shoved both hands into his pockets. When he quickly withdrew his hands, he had on black gloves that had a dark wolf paw imprint, top and bottom, on both gloves. Then, as he slapped his right hand over the back of his left hand, he shouted, "Worg Pack! Morph!" He then brought both hands down to his sides and lifted his head and howled. The howl was joined by every Moravian were-worg in the Sun Raven dimension, as his morphing sequence took hold. His three-piece ranger uniform appeared first, starting with his leggings, then his torso, and finally his bandanna scarf, all in crimson red. Then his black boots and black gloves appeared, following by his black belt and finally his Moravian warg shaped helm. Then, his Moravian Battle Worg Zord appeared briefly behind him, as a bloody dark purple moon with slitted yellow eyes appeared over his head. With a mid air flip, he landed and shouted, "Moravian Lord! Lone Alpha Ranger!"

    He grinned revealing his teeth. "I have more control in Alter-Earth! I am looking for the Knight boy! I am known as Lord Peter, Moravian Alpha in Charge of the Secret Police!"

    Wendell had his sword at the ready. "You're Lord Peter?! The guy whom tried to stir up trouble with the Time Dragons recently to rescue both Lexington and Seth from their set in stone death dates top side!"

    Lord Peter stepped close to Wendell and moved the sword aside as if it was nothing at all to him. "Time Dragons? I don't know anything about that. King Nightlaw recently told me that someone kidnapped Kingston away from King Island and he asked me to come find him. His scent leads here. Either move out of my way ...oR jOiN tHe MoRaViAn SiDe!

    When the voice went into creepy land, Wendell stepped out of the way and after the Were-Worg stepped by the two rangers, Wendell said to Kimberly blushing, "I need to go clean myself. When he went creepy at the end, I messed myself."

    Kimberly said, "I don't think the Alumni Rangers ever had that experience or if they did, they never told me about it."

    Lord Peter was then seen walking through the center of the Rebel Camp following a scent trail.

    Deryk's false memories were triggered as he looked up from trying to reconcile his conflicting memories with Joey while the latter waited on for his powers (and vehicle) were made. Joey was laughing about the thought of a Devlin joey and Sensei having an illegitimate offspring, when Deryk hushed him after hearing the ultimatum outside the tents. "Moravian Lord... that voice... Peter Haerford."

    Joey tilted his head. "Who?"

    "An ally of the version of thee and me through the lookin' glass." Deryk said. "Didn't think he would be dubbed a lord this soon. I thought he was training at Consuelo Peak after your counterpart escorted 'im back." Hoping David was keeping in his tent or at least have Moonhopper with him, Deryk said. "Ah dunno what why 'e's getting so grumpy, but it's best not to attack." He then said under his breath, unzipping the tent too check what was going on outside. "For once, David... don't be a dipstick."

    Hector was making sure Jakkin had a poff ball to keep him company. And was about to prep the morning meal for his hatchling Shadodrak after hearing the newcomer morph outside.

    Sunrise was disturbed from her meditation and prayer in solitude, her Tigress ears able to hear what is going on outside. She emerged from her tent, and looked toward the Moravian Alpha. "I am a Priestess of the Good Lord, for all is welcome in his good graces. We are also allies of King Nightlaw, whom leads this camp. Please, if you need assistance, we are willing to give it." Even though she had the Good Book in her clutches, she had no intention of using it... unless she herself is threatened.

    Lord Peter glared at the tigress. "I am looking for Kingston. His scent leads into this camp."

    Stepping out from Nightlaw's tent with Aiko and Helga directly behind him was the man in question. "Ah'm right 'ere, monster! Ah don't know what yas want; but Nightlaw 'ired me to 'elp the local rangers in their fight against Kananatoth."

    Lord Peter stopped and turned to face Kingston. "You have the looks, but sadly you didn't study your subject well enough to masquerade as him perfectly. One, you missed an important physical detail; and two, your scent is all wrong. As for King Nightlaw of King Island on the surface world, he hired me to find Kingston. His scent leads here but you are not Kingston."

    Helga growled, "What is he talking about, Kingston? Clipper? We need you out here right now!"

    End of Chapter One.