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2G-LRAF-05 Insights for the Road Ahead

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    2G-LRAF-05 Insights for the Road Ahead

    Lone Ranger Aquarian Force [2G-LRAF-01]
    Episode Five: Insights for the Road Ahead.
    By Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    Co-Written By Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf
    June 28th, 2019

    Starring, Lone Ranger Aquarian Force:
    (1.) Mick Kane, Dragomon Defender; Black Stellar Ranger
    (2.) Shadow Flame, Shadow Mage; Silverfire Lion Ranger [Benjamin Twayn]
    (3.) Wendell Leonard, Eternal Bronze Tiger Ranger
    (4.) Aiko Marshall, Blue Noble Vixen Ranger
    (5.) Lari "Kingston" Knight, Red Unicorn Adventure Ranger
    (6.) Kimberly Ann Hart, Alumni Pink Ninja Ranger
    (7.) Helga Latham, Nebulan Dragon; Scarlet Wolf Ranger

    (1.) Deryk Lonewolf [Sidarius] (Yin-Yang), Tao Boomer Ranger
    (2.) David Lonewolf [Sidarius] (Leaper), Violet Boomer Ranger
    (3.) Hector Anthony (Jakkin), Green Diamond Ranger
    (4.) Sunrise Priestess, Sunrise Angel; Golden Tiger Ranger [Kyrsten "Kyr" Robin]

    King Nightlaw, Black Were-Kangaroo Commander of the Unseen Legion [Former Dreamtime Warrior]
    Roolock, Dreamtime Elder Power; Immoral Lord of Fun and Witchcraft
    Clipper, Information Devil Mouse
    Yin-Yang, Guardian Kangaroo Spirit
    Leaper, Guardian Kangaroo Spirit
    Jakkin, Shadodrak Companion
    Isaac, Benjamin's Black Fiance
    Captain Moonhopper, a dark-furred were-kangaroo in Nightlaw's army.

    Time Courier Services:
    Lord Timeon, a time Phoenix god
    Lord Morrow, a Time Dragon (nicknamed as the "Tomorrow Dragon")
    Captain Curiouspaw (Ariel Daniel "Danny" Devlin)
    various Time Courier Roos
    various Time Courier Drakes

    Lord Kananatoth, Evil Kangaroo Huntsman
    Scorpion Soldiers, grunts

    Chapter One: Advice From Time Lords.

    Last Rebellion, Foresta Realm, Alter-Earth; 2012

    Previously on Alter-Earth Aquarian Force...

    Kingston then said, "Ah 'ave an idea in regards to the Time Courier Roo. Let me borrow that Courier Jewel, Nightlaw." And once it was handed to Kingston allowing all the rangers to see it, Kingston held up the jewel before him and said, "Will the Time Courier Roo, that Ah gave a kiss to, and 'is Courier Boss please return 'ere to Alter-Earth at Nightlaw's encampment? We need to make an inquiry about yer last job! Ah'll give yas another kiss if yas make this a priority!" And then the jewel sparkled with a rainbow light before a familiar (to Kingston and Nightlaw) voice was heard. "On our way, cutie!"
    To one side of the breakfast table an array of rainbow lights appeared and within the colored lights formed a select group of individuals. There was a large male phoenix, a large rainbow colored Time Dragon, as well as various Time Roos and Time Drakes. And with them was the Time Courier Roo who had delivered the scroll to Nightlaw.

    The Time Courier Roo hopped over and nuzzled his muzzle against Kingston's chest. "'ello cutie! Ah came back and Ah brought my courier bosses. One is teaching a class, the other is pretty well known. Lord Morrow the Time Dragon and Ah, Captain Curiouspaw; although my 'uman name is Ariel Daniel Devlin. When Ah am not on duty, Ah like to be called Danny. We are from 2059-2060. What inquiry did yas 'ave for me and my Courier Boss."

    Kingston said, "We need a verification on whether or not Lord Peter in 2031 hired yas to deliver that scroll and now for the part that might make yer bosses upset... was it really Lord Peter? We are finding the information in the scroll to be difficult to believe since it asks us to change time to save Lexington Lonewolf and Seth Sidarius from our own past. Their sons are sitting at our table right now."

    Lord Morrow stepped over close to the dining table. "May I see the questionable scroll, please?"

    Nightlaw produced the original which he had magically copied and he handed the original over to Morrow. "In its original format, Lord Morrow."

    The Time Dragon Lord examined the scroll and sniffed the dried ink before he wove a spell upon the scroll. "REVEAL YOUR AUTHOR!" And in what would have been an 'Ah Ha!' moment was quickly dashed when the image of Lord Peter appeared over the scroll itself. Morrow then looked to Nightlaw and the others. "Lord Peter is indeed the author. Although he thinks himself above the time laws if he thinks that he should have Lexington and Seth back in front of himself. As the Trigram Boomer learned, Lexington and Seth were to have died sometime next year. There is a reason the old phrase states that history is locked in stone. The only way for Lexington and Seth to escape the fates of time would be if they were to both return to the United States and stay there long enough to Supersede the time event from occurring, and going home must be their own idea. Seth has never been a Dragon nor a Dragon Warrior. His specially earned ability stems from Lord Thunderbird. Lexington of this current time period is in fact yet again pregnant. Although we cannot save the men, we can rescue the child so he is not slain with his mother."

    At that moment, the Phoenix known as Timeon stepped over to pitch in his two cents. "There is a way to revive Lexington and Seth to life after their time event occurs. In fact, the Dragon Guardians of Adalia do it all the time, pardon the pun. After the two die together, we simply resurrect their dragons and then we have their human selves step out of their partner's bodies. Alexander and Seth of Gaea learned how to do this and it would be child's play for a seasoned professional like Lexington to learn it. Since Seth hangs out with Roolock nearly daily, he could learn it easily as well. Any further comments? I have students to educate."

    Lord Morrow chose to add something more to the mix. "Regardless of what you know of normal planet-bound dragons, we of the Time Force are not like them at all. If the Courier Roos weren't nearly wiped out from that disease they acquired sometime between 2028 and 2034, then the left over Courier Roos wouldn't have had to ask to join our numbers. Those that did ask, we educated so they could do their duties throughout time. Normally, our time courier duties are to deliver messages and packages between magic users."

    Curiouspaw then said, "And since Lord Peter is a spell user, 'e 'ad the ability to summon me while Ah was making my rounds. Now give me that kiss, cutie."

    Kingston got out of his chair and he lowered himself to both knees where this time, he gave Curiouspaw a deeper kiss than the previous one had been. Nightlaw was wondering if Kingston was going to come up for air when the kiss didn't stop after a full minute. But when it had ended, Curiouspaw staggered over to the other time couriers. "Ah love the perks on this job!" And the other young roos and drakes were giving high-fives to Curiouspaw and cheering him on. Kingston got back into his seat looking slightly embarrassed.

    Nightlaw then said, "Ah would advise that our rangers make good educational use out of their visit while they are with us. Per'aps our guests would like some breakfast?"

    Timeon said, "Since he is offering, you may have a little food and drink from their table. But don't overindulge or else you will end up as fat as Euro the Western Dragon."

    Deryk said with a slight smile, "So that is what became of the Peter that Joey finds a kindred spirit." He then said, "If my father died in 2030 like Lord Peter said, then he lived his life well. But if yas can indulge this foolish 'uman staying out of time's way with an answer to this question; if Lord Peter is 'ell-bent on saving both my parents, why did 'e say that only our father Lexington Lonewolf was slain and not our Dad Seth?"

    Sunrise looked towards Deryk. "The human warrior has a point, m'lords governing time. It says one human was slain, then it doesn't seem like a fair trade pulling out two souls to replace one. Even the good lord of us all would find this overreach blasphemous."

    Lord Morrow glared at the boy with the incorrect journal. "Permit me to weave you a tale of truth in regards to how those in 2030 acted once Lexington passed. Heed these words for I going to be paraphrasing Lexington's living will itself... "Friends, Family... If Lord Pouchlaw is showing this today, then that must mean the inevitable must have happened, and Ah'm no longer with yas. Ah Lexington Vladamir Lonewolf-Sidarius, being of sound mind and judgement, make this to be my last will and Testament. To my older brother Charles Abraham Lonewolf, Ah bequest to yas the archery gear you gave to me for my seventeenth birthday, including the longbow and the quiver of arrows that you gave me. You taught me how to be a sharpshooter, and it would go to waste if it is not put to good use. It is thanks to yas that Ah 'ad more than a brother in yas. To my mate and husband, Seth Eric Sidarius, I leave to you the deed for our station. Though you would probably be more saddened by the loss of me, I would like for the station to be kept within the family, and the martial arts dojo to not be shut down due to my demise. To Peter Haerford, the bloke never got a chance to be more of a student, and it wasn't 'is blame to shoulder. 'e has proven to be a loyal friend, and kept watch for danger whenever my mate was away on business or on an adventure of his own making. Ah would like for yas to continue guarding the station, lest it be destroyed or is no longer a home to those who live in it. The station wouldn't be the same without yas around. To my twin sons, Deryk Lexington and David Seth Sidarius, from the time yas were infants, yer Dad and Ah 'ave made sure to set aside some money in case you two wanted to take the path to 'igher education, which yer father and Ah didn't set out to do."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: The Outcome of the Will of a Warrior.

    Lord Morrow then continued paraphrasing Lexington's Living Will. "These accounts would be transferred to yer name either by the time yas two turn twenty-one years of age, or should yas decide to enroll in college. My preference would be for the both of yas to 'ave made a name for yerselves with a college degree, but it is primarily up to the both of yas. Deryk Arledge Devlin, there are so many things that went unsaid, and too many things Ah wanted to say. Ah don't want yas to mourn my passing as much as yas did over Valon. Ah give to yas all my journals, so yas can keep 'em, read 'em, and smile while remembering who Ah was. Yas were the one that told me in 2009 that I should start putting things in writing by giving me that leather-bound journal when Ah 'ad that concussion. It's only right that yas should read what Ah 'ave written. And to my eldest son, Devlin Marc Lonewolf... Ah know Ah 'aven't been there for yas for most of yer life. Once yas came into my life, Ah wanted to make things up to yas for not being there in yer child'ood like yer mum was every now and then. Yes, 'e told me 'ow 'e would come to River Bluff every now and then and say yas were 'is Uncle. And Ah am glad 'e got my father to check in on yas now and again. To yas, my son, Ah leave to yas my favorite weapon when Ah was a Power Ranger myself. The Dragon Blade. Ah found the weapon within a dimensional pocket inside of Mount Fuji. It is made of Draconian-forged steel. Now that yas are likely developing to be a fine Dragon, it will be fitting that I return the weapon to the Dragons by bequeathing it to yas. Use it wisely, son. Lastly, Eryk 'Joey' Stryfe, yas 'ave been a great student, and learned from me for seventeen years, and even 'elped me when Ah expanded the chance to become students to interested Dreamtimers. There is so much Ah owe to yas for 'elping my dojo to be as inclusive as it is today. It is my final request that yas become the 'ead instructor, and continue to teach in my memory. In case Ah fell in battle, and couldn't say any parting words to yas all, Ah don't want yas to mourn me for long... Ah know that there are things in the Outback that are going on and forces that need to be stopped. Ah really love yas all for various reasons, and would've loved to see my sons fall in love and have children of their own. 'opefully they will tell them how much Grandpa Lexington loved them, and 'ow they will always love their children... Instead of saying a 'goodbye,' Ah think this would be more appropriate... Endgame!

    Lord Morrow then said, "After Lord Peter confessed that he had torn up Lexington's Anti-Toon Insurance to insure that Lexington would be sent as he had been in life to Anime Masters, Seth promptly muttered that 'it wouldn't be the same' before he got up and left the station never to return despite the will asking him to stay and help keep it running. As you can tell, The so-called loyal mate jumped ship the moment his mate was gone. But then again, he was hardly home anyway. He hated being in Australia. If this were not true, then why bother leaving every time he had a chance to sneak off usually with Roolock? Next to bail out of the station was Lord Peter himself when he chose to go marry Lord Norgard. However, he did have a Greek Seawolf named Poseidon come in and resume the role of the Station Watchdog in his absence."

    Wendell then asked, "If I get your meaning, Lord Morrow... Lord Peter only thought he had torn up the anti-toon insurance form. Am I right? Peter tore up a prefabricated copy of the form to look as the original had looked. And when Seth heard that Peter had destroyed the form, he pulled out as whomever made the switch knew he would. So who switched out the insurance form?"

    The Time Dragon smiled at Wendell. "Good, someone was paying attention. The anti-toon insurance form was switched out by Kananatoth, of course. He isn't always in Alter-Earth; at times he is down here... otherwise, he may be on Dreamtrail Earth, in the Dreamtime, or even on other Earth-like worlds looking for Deryk Devlin hosts to possess. Not just any Deryk Devlin will do; Kananatoth desires one who has embraced the prophecy. The Dreamtrail Deryk Devlin chose to embrace humanity thus in doing so, was no longer an interest to Kananatoth's plottings and designations. However... through his accidental copulation with Lexington Lonewolf, a new prophecy child was born to replace Deryk Devlin... Devlin Lonewolf whom is just as susceptible in being possessed by Kananatoth as Deryk would be. Every time Roolock has banished Kananatoth from the Earth, the fiend is simply sent back to Alter-Earth for a year and then he is right back to business at paw. Lord Peter realizes that he made a mistake in falling for the old insurance form switcheroo and this is why he seeks to undo his mistake by making sure that both Lexington and Seth get rescued from the plot that led up to Lexington being killed by Scale-Specter, formerly known as Secret Roo, an assassin Dragon of New Tatsu-Lan. And mind you, he was only one of nine; the weakest one. Before the Field Marshals aka the Boomer Force killed off Secret Roo, the fiend had gloated to Devlin and Elysia that he was only one of nine trained to kill heroes. Once he was gone, the Trigram Boomer team forgot all about the warning. And with Kananatoth bankrolling the Neo-Demons, the rangers of 2030 have their paws full chasing after the shadows of enemies they think they believe in."

    Timeon then said, "At current, Lexington still lives thus no time traveling would be necessary to save him. However, this whole business of him, Seth, and David being in a pickup truck somewhere away from the station seems and smells fishy to me since we know that Lexington almost never leaves the station for any reason. And that brings us up to something that Merlin informed me of when he was helping to stabilize both you twins and your counterpart twins. First of all, Deryk and David... when you were both attacked by Vertigopouch... He separated your original forms from your shadows but he was focused on the originals which makes you and this David... the shadows given solid and living form."

    Lord Morrow said, "What this means is that you two were from Dreamtrail Dark and stupid Vertigopouch summoned you out of your world and dropped you on the ground at the battle site. Clipper helped you to reach Alter-Earth where you had an encounter with a Miracle Gem which lifted your curses and restored your brother from spirit form to solid form. Just as Peregrine Haerford was from Dreamtrail Dark, so were you boys."

    Deryk said about the subject of their older half-brother. "Ah don't 'ave any qualms about saying this; the Devlin Ah remember was insatiable in curiosity, sex-driven, and 'ad incestuous thoughts. 'owever, if any Devlin 'as a target on 'is ass for possession, then Kananatoth definitely must be stopped." That proved to light an even hotter fire under Deryk's arse.

    "See brother?" said David with a smile. "There is nothing to worry about with our father - What do yas mean Ah was a spirit?! Did that mean Ah was... d-dead?!" If he was allowed to transform into a Were-Kangaroo the night he age synced with his brother, it might've been possible that he would've remembered his time as a spirit, Khonshu willing.

    Deryk facepalmed. It was his fault for not telling his brother about it when he didn't remember. "Oh blast."

    Hector said, "You were your brother's guardian spirit and possessed his Yin Ranger half when he has been in Tao Mode. You strived to help your twin in the ways that were possible to you." He then said, "It was when you touched the crystal that lifted your brother's curse, that you lived again, looking like a grammar school kid. Your brother smiled when you were returned to life. He hardly ever smiled around us before the miracle happened."

    Sunrise said, "The Good Lord of us all allowed for a miracle for you to have a second chance at life, David. We all shoulder the blame for not saying anything about why you were younger than your twin. We all bear that sin of omission. Not just your brother."

    Nightlaw then focused on Timeon. "Lord Phoenix; would it cause a ripple if we were to, at the moment of the ve'icle accident, magically pull Lex, Seth, and David out to safety."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: What If... a Casual Change.

      Timeon glanced over at the Black Kangaroo ruler. "History states that a vehicle from the Sidarius Station with occupants whom resemble Lexington, Seth, and David have a fatal accident on that road after which the occupants as well as the the vehicle are burned beyond recognition. As long as the accident occurs and the occupants are not immediately found, then your suggestion would not cause too much of a ripple. People have to believe that the three have died or else the ripple would be felt even by the most normal human."

      Mick then said, "So, as long as the Sidarius ve'icle gets destroyed on that road regardless of what or whom is in it, then we can rescue the three without causing too much of a time disturbance at all? Is this what yas are implying?"

      Timeon further stated, "History also states that Deryk Lexington breaks into SPD headquarters and uses the wormhole generator to go back in time to prevent his parents and brother's deaths. So you see... The Original Deryk Lonewolf cannot be permitted to know that his parents and brother were rescued. As long as even one person knows the truth, then... ripple city would be the result. This is exactly why people should talk about time plans before trying them. What idea did you specifically have in mind, Mick Kane?"

      Mick then asked, "Are there any artificial representations of Lexington and Seth in the future that are currently missing in that time period?"

      Lord Morrow replied, "Lord Peter created several statues of the two for the station that looked so real you would swear you were looking at the living versions. And yes, one of the statues is currently missing. The Trigram Boomer mentioned it and the case remains an unsolved mystery in their time period. Oh no... Are you suggesting that you people stole that one statue and used it to stage the accident in the effect to save their lives?"

      Mick slyly grinned. "We didn't steal it, but since yas stated what Ah was thinking, then it must be true. As for the artificial David, Ah think a mannequin made to look like 'im could be placed next to the statues in the ve'icle for the accident in question. As for the originals, as long as they didn't resurface until after Deryk makes the time trip, then time would remain undamaged."

      Morrow looked to Timeon whom tilted his fiery beak and was quiet for a moment. "It is permissible for this plan to occur without damaging the time stream. However, do you really want to save him from the vehicle accident just so he dies in 2030 as time currently states that he does?"

      Helga then made an inquiry. "According to the book of life that the Grim Reaper carries around with him, how exactly was Lexington supposed to die? Not what is written in history; but the actual book of life stated event. I am sure Scale-Specter was not part of Death's plan since Lexington in effect was retired from action."

      Timeon arched a fiery brow. "You suspect that someone else changed their past so that Lexington would die under a death spray breath weapon?"

      Helga nodded her head. "Yes! The same someone who sabotaged the wormhole generator so when Deryk used it, he would land in the wrong time period. Correct me if I am wrong, but the wormhole generator was working properly before the morning Deryk went to use it. And all of sudden, malfunction! Wrong destination."

      Morrow stepped away from the dining table and used his powers to summon the Grim Reaper to make the inquiry. Humorously just as Merlin had done one time, when the Grim Reaper arrived, he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts; his bare bones were otherwise bare and easy to see. "Can't a Death take a vacation without a Time Dragon needing me for something?!" Morrow then explained the situation and the inquiry in question regarding the book of life as in BEFORE Deryk had made the time trip to save his parents. Grim summoned several huge books on pedestals. "Every time someone changes time, a new book of life appears to replace the old out of date book. You are asking about the original book, which is this one." And he opened the large book in question. After turning nearly three quarters of the way through the book, he said, "Here we go... Lexington Lonewolf, Blue Dragon Soul Ranger, Gold Hedgehog Ranger, leader, sensei, and parent of many children. Married twice: Seth Sidarius, first mate; Sony the Hedgehog, second mate; original death date: January 16th, 2075 at the ripe old age of 85. Cause of death, natural causes; closed casket funeral. That is all that is written in this book. May I please return to my vacation?" Morrow nodded his head, and Grim as well as the three huge books vanished.

      Lord Morrow stepped back closer to the table once again. "Think that proves that Helga is on to something. There was no mention of Scale-Specter in Lexington's original death listing. Eighty some-odd years sounds more normal for a person's lifetime. Therefore, his so-called death in 2030 is in fact false. Because of this revelation of facts, I think we can authorize the rescue of Lexington and Seth from the automobile accident. As for keeping them out of sight, I have an idea on how to make that happen..."

      And just then, another more powerful Time Dragon appeared with a loud crack of thunder! It was the Paragon Time Lord, Andralamarumerus (pronounced as Ahn-Dra-la Maroo-mer-us,) or known by mankind as Chronos the Time Dragon. "STOP! I swear... let a few juvenile hatchlings loose and they try to screw up history! Now listen up, this is the official history and death log of Lexington Lonewolf and Seth Sidarius. Deryk Lexington Sidarius and his brother David Seth Sidarius were born in 2012 a year after Lex and Seth returned to their human forms due to spending time under a curse to be kangaroos in the Kangaroo Order Cavern Kingdom. See what that spells? Anyway... in 2013, Lexington and Seth attacked Dreamtime crocodile hero Master Sakar thinking him to be evil, which was not true. During the valiant fight, they were both slain by the Crocodile Lord in self-defense. If another species attacked you, wouldn't you fight to survive? Damned right you would! Continuing... Despite the Boomer Force existing, Lexington and Seth took up arms to fight the ranger's enemy instead of letting their charges handle it. And yes, Deryk Lonewolf from the future was indeed with the Boomer Force at the time of this so-called fate yet did nothing to stop them from marching off to their deaths. Later, feeling guilty that he did nothing to prevent their deaths, he tried to repair the mistake by traveling to New tech City before his younger self would make the journey. He sabotaged the wormhole generator himself and thus when his younger self went to use the device, it sent him to the wrong time period. Performing this action caused him to cease to exist. And thus the altered timeline began. However, because of Deryk's interference, Lord Kiel Pouchlaw chose to enact an emergency protocol to create Dad's Project Team, later to be called Outback Rescue. Knowing that his chosen humans would need training, he asked his cousin Lord Overtail Pouchlaw to give the teenagers training in a time-diluted realm; they contacted me to get permission to offset time so these humans would not be missing during their first year's training stint. Had Soluella stayed out of their lives, she would never had encountered the PROR team at all. It was Kiel's intention to let Bindi Fury and the Boomer Force know what they were planning, but the demoness interfered by sponsoring the poachers that Bindi was encountering nearly every week. Please keep in mind... in the original time line, the Outback Rescue never existed at all. When Deryk changed history, it literally created another ranger team. The human teenagers existed, but they never got the invite to become rangers. Then the time line was altered and all HELL broke loose. Kangamancer also never existed in the original time line. He was the effect of Balance adding in another villain to smooth out the time ripples." Chronos then took a breath before shooting a fireball into the sky. Then he looked at those gathered. "History in all time lines states that this team is supposed to exist. Provided that you focus your mission in Alter-Earth also known as Dreamtrail Dark or its other name, Hollow Earth."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Chronos Stops a Mistake.

        Chronos then continued. "The Deryk and David you have with you right now are actually from Alter-Earth; stupid Vertigopouch accidentally summoned them topside into Deryk and Zander's fight scene. Clipper claimed the unconscious Deryk whom seemed to have a copy of the other Deryk's memories when he awoke. In truth, Deryk and David, you both have never been your counterparts at all. You exist because you are supposed to exist. Also, the Alter-Earth Lexington and Seth are both wondering where you boys disappeared to. They are worried sick about you." He was then seen dragging Morrow and Timeon aside to reprimand them for giving out polluted incorrect information.

        Nightlaw grinned. "Ah am glad Chronos got my magically sent note that Ah wrote under the table while the Time Lords were shooting off their mouths. Their only crime is that the information they gathered was incorrect. Otherwise, Ah think the Time Couriers are a great idea."

        Shadow Flame then said, "If I don't miss my guess, the only person who needs to be rescued is the original Deryk Lonewolf from Dreamtrail Light, aka the surface world."

        Chronos leaned his head over their table and said, "Please do not make any rescue plans until after I spank my children." And he pulled his head back over to focus on the others.

        Deryk facepalmed once again, making an audible slap. The shile of pit really hit the fan, but he was wanting to seek the answers. "If this is true, King Nightlaw and our parents are worried about us, Ah would like to be able to see if that is true. Is there a way to restore the memories Ah am supposed to 'ave if the things Ah remember are false? Ah know were-beasts are capable, but Ah am not prepared to join the moon-touched elite to make that possible."

        "Wouldn't that change the way you fight?" said Hector. "You fought as if you had a major chip on your shoulder, Deryk. And that is what helped us in multiple battles against Kananatoth. There must be merit in staying the way you were."

        "But if David and Ah are both living lies, don't we 'ave the right to know?" Deryk countered. "Ah mean, as far as Ah was concerned, my parents died in a battle with Sakar, and David became my guardian spirit after 'e was in a car crash that also killed the Professor when we were nine years old."

        David sighed. Keeping his were-ism on the hush-hush to non-humans (especially his brother), David said, "If we are of this world, 'ow is it that Ah was able to 'elp 'im as it was said before Ah touched the said crystal?" He was confused about that, considering he was told that he was a spirit that possessed Deryk's Yin whenever he went into Tao Mode."

        Chronos said, "Master Sakar has never been to Alter-Earth. Before the creation of Nightlaw's Aquarian Force, David against his parent's wishes challenged the Scorpion Men and Kananatoth cast a spell on David which sent him into the spirit realm. Nightlaw promised your parents to find a way to bring you back into the physical world. But then after he formed his ranger team, Vertigopouch summoned Deryk to the surface world by accident. Clipper went topside to find a new ranger and when he saw your brother, he knew Deryk belonged in Alter-Earth. Then when Deryk and the others were in that gem mine and Deryk while possessing your brothers other ranger side, you touched the miracle gem and it lifted Kananatoth's spell and restored you to your normal self. Deryk, you may not realize this, but you still have the ability to become two rangers despite David having his own body and his own powers. The curse you had was copied over from the other Deryk at the same time you got a copy of his memories. Thanks to the Miracle Gem, the curse was lifted and you got your brother back at the same time. Now if you you both want to see your parents of Alter-Earth, they still live at their station in Ozland where they raise marsupials of both the kangaroo and wallaby variety. I think the remainder of your vacation should be spent back with your parents so you can learn how true this tale is."

        Nightlaw nodded his muzzle. "Chronos is right, Deryk and David. Either Clipper or Ah can escort yas to the Ozland station where yer parents live, if that is yer desire."

        The paragon time lord proceeded to wallop his son Morrow's rear end. Timeon had been scolded and looked abashed. A sad pair Morrow and Timeon made.

        David put a hand on his brother's shoulder and smiled a little bit. "Maybe visiting them would cure us of our confusion, Deryk. If they are worried about us, we cannot delay this without sending a note. And with yas remembering only the false memories, that wouldn't be a good idea.

        Yin-Yang said, "Yas best be on yer best be'avior Leaper. From what Ah know about their parents, they aren't as tolerant of gutter talk." Leaper humphed, "Spoil sport."

        "All the same, keep yer eyes open even if Ah end up being myopic Yin-Yang. Ah trust yas to do so." Deryk's memories of the sense of trust in Yin-Yang still was strong with him.

        Sunrise said, "One of us should at least go with them should Scorpion Men come to cause problems. Hector is likely to volunteer, since he has doubts of how a family reunited will affect the Tao Ranger's dynamic."

        "I didn't say that I'd volunteer..." said Hector, putting his proverbial foot in his mouth.

        Moonhopper looked a little disappointed. He was hoping to spend a day in training with David. But he could wait since he had sex with his boyfriend the night before.

        Kingston got up and went over to pet on Captain Curiouspaw. "Did I mis'ear that yer 'uman surname is Devlin?"

        Curiouspaw smiled. "That's what Ah said, mate; Ah am one of the great grandsons of Lord Kiel Pouchlaw through Xanthe's side of the family. The Deryk and Joseph thing was so messed up. Yas would think twins like them would have gotten along better than they did. Deryk got everything on a platinum platter and Joseph only got the croc's poop 'ole until 'e chose to go to Anime Masters to serve as Super Duper Crazy Cat's personal servant. Xanthe still lives at 'ome for the time being but 'e is interested in research."

        Kingston began rubbing on Curiouspaw's tummy. "Will yas be able to come back occasionally or is the whole Time Courier thing about to be canned? Nightlaw and Ah think yer okay."

        Curiouspaw sighed. "If Chronos stops being on 'is period and permits the program to continue, yas could see me again for visits. Yas know 'ow it is with dragons..." He winked with a sly grin. "Plus, yas are a great kisser!"

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: A Visit Home for the Boomer Twins.

          "Looks a little different than Ah thought it would," said Deryk, tilting his head in confusion.

          The Ozland Lonewolf Station had a fence with the posts having mini-Garuda sculptures with a very magical aura. Whatever malevolence tries to cross it gets a major zap. Inside the fence was a sizable house in the old Japanese style with more modern materials Alter-Earth can offer. The property and the main house were large enough to have a training dojo as well as a guest house close by. Their Japanese ancestor made sure of it. The Kangaroos and Wallabies were in an enclosed area within the fence, with the injured and orphaned joeys having their own shelter. As they entered the main fence, a joey with an injured tail hopped up to the twins and sniffed each of them.

          Several of the students of their father were in the fields making sure some of the older orphans were getting some Kangaroo Milk out of bottles. Joey Stryfe was in human form until the next Hunter's Moon. But his senses were more attuned no matter what form he was in. He looked to JT Smith, and smiled. "Looks like the prodigal sons returned. And one of them smells like 'e ended up joining my species. Boy will Sensei be shocked."

          JT said. "They'll have a lot of explaining to do once Sensei finds out." He looked up and shouted towards the assistant instructor (and Lexington's full-grown 'nephew') North whom was maintaining the windmill Lexington's ancestor built. "Sensei North! The Twins are back!"

          North sighed, and waved in an "Uncle Lexington's gonna have a cow once he sees them, especially since David is the troublemaker of the two." He then picked up a cloth to wipe the grease off his hands.

          The main door slid open as Lexington wondered what bothered the lesson in Tea Ceremony he was teaching Bindi Fury - the local 'fireball' - as part of a Zen Lesson. He looked in his mid-twenties although he was forty. Seth was out looking for any update on the missing twins at the nearby Rebellion outpost.

          Lexington put on his sandals and walked up to them. "We've 'ad family and friends searching for yas for weeks... and yas just show up at the front gate?" He walked up to his twin sons and gave them loving hugs. Then he smacks David upside the head! "What mess did yas put Deryk into this time, David?! We even 'ave Commander Zander at the nearby outpost keeping an eye out for any sign of either of yas!"

          North grinned at being right; he won the wager with the owner of the neighboring station. He owes the Lonewolf Station some cured meat for the human students.

          David said. "Ow! Father... Ah didn't get 'im into trouble, Ah swear."

          Lexington arched and eye. "And yas didn't get a wild 'air and went after Kananatoth's Scorpion soldiers when yer Dad and Ah forbid yas to?"

          "David is right, Father," Deryk said. "David and Ah were a victim of foul play, and King Nightlaw rescued us from it. We've been enlisted in 'is ranks."

          Yin-Yang floated out of Deryk's Boomer Bracelet. "Ah can vouch for their posting, Mr. Lonewolf. Ah am Yin-Yang, Kangaroo Spirit of the Balance Roo Order bound to Deryk, and ally of King Nightlaw and the Last Rebellion. My dirty minded ally spirit from the Yiffy Roo Order is bound to David, and 'as been advised to be on 'is good be'avior by the King 'imself... or else."

          Leaper sniffed the air when he emerged from David's Boomer Bracelet. "Smells like were-roo, Kangaroo debauchery and 'uman male-on-male action. Very pleasant indeed."

          Lexington looked into the eyes of the older twin. "Yas look like yas been through a lot of 'ardship. And to think everyone thought yas were the cautious one. Ah'm just glad the both of yas are back." Guess Ah'll 'ave to get a courier to go after yer Dad to tell Commander Zander yas been found." And Deryk... Ah'll send a message out to Kota in the next village over if yas like."

          "Kota?" Deryk arched an eye, finding it difficult to pry into memories prior to being rescued by Clipper.

          "The archaelogy student in Longreach," Lexington clarified. "Surely yas 'aven't forgotten yer boyfriend. Yas said our 'ome reminded 'im of 'is 'ome in Nara."

          Deryk and David looked shocked and looked towards each other. Deryk has a boyfriend? This is a shock for both of them.

          Yin-Yang said, "There are some things that need explaining, Mr. Lonewolf."

          "Ah imagine so, Yin-Yang." He then said, "If King Nightlaw 'as yas in 'is service then yas won't be able to stay at 'ome for quite a while. Ah need to end the lesson with Bindi, but after it's done Ah'll make yas yer favorite foods. Bean Burgers for Deryk, and for David we 'ave Mac & Cheese." He then hugged his twins again, and headed back into the house to finish Bindi's Zen Lesson.

          Joey walked up to the twins after finishing up that task with JT and smiled. "Glad to see yas back." He then said lowly. "Both of yas best take it easy on yer father when yas tell 'im that David joined the Were-Roo species. 'e's getting FAT with yer new sibling." He then walked off slowly to hear their reactions.

          Deryk and David looked at each other shocked. Deryk pointed to David. "Were-Roo?!" David pointed back, "Boyfriend?!" Both pointed towards the main house. "Pregnant?! Blimey! Ah gotta sit down!"

          Joey grinned. The twins are back alright!

          Watching from a good distance outside of scenting range, Clipper watched the scene unfold through his magical viewing orb. "I think they'll be just fine. Returning to Nightlaw."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Aesthetics and Study.

            Mick and Shadow Flame spent rest of Sunday in magical training perfecting Mick's ability as team leader. Kingston was being diplomatic as he spent time with the Time Courier cadets. Chronos made sure Morrow and Timeon were properly informed in regards to true ranger history.

            Kimberly softly played her guitar during the Sunday services with Sunrise during the services.

            Wendell had all of his armor off as he was painstakingly cleaning every part of it to make it shiny and scentless.

            Helga prepared some snacks for Jakkin, Yin-Yang, and Leaper. It was always better to prepare this stuff when the others weren't around.

            Nightlaw was reading over enemy movement reports so he would be better prepared when sending his rangers on missions.

            Aiko spoke with Hector as the latter saw to his shadodrak's cleanliness. "I am surprised that Nightlaw doesn't have a lot more rangers helping him with this rebellion. I take it that recruitment only occurs when Kananatoth ups the ante with his enemy forces?"

            "That could be the case, Aiko..." said Hector as he rubbed the spots of Jakkin in reward for being a patient shadodrak. "It could also be that the morale was getting turbulent, considering how moody Deryk was being before the mud hit the fan with the history of an Earthian hero and the twins' true lineage." He then looked at Aiko through his mop of hair. Unlike a certain (in)famous Courier Roo, He had no problems seeing through the mess. "It's not up to me to find the motivation of the King or know how a marsupial brain works. Besides, before I was brought into this adventure, I was planning to go into an undergrad program towards getting into Herpetology." Study of reptiles.

            Jakkin cooed for a moment. "Daddy good Dragon! Jakkin loves Daddy to pieces!" Hector found that remark from the tiny dragon funny.

            Finishing up service on a good note with inspiration of how the past days went prior to the Scroll incident, Sunrise thanked everyone for coming. Before turning the new leaf, she was more staunch about scripture and used it as a precautionary tale for others to behave lest they face an unsavory fate. As she was taught by the priestess that taught her and other Tigresses in Medievon in their time as Novices.

            She then praised Kimberly for her music as she held the Good Book close to her heart. "I would like to thank you for your musical accompaniment, Kimberly. It was a welcome change, and made me think of my time as a Priestess, reciting sermon with the Choir of the Novices singing the praises of the Good Lord of us all."

            Kimberly said, "It was my pleasure, Sunrise; I like to keep my musical skills up to par. I hope the twins' parents don't place them under house arrest."

            Kimberly then looked to her ninja communicator bracelet. "I know this frequency has been offline for a while, but I do like to hear the musical tones for nostalgic purposes." And she activated the send communication button which produced the familiar MMPR communicator notes. Dee-Di-DEE-Dee-DI-Duh! Although she wasn't expecting to get any answer whatsoever, she was soon surprised when it sounded like Rocky DeSantos and Adam Park replying to her call. Taking the the call to a side out of the way locale, Kimberly apologized for calling them and explained that she didn't know any of the alumni used the old channels anymore. Remembering that Nightlaw didn't want too many people to end up in Alter-Earth, she explained that she was in Australia at the moment cheering someone up whom had been depressed.

            Clipper peeked over Nightlaw's shoulder at the reports. "I'll go fetch Deryk and David tonight after they have dinner with their parents."

            Nightlaw smiled. "Ah think Kimberly just discovered that 'er old communicator actually works. She accidentally called Rocky and Adam, two of 'er former alumni teammates back in the states. As for the twins, Ah will leave yer fetching them to yas. Ah 'ope with the discovery that 'e 'as a boyfriend back 'ome will pull 'im out of 'is funk."

            Clipper then said, "Let me show you some of the chaos going on back at the station. Oh and Joey sends you a greeting; I think he might be interested in joining your forces." Clipper then showed a scene back at the station currently in progress.

            Back at the Lonewolf/Sidarius Station...

            Joey was grinning as he sat at the main table for dinner and tea with the Twins and Lexington and Seth. He was allowed since he was adopted into the family when he was still a were-joey of the pouch. North was going to make his dinner later; in Ozland, the Station wasn't a live-in martial arts academy. His parents were good friends of the family before they were slain. "The sniffer doesn't lie, Sensei. Diaper duty is in your future."

            Lexington punched Seth's shoulder while sipping a special blend of tea gifted to him from a good ol' friend. Seth blushed. He thought that he was more cautious this time around, and started to doubt their 'precautions' contraceptive properties. "But I took precautions."

            "And see where that got us Meatball," jabbed Lexington in playful manner. "But nonetheless, the deed is done. Ah'll be going to Dr. Brannigan in the morning."

            Joey said, "The stuffy Were-Emu?!"

            "And specialist when it comes to interspecies gestation," said Lexington. "Think about seeing 'er if yas end up taking a mate in another species, Joey."

            "Okay, Mom!" Joey teased. He usually called followed suit with the twins in calling Seth dad. But he always called Lexington 'Sensei.'

            Deryk was a little mortified at the dinner conversation. David just snickered.

            Seth said, "By the way, before you guys leave, Kota sent word back by courier, he'll be here by the time you leave to catch up with you, Deryk.

            "Kota and Deryk, sittin' in a tree..." David teased. Deryk nearly choked on his bean burger in reaction.

            "P-A-S-H-I-N-G!" Joey added.

            Lexington clapped his hands only once. "Enough of that, both of yas. We embarrassed Deryk enough for a lifetime."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: Fetching the Twins.

              Clipper arrived at the front gates of the station where upon he pulled out his flute and played the alert tune before mentally saying to Deryk and David, Your ride is here.

              By the time Clipper arrived outside the front gates, Deryk was conversing politely with Kota near the orphaned Joey shed. David, whose childhood memories are coming back more gradually, acknowledged the call. Ah'll be right there. Joey's been curious about what it's like being a part of the Resistance... just hope Deryk isn't K-I-S-S-I-N-G his boyfriend. Leaper added, Too bad we can't stay longer, otherwise I'd love to see Kota and Deryk sitting in a tree, Y-I-F-F-I-N-G! He chucked, then said to Joey. "It's time we return. The next time we get time, Ah 'ope that we can spend more time 'elping out."

              Joey said. "We will be fine. Ah owe a lot to Dad and Sensei. Uncle North needs the extra work anyways, so he would keep his mind off of wagering with the neighbors over familial behaviors." Yep. Lexington questioned the gift of cured meat from the neighboring Station.

              David then whistled to Deryk, whom was still trying to sift out the false memories from the real memories. "Get yer tail to the gate. Deryk Lexington! It's time to 'ead back to camp.

              Deryk made a face towards David and Joey. Joey snickered as he knew Deryk would normally be triggered by middle-naming. He wasn't going to act immature towards David until they were back at camp. He then looked towards Kota, remembering a little bit about how much they hit it off. "Ah'm sorry Ah couldn't stay longer, Kota. Duty calls, but next time we get a break from our duties we'll try for longer."

              Once the boys were out of the station house, Nightlaw magically appeared to speak with Lexington and Seth. "Joey asked me some months ago if 'e could join my resistance. At the time, we were not recruiting; but if yas could do without 'im for a while, Ah could agree to bring 'im into the fold. As is commonplace for when a new recruit joins an army, Ah am willing to make a payment to the guardians responsible for the boomer seeking to join. What do yas both say about this?"

              Seth Sidarius was a Mammologist specializing in the study of marsupials. He was only slightly younger than his husband, but he was starting to grey slightly around the temples. He was well known in the area as the foremost expert, and his adoption of a moon-touched has helped him further his studies. "He has been a supporter of the resistance... Even Commander Zander said no to recruiting him, because he was so young and without a mate. I agree it's too soon."

              "'e's almost twenty-one now, Meatball... And with all due respect to my were-croc cousin and 'is recruit prerequisites, Joey should 'ave the right to decide for 'imself whether to join on 'is own." Lexington stood up. "Joey 'as been a good big brother to the twins ever since we agreed to be 'is legal guardians." He then said, "People 'ave said we were certifiable to adopt a child out of our species; ...but Ah owed a debt of gratitude to the Stryfe family of were-kangaroos, and we were 'appy to take 'im in when 'is parents were killed." He remembered asking an old friend to teach Joey how to shift between forms during the day, and smiled. "Now that the twins are old enough, it's time that Joseph Eryk Stryfe be able to find 'is own path."

              "Fine then," Seth said. "However, should Joey get hurt or injured or worse... let us know. He is just as much our child as our natural-born ones."

              Nightlaw said, "Ah'll see to it that yas get the twins back every weekend. Despite Zander being in the Ozland resistance, my rebellion is based over on the island continent of Foresta... just over the bridge. Ah won't let Joey get killed, mates. Ah care about my rangers and boomers." He then set out a few bags of gold coins. "When yas want to speak to yer children, just call us over the viewing globe. If they are not on a mission, Ah'll fetch them for the family chat. Time for me to get going. We'll be in touch." And he vanished via teleportation out of the station house. Mentally to Clipper, he said, Joey has permission to come with us. So yer getting the twins and Joey.

              I hear you, boss kangaroo! He then smiled at David and Deryk. "I just got word that Joey has permission to come with us. Nightlaw paid for his passage."

              Joey was a little in disbelief. "Really? Commander Zander said it wouldn't even be possible until Ah was old enough, took a mate, and already 'ad children, and even then it would be rigorous training to knock the kindness right out of me."

              David said, "We're still kind to those that don't follow Kananatoth. Besides, Cousin Zander is a cranky-pants anyways! Even our second cousins think so!" His hatchlings. "Come on, yas will fit in with us misfits. Even with 'ow serious and a stubborn arse Deryk 'as become!" He shouted the last three words as if to embarrass Deryk.

              "Mendokusai desu," lamented Deryk in the Japanese tongue. How troublesome David can always be. He then said. "Until next time, Kota." He bowed in respect, and ran towards his twin and Joey.

              As Kota was still watching, Deryk lambasted his brother in hush-tones. "Ah don't embarrass yas when yas are courting yer mate, do Ah David Seth?!" David responded with "Yas stopped me in the middle of 'aving sex with Moon'opper in the baths my first time. Besides, yas might be on yer best be'avior Deryk. Big Brother Joey is coming with us!"

              Joey grinned. "Ah may be a simple were-roo raised in a 'uman family, but someone's gotta keep an eye on wild and cautious."

              "Tactful," corrected Deryk. "Scaredy-cat is more like it," snerked David. Joey said. "It seems like we're ready to go, Mr. Clipper." The twins both pointed out Joey's flaw. "Too polite, Joey!"

              Clipper grinned. "You can drop the Mister part once we get back to camp. Parents supercede cranky Were-Crocs." And then he led his group to the portal gate between continents. Arriving back in camp, Clipper floated over to Nightlaw briefly before heading off to check on the other rangers, both new and old. Nightlaw smiled at the twins and Joey. "Welcome to the Rebellion, Joey. as for yas Twins... we went and recruited new rangers to combat against Kananatoth's increased forces. Two sheilas and a few joeys."

              At that moment, Moonhopper nearly flew in and grabbed David in a near spin and had him on the ground on top of himself. "DAVID! Yer back!" Smooch! Kiss! Kiss! Slobber! Grope! Nightlaw grinned at Joey and said, "Meet my son, Moon'opper. 'e is in love with David."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Back Together Again.

                Clipper was bringing the rangers of Nightlaw's army forth to introduce themselves to Joey since the newcomer(s) had not met the whole team as yet.

                "Ah am Mick Kane." He raised his digivice in front of himself and pressed the flashing [Evolution] screen button. "Dragomon Defender! Evolve" His surroundings became that of the digital matrix with strings of data and the words [Dragomon Defender] scrolling around him, backward and forward, up and down. Within the flash of magical digivolving power, his entire body glowed with a starry light within the darkness of the data strands, as his body transformed from human into his six-foot tall winged Dragomon form and his one-piece ranger uniform appeared over the top of that. His scaly tail then snaked down from his tail bone and became covered in black stellar scales. Then his black plated boots and gauntlets appeared as cosmic silver steel greaves affixed themselves to his thighs and his cosmic silver breastplate clasped itself over his chest. A flexible black steel belt appeared around his waist as his stellar dragomon symbol appeared in the center of the belt itself. Finally, Clipper flew into through scene and cast a glowing sphere of energy over Mick's head which then formed into his black stellar helm with a dark shiny visor. As the digivolving energies subsided and the words stopped scrolling, his surroundings returned to normal and he flexed his wings as he struck his ending pose. "[Dragomon Defender! Black Stellar Ranger!]"

                "I am Shadow Flame." He struck a pose, making his hands into fists, as he shouted, "Shadowfang!" On each wrist came a flash of light which resulted in his dark flame bracers which he then brought together in front of himself. "Shadow Mage! Silverfire!" There came an immediate flash of light as his clan clothes vanished. A shadow halo surrounded his mane as his lion's tail flared to become like a unicorn's tail. Then, his Silverfire ranger armors of Lion Valley appeared and affixed themselves all over his lion body. Finally, his clan helm appeared over his head as a protective visor covered his eyes. Shadow Flame then made a leap forward with an impressive somersault and when he landed on his hindpaws, his Silverfire Lion Zord appeared in the background briefly. "Shadow Mage! Silverfire Ranger!" he shouted before releasing a huge lion like roar.

                "I am Wendell Leonard." He raised his magic sword on high and shouted, "For the Freedom! Of Trolla!" He was hit with a magical bolt of magical energy, as the Power Gem embedded in the hilt of his sword unleashed a spectacular shimmering brown cinnamon glow all over his body. This glow formed into a bronze uniform reminiscent of a Power Ranger's uniform. Over that appeared the rest of his heroic gear. A silver and gold knightly breastplate appeared first. This was followed by the bracers, belt, greaves, and boots of Eternia. His head was then covered by an tiger-like bronze helmet with a crystal visor. "I have the power!!!" As the sequence subsided, He-Man's Battle Cat and She-Ra's Swiftwind appeared in the background larger than life they merged together to become the Eternal Tiger Windrider Zord. He then struck a final pose. "Eternal Bronze Tiger Ranger!"

                "I am Aiko Marshall." She raised her blade before her and said, "Blade of Legends! Arise!" Just then, the background behind her changed to look like an old European castle and courtyard as her body glowed with a rich bluish light. "Vixen power of my eyes!" Her fox like ranger helm appeared over her head as her face was covered by a black visor. "The rangers' skill, surprise!" Her cyan and blue armored costume then appeared all over her entire body tightly covering her shapely figure as her fox's tail swished sensuously behind her, along with armored white gloves and armored white boots. Then her two-tone cyan and blue cloak appeared around her shoulders, as the background returned to normal, her legendary battle sword with a very bright blue glow around it still held aloft in her hand illuminated the scene around her as she struck her pose. "Blue Noble Vixen Ranger!"

                "Ah am the clone of Lari Kingston Knightmane, but Ah prefer to be called Kingston Knight." He then called out, "Unicorn!" His Red Unicorn Power Crest suddenly appeared floating directly in front of his face. A cascade of colored special effect explosions erupted behind him, as his body glowed with a brilliant light from the neck down. His feet and hands were covered with white boots and gloves as his body became covered in a smooth white furred leather costume and this was covered with elven chained plate armor in red. His unicorn helmet with an oval visor and a spiraled horn appeared over his head as his Red Unicorn Battle Axe appeared hanging off of his belt. "Red Unicorn Adventure Ranger!"

                "I am Kimberly Ann Hart." She struck her pose, as she brought her hands into a cross in front of her face. "Ninja Ranger Power!" Kimberly's pink ninja outfit appeared over her body followed by her Pink Ranger uniform and helmet. She then leaped into the air and landed in an acrobatic pose. "Pink Ninja Ranger!"

                "I am Helga Latham." She struck her pose as she brought her morphing bracer over her chest as she pushed the two parallel gemmed buttons simultaneously. "Dragon Wolf!" The background behind her changed to look like an ancient werewolf castle and courtyard, as her body flared up in a scarlet array of laser lights. Her red and white costume then appeared on her body, with a Black Dragon emblem covering her breasts along with Black gloves and boots. A wolf like helm then appeared over her head, and her face was covered with a black visor. Then, as the background returned to normal, her Nebulan Fencing Sword appeared in hand as she struck her defiant battle pose with her weapon raised over her visor. There came a final flare as the morphing sequence ended. "Nebulan Dragon! Scarlet Wolf Ranger!"

                "I am Hector Anthony." He pulled out the diamond and tossed it into the air. "Guardian Call!" He caught the Green Diamond in his hand. "Green Ranger, take form!" Suddenly the background dimmed into a dark explosion of green fire, as scaled covered his body only to blast off to become an emerald-colored jumpsuit. Bulky-looking green armors appeared and attached onto his body one by one, finalizing with the chestplate-shoulder guards. Finally a slightly draconian helmet appeared over his head, with a visor covering his entire face. The Diamond Spear appeared in front of Hector as he grabbed the weapon. He spun into a fighting pose, as Jakkin flapped in to do a dual battle pose with Hector. "Guardian of Scaled Creatures. Green Diamond Ranger!"

                "I am Sunrise Priestess." She held her Dawn Tiara on high as she shouted, "Angelic Sunrise!" She then placed the tiara on her tiger head. "Golden Power!" As she was spun around, a solar ray burst through the clouds as her gold tinted white suit appeared over her feminine tiger body. Then a gold armored chestplate with wings appeared followed by her armored angelic boots and gloves. As her blond hair wrapped itself in a neat bun, her majestic helmet secured itself on Sunrise to protect her head. With a magical gleam, her Golden Sunrise Baton appeared in her hand as she leaped forth and landed in full view as her Angelic Tiger Zord appeared briefly in the background. With an elegant pose, Sunrise announced herself as "Sunrise Angel! Golden Tiger Ranger!" An angelic flare of heavenly light spread out around her illuminating borders all around.

                Nightlaw said, "And with Deryk and Yin-Yang as the Tao Boomer Ranger and David and Leaper as the Violet Boomer Ranger. That rounds out the current ranger army for the rebellion. If yas would like to join the ranger forces yerself, Joey, just work out a ranger power and an empowerment equipment combination with Clipper and we can get yas on board as well. Otherwise, yas will be assisting the rest of the army in our tasks."

                Joey nodded. "Ah am honored, majesty. Ah do 'ave an idea in mind, if Ah wasn't going to be able to enlist with Commander Zander, that Ah would be assisting in a different way. An uncommon way." He looked to the twins, and smiled over how much they grown. He then looked towards the mouse. "If I may, Clipper... I would like to adapt the concept I had in mind for aiding King Nightlaw in the front lines against Kananatoth's forces."

                David smiled and gave Moonhopper a friendly kiss and a grope. "Maybe one of the next times yas can meet my family... besides Deryk and Big Brother Joey." After he extracted himself and got back on his feet, Deryk smacked his twin brother upside the head. "Middle-naming me in front of Kota, David Seth? If Ah wasn't reconnecting with 'im, yas would've been middle-named sooner!"

                Hector sighed. "Looks like our group only gets bigger. Joey is a really nice. But he doesn't have the same hair as the twins... I wonder why?"

                Sunrise sniffed the air, and said, "'e comes from a different breeding stock from the Twins. A non-human one." Hector blinked in surprise at her answer.

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Five.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, Bold Endeavors.