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2G-LRAF-04 A Well-Earned Break

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    2G-LRAF-04 A Well-Earned Break

    Lone Ranger Aquarian Force [2G-LRAF-01]
    Episode Four: A Well-Earned Break.
    By Darrel "Lord Pouchlaw" Vanwinkle
    Co-Written By Lexington "Chip" Lonewolf
    January 28th, 2018
    Starring, Lone Ranger Aquarian Force:
    (1.) Mick Kane, Dragomon Defender; Black Stellar Ranger
    (2.) Shadow Flame, Shadow Mage; Silverfire Lion Ranger [Benjamin Twayn]
    (3.) Wendell Leonard, Eternal Bronze Tiger Ranger
    (4.) Deryk Lonewolf [Sidarius] (Yin-Yang), Tao Boomer Ranger
    (5.) David Lonewolf [Sidarius] (Leaper), Violet Boomer Ranger
    (6.) Hector Anthony (Jakkin), Green Diamond Ranger
    (7.) Sunrise Priestess, Sunrise Angel; Golden Tiger Ranger [Kyrsten "Kyr" Robin]
    (S.) Helga Latham, Nebulan Dragon; Scarlet Wolf Ranger

    King Nightlaw, Black Were-Kangaroo Commander of the Unseen Legion [Former Dreamtime Warrior]
    Roolock, Dreamtime Elder Power; Immoral Lord of Fun and Witchcraft
    Clipper, Information Devil Mouse
    Yin-Yang, Guardian Kangaroo Spirit
    Leaper, Guardian Kangaroo Spirit
    Jakkin, Shadodrak Companion
    Isaac, Benjamin's Black Fiance
    Captain Moonhopper, a dark-furred were-kangaroo in Nightlaw's army.

    Lord Kananatoth, Evil Kangaroo Huntsman
    Scorpion Soldiers, grunts

    Chapter One: Time Off.
    Last Rebellion, Foresta Realm, Alter-Earth; 2012
    King Nightlaw replaced the tarp over the rescued power gems as he turned with a smile to the rangers. "Ah've been working yas blokes too hard. Go a'ead and take some time off. Yas joeys and sheilas 'ave earned it."

    Mick smiled. "Shadow Flame and Ah need to resume my magic lessons. Of course we can take it easy if yas really want us to take a break."

    Moonhopper gave David a hug and a kiss. "Now that yas 'ave some time off, what are yas going to do, mate?"

    Clipper said, "Time off doesn't come very often since the rest of us have to stay alert for Kananatoth's stupidity."

    "Ah know what's on 'is mind," grinned Leaper. "'e's going to yiff yas and yiff me and yiff and yiff and yiff until 'e induces everyone's 'eat cycle. And Ah'm going to enjoy and orgasm through every moment of it... this place will reek of cum for a month! Whaddya say, David! Make every boy a mommy! 'is twin brother too! Yiffing is too much fun!"

    Everyone that heard Leaper's libido-induced shouted "Keep it in yer pouch, Leaper!" David sighed. "Actually... Ah want to spend some time learning more than just the physical stuff, love." He then made a face at Leaper. "Orgies are fun, but out of the question right now."

    "Such a blasphemous creature," Sunrise commented, then bowed her head. "I will spend this time in devotion to scripture and prayer." It is well needed and is better done in seclusion." She walked towards her personal quarters, a hard-bound Good Book similar to Kyr's (sans the metal bindings) was pulled out by the Medievon Tigress, and she held in both hands in unwavering devotion.

    "I got to give Jakkin a thorough cleaning..." said Hector having read up on cleaning scaled creatures long before Jakkin was put under his care. "He's gotten quite filthy." Jakkin chirped in his dirt-covered delight. "Dirt is fun, Daddy! Daddy is a funny dragon!" Hector chuckled. "But green shadodraks shouldn't be mistaken for mud pie shadodraks."

    Deryk couldn't get enough physical battle and work. And though he was looking Mick's way like he sometimes do when he can get away with it. However, Yin-Yang distracted him. "The spacefaring counterpart on the other Aquarian team 'as earned 'is armor. If yas want to be that strong with yer balance to merge yer Yin and Yang in a new way." The roo blocked the wonderful sight of Mick that Deryk couldn't help but to smile over. "To reach that level in yer balance lessons, you must devote yerself fully to deep meditation sessions..." He then noticed whom Deryk was looking at stealthily with bedroom eyes. "We might 'ave to add some ascetic training as well so you are able to deny yerself that passion until the right time."

    Deryk blushed and made a remark as he pulled out his bamboo flute from his back belt loop and walked away. "Spoil sport."

    "Ah don't know what that means..." The Balance Roo KSP countered in a confused manner.

    Wendell smiled at Clipper. "I am planning on making a supply trip topside on Earth; want to come with me or do you trust me?"

    Clipper grinned. "I trust you although Nightlaw may have a shopping list of his own for you since you are offering to go."

    Nightlaw hopped over to Wendell and did indeed hand over a shopping list and a credit card with data information for using it. "Just fulfill the things on this list to the best of yer ability and return safely when yas can. Ah know yer the most powerful Trollan tiger in the universe; but Ah still worry about my rangers. We still need yas."

    Wendell hugged the Black furred Were-Kangaroo king. "I'll be back soon, your lordship." He then turned to the others. "I will also be checking everyone's mailboxes. Any special requests while I am gone?"

    "I trust yas, as long as some of the food supplies topside are a bit more vegan." Deryk said. "Just eating salads isn't enough." He was going to sit to play his flute. Yin-Yang still had that puzzled look on his muzzle about what Deryk called him.

    "Vegan food?" David said. "Yas mean that stuff yas 'ave been eating since that one trip to Adelaide when yas... we were seven and yas ate the wrong thing?"

    Deryk clarified. "That 'wrong thing' was a Cheese Burger made with kangaroo meat. The restaurant the Professor took us to made the change from beef to kangaroo meat without telling anyone, and the Professor got really mad at the manager. You watched me puke and swear never to eat meat again. I'm sticking true to that notion. I love the Kangaroos, and that stain on my childhood is the reason I never want to be tricked into eating the creatures I grew up caring for ever again."

    David quipped, "Geez, Deryk Lexington... lighten up a little... have a corn dog."

    "Only if it's made with real corn and not weird remains of the pig and cow," Deryk quipped, then realized what David did. "'ey! No middle-naming David Seth!"

    Wendell said, "Most modern dogs are made of chicken, pork and fish. Occasionally a little beef gets into some dogs. Vegan dogs are Vienna Sausages. They are made from all-natural ingredients. Anyway, Time to get this supply run started. I will return in a few days. I have some fans back home in Sierra Mesa." And he lifted his sword on high and departed.
    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Various Exercises.

    After Wendell departed, Mick and Shadow Flame resumed their magic lessons together. Helga did inventory on the resistance's equipment. Moonhopper was spending time educating David on that which the human was interested in.

    David was learning some special fighting abilities this time; nothing too dirty (until later); he wanted to learn to fight like a Kangaroo; his human martial arts could be tempered with better techniques... especially after the day he will choose to join the moon-touched elite permanently. He believed the martial arts taught by his twin brother would not be enough for him to distinguish himself in battle.

    Deryk was working on teaching himself how to play the bamboo flute in a solitary place close to the camp at a higher elevation. He knew to stay close, and he did like to watch Mick train whenever he took a momentary break.

    Hector was bathing Jakkin according to a book he obtained about cleaning scaled creatures, and was working gently on cleaning his scales. He wasn't the type to bathe a scaled creature without knowledge - no matter how limited - to do so.

    Sunrise was in her tent, in silent prayer and meditation to redevote herself to religion. She held her Good Book open before the crucifix and reading the Old Testament verse-by-verse by candlelight. Reminded her of when she was a fresh novice in Medievon.

    Yin-Yang had asked King Nightlaw to meet him within 100 meters of Deryk. The maximum distance the KSP can be should he need to help re-balance Deryk. He needed guidance from the wiser royal Kangaroo. "... and when Ah suggested we added ascetic training to take care of his wandering mind, he dismissed it on the spot and called me a 'spoil sport.' Ah am not as seasoned with the Bon the other Yin-Yang with the Space Aquarians; he knew 'is Deryk for years, where Ah only knew mine for months prior. Ah am wondering where 'e succeeded where Ah feel like Ah'm failing. 'is mind often explores the gutter-like curiosity towards Mick."

    Nightlaw remarked, "Ah 'ad a nice long talk with Infinity, Nick's Cosmic Dragon... when Ah asked 'im 'ow different the space going Aquarians were from our Alter-Earth counterparts, 'e gave me some things for making comparisons over the long term just in case an explanation might take too long. One of the most important things Infinity told me is that their Deryk 'as a never ending crush on Nick Kane despite Nick not being interested. This gay crush often superceded all attempts to do any training. Infinity implied that 'omosexuality ran in the Lonewolf family genetics; unless forced to focus on a woman as was the case when Lexington Lonewolf's father, Vladimir, married Viriginia who demanded that 'e pay attention to 'er, which only compounded 'is desire to be with other males, despite 'is being straight to the best degree 'imself. At the best of times, Yin-Yang, 'omosexuality is a life choice while in others... it is a psychological condition. Dreamtimers just like Underworlders are bisexual although the lean is toward male companionship. Being straight is a 'uman enforced psychological condition to make young people believe that being any other way is not natural when the reverse is actually more true than not true."

    Nightlaw turned his head and snuffed in a mock sneeze toward an open area before getting back on topic. "Back to Nick and their Deryk... Yas admitted that the other Yin-Yang knew 'is Deryk for years compared to yer months knowledge. The same can be said of David's return for the space team. It took years for 'im to earn the miracle to return and yet we accomplished the feat in mere weeks. Despite 'aving more experience over time, the space going Deryk is still no smarter than our Deryk. Infinity told me that coaxing their Deryk to train is nearly impossible. David was far more interested in training than 'is twin brother was. Another difference is that Nick likes David for 'is more grounded spirit. Deryk cannot understand this; 'e throws 'imself at Nick and is simply deflected because Nick wants a relationship with a partner who is willing to train when asked to. Desiring to be down someone's pants while trying to battle against slavers never works. It will more often than not lead to getting yerself captured. Infinity stated that Nick felt that if Deryk ever got captured due to his 'Cade Stevens desire to be with other males', it would be 'is own fault and Nick likely wouldn't life a claw finger to 'elp 'im. We saw what Cade was like in the Medievon Rebel Squadron. 'is infatuation with Chester Lamar was way over the top to such a degree that it took their version of Kyr to keep 'im in line. Deryk doesn't act like that yet; and Ah would 'ope that we can steer 'im away from ending up like that."

    The Royal Black Kangaroo then said, "Another difference is that the Spacer Aquarians never got any time off; Ah am attempting to give our team some time off; if it doesn't work, then its back to full duty. Ah am more concerned that Kananatoth will be trying something sooner or later. The rotten bloke controls nearly all of Alter-Earth and 'e is still mining the power gems for a purpose Ah do not understand as yet. The rangers agreed to 'elp prevent Kananatoth from getting the power gems. Like the Spacers, the team is no place for a dating exercise. Nick knew this and we know this. If need be, Ah can bring in a replacement for Deryk in a snap. Ah already 'ave my eye on a young man who 'as been depressed these last few months. Granting 'im ranger status for an important role would cheer 'im up considerably. It would also take the pressure off of Mick who is trying to focus on his magic lessons and learning the rest of 'is powers. It is 'ard to focus on learning when a pervert is sizing yer butt 'ole up for a gay rape... Ah believe that is the 'uman terminology."

    Yin-Yang looked worried then looked to his partner whom was managing to find balance in a melody. He noticed the tension between the yin and yang of his partner start to ease a bit. "Bring in the new bloke if yas believe it's the best course of action. But it may be us that fail Deryk should he stumble like the space-going one is doing and 'e ends up replaced. So far, all Deryk 'as done is glance 'is way and imagine what Mick would be like and talk to 'im maybe a little too casually. 'e 'as kept it at that. 'e still 'as morals that keep 'im from going to far. Especially since 'e talks about a 'alf brother that wanted to experiment with 'im after David and the Professor's demise in 'is original timeline. His recollections were in disdain, and Ah can feel the intense discomfort he remembers 'aving." He then said while looking toward his human partner. "Deryk seems to have found a subconscious way to improve 'is balance with the distance between us. Maybe a different form of training may interest 'im. The melody he is making is 'elping 'im where meditation proved ineffective. There may be 'ope for training 'im yet."

    "From what was said of the space-born twins and the ones 'ere in Alter-Earth, the Creator 'umans worship might 'ave not made them equally; one twin is more grounded and easy enough for others to flock around 'im in a personal sense, while the other tries to 'ave some resemblance of a courtship and 'is feelings toward others serve to galvanize 'is solitude." Yin-Yang looked to King Nightlaw. "The Ascetic Training Ah recommended to 'im may not be the right approach, either. Maybe if a kind individual outside of 'is infatuations can teach 'im what came naturally to David, in the physical and in the interpersonal 'e can learn to act better on 'is feelings. Maybe it will curb, if not stop the discomfort others feel around him. Judging by 'is actions and thoughts, 'is upbringing could've been better." He could smell David's bond with Moonhopper and his moon-touched status; he could see it as a natural thing as they were both willing parties. Deryk's interest, though benign right now... is already starting to get some bad results that the Tao Ranger is oblivious to.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Second Chances.

      King Nightlaw gently caressed Yin-Yang's head fur with a paw-hand. "Ah am sorry if yas thought Ah meant to replace Deryk. As Ah told Wendell before 'e left to go shopping, Ah worry about all of my rangers. Even those who feel they 'ave missed the powers boat. Since Mick is trying to focus on 'is magic lessons, 'e needs to temporarily step down as leader to the second-in-command position. The new guy would come in and take the leadership brunt 'imself to prove 'e 'as what it takes to lead a team and win a few battles. 'is counterpart on Mobian Adalia 'as been a Ranger for years. 'is cousin on Earth even got to be a ranger. My friend feels as if the world and the opportunity 'as passed 'im by. If a few of us 'adn't been keeping an eye on the joey, 'e would 'ave committed suicide by now. Deryk may 'ave problems, true, but 'e 'as never fallen that far. 'e got to be a ranger; 'e got the miracle of 'aving 'is brother brought back to life; what 'as my friend gotten? Forgotten in the grand scheme as a background shadow who 'e feels no one would mourn 'is passing if 'e died."

      Nightlaw then straightened up right proudly. "And Ah want to give 'im that chance to join the good fight before some villain schmuck tricks 'im into joining the wrong side." He then lowered his voice once again for Yin-Yang. "We will 'elp Deryk as much as we can. 'aving a new leader may distract Deryk from 'is current path and 'elp 'im to see things yer way. Playing music in 'opes that the one yer playing it for will admit 'is love for yas will never work especially since Mick is focusing on perfecting 'is magical abilities."

      "Ah need to get going now to go collect my main joey and bring 'im back 'ere to join the good fight. 'e 'as suffered long enough; 'e wants to be a red ranger and 'e will get to be one."

      King Nightlaw mentally pinged Clipper. "'old down the fort, Clipper; Ah'm off to fetch the King."

      Clipper smirked with a sly smile as he mentally replied, "Good luck, Nightlaw. You might have to have sex with him in order to convince him; but you have had your eye on the boy for a long time. You know how sexy his ass is, right?"

      Nightlaw shot a mental dirty look at Clipper before he teleported off to find his main joey. *POOF*

      Mick glanced over at Clipper. "What 'as yer muzzle in the gutter, Clipper? Did Leaper find a way to put it up yer rump?"

      Shadow Flame pulled the young man's face back into his eye gazing range. "What has you so distracted, Mick? You were doing far better than this before the last battle."

      Mick sighed. "You're right. I don't know what's causing it. But I cannot be like this in battle and I am interested in learning magic."

      Shadow Flame placed one arm around the human boy's neck. "Come with me... We will go train in Medievon by using the shortcut that the Ranger Lords helped us to establish. And if anyone over there asks, you are my slave student. Not true, but monsters are in charge in Medievon and a human cannot be free simply because in our world it is true." And he began to lead Mick off to get in some private practice time elsewhere.

      Helga then emerged from the curtain where the shortcut to Medievon was located since it also doubled as the supply cavern. She walked over to where Clipper and Yin-Yang were and she said, "Good thing Wendell went to fulfill the shopping list; I didn't realize how much food and drink we have been putting away as an army. I know I don't eat that much; I have to worry about my figure. The Vegan supplies were almost entirely gone. Deryk doesn't eat that much, does he?"

      David as he went to the nearby water barrel, and answered that question. "Actually 'e's been supplementing heavily with greens to ration. Since we 'ave separate tents, Ah dunno if 'e's a sleep eater. Plus some of the foods 'e eats 'ave a tendency to expire fast. The stench can be unbearable to others in camp." He then took a long sip from its ladle. "Deryk seems to like a variety. It's not all fruits, veggies and tofu like many think it is. I may be a meat eater just like the rest of you, but the bloke's my twin... Ah may jab at 'im for 'is dietary choices, but it's keeps 'im 'ealthy. Be glad us twins don't 'ave any food allergies; now that would turn into a provisions nightmare." He took another swig of the water, then poured the rest in the ladle over his head.

      Despite Mick leaving eye-shot, Deryk wasn't too disappointed. His learning music was to have a balance in his life compared to endless training and battles (with his twin and Kananatoth's forces). He wasn't as bad as his space-faring counterpart is just yet. He understood when others needed privacy, and continued to play. He might not be able to read sheet music, but the self-teaching of an instrument is proving to be beneficial. He took a break to breathe. "The view changed a little..." he observed as Yin-Yang returned. "Where 'ave yas been?"

      "Getting some counsel from King Nightlaw," said the Balance Roo KSP. "'e 'elped me to realize Ah was too 'arsh in planning yer training regimen. Ascetic training might not be the right course at this time. And yas seem to do better of keeping yer balance through music. Yas 'ave found a balance Ah couldn't think of." "Beyond what yas learned before yas bonded with me, Yin-Yang?" Deryk quipped. Yin-Yang nodded. "King Nightlaw will return with a new bloke to be given a chance to be a Ranger. Until 'e returns, maybe yas can balance yer music by playing through the various moods. It might yield better results than meditation alone. Ah may be no metronome, but Ah can feel the tension between yer Yin and Yang ease even from 100 meters away." Deryk nodded. "You suprise me Yin-Yang... Ah thought yas were being as strict as Roofus."

      Clipper floated around with a smile. "A time off for some people may not be the best course of action for others. But Nightlaw thinks otherwise; therefore, we will wait and see what comes of this exercise."

      Helga said, "The King is full of surprises, Clipper. We'll give him a chance. If his idea doesn't pan out, we will prop him up by his tail and spank him. As he has often said, a war is no place for an experiment. Nor for love-making."

      Clipper grinned. "How will you prop him up by his tail?"

      Helga slyly smiled at Clipper. "With your magic, of course."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Supplies and a Few Rangers.

        In Sierra Mesa, Wendell was busy gathering supplies when he encountered a lady friend of his whom his sister (Wendy the cheating witch) had given a Medievon power sword to when they were visiting the region one time. "Aiko Marshal! I haven't seen you in ages. How have you been?"

        The black-haired Asian girl smiled back at Wendell. "I cannot complain, cat boy. I haven't seen any more Snake Mountain baddies near Sierra Mesa and I am itching for some more action."

        Wendell chuckled. "I've been helping a rag-tag team of rangers in their battle against an evil warlord. If you didn't mind making the trip with me, you could come back with me and put your ranger skills to good use. But I do need to get the rest of these supplies together. The team is on an earned R&R break at the moment. We have a team member who eats way too many veggies. All because someone tricked him into eating Kangaroo meat one time."

        Aiko made a face. "That would be like eating someone's pet, Wendell. I'd be upset too. I'll help you gether these supplies and then the Blue Vixen will assist you in your battles back home. Come on and lets get this stuff together."

        Not long afterward on the beach outside of Sierra Mesa, Wendell along with the cart of supplies and his lady friend said, "It's Morphing Time!"

        Wendell raised his magic sword on high and shouted, "For the Freedom! Of Trolla!" He was hit with a magical bolt of magical energy, as the Power Gem embedded in the hilt of his sword unleashed a spectacular shimmering brown cinnamon glow all over his body. This glow formed into a bronze uniform reminiscent of a Power Ranger's uniform. Over that appeared the rest of his heroic gear. A silver and gold knightly breastplate appeared first. This was followed by the bracers, belt, greaves, and boots of Eternia. His head was then covered by an tiger-like bronze helmet with a crystal visor. "I have the power!!!" As the sequence subsided, He-Man's Battle Cat and She-Ra's Swiftwind appeared in the background larger than life they merged together to become the Eternal Tiger Windrider Zord. He then struck a final pose. "Eternal Bronze Tiger Ranger!"

        Aiko raised her blade before her and said, "Blade of Legends! Arise!" Just then, the background behind her changed to look like an old European castle and courtyard as her body glowed with a rich bluish light. "Vixen power of my eyes!" Her fox like ranger helm appeared over her head as her face was covered by a black visor. "The rangers' skill, surprise!" Her cyan and blue armored costume then appeared all over her entire body tightly covering her shapely figure as her fox's tail swished sensuously behind her, along with armored white gloves and armored white boots. Then her two-tone cyan and blue cloak appeared around her shoulders, as the background returned to normal, her legendary battle sword with a very bright blue glow around it still held aloft in her hand illuminated the scene around her as she struck her pose. "Blue Noble Vixen Ranger!"

        Back in Australia at the Sydney Opera House, King Nightlaw teleported in directly beside a young man who was getting a private performance from a young lady with a guitar whom looked mighty morphinominally familiar. "Yer a 'ard bloke to locate, Lari." He then saw the lady musician. "Oh, Ah see what's got yer attention. Good day, sheila. Ah'm King Nightlaw and Ah came to recruit Lari 'ere for a Power Rangers mission. Of course, yas may not be interested in participating for old times sake; unlike yer friend Tommy 'as done multiple times. Why should the joeys 'ave all the fun?"

        The brunette smiled and said, "So you need an alumni like me to balance out the good forces and bring cheer to the team in question? I would like to except I don't have access to any of my ranger powers any more. As long as I don't have to give up my music and you can help me with my powers, I will return as the Pink Ninja Ranger." It was Kimberly Ann Hart. "But you said you were here to recruit Lari Kingston Knight. I didn't know he was a former ranger."

        Nightlaw shook his muzzle. "Lari's counterpart on Adalia got to be a ranger and then his cousin locally got to be a ranger. Lari, 'ere, always felt left out of the ranger game. But today, that changes. Since yer counterpart no longer uses 'is original morphing powers, Ah borrowed part of his power and sequence and made yas an all new morpher so yas could be a red ranger like 'im and yer cousin. Will yas join us in the good fight, Kingy. Ah really need yer 'elp against Kananatoth."

        Lari Kingston Knight of Earth stood up and said, "Yas mean I get to be a red ranger like the others. What will the other rangers think of a nobody like me being red?"

        Kimberly hopped down off of the edge of the stage and she gave Lari a hug. "If you have been waiting for this chance, Lari, then don't back out of it because you are afraid. If you would like, I will stand with you. True, it has been a while since I wore spandex, but its like riding a bicycle; once you learn, you never forget."

        Nightlaw smiled. "Since yer 'elping to cheer Lari up, there might be a way for me to 'elp yas get yer ranger powers back. Although with the power of belief, the ability to morph 'as always been in yer 'eart. Let me see what Ah 'ave in my fur pocket..." And he reached into his pouch and pulled out two oblong boxes. The red one was given to Lari; the pink box was given to Kimberly. "Dreamtimers can arrange miracles. Open the boxes and see what Ah summoned."

        Lari pulled out what looked like a gold outlined red unicorn pendant on a chain necklace and he put it on around his neck. "Unicorn!" The Red Unicorn Power Crest suddenly appeared floating directly in front of his face. A cascade of colored special effect explosions erupted behind him, as his body glowed with a brilliant light from the neck down. His feet and hands were covered with white boots and gloves as his body became covered in a smooth white furred leather costume and this was covered with elven chained plate armor in red. His unicorn helmet with an oval visor and a spiraled horn appeared over his head as his Red Unicorn Battle Axe appeared hanging off of his belt. "Red Unicorn Adventure Ranger!"

        Kimberly pulled out what seemed to be a Ninja bracelet similar to the one she previously had in the early nineties and she placed it on her wrist. She struck her pose, as she brought her hands into a cross in front of her face. "Ninja Ranger Power!" Kimberly's pink ninja outfit appeared over her body followed by her Pink Ranger uniform and helmet. She then leaped into the air and landed in an acrobatic pose. "Pink Ninja Ranger!"

        Nightlaw smiled. "Well done, rangers. Now lets get back to the valley."

        Kingston and Kimberly hugged Nightlaw as the three vanished to return to the valley.

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Din-Din-Dinnertime.

          Within the camp, Shadow Flame and Mick returned from their outing with a selection of food and a barrel of drink where they went over to the food preparation area to get a meal started for the rebellion. "We're home, Rangers!" shouted Mick. "We're making dinner!"

          Shadow Flame giggled since they would normally see Nightlaw in the camp or even Clipper.

          And then Wendell and Aiko appeared in camp with the supply wagon as Wendell announced, "Supply run!"

          Moonhopper said, "My father is not back yet, Wendell!"

          Finally, Nightlaw reappeared with Kingston and Kimberly. "I'm back with a few new rangers! We're going to have some music tonight!"

          Helga came out of the storage cave and she started helping Wendell with the supplies.

          Clipper floated out of his tent as he looked over the three new people. "Those two are new, but this young lady is familiar to me. You kidnapped a Ninja Ranger? You are brave, King Nightlaw."

          Nightlaw grinned, "Kimberly was between gigs and she offered to 'elp when Ah went to recruit Kingston. Ah don't know who the other young lady is."

          Wendell smiled. "Nightlaw, this is Aiko Marshal; the current owner of the Noble Vixen Ranger Blade. After my sister found her Legendary Power, she gave this sword to Aiko."

          Nightlaw shook the young lady's hand. "Well met, Aiko. Welcome to the Alter-Earth Rebellion."

          Deryk had a good balance training session with the abstract music changes. His mood has improved a little more. He was smiling for the first time since he saw his twin reborn, and he put his bamboo flute in the back belt loop as if it was a tanto blade. "Better than 'earing me muddle through the flute every night. G'day." Deryk smiled, then nodded towards the newcomers. "Ah best work on the tofu." He then looked towards Wendell. "Thank yas for making the supply run, Wendell. Ah'll make the next one." He then headed towards the vegan cache. This was the first time in a while he didn't have impure thoughts about Mick clouding his mind.

          A freshly-dressed David grinned. "Welcome. The more in this fight the merrier." As Yin-Yang started to float by, a freshly-dressed David pulled the KSP back. "What's gotten my brother in a good mood? Fess up, Yin-Yang."

          "Abstract musical training through emotions," said the Balance Roo partner of Deryk. "Ah 'ad 'im try playing through 'is tides of his emotions. It was obviously choppy as he still learns to play the bamboo flute, but oddly it was more effective than staunch meditation. He'll feel the need to meditate much less to maintain his balance."

          Hector was feeding Jakkin a treat of some rocks. He was still air-drying from being splashed by Jakkin... a lot. He looked towards Clipper. "Thanks again for obtaining the Dragon oil for Jakkin's scales. He looks a lot like himself since I put it on him." He then said. "Hi. I'm Hector. The Shadodrak on my shoulder is Jakkin."

          Sunrise emerged from her tent with the good book in her hands. She only got a few books left in the Old Testament, but she was saving those for after she eats. "Newcomers, quite interesting. Among those that follow the Good Lord, welcome."

          Kimberly said, "I am sure most of you Earth-born rangers know who I am. I was always pretty in pink. After I finished my stint with the Pan-Global Games, I focused on starting a music career with my guitar and voice. Recently while I was in Sydney, Kingston came to see me and I was playing a song for him to cheer him up when Nightlaw appeared to recruit him for this mission. Since I was between gigs, I chose to come along and help."

          Kingston quietly said, "While my new morpher is not exactly like my counterpart's morpher on Adalia, it operates on the same principal, making me the Red Unicorn Adventure Ranger. Kimberly is the Pink Ninja Ranger."

          Aiko smiled. "And I round out the collection as the Blue Noble Vixen Ranger. Wendell and I know each other pretty well."

          King Nightlaw smiled. "Now with the extra relief to balance out the Alter-Earth team, we should be able to make quite the come back that will knock Kananatoth off 'is game."

          Moonhopper hugged David. "With Shadow Flame and Mick preparing dinner we are sure to 'ave a good meal tonight, mates."

          Mick said, "Ah 'ave some of yer records back 'ome, Kimberly. Ah am glad to finally be able to meet yas. Yer music is fantastic."

          As Kimberly blushed from the kind praise, Clipper remarked, "Behave, Rangers. Spirits should be on high what with new team mates to help balance out the mix." He then looked between Kingston and Nightlaw. "Are you sure Kingston will be okay as a Red Ranger, Nightlaw? We know he has been depressed as of late."

          Nightlaw replied, "Ah 'ad always promised 'im that if a situation arose which needed a red ranger that 'e would get first crack at the position. Give 'im a chance, Clipper."

          Clipper nodded his head. "I will, your grace. I just do not want to see a suicidal ranger situation if he for some reason cannot fulfill the role he has been given."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: A Well-Rounded Meal.

            With a combination of roast boar and salmon along with sweet potatoes, green beans and lettuce greens, watered ale rounded out the dinner meal for the rebellion rangers. "Dig in," announced Shadow Flame. "And just so you know, Deryk, the meat is boar and salmon which was prepared for the carnivores in the encampment. Try whatever you are hungry for."

            Nightlaw smiled. "Sounds like a good dinner tonight, Shadow Flame."

            Deryk said to Shadow Flame. "Ah am glad yas are being thoughtful for clarifying what the animal meat is, Shadow Flame. Ah am going to stick with with being meat-free." He got some fresh cooked tofu on his plate along with the veggies.

            David plated a nice portion of the boar. Unlike his twin he enjoyed eating meat even before he unwittingly got himself moon-touched. "The only meat yas like is this one between the legs of a really 'ot stud, eh Deryk Lexington?"

            It was Deryk's turn to blush. "Stop talking gutter talk at dinner, and no middle-naming David Seth!" He was rambling like a ripe virgin over being exposed like that.

            Hector picked some of smaller pieces of boar off his plate to give to Jakkin. He had a more balanced plate.

            Sunrise had fish on her well-balanced plate. She conducted the prayer over the food as usual prior to the others serving themselves.

            Wendell, Aiko, Kingston and Kimberly dined quietly along their side of the table.

            Mick smiled at his team and said, "Tomorrow is the day of prayers, my friends. After that, we will be back on the clock against Kananatoth and 'is wicked minions. It is good to see you back in the fight, Kingston. Nightlaw can be very convincing. And Kimberly... last Ah 'eard, yas were on tour in Australia."

            Kimberly said, "Nightlaw restored my Pink Ninja Ranger powers. And I tagged along to give support to Kingston so he would be more confident in being the Red Unicorn Adventure Ranger."

            Helga then said, "Mick is the leader of our team, however, you could be educated in being a co-leader in training so you could someday have your own team. And as you can plainly see, I am Crimson, Dark Red, not Standard Red like you. Your Parousian counterpart wouldn't sulk and feel sorry for himself when things seemed to start going South for him; so you shouldn't slide down that path either. We will help train you, so don't be thinking we are just going to use you as door bait."

            Wendell said, "Aiko was given a morphing source magical sword from my sister the last time she hit Sierra Mesa. Therefore, Aiko is the Blue Noble Vixen Ranger."

            Aiko said, "The last ranger team-up I had was when the Eternal Protectors came to Sierra Mesa to capture and drag Beast Man back to Parousia. I told Beast Man that he would grow boobs and his manhood would recede into his body to become a pussy if he used my sword. Then it was weeks until Wendell came to get supplies and he told me about your little rebellion."

            David quipped. "And to think Ah was being labeled with a dirty mind..."

            "Yas still 'ave a dirty mind, little brother," Deryk said, looking towards his younger twin after cringing at the idea of Beast Man being turned into a female. He then looked to Kingston and Aiko. "Yas two are welcome to join us in training whenever yas wish. It'll sure beat competing with just David."

            Sunrise smiled. "I will be leading the prayers for those not inclined to believe in the Dreamtime philosophies. I am from a religious order of winged tigresses in Medievon, and ordained by the Good Lord to lead sermons."

            Hector gave a piece of Boar to Jakkin off his plate to eat after he turned his snout up to salmon. "Here, you might like this better than the Salmon, Jakkin."

            Jakkin flapped his wings cutely after swallowing the first taste of Boar. "This food tasty Daddy!"

            Kingston said, "Nightlaw knows that Ah would do anything for 'im. The bloke took me in the last time Ah was pondering dark paths and final journeys. So to get a chance to be like my Adalian counterpart was a chance Ah was glad to 'ave. Ah got lucky to be at one of Kimberly's concerts when Nightlaw came to find me. Of course Kimberly's counterpart on Parousian Adalia may 'ave gotten to be the Ivory Dragon Ranger with Eugene Skullovitch, the Dreamtrail Earth version gets to assist us in the rebellion."

            Mick giggled. "Wait until she meets the younger counterpart of Kimberly... Kimba 'art of the Marvel Thunder team. What was that they are fond of saying? Oh yeah... falling people can scream pretty loudly."

            Clipper slyly grinned. "Maybe one day we can arrange the Kimberly Concert so all of the Kimberly counterparts can meet. I am sure it won't be like the Planet Janet Conference."

            Aiko smiled at Wendell. "Your friends are a lot of fun to listen to."

            Wendell nodded his head before he took a sip of his drink. "We have some good adventures, Aiko."

            Shadow Flame said, "One more day of magical training, Mick, and Kananatoth won't know where you got all your power from."

            Mick smirked. "Ah'm just glad yas are taking the time to teach me 'ow to use magic to improve my ranger abilities."

            Helga said, "Time for bed, guys! Tomorrow is the Lord's day and the last day of our two-day break!"

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: Sunday is for Sinners.

              Early the next morning, Nightlaw awoke to find Kingston resting quietly up against his tummy asleep. "Yas just rest right there, mate. Ah don't 'ave to get up right away."

              For the others, a light breakfast was being prepared and that would be followed by various Sunday services. After that, last minute training was on the agenda.

              Moonhopper gently and quietly cleaned David while the boy rested since they had another session the night before. But this was Sunday...

              Deryk was alone in his tent. He was starting to get accustomed to it once more, although he wasn't going to any of the services; he lost his faith in established religions. All he cared about was training and fighting. Now he had music as part of it, and for that he is grateful that his KSP is being flexible. Yin-Yang was watching over him. "Yas might want to take a bath before the other troops come along. Unless you have figured out how to allow yerself to be 'appy."

              Deryk said groggily. "Might as well... if David is in a crazy mood, Ah won't get a peaceful bath." He then prepared a soap and a clean training outfit for after his ablutions in the baths.

              Sunrise was already done with her ablutions and preparing to preside over her Sunday service. She was looking over the sermon she made after seeing what was going on.

              Hector was already at work cleaning the crud out Jakkin's wings. Imagine having to take care of a shadodrak with large wings, and having him wanting to play while doing it! It was a comical chore for those watching.

              Shadow Flame assisted Helga in preparing breakfast; the two had chosen to bathe earlier that morning when there was like zero activity.

              Mick had gathered the newest Rebellion recruits for a pow wow with Clipper so they could be brought up to date in regards to Kananatoth's past activities and current plots. This meant those that Clipper and Wendell had brought in; as well as any new rebellion soldiers whom had willingly joined Nightlaw during the break. Clipper was gladly instructing those present in all of the activity from Day One up to current so they would know what to expect from the enemy. Kingston would get the update from Nightlaw once the boy and the King were decent and could speak studiously.

              Wendell raised his magic sword on high and shouted, "For the Freedom! Of Trolla!" He was hit with a magical bolt of magical energy, as the Power Gem embedded in the hilt of his sword unleashed a spectacular shimmering brown cinnamon glow all over his body. This glow formed into a bronze uniform reminiscent of a Power Ranger's uniform. Over that appeared the rest of his heroic gear. A silver and gold knightly breastplate appeared first. This was followed by the bracers, belt, greaves, and boots of Eternia. His head was then covered by an tiger-like bronze helmet with a crystal visor. "I have the power!!!" As the sequence subsided, He-Man's Battle Cat and She-Ra's Swiftwind appeared in the background larger than life they merged together to become the Eternal Tiger Windrider Zord. He then struck a final pose. "Eternal Bronze Tiger Ranger!"

              Wendell then sniffed himself with precision. "Looks like I need to clean this armor today. It is starting to smell like the enemy."

              Nightlaw was soon seen with Kingston as the two greeted a Dreamtime courier roo and the black kangaroo king began to read over the information scroll he had been handed. "When did the Courier Roos acquire time traveling, mate?"

              The Time Courier Roo remarked, "It became necessary in our 'ome time period when the Time Dragons chose to share the ability with our current Courier Roo service which 'ad almost dwindled down to a mere pittance. Ah 'ave to return to 2059 now, mates. Use this bauble when yas want to summon a Time Courier, yer grace." And he handed over a jewel that was encircled by a gold and silver holder and the rest was connected to a light-weight chain.

              Kingston knelt down to one knee and he gave the Time Courier Roo a kiss on the muzzle while gently holding his furry paw-hand. "Thank yas for bringing King Nightlaw this message, 'andsome. Come on back any time." And then he straightened back upright once again as he looked to the black kangaroo king.

              The Time Courier Roo looked giddy and spry after getting that kiss. "Too bad we don't 'ave nice joeys like yas in our time period. Gotta go!" And he vanished in a twinkling array of rainbow sparkles.

              Nightlaw grinned at Kingston. "What did the bloke taste like, mate?" Kingston replied with a smile. "Peppermint with a 'int of Fosters." Nightlaw then said, "Kingston, Ah don't want to mislead yas in what Ah am about to say to yas, but Ah brought yas in to try out leadership 'ere in the rebellion. Normally, Mick Kane is the field leader of the rangers; but Ah promised yas at one time that yas would get this chance. Just remember that yer counterpart 'as charisma and presence to command respect of 'is team mates. Once Mick finishes 'is magic training, 'e will be instructing yas in 'ow to be a leader like yer counterpart got to be. Unlike 'im, yas don't 'ave Knuckles trying to get down yer pants."

              Kingston chuckled. "What does that scroll that the Time Roo brought yas 'ave to say?" Nightlaw looked it over and made a sad face for a moment. "It isn't cheery news, that's for sure. In fact, it could make Deryk take on yer dark role unless we do something about it. Lexington Lonewolf passes away just after the Christmas of 2030 during a demon-dragon attack that apparently something called Neo-Demons 'ad a 'and in creating. And they are being bankrolled by..." he growled. "Kananatoth! Ah knew the dastardly bloke was being too quiet as of lately! Anyway... the request is for me to rescue Lexington and Seth out of an earlier time period just after they came to Australia but before their fatal encounter with Master Sakar... and to leave a copy of them in their place so no one is the wiser. The request comes from Secret Police Captain Peter Haerford whom says 'e failed to protect Lexington in the final moments of the battle at the station." Kingston then inquired, "But if you change their past, then yas won't be any more than a time criminal yerself. What are yas going to do, Nightlaw?"

              Nightlaw hugged Kingston. "What we are going to do is 'ave breakfast with the other rangers and get their advice on this matter. Deryk Lonewolf tried to change 'is own past once and look what that landed 'im in. He got a curse from Sakar that nearly tore the ranger in half. That is why Yin-Yang is Deryk's assigned KSP. And As I recall from Lord Kiel, copying and cloning people is what causes the most trouble in ordinary lives. Our version of Deryk is one such bad guy attempt to split Deryk into two rangers. Thankfully, the bloke 'ad some good friends to 'elp 'im out. Come on, mate, lets go eat and drop the news on the other rangers."

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Breakfast Advice.

                When Breakfast was finally prepared and Nightlaw insisted that all rebellion members and rangers attend or be accused of siding with the enemy... Nightlaw stood up and said, "Ah know Ah promised yas a weekend off, but word reached me of Kananatoth's dirty plottings in the outside world. And it involves yas, Deryk... when Ah read this scroll aloud to all of yas, please remain calm and try to discuss this in a mature manner."

                Then came the request from Moravian Worg Ranger and Secret Police Captain Peter Haerford of 2031 in regards to the rescue of Lexington and Seth.

                When Nightlaw stopped reading, he sat down and said, "Be mature, mates... and Deryk, yas tried to change the past once and look what it got yas. Ah need advice from my rangers and the rebellion. If Kananatoth wasn't involved in this plot, Ah wouldn't 'ave bothered to bring this to yer attention."

                Deryk looked down, he got to know his parents better than David did. "Some'ow it succeeded in keeping Father alive for longer." He then said. "But if time ran it's course, then 'e left two children behind to deal with a devastating loss."

                David looked towards his older twin. "Deryk... 'e lived a long life if 'e lived in 2030. They died when we were a year old in 2013. If yer presence in 2011 was worth something, yas 'elped to give 'im seventeen more years."

                "Yet when Ah was cursed, my presence moved the confrontation between Sakar and our parents two years early," Deryk countered. "What Ah really gave Father was fifteen years. Dad is longer considering..." He needed to change back the subject. He didn't want to spoil the fact that Seth was a dragon to his brother yet. "And that was because I didn't land at the time Ah intended. Besides the day Ah battled Sakar was the anniversary of their engagement. February 14th. Ah learned the 'ard way that day... the ends did not justify the means."

                Hector shook head. He hated Valentine's Day.

                Sunrise said, "Would it have ended the same, should you have landed in the intended time?"

                "Ah was willing to sacrifice myself, so our past selves wouldn't live a life without parents." Deryk said gloomily. "Now that possibility is erased with that future... and Ah wasn't left for dead in the Outback to suffer the painful curse."

                David said, "Did Lord Peter say anything in the scroll about Father's next of kin, mate?"

                Nightlaw said, "It mentions that Baby Daniel is missing. If Kananatoth is responsible for the child's disappearance then this is a new low for 'im. Lord Peter is currently in 2031 according to this scroll. 'e wants to undo 'is mistake. The bloke apparently loved Lexington."

                Mick said, "Ah 'ave to wonder if this isn't a trick that Kananatoth arranged to get us lured off into a trap. 'e is angry enough that we 'ave been taking the power gems away from 'is collectors."

                Wendell remarked, "Nightlaw, did Lord Peter harbor any love for Seth whom was always off on adventures, or do you figure that mentioning him is a tip-off to the possible trap?"

                Nightlaw flicked one ear before replying. "Ah was only asking yas blokes and sheilas for advice. My only concern is against Kananatoth. Besides, Australia 'as several ranger teams across the continent and any of them could 'ave done this mission not to mention, they are actually closer to the correct time frame. We are currently 'ere in 2012. What Ah think should be done is for Clipper to contact Lord Peter in 2031 and ask 'im if 'e sent us a scroll message of any kind. If 'is answer is no, then the scroll was just the latest trick from Kananatoth to make us leave Alter-Earth." He then focused on Wendell. "Ah believe mentioning Seth was the tip-off."

                Deryk crossed his arms. "Ah would doubt the notions Dragons giving their baubles to kangaroos in any time frame. Dragons are intelligent, but from what little Ah 'eard about them, they are not on that level of selflessness. Even in my father's journal, it is said that Master Ryuu is a selfish pervert a good part of the time he wasn't training his Sentai counterpart in Juikungrate."

                David said, "Ah found the journal 'ard to read." Deryk quipped, "Because yas didn't learn to read Kanji or 'iragana, David Seth." The younger twin smirked. "No middle-naming, Deryk Lexington!"

                Hector said, "Western Dragons are said to be selfish in their motives. Eastern Dragons are usually the ones that show more wisdom, as far as books are concerned."

                "I can vouch for Deryk on the selfishness of Dragons," interjected Sunrise. "In the Seaward Coasts of Medievon, the Dragon Kings Jade and Spectra are the most blasphemous and selfish of Dragons. One would use even the Rebels and Ranger Lords for their own motives. The other is much more foul, and a fascination for a dragon that doesn't seem to exist. The only exceptions would be Cedric, whom gave up his kingdom to Lord Gryff for unknown reasons and assisted the Rebels and Ranger Lords... and Dragon King Fire Heart, whom remains neutral in the affairs of his children."

                Shadow Flame laughed for a moment before adding, "One of Fire Heart's stupid children fell in love with a White Dragon Titan Zord belonging to Lisa Sails-Carpenter; aka the White Dragon Soul Ranger. In fact, he is still plotting ways to win her claw in marriage."

                Kingston then said, "Ah 'ave an idea in regards to the Time Courier Roo. Let me borrow that Courier Jewel, Nightlaw." And once it was handed to Kingston allowing all the rangers to see it, Kingston held up the jewel before him and said, "Will the Time Courier Roo, that Ah gave a kiss to, and 'is Courier Boss please return 'ere to Alter-Earth at Nightlaw's encampment? We need to make an inquiry about yer last job! Ah'll give yas another kiss if yas make this a priority!" And then the jewel sparkled with a rainbow light before a familiar (to Kingston and Nightlaw) voice was heard. "On our way, cutie!"

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Four.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, Insights for the Road Ahead.