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Southern Star Blue


Old ranger and rider tales from Adalia written with a new twist on Earth Ultra.

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[SSB-01] Demon Hunter Metallix
When the Devlin Demon Hunters first began, no one knew just how exciting the Outback was going to get. [1991]
Topics: 8 Posts: 64
8 64
[SSB-02] Hawk Storm
Teenagers are gifted as the newest Power Rangers in Rabbit Rock to battle against an ancient Native American spirit who escaped from imprisonment. [1996]
Topics: 1 Posts: 12
1 12
Lord Pouchlaw
[SSB-03] Kamen Rider Prince
An athletic youth vies for the love of a golden princess but his rival uses forbidden technology to win at any cost. But through the use of the Honor of Prince, he evens the odds. [2001]
Topics: 0 Posts: 0
0 0
[SSB-04] Street Virtue
A band of dumpster dwelling street rats are enchanted with holy power to defy gang warfare within their city. [2002]
Topics: 1 Posts: 8
1 8
Lord Pouchlaw
[SSB-05] Dragon Guardians
A magician recruits a group of young adults to help in the fight against a time displaced dragon king and his scaled generals. [2003]
Topics: 2 Posts: 13
2 13
Lord Pouchlaw
[SSB-06] Fighting Dragon Riders
These Dragon Riding human teenagers fight to prevent an invasion of dragons from another dimension. [2004]
Topics: 2 Posts: 20
2 20
[SSB-07] Eternal Protectors
He-Man, She-Ra and Orko team up with four teenagers from Earth as they have all new adventures against Hordak, Skeletor and Evil-Lyn. [2005]
Topics: 3 Posts: 26
3 26
Lord Pouchlaw
[SSB-08] Lunar Crusaders
After an avalanche in Ski Country, former Power Ranger actors get to live the dream as they experience the adventure of a lifetime. [2006/2015]
Topics: 3 Posts: 25
3 25
[SSB-09] Yin Yang
The wackiest friends in River Bluff, Missouri, band together to defend their home turf from waves of wacky enemies. [2007]
Topics: 2 Posts: 7
2 7
Lord Pouchlaw
[SSB-10] Adventure League
When the Machine Empire targets southern Australia, an old Native American shaman recruits a club of young people to become the newest Power Rangers. [2008]
Topics: 4 Posts: 43
4 43
[SSB-11] Ultra
When ghost pilots of the past attack the nation's capitol, an aviation museum curator crafts new divinely empowered morphers for flying at Ultra speed. [2009]
Topics: 6 Posts: 61
6 61
[SSB-12] Marvel Thunder
Whisked off into another dimension via magic, six teenagers gain the power to morph with the utterance of a single word. [2010]
Topics: 4 Posts: 61
4 61
Lord Pouchlaw
[SSB-13] Arcanum Universum
Arcanum Universum: Deryk Devlin and his friends learn to be magic users in an Australian environment.
Topics: 9 Posts: 108
9 108
Lord Pouchlaw
[SSB-14] Storm Horizon
Deryk Devlin and his new team take the Australian skies to battle against the evils of the weather witch.
Topics: 7 Posts: 59
7 59
Lord Pouchlaw
[SSB-15] Ranger Rider Academy
Deryk of New Adalia opens up the Academy of Ranger Excellence to find the newest selection of Power Rangers and Kamen Riders for the future. [2030]
Topics: 6 Posts: 50
6 50
[SSB-16] All-Stars
Trained from birth to fight the forces of evil comes an Australian legacy joey representing Strategy, Tactics, Action, and Readiness. Join Deryk Devlin and his friends in an adventure meant for greater things. (2004)
Topics: 1 Posts: 6
1 6
Lord Pouchlaw
[SSB-17] KR: Stranger
The purple clad winged rabbit has appeared in countless time periods always citing that someone saved will save the world and repay them in the future. He is about to reappear again. (2010)
Topics: 1 Posts: 1
1 1
Lord Pouchlaw
[SSB-18] KR: Fox
When you need a mystery hero with guile and wit and the craftiness of a fox, you simply call upon the Fox Rider of White Deer Park in England. (2018)
Topics: 2 Posts: 7
2 7
Lord Pouchlaw
[SSB-19] Finest Hour
Have a multiple ranger team up story to share which involves two or more separate ranger teams? Post those here.
Topics: 2 Posts: 38
2 38
[SSB-20] Misc Tales
Miscellaneous stories such as "Exodus" are found here.
Topics: 3 Posts: 6
3 6
Lord Pouchlaw
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