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[2T-PR3] PRFF-05 What Could Have Been

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    [2T-PR3] PRFF-05 What Could Have Been

    Power Rangers Freedom Force
    Episode Five: What Could Have Been.
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle and Lexington Lonewolf

    1) Michael Knight, Red Force Ranger
    2) Kazuki Kiau, Blue Force Ranger
    3) Corona Bengala, Orange Force Ranger
    4) Thomas Copperfield, White Force Ranger
    5) Ned Yamada-Davidson, Gold Force Ranger
    6) Kaoru Suzuki, Green Force Ranger

    Also Starring, Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger

    Featuring, The New Kingdom Knights:
    Lari Knight, Solar Knight Ranger/Rider

    Alastair Zavierio: An American architect with the Yoshima Kiro Design Corporation in Kyoto, Japan.
    Yellow-Cloud: A Werewolf trader of the Gold Rush clan (Hollywood, California region)
    Gregory "Greg" Sterling: One of Thomas' friends in Hollywood
    Agua Tsunamus: a water drake captain
    Raja: a rakshasa sorcerer in non-morphic tiger form
    Master Ryuu: A miniature hermit dragon instructor (like Rocket, Gong, and Raker)

    Mobian Allies:
    Sega Lonewolf: the Gold Hedgehog
    North Lonewolf: the White Hedgehog
    Sony: the Rainbow Hedgehog
    Impulse Celeron: the Purple Hedgehog
    Nitro Celeron: the Red Slinky Hedgehog
    Timmy Celeron: the Blue Courier Hedgehog

    Cyber Robotnik, Dr. Robotnik's grandson - Michael's enemy
    Ukami Pyromis, the Fire Princess - Kazuki's enemy
    Stylus "The Bride Hunter" Fulton - Corona's enemy
    Alpha Fangtrap of the Blood Moon Clan - Thomas' enemy
    Tamus Frigidus, Recruiter of New Tatsu-Lan - Ned's enemy
    Drago Chlorinor, Draconian Shinobi - Kaoru's enemy

    Chapter One: Reflections and Memories.

    Mobian Jungle, Mobius 2030 A.D.; New Knothole Outpost, Hot Springs Resort
    Club Freedom

    Laying out on a large flat sunning stone with their heads closest together were Knuckles, Michael, Sonic, Shadow, Lari, Timmy, and Nitro. The others had volunteered to take care of Nitro's brood just so he got some time off with the other boys. Michael was in his Red Echidna form, so it looked like there were two Knuckles side by side. Lari was in his orange Solar form. Timmy was in his Blue Hedgehog Courier form.

    Lari was commenting on the lameness of the mentored Confederate Fury. "...and to make matters worse, when Ah offered to answer questions and lend advice, they all got distracted and ignored the fact Ah was even there. Now Ah see why Carrington never wanted to put up with this bunch for very long. Their attention span is zero. Oh what Ah wouldn't give just to know what it could 'ave been like... if Ah 'ad truly gotten to be in Kiel's Project Team... the Outback Rescue... instead of Cary."

    Sonic replied, "We were there, Lari. It was just plain awful. I think a lot of those involved knew it wasn't really you leading the team even when Kiel set up the shortcut and got the team to Pouchlaw's academy. I know Pouchlaw wasn't fooled. And he told us Mobians as much. This Lari looks like the Lari Ah've seen at the club'ouse but the bloke doesn't smell nor act like 'im. Exact words. So he knew, Lari, that Cary wasn't you."

    Shadow nodded his head. "And North said he knew it wasn't you on sight except the only Lari he had ever met was Cary from the first day. Had it been Joey saying it... different story. He had met the real you when they saved the clubhouse and then he met Cary. But North only met Cary, yet he said he could tell it wasn't you on sight."

    Knuckles smirked. "Good thing Sega and North are still on board the star ship or else he would be here to defend himself."

    "The North of Earth was young back then," said Timmy. "As well as naive. North of Adalia has more of a level head on him, and doesn't have a population of were-roo joeys to worry about." He then turned to face Lari, as he was in between him and Nitro. "Even though we had our own issues that separated us, even Outback Rescue in its many names had more staying power than Confederate Fury!" He then said. "I'd say that group needs a huge kick in their complacency by a giant flyer foot."

    "You're sounding a little vicious, Timmy," said Nitro.

    Timmy countered. "I am trying to say that those kids need to sort out their priorities and get their act together. They've been at this 'doing their own thing' crap long enough. Mr. Wings with his parent issues that are solved for the time being, The newest Sonic Fan with puberty problems, Bindi's daughter (need I say more?), James and Marcy's son... is truly James' son; he only needs to look up from his sketchbook more often to see the world before him. Eddie is mated to Tailblaze and is quite loyal, and Miranda... has an over-protective father." He rustled his fur in frustration. "Even I didn't act like this when Nitro and I got married!"

    "Except you did pass out once or twice at team gatherings when Impulse was born," Nitro winked.

    Lari nodded his head once. "The demon version of me made one mistake when 'e decided to build a new club'ouse... the real me would 'ave built it near Blackall and failing that since Blackall was destroyed in the wars... New Blackall, but outside of town just as the first club'ouse 'ad been. Then if Ah was to get club members, they would be those people who Prince Pouchsong would know and could keep a wary eye on. Making a new club'ouse on the opposite side of the continent simply told everyone that this fake Lari wasn't me. It even made Carrington suspicious and that's saying something."

    Michael then said, "Ah still don't know what to call yas, Lari. Uncle doesn't sound right and Ah know yas aren't my father. Yas said Ah looked like yer missing older brother of the same name. But the Arranger said 'e got my DNA from Lari and North samples from Dreamwolf and then he took Cary's echidna form and gave it to me after cleansing it of demon ties. So Ah am more a Dreamwolf Knight than a Dreamtrail Knight."

    Lari smiled. "Brother works, Michael. We don't know what else to say about it." He then looked at Timmy. "But as for that bunch... Eddie is the only one who 'as 'is loyalty straight. Even Tailblaze said that Eddie showed up every day to train with professionals watching to point out 'ow 'e could improve 'is fighting form. And the others never showed up at all. Yas 'ave to wonder if the others are really rangers at all or if they are just role playing as if it was a game."

    "Maybe we should stir up a real big 'hornet's nest,'" said Nitro in a smirky thought. "And I don't mean the Draconic kind, either. Something to give that bunch a reality check."

    Timmy looked at his husband quizzically. "Tell me you don't mean... 'them,' do you?"

    At that moment, a were-kangaroo boomer lord with an eye patch and a bandage over one leg stood within Lari's and Timmy's view as he said, "If wishes were 'orses, Beggars would ride; And if turnips were bayonets; Ah would wear one by my side." It was Lord Kiel who often got around to where ever he felt he needed to be. "So yas are wondering what it would 'ave been like in my Outback Rescue 'ad it been the real yas and not Cary, are yas? Well first of all... yas were the only one Ah originally wanted. But Ah was a fair order lord so Ah included yer team in on the offer as well. Later on when Rusty offered to join the second incarnation of Outback Rescue, 'e said there was a joey who 'ad earned joining the order far beyond all others. We thought 'e meant Studpaw but 'e later told me that 'e was implying Cary, who everyone thought was Lari. Everyone except smart Dreamtimers. We could tell the difference. That was the day Ah told 'im the truth: Cary was not Lari and 'as never been 'im. If we 'ad access to the real yas back then, Lari, yas would 'ave been a Three Musketeers Order member yerself. As Ah said, yas were the original one Ah wanted. And Ah still care about yas. Timmy too. 'e was smart to stay loyal to the real yas."

    "Ah'm just wondering if it is too late to joining the ranger game, Lord Kiel, sir," replied Lari. "Ah've been kept out of the loop for so long. Ah keep wondering if Ah should even be in the world now."

    Kiel petted Lari's hedgehog leg gently. "We will always want yas, Lari. And so will Timmy. When 'e learned of the rescue mission to free yas, they didn't 'ave to ask 'im to join; 'e volunteered without question. Timmy will always want yas in the world. And so will Ah."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: The Scent Makes Sense.

    Hollywood, California;
    Pocket Dimension behind the 'D' in the Hollywood sign

    Thomas, Greg, Corona, Raja, Kazuki, Agua, Yellow-Cloud, and Tamus Frigidus were within the large auditorium like training chamber where the White Dragon sipped on a icy cold slush while Thomas worked out with his powers.

    "Tamus..." started Thomas. "Ned told me the other day that you went to visit him and while there, you acted all lovey-dovey again to such a sickening degree. But when you did come back here, that 'act' vanished and you were acting all civil again. What is up with you dragons that makes your minds go into the gutter when you are around another dragon?"

    Tamus replied very civil like, "Believe it or not it is a pheromone that a dragon who cannot control himself emits that makes dragons like me become infatuated with them. Because Ned is still learning how to be a dragon and he does not fully embrace it, he exudes that scent. If you humans could smell it, you would know what I meant. Although there is a spell that temporarily allow you and your team to sense it. Then you would learn that it is not I alone who is reacting that way. It would drive Ned crazy because he would think the team had flipped out. But in all truth, Thomas, I actually like hanging out with you and your friends here in Hollywood more than I want to be around Ned."

    Corona said, "Huh. So Ned is putting off a scent that makes full dragons want to... love and mate with him. He won't like hearing about that."

    Kazuki said, as he worked on mastering his water elemental training so Agua won't lose his patience. "And he would probably dismiss it as 'lies' if yas told 'im." He looked to Agua. "What do yas think of this, shisou?"

    Agua replied, "Drakes are immune to the scent he speaks of and Tamus is not lying about it. Drakes can smell it but since we are immune, we tend to ignore it because the source is not a drake like ourselves. His words are true this time. If he says he prefers being with Thomas and his friends here, then it must be true. Dragons and drakes of the water based variety are far more honest than those who use sand or fire... your cousins... 'nuff said."

    Thomas hummed. "I just recently made up with Ned and now to learn this... he is going to be so ticked off that its a scent he is making that is making dragons-" He stopped as he remembered something. "GUYS! Master Ryuu is a full dragon like Tamus! If Tamus is affected by the scent... think what it is doing to Master Ryuu? And he HAS been practically living with Ned ever since the team invited him to help train everyone!"

    Corona made a face. "And he is perverted enough without a sexy scent to help him."

    Greg said, "But is this Master Ryuu a dragon that would even like Ned in that way? All the perverts Thomas and I know of are mostly interested in girls."

    Tamus smiled at Greg and gently hugged him. "A word of information, my friends... all Tatsu-Lan and New Tatsu-Lan dragons are bisexual. That means they can go either way. They can claim to only like one gender all they want, although truthfully they like both. There is no stronger preference of one over another. They simply take what they can get. In Master Ryuu's case, he is a pervert who clearly tries hard to be all over ladies. But among dragons, lady dragons are more rare than you know since the male dragons can make and lay eggs themselves. They do it all the time. But again, in Master Ryuu's case, since those females he has tried to go after are human, no one knows what he is really thinking."

    Agua nodded his head. "Drakes have the same preferences as dragons but this is a topic we choose not to speak of."

    "Then Ryuu likes both sexes in dragons," said Corona. "but in humans he only goes for girls. And since he is always training humans anyway, he prefers to spend that time are the ladies."

    Tamus grinned. "Correct. However, he might know of the scent and is using it to make himself more attracted to female humans. A master pervert is capable of that."

    Yellow-Cloud then said, "In the team's best interest, I think a warning should be sent back to base."

    Corona lifted up her cellphone and tapped in the call number for Kaoru. "Don't say my name out loud, Kaoru, but listen closely... we just learned that Ned is emitting a sex inducing scent that makes any dragon who smells it become very enamored in him. But this is the important part... it has the opposite affect on perverts... it makes them like girls even more. So if Master Ryuu has been looking your way more intensely than normal, now you know why."

    At that moment over the Hokkaido Prefecture, a single engine plane flew over with a long banner streaming behind it. The words on the banner read: Princess Corona and Stylus Fulton will be married soon!

    Michael, Knuckles, Sonic, and Nitro all saw it. "Oh my bleeping ancestors!" exclaimed Michael. "It's that kook that Corona 'ates!"

    Sonic folded his arms over his chest looking disgusted. "Good thing she isn't here to see that."

    "Wakarimasu," said Kaoru, remembering that she taught some Japanese words to Corona that were easy to understand. "Umm... maybe it's good that you aren't here. That baka hired a jet to carry an 'announcement.'" She then was heard saying in Japanese, "Kazuki-san, tell our friend that because of that announcement, one might believe best wishes are in order."


    Suzuki Kaoru-sama's most useful use of a frying pan #14: Pervert Dodging. "Ecchi!"

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: A Day in the Life (The Boy's Outing.)

      It was the next day and Michael thought it might be a good idea to take ALL the boys fishing down on the banks of a nearby river. All male Mobians along with Ned, Master Ryuu, himself, Kazuki, Thomas, Greg, and Lari had all chosen their fishing spots along the river. Just the boys and no one else. No girls. And no enamored dragons trying to get down Ned's pants. However, Bahamut did arrive with one of his Steel Dragon Commanders and they took Ned and Master Ryuu further along the river to a dragon discussion slash fishing spot.

      Michael smiled at Kazuki. "Looks like Ba'amut got my message about Ned's scent. Maybe now they can get this fixed. Ah noticed that Agua isn't with yas today, so 'ow is yer training coming along?"

      "It's going far better than I expected, Michael-san," said Kazuki as he reeled in his line and throwing the line back in with a more proper method. "Though shishou is a bit fidgety about how my training might not be up to par with the training my cousins get in their own elements."

      Master Ryuu was instructing Ned in getting on one knee and bowing in reverence to the Platinum Dragon of the East Winds, Bahamut. "Your head is too high, as the royals might say, Ned-kun." He looked towards Bahamut, and bowed in reverence like a mini-dragon would. "We are humbled by your presence, Bahamut, Platinum Dragon of the East Winds."

      Bahamut was NOT in his elderly bald human form this time. He was in dragon form. That always meant serious business. "Master Ryuu... Lord IO is not happy with you. He learned that you have been making inappropriate advances on human females. His message to you is to either stay true to your species or..." He pulled out what looked like dragon testicle clippers. "...prepare to be fixed so you can focus on the tasks at claw."

      The Steel Dragon Commander had nose plugs in his nostrils and a gas mask over that as he worked on curing Ned's gland that was causing the scent. It was far past time to make things right with Ned. "We got to you in time, Ned. A few more days and you would have developed your first samate. That is what the scent was warning you about; the coming of something no self respecting dragon wants nor needs. It has to be cured so you can focus on mending your friendship with your best friend, the white magician. But as Lord IO has declared toward Master Ryuu... love making should remain within the species you are going to choose to embrace. As a half-dragon, you must decide if you are a human with dragon powers or a Dragon with a human form and magical powers. Which one makes more sense to you, Ned? Think it over carefully."

      Lari was fishing with Timmy, Nitro, and the other Mobian males, which included Impulse (whom Thomas really liked; but Thomas was with Greg at their own spot.)

      "Fishing on the lazy river, good friends by my side... sexy studly Mobians... making me rise like the tide." Lari grinned as he was having to rub his groin. "And Nitro can cause any male to feel this way, can't you?"

      Timmy smiled and gave Lari a Mobian smooch, too distracted by Lari to care that his line caught a bite. And the kiss was deep. "Any male, Lari... even me." He started to embrace his Lari's hand, joining the motion of rubbing his groin. The Courier Hedgehog was in heat when Nitro is not.

      "Eeeyuck, Dad!" lamented Impulse as he ran to get the rod and reel in his father's fish. "You're getting to be like my Grandparents on Mom's side!" He could imagine how wild Shadow and Knuckles could be when it comes to making children with other Mobians.

      Nitro took Lari's fishing rod, so he wouldn't miss a bite when it happens. "Let your father have his fun, Impulse. It's not everyday that he gets like this, and even a most rare occurrence that I don't have any plans to reciprocate." He winked.

      Sonic grinned. "You can go pounce Thomas if you want to, Impulse. I am sure he and Greg are not having sex."

      Sighing, and looking towards Thomas while Master Ryuu was starting to sweat through his scales. He was still feeling strongly for Thomas, albeit they were friends. He then said, "I rather be like my father in most respects... someone that won't garner the affections of a New Tatsu-Lan Dragon. A human with dragon powers." He then looked back towards the Steel Dragon. "But answer me this; if I remained a dragon, would the samate removed be considered castration like it was made propaganda by that New Tatsu-Lan Courier that swoons so creepily over me?"

      Sweating over a decision of his own, Master Ryuu couldn't scold Ned to show more respect to the steel dragon, and stop being Tsundere before a Dragon god.

      The Steel Dragon replied, "I hate to be the one to inform you of this, Ned, but that Courier Dragon was only swooning for you in your presence because this alluring scent was causing him to react in a way that is not normal for him to act. When he departed and flew away from Japan to visit Thomas, his mind and lungs would clear and the version of the Courier that your friend Thomas met was completely different from the one you have been dealing with. The Courier was actually civil to your friend and not once interested in sex. He figured the problem out fast after he came to see you a third time and after that, he felt it safer for his own sanity to remain with Thomas and his friends who were with him. But that isn't the only news I have for you. This next part I only learned myself within the last few hours from Lord IO. Removing the samate, sadly, is pointlesss. It is horrible to learn that the New Tatsu-Lan Dragons knew what they were talking about. Three months after such a removal, the gland regenerates and the dragon grows an all new samate. Just as the New Tatsu-Lan Dragons continuously warned us... you cannot remove something as natural as breathing for dragons. Therefore, if you chose to be human, Ned... you would never have to deal with a samate ever again. But if you choose to remain a dragon, you will always have this scent although it gets weaker as you age. Tho while young, the smell can make your friendships like Hell on Earth. Something I think you and Thomas have already experienced. You almost lost his friendship once. If Tamus had not told him what the problem was, your friendship would be completely impossible. So... what do you want to have done? It is considered a castration, sadly. They did not lie. We made a mistake."

      Ned was a little revolted by the fact that removing the ability to have a samate temporarily was the equivalent of castration. "I choose to be human. As much as it is fun to fly, I would never want to ruin friendships like I almost did."

      Master Ryuu said, unamused by the samate removal method. "There are some things in life you must sacrifice, Ned-kun," said Master Ryuu, avoiding being neutered this time. "You'll get to fly again, but not by your own power like the dragons do."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Magical Moments With Impulse.

        Finding the fishing crappy, Thomas decided to take a short hike. It was still a boy's outing but he simply wouldn't be fishing. Greg joined the Mobians at their spot while Impulse got a reprieve from the yucky activity his one parent was doing. Thomas and Impulse went mountain climbing by themselves and soon found a private vine covered cave where they could still see the distant fishing location.

        "I..." started Thomas blushing. "Um... your fur coloration really turns me on, Impulse. During Michael's birthday party... and I let you sit in my lap..." He paused because he was having trouble saying it. "Impulse... I really... like you. No, I mean... dammit... I love you, Impulse."

        Impulse had blushed. He was never spoken to like that before. "Umm... thanks, I guess..." He didn't know what really to say, since he was only enjoying the sweets of Japan at the time. "No one's ever said that to me before, except for my parents..." He blushed even deeper, then gave a hug to Thomas. "But the love of a parent is different!"

        Thomas slowly hugged Impulse gently and whispered, "We don't have to do anything like your parents do, if you don't want to. Ned is my friend, that is true, but I don't love him in that particular way. But..." He then planted a slow kiss on Impulse's lips while holding him there in the moment.

        The kiss gave Impulse a stirring he hasn't felt since he became a teenager. He didn't want to piss off a dragon, but this felt right. And he didn't know Ned, since he preferred to be around Kazuki and the Mobian cousins. "Thomas... I'm still a virgin, but if you wanna help me lose it, Ah'll gladly give it to you."

        Thomas was blushing more now mainly because he didn't actually expect Impulse would suggest that. "Well... okay. Er... I'm not exactly experienced myself but my shaft is... a bit big. Dad says it runs in the family. Here, I'll show you." And he began to slowly remove his clothes entirely... and his undershorts last which revealed... something that most men wished they had but rarely did. Thomas wasn't kidding; his was dreamy. "If you are sure you want to do this... I am willing to take yours in return."

        Unzipping and removing all his clothes (especially his sneakers to show off the big sexy five-toed feet all Mobian Hedgehogs have. Emerging from his sheath was a long shaft. He was as well-endowed as his father (and more than likely what Lari would be feeling while Timmy was in heat), yet his was not as thick. "Bigness seems to run in both our families..." He blushed, as he fondled Thomas' goods with his hand, while wondering if the Magician's son had a Mobian Foot Fetish like North did before joining the species.

        Thomas lightly moaned a little from the touch as he returned the favor with one hand as he rubbed over the back of Impulse's head fur with the other hand. He was lightly rubbing one foot over the hedgehog's furry foot, so yes, Thomas also seemed to have a Mobian foot fetish like North did. But once involved with his partner, Thomas was not going to get cold feet now. He wanted to go through with this. Although he wasn't expecting anything to come of their together time, if it did... Thomas and Impulse might be in the same trouble Nitro and Timmy started out in... only it might be both of them instead of just the one because 'protection' was the last thing on Thomas' mind at the moment.

        It was then that Impulse laid himself on the ground and used his bare feet to fondle Thomas' sac. "I'm ready whenever you are, mate." He said in his faded Aussie lilt. Almost too faded to be described as an accent.

        Following a dual insertion from both young males, the next hour was truly magical. One might say they saw fireworks going off inside the cubby hole they performed their feats within. And the dual climax of the twin finale resulted in a twinkie feeling that filled both teenagers to the capacity of resting in each others arms, enjoying the aftermath of their first time together. And what a rush it was for them both.

        Down at the fishing site, Sonic glanced up the mountain with a smile. "How much more time do you think we should give them, Nitro? They have both been out of view for over an hour."

        Shadow shook his head. "If they are doing it like Timmy and Nitro did... I foresee another Mobian wedding in our future."

        Knuckles smirked. "Oh let them play. It isn't a given for an instant pregnancy every time a nice boy and a sweet Mobian get together... unless Nitro knows something he isn't telling the rest of us."

        "Timmy's family line is not only well-endowed," admitted Nitro with a sigh, "They are also super-potent. There could be a good chance that both could be pregnant, even if it is just one fling. My brother in-law confirmed it when I was pregnant with my second child. Each male born into the Celeron family have high-potency. Unless protection was used the first night of sex results in pregnancy."

        Sonic giggled. "I wonder who Timmy's brother hooked up with after Outback Rescue disbanded?"

        Shadow grinned at the famous blue hedgehog. "Ours is not to wonder, Sonic; just let Lightspeed and Robert live their own lives."

        Without warning, Roolock was there handing out snacks. "Do Ah smell immoral lust in the air, mates? 'ere... Auranea told me to share these fresh cookies with yas guys. Fresh cartons of milk to go with them, too. Right out of 'er Jamaican kitchen. Except for the occasional hurricanes in 'er region, its not a bad place to visit. What's going on 'ere?"

        Nitro smiled, as he accepted some of the cookies with a smile. "Not only is Impulse becoming sexually active... Timmy is in heat, and sped away with Lari a while ago. Not to mention, there are Dragons on the other side of the lake taking care of the studly half-dragon over there."

        Roolock smirked. "Dragons. Not interested. Ah prefer to 'ang out with Auranea and 'er mother."

        Knuckles grinned. "You prefer pain and punishment over action and adventure, you mean."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: A Day in the Life (The Girl's Outing.)

          Corona, Kaoru, Goldie, Amy Rose, Princess Sally, Rogue, and Bunnie had gone to a shopping district in Tokyo for their outing. Corona suggested there since she's never been there before and her stupid suitor would never think to look for her there.

          "Sure is nice to get away from the club for a change," said Corona. "Where should we go first, Kaoru?"

          "There used to be a nice fashion shop Kaa-san would usually go to before Tou-san got married to her." She then smiled. "At the end of the trip, there is a good Patissier down here that makes the BEST cake. We can bring a slice back for everyone. Two for Impulse, since we know how much he loves sweets."

          "Yes, I could certainly use a new outfit that makes me look nothing like my current self. And if I don't look like Corona, then no suitor."

          Goldie arched an eye. "You really hate this guy, huh? And you don't even know him."

          "Goldie... let's pretend Sonic tries to place his hands down inside your pants to play with your... privates. What would you do?"

          "I'd belt him flat on the ground. I like Knuckles; I don't go for Hedgehogs."

          Corona smiled. "See? You wouldn't do anything different. Now replace Sonic with Suitor and you can figure out why I don't want to know this cad."

          Kaoru was still not happy with the cad proposing to Corona the way he did. She thought he would make a good samate for Ned for pulling that stunt!

          And then fate chose to play unfairly as... "Corona! I never thought I would see you here!" Guess who? Yep, it was Stylus Fulton, the cad which she was just speaking of. "Did you come to shop for a new wedding gown?"

          "Do you hear anything, Kaoru?" said Corona trying to IGNORE the suitor. "I don't. And if I did, it wouldn't be this bleeping jerk who had better move away or else. I will show him the Force and it wouldn't belong to a boomer, either."

          Princess Sally silently shook her head. At first glance, she couldn't figure out why Corona hated the guy. He seemed nice enough.

          "Hopefully he hasn't realized he can just ruin a girls day out," said Kaoru, also pretending he wasn't there. "Or I might have to use the Dragon Martial Arts I've learned to put him in his place for defiling our day of fun and fashion."

          Amy Rose then stepped forward between Stylus and Corona. "Hold up a minute!" She looked at the man. "I am the real Amy Rose, mister, and I want to ask you some questions. And if you don't answer them honestly, I'll pop you in the groin with my Pika-Pika Hammer."

          "Go ahead, young lady. I have nothing to hide..." he paused. "Unlike Corona has been doing since her parents gave me their consent to marry her."

          Corona growled, "That's a lie! My mother never gave any such permission! I asked her point blank over the phone a few weeks ago!"

          Stylus kept his composure as he continued, "But your father did and he is the head of your household."

          Amy Rose shouted, "SHUT UP!!! Both of you!" She looked at the man again. "You first. Who was it who said you could stick your hand inside Corona's clothes?"

          "Her father, of course," he replied. "It surprised me at first to hear him suggest that but he insisted that she liked it. I didn't really want to make that kind of first impression. So when I tried it, Corona threw me out of her bedroom with one hand. She is a very strong young lady."

          "My father gave you permission to do THAT?! I'll kill him!"

          Kaoru walked up ever-so-pleasantly with a happy smile. "I see you're not here to ruin our day, but to make a confession," she said innocently, as she got face-to-face with Stylus. Her smile never faded, until she kneed him between the legs! Stepping back to let the pervert collapse, Kaoru said. "You can make your own decisions. Agreeing to doing that to my friend proves you let her father control your actions, and with your actions comes the consequence."

          There were suddenly police officers handcuffing Kaoru as another set helped 'Mr. Fulton' to his feet as another Stylus Fulton stepped out into view from behind two other officers. And this Stylus was holding a video camera. He actually said, "The stunt double did a good job. Even going so far as to pad his cod for such a strike. By tonight, everyone throughout Japan is going to know that you attacked a financial kingpin here in Tokyo. Fulton Financial Firm; Triple F. We have a lockdown on banks and business throughout Japan. As for you, Corona, I did coach the double on what to say based on what your father told me. And now that I see you are willing to use force on a civilian... we can put the kid gloves aside. I wasn't going to initiate this method of getting you to the altar, Corona, but you and your friends have brought this upon yourself. A team of bounty hunters have orders to bring you in either willingly or tied and gagging. As for permission... I 'paid' your father for your hand in marriage. The laws are different in India, young lady. You are mine. But I'll be sporting about this... I won't give the hunters the go ahead until tomorrow morning... unless you show up at the Chapel Mosque in India for your wedding instead. Fail to show up and be looking over your shoulder from now on. This team I have hire are relentless. Good luck trying to evade them." He then looked at the officers holding Kaoru. "Lock that one up; I am pressing charges since she did initiate the public attack on a civilian. Imagine the embarrassment when her parents find out."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: The Powers That Be... Revealed.

            That night, everyone except Kaoru was back at Club Freedom. Corona had just finished explaining what had happened in Tokyo and how she felt it was her own fault for agreeing to go shopping locally. "Kaoru was grounded for a week by her parents; they had to agree to do that or else Fulton was going to release that video to every TV News Station throughout Japan, Mainland China, and the Philippines. All because my father SOLD me to the most powerful bastard in all of Japan."

            "Ah knew we should 'ave just brought yas ladies fishing with the rest of us!" exclaimed Michael in an annoyed manner. "The only activity we saw was Lord Ba'amut as 'e did something with Ned, who seems to be more at peace with 'imself currently. Tamus even returned and gave Ned a test sniff to verify that Ned's scent was no longer a problem. But then the white dragon went back to California for some reason. Ah don't know what's going on with that courier dragon, but now that 'e doesn't get all lovey-dovey with Ned, 'e only wants to 'ang out with Thomas and Greg."

            Thomas was seated nearby with a happy smile on his face was sharing an ice cream soda with Impulse. They both looked... fat?

            Corona slowly sat down. "Mr. Fulton will drop charges against Kaoru IF I show up to be married to him tomorrow morning. Otherwise, here comes the bounty hunters. That just makes me want to hide down under."

            Princess Sally remarked, "With all the trouble they are having, I doubt that would be a good place to go."

            Kazuki hummed. "I didn't think that the national corporate world can be made that corrupt." That ruled out Kazuki being a salaryman in the Land of the Rising Sun. "They'll likely leave out the detail that a double was used should they broadcast it. Absolute Power does corrupt absolutely."

            Ned said, a little upset that Thomas moved on, but decided to leave him alone at this point. He deserved to be with no one for the way he acted as a half-dragon and is trying to accept that. "Bahamut gave me a choice of either to be human with Dragon abilities, or a Dragon with a human form and magic. If I stayed a dragon, it would've meant castration to prevent a samate from growing." Ned closed his eyes "I decided at the cost of being able to fly under my own power, I asked to be made human. I couldn't live with ruining the friendships I already have as I grow." No more Puff the Thunder Dragon if the battle goes awry.

            Michael reviewed a copy of the video over the main monitor, then he commented on it. "Ah'm afraid that regardless of their saying if it was a double or not, Kazuki, the video clearly shows the man speaking to Corona, and she to 'im. Amy Rose plays advocate to the two, and then out of nowhere, Kaoru goes over to the man and assaults 'im with a knee shot meant to send 'im into a fetal position. But before that moment, no matter 'ow many times Ah 'ave rewound and watched this copy of the video, Mr. Fulton never once says anything inappropriate toward anyone there. Nor does 'e ever lay a 'and upon the ladies. She flat out attacked a civilian. Ah don't know 'ow we can look at this in any other way."

            At that moment, Alastair came in and made an announcement. "Mr. Fulton's video just aired on the Tokyo's most popular news network. It clearly shows the strike Kaoru made. But the news guys played it up to its fullest; they rewound the strike and did instant replay in slow motion and high speed -- several times. That civilian strike is now etched in the minds of the public. We are fortunate that she wasn't in her ranger form or else it would have resulted in a black day for all Sentai teams around the region. However, Michael... I came here to inform you of another issue of concern. While both you and Ned have parental permission to live at Club Freedom, none of the rest of your friends have that permission. Yet they have been here every single day since the week after your team formed. They need to go home."

            Corona piped up at that point. "While it is true that Thomas, Kaoru, and I didn't have permission to live here, Alastair, Kazuki was given permission to move in, but only until his bratty cousins departed for their own homes. And we checked while we were in Tokyo, Kazuki... your cousins are still in the country. Thomas has never moved into the club and likely won't. And Kaoru lives with her parents. But in my case, I cannot go 'home' as you put it because according to Indian Wedding Laws, once a child is sold to a suitor, that child is no longer a member of said household. That is why Raja and I have been living at the club. I do NOT want to marry that lousy tycoon jackass bastard. Especially since he is using his wealth to buy slave wives, me in particular, and to buy out the news media to tell his 'being attacked' story in which it wasn't even him getting attacked. And worse, he has hired bounty hunters to come and capture me if I don't just roll over for him. And these are the actions of an upstanding citizen? He is acting like a super villain. And if he wants to play hardball, I can play that game myself. Besides, I would rather let Raja 'do me' before I'd let that stupid man have his way with me."

            Alistair covered his eyes with one hand. "You would let your tiger mount you? Great ancestors!"

            Kazuki said, "That guy sounds even more horrid than my fire cousin. The sand cousin," the Vanilla Ranger ulped. "Is the most eccentric." And that was an understatement.

            Ned got a text message on his Force Phone. Though it said it was from Kaoru, the sender was different. Translated from Japanese, Ned-kun, this is Kaoru's father. Do not respond to this. Mrs. Suzuki just grounded Kaoru-san for a month more after seeing it on the news. Its a big lesson that her mother is teaching her. Let your friends, know, if you'd please. - Suzuki Takeshi.

            Ned sighed. He never heard of Kaoru being in that much trouble... ever! "Kaoru-san got another month of being grounded after her mother watched the news. The mother is pretty mad, from what her father texted me about." He then sighed, and looked to Corona. "The Suzuki is a well-off family. If your quote-unquote 'betrothed' does anything more to ruin their standings, then their chances at staying this way in Japan would likely flounder to nothing."

            Corona sighed as she looked to Raja and then to the others once again. Then her eye caught the clock on the wall. "THAT'S IT! Now I know what to do to help Kaoru! And get Fulton to looking like the idiot he is!" She turned to her Rakshasa tiger once again. "You told me once that you could time travel. All we have to do is go back in time with a video camera, film the scene from another angle that shows Fulton with his video camera. And when he lowers it to walk out and press charges, the new video in the hands of the press will make Fulton out to be both a liar and the chump he really is. And then..." She paused. "Or better yet... go back in time and have Michael or Ned buy me from my father the day before Fulton is to make his offer and..." She paused with an even more sinister look on her face. "...or we can go back in time and shoot his airplane out of the sky so he DIES while pulling that wedding banner."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: Arrangements Can Be Made.

              "You mean 'this' video?" Standing to one side was the Arranger and Switcher Woman. Eep. And he was holding a video disc in one hand. "You may NOT travel back in time to alter the past in any way, shape, nor form. And you are certainly NOT going to kill someone a few days before the incident occurs. That is how weird paradoxes occur and paradoxes do NOT repair themselves, Corona. They only get worse. Besides, the Suzuki family are about to have problems worse than a grounding. How many of you recall who Kaoru's arch enemies are? The guys who wanted to kidnap her right out of Master Ryuu's domicile? Yes, them. They are about to make another strike to get at Kaoru. I hope her parents are good fighters. But their timing seems too convenient; as if they were tipped off to where Kaoru would be stuck at. And again, we come back to Stylus Fulton. He is corrupt, but his bankroll can move even the forces of evil since money talks more than it listens." He handed the video disc over to Corona. "Make sure the press gets this new video. And if we hear that you made a time trip despite our warning you not to do it, then Switcher Woman is going to make your rear end sting."

              Corona hummed, then she brightened. "NEW IDEA! Switcher Woman can go pay a visit to Fulton and make him tell the truth! Every time he lies, she switches HIS rear end! And we video tape that and sell that to PAY-PER-VIEW!"

              Michael rolled his eyes as he grabbed the Arranger and pulled him over to Ned. "Arranger... Ah get the feeling that Ba'amut and the other dragons of Tatsu-Lan don't really know what they are doing. Can yas 'elp Ned so 'e can use 'is dragon form without 'aving to worry about this 'slit infection' shit?"

              The Arranger performed his own examination of Ned before quietly saying, "You were right, Michael... the dragons made a mistake, like they always do. If they de-scented Ned using one of their Tatsu-Lan methods, then he should not be making that questionable scent even now. However... he is still emitting that scent. But it's not coming from his slit."

              Three swiftly switches were heard and Corona was no longer babbling on and on as she held her butt and whimpered quietly.

              Switcher Woman commented, "Heroes do not wish death on stupid people."

              Raja chose to disappear since he did not to get the attention of the little old lady with the switches.

              Suddenly from across the chamber at the entrance door, another voice remarked, "Indeed they don't, you phony! Pretending to be Switcher Woman will net you a load of trouble! The real one is at the annual Soap Squad Convention with Pillow Man!" Standing within full view was Guard Captain Fusion and just behind him were a couple last seen together in 2013: The real Arranger and his wife, The Attorney. And another man, Dr. Remedy, wearing a white doctor's outfit made in the superhero fashion, complete with a stethoscope, was standing along with the Scribe, an ibis man who normally worked for Amon Thoth and Spacemaster in recording true history across many worlds.

              The sixth member of their group wore an all black version of Sherlock Holmes' outfit and looked to be an anthropomorphic jaguar lady with arcs of arcane and magical energy rotating around her body. "Good thing the Holy Pouch contacted you, Arnold; it's not often you see demon agents pretending to be very dangerous people who have powerful friends."

              Two Arch Magi blasts later removed their disguises to reveal their true natures and then every hero in Club Freedom got a work out as they fought against the two demons in their midst. But the one who delivered the most payback was Corona since the fake Switcher Woman had switched her rear end. Finally, the two demons were trussed up with arcane bindings and banished back to the Abyss; not to Demonland; by the alien jaguar Arch Magi lady.

              Fusion grinned. "Good thing we were on our way over here. We have just enough time to help you repair your problem issues, then we have to go track down Thirteen who is said to be in Australia. And he is an evil prick. He will betray you faster than Lord Dispater and Prince Asmodeus would. And I know those two myself. More than I want to."

              Dr. Remedy was now professionally examining and assisting Ned with his so-called dragon problem. "Stupid dragon gods... you know that saying Bahamut and Io love to use? Every dragon has one? Well, it is a bald faced lie. Tiamat doesn't have them and neither do any dragon which I personally know in Dreamwolf. Neither do their own dragon deities. Being hatched with one is not the truth either. To get one, your deity has to give you one. And that is the reason these clan dragons wanted you to join a clan. Because joining a clan would mean giving permission to their own gods to change you in magical ways so you would be just like the other clan members. And if they had samates, then you would end up with one, too. The pheromone scent you are emitting, Ned, is nothing more than... as strange as this will be to learn..." And he chose to cup his hands over Ned's ear to whisper two words, "...your virginity."

              He then grinned. "It would be like removing the pheromone gland from a normal human male and expect them to be normal afterward. Doesn't happen; it regenerates over time."

              Ned sighed. The only one he wanted to lose his virginity was not interested in him in that way, and forgetting it because of his bratty sister. Ned wasn't feeling so comfortable, with that scent's imminent return. "I am no commodity for the dragon clans. The dragon that birthed me may conform, but I'm not going to allow myself to be altered to be the same as others." He wondered how he is going to be rid of that scent when Thomas is not interested. It was so confusing as well as embarrassing.

              The Attorney was speaking with the rest of the Freedom Force in the meantime, since she was the expert in the law, and the Scribe had the real video of what had happened that day in Tokyo. Damning evidence to be sure that would totally blow Stylus Fulton's reputation all to pieces. "We need to get this new video on the air as soon as possible and we stick around to vouch for its integrity, something Mr. Fulton did not do with his own video. He simply paid the television station to air it."

              Corona hummed. "Then we could get Kaoru off the hook for the assault she accidentally performed. My father should have been the one getting it. Fulton's lackey simply said the words Stylus instructed him to reveal to our group. We... overreacted, I hate to admit. Any honorable woman would have. It was like saying that the High Celestial was a prostitute."

              "I can assure you, Corona, that I am certainly not," came the voice of Lady Amaterasu, the High Celestial herself. "Kaoru and her parents just fought off the Shaolin Lizard Men who revealed that a human man contacted them with where Kaoru was currently at. They mentioned that the man's name was Fulton. So now Kaoru and her parents know the truth."

              Michael growled as he glanced at Knuckles. "This Stylus Fulton needs to be taken down! 'e is a menace to society if 'e is bankrolling all of these criminal thugs and ranger like enemies who our members 'ave been dealing with!"

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: A Team Reunited.

                The Next Morning; Club Freedom.

                It was on every TV news station throughout both Japan and all of mainland Asia. It was even being re-aired in India so Corona's parents could see it.

                "Financial wizard Stylus Fulton is being arrested this morning for bankrolling a criminal empire and attempting to cause calamity to the Japanese homeland. His inadvertent campaign against two young ladies who were part of our newest Super Sentai team proved to be his downfall when the allies of this heroes presented proof to the authorities to not only debunk Mr. Fulton's prior claim of assault, but to further prove his guilt and the plot therein. All charges against Kaoru Suzuki have been dropped and her name has been cleared."

                Their parents and families were all gathered at Club Freedom this morning where as both Michael and Knuckles explained how their group were indeed the new Super Sentai team called The Freedom Force. Then came the morphing sequences and their helmets were removed. Corona's parents were indeed present, although Mr. Bengala appeared to have a black eye; his wife did it.

                Even Thomas was there with his friend Greg and Tamus who was politely staying away from Ned and looking abashed for any anguish he had caused the young half-dragon. But upon examination by Dr. Remedy, he revealed that Tamus was not a dragon himself; the white courier 'dragon' was in fact a very large drake instead, like all of the scaly couriers were.

                Mr. Copperfield patted Thomas on the shoulder as he said, "Since you are a member of their team, son, you are hereby relieved of all family obligations involving your sister."

                "Buuutttt dddaaaaaaddd! If hhheee'sss goinnnggg to get to do thinggggs, IIIIIII wannnnnttttt to do things tooooooo!"

                Thomas smiled at Ned as he mouthed the words, 'I am truly free now.'

                Maemi (Doragon White) was embracing her husband. She said in the native dialect, though those who know and speak the language. "Though your father thinks that you were valid in defending your best friend's honor. It still doesn't mean you should go striking socialites down, impostors or not. Since Mr. Fulton is a detestable man that tried to prey on the family, and those Shaolin Lizard Men..." She had her Dragon Cutter slipped in her fashionable boot, just in case.

                Takeshi (Doragon Blue and the character depicted on the drink that Kazuki gave Michael on his birthday) had his Doragonken strapped across his back. He was not pleased that Kaoru was targeted and the enemy contracted an enemy of the Suzuki family. "We decided to lift your grounding under the circumstances, but your mother would like you to show some restraint, so another international incident would not occur."

                Kaoru bowed her head respectfully to her parents. "Wakarimasu."

                Daniel Davidson (Doragon Senshi; Ned's paternal father) was the only one of the parents that came for Ned, as Koji Yamada was conferring with other dragons on this issue. He was trying to get things straight with Dr. Remedy about his son. "So this virgin 'pheromone' is what causing my son's torment?"

                Dr. Remedy explained it carefully. "The scent your son is producing is normally attractive to the opposite sex. But because he is interested in a young man, who is within the room at the moment, the aroma is a trouble causing blockade since it causes males to react to it in a negative way. It was even causing problems with the white drake courier who wasn't interested in your son originally at all, yet the scent was causing him to believe that Ned was trying to attract him. However, the young man Ned is interested in is currently pregnant through his activity with one of the Mobians, whom is also pregnant from the young man himself. Mobians are highly potent for reasons unknown."

                Michael kept a smile on his face, but in truth... having nearly all the parents present reminded him that he was without actual parents. The odd kid out. Although he owned the club and was the leader of the team. Currently he was had the line-up of the team's enemies on one of the big-screen monitors where he was updating who was still a pain in the ass. Fulton's profile was being marked as 'arrested' and Tamus' profile was being marked as 'misunderstanding'. He still thought it was odd that he had no enemy himself.

                Ned was looking all innocent and embarrassed by his father being there. All he wanted to to do now was bury himself in the dragon-sized pillows in his room, and don't come out until all the parents go away. He could only wish that his old man was just as busy as his draconic maternal father. After acknowledging Thomas' 'freedom,' he went towards Michael and handed him one of the two small cartons of coffee milk he got from the portable bar set out for the parental guests. "I hate when my old man dotes on me," said the hybrid in a somewhat light mannered tone. "I feel like I'm being treated like a hatchling."

                On the monitor chart, the team member was pictured on top, then there was an arrow in the ranger's color leading down to their enemy, and below that was the enemy's profile. Michael's chart looked... lonely... since he had no arch enemy as yet. And now that Corona's and Ned's enemies were ammended, they both had some free time. But the others still suffered.

                "Thanks for remembering that Ah'm both without parents and without an enemy. Ah'll be glad when all the parents leave. This may be Club Freedom for our members, but it is starting to get crowded in 'ere. Especially with Timmy trying to raise those female Mobian children Lari Knight gave 'im. Strange that Lari only produces girls when most of the Mobians make boys."

                Tamus had stepped over to look at the monitor and now said, "Perhaps your Mobian friend needs a chastity belt. Out of control hormones do need to be under control. As Ned is well aware of now and I do apologize for my own interaction with him since my job was never intended to woo him in the way his scent was making me act." He paused. "On my profile, Michael, I am actually 20 feet long, just below the maximum size for an adult white dragon. We drakes never surpass the size of our dragon counterparts. We are always 4 feet shorter in length."

                Michael replied, "So red and silver drakes grow to be 44 feet long."

                The white drake courier nodded his snout. "Completely correct. There are no gold, platinum, nor chromatic drakes, thus we don't even count the dragons of those varieties."

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Five.

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