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[2T-PR3] PRFF-04 Emergency Trip to Mobius

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    [2T-PR3] PRFF-04 Emergency Trip to Mobius

    Power Rangers Freedom Force
    Episode Four: Emergency Trip to Mobius.
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle and Lexington Lonewolf

    1) Michael Knight, Red Force Ranger
    2) Kazuki Kiau, Blue Force Ranger
    3) Corona Bengala, Orange Force Ranger
    4) Thomas Copperfield, White Force Ranger
    5) Ned Yamada-Davidson, Gold Force Ranger
    6) Kaoru Suzuki, Green Force Ranger

    Also Starring, Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger

    Featuring, The New Kingdom Knights:
    Lari Knight, Solar Knight Rider

    Guest Starring, Power Rangers Confederate Fury:
    Geoffrey D'Awzome, Crimson Albatross Confederate Ranger
    Eddie Fisher, Grey Kangaroo Confederate Ranger
    Miranda Lochmond, White Lion Confederate Ranger
    Malcolm Hansen, Onyx Orca Confederate Ranger
    Teri Fury, Pink Firebird Confederate Ranger
    Vlad Lonewolf IV, Gold Hedgehog Confederate Ranger

    Alastair Zavierio: An American architect with the Yoshima Kiro Design Corporation in Kyoto, Japan.
    Yellow-Cloud: A Werewolf trader of the Gold Rush clan (Hollywood, California region)
    Gregory "Greg" Sterling: One of Thomas' friends in Hollywood
    Agua Tsunamus: a water drake captain
    Raja: a rakshasa sorcerer in non-morphic tiger form
    Master Ryuu: A miniature hermit dragon instructor (like Rocket, Gong, and Raker)

    Mobian Allies:
    Sega Lonewolf: the Gold Hedgehog
    North Lonewolf: the White Hedgehog
    Sony: the Rainbow Hedgehog
    Impulse Celeron: the Purple Hedgehog
    Nitro Celeron: the Red Slinky Hedgehog
    Timmy Celeron: the Blue Courier Hedgehog

    Cyber Robotnik, Dr. Robotnik's grandson - Michael's enemy
    Ukami Pyromis, the Fire Princess - Kazuki's enemy
    Stylus "The Bride Hunter" Fulton - Corona's enemy
    Alpha Fangtrap of the Blood Moon Clan - Thomas' enemy
    Tamus Frigidus, Recruiter of New Tatsu-Lan - Ned's enemy
    Drago Chlorinor, Draconian Shinobi - Kaoru's enemy

    Chapter One: Piko Piko.

    Hokkaido, Japan 2030 A.D.; Sunari Village, Hidaka-sanmyaku Hills
    Club Freedom

    As seen previously, Sony, Sega, and North were about to assault the engineering door to get it open. Sega exclaimed, "Time to summon the storm, love!"

    "On the horizon! Black!" Sega then lifted his wrist morpher up and pushed a button. A lid opened to reveal an iPhone like interface where the schematics of the Black Wolf appeared on the screen and the schematics of the Black Storm Ranger suit. He touched the screen where the suit was. "Flying Wolf! Suit up!" And his surroundings were instantly like that of his underground runway where it was speeding by and his uniform was appearing over his body. Armor covered padded leather pants and jacket were first followed by his gloves and boots. Then his black wolf helm appeared floating over him as he reached up and grabbed it in his hands and pulled it down over his head. The moment it fastened into place, the visor sealed closed over his face revealing the visage of a stormy wolf. Sega then leaped in a backwards somersault and landed as the surroundings stopped speeding by him where as he struck his finishing pose and shouted, "Black Storm Wolf Ranger!"

    "On the horizon! Yellow!" North then lifted his wrist morpher up and pushed a button. A lid opened to reveal an iPhone like interface where the schematics of the Yellow Tiger appeared on the screen and the schematics of the Yellow Storm Ranger suit. He touched the screen where the suit was. "Flying Tiger! Suit up!" And his surroundings were instantly like that of his underground runway where it was speeding by and his uniform was appearing over his body. Armor covered padded leather pants and jacket were first followed by his gloves and boots. Then his yellow tiger helm appeared floating over him as he reached up and grabbed it in his hands and pulled it down over his head. The moment it fastened into place, the visor sealed closed over his face revealing the visage of a stormy tiger. North then leaped in a backwards somersault and landed as the surroundings stopped speeding by him where as he struck his finishing pose and shouted, "Yellow Storm Tiger Ranger!"

    Sony shouted, "Go for it, guys! Blast the door open!"

    "Together, love," exclaimed Sega. "...aim for the lock!" And he pulled his blaster weapon and fired upon the lock with an intense laser.

    North unholstered his weapon, remembering how Silver could blast open doors like this with even the smallest of Breath Weapon, and that he must feel like he and Sega could have that same strength in one blast. "FIRE!" He then fired on the same lock with the same level of intensity.

    When both lasers hit the lock, at first nothing happened. But then their came a pop accompanied by the blue smoke as the door slid open allowing the three hedgehogs to speedily run inside. Sony immediate went over to the transporter and looked at the transport coordinates. "Mobo Springs, just south of the Great Jungle! That's where Amy Rose and Geoffrey St. John both live and work at!"

    Sega was looking at the scrawled notes at Sony's desk. "Lari used your desk, cousin. He apparently was designing some sort of hero suit and transforming device, before he stopped." He stepped over to the ship's intercom and activated it. "Timmy, this is Sega. I sure hope you and Nitro haven't bedded down yet. This is an emergency regarding your friend Lari. Come to engineering immediately." He then changed the frequency to the meeting room in Club Freedom. "Knuckles, Sonic! We have an emergency situation in engineering! Bring the Force Rangers because we might need their help with this one!"

    Soon, the groups converged on engineering where Sega explained what had just happened moments before they had to blast their way into the research chamber. "Lari used the transporter to go to Mobius and he has no protection from Robotnik, Eggman, nor Ogma. We need to get to him before one the major three evils do."

    Knuckles hummed. "If this is the emergency, then two ranger teams may not be enough. I have an idea, Sega... I will call in Jet's son who is living in Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia. That's right... you Freedom Force Rangers are finally going to meet the Confederate Fury Rangers. We need them for this mission." And he activated his wrist comm unit and tuned in to the correct frequency.

    Moments later, Geoffrey D'Awzome, Eddie Fisher, Miranda Lochmond, Malcolm Hansen, Teri Fury, and Vlad Lonewolf IV were standing in their own line-up on one side of engineering as Knuckles re-explained to them on why they were called. Naturally, bringing a Mobian Ranger fan point blank with other Mobians was a risk that they had to take. But there was no time for rational thinking. This was an emergency.

    Geoffrey nodded his head as he shook Knuckles' hand. "As long as Ah can eventually meet my father, yas can count on Confederate Fury, mate."

    Eddie said, "I just barely returned from my session with Tailblaze when this mission came up. Talk about timing."

    Miranda grinned. "Yas Mobians saved me from another bout with my father on why a sheila shouldn't be 'anging out with boys."

    Teri smirked. "So I got new blokes to play with... I wonder which one of you is Puff the Thunder Dragon?" She then felt that similar tugging sensation, all without her mother being there. "OWOWOWOWOW! NOT THE EAR!!"

    Ned tilted his head in annoyance at the daughter of Bindi Fury. "Na... ni?" he said in a frustrated tone.

    Vlad was shaking hands with Sega and his husband. "Yas were a great character to play in my 'and'eld, bloke."

    While he was doing that, Malcolm managed to 'sketch up' a drawing in his nearly-full sketchbook. He thought of the moment of teams joining merited a drawing.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Club Freedom on Mobius.

    Realigning the star ship transporter, the Mobians and both ranger teams were soon standing in what appeared to be Club Freedom, yet out the windows of the chamber, the view was clearly of the Mobian Jungle instead of the Hokkaido Prefecture mountains. Knuckles grinned as he said, "Welcome to Club Freedom on Planet Mobius. Right after we Mobians first met you guys in Japan, we made a sneaky trip back to Mobius and recreated your headquarters here on Mobius in exact detail. Now you have two bases. And it is from here we can mobilize the ranger teams in the search for Timmy's friend, Lari Knight. Lari was recovering from his decades long ordeal of being a demoness' prisoner as our guest and he got an idea to design a new hero outfit. But he must have come across a snafu in his plans because he chose to make a trip to Mobius in hopes of resolving this problem. But Planet Mobius is NOT a safe place for a recovering young man to be. Dr. Robotnik, Dr. Eggman, and Ogma are still on the loose in our world and that is why we need to find Lari Knight."

    Thomas glanced around slowly at the surroundings for a moment. "I think each ranger of each team should pair up with a member of the other ranger team for our search. That way, there is no hanky-panky love making attempts going on while we are focusing on business. Right Michael?"

    Michael sighed since he knew what (or rather who) Thomas was implying; he still wasn't happy with Ned. "For now, that may be a good idea. But each pair should take a Mobian with them to make sure yas don't make mistakes the Mobians wouldn't make. Therefore, 'ere is 'ow the teams will be arranged... Ah will team up with Malcolm; Thomas will accompany Teri; Corona will travel with Vlad; Kazuki will be paired with Miranda; Ned can fly with Geoffrey; and Karou can be with Eddie. Any questions?"

    Eddie remarked, "Kaoru doesn't look anything like Teela nor She-Ra."

    Kaoru sighed, since if she would've been paired up with either Ned or Thomas, that would've given her a chance to tell them how much they are being idiots to each other. It postponed her wanting to intervene in a toxic situation.

    Ned grimaced even more. It seemed that Thomas' suggestion didn't bode well with him. He felt a nudge from his bag, as Master Ryuu popped out of it, and said after headbutting the half-dragon in human form, said with a smile. "Keep a sad face like that, and you'll be lonely for all eternity, Ned-kun, and nobody wants that fate. Stop it."

    Shadow smirked but he knew why Michael had chosen that arrangement. This prevented anyone from the same team from dating. It kept Ned away from Thomas, and it separated Geoffrey from Miranda. "We Mobians who can morph will travel with you guys. Sega, North, Timmy, and Nitro will work as their own team to check in at the various Freedom Fighter locales just in case. And Sony..."

    "I know, I know... someone has to hold down the fort. As usual..."

    "That isn't what I was going to say, Sony," stated Shadow. "You will travel with Princess Sally and both of you will use your scanners to try to find Lari in that way. But if anyone encounters the major three evils, don't make small talk; those three are not nice folk. Especially Ogma. He's the magical one."

    Once the teams were underway throughout Mobius, Sony asked Princess Sally, "How come I am never chosen to be a Power Ranger or some other important honor like that. Sega got his chance; even Nitro got his chance in the Emerald Knights. But... it seems everything is just passing me by. Is it because I am rainbow colored like a clown?"

    Princess Sally said, "No, Sony. I am sure it has nothing to do with that. Remember when Deryk Devlin of Adalia was kept out of the ranger action for many, many years before he got his chance? Your situation is a lot like his. He really wanted to be a Power Ranger, yet he thought the world was passing him by. Then he got his chance... and you know what? It was over before a year had passed. But as Grandfather Irons once said, once a ranger, always a ranger. Do I think you have what it takes? Yes... but your time hasn't come yet."

    "I've been trying to be so patient. Everyone in the Freedom Fighters has gotten the chance to shine like that... except for me. I'm stuck in engineering. And single."

    Princess Sally really didn't know what else to tell Sony. She knew how he felt and it was important to him. For now, they continued their search for Lari.

    Over in Thomas and Teri's neck of the woods, the two were traveling along somewhat quietly. Thomas was being too quiet; but we knew how Teri was. Could she last without speaking?

    Teri said, "Yas look like yas 'ave a major chip on yer shoulder if yas suggested separation from yer team, mate. Yas don't 'ave to be open about it. Ah'm the enforcer in Bairnsdale, only. Mum would be mad if Ah extended my destructive ways further."

    Thomas sighed as he glanced at Teri. "Thomas Copperfield, L.A. Magician's son. White Force Ranger. The whole issue regarding my suggestion to split the team up is because of my not wanting to travel with Ned, who thinks he has a dumb crush on me. Allow me to enlighten you and then maybe you can tell me what you think we should have done. But I warn you; you may be disgusted by the whole idea being a nice girl like yourself."

    "The first time I ever attended a meeting at Club Freedom after joining the Internet Adventurers Club, I had met Michael, Ned, and the others there as well. Ned starting coming on to me in a subtle tail rubbing my butt and legs sort of way. I'm not gay, Teri; but I am bisexual, although I prefer girls. After I went home when the meeting ended, I spoke to my Hollywood chums about what I should do about the lovey-dovey half-dragon dude and they all unanimously said, 'Flirt back with him.' The second meeting was during Michael's birthday party. That's when the Mobians showed up and gave us our morphers. I rubbed one of my feet against Ned's leg under the table in a casual non-harmful way and the stupid dumb ass used his dragon fear aura on me and moved away from me. I didn't tell anyone that day, but he made me soil myself. I spent some time in the bathroom getting clean. I spent the rest of the meeting with that cute hedgehog named Impulse, who really enjoyed the attention. During the third meeting, I had brought my best friend and werewolf trader friend with me to the meeting and Ned was back to acting all lovey-dovey again. But I wasn't going to fall for it again. He had his chance and he humiliated me. So now, he's got this crush on me and thinks I'm just going to roll over for him on command, but I'm keeping my distance. And now you know what the big issue is. Imagine if you will if one of your friends came on to you in a loving way one time, but when you returned the affection the next time, they tell you to go away. What would you do?"

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: An Enforcer's Advice.

      "You asked for advice," said Teri, "and as a first-time customer, I'll give this advice for no charge.

      "I am an enforcer; usually I'd be the one that make the people say I'm trouble. There are certain triggers that happen to get people on my bad side, but I usually apologize, and sometimes it's enforced by my Mother. As much as she loves me, she hates that I follow in her footsteps. She used to be known throughout Australia as Bitchy Bindi of the Boomer Force."

      She then said, "Tell me, did Puff apologize to you for scaring you like that?"

      "No, he hasn't," he replied as he looked behind a jungle palm briefly. "The idiot dragon has it in his head that he has to write out an apology to me even though his English writing skills suck balls and he knows it. I would have accepted a verbal apology, but to date... he hasn't made the effort even once. But there is worse things to deal with. One of those New Tatsu-Lan courier dragons who is white in coloration says he is in love with Ned and he, being another idiot dragon, thinks that by doing favors for me, it will earn him kudos with Ned. And so far, the white dragon courier has been far better company than Ned has. And Ned can't stand this courier at all. It makes me sick that the dragons seem to be in heat or something for each other, except Ned is only half dragon so his human side wants a human partner."

      Soap opera, anyone?

      Teri smirked in a wild manner. "Those New Tatsu-Lan Dragons are a real pain in the neck where we live in Bairnsdale. We are used to fighting the Drakes, but if Ah put two and two together right, that Dragon courier sounds just as bad as that alien roo that kept on coming around my mother before Ah was born." Yes, she brought it up. "As for Puff... the 'alf-dragon bloke sounds worse than Vlad, whom doesn't like when he's pitchin' a tent in front of others. We know that Vlad isn't doing it on purpose, and Ah've nearly got my ear pinched off by Mom for pointing out the obvious. Do you think that Puff didn't like doing that to yas as much as Vlad doesn't like 'aving a flagpole showing off what 'e's thinkin'? OWOWOW!!! NOT THE EAR!!!" She got that feeling again.

      "In truth, Teri," said Thomas. "Tamus hasn't been as bad as we were told the New Tatsu-Lan Dragons are supposed to be. He comes across as really noble and he hasn't tried anything sexual with me nor my friend Greg at all. But he has been very helpful. Almost as if the attitude only affects them when they are around the others of their kind." He then looked at Teri's ear as he changed the subject. "How is your ear hurting like that? I didn't see any insects near it and no one is around but you and me."

      "I may not look it," said Teri in a manner meaning that she did not want to talk about that personal mystery, "but Ah 'ate when Ah 'ear that friends are quarrelling. And if yas expect to still be a friend to Puff, yas got to understand that if he likely done it by accident, 'e wants to make it up to you. Freezing a friend out because someone 'e hates is better than 'im is not a reason to keep on freezing Puff out. It sounds like 'e's trying to hard to make it up to yas, and because he did one thing he might not have control over, you aren't giving the bloke the time of day. Did yas give 'im a chance to explain 'imself?"

      Thomas sighed as he closed his eyes and thought about the day Ned had accidentally set off the power. That's when he remembered that Ned had not only apologized on his knees, but he personally had accepted the apology on his own knees as well. "Oh my god... you are right, Teri. I have had so much stress and anxiety on my plate because of my whiny sister... Ned's apology totally slipped my mind. I swear... she can make you forget literally anything with that whining of hers." He opened his eyes. "But what I said that day in accepting his apology was this... Since we are going to be teammates, I should accept your apology, Ned. My timing was wrong do be returning the flirtation you gave me when we first met... foot and tail. You were pretty focused and upset over Lawrence Knight's words about the Dreamtime and Dragon war. Perhaps we should learn more about it so as to not make a mistake beforehand. Otherwise, if we got too involved, we might cause an international incident. As you have heard, Ned and I were both thinking about the Dreamtime/Dragon War and not about dating. But later on, more recently, he started going on and on about wanting to be my boyfriend. Sadly, as long as he is a dragon, even a half dragon, I cannot commit to his desires for fear that he may end up exactly like the New Tatsu-Lan Dragons that he claims he does not want to join. It would be worse if he gained a samate."

      She then stopped in her tracks. "Ah know a bloke that used to be a dragon. My mum talked to some of 'er teammates on that Dreamtime-powered phone of 'ers. The bloke comes around our team every once in a while to check in. Maybe 'e can talk to yas about it if the bloke is willing."

      Tails then said as he floated by their stopped location. "We need to find Lari, guys. Don't make me release Mylanus." Which implied that Mylanus wasn't so nice.

      On the other side of Mobo Springs in the Volcanic Rifts, Dr. Robotnik focused a laser on a vault door in the side of a rock wall to no avail. "Blast it! That was my absolute best laser! What does it take to open this door?! I have to have the Solar Armor that is sealed within! It is the only way to defeat Sonic!"

      A handsome and slender young man wearing a modified version of Robotnik's own outfit stepped into view and as he gazed at the vault door he said, "Legends say that it will only open for a human with a good heart, grandpa. Therefore, no amount of firepower you throw at this door will ever affect it. Besides, I have other bad news for you."

      "And what bad news would that be, Cyber?" he growled in annoyance.

      "Sonic and his friends are back on Mobius right now in the Great Jungle. One of their human allies accidentally landed on Mobius and now they are desperately trying to find him. Word is, their human friend with a good heart is recovering from a demon attack that originated on Planet Earth. All I would have to do is find this human boy and tell him about the armor that could restore his vitality and make him stronger. I get him to open the vault door and then..." He winked at his elder.

      "I rush in and grab the armor for my own evil uses. Sometimes you are a diabolical genius, grandson. Well, don't just stand there; go find their friend and I will reward you."

      Cyber departed the scene and was soon on his jet cycle (his grandpa could look stupid in the flying egg; he preferred to travel in style.)

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: What the Future Holds.

        In Mobo Springs itself, Sonic led Ned, Master Ryuu, and Geoffrey to the fortune telling shop of Amy Rose. "Now remember, guys... Amy Rose can be dangerous. She's only in love with me... yuck... but her powers of divination are very good. Her most dangerous weapon is the Piko Piko Hammer, even though a few of the people on Earth call it the Pika Hammer. It still hurts whatever the name. I mainly came along to distract any anger that flares from her to me."

        Geoffrey thought about the pink hedgehog for a bit. "Yas said she and Geoffrey St. John use the transporter often to go between the star ship and Mobius because of their jobs locally. So if that is the case, then anyone in Mobo Springs would 'ave noticed Lari arriving. Why bother to go to Amy Rose if we could be asking the locals for 'elp?"

        Sonic replied, "Because Lari might not be in town anymore and she could pinpoint exactly where he will be in a few hours. Then we could go meet up with him when he did arrive at that location." He then sniffed the air. "Um... I smell Chili Dogs. Yummy, delicious Chili Dogs... no! I have to focus on finding Lari. It is important to Timmy."

        Ned was still sulking over being freezed out by Thomas, but Master Ryuu flapped up to the freshly-dressed 'human,' and with his tail, gave Ned's face a really loud SMACK! The force from the Mini-dragon's smack sent Ned tumbling into a wall.

        He then flew over to the crumpled up Ned, and landed on his chest. "I was testing to see if you weren't distracted enough to block my tail. You failed. And as much as Kaoru-chan wants to, I'm going to say it in her place. You are an Idiot! If you keep on thinking about Thomas freezing you out, Ned-kun, you are going to fall if you get into battle with that New Tatsu-Lan Deregh!"

        Ned let out a growl in frustration as he wiped the blood off his lip, but in his heart of hearts, he knew his Juikungrate instructor was right.

        Ryuu then said to the others, "My apologies for the interruption but I had to take a page from my colleague Raker's book. It was a necessity with an important mission such as this."

        Soon, the group entered Amy Rose's shop where it was decorated well in the art of fortune telling. And sitting at a large round table was the pink hedgehog as she gazed into a large crystal ball. "I'll be with you guys in a moment. I'm watching Robotnik do something stupid."

        Sonic went over and looked into the crystal himself. "Oh my gosh! Is he still trying to get into the Solar Vault?"

        "You got it, love." Amy Rose then glanced up at the others. "I sensed Lari arriving in Mobo Springs without an escort about an hour ago. I assume that's why you guys are here. And I think I can help you for a change. When I sensed his arrival, I did a reading to see why he was even here and the results of my reading was rather disturbing. He was to have gone to the Museum of Mobo Springs to look at the royal armors. And then the reading gets disturbing. Robotnik's grandson, Cyber, crosses paths with Lari and that was when I sensed the Vault. I tuned the crystal ball into the vault's location but the only one there is Robotnik."

        The blue hedgehog looked to the others again. "Back before Mobius went furry, there were humans living here and they sealed a vault in the Volcanic Rifts that was rumored to contain a suit of armor powered by the solar element. Legend says the armor is so powerful, that only someone with a good heart who isn't furry can even use it. Robotnik heard half of the legend and he has been trying to get the vault open ever since. Every time he gets his hands on a new weapon, he tries to use it to open the vault."

        The winged Australian remarked, "If they trick Lari into opening that vault, then we cannot let Robotnik claim the armor. It would be better if Lari 'ad it. This solar power could 'elp 'im recover 'is vitality. But if Robotnik got it... wait a minute... according to yer story, Sonic, if Robotnik tried to use it, it would fry 'im. 'e isn't good."

        Sonic and Amy Rose were both nodding their heads with a smile, as Sonic replied, "You got it, Geoffrey. The moment Robotnik tried to touch it his hands would be horribly burned."

        Amy Rose added, "It will only work for a good human. And because Lari is to open the Vault, he has to be the one to get it. Otherwise, it is useless."

        Ned kept his arms crossed very uncomfortable about his surroundings. That and the side of his face throbbed in pain. "My hands will likely be singed if I was in Lari's predicament."

        Master Ryuu said. "Mostly because you're only half Human. And you are having trouble with growing up as most young dragons tend to do when they are going through second adolescence."

        Ned then said to Amy Rose, "Do you know which of our teams are close to the Solar Vault?"

        "Only two teams are close right now," replied the pink hedgehog girl. "You guys and Sega's group. But unlike you guys, they don't know to go there. So they are heading toward one of the Freedom Fighter check in points just beyond the mountain. You guys are the only ones who know to go there. Unless you contact them and tell them to backtrack. They all have morphers, when they choose to use them. Sega and North used to be with a team called Storm Horizon; Nitro was with a team called the Emerald Knights; and Timmy was with the Outback Rescue Adventure Guardians. Talk about a team who played musical morphers."

        Geoffrey hummed. "Sonic... yas need to zoom out and get Robotnik's attention and make 'im chase yas. That way, 'e isn't in position when Cyber arrives with Lari."

        Sonic nodded his muzzle. "Sounds like a good plan, Geoffrey. Then you rangers need to be in hiding so Cyber doesn't see you when he arrives. Otherwise, he might just kidnap Lari and then you would have to chase him."

        Amy Rose stood up. "You boys get moving. I'll contact the other Mobian Rangers and let them know what the new plan is. Get going; I'll handle the calls." And she set about doing that for the departing rangers.

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Shadows of Green and Grey.

          Kaoru, Eddie, and Shadow had accidentally encountered Ogma as he was preparing another trap for Tails. And after summoning a squad of Doblins (demon goblins,) the fight was on.

          Kaoru brought her Green Force Morpher in front of herself and she pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. Her surroundings turned bright green as a splash of green and black covered her body from the neck down which formed into her ranger uniform, along with her belt, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright green surroundings pulled together to form a visored helmet shape, leaving Kaoru standing in mid air within the void. The helmet spun around once and then lowered down upon her head with a soft latching sound. Then her Green Hengeyokai Sparrow Zord appeared behind her briefly as her surroundings returned to normal. Kaoru then briefly transformed between full Sparrow and Sparrow woman forms before appearing once again as herself. "Banzai! Green Force Ranger!"

          Shadow held up his power ring and shouted, "Freedom Fighters, Assemble!" Then he struck a pose and held the power ring over his chest. "For Mobius!" His body began to glow in a black emerald light. "Black Emerald!" Suddenly, the morphing sequence took hold, as his Ranger uniform of both White and Black Emerald began appearing from his feet, up his legs and torso, then covering his hands and arms, meeting up around his neck. Then, his helmet wrapped around his head, from the back to the front, as the filtered visor formed over his eyes. Then, the images of his Hedgehog Zord appeared briefly behind him, as special effects explosions of black smoke and flames erupted behind him. Upon his chest, the circled emblem of two letter F's back to back, with a crown centered over the base of the letters, appeared in a stylistic flare, standing for Freedom Fighters. Then Shadow shouted, "Emerald Knight! Black Ranger! Fighting For Freedom!"

          Eddie struck his pose and reached over his shoulder and pulled his magic sword and held it over his head. "By the Power of Tailblaze!" He was then hit with a fabulous bolt of magical energy as his sword unleashed a massive grayish glow all over his body and in a flash of light, he was transformed into a muscular adult male. "I have the power!!!" Then the glowing light formed into his Dreamtime Were-Kangaroo Armor although he was nearly undressed in appearance. His head was then covered by a gray were-kangaroo helmet with a crystal visor. His Were-Kangaroo Power Zord then appeared briefly behind him as he placed his sword back into its scabbard and struck his final pose once again. "Confederate Fury! Gray Were-Kangaroo Ranger!"

          Shadow grinned. "He-Roo and Kaoru... move over, Skeletor!" he exclaimed as he bashed a Doblin in the face with his fist.

          And on Adalia where Snake Mountain currently was, Skeletor glanced up from where he sat on his throne. "Eh? Shadow the Hedgehog made fun of me again!"

          ...back to the action on Mobius. Eddie threw a Doblin through the air and into a group of his own allies. "And to think the Adventure League used to have fights like this all the time. How are you doing over there, Kaoru?"

          Kaoru was handing asses to the Doblins with her. "This is nothing, Eddie-san! They make the Dragon Shinobi that ruined Master Ryuu's dojo look like experts!" She then said, as she threw a Doblin down on another with a Juikungrate technique. "But when I fight these things, I have to remember how stupid two of my friends are acting around each other. Have you ever had that feeling?"

          Eddie seemingly tail slapped a group Doblins hard which sent them crashing into Ogma who wasn't even in the battle. "Have I ever had that feeling...? Well, let's see... I am in a team of Loners who each seem to think that their own special shoulder chip of the universe is more important than working together as a team. More important than team training around experts and pros where we could get battle pointers regarding our pros and cons. A team who are distracted at the drop of a hat. I am the only one of my bunch who ever thought to go to an expert in ranger combat tactics and get real ranger combat training. And what do I put up with when I am not in training? The winged depression, the tunnel visioned artist, the handheld geek, the journalist girl, and the perverse Enforcer. None of which... want to train as a ranger team. My team couldn't even settle on a single morpher. And Geoffrey's idea was 'his way or no way'. The others quickly agreed with the fake Lari demon that they should be like the Aquarian Force... a team of Loners. Tailblaze taught me in under five minutes that there is no 'I' in 'TEAM'. And every member of the Confederate Fury has fallen into the 'I'-'I'-'I' trap. So have I had that feeling? YES!"

          Shadow remarked at that moment, "If your team was formed on a demon's idea, then it is no wonder they are all self-centered into their own personal power trips. I know the morphers got realigned by the Holy Pouch" and when he said that name, ALL of the Doblins simply vanished! "but the team itself was never cleansed from the taint." He now looked around and saw Ogma looking scared and backing away slowly. "Whoops. I said her name, didn't I?"

          Ogma nodded his head one time and simply disappeared like any SMART demon, leaving the three heroes standing there.

          Eddie released a quiet sigh. "If our team is affected by this taint still, then we need to get cleaned up ASAP. It is causing all of us to parade around as if there was an 'I' in 'TEAM'. And that isn't a good thing. And Teri was bad for doing that anyway... so hers is far worse."

          "Sorry I brought it up," started the oft well-composed daughter of two Doragonger, "but I have a friend I am close to that forgets his human side sometimes and thinks about mating with my other teammate who is pretty icy to him after the dragon fear aura was accidentally used." She sighed. "I care for both of them, and I just want to smack both of them and tell them they are both being stupid!"

          Shadow chuckled. "Sometimes friends who act stupid need to so when they work together they are focused. Believe me, I know... Sonic and I fight often enough. Knuckles thinks we act stupid, but we're all still friends. And we couldn't function as a team if we weren't focused. So in your own opinion, Kaoru, which of the two seems more out of focus than the other? I think from what you have told us that it is Ned. He is dealing with two separate sides of himself so it is hard to focus on what he really wants. He honestly likes Thomas, but the dragon side is making even that attempt nearly impossible and it will continue to do that until it bypasses second puberty something humans don't have to deal with."

          Eddie nodded his head. "And it doesn't make it any easier for Ned that this Tamus Frigidus says he loves him but is off hanging around Ned's friend and current interest. But then again.. Thomas did report that when the courier isn't around the other dragons, his mind seems to clear and he can focus. It must be a pheromone that other dragons like Ned emit."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Solar Powered.

            While Sonic played his part perfectly in luring Robotnik off in a chase, the others hid nearby where they could see the ominous looking vault door. And sure enough, Cyber came flying in on his hover jet and yes, he did have Lari with him. "When I heard you were looking for a perfect suit of Mobian armor, I remembered that there was an armored suit like you were asking for in this place." He walked up to the vault himself and went through the motions of unlocking it being careful not to touch the vault door himself. "Okay Lari... go ahead and open it."

            Lari walked over now and he simply grabbed hold of the handle with one hand and the vault door casually opened without so much of a creak nor a problem.

            The moment the vault was open, Cyber ran inside... for all of three seconds before there was a flash which sent him flying backwards out of the opening where he crashed into the far hillside looking dazed before he slid down behind the rocks.

            Then he heard a voice from within the vault opening. "Is someone there?"

            "Yeah... Ah'm Lari Carrington Knight from Blackall, Queensland, Australia. Ah came to Mobius to find a suit of armor to be used as a example design for a 'ero team uniform Ah was designing. Who are yas?"

            "Please, come in. You seem to have a good heart. There is a barrier in place to prevent greedy people from reaching the inner chambers."

            Lari then entered the vault opening slowly.

            Geoffrey said, "'e's in, Ned." He raised his communicator that Sonic had given him. "Timmy. This is Geoffrey. Lari 'as entered the vault. Converge on this site. Cyber is..." he paused. "...very unconscious. Ah'll explain later."

            Ned gruffly growled, making sure to look for any trouble or Prince Sandy Paw's level of Dragon clinginess from Tamus Frigidus. Either way, he's going to keep on his toes and give any unlucky villain a taste of his Thunder breath weapon. And unlike a certain former fire dragon, this half-dragon's mouth doesn't get hurt in human form while firing it, as proven in an earlier episode.

            Master Ryuu got onto Geoffrey's shoulders, keeping an eye on his half-dragon charge in case he forgets his focus. "I was surprised that these wings are fully functional, Geoffrey-kun."

            "My father is supposedly the Mobian known as Jet," explained the human male with large Mobian feathered wings. "The bloke did it with an unknown 'uman female during a nightclub outing and then the Mobians went 'ome. Apparently, the sheila got pregnant and when she gave birth to me at a 'ospital, she abandoned me there. Ah 'ad been looking for my parents ever since just so Ah could know who they were. Luckily, Princess Sally 'elped me to learn who my father was. She confirmed that it was indeed Jet. Ah've yet to meet 'im."

            He then flexed his large wings before refolding them against his back. "And yes, they are fully functional. After Ah learned that Ah could fly, Ah took my friends on sky flights."

            Within the vault, Lari followed the cavern like tunnel down to a heated metallic chamber that looked like technology from an age before Mobius went to the animals. It was fantasy mixed with science fiction in there. Off to one side was a sheer drop where bubbling magma was churning in an ever-burning morass of chaos energy. Apparently the same energy that would fuel the Chaos Emeralds. On past that location there was the source of the voice. Floating within a stasis field of Chaos Energy was what appeared to be an orange Mobian hedgehog. He was built like Shadow in stature except he was mainly orange with white secondary features and just a tiny hint of red highlights. Neatly on a stand next to him was the famed special armor that Lari had been seeking. A suit built for a hedgehog of the prisoner's size. However, with some adjustments, it was possible for someone like Lari to manage a wearing of the armor. It was the same color scheme as the hedgehog with the red being the dominant color followed by orange and lastly white. It was shiny and beautiful.

            "Greetings," he said. "I am Solar the Hedgehog, last surviving member of an ancient order of heroes known as the Ranger Riders. Commissioned by the Holy Pouch just after the death of Christ, we were sent to various worlds in space where we were to combat evil where ever we could find it. Here on Mobius Prime, I battled an evil mastermind who commanded robots to do his wicked deeds. The humans who lived here were living in fear and this villain ruled with an iron fist. Over several years I fought against his machines until the day I cornered him within his own lair... this very cavern. I made a mistake in battle and he managed to capture me in this stasis field. He even had my armor removed and placed on that stand. But then his greed got the better of him and he attempted to learn the secret of what powered my Ranger Rider powers. And that was the day the locals learned a valuable lesson. The evil mastermind tried to crack the security code covering my power source and when he failed the first attempt, a divine blast when off in the form of the Holy Pouch herself. Her spirit form kicked the villain clear across the lab where he fell off of the precipice into the magma below. He died instantly."

            "When the locals saw that I wasn't human like them, they, out of misguided fear, constructed a vault door to seal me into the cavern and they stupidly placed a security protocol which would seal their own doom... making it so not even they could reopen the vault once closed. The measure they used was to make it so only a human boy with a pure heart could open the vault door. They learned too late that none of them qualified for that designation as cosmic radiation fell from the sky and began transforming all of the humans on the planet into what would be known today as Mobian animals. Beings like myself, in fact. I was a victim of the radiation as well when I first came to this world. I used to be human like you; a human from Planet Earth. Once every so many years the cosmic radiation bathes Mobius Prime with its transformation energy. Today, it might be called Chaos Energy. If you could free me, Lari Carrington Knight, I would swear my loyalty to you and assist you on any noble quest you are on. The control panel is on that wall. The combination is Red, Green, Purple, Purple, Green, Yellow, Teal, Yellow, Purple, White, Red, Red, Black, and Blue."

            Lari went over to the wall console and he began to tap in the color combination that Solar had instructed him to do. When the final key was pressed, the stasis field deactivated and Solar was instantly back in his armor. But before he could do or say anything more he seemed to change into a beam of light and merged with Lari's unpowered morpher.

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: Kingdom Knights Reforged.

              "The Holy Pouch made this device you are wearing, right?" came Solar's voice from the now glowing morpher.

              "Yeah..." replied Lari as he looked at the head image of Solar on the morpher's surface. "'ow did yas get in there? The 'oly Pouch told me that this morpher would remain unpowered until Ah got all of my lost energy back and now... yer inside the morpher."

              "Like yourself, Lari, I am very weak. I expended a lot of energy during my final battle and in order to recharge that energy, I have to plug into a device made by the Holy Pouch. Don't worry... I am alive and well in here. But for now, I sense some sort of robot battle occurring just outside. I will permit you to use my powers in your fight for justice in the name of the Holy Pouch... the Ranger Rider protocol is now yours, Lari. To use it, bring your device over your chest, touch my image, and say, Holy Ranger or Holy Rider. When the sequence begins, call out my name, Solar, and your last name in plural, Knights, and then... enjoy the energy rush."

              Lari then ran back toward the entrance of the cavern where he saw that Dr. Robotnik was back with his robot army, and all of the Mobians and two Ranger teams were in deep battle against the machine metal heads while Robotnik monitored the fight from his flying egg. "Oh no... the Mobians are in trouble. Let's see what my new friend is capable of."

              Lari struck a pose as he lifted his morpher over his chest and touched the image of Solar. "'oly Ranger!" There came a bolt of lightning, a blast of fire, and the sound of thunder, as his body glowed brightly and formed into solid orange and white uniform with long sleeves. "Solar Knights!" Then, his red knightly armors shot in like projectiles of light, affixing themselves from the bottom to the top. Armored boots and gloves appeared first followed by the greaves, his belt with a Sonic handheld, a breastplate, shoulder armor, and his ranger helm last. Finally, his combination Unicorn Zord/Motorcycle appeared just behind him, glowing with a bright red and orange light. "Red Kingdom Ranger!"

              Rapid close-ups occurred detailing every part of his fantastic armored ranger outfit before showing him full view with explosions going off just behind him. And then he charged into battle where he could see Timmy and Nitro fighting robots.

              "Up to yer armpits in robots, eh Courier?" said Lari as he fought off a robot who was about to get the drop on Nitro. "Guess who's back? And it isn't Tommy Oliver, either."

              Timmy smirked, giving a robot a nice uppercut with his weaponed hand. "Looking hot, mate!"

              "If I wasn't so tired of pooping out babies, I'd bottom for him." Nitro was giving a spike-hair barrage to some foolish robots. But unlike a certain Hedgehog Ranger, He didn't have to make a pass at any male with a pulse.

              Ned's Lightning Breath weapon exploded a few of them before he brought out his Force Phone, and pressed [3] [2] [1] [GO!], morphing into the Gold Force Ranger. "I am starting to hate these robots," he growled, before slamming two robots' heads together with such force, they flattened as if they were tin cans!

              [3] [2] [1] [GO!] occurred as Thomas transformed into the White Force Ranger right along side the female White Lion Ranger. Miranda said, "Lion's Roar," in an almost quiet manner, as a sparkling white effect of magical fairy dust and holographic particles slowly revolved around her body from the feet up to her head covering her in a white lion like formal dress over ranger pants with gloves and high heel boots, as her lips were glossed in red, her eyes change to blue, and her hair became a long flowing pink color. And then her helmet appeared over her head as what looked like a giant sized white lion appeared beside her with a roar before vanishing. "Confederate Fury!" "Freedom Force!" "White Ranger Power!" Then Thomas tagged Miranda and said, "Ready to let our powers combine?" Miranda giggled. "Ah don't see Captain Planet, so let's make our own!"

              Thomas opened his digital catalog and pressed the symbol of the [Hengeyokai Hare Zord] as Miranda leaped into the air and transformed into her White Lion Zord. Then the two of them together made their zords leap into the air as they shouted, "Hengeyokai Hare!" "White Lion!" "Aurora Crusader Formation!" The White Hengeyokai Hare glowed into a flash of light, becoming glowing wintry armor pieces and reinforcements, as the White Lion body grew to megazord size, flying into the center of the arms and armor cloud. Thomas found himself with Miranda, as the two seemed to merge, becoming one mind inside of the forming megazord. The armor pieces adhered to the megazord's body, all over, protecting it in all the right ways. Then, the armor reinforcements coated the armored body, all over. Finally, a glowing crossbow of force fired out of the Aurora Borealis to the north, landing handle first into Aurora's glowing gauntlet. The whole body then illuminated, like the Northern Lights themselves. "Aurora, the Winter Crusader!"

              Aurora fired her crossbow at Robotnik and the explosion caused his flying egg to go rolling backward through the sky and over the distant hill. "I hope he has the smarts to stay away. But as Sonic is well aware... such hope is fleeting at best."

              Just as the robot battle was beginning to heat up, there came a familiar sound to all of the Freedom Force Rangers. "RING!" And the entire fight came to a halt between both sides as Corona answered her Force Phone. "Corona here and this better be important. I'm in a robot battle."

              "What do those disgusting robots have that I don't have, my sweet? When you come home, I want to show you how much I really love you. The marriage will be most the most excellent anyone has ever seen."

              Corona growled in a manner that made even the nearby Ogma wonder if the female ranger was actually a demon herself. "HOW IN THE BLEEP DID YOU GET MY NEW CELLPHONE NUMBER?! FORGET IT! I DON'T WANT TO KNOW! WHAT PART OF TAKE A FLYING LEAP INTO AN EXPLODING SUN DO YOU NOT GET?! GOOD BYE AND DO NOT CALL BACK!!" The disconnect CLICK! was heard all over the battlefield. Then with a smile she got back into her battle pose once again. "Okay guys... time in."

              Ned opened his digital catalog, and pressed the symbol [Force Dragon Pulsar], summoning a gauntlet blaster shaped like the head of the Hengeyokai Dragon Zord. And when he thrust it toward the Robotic grunts, the maw opened to release a stream of electrical energy. It was weak compared to the natural breath weapon, but it did the trick. Move over Dragon Knight. This Ranger knows how to use a gauntlet weapon to his advantage!

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Wrapping Things Up.

                Kazuki was putting his practice of the Water Element to good use thanks to Agua's regimen, summoning a Water Elemental to take form and help to short-circuit the Robots.

                Vlad used Sony's ability, one of the less newer ones he unlocked, but now seemed the time to warrant it. "Rainbow Blaster! Fire!" He fired from the blaster a rainbow beam, which forced whatever robot grunt the non-damaging beam to face to fight its comrades. A reprogramming beam. Quite useful with battles against artificial grunts.

                At that moment, it appeared that Mylanus was seen entering the Vault at a run. Ogma shouted, "Oh no you don't! Come back here, Mylanus! I will capture you at last!" And he ran inside as well.

                Then Robotnik arrived in his flying egg as Lari shouted up to him. "Robotnik! Ogma is going after a new Chaos Emerald in the vault!"

                Robotnik growled, "Double crossing demon! Chaos Emeralds are mine!" And he flew his flying egg into the vault opening.

                And Lari quickly ran over and swung the vault door closed with a locking CLICK!

                Tails then reappeared magically as he had been invisible while flying. "How did Mylanus run into the vault, Lari? I thought he was inside of me?"

                Lari activated a flash light device and pointed it toward a row of bushes and Mylanus was seen running toward the bushes as he vanished through them. "Hologram."

                Tails fell on the ground laughing! "And now Robotnik and Ogma are stuck inside the vault where only a pure human can open the door!"

                All of the robots fell into a million pieces at that point.

                Michael chuckled. "Good job, Uncle Lari! Since Ah know yer not my dad, Ah 'ave to call yas something."

                While Geoffrey was hovering in mid air, Jet flew in and hugged him tightly! "DAD!" He hugged the Mobian Hawk in return.

                Sonic smiled. "Looks like he got my call."

                Vlad rested the Blaster on his shoulder, remembering that he didn't know anything about his own parents, but was glad to see Geoffrey reunited with his father. "Whee..."

                Ned powered down, and sat down in a slump, while Master Ryuu said how well he fought, despite failing a test earlier. He didn't know what to do anymore.

                Kaoru sighed, and said. "It's going to take a lot of time before they can be friends again."

                Thomas and Miranda then powered down and shook hands. "That was a lot of fun! Though I was surprised that the Aurora Crusader was a girl like you."

                Miranda giggled. "Having yas inside my mind was a real trip. Ah just 'ope yas didn't read any of my naughty diary entries."

                Thomas blushed. "Um, no... Look, I am worried about my friend back home and-" Then he saw Ned sitting nearby and he sighed one time before walking over and giving him a hug. "Teri and I had a talk earlier and... she got me to remember a few things that have occurred in the past few days. I know now that we did bury the hatchet already and that your anger and fear aura slip was due to learning about the Aussie Dragon Wars. So if you want to make a fresh start, Ned... we are still friends."

                Eddie smirked. "How about that? Teri is now a therapist. Minus the 'T.H.E.', that is." He knew he would probably get hit.

                Corona looked at Kaoru. "I am going to have to change my cellphone number to an unlisted number this time and not even let my parents have the new number. That ignorant suitor keeps finding out my new cell numbers and he calls me every time I am in the middle of something. Stupid bleepity bleeping suitor."

                Lari went over and hugged Timmy and Nitro. "Thanks for coming for me, mates. Ah'm sorry Ah accidentally activated the transporter. Ah pushed the wrong button in engineering."

                Closing his eyes, Ned was more confused than ever. "Whatever I do to show that I like you and try to make things up to you, the distance is farther. I'd appreciate a fresh start, but with what's going on with me, I don't know if another part you don't like of me shows up and pushes you away again." He finally returned the hug, despite not being able to trust himself around Thomas. "I'll try my hardest not to push you away again, friend."

                Timmy and Nitro looked at each other, then smiled and both gave Lari a kiss on either cheek. "You had us worried when you disappeared like that," said Nitro.

                Timmy added, "but seeing that you are unharmed by the evil forces around these parts... I can't speak for the others, but I'm glad you're safe, Lari."

                "Sounds like a third person needs a juikungrate kick in the baby maker," hummed Kaoru, whom is still a little frustrated over how stupid some boys can be.

                Knuckles then said, "Okay folks, let's get these rangers back home. And then tomorrow is another day." And the group gathered for the transport back to the star ship on Planet Earth.

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Four.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, What Could Have Been.