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[2T-PR3] PRFF-03 Fathers Day

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    [2T-PR3] PRFF-03 Fathers Day

    Power Rangers Freedom Force
    Episode Three: Fathers Day.
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle and Lexington Lonewolf

    1) Michael Knight, Red Force Ranger
    2) Kazuki Kiau, Blue Force Ranger
    3) Corona Bengala, Orange Force Ranger
    4) Thomas Copperfield, White Force Ranger
    5) Ned Yamada-Davidson, Gold Force Ranger
    6) Kaoru Suzuki, Green Force Ranger

    Also Starring, Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger

    Guest Starring, The New Three Musketeers Order:
    Lord Larimore, Ghost Kangaroo Ranger Lord

    Alastair Zavierio: An American architect with the Yoshima Kiro Design Corporation in Kyoto, Japan.
    Yellow-Cloud: A Werewolf trader of the Gold Rush clan (Hollywood, California region)
    Gregory "Greg" Sterling: One of Thomas' friends in Hollywood
    Agua Tsunamus: a water drake captain
    Raja: a rakshasa sorcerer in non-morphic tiger form
    Master Ryuu: A miniature hermit dragon instructor (like Rocket, Gong, and Raker)

    Mobian Allies:
    Sega Lonewolf: the Gold Hedgehog
    Sony: the Rainbow Hedgehog
    Impulse Celeron: the Purple Hedgehog
    Nitro Celeron: the Red Slinky Hedgehog
    Timmy Celeron: the Blue Courier Hedgehog

    Cyber Robotnik, Dr. Robotnik's grandson - Michael's enemy
    Ukami Pyromis, the Fire Princess - Kazuki's enemy
    Stylus "The Bride Hunter" Fulton - Corona's enemy
    Alpha Fangtrap of the Blood Moon Clan - Thomas' enemy
    Tamus Frigidus, Recruiter of New Tatsu-Lan - Ned's enemy
    Drago Chlorinor, Draconian Shinobi - Kaoru's enemy

    Chapter One: The Calm Before The Storm.

    Hokkaido, Japan 2030 A.D.; Sunari Village, Hidaka-sanmyaku Hills
    Club Freedom

    It had been a quiet holiday season and then Lexington Lonewolf passed away during a dragon attack on the station in Australia. Following that, the wake was attended by several members of the Freedom Force along with their parents. And now, it was late January. There was snow covering nearly everything in Northern Japan. Except for Thomas, everyone was staying at the club to avoid dealing with things at home... best left unsaid. Thomas was back in California feeling the torture of being around that bratty sister he didn't like putting up with. She made the werewolf recruiters seem tame by comparison. And that was insulting. Sirens didn't even wail like she did.

    Michael used his time wisely with Knuckles and the other Freedom Fighters whenever he could since he felt that whoever his arch enemy would end up being would be pretty bad. There was no way he had been overlooked in the scheme of villains who go after heroes. His was just late to arrive, that's all.

    Much to Kazuki's chagrin, a Water Drake Captain arrived just after New Years and stayed with him around his neck despite orders to go home, which were ignored. The Water Drake's name was Agua Tsunamus and he had been tasked in educating Kazuki further in his water powers. He wasn't like water pouring through your fingers yet but there was hope.

    "Ah wasn't ready yet, Knuckles! Ow! So yas wanna play rough, do yas?"

    Shadow and Sonic sat together watching all the various training occurring within the club's training rooms from a security chamber overlooking each chamber. "Knuckles is really laying it on thick today," said Sonic, to which Shadow replied, "He has to so Michael understands how to fight roughly the way a ranger should fight."

    Within another training area, Master Ryuu was at work with Kaoru and Ned, although Raja relaxed along one wall with Corona as they watched the activity in action.

    A third training area was near the club's swimming pool where Agua was instructing Kazuki in advanced water control techniques. "If you want to rely on yourself instead of your drakes," said the water drake captain. "then you must master these advanced water techniques."

    Master Ryuu was more serious, especially after having a custom-built alternate Puppet shipped to the clubhouse. Unlike the one at the dojo (an ancient-looking hermit), this one looked almost like a virile Lothario. Since he was training both Ned and Kaoru, the children of the Doragonger, he had to keep his hormones in check while training the two through Puppet II. Once he got done teaching one technique to Kaoru, he taught a slightly more advanced technique to Ned. "Show me you really mean to strike down a Dragon foe!

    Kazuki grunted to Aqua as he readied his Force Phone. "It's not that I don't want to rely on them, shisou; I don't want to send my water drakes recklessly to their destruction." He was in a wetsuit, though with a utility belt used mainly to keep his Force Phone on his person. "They are intelligent just as you are."

    Agua replied, "Your infernal cousin, Ukami-sama, the new fire princess, was asking about you when she arrived for the holidays. But when she learned you weren't there, she literally threw a tantrum. Just as her mother used to do. Then she said to send word to you that she wants to challenge you to a duel in the elemental arts to see who might be better. And that is why I am here now, Kazuki-san. To teach you water magic so you can defeat the little pompous firecracker."

    "Time out, Knuckles! I gotta go pee!" "This had better be for real, Michael, or else I will attack you in the restroom where there is no training mat!"

    Corona smirked. "Poor Michael... Knuckles is really working him over good and-" Ring! Corona answered her cellphone morpher. "Corona here."

    "Corona my sweet. It is I, your future husband to be."

    "You again?! I thought I blocked you!"

    "I am at a payphone, my love. I want us to have a Spring wedding. But if you persist in denying me our day in matrimony, then I will have no choice but to do something drastic to you. You don't want-" "Deposit another 25 cents, please." "I love you, Corona!" CLICK!

    Corona groaned as she checked her cellphone blocked list and saw the number that was blocked. "Time to change my cellphone number. Stupid bleepity bleeping pain in the bleepity bleep." She then looked at Raja. "He is just asking for pain. I hate the guy."

    Raja grinned. "So, just kill him. I would."

    "I'm a ranger now, Raja," Corona replied as she looked at the magical tiger. "Heroes don't kill stupid people......we just make them wish they were dead."

    "Come out of that restroom, Michael!" shouted Knuckles. "It doesn't take that long to piss!"

    Agua smirked as he heard the exchanges. "Your friends are so much fun, Kazuki-san. You should stay over here more often. Now, try out this line of water magic. You are going to attempt to create a minor water elemental."

    Kazuki adjusted his glasses. "If Ukami wants to fight with me, then that it more reason to stay over here more often." He started to focus his inherited water powers, and started to form a water elemental, shaping it to a humanoid form as if it was a Changeling taking solid form. Far different from what it takes to summon Water Drakes from his body.

    Ned hit a Juikungrate maneuver that knocked Puppet II off his feet, and made Master Ryuu wince as the contraption skidded on the ground a few meters away. "Excellent! You are improving, Ned-san. Now this is the time where I don't take it easy on you." Puppet II got up under the control of the Dragon and got into a ready stance. "Repeat the techniques... come!"

    Kaoru was surprised that Ned was putting that much devotion to the studies of the dragon martial arts. It was pretty tough for her to do it alone, but with Ned there, it takes a lot of the instructors pervy energy off her in favor of teaching both an advanced student and a beginning pupil.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Moon-Touched on Ice.

    "Ssssllllooowwww dddooooowwwwnnn, Tttthhhhooommmaaasss! Oooorrrr eeeelllssseee Iiiii'mmmm gonnnaaaa tttteeeellllllll mmmmmoooooooommmm oooonnnn yyyyyooooouuuuu!" was the last retort that Thomas and Greg heard from the bratty sister as they escaped from the Hollywood neighborhood and after meeting up with Yellow-Cloud, they soon were out at a frozen lake where the boys were putting on ice skates. Though surprisingly... Yellow-Cloud was putting on a pair himself.

    "The Gold Rush clan are excellent skaters both on and off the ice," said the werewolf ally. "The other werewolves never learned how to master this feat, so we should be safe out here today. And if the Blood Moon clan does try to come out here, we can watch them slip and smack their tails into the ice."

    Thomas grinned at the thought of that happening. "Are you still thinking about having your own morpher someday, Greg? I know you were impressed over meeting the Mobians a few weeks ago. Although there is only one that I think is super fluffy." He giggled as he stepped out on to the ice and balanced himself.

    "I was more impressed that you are friends with that Dragon," said Greg, as he snugged up the skates he wore using the laces. "For quite a while, he had his eyes on you, and they weren't as intense as they were with the others. And I don't think he looked at you like a slab of meat."

    "Ned is a weird hybrid dragon, Greg," said Thomas. "The first time I met him, he was coming on to me and rubbing his tail over my butt, and even took a chance of rubbing one hand over my groin. After that meeting, I came back to Hollywood and asked not only you but other friends for advice on what to do about this. And the unanimous answer was to do the same thing back to him. So during the second meeting, I attempted to do this and Ned growled at me and set off his dragon fear aura, literally making me lose interest in him. This time when I had you and Yellow-Cloud there, he was back to acting all lovey-dovey and flirty again. So that is what you got to see. I don't know what's wrong with him."

    Yellow-Cloud smirked. "Sounds like Second Puberty. Humans never experience it, but we non-humans do. Now come on... the ice looks quite inviting today. Or do you fancy staying on shore where Fangtrap might find you?" He winked.

    "Sounds like he gets to experience what we went through more than once," said Greg in a quizzical manner as got on the ice, and started to skate as if he was a hockey player. "Must be like going through Hell again for him." He was slowly starting to wonder how hard it was for a dragon to go through puberty again. "Do you think he really would use his fear aura on you on purpose if he likes you as much as you said before? If I got mad over something and growled at you, would you stay away from me?"

    "Ned has claws and fangs; you don't, Greg. I'd never stay away from you." Thomas and Yellow-Cloud started skating after Greg, but just ahead... Fangtrap and four of his clan's warriors stepped out on to the ice. It appeared that they were wearing spiked log rolling boots. "Uh oh! Looks like I'm going to have to use the force again!"

    Thomas brought his White Force Morpher in front of himself and he pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. His surroundings turned bright white as a splash of white and black covered his body from the neck down which formed into his ranger uniform, along with his belt, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright white surroundings pulled together to form a visored helmet shape, leaving Thomas standing in mid air within the void. The helmet spun around once and then lowered down upon his head with a soft latching sound. Then his White Hengeyokai Hare Zord appeared behind him briefly as his surroundings returned to normal. Thomas then briefly transformed between full hare and hare man forms before appearing once again as himself. "Banzai! White Force Ranger!"

    And just then from the mid air just behind Thomas, another voice was heard...

    Tails struck a pose and held his bracer morpher over his chest. As he did, Tails shouted, "For Mobius!" His body then began to glow like a golden emerald. "Gold Emerald!" Suddenly, the morphing sequence took hold, as his Ranger uniform of White and Gold began appearing from his feet, up his legs and torso, then up his hands and arms, meeting up around his neck. Next, his helmet wrapped around his head from the back to the front as the filtered visor formed over his eyes. Finally, the images of his Gold Kitsune Zord appeared briefly behind him as special effects explosions of colored smoke and flames erupted behind him. Upon his chest, the ring circled emblem of two letter F's back to back, with a crown centered over the base of the letters, appeared in a stylistic flare, standing for Freedom Fighters. Tails exclaimed, "Gold Emerald Knight Ranger!"

    And with a magical spell, Greg had a hockey mask and an silver hockey stick. Courtesy of the kitsune.

    "Fancy seeing you here, Tails! But I'm glad! Now let's cream the Blood Moon Clan!"

    Tails grinned. "The only reason they aren't slipping is because they have those cleats. But with some sneaky magic..." the spiked shoes transformed into roller skates and the comedy then ensued as werewolves were literally trying anything to keep from falling. Tails caused a pile of pucks to appear next to Greg. "Have at it, Greg!"

    Greg didn't worry about high-sticking when it came to the Blood Moon Clan; simply put, all he did was launch each puck, aiming for various parts of the bad werewolves' bodies. He smirked when he hit the werewolves between the hind-legs!

    Thomas had shifted into his White Hengeyokai Hare form and was kicking warriors off the ice where they vanished beyond the embankment. Tails was using his magic with precision striking any Blood Moon clan wolf who was too stupid to simply leave.

    Finally, Fangtrap growled and shouted, "Stupid ice and snow! You won't always be on the ice, ranger! We'll catch you yet!" And he leaped off the ice and departed as well.

    Thomas giggled as he looked at Tails. "What brings you here, my two-tailed friend?"

    "Princess Sally said that I should come and help you stay out of trouble," he replied as he winked at the audience. "And Ned was worried about you."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Engineering and Design.

      Sega and Sony were working on zord and megazord designs at their desks within the Mobian star ship when a note from Tails arrived on Sega's desk. He slowly read over the note and saw that it involved Thomas' friend, Greg Sterling, and the request was for a new morpher design and zord (single unit megazord) specifically for him.

      Sega grinned as he read over the note. "Not a bad idea, actually. That way, Thomas has back up in the States. Although... perhaps a single morpher shouldn't be enough... especially if the States needs a ranger team of their own. Yeah, I think I'm getting an idea here... and a good one for a change."

      In the adjoining hallway, Michael and Kazuki were being escorted by Knuckles and Sonic toward Engineering since both boys were done with their training, for today. Sonic said, "...and this is where Sega and Sony work, Kazuki. You said you wanted to see it and them."

      Kazuki nodded. "Sony-kun and Sega-san are nice people, and it would be nice to see where they work." He then bowed in respect to the Engineers as they passed through the corridor.

      Sony turned and smiled at Kazuki and Michael. "Welcome to R & D Creation Corp. This is where it all goes down. The first step is to either research your idea or have an idea from someone else presented to you. Next, we try to design your idea to give it shape and depth. And finally, we attempt to construct your idea to see if will hold up to the creation process at all. If the idea passes the final inspection, then the finished product becomes available for your use."

      He then jerked a thumb at Sega. "He was presented an idea just before you guys arrived and now he's drawing and designing like crazy."

      Sega was barely heard muttering, "This will be a good one... hehe..."

      Michael walked in and looked at some of the passed inspection blueprints hung on the walls.

      "Umm... Sony-kun?" said Kazuki as he looked towards the married Gold Hedgehog. "Does Sega-san always get like this when someone sends him a request?"

      Sony smiled as he glanced over at the gold hedgehog. "He does when the idea is a good one. And it apparently is. What about yourself, Kazuki? Want to give some new idea a try?"

      Michael was studying a few more of the finished blueprint designs while remaining quiet.

      "Maybe something is strong enough to shield me from a barrage of fire. One of my cousins likes to sic her Fire Drakes on me whenever she's around." Kazuki shuddered, remembering his mother lecturing him while she healed his second-degree burns with her water magic.

      Walking in the door was a white-furred hedgehog with his spikes streaked to look like strawberry blond arrows were pointing outwards, and a rather athletic build that came with working out for quite a few years. His physique looked like it had benefit it more than his health. He was carrying three bento boxes along with a couple bottles of cold sake. His left hand had a wedding ring that had the cardinal points of the compass etched on the band (the same as the inside of Sega's wedding band). "It was a bit of trouble getting Australian Dollars changed into Japanese Yen at the Currency exchange, but I brought food and sake in case anyone his hungry, and..." He looked towards Sega with a 'why am I not surprised' look on his muzzle. "He's in the zone again, isn't he?"

      Michael looked at the white hedgehog with a smile. "Yas must be Sega's number one mate. Ah'm Michael Knight." And he gave the white hedgehog a small kiss on the side of his face.

      Sega clipped the note from Tails up in a holder as he swiveled around in his seat and smiled at his partner. "North. I have time for you. Yes, I was in the zone and it is all Tails' fault this time. He sent me an idea request for one of Thomas' friends in the states and I got an idea for a whole team over there. Well, come on over here, love." He patted his lap with a smile.

      Sony whispered to Kazuki, "Welcome to Rated-R land. Where mushy romance (them) meets with perverted bachelors (me) with no holds barred."

      North's ear twitched, and he gave Sony a box of food and a bottle of sake of his own, before walking over to Sega with a smile, picking the gold-furred hedgehog off his chair gently, and sitting down with Sega on his lap. He then kissed Sega lovingly on the cheek and smiled. "I'm North Lonewolf, Sega's husband. Pleasure to meet you."

      Kazuki hummed. "Then we might benefit from talking about my idea in the hallway." He then looked to the two lovebird hedgehogs. "Excuse me." He then bowed honorably, and led the rainbow hedgehog to the other room.

      Michael knelt down to one knee and he kissed North's hand a short moment. "Pleasure to meet yas, mate. Knuckles 'ad me training all morning long. Ah'm glad 'e permitted this tour of engineering as a reward."

      Sega smiled. "If you're going to kiss my mate's hand, then you better kiss mine too or else I get to use you tonight... in bed." He winked.

      Giggling with a smile, Michael gave Sega's gloved hand a kiss too... although his glove had an odd taste to it. "Er..." He coughed a bit. "...what is all over yer gloves, mate? Ugh... It tastes funny." He coughed some more.

      Sega arched an eye as he sniffed his gloves. Then he made a face and said, "Sorry, Michael... I get a little messy in the mornings when I think about my mate here... my gloves are coated in... Mobian lubricant and... hedgehog jism... you know." He blushed as Michael coughed some more looking sick.

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Return of the Snow Courier.

        Flying in and landing with a thump, the slender white courier dragon of New Tatsu-Lan shook himself and folded his wings before he knocked on the front door of Club Freedom. "Oh Neddy Boy! I am back!"

        Corona asked the others, "Who the heck is that?"

        Ned let out a frustrated growl in his room. Sounded like he was interrupted when he was doing something 'important.' A small tremor was felt throughout the clubhouse only a couple minutes before finally coming out of his room in human form. "Can't a dragon have some time to himself every once in a while?!" From the way he sounded to the non-dragon males, he was thinking about someone special. He opened the door, and glared right at the snow dragon as if nothing happened. "Did you come back to drop another snowball on me and my friends?" He knew it was more obvious what the dragon was there for.

        Tamus Frigidus the snow dragon courier stood there with a half tilted head which sported a soft adorable smile and his eyes looked as if he had experienced a passionate kiss. "Good morning, Ned. His grace, the Warlord, would like a reply from you. Have you thought over joining us? I brought giiiiiiiiiifts!" And he pulled out a dragonberry pie from his courier satchel and held it out to Ned with that smile of his, his eyes never wavering to indicate foul play.

        Ned sniffed the dragonberry pie, and it smelled like something that would be desirable. Almost too desirable. However, he was still naturally suspicious of the New Tatsu-Lan courier. "What will make me believe that all New Tatsu-Lan Dragons are not the same? I am still unsure whether or not to align myself with your faction, since I've been to Australia, and seen the memorial of a well-known local that shown the smallest of resistance." Kaoru was there as well, and saw some of the frustration that Ned has shown after the memorial.

        Tamus made a wrinkled snout expression from that statement. "Contrare to what you may have heard or seen, Neddy love... the New Tatsu-Lan Dragons do not have any undead nor demonic dragons within their ranks. Such wouldn't even be permitted inside the city. But because you are referring to Scale Specter directly, what I will say is that he was created from a fallen Shadow Dragon and combined with a Neo-Demon essence without the consent of the Lords of New Tatsu-Lan. They do not support this unnatural monstrosity now nor ever. And if you wanted to state your case to the High Lord himself in the city, I could escort you there and back. Yes, I said 'and back' meaning that I intend to make sure you get back home in one piece. Why? Because you turn me on, Neddy love." He winked with his draconian smile. "I love you, Ned." And there was a blush.

        Corona who was nearby opened her purse and started looking for a bad dragon paddle or something similar that would work. This talk of dragon love was starting to get to her. The pervert hermit dragon... she didn't mind; but this love-sick courier was a bit much. Especially for falling in love with Ned who was moping over Thomas.

        Therefore, she spoke up. "Tamus? That's your name, isn't it?" Corona paused giving the courier a chance to look at her. "Ned is infatuated with a American magic using boy named Thomas Copperfield. Perhaps if you wanted to score some big points with Ned, you might befriend the love interest first and maybe do something about that bratty sister we're always hearing about."

        Tamus hummed as he stroked a claw over his chin thoughtfully. "But how could a dragon be in love with a human unless-" He suddenly paused as the proverbial light bulb came on over his head. "Oh! Neddy love... I didn't know he had it in him to do that. If I were to report this back to the Dragon Lord, Ned would score much higher ranks in our society. Especially if he carried through action what you seem to be implying. Oh yes. I could play matchmaker. Is Thomas cute?"

        Corona face-palmed herself thinking, What a ridiculously STUPID dragon! How could his mind go into the gutter THAT fast?

        "If you value my consideration of joining the New Tatsu-Lan Dragons, I suggest that you never so much as harm a hair on Thomas' body." Ned sounded as if he didn't trust the dragon's motives. And he could take a wild guess at what the dragon was imply about his interest in Thomas. "If yas prove to me that the New Tatsu-Lan Dragons aren't as under-clawed as I've heard, I might consider joining. If you prove to be a friend, I will learn to trust you, and join."

        Master Ryuu didn't look all too happy when he caught the scent of New Tatsu-Lan Dragon.

        "I asked if he was cute; I didn't imply that he was your meal," stated Tamus wondering why Ned got so defensive over this Thomas boy boy. "As for harm, please remember this one thing about New Tatsu-Lan Dragons... the dragon god wants good little dragons to castrate themselves in order for them to redeem their purity in a modern society. That would be like asking old school western dragons to have a dentist yank all their teeth out and then expect knights in shining armor to treat them differently. Not going to happen, Ned. A knight would run a sword through them faster than anything if a dragon didn't have his teeth. Therefore, unless you agree to this castration the dragon god is asking for, and mind you that he is disguising the practice under another title ...removing your samating ability..., then you must be considering our offer to join because we New Tatsu-Lan Dragons choose to retain our naturality... meaning that which we were hatched with. I am not severing mine for no god. Will you?" Short pause. "I truly doubt it, Neddy, my love. Without your tools, Thomas would likely never think the same of you as he might think of you now."

        Tamus was now looking at Master Ryuu. "Ask the trainer there if he thinks the good dragon plan is smart. Hard to be perverted toward women if your ability to be aroused is gone. And I mean GONE." He made the slice motion across his slit along with the verbal sound to drive the point home.

        He now turned to smile at Ned once again. "Tell you what, Mister Needs More Proof... I'm a courier. Permit me to deliver letters and packages between yourself and Thomas, and I will help you woo the boy. As is, your very aura tells me that you accidentally scared the boy once already. Allow me to bring mail and gifts to your boy from you and I will deliver his replies back to you in a timely fashion. At best, the boy wears white... my favorite color." He IS a white dragon.

        Tamus then gave Ned a kiss on the mouth, before flying off into the Eastern sky over the ocean. In other words, he wasn't heading back to Australia, obviously.

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: Call In Show.

          Michael had the conference call monitor tuned in to Thomas' Magic Mansion home in Hollywood. "-and so yas see, Thomas... Corona accidentally put this idea of befriending on Ned's be'alf into Tamus Frigidus' 'ead. 'e really isn't interested in yas; 'e will just be around to 'elp yas thinking that every time 'e does it will score 'im big points with Ned toward 'im joining their dragon faction in Australia. As yas might guess... it is a stupid mess. Even Master Ryuu is disgusted not because of that idea, but because 'e just learned that Ba'amut and IO are asking good dragons to 'ave their tools... removed... um... yas know..." He made a face.

          On the other end of the call, Thomas was with his best friend Greg... although worse case scenario... the bratty sister the boys didn't like was also in the room this time. So Thomas had to be careful when talking about Ranger stuff.

          "A white dragon is coming here to make friends with me just so he can earn Ned's trust?" asked Thomas looking very non-interested in the news. "He might find my company better than Ned's. I tried to make an effort with Ned during your birthday party, Michael, and he used his dragon fear aura on me. I won't make that mistake again." Meaning Ned blew it that time. He is really going to have to work hard to make up for that stupid mistake happening.

          Corona said, "I'm sorry, Thomas. But the dragon's mind kept going into the gutter and I just wanted to get him out of here. We already have one scaly perv in the club; we don't need two. Or is it three...?"

          Master Ryuu would have a pervy grin on his muzzle, but he was planning to get in contact with his draconic colleagues in instructing Dragons (and sometimes humans) in the Tatsu-Lan tradition (and yes, it includes Gerus Steel, whom he was acquainted with).

          Ned wasn't there to hear the call; he was busy with Kaoru and Sonic writing the first letter to Thomas. It's not that he needed help with the wording, he needed help writing it in the proper English (his weak point in school).

          Kazuki adjusted his glasses, as Agua was still perched on him in observation. "Seeing Ned-san disgusted by the way the dragon kissed him was a sight. Ned-san was not that pleased with that Dragon Courier professing his love for him. When Ned-san went back into the room, the sounds coming out afterwards were similar to that of my cousins beating me up." Yep. That angry.

          Thomas replied, "If this Tamus shows up here, guys, I will keep him out of Ned's hair ...or is it scales...? Who knows? He might be fun in bed." Whether he said that just to get a rise out of a possible listening half dragon or just to see everyone's reactions was unsure. But he kept a straight face when he did say it.

          "Please say that was a joke, mate," said Michael looking a bit disturbed by the idea.

          "Well, he can either do as I say or else... my sister HAS been asking mom and dad for a new pet. The last one swam down the commode..." escape her? That always seemed implied without it being said when the topic was Thomas' sister. The Whiner.

          "Mom said Thomas and Greg had to be nice to me tonight or else they couldn't go out tomorrow."

          See what Thomas is having to deal with TONIGHT! Would a dragon REALLY want to be part of that? Apparently Yellow-Cloud KNEW not to be there tonight with THAT going on.

          And just then the call was literally cut off, not by the boys nor a storm, but because the parents pulled the plug.

          Corona made a face as she looked at Michael and Kazuki. "And we thought the dragon going there would be bad for Thomas. He is in worse manure right now."

          Michael nodded his head. "Sadly, sheila, there is nothing we can do about it. Parental rights over their children and all."

          Kazuki crossed his arms. "Thomas-san didn't sound like he was joking," said the serious one. "But then again, I am not good with American expressions as much as some might be."

          Ned let out a jealous inhuman growl, and crumpled up the paper. He threw it into the air, and blasted it into a smithereens with a lightning breath weapon. He didn't like the joke that much. That, and his trouble with English grammar made him feel more like a stupid lovesick lizard than a dragon wanting to make amends. "Dammit!" he cursed in the native language. The jealousy and frustration of his lament was quite obvious.

          "It's okay, Ned-san," said Kaoru gently. "It was a challenge even for me to master writing in proper English grammar."

          Michael looked at Kazuki with a smile as he rested one hand on his friend's shoulder. "Thomas and Ned are 'aving problems with each other at the moment. It's best if we just let things play out on their own and 'ope we don't 'ave to go fetch the bad dragon paddle." He then removed his hand as he headed out of the club and walked toward the Mobian star ship that was parked nearby.

          Corona thought to herself for a moment. "Thomas is being forced to deal with his sister, so his father must of hurt himself on stage recently. Thomas and his father originally had an arrangement where as long as Thomas helped his father on stage, he would never have to deal with his sister. And now he is being forced to. Unless it is his mother's idea."

          Sonic quietly shook his head as he worked with Kaoru in the effort to help Ned with his English writing. Although writing wasn't something the blue hedgehog did too much of himself since a hero like him rarely ever had to write anything.

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Sad Rewind.

            In the ready room of the star ship, Knuckles, Timmy, Nitro, Impulse, Tails, and Geoffrey quietly watched Lari across the room playing with a well outdated set of plastic toys... the Mighty Morphin Action Figures.

            "Look out, Red Ranger! That putty is about to clobber yas!" "Thanks for the warning, Blue Ranger! Ah've got 'im now!" "Let's use teamwork, Pink Ranger!" "Yas got it, Yellow Ranger!" "Oh no! Goldar 'as the Black Ranger! Yas won't get away with this!" "And what are yas going to do to stop me, Ranger pests?"

            Michael then walked in along side Princess Sally and they parted company after entering. Michael walked over to the Kitsune and the Skunk and petted on them for a few moments.

            "It's Morphing Time, Rangers!" Lari was now putting the ranger armors on the action figures as fast as he could. "Just a moment, Goldar... the Morphing Grid isn't as fast as it used to be. Darn skirts..."

            Knuckles quietly chuckled with a grin.

            Timmy sat down next to Lari. "The locals called that team the Zyuranger. I'm surprised they still had some around in collector shops." He smiled weakly, though he knows Lari had missed a lot of things since his capture. "Mind if I join you in your fun, Lari?" He remembered being the first one to join Lari's club, or what ended up to be Carrington's old club in the end. Very unfortunate.

            Lari smiled at Timmy for a small moment. "Sure, but... are yas sure yas want to play with a youngster like me? Yas and Nitro are adults now."

            Timmy's smile faded slowly, as he removed his gloves, and picked up the Green Ranger, and helped to put the Dragon Shield on the figure in a gentle manner. "And we have a lot of children, too. But that doesn't mean that I can't have time to be with my best friend. Besides, can you blame me for wanting to feel young again for a while?" He winked.

            "Ah just don't understand what that demon got out of capturing me all those years ago," he said. "Ah mean, Ah just don't understand what threat a nobody like me posed."

            "Demons did a lot of things to innocent people," said Timmy, placing a furry hand on Lari's shoulder. "They even screwed with James' family. The original vessel for the demon Tidramon was James' older brother John. They even gave a shock to the system of the Son of Brock, and no, I'm not talking about the drink Roule serves outside the Academy either."

            Lari then looked at the furry hand, then slowly up at Timmy's Mobian hedgehog face, muzzle and eyes. "Um... what's it like... to be a Mobian... and... 'ow come Ah'm not in the club too?" Most of the Mobians were wondering if he would ask the first question, but no one expected the second part he had asked about.

            Timmy smiled. "To know what it's like to be a Mobian, you must know what it's like to be WITH a Mobian." He came in close, and gave Lari a gentle yet caring kiss on the mouth. "Sleeping with Nitro the first time helped me realize how liberating it is to be a Mobian. After Nitro and I officially got married, I was given a chance at a new life. To officially become one with Mobius, and become what I am now." He then came close, and whispered, "I'd like to show you that, Lari... I owe you a lot for giving me a chance at friendship when others thought of me as a Yankee boy Sonic freak."

            Nitro, still being the quiet observer, remembered what he told about how Lari was his first friend in Australia, and a whole bunch of different things. "Sounds like we might have another Mobian potential on our hands, eh Dad?" He looked to Knuckles with a lewd wink, before hearing his baby monitor go off. "Not now... I wanted to see how this was going to turn out!" Yep! All these years married and still a pervert.

            Lari kissed back, then with a quiet smile, he said, "Did it 'urt to become one with Mobius or..." and Tails had just taken a drink of cola. "...did yas let old Ogma down yer pants to gain this form?"

            Tails erupted with a classic spit take.

            Keeping close to Lari, the courier hedgehog smiled, then said in a gentle manner while rubbing Lari's chest gently for a moment. "Ogma had nothing to do with my choice to become a Mobian, Lari. Knuckles gave me more than just one of his spare combat claws for a wedding gift, Lari. And he only allows it for those who knows what it is to be a Mobian." He winked, petting on his friend after taking off his socks. "Besides, Ogma would be limping for months if he knew what I have packed between my legs." He grinned in a pervish manner, similar to that of Nitro's.

            Looking at his friend now a Mobian, Lari couldn't help but to cop a feel on the so called package being referred to. "So... yas are saying Ah can't be in yer club?" Nitro's libido senses are probably tingling.

            Knuckles slowly came over and gently petted Lari's head. "You are still recovering from a very bad ordeal, Lari. Lets not assume you can't be in the club, but time and preparation has to be made before an initiation can occur." Meaning that something happened on Mobius to change Timmy into a local rather than his joining. "If you would rather have an adventure on Mobius and maybe have your ranger club there, I think a lot of Knothole youngsters would love to have you around. Timmy has told them so much about you."

            Michael then said, "Okay, and Ah am sorry to break up this sad little moment, but Ah just 'ave to know something. Since Lari was chained to a wall in a demon's lair for several years, then 'e cannot be my father. Ah want to know who my father is. The Arranger supposedly told Alastair that Lari was my father, but we can see 'ow that cannot be true."

            Shadow nodded his head. "Michael has a point, guys. Either the Arranger pulled something underhanded or else Michael isn't who he thinks he is."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: Truth or Consequences.

              In a swivel chair in the corner, came the Arranger's voice. His favorite classic arrival/appearance method. "I was wondering how long it would be before someone finally asked that question." And the chair turned around and there he was. "Way back when the demon Lari had that wish made to make a son from both his DNA and the DNA from North's mother, I was obeying the rules of the wish. When I went to look inside the demon Lari for the DNA I had to get from him, I discovered that he had no DNA. Demons are infernal creations and have no genetic structure like humans do. However, I had to grant the wish since I was under orders from Lord Kiel. To get the DNA I needed, I simply acquired some from one of the other Earths where the Lari who was not a Power Ranger resided. I would have chosen Adalia, but Lord Jinx guards that Lari fiercely. Second choice would have been Terra, except... the Lari of Terra died in a miscarriage during his birth. That left Gaea in the Wolf Journey sector... except... that Lari was born a girl. And my orders were clear. So, I had to get the DNA from Lari of Dreamwolf, my home world, and since I was there anyway, I went ahead and got the DNA strain from North's mother to add into the new male child who would be named Michael Knight. I then stole the Knuckle's echidna form out of Carington and I gave it to the young child, who probably deserved it far more than the jealous Were-Kangaroo did, and then I presented the baby to Alastair Zavierio and told him to raise him in Japan. That was also part of the wish. When Michael reached the right age, he learned how to change into Knuckles and the rest he knows."

              Michael said, "'uh. So Ah am more related to the comic book universe where super'eroes are more the in thing than Power Rangers."

              "I am afraid so," said the elder power. "But you grew up here in the sector known as Dreamtrail, as per the wording of the wish. However, as a child of two worlds... you do not need permission to jump back and forth between the two worlds. It is currently the late 1980s on Dreamwolf Earth and that should give you an idea on how to act when visiting. Back when the wish was made, it was barely the start of the Disco era."

              Michael looked at Knuckles with one of those humored looks on his face. "Ah really 'ope Ah 'ave powers like the Dreamwolf'ers do now. Then yas and Ah can really train together. Yer the pro over me, Knuckles. And Ah appreciate every lesson yas 'and me."

              Lari then looked over at the Arranger. "Sir? Why was Ah kept out of the loop for so long? What threat did Ah pose to these demons and other villains? Ah wasn't even a ranger back then. Ah just 'ad a club'ouse which Timmy was a member of."

              The Arranger said, "Because, Lari my friend... you are a potential Arch Magi on Earth. Demons fear personalities of your caliber and when they sensed this potential within you, they had to capture you so you never had a chance to develop the ability. But you are free now but still weak. Just let Timmy and the other Mobians help you get your energy back and then perhaps allow Amy Rose to unlock your magic using ability. After that, like Renny learned early on... you have to practice wisely but don't overdo it."

              Lari was now looking at Timmy again. "Ah'm a wizard?"

              Timmy hummed, keeping close to Lari for even the explanation. "This is news for me too, Lari. But I've always been supportive of you no matter what you do. Once you get a good chance at a recovery of your full strength, I can send word to a magical knight as well if you'd like. And even Renny knows that he could use another student." Chip.

              The Arranger coughed once. "Hold on a moment, Timmy. I never said Lari was going to be a wizard; what I said was that he was a potential Arch Magi... not that he was one. Jumping to conclusions can make his situation worse than if the demons had done nothing at all. Demons do not fear magic users; they fear divine powers. And so saying that, I am sure even the Mobians can figure out what I am implying."

              Shadow grinned. "So he's a Priest of some sort-" then he saw the warning look on the Arranger's face. "...or more like a demi-god or an avatar or... now wait a minute! I didn't think Australia had a pantheon in the sense that you seem to be implying, Arranger."

              "When in doubt, ask the Legend." And the Arranger suddenly vanished from the chair; summoned is more what it looked like. Something must have been going on down under.

              Knuckles hmphed. "As I said before, we get Lari to Mobius and let him have a session with Amy Rose who might be able to discern his future within a Tarot reading."

              Lari sighed. "Now Ah am more confused than Ah was before. 'e didn't 'elp at all." He then noticed Nitro returning. "'ow were the kids, mate?"

              "Not as loud, but the quadruplets are getting Grandpa Shadow at his wits' end," said Nitro as he wiped the sweat. "Speaking of Grandpa Shadow, he could use some help from the children's Grandpa Knuckles." He winked. "Dad, please? Do this for one of your comrades?"

              Timmy started to massage Lari's shoulders. "Don't worry. Unless Amy Rose destroys me with her Pica Hammer, I'll be there to lend support, Lari."

              Knuckles nodded his head. "I'll go in there, Nitro. But if they give me problems, I'll make THEM guard the master emerald." And he unfolded his arms as he headed off.

              At that moment, Sonic was standing there. "I needed a break from Ned. He needs to get off of that 'my boyfriend' kick or he will just keep scaring Thomas away. Everyone in here looks stymied. What exactly happened? Maybe I can help in some way."

              Timmy rubbed his chin. "Really... I wouldn't think of Ned calling Thomas his boyfriend. I pegged Ned to be more Tsundere than hopeless romantic. I wonder if that stupid dragon said something that got under his scales?"

              Nitro hummed. "From what I heard, that Dragon that wants Ned sounds almost as bad as I am... was." He gave a bit of a dirty look to his husband, remembering the last few times they had affirmed their love ended up with eight new mouths to feed.

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: White on White.

                Thomas brought his White Force Morpher in front of himself and he pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. His surroundings turned bright white as a splash of white and black covered his body from the neck down which formed into his ranger uniform, along with his belt, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright white surroundings pulled together to form a visored helmet shape, leaving Thomas standing in mid air within the void. The helmet spun around once and then lowered down upon his head with a soft latching sound. Then his White Hengeyokai Hare Zord appeared behind him briefly as his surroundings returned to normal. Thomas then briefly transformed between full hare and hare man forms before appearing once again as himself. "Banzai! White Force Ranger!"

                For the third time that week, Thomas and Greg found themselves defending off an attack from the Blood Moon Clan although Alpha Fangtrap was not present this time.

                "I swear... try to walk a friend home and look what happens! Stay away from my friend, fur ball!" Thomas fired his force phaser and sent a werewolf flying away from where he was about to grab Greg from behind. "How are you holding up, Greg?"

                Greg was beating a werewolf away from him using his backpack. And though it was all he could do, his method of attack was akin to that of Ruth Buzzi beating someone with her purse. "I'm doing the best I can with what I have, Thomas. What about you?"

                Thomas had blasted yet another werewolf away from him as he power punched another to send him flying. "I'm faring well. This is the first time Fangtrap's boys have ever come this far into the city without him. And I hope its the last time, too. Why are they even here?"

                At that moment, every werewolf warrior was hit with a rain of giant snowballs from the sky as both Thomas and Greg were swept up, one in each claw, by the passing white dragon who didn't bother to stop after dropping the snowballs.

                "Thomas the Magician and friend, I assume?" stated the white courier dragon with a smile. "Looks like I got you two out of a tight spot. Since Ned doesn't want to deal with me just yet, I have come to pal around with you. You seem more intelligent than Ned, no offense to him... he is distracted. But let's talk about you."

                "Are you that courier dragon that Ned is digusted by who is called Tamus Frigidus?"

                "That's who I am, although you don't have to use my whole name. I see that it is winter here and that is my favorite season. Where would you like me to land, Thomas?"

                Thomas directed Tamus to Greg's backyard where they landed and the boys were released without harm. "I think Tamus is going to be with us for a while, Greg. Will you be okay now?"

                Greg nodded. "I'm fine... just trying to get the wind back into me." He remembered the snowballs. "Where did the snowballs come from? I don't remember snow being this far into California without being Hollywood snow."

                Tamus smiled. "White dragon. Winter environment. I happen to like cold and snow. I scooped some snow off of the Japanese peaks before I left the Hokkaido Prefecture to come here and when I saw the trouble you boys were in, I clobbered the werewolves with the Japanese snowballs I was carrying. And they say couriers can't fight nor have a sense of humor. But now you are safe and Thomas will have my aid while I am here."

                "If you're doing this to impress Ned, then you best leave or else I'll fight you myself," said Thomas. "I am not happy with him right now because he used his dragon fear aura on me and made me whizz on myself. That was not only embarrassing for me, but it made me think he was playing a game that I cannot appreciate."

                "So you do not love him as he loves you?"

                "For Michael, Ned is a friend. But I could never accept him as a boyfriend if he is going to come on to me one second then scare the pee out of me the next second."

                Tamus grinned. "I do love him, but he hates me."

                Thomas made a face. "Stop the triangle; I want to get off!"

                At that moment in the Mobian engineering lab, R & D Creation Corp within the Mobian star ship, Lari quietly walked in, closed the door behind him, and locked it. Then he walked over to one of the desks and sat down, where he started drawing out an idea on paper.

                About an hour later, Sony, Sega, and North were heading toward engineering for an after dinner crafting session. When they got to the door, they found it locked from the inside. Sega said, "What the? It's locked. Sony? Did you lock this door?"

                "Not me, Sega," he replied. "I left for dinner when you and North did. In fact, you were the last one out of the room." He stopped when he heard a sound. "Wait! Listen!"

                From just beyond the door, the hum from a device was heard powering up and the sound of a glass door being closed.

                Sega said, "Someone is using the Mobian transporter! We got to get this door open and stop them!" He threw himself up against the door but only managed to hurt his shoulder. "Ow!"

                Sony shouted, "We're going to need morphing power to get this door open!"

                To be continued...

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Three.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, Emergency Trip to Mobius.