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[2T-PR3] PRFF-02 Individual Enemies

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    [2T-PR3] PRFF-02 Individual Enemies

    Power Rangers Freedom Force
    Episode Two: Individual Enemies.
    Written by Darrel Vanwinkle and Lexington Lonewolf

    1) Michael Knight, Red Force Ranger
    2) Kazuki Kiau, Blue Force Ranger
    3) Corona Bengala, Orange Force Ranger
    4) Thomas Copperfield, White Force Ranger
    5) Ned Yamada-Davidson, Gold Force Ranger
    6) Kaoru Suzuki, Green Force Ranger

    Also Starring, Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger

    Alastair Zavierio: An American architect with the Yoshima Kiro Design Corporation in Kyoto, Japan.
    Yellow-Cloud: A Werewolf trader of the Gold Rush clan (Hollywood, California region)
    Gregory "Greg" Sterling: One of Thomas' friends in Hollywood
    Agua Tsunamus: a water drake captain
    Raja: a rakshasa sorcerer in non-morphic tiger form
    Master Ryuu: A miniature hermit dragon instructor (like Rocket, Gong, and Raker)

    Mobian Allies:
    Sega Lonewolf: the Gold Hedgehog
    Sony: the Rainbow Hedgehog
    Impulse Celeron: the Purple Hedgehog
    Nitro Celeron: the Red Slinky Hedgehog
    Timmy Celeron: the Blue Courier Hedgehog

    Cyber Robotnik, Dr. Robotnik's grandson - Michael's enemy
    Ukami Pyromis, the Fire Princess - Kazuki's enemy
    Stylus "The Bride Hunter" Fulton - Corona's enemy
    Alpha Fangtrap of the Blood Moon Clan - Thomas' enemy
    Tamus Frigidus, Recruiter of New Tatsu-Lan - Ned's enemy
    Drago Chlorinor, Draconian Shinobi - Kaoru's enemy

    Chapter One: Quiet Morning at the Club.

    Hokkaido, Japan 2029 A.D.; Sunari Village, Hidaka-sanmyaku Hills
    Club Freedom

    Michael awoke early and after a cold shower, he stood in only his bath robe with his Force Morpher in hand in the center of the training room preparing to face off against Knuckles. "Leaving that note in my shower was classy, Knuckles. But since yas want to spar this early in the morning, so be it." And he threw off the bath robe.

    Michael brought his Red Force Morpher in front of himself and he pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. His surroundings turned bright red as a splash of red and black covered his body from the neck down which formed into his ranger uniform, along with his belt, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright red surroundings pulled together to form a visored helmet shape, leaving Michael standing in mid air within the void. The helmet spun around once and then lowered down upon his head with a soft latching sound. Then his Red Hengeyokai Rat Zord appeared behind him briefly as his surroundings returned to normal. Michael then briefly transformed between full rat and rat man forms before appearing once again as himself. "Banzai! Red Force Ranger!"

    Knuckles grinned. "That was good! Now it's my turn! Freedom Fighters Assemble!"

    Knuckles struck his pose and held his bracer morpher over his chest. As he did, he shouted, "For Mobius!" His body then began to glow in an emerald red. He then yelled, "Red Emerald!" Suddenly, the morphing sequence took hold, as his Ranger uniform of both White and Emerald Red began to appear from his feet, up his legs and torso, then his hands and arms, meeting up around his neck. Then, his helmet wrapped around his head, from the back to the front, as the filtered visor formed over his eyes. Then, the image of his Red Echidna Zord appeared briefly behind him, as special effect explosions of red smoke and flames erupted behind him. Upon his chest, the circled emblem of two letter F's back to back, with a crown centered over the base of the letters, appeared in a stylistic flare, standing for Freedom Fighters. Then Knuckles shouted, "Emerald Knight! Red Ranger! Fighting For Freedom!"

    Sonic chuckled as he prepared breakfast in the next chamber. "Boys will be boys. I wonder how Ned rested during the night?"

    Ned let out an inhuman growl as he held his head. He had a little too much sleep, but in his bedroom, it looked more like a big place for him to sleep in his draconic form, as evidenced from the view before the 'human' closed the door. He trudged into the clubhouse's dining chamber. "What was in that drink. It made me sleep more soundly." Though his pajama bottoms showed he was more awake in other parts of his body in the morning. He sat at the dining chamber's table, and waited for Michael. He wasn't too grumpy this morning, but had more interesting thoughts deep within his head.

    Sonic brought Ned's breakfast over to him and then he set the glass of milk next to the platter. "Michael and Knuckles are sparring this morning. They should be along shortly. Did you sleep well or is that camping tent for Michael?" He giggled as he was instantly back behind the kitchen counter eating a chili dog.

    "So useful for you to have all that speed, Sonic-san." snerked Ned in a somewhat playful manner. "Another was in my waking thoughts. I don't remember much of what dream was, but it wasn't Michael." He had a small half-smile for a second. His eyes didn't look as intense as they usually are.

    "So which boy are you thinking about? Or are you interested in girls? With the people we end up meeting, I can usually tell, but I apologize if I am wrong."

    "Before my old man told me that I was a dragon like he was..." His 'old man' being his maternal father, Koji Yamada. "I used to like both genders; even those in between genders! But now, I find my interest going towards one person, and I growled at him unintentionally before the Mobian Beat and Impulse made themselves known." He shook his head in regret. "The magician is things that I'm not, yet he intrigues me to no end.

    Knuckles and Michael then walked into the dining hall, as the echidna was saying, "You mean you and your friends only get together once a week? That is going to play havoc on our training your team."

    Michael said, "Sorry, Knuckles... yas should 'ave asked last night before everyone went 'ome. We don't live up each others asses."

    Sonic giggled as he brought Michael his breakfast and drink. "Might be better if you did, right?"

    "NO WAY!" was the obvious reply. "Ah know my friends way better than yas do. Especially the girls."

    Tails said from the doorway where he stood with Impulse. "So you aren't interested in anyone on your team? That would be a first."

    Michael made a face. "Ah respect the ladies and Ah don't dare look at Kazuki's rear end. 'is father is the chosen of the Were-Crow Spirit King. Thomas is the only one of us who doesn't originate from former Ranger stock. But... while 'e is a good friend, 'e seems to turn me off sexually. Don't know why..."

    Ned muttered quietly. "Thomas is the one I have naughty thoughts for..."

    Impulse said, "You must be like my dad for the first couple years of being a Ranger, mate. He ended up falling in love with mom." Nitro. "But I think I barely remember seeing dad look at his best friend with bedroom eyes, before." Lari Carington.

    Michael seems to be more like JT in some regards; one of LAST males of the Boomer Force to fall for anyone. "Are yas boys going to join us for breakfast, Impulse? Or are yas waiting for the other Mobian teenagers to show up? Ah recall from last night there was about ten to twelve Mobians Ah didn't recognize at all."

    Impulse smirked. "So you've seen my siblings and 'alf siblings." Meaning some of them were Timmy's offspring with Lari. "I better get some before they ransack the place of breakfast food, then." He winked with a Mobian-Aussie smile.

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: Traders Run.

    Copperfield Mansion, Hollywood, California
    6 Hour Difference (7 am Japan equals 1 pm California)

    "Bbbbuuuuuttttt Mmmoooooommmmmm! Ttthhhhoooommmmaaaaasss isss gooooiiinnnggg ouuuuuttttt! Whyyyyy caaaannnn't IIIIIII goooo ouuuuuttttt?"

    Sometimes getting saved by the bell is worth far more than being stuck at home. Gah... my bratty sister is so whiny. I'd rather be with Yellow-Cloud and my friend, Gregory Sterling. But he prefers to be called Greg since his parents drive him crazy with his full name. Anyway, today Yellow-Cloud has asked me and Greg if we would like to make a traders run with him. And that means a trip out to his clan's territory where he has to deliver goods to and pick up goods to bring back. He's promised us both that we'd be safe as long as he was there to vouch for us. I've been on one of these traders runs before with him, but this would be Greg's first time.

    Yellow-Cloud wore a full body cloak and a hood as he ran with Thomas and Greg along a forest trail outside of the city. "Thanks for the company, guys. As Thomas knows, I hate making this trip by myself."

    Thomas nodded his head. "It is generally safe, although last time we had to dodge the attention of two of the other clans. I am more prepared this time, though. How are you holding up, Greg?"

    Greg spoke with an optimistic tone. "This is nothing compared to climbing Mt. Shasta," he grinned, while working on a decent footing. "How far do we have left to go?"

    "Another mile, at least," the werewolf trader replied. "Thank you for giving me a chance. Thomas gave me a chance and he knows I am good. Werewolf traders are not the ones who attack and recruit; it's the warriors you have to watch out for."

    Thomas said, "If a warrior tries to take us today, he will get a white surprise."

    After the mile passed by, the three stood before another trader where the exchange of goods occurred. Gregory had goods loaded into his backpack; Thomas got his share; and Yellow-Cloud carried the remaining four himself. Then they began to make their way back along the trail. All might have gone well, except... a couple of the Blood Moon Clan warriors were soon seen ahead blocking the exit trail from the forest.

    "Hand over the goods and the recruits, Yellow-Cloud!" one growled, looking as menacing as possible with his claws extended.

    "No way, Fangtrap! My friends are allied with the Gold Rush Clan!" exclaimed Yellow-Cloud.

    Thomas stepped out in front of Yellow-Cloud and said, "You two better leave while you are able to. Otherwise... the Celestials will have to scrape your carcasses off of the canyon walls."

    Fangtrap growled, "Big talk for a defenseless stage magician! Bring it on, human!"

    Thomas brought his White Force Morpher in front of himself and he pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. His surroundings turned bright white as a splash of white and black covered his body from the neck down which formed into his ranger uniform, along with his belt, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright white surroundings pulled together to form a visored helmet shape, leaving Thomas standing in mid air within the void. The helmet spun around once and then lowered down upon his head with a soft latching sound. Then his White Hengeyokai Hare Zord appeared behind him briefly as his surroundings returned to normal. Thomas then briefly transformed between full hare and hare man forms before appearing once again as himself. "Banzai! White Force Ranger!"

    Thomas was then engaging the two werewolf clan warriors with both weapons and spells. And with his Hengeyokai Hare form, he was faster than ever!

    Yellow-Cloud made sure no werewolf came near Gregory nor the trade goods. "Thomas is a Power Ranger? Did you know this, Greg?"

    "This is news to me," Greg said, his mouth agape in amazement.

    The battle lasted a good hour, until Fangtrap was slapped (or was it SLAMMED) into a boulder which knocked him nearly out. And his comrade darted off to check on him. At that moment, Thomas announced, "Let's get these goods back to town, guys!"

    Yellow-Cloud giggled as he and Greg joined Thomas for the continued trip out of the forest. "As white as white gold. Silver, as it were. You fight well when you are suited up, Thomas. But how did you gain Ranger powers?"

    "Michael's Mobian friends gave those attending the club birthday party a set of morphers and I ended up with the White Force Morpher and the Hengeyokai Hare. It seemed to fit a magician like me. The Mobians said that we were to form the Freedom Force Power Rangers. But they never said who our enemies were to be."

    Back up the trail in the forest, Fangtrap slowly shook the stars out of his eyes and he released a low growl. "No one bests Alpha Fangtrap of the Blood Moon Clan! I swear by Luna's Light... that Ranger is now my sworn blood foe! I will not rest until he is one of us whether he likes it or not!" He then looked at his warrior friend. "Come! We need to motivate the pack! We have a new enemy to prepare for!"

    "Yes my alpha, sir."

    And the two clan werewolves charged off into the forest to rejoin their clan and to share the news of their new opponent.

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Gotta Go Fast.

      Within the Japanese community where Kazuki lived, a rainbow colored male Mobian hedgehog darted back and forth through the open market there. Standing nearby watching him was a gold colored Mobian hedgehog slowly eating an apple he had purchased. The rainbow hedgehog stopped in front of the gold hedgehog and said, "Where did you get that apple, Sega?"

      Sega Gold replied, "I bought it, grasshopper." He winked at the audience as he gave the other some yen to buy an apple. "Now you owe me... again, Sony."

      Sony Rainbow nodded his head and bought an apple before returning to stand near his cousin. "I'll pay you back. Mom would force me to. You know that."

      "Our parents need to stop fooling around," said Sega as he watched the locals from his watch point. "You know how confusing our lineage is? I'm the son of Sonic 3 and Tails X, hence my gold foxy coloration. And you're the son of Sonic 1 and Amy Rose X, hence your rainbow coloration. Knuckles once said you were like Skittles candy."

      "I about killed him over that, too," said Sony. "But you're right. Our parents need to stop fooling around." He then pointed across the market. "I see Kazuuuuki."

      Sega just grinned. "And he sees us, too. He probably has no idea on who we are. We don't appear in the video games, the comic books, nor in the animated cartoons."

      Lowering the kickstand and locking the bike into it's proper post, Kazuki kept his back to the duo of Mobian Hedgehogs. "Did Impulse send you guys to follow me?" He said, before going to a vending machine. "Hmm... Vanilla Yogurt pouch." He brought out his wallet to get 400 Yen in coins to pay for it.

      Sony replied, "We're older than Impulse. We go where ever we want. This is actually our first trip to Earth and we wanted fresh fruit. We came here to buy apples."

      Sega smirked. "Although if you keep your back to Hedgehogs... you might get pounced by some. We have a clear view of your rear end. I'm Sega and he's my cousin Sony."

      Sony playfully slapped his cousin. "Keep your mind out of the gutter. We're not our fathers, you know."

      Sega grinned. "This is true; they need a chastity belt or something."

      "One that does not control his desires would end up being controlled by them eventually," Kazuki said in a somewhat serious tone as he adjusted his glasses, and pressed the button to make the machine vend the Yogurt. "Otou-san and Okaa-sama both taught me that as I grew up."

      Sega grinned as he took a bite of his apple. "The boy sounds smart; not that any wisdom would stop any of the Sonics."

      Sony giggled then said, "Actually, Kazuki... we only came for the apples; after today, you would likely not see us around much. Sega and I rarely ever leave the star ship. Unlike everyone else who has a libido problem, we are technicians and that is our love. So don't worry about us; we're not here to watch you."

      "Technicians, eh?" Said Kazuki, as he sat down on a nearby bench and took a swig of the yogurt. "Sounds like a safer bunch than any, I imagine..." He knows knot to get lumped with some shady groups, otherwise his mother would be on the warpath like she was before he was born, or at least in the stories his father told him.

      Sony grinned as he bit into his apple. "I've hacked into Endless Legends I and used the programming to make a unique game of my own using their engine. Aside from that, I handle the computers and the programming aboard the star ship."

      "And I am the mechanic technician," said Sega with a smile. "I design, build, and repair weapons, vehicles, and zord craft. So you can guess who helped make the Freedom Force's ranger goodies. I was once with a team on Adalia called Storm Horizon as the Black Wolf Storm Ranger. In fact, I still have my morpher."

      "Thank you for the interesting watercraft that I have seen in my arsenal, Sega-san." Kazuki bowed toward Sega with honor and tradition. "I look forward to using it in aquatic situations, in honor of your craft."

      "Speaking of Storm 'orizon, 'ow is that bloke that keeps calling you and fawning you among the other Mobians?" Now sitting down on top of the vending machine was Impulse, Nitro's son. He had a Fuji apple of his own that he was enjoying "What was the bloke's name again? It was one of the cardinal directions on the compass..."

      Sega chuckled. "The Adalia version of North Lonewolf and I are married. And before doing anything to make babies, we spoke to his uncle first and foremost. He gave his consent since I was the son of a famous hero and North really loved me. We even promised to name the first son Ray II. Legally, my married name is Sega Lonewolf; North is the 'Man' of the family. As for how he's doing... he's fine. He got to keep his morpher, too. We love being Storm Rangers."

      Sony smirked. "So what brings the son of the hedgehog with the biggest libido out to Kazuki's home town?"

      "That must explain the silver wedding ring you wear on the chain around your neck, and not on your finger like my mum and dad do." He winked towards Sega. "I'm looking forward to touring the bakeries around here before Ah go back to 'okkaido Prefecture. The sweets are EXCELLENT in this part of the world. More excellent than where I lived Down Under."

      Kazuki adjusted his glasses, as he placed the empty yogurt pouch into the nearest trash receptacle. "You seem to like sweets more than anything, do you... Impulse-san?"

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Hedgehog Humor.

        Sony chuckled. "Drop your pants, Kazuki, and Impulse will be glad to show you what he likes doing to the sweets Down Under."

        Sega ahemed. "Keep your minds out of the gutter, guys. This is public; we can find a private place later. As for my ring... I don't want to get it messed up when I do my jobs. North said the most poetic things when he gave me this ring. And the kiss was deep, too."

        "Your husband must love you very much, Sega-san," said Kazuki in a nice manner. "Or should I address you as 'Lonewolf-san?'"

        "That's easy for you to say, mate," smirked Impulse as he lounged in a nearly sensual manner atop the vending machine. "You are the only one out of us three that is no longer a bachelor."

        "When North isn't around, Sega-san will do; but when he and I are together... Lonewolf-san."

        Sony looked to Kazuki and asked, "By the way... who do you think your arch-nemesis will be? You have a morpher but no enemy."

        Kazuki was concerned about that, especially how express his taste for having the same ability his mother's side of the family had when summoning 'back-up.' "I don't know, but I hope it isn't Okaa-sama or my two aunts from her side of the family. They can get quite scary when angered." He shuddered at the thought.

        Sony chuckled. "That's right... you're a Prince. Your mom is the Imperial Empress of the Celestial Court or something like that."

        Sega grinned once again. "Should we be addressing Kazuki as 'your majesty' then as we bend over and present ourselves to him for inspection... Nitro style?"

        Kazuki groaned and closed his eyes. "Not in public, please, and Kazuki-san would suffice." He didn't want to be thought of as an Imperial Prince of the Celestial Court. He takes more after his father than his mother, despite the ability to call upon Water Drakes.

        "Since our seeing you was simply a chance encounter only, Kazuki-san, what did you have planned for yourself on this fine Sunday?" asked Sega, while Sony finished his apple and began to look around for something 'fun' to do.

        "I am going to look at the new video games coming out..." said Kazuki, as he adjusted his spectacles once again. "The 3D Handhelds have some interesting games coming out soon. I think it would be worth pre-ordering the latest game coming out soon. Draconic Fantasy and Pirate Sanctuary have new games coming out soon."

        Just then, a water drake flew into the area and landed lightly around Kazuki's shoulders, with his tail sliding down the inside front of the boy's shirt. "Your mother asked me to tell you that your cousins will be coming for a visit. Yes, I know how you can't stand them. She said that you could stay with Michael if you wanted while they were here. But it is your choice."

        Sega ewwed. "The way the water drake makes it sound... they must be awful."

        Sony nodded his head. "Worse than awful. And I'll bet one of them is a girl."

        Kazuki paled. "The cousins take pride in being Imperials, and even sicced their respective Elemental Drakes on me more than once for not being the same of mind as them." He looked to the Water Drake. "Thank you for the warning, Water Drake-san. Let Okaa-sama and Otou-san know that I will head back to Hokkaido Prefecture to stay with Michael. And make sure NONE of my cousins are around when you report to them."

        "As you wish, hon Kazuki-san." And the Water Drake took flight once again and departed.

        Going to his bike, he collapsed it into its portable size after freeing it from the bike lock. Made it useful when he caught a train. Though it was different getting to Hokkaido. "Would you mind if I return to Hokkaido prefecture with onii-san-tachi? I would like to avoid my cousins as much as possible. I'm not well-trained with my Ranger powers or the use of Water Drakes like Okaa-sama could."

        Sega chuckled. "Would you like a ride in my arms, Sony's arms, or Impulse's arms?" And hopefully no one tries to give him the hedgehog express.

        Kazuki took a thought for a moment, and found more to trust in the married Hedgehog. "I'm counting on you, Sega-san." He said, placing his hand on the golden Mobian's shoulder after bowing respectfully.

        Sega picked up Kazuki as he shot a smile at Impulse. "I gave him a chance to choose you, good buddy. Maybe we'll hit a speed bump, right?" He winked and then he took off in a blur of blue and gold to the north.

        Sony sighed as he ran a hand through his rainbow hair. "How come you and I can't seem to score on cute boys?"

        Impulse smirked. "Kazuki's quite ordinary compared to Ned and Michael." The smirk was gone when he looked to Sony. "I can wager that the bloke decided to go with Sega because the bloke is 'appily married."

        "Happily horny, you mean," smirked Sony in return. "You heard him mention the speed bump joke. Let's go ogle some cuties."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: With This Ring I Do Thee RUN AWAY.

          "AND STAY OUT!" Corona had just thrown a suitor out of her chambers in such a fashion as to make the stupid creep go sliding down the hallway corridor and into the great room. "Come on, Raja! We'll go see how Kaoru is doing! It has to be saner than here!" And she and her tiger ran out on to the terrace and got aboard the family jet helicopter (Air Wolf, anyone?) and off they flew toward Kaoru's place.

          As Maemi (Kaoru's mother) would tell Corona when she gets to the mansion in Kurisawa, Kaoru was training at the old Doragonger dojo, where Master Ryuu was impressed with the way she resembles both her parents, that he decided to train her in some starter Juikungrate techniques. Of course, he used his Puppet to help train her in the human fashion, since he remained a pervy mini-dragon.

          "Let the move flow naturally, Kaoru-chan," said the master as he sat perched on his Puppet's shoulder. "Don't force it out like Tae Kwon Do katas."

          She was wearing a skort while in training, following her mother's advice so Master Ryuu wouldn't get a chance to look up her skirt. "Hai, shisou!"

          Corona and Raja arrived just inside the entrance but remained quite so she could listen to any humor occurring today. Maemi seemed to indicate it might be without saying so. And Corona could use a funny moment right now. Stupid suitors.

          "Another female," Master Ryuu smirked, as he released control of Puppet, and flew over to Corona's direction. "What a delight!"

          "Shimatta!" Kaoru turned around as Puppet collapsed in its dormant stated, she was about to warn Corona about Master Ryuu's pervacious nature towards women. Too late, As she saw Master Ryuu clinging on Corona's bosom like a Garfield window toy! His claw hands were clinging right on her breasts!

          Corona arched an eye but let him hang there. "Is this an innocent display of immature fascination or are you an adult minded cute scaly who wants to meet my guardian companion, Raja -- for lunch?"

          Raja released a low grumbly growl and then he actually spoke. "I wouldn't want to eat him. Besides... everyone knows that diamonds come from dragons. And diamonds are a girl's best friend. Even if it is only dragon shit."

          "You can talk? Since when?"

          Raja grinned. "Rakshasa by birth. You can guess what that means, Princess Corona."

          "DON'T CALL ME THAT!" she growled.

          Raja just giggled.

          Master Ryuu smiled in a perverted manner, and gave tandem grabs before freeing himself from Corona. "Ah... Corona-chan is your name... no... Corona-hime!" He winked. "Kaoru-chan does have a good friend, it seems." He turned to Kaoru. "It's about time for my meditation. Take a break from your special lessons. When I return, we start again." He then flew over to Puppet, and restored his control of it to head towards his masterly seat for meditation.

          Kaoru went into the apology bow. "Gomenasai!" She then looked up and said. "Had I known you'd find me here, I would have warned you to wear a skort. Master Ryuu is the worst pervert imaginable. He even greeted Kaa-san in that manner when she was a Doragonger.

          Corona called after Ryuu, "Had you been a suitor, your reproductive ability would have been removed forever; but instead what you did is permissible because you are cute." She then turned to Kaoru. "Actually, your mother told me you were over here and I never wear skorts, whatever they are. My father went behind my mother's back and gave a suitor permission to pursue his interests in marrying me. The ignorant fool actually entered my private bedroom and... he tried to do far more than your cute master did; I threw him out, stole the family jet helicopter, and came to find you. Had the suitor been a tiger or a dragon... I might have played with him. So don't apologize, Kaoru," she said. "Besides, everyone knows that cute scalies get really submissive when you 'rub their spots'." She remembers reading that in an old Yin-Yang Tao graphic novel; yes, Planet Janet, Princess Varvara, and Rocket's original team.

          Raja smirked. "You are not Princess Varvara and Kaoru is not Planet Janet. And Master Ryuu doesn't look anything like Rocket."

          "What does that make Michael, Prince Kazuki, Thomas, and Ned?"

          The posture problematic Rakshasa grinned. "Ned would be Rikki; Thomas would be Wally; Kazuki would be Orion, especially since he sometimes has a Water Drake on his shoulder; and Michael ends up being Deryk." Raja then laughed. Yes, they nailed every club member. hee hee.

          "Kazuki-san never liked to be called 'Ouji-sama.'" said Kaoru in a matter-of-factly tone. "But he would make a better suitor than most, seeing that Kazuki-san would never be as perverse as Shisou or other suitors. Imagine the platonic relationship you two could have, Corona-san."

          Corona smiled at Kaoru. "I was going to ask if it was okay to kidnap you for a while, but your Master seems to think this is only a short break."

          Raja smirked. "Kidnap her anyway."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Suitors and Snoopers.

            Just before Corona could take Kaoru anywhere, however... several tall slender dragon like people wearing ninja outfits leaped out into the open as a central one appeared in front of them. The Ninja Draconian smiled at the ladies and said, "Capture Kaoru Suzuki." And the ninja dragons surged forward to try to nab the lady in the skort.

            Corona said, "I only have to deal with a suitor; what is up with them?"

            Raja commented, "Perhaps you two should morph. I'll help out with my magical abilities."

            Corona brought her Orange Force Morpher in front of herself and she pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. Her surroundings turned bright orange as a splash of orange and black covered her body from the neck down which formed into her ranger uniform, along with her belt, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright orange surroundings pulled together to form a visored helmet shape, leaving Corona standing in mid air within the void. The helmet spun around once and then lowered down upon her head with a soft latching sound. Then her Orange Hengeyokai Cat Zord appeared behind her briefly as her surroundings returned to normal. Corona then briefly transformed between full cat and cat woman forms before appearing once again as herself. "Banzai! Orange Force Ranger!"

            Corona grabbed a dragon ninja and threw him away from Kaoru. "In a way, they are rather cute. Far better looking than their boss."

            "Master Ryuu is a hermit!" Kaoru dodged using a Juikungrate dodging technique to not get caught.

            Kaoru brought her Green Force Morpher in front of herself and she pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. Her surroundings turned bright green as a splash of green and black covered her body from the neck down which formed into her ranger uniform, along with her belt, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright green surroundings pulled together to form a visored helmet shape, leaving Kaoru standing in mid air within the void. The helmet spun around once and then lowered down upon her head with a soft latching sound. Then her Green Hengeyokai Sparrow Zord appeared behind her briefly as her surroundings returned to normal. Kaoru then briefly transformed between full sparrow and sparrow woman forms before appearing once again as herself. "Banzai! Green Force Ranger!"

            She fought back the Shinobi Dragons, slamming them hard with a painful combination of human martial arts and limited Juikungrate techniques. Only her father before her was capable of learning select techniques from the Dragon Martial Arts, only to defeat his demonic doppelganger with it many years prior.

            In the midst of the fight, Corona's cellphone rang which made everyone stop fighting. "One moment, guys." She answered the phone. "Who is this? I'm a little busy here."

            "Come on, Corona... I can support you with love and romance. Just say you will marry me and we can be happy together."

            "What part of 'NO WAY, JOSE' do you not get, you stupid suitor?! How did you get this number?"

            "Your father gave it to me, of course."

            "Give my regards to the blocked caller list, you imbecile!" And she turned off the phone and looked at the ninja dragons. "Okay, time in, guys." And the fight resumed.

            Finally opening his eyes and returning to the shoulder of Puppet, Master Ryuu let out a Draconic growl fitting for a dragon a hundred times his size. "The dereghs that disrupt my meditation shall pay for invading my sanctuary!" He started attacking the invaders with advanced Juikungrate techniques through Puppet, looking to break the jaw of whoever had the misfortune of being in his august presence.

            With professional assistance, the Shinobi Dragon Ninja pulled back finally and fled. A hermit shadodrak, a posture problematic rakshasa, and two human female Power Rangers had won the battle. Corona shook her head slowly. "Is this what we female rangers are going to have to put up with from now on? I now wonder what the boys are dealing with?"

            Raja smirked. "Ned is likely dealing with lunch. Michael is probably getting Mobian training. Kazuki-chan is most likely at the market. And Thomas lives in Hollywood Hills in the states. Very isolated and likely not dealing with any fights at all." How little the tiger knows.

            Kaoru hummed. "I'm worried about Ned-kun. I never seen him scare Thomas-kun that much when he was that on edge."

            "The son of Doragon Green and Doragon Senshi must've accidentally unleased his Dragon Fear Aura," hummed Master Ryuu. "A happenstance that could've been caused by stress during second puberty. However, I am unsure of how a half-dragon's second puberty would cycle." He then noticed the blank stares of the ladies. "What? I've only trained full dragons and humans in martial arts; human and draconic."

            Corona hummed as well. "Perhaps we should go check on Ned to make sure he is okay. The Mobians are supposed to be training us anyway and perhaps they wouldn't mind a cute hermit's assistance."

            Master Ryuu started flapping to land in Corona's chest once again. "Arigato, Corona-chan!"

            Before he could get into her cleavage, Kaoru smacked him across the muzzle with an open hand. "Ecchi!" Pervert!

            Instead of getting angry or playing the sad hurt dragon technique, he smiled in a perverted sort of way. "You are definitely like your mother, Kaoru-chan!"

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: Attempted Draft.

              Back at the Club Headquarters, Antoine the Mobian Coyote came inside and said with his French accent, "Ned? There is a strange white dragon outside asking to speak to you. He seems rather slender and has a shoulder sling pouch like a courier."

              Michael and Knuckles both arched an eye, as the former said, "Ah didn't think yas knew any white dragons, Ned?"

              Ned looked to Michael and Knuckles. "I would like you two to back me up, but keep your distance in case one of us loses our temper. You don't know whether this dragon can use Dragon Fear Aura." He held onto his Force Phone just in case he needed to transform. "Let's go."

              Standing out front of the club with an aloof expression on his snout was the white slender dragon, although he was not a small guy at all; he was very big, some forty stories tall. Godzilla in height. But he wasn't pudgy like Western Dragons were reportedly to be. He had a scar over his left eye although his eyes were crystalline blue in color. His scales emitted a frosty air and he seemed to be enjoying the local cool temperatures around the club itself. He was holding a scroll case in one claw and wore a shoulder pouch.

              When he saw Ned emerge from the building, he swung his head around on that long neck of his and he said, "Art thou Ned Yamada-Davidson?"

              "That's what my father and old man named me," said Ned, keeping on his guard, and ready to grab his Force Phone at a few seconds' notice. "What's it to you, Dragon?"

              "I am Tamus Frigidus; courier and motivator of the imperial court of dragon kind," he started as he headed the scroll over to Ned. "My lord, Meyr'curess of Dragon Dome City, tasked me to deliver this scroll to you and to await your reply. However, if you seek to cause me trouble, my lord has tasked me to take whatever measures necessary to get the job done to its fullest capacity."

              Knuckles muttered from behind Ned, "Dragon Warlord Meyr'curess is who the Trigram Boomer Rangers in Australia are currently fighting against. Use caution here, Ned."

              He tried to force himself to not show his eye twitching at about hearing that this dragon has the potential to be one on the side of the Dragons in this war. He broke the seal on the scroll and released it, half-expecting a floating head to appear over it, like scrolls from Bahamut did for his maternal father.

              In the most elegant of writing upon the scroll itself were the following words... "Salutations, Ned Yamada-Davidson. It has come to mine attention that thou art a dragon which is currently not associated with any of the known factions. Therefore it falls to mine majestic presence to make the first contact and declare the draconian draft upon thou to bring thou into a proper dragon faction... mine own. Thou art to give Tamus Frigidus thine reply which had best not be negative. If thou make this denial, thou will be given proper time to prepare thou self for combat to retain thy non-sanctioned status in the lands of thy birth. But if thou are found flying mine skies, thou will be captured and the draft enforced upon thy will. What say thou as thy reply? Sincerely and with fondest wishes... Dragon Warlord Meyr'curess of Dragon Dome City."

              Tamus didn't seem to be in any hurry nor was he focused on Ned at all; he was eying the nearby snow packs and icy mountain tops of the prefecture.

              "Very convincing... as if he wants to be associated with a dumb ass dragon such as myself." He rolled up the scroll, before throwing it up in the air, and unleashing a lightning bolt from his mouth, incinerating the scroll with his electrical breath weapon. He then looked to Tamus. "I heard of you Dragons, and the war you are fighting in Australia. There is no chance in Bahamut's claws that I would join your leader, nor would I care to be on his side!"

              Tamus pivoted his head to gaze upon Ned once again. "Sad thou would say that, Ned. As protocol demands, thou will be given a few days to prepare thyself for imperial combat. Then I shall return to ask if thou has changed thy mind. If thou chooses to remain adamant in thy decision, expect to be attacked when thy least expects it. I will now take my leave." He launched himself into the sky and hovered in place for a moment. "Although we choose to side with New Tatsu-Lan, Ned... we are still civilized in our dealings. Please do not prove thyself to be a barbarian." He then flew off over the snow peaks and seemingly out of sight for all of 10 seconds... then he flew back past very fast and as he passed by, a large snowball smacked into Ned, Michael, and Knuckles! "Three days, Ned!" And he continued his flight to the South... laughing. "hehe... perfect snowball shot! I love playing with snow! hehe!"

              Michael shivered as he kicked the snow off of himself. "So the bloke wants a snowball fight, does 'e? We'll be ready for 'im next time. Payback is a bitch."

              Knuckles looked at the hybrid. "Are you going to be okay, Ned."

              Ned growled in a draconic manner, and blasted the snow off of him (as well as his clothes) in his draconic form; a rather large bronze dragon. In this form, Ned was lithe, but still looked formidable. "Seriously? A dragon proves to be immature by throwing snowballs?!" He looked to Michael, remembering to turn off his Dragon Fear Aura around allies while he angrily wiped the remaining snow off his muzzle. "Looks like I'll need have some training, if you two will assist. New Tatsu-Lan Dragons seem to be the faction fighting the war in Australia, and I will never side with dragons as under-handed as they are!"

              Impulse ran out of the club. "I heard a major thump, and..." He noticed something that distracted him mid-sentence. "SNOW!" He zoomed to the pile that was around Knuckles and started to have fun in that pile of frozen delight before it melts.

              Shadow shook his head from the doorway as he saw all of the snow in the front yard. "Looks like someone scooped snow from the nearby mountains."

              At that moment, Corona's family helicopter landed on the landing pad and out of it came the two ladies, a tiger, and what looked like a perverted hermit shadodrak. To another side, Thomas appeared with a gold colored werewolf and another human male. And to the last side, Sega arrived carrying Kazuki. There was a water dragon with the two of them.

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Comparing Notes.

                Inside at the meeting table (which was large enough for five ranger teams,) the Force Rangers and their Mobian mentors held their meeting. "Now that everyone are all calmed down enough and rested from their journeys we can get this emergency meeting under way," said Knuckles. "Thomas... you go first. Why did you bring a werewolf here?"

                "Thanks, Knuckles..." started Thomas. "The young man is one of my best friends from Hollywood, Greg Sterling. And this werewolf is a tradesman of the Gold Rush Clan and he is called Yellow-Cloud. He is actually a good werewolf who has been living in my backyard tree house. Anyway, earlier today, Greg and I were helping Yellow-Cloud in performing a traders run back to his clan and on our return trip, we encountered one of the more vicious clans; the Blood Moon Clan. Suited up in my Ranger gear... it turns out that the werewolf I personally defeated was none other than their own Alpha who has since sworn that I am a special enemy that he wants to claim for his clan. Claiming in this case means... changing me into a werewolf of his clan's variety who would be completely loyal to him. Because we felt that was a serious threat, Yellow-Cloud suggested that we report this information to the rest of you. Alpha Fangtrap is now the White Force Ranger's arch enemy."

                Michael irked. "When yas make an enemy, mate... yas don't aim small, do yas?"

                "I wasn't trying to make an enemy," said Thomas. "It was either fight back or get converted right then and there. And I had to protect Greg."

                Knuckles nodded his head. "What about you, Corona? I notice you showed up with Kaoru, a tiger, and Master Ryuu, the last of whom I recognize. An excellent dragon trainer."

                Corona sighed. "My stupid father gave a suitor carte blanch to pursue me as for... ugh... marriage. Behind my mother's back and against my wishes. The stupid kook is doing everything in his power to get me married to him. Rather than deal with that, Raja and I chose to visit Kaoru and that's when her encounter occurred. Good thing I was there."

                Knuckles looked at Kaoru. "Your turn now, Kaoru. What happened at Master Ryuu's dojo?"

                "A bunch of Dragons dressed in the gear of shinobi came to attempt to capture me," said Kaoru. "If it wasn't for Corona, Raja, and Master Ryuu, I would likely be captured by now."

                "Not really true, Kaoru-chan~," said Master Ryuu in his pervy mini-dragon manner. "There is a reason that Dragons and Humans alike are trained by me. I am a master in all martial arts, including the Draconic art of Juikungrate." He then smiled. "Since I started teaching you Juikungrate, have you not given those Dragon Shinobi a sign of decent resistance?"

                "You are right on that part, shisou," said Kaoru with a bow to her mini-dragon teacher.

                Knuckles nodded his head as he looked to Kazuki and Ned. "Kazuki? You are up next. What horrible event occurred to you that has you moving into the club?"

                Kazuki nodded to the Water Drake that tagged along for the ride. "I will be safe here. You may return to Okaa-sama. Thank you for warning me about what was going on at home."

                The Water Drake replied nobly, "Okaa-sama told me to make myself useful to you whenever you desire, Kazuki-san. But I will obey your command for now." And he was gone.

                Kazuki let out a sigh of relief then said, "That was one of Okaa-sama's Water Drakes. Like her, I am able to summon them, but I am not the one who like to use others to do my bidding." He shuddered. "My cousins are at home for a visit. An infernal bunch. They use their respective elemental drakes to haze me often."

                Still in his dragon form, and stopping his look of affection towards seeing Thomas so soon, Ned took his turn in talking about his experience. "The faction at war in Australia got in contact with me. The New Tatsu-Lan Dragons want me within their ranks. I incinerated the scroll with one of my breath weapons, and gave my answer to the messenger." He then growled slightly. "Then the messenger dumped some mountain snow on me, Michael, and Knuckles. He plans to return soon to see if I reconsidered."

                "Maybe we should let Pouchlaw-dono know of this situation," said Kaoru, maintaining her feminine posture like her mother taught her. "He wanted us NOT to interfere with the war going on in Australia. Maybe if he knows that one of the Dragons approached you, we can figure out what we can do in the days to come to prepare for any retaliations.

                Michael hummed. "Quite the motley crew of villains yas blokes are dealing with. Some'ow Ah lucked out since no bad guy 'as demanded my presence yet." He knocked on the table. "Knock on wood." He then stood up and activated the monitor to call Pouchlaw and Ray in Virginia where the two currently lived. "This is Michael Knight calling Pouchlaw. Come in, mate. It's urgent."

                On the big screen was Lord Pouchlaw not looking fat at the moment. "'ello mates. Yer lucky Ah was in my office just now and 'eard yer call coming in. What can Ah do for yas?" After Michael explained the situation to the kangaroo lord in detail, Pouchlaw said, "Ah should warn yas blokes... these dragons fight to kill. That's the only thing they understand. 'owever, in the case of this messenger... per'aps it would be best if yas told 'im that yas were considering the offer on second thought, but yas aren't completely convinced as yet. Try to milk it for all it can be worth. Tell the messenger that if they earn yer trust, then yas would be more inclined to join them without question. Then, anything yas learn yas can share with Prince Pouchsong in Australia. 'e is the were-kangaroo lord in charge of the academy and Trigram Boomer rangers down yonder. But never let on to these dragons that yer just leading them along, Ned. If they think yer considering their offer, they may reward yas with information and more time. Maybe even, to earn yer trust... free gifts. As Ah said, milk the opportunity cow for all its worth. Anything else on yer minds, mates?"

                "I heard from my father that other Dragons have a tendency to capture a dragon's friends and loved ones to influence said dragon's decision. What would you have me do if I am stuck in that predicament with the New Tatsu-Lan Dragons?"

                "Most of yer friends live in Japan, except for Corona who is under the protection of a rakshasa and Thomas who is dealing with werewolves in the States," said Pouchlaw with a grin. "Ah don't think the dragons want to challenge the Warriors of Gaea."

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode Two.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, Fathers Day.