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[2T-PR3] PRFF-01 Fighting Force

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    [2T-PR3] PRFF-01 Fighting Force

    Power Rangers Freedom Force
    Episode One: Fighting Force.
    Written by Darrel James Vanwinkle and Lexington Lonewolf

    1) Michael Knight, Red Force Ranger
    2) Kazuki Kiau, Blue Force Ranger
    3) Corona Bengala, Orange Force Ranger
    4) Thomas Copperfield, White Force Ranger
    5) Ned Yamada-Davidson, Gold Force Ranger
    6) Kaoru Suzuki, Green Force Ranger

    Also Starring, Power Rangers Freedom Fighters:
    Knuckles, Red Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Sonic, Blue Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Goldie, Yellow Mobian Echidna Ranger
    Shadow, Black Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Amy Rose, Pink Mobian Hedgehog Ranger
    Miles "Tails" Prower, Gold Mobian Kitsune Ranger

    Alastair Zavierio: An American architect with the Yoshima Kiro Design Corporation in Kyoto, Japan.

    Previously as seen in PROR-42 Mobian Farewell...

    Hokkaido, Japan 2029 A.D.
    Sunari Village, Hidaka-sanmyaku Hills

    16 year old Michael Knight struck a pose on a slab of old ruins as the sea breeze blew through his medium length blond hair. His piercing blue eyes gazed out over the landscape as he scanned for the other members of the club he had formed just last year. "They are going to be late. And after Ah told them that today was my birthday. More cake and cola for me." The last part said with a grin. His voice sounded Australian but had the Japanese accent as well. An odd mix, but since he had grown up with his guardian, Japanese and English were mainstays for this lightly tanned young man.

    Then he saw movement down on the trail. "Mine eyes see..." He grinned as he recognized the gaming geek of the club pushing his bicycle. "HEY SONIC! WHY ARE YAS NEAR MY MASTER EMERALD?" He giggled after he shouted off the greeting. Yes, he had discovered early on that for some reason he could transform into a red echidna exactly like Knuckles, although he knew not as to why.

    "Very funny, Knight-kun," said Kazuki Kiau, adjusting his spectacles as he put his bike on the nearest rack and locking it up. Reaching into his messenger bag, he pulled out a can of soda that looked like it had Doragon Blue's likeness on the excessive packaging. "This drink I found in a vending machine on my way here. I thought you might enjoy it." Kazuki then tossed it to his interesting friend.

    The so-called clubhouse was a Zavierio exclusive, so instead of being built homemade, it was built out of modern materials and had housing for every club member when they needed a place away from their real homes. Michael caught the can and smiled at Kazuki. "Any idea on where the others are? It's my birthday and Ah 'ave food, drink, and music for all." He then opened the can and took a sip.

    An Indian girl arrived next via chauffeured helicopter. She then got out and exchanged a few words with the pilot before he handed her some cash and a cellphone, then he lifted off and flew away. "Konnichi wa, Mike!" Corona Bengala, a princess from Diamond Harbour (which was near Calcutta) had arrived with a smile. "And don't you dare call me Princess Sally this time. Raja might maul you."

    With an unheralded explosion of white smoke, a young man appeared from nowhere wearing an all white magicians outfit. "Dad finally taught me teleportation! Hey guys!" Thomas Copperfield, a male of black hair, silver grey eyes and fair skin from Hollywood, walked over to join the others. "Did I arrive before the other two for a change? That would be a shock." He handed a present to Michael.

    A third-year high school student that looked as if he was part-American walked out the door. "I was already here," said Ned Yamada-Davidson, whose gaze would scare those that get on his bad side. "Remember that it takes me a while to change, then get into clothes." There was no sign of an accent when he spoke English.

    Kaoru Suzuki, her hair streaked with blue arrived in a fancy car with a chauffeur letting her out. Aside from wearing her school uniform, she also had a box with a cake from the best bakery in the city. "Sorry I'm late minna-san! Father wanted me to make the cake myself, but once he tasted a sample, he insisted that I buy one." Yep. Wealthy and bad cook.

    Michael said, "Best we get inside with our goods. Alastair made sure we 'ad everything we needed for this day. Ah just 'ope no dragons show up; they eat more than anyone." He winked at the audience.

    Chapter One: Sweet Sixteen.

    Inside Club Freedom (that's what Michael named his adventurers club,) everyone was seated around a table that had all the fixings for a birthday party. There were even a few caterers on hand. Including the cake which Kaoru brought, there were a total of three different cakes on the table. There were also party favors, presents for everyone (a local tradition,) and varied drinks of every variety. The jukebox was playing music, as it always did, and the dance floor was wide open. Anyone else would have had more people in attendance but Michael, much like the father he never knew, had very few friends except for those who had joined the club, at first through reading the club's electronic newsletter, then later in person when they were old enough to make the trip to the headquarters in Northern Japan.

    The email newsletter version of the club had 200,000+ members, but only five ever made the trip to the headquarters and they were attending the party now.

    Michael smiled at his friends. "Thank yas for coming, fellow club friends. The others who couldn't come sent nice electronic birthday cards and such. They all received a polite thank yas as well as a redeemable discount code for use in the mall of their choice. According to club rules, everyone needs to report on an adventure they 'ad this week. Ah'll go first... Alastair took me 'ang gliding a few days ago. It was a business trip for 'im, but 'e thought Ah might enjoy the experience over a new building site they were 'ired to work on."

    "I took a flight to Australia and back," said Ned in a manner that implied that he hasn't used an airplane. In fact his eyes briefly changed to that of a different species when he said that sentence. "Circled around Ayer's Rock, and returned home. My dad was annoyed at me that I didn't use any cloud cover, and says I could've been seen. Who can bring their adventure to a level higher than that?"

    Corona said, "Raja and I went digging for buried treasure near some old ruins... never mind the fact that it was in the middle of my mother's flower bed... um... yeah."

    Thomas smiled. "I used to feel sorry for my friend Mark Merlin until my bratty sister came of age. Now I have to put up with the exact same thing he does. Moooooooom! Thomas doesn't doooooo his homework! Why should I have to do minnnnnnnnnne? So... I made a deal with dad that I'd help him with ANYTHING exciting as long as I didn't have to babysit my sister. And dad must not have been thinking because he quickly said 'deal' even before the offer was out of my mouth. So far, I've only had to help him on stage during shows. Nothing so bad about that. Better that than my bratty sister."

    Michael looked to Kazuki and Karou now. They were next.

    Kaoru said, "I recently was brought up to the dojo my father once trained in the martial arts, and I was surprised that the teacher was a very small, and perverted Dragon! He grabbed onto my charms, and I had to smack him on the muzzle with my fan. All he did was grin, and said, 'just like yer mother,' I wonder why a perverted lizard like him would know Kaa-chan?" Maemi.

    Ned just smirked a little. "Master Ryuu's still up to his old tricks?"

    Kazuki hummed. "My Okaa-sama took me out to a secluded area on our estate, and told me that I have an inherent ability to summon an army of creatures like she could. After a few demonstrations, I was a little bit queasy, but I didn't find it too fun to have creatures come out of me, and answer to my beck and call, but she said that it was something I 'cannot reject' about myself." He simply said. "She had that scary look in her eye again."

    Michael chuckled. "Well told one and all. And now, enjoy yer cake, ice cream, and drinks. As for myself, Alastair prepared me a birthday surprise that 'e said would finally answer all of my questions once and for all." He held up a sealed DVD case with the shrink wrap still unbroken upon it. "'e said that if Ah broke the seal before my 16th birthday 'e would 'ave a Kitsune spank my bottom."

    Thomas grinned. "I might let a Kitsune spank me since they are so naughty about doing things like that. And think of the adventure..."

    Breaking the seal, he opened the case and went over the DVD player, popped the disc into the drive, then turned on the big screen to see what played.

    In an Australian voice which Michael had never heard before, everyone heard the following words as a camera sweeping view of the Outback and Blackall began to unfold:

    "Michael, my son, by now yas are 16 years old." the video image of a cute young man appeared on the screen. He 'looked' human, although sparkly around the edges. "Ah am yer true father, Lari Carrington Knight of Blackall Queensland Australia. When Ah first started out as a boy with no friends, Ah built a club'ouse just outside of town which Ah called the Adventurers Club. Ah posted a small note about the club on the school's bulletin board and over the course of the next year and a 'alf, no one joined. Ah felt like the world's biggest loser. Then one day, my now best friend, Timothy Celeron, 'e is a Sonic gaming geek, came to the club and 'e joined me. Ah was finally no longer alone. They say that a mighty river starts with a single rain drop. Over the course of the next few weeks, more people came and joined the club. Even two sheilas, one of which a real toughie." Images of the club members were then shown one at a time. "One day, a Lone Ranger came to the club and 'e told me that if Ah wanted to be a Power Ranger, all Ah 'ad to do was believe that Ah was already a ranger. Ah told my friend this and we vowed that we were rangers. Then later, we were given that chance at a place called the Kangaroo Academy in Dreamtime." And aerial shot is shown of the old training academy.

    "It was at the Academy where an accident occurred which transformed me into the person Ah 'ave become today." His real image was now shown: a sexy handsome were-roo lord wearing a wedding ring on one finger. "Later, Ah met another Ranger from another team and we fell in love... and Ah accidentally infected 'im. Yes, Ah said 'im. 'is name is North Lonewolf. We 'ad many MANY were-kangaroo children over the years, but Ah was saddened by the fact that the one child Ah really wanted to 'ave Ah was no longer capable of producing without outside Elder Powered assistance. With the 'elp of the Arranger from the Dreamwolf dimension, pure 'uman DNA was taken from both myself and North to create yas, Michael. Ah 'ad Alastair promise to raise yas in Japan where yas would be free of the call of the Outback and where yas could make yer own club, like Ah did. Yas see... Ah wanted a pure 'uman son who 'ad a chance to start like Ah did."

    End of Chapter One.

    Chapter Two: The Mark of Royalty.

    "Today, Ah known as Kangaroo Lord Lawrence Knight of the Imperial Dreamtime Knighthood, although my first son, Lord Southpaw, assists me in operating the school. Colonel North Lonewolf-Knight sometimes assists me in this, although 'e and 'is former team, the Boomer Force, are today known as Field Marshals of the new Kangaroo Academy of New Blackall, which is located on the Kimberly Plateau in North Western Australia. Ah 'ope yas forgive me for 'aving yas raised so far away from me, Michael, but Ah wanted yas to 'ave a normal 'uman childhood and a club of friends to call yer own. Yas wouldn't have gotten that down under where even now a vicious Dreamtime/Dragon war is underway that might spell the end of this continent in which Ah call my 'ome."

    "Yer 16th birthday also marks another important event, son... the Freedom Fighters 'ave agreed to return on yer 16th birthday and give ranger training to yas and yer friends so that yas may become the Super Sentai Freedom Force. Power Rangers just like yer parents. This is my birthday gift to yas and yer friends, son. Ah love yas very much even though Ah may never get to see yas grow up to be a fine warrior. Ah may not live through the war... but this is yer legacy, Michael; not mine. Be what yas want to be. Live yer own life. And never say never. Once a ranger..." And then the video ended.

    Michael had tears in his eyes as he finished the saying, "...always a ranger."

    Corona slowly stood up. "I cannot believe it... your father is a Dreamtime Lord. So that makes you a prince, Michael Knight."

    Thomas grinned as he rubbed a foot against Ned slyly. "Not bad, eh guys? Ole Michael is a Lord to be."

    "But that still doesn't explain why you can change into a Mobian like Knuckles," Kazuki said in a calm tone.

    Kaoru said, "Tou-chan and Kaa-chan told me about Power Rangers, and that was one of their mottoes they used in the United States."

    Ned growled in an inhuman manner. He didn't like the thought of a Dreamtime/Dragon War one bit. But for the immediate issue... he turned around to look toward Thomas with a glare that would scare anyone out of their wits end. And he didn't have control of it when he was angry. "Take your foot off me, Thomas..."

    Thomas sighed as he pulled away. "I liked you better before you found out that you were a dragon." Then he slowly got up to head into the restroom without another word.

    Michael looked to Kazuki. "Yer right. But dad said the Mobians were coming, so maybe they can explain why Ah 'ave that ability."

    Corona nodded her head. "My tiger would enjoy this. So much dysfunctional mayhem. Sadly, if my mother ever found out... I'd be banned from spending time with you guys."

    Sighing in regret, Ned realized he distanced a friend because of his inherent nature. "Shimatta." Dammit.

    Kaoru sighed, and gave Ned a slight hug. "I know you didn't mean to be rude to him, Ned-kun." She knew him since before both his fathers told him he was a half-dragon; the product of an American human and a reincarnated dragon's love for each other.

    Kazuki smiled. "Maybe you'll get that chance, Michael-kun. Gives me the answer to why I keep on being called by Sonniku-kun's name in your jokes.

    At that moment just outside the club building, live rock music began playing and the song was a new one.

    "Happy Birthday, and what do you know! This is a gift that you will show! Another year wiser, you are what you sew! Mobian Rangers, we'll teach you how to go! Morph into action, fight with the source! Show us the power! You are the force! So happy birthday, hold on to your seat! What you're hearing is super neat! Come on out and prepare to meet! We're your trainers, the Mobian Beat!"

    Then the band gear up to switch songs and began playing a song detailing an older Adalia team. It sounded like a ranger league dedicated to adventure.

    Michael led the others out the door where they saw the Mobians in front of a new age star ship on a stage supported within their docking bay. "All right! Maybe now we'll find out a few things!"

    Thomas had come out as well, although he was staying away from Ned. "I wonder who the awesome teenaged purple hedgehog in the cool uniform is?" Nitro's son got a compliment from the magician.

    Corona was simply enjoying the rock music. "This is a lot of fun."

    The teenaged purple hedgehog gave them his grandfather's glare in a playful manner. Before smirking, and leaping out of the docking bay's open hangar, and after a few mid-air somersaults, landed on his feet before the group of humans (and half-dragon in human form). He spoke with a very light Aussie accent as he unzipped the jacket of his uniform only sightly to give the air of being 'super cool.' "I 'ope you enjoy the music, fans... By the pouch, It's great to be back on my birth planet!"

    Thomas went over and knelt to one knee, hugged the purple hedgehog and... kissed him.

    Michael giggled. "Yas 'ave an accent like mine! Well, Ah 'ave two accents since Ah grew up 'ere in Northern Japan. Welcome to Club Freedom, Mobians."

    End of Chapter Two.


      Chapter Three: Let The Training Begin.

      Once the Mobians and their families unloaded and came inside the club, Michael snapped into his red echidna form and shook hands with Knuckles. "Ah've been wanting to ask yas why Ah ended up with this power to change into yer form, Knuckles. The disc father sent me never explained that part."

      Knuckles smiled after he hugged Michael. "Your father and his team had the extra ability to transform into our Mobian counterparts. It was a gift to their team from Lord Pouchlaw back when they graduated from the Kangaroo Academy in Dreamtime before becoming Power Rangers. Your father had the ability to change into my counterpart, while Impulse's father had the ability to change into Sonic's counterpart, which is what gave him the capability to get a Mobian pregnant. We didn't figure that out for a long time. When your father made the arrangement with the Arranger to have his untainted DNA and his mate's untainted DNA extracted and merged to make you... did the Arranger make a slight miscalculation in your favor. He accidentally transferred the Mobian transformation ability from your father to you. And that is why you ended up with the ability to transform into a red echidna like yours truly." He winked. "Your father unknowingly gave you his ability."

      Michael was smiling. "Totally cool! And now yas blokes are 'ere to train me and my friends to be Power Rangers!"

      Corona was looking at the female Mobians on the team. "Quite the interesting selection."

      Thomas had Impulse in his lap at the table where the birthday food and drink were, sharing his take with the hedgehog.

      He started to eat most of the food that he was offered, and he was enjoying it more than most. He's "Mmm... yuuuuummy! I 'aven't 'ad sweets this yummy since me and my family left for Mobius! Even the sweets in Adalia were never this good!"

      Ned was at his 'aloof' corner, contemplating what has come to pass, and distancing himself from one of his friends with one of the natures. Though he looked like the epitome of cool, he was treating the abilities that seep in while he was in human form.

      Kazuki adjusted his glasses. "That Mobian sure has the sweet tooth. But which one of you is Knuckles and which one of you is Michael-san?"

      Kaoru was looking at the musical instruments with curiosity. All she learned as a kid was how to play a shinkansen.

      The real Knuckles looked at Kazuki with a sudden grin. "I am the Michael who yanks your pants down in front of the Master Emerald and mounts you in front of all your friends." He winked with a sly chuckle.

      Michael quickly shoved Knuckles back a step. "Ah would never do that to Kazuki, so keep yer mind out of the gutter. And what does that 'ave to do with training us?"

      The red echidna sniggered. "Blame Nitro. He got me all aroused before we launched the star ship. He and Timmy are sleeping in within their stateroom."

      Corona giggled. "You mean the two disheveled looking sleepy eyed pair that are coming out of the star ship right now?"

      Sonic smirked. "I wonder if they remembered our saying that we'd be around girls today? Even though I would love a chili dog, this birthday spread looks yummy."

      Thomas whispered into Impulse's ear, "Professional chefs make all the difference with this food. Homemade doesn't taste the same. But I'd bet you taste good..." He gave Impulse a kiss on the side of his face.

      "Grandpa Knuckles? I wonder if that pervy energy mum 'as comes from yas?" Impulse said with a smile as he took another bite of cake.

      Leaving the room for the moment, Ned didn't want to do anything more to cause trouble. He was upset, and he didn't want to be more of a party-pooper than he was. The dragon abilities were getting in the way of such a happy occasion. "Sorry, minna-san," he said in a low tone, as he departed the room, imagining that no one heard his apology.

      Kelly the Mobian Rabbit was carrying some of the younger Mobian offspring out of the star ship and inside where they could have some goodies too.

      Shadow said, "As soon as the party ends, we need to get the core six's training started. I realize that most of you live in other countries, but remember... this was Michael's father's desire for you and your friends to become rangers like the parents. As for enemies, don't worry so much about that. Enemies come and go, and I am sure there are some around who haven't opened their mouths as yet."

      Thomas asked, "Do bratty whiny sisters count?"

      "Only at home," replied the black hedgehog with a sly grin.

      Princess Sally smiled. "Wait until you get to use your morphers. You'll be having more fun than you know what to do with."

      Michael snapped back into his human form at that moment. "'ere in Northern Japan, it is customary for the birthday boy to give presents to 'is friends. So if yas Mobians want to go over to that big chest next to the wall, Ah will allow all of yas to take one item each to keep. Whatever yas want."

      End of Chapter Three.


        Chapter Four: Use the Force.

        The Mobians helped the teens to clean up Club Freedom in preparation for the coming equipment giving and beginning training session. When everything was picked up and everyone rested, Knuckles and Princess Sally began bringing in the boxes of 'special equipment'. Tails then floated in dressed in Mobian Oriental Battle Armor and he smiled at the gathered human and half-dragon teenagers before beginning his speech.

        "As you know, your father coined your new team as the Freedom Force. Super Sentai meaning Power Rangers, of course. Pardon the rhyming puns. We Mobian Rangers are the Freedom Fighters back home. It falls to our team to train your team for the journey ahead."

        He opened a black case to reveal... well... it was svelte lined but seemed to contain nothing at all. "Because your team uses the Force, your morphers are embodiments of the force itself. Therefore, to make your morphers appear, you must not only use the force but you must believe in it as well. Extend your hands toward the case and close your eyes. Imagine the handheld morpher phones of each color. Now... coerce your morphers to rise from the case and float over into your hands. The moment you feel your morphers, you may then open your eyes and we will instruct you on how to morph."

        Thomas thought this sounded a LOT like magic using instruction so he began doing this immediately. Almost instantly he could sense that the case was NOT empty. But... summoning your morpher was not as easy as Tails made it out to be. It seemed to resist his calls... at first.

        Corona already had a color in mind to please her tiger... but like Thomas, this wasn't as easy as it sounded.

        Michael focused on the empty case but he felt that there had to be something there. He knew his father would want him to be red, although he would take pink since it was his birthday and he could be as silly as anyone. He closed his eyes and extended his hand slowly.

        Ned was averting his gaze away from Thomas out of remorse, but with his attitude making him feel separate from the others, he reached in and had his color set in mind A person with the world on his shoulders should be as black as his mood most of the time. He extended his hand out, and it was harder than he thought to reach in.

        Kazuki reached in and positioned his glasses with his free hand. He wasn't thinking about how blue (greenhorn) he was compared to the others that had different abilities. He didn't want to fail.

        Kaoru reached in as well, feeling the resistance as she thought a beautiful girl like her should have a beautiful color, and that pink was better than white bar-none.

        At first, nothing seemed to happen and there was nothing to see. But after a few moments, there came a connection as their outstretched hands seemed to close open solid energy with solidified in their hands to reveal... their Force Phone Morphers. They were round like a handle in shape with cellphone like buttons and a text messaging screen. There was colored light emitting around the buttons and in a thin line around the top and bottom of the morphers. In fact, one end of the morphers seemed to have what looked like a flashlight lens in place, but it surely wasn't for that... was it?

        Michael had the Red Force Morpher, just like he had hoped. Kazuki had the Blue Force Morpher, which seemed appropriate for the geek gamer. Corona had the Orange Force Morpher, which she actually had thought of to please Raja, her tiger. Thomas who had no color in mind at all ended up with the White Force Morpher. Although Ned had been thinking Black to match his feelings, he ended up with the Gold Force Morpher instead. And Kaoru who had thought Pink would have been nice received the emerald Green Force Morpher.

        Michael was now looking over his morpher. "A flashlight?" He tried to flick it on and almost dropped it when the red energy beam snaked out of one end to make his Red Force Light Saber. "Agh!" But then he slowly examined it as carefully as possible.

        Thomas said, "We're Jedi Knights? Where's Yoda?" Yes, he went there.

        Corona on the other hand had noticed the belt loop attachment accessory and was seeing how it might look hanging from her waist. "Stylish, I think."

        Kazuki hummed, and said. "I think if this was Star Wars, then Red wouldn't be a color of good, or the force." He then clipped it on his belt and said. "This will work just fine."

        Kaoru turned hers on to activate the Green Force Light Saber. She curiously checked the weight, as she moved it from side to side, then it looked like she was doing some of the same exercises she had seen her father do with the Doragonken, his favorite tachi (longsword katana). "Sugoi," she said, recognizing a place where she can put her favorite charm on the morpher after turning it off.

        Ned turned his on for a moment, then looked over to Thomas, and then got in the respectful method to apologize to another, by kneeling and bowing down in a submissive fashion. Though he placed his Gold Force Phone in front of him before he bowed. "Thomas-kun, gomenasai!" He had a decent time to think about the way he acted when he found out that his own species was going to war from the video Michael's real father gave him. "I was wrong to growl at you when my frustration was directed to another matter."

        Thomas sighed as he knelt down on his knees across from Ned. "Since we are going to be teammates, I should accept your apology, Ned. My timing was wrong do be returning the flirtation you gave me when we first met... foot and tail. You were pretty focused and upset over Lawrence Knight's words about the Dreamtime and Dragon war. Perhaps we should learn more about it so as to not make a mistake beforehand. Otherwise, if we got too involved, we might cause an international incident."

        End of Chapter Four.


          Chapter Five: The Laws of Rangering 101.

          At that moment, Dreamtime Lord Pouchlaw appeared on the big screen along with his young (now in his 20s) mate, Ray Lonewolf. "Oh good! Ah didn't miss Michael's special day! Ah see yas just received yer new morphers! Good job on the design, Tails!"

          Michael glanced up with a smile. "Hey! It's Uncle Pouchlaw and Uncle Ray from Washington D.C. Welcome to Club Freedom."

          "As yer magician friend probably already surmised, these new morphers are magic based rather than tech based, despite the sci-fi capabilities they 'ave. The best of Mystic Force, Wild Force, Druidic Force, and Olvan Force, the last one being an all elven team from Arvandor. Tails contacted each one and compiled the best features of each to create yer new Force Morphers. As the Mobians already know from the time Ah formed the Dreamtime Police Rangers, the best law to follow in making new teams is to make sure yas all get yer equipment, vehicles, zords, and upgrades at the same time to prevent whining, jealousy, and 'urt feelings."

          Shadow remarked, "Damned right. How many times did we have to put up with Cary flying off the handle?"

          Pouchlaw replied, "Too many to count. But upon reflection, 'e was never given equal treatment from the start. Everyone else got gifts and new powers left and right, and he got absolutely nothing. It would be like if the Mobian Hedgehog Rangers, the name yas first used, were to only give out Ranger positions to Hedgehogs and Echidnas but to leave Tails out because 'e doesn't 'ave quills. Yas were smart to shorten the team name like that."

          Sonic grinned. "Princess Sally threatened to kick our asses." He then winked at the audience. "And we don't even have a Mobian donkey on the team."

          Thomas then said, "Pouchlaw... since you chose to call in today, is there anything you can tell us about the Dreamtime and Dragon War in Australia right now?"

          "Yas joeys and sheilas do NOT, Ah repeat, do NOT want to get involved in that at yer untrained power level. Yas might get captured and worse..." he shuddered as if the thought was more disgusting than anything that has ever happened in the Outback before. "...slimed into their penile nether regions... one way."

          Thomas paled at the reply. That isn't what he wanted to hear.

          "We 'ad a report that the dragons bombed the plateau last month with some sort of... 'nudity bomb'. Anything made of cloth and fabric was completely disintegrated. The 'umans living there were too embarrassed to leave their 'omes. It even destroyed toilet paper... ghastly."

          Corona blushed deeply. "My mother would forbid my outings if that were to happen to me."

          Ray looked with the intense gaze he had as the middle-aged head of the FBI before he retired. "To add to Pouchy-boy's sentiment about wanting you to NOT get involved in the situation of the Dreamtime and Dragon War in Australia, It is my desire to let you know what had happened to one with inexperience in combat against dragons. My cousin, a retired Power Ranger, was one of the stubborn people that stayed in the Outback when others dared not, and when a Demon-Dragon monster attacked his station, his students suffered multiple injuries... and worse yet, he was reduced to ash after taking residuals of a breath weapon that his (immortal) protector intercepted. War is not good for anyone, and the fatalities shouldn't include Rangers without any experience in combating creatures such as Dragons."

          Ned remembered being in Australia for the memorial, with his parents (and Kaoru and her parents). Though the cause of death wasn't revealed at the memorial, he was shocked to hear that even a Retired Power Ranger, with more experience than the newbies that they are, could fall so easily to even a partial blast of a Dragon's breath weapon.

          Kaoru stayed silent at that point, and gave a knowing look to Ned.

          Kazuki said nothing out of respect, but he was shocked by the true story that was told by the former FBI head, and Pouchlaw's usually quiet, yet calculating companion.

          Thomas then asked, "Mr. Lonewolf, sir. I am from California back in the states myself. What is the latest status on the Werewolf Clans War that is occurring there? Last I heard... not even the CIA's professional herbalist could cure the newest strain running rampant."

          Pouchlaw was heard to sigh. "The Ranger team Ah trained 'ave been fighting the clans, but... no upper claw 'as been gained as yet. What can yas add, love?"

          "It has been well documented that the CIA and I had never seen eye-to-eye about many matters," said Ray, remembering the dispute over Project Dream Boy, among other endeavors that he ended up being caught in the middle of as head of the FBI. "But the Werewolf Incident has caused a lot of issues in the government. From my old contacts in the FBI, the Government is considering to open negotiations with the Atlanteans to protect the major metropolitan areas and state capitols from the werewolf population so curfew can be lifted in those jurisdictions. Being in negotiations first-hand with those sharks are pretty tough, especially when they have their ambassador backing them." He remembers how tough his negotiations were with the Atlantean delegates, even when he was newly instated as the head of the Bureau.

          Pouchlaw grinned. "As usual, Ray veers off on to the side path that detours around the subject." He then paused before continuing. "There are four major werewolf clans who are in battle against each other. If they left it at that, then there wouldn't be a problem. But 'ere is what is making these idiots be a threat... they are recruiting new pledges to join their ranks and they use a new viral strain that is completely different from what Lord 'uxley is used to dealing with. One example is what they did to one of 'uxley's own CIA bodyguards... changed 'im completely into a clan werewolf, although the mental call wasn't secure and 'e 'as been blocking it by wearing a frequency scrambler around 'is neck. Sadly, the same clan were the ones who later attacked 'is son, whose friends later rescued. Bill is currently in Australia with the Trigram Boomer Rangers at the Plateau. Weres are luckily immune to each others infections."

          End of Chapter Five.


            Chapter Six: Taste the Rainbow.

            Tails smiled as he cleared his throat to get their attention. "Enough about the wars... we need to get this exercise going. Now that you have your morphers, here is how you morph... simply press the following buttons in sequence. [3], [2], [1], [GO]. Your morphing sequence will then initiate and you will be suited up in your official gear. As you might have guessed, you don't have to say a thing to morph; just push those buttons. Stealth morphing." He winked.

            Michael smiled too. "That's pretty neat. Ah assume morphing words often alerted bad guys to yer presence, right?"

            "Exactly right," replied the two-tailed fox who was a lost clan Kitsune on top of everything else. "Each morpher has a Chaos Emerald of your color embedded in the center of your morphing devices which is what gives you the unending power that you will be using. As Knuckles and Shadow can tell you, Chaos Power is fun."

            The two nodded their heads in unison.

            "And now, I'd like to see you guys suited up. Just remember: the ranger uniforms can be modified if, say, you have or attain other forms." Like Ned's dragon form maybe? "You will also have spells, vehicles, weapons, zords, and more fun equipment to play with. We almost couldn't get Nitro to stop playing with one of the Force Boards when we were developing them. The Force Boards are your Chaos Powered Surf Boards." He winked. "So, make with the line-up and let's see some new Power Rangers."

            Michael brought his Red Force Morpher in front of himself and he pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. His surroundings turned bright red as a splash of red and black covered his body from the neck down which formed into his ranger uniform, along with his belt, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright red surroundings pulled together to form a visored helmet shape, leaving Michael standing in mid air within the void. The helmet spun around once and then lowered down upon his head with a soft latching sound. Then his Red Hengeyokai Rat Zord appeared behind him briefly as his surroundings returned to normal. Michael then briefly transformed between full rat and rat man forms before appearing once again as himself. "Banzai! Red Force Ranger!"

            But then he commented, "Ah'm a rat? Why am Ah a rat?"

            Thomas brought his White Force Morpher in front of himself and he pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. His surroundings turned bright white as a splash of white and black covered his body from the neck down which formed into his ranger uniform, along with his belt, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright white surroundings pulled together to form a visored helmet shape, leaving Thomas standing in mid air within the void. The helmet spun around once and then lowered down upon his head with a soft latching sound. Then his White Hengeyokai Hare Zord appeared behind him briefly as his surroundings returned to normal. Thomas then briefly transformed between full hare and hare man forms before appearing once again as himself. "Banzai! White Force Ranger!"

            "Watch me pull a rabbit out of the hat!" He was happy with the choice his powers had given him.

            Corona brought her Orange Force Morpher in front of herself and she pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. Her surroundings turned bright orange as a splash of orange and black covered her body from the neck down which formed into her ranger uniform, along with her belt, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright orange surroundings pulled together to form a visored helmet shape, leaving Corona standing in mid air within the void. The helmet spun around once and then lowered down upon her head with a soft latching sound. Then her Orange Hengeyokai Cat Zord appeared behind her briefly as her surroundings returned to normal. Corona then briefly transformed between full cat and cat woman forms before appearing once again as herself. "Banzai! Orange Force Ranger!"

            "Good thing the cat body has black stripes!" The fates were nice to her. "Raja is going to love that!"

            Kazuki brought his Blue Force Morpher in front of himself and he pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. His surroundings turned bright blue as a splash of blue and black covered his body from the neck down which formed into his ranger uniform, along with his belt, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright blue surroundings pulled together to form a visored helmet shape, leaving Kazuki standing in mid air within the void. The helmet spun around once and then lowered down upon his head with a soft latching sound. Then his Blue Hengeyokai Crab Zord appeared behind him briefly as his surroundings returned to normal. Kazuki then briefly transformed between full crab and crab man forms before appearing once again as himself. "Banzai! Blue Force Ranger!"

            "Okaa-sama won't be pleased with this..." remarked Kazuki, as he tried to adjust his glasses, but his fingers ended up touching his helmet.

            Ned brought his Gold Force Morpher in front of himself and he pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. His surroundings turned bright gold as a splash of gold and black covered his body from the neck down which formed into his ranger uniform, along with his belt, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright gold surroundings pulled together to form a visored helmet shape, leaving Ned standing in mid air within the void. The helmet spun around once and then lowered down upon his head with a soft latching sound. Then his Gold Hengeyokai Dragon Zord appeared behind him briefly as his surroundings returned to normal. Ned then briefly transformed between full dragon and draconian forms before appearing once again as himself. "Banzai! Gold Force Ranger!"

            Ned crossed his arms and returned to his aloof contemplating lean against the wall. "Seems that I'm stuck with Dragon, like my old man."

            Kaoru brought her Green Force Morpher in front of herself and she pressed the following buttons in sequence: [3] [2] [1] [GO]. Her surroundings turned bright green as a splash of green and black covered her body from the neck down which formed into her ranger uniform, along with her belt, gloves, and boots. Then, the bright green surroundings pulled together to form a visored helmet shape, leaving Kaoru standing in mid air within the void. The helmet spun around once and then lowered down upon her head with a soft latching sound. Then her Green Hengeyokai Sparrow Zord appeared behind her briefly as her surroundings returned to normal. Kaoru then briefly transformed between full sparrow and sparrow woman forms before appearing once again as herself. "Banzai! Green Force Ranger!"

            Kaoru looked to Ned as she folded her hands gently behind her skirt. "Looks like we will both be the only airborne creatures, Ned-kun."

            End of Chapter Six.


              Chapter Seven: A Day of Training.

              Corona smiled at Ned. "You got lucky, looks like, my friend. Gold and black. And dragon to boot."

              Michael felt singled out since he ended up as a rat. He didn't understand why he was given 'that' animal.

              Thomas was posing in his ranger threads while looking at himself in a handheld mirror. "As Corona said earlier... stylish. And oh so me."

              Ned just shrugged his shoulders. "This will do fine, I surmise."

              Kazuki hummed, as he rubbed the chin of his helmet... "Blue as water, not blue as sky..."

              "Nor blue as flame, like what Master Ryuu has voiced of my father's exploits." Kaoru added, which earned a look from Kazuki. "Sumimasen," she responded with a feminine bow.

              Tails walked over to view Michael, Kazuki, and Ned. "Let me first explain that we Mobians had nothing to do with your Hengeyokai choices. That was decided upon by the Celestial Fates. However, and this should get you to thinking... these are called Force Morphers. We can 'force' the unwanted choice into a result more suitable to your liking. But be warned also... the Celestials of Japan may not look so kind upon you for the second choice. Therefore... if Ned wanted one of the other Hengeyoki animals, what would he choose? Those remaining include Carp, Crane, Dog, Fox, Monkey, and Raccoon. Normally Dragon is not a Hengeyoki species; the Celestials substitute Drake for the choice, but in their doing so... they mean the DUCK variety; not the scaly. And once you gave up a choice, your old species would be available from the mix once again. And Michael... the Rat among the Celestials is not viewed as a bad thing. Stanley Thunder of the Yin-Yang team and Master Splinter. So you see, you started to complain too soon. There are great rats in martial arts; they are not all evil. The good ones really shine."

              He then looked at Kazuki and Ned primarily. "Therefore, you two would like to change your morpher assigned choices... speak up, but please do not sulk in the shadows. That is so beneath you."

              Michael hummed. He forgot about Stanley Thunder and Master Splinter. Yes, they were really cool. Stanley had even helped Lord Rein at one time. "Okay, I'll stick with the rat. Maybe a certain Kitsune lord will be impressed..." He giggled.

              "...And Ned," continued Tails. "...would you have been truly happy if either Michael or Kazuki had gotten dragon instead of your having it?"

              "I find that Crab is acceptable," said Kazuki. "Otou-san would be proud of me no matter what species my ranger form is."

              Ned looked towards Michael, the Kazuki, and growled at himself in frustration for making an ass of himself. "No... It would be fine if Dragon remains with me. I am already a dragon, so its best to know what's what. Besides, my old man would have my scales if I piss off the Celestials and the deities. It was the Platinum Dragon of the East Winds, Bahamut, that made him realize he was a Dragon reborn."

              Tails patted Ned on the shoulder seeming to guess what Ned was thinking. "Don't be too big of an ass or you may end up with long ears and hoofs."

              Michael then said with a smirk, "No, Tails... that is more like what might happen to me. Ned is around a lot, but I can be a big ass without meaning to. But when its just him and me here at the club... it is nice to have someone around to bray with." He winked smiling.

              Sonic whispered to Timmy and Nitro, "He sounds a lot more fun loving than his father ever did."

              Tails then winked at Michael as he stepped back over into center stage. "Now, for the rest of your gear. On your touch screen mini-monitors on your morphers, you will see a catalog symbol and a spell book symbol. When you want to summon any of your physical gear, you touch the catalog symbol, then you browse to the item symbol of that which you want to summon for your use. It will instantly appear in your hands or next to you in the case of vehicles. For your spells, you touch the spell book symbol, then you browse to the spell you want to cast and simply touch the name of the spell. It automatically casts at that point... without error. Now the item and spell symbols don't have every possible item and spell in them, which is why there is a feature in each called 'Creator Mode'. When you select that, you may design and create any type of item or spell that you can choose to either delete or save into your catalogs and spell books."

              Thomas and Corona began looking in theirs immediately. Thomas was looking over the Spell Book while Corona was more interested in the Item Catalog.

              Michael had gone to get himself a drink of water at the water fountain dispenser nearby.

              Timmy had adopted the Mobian form on a more permanent basis while living on Mobius. But to distinguish himself from Sonic, he had both his hedgehog ears pierced, and still wears yellow sneakers. "I think they're fine, but the one that got the Gold Ranger powers seems to have a bad attitude, as if he was going through his second puberty, like I went through when I moved the family to Mobius."

              Nitro hummed, "And when Impulse went through his not so long ago. He spent a lot of nights with Pulsar than he had at home."

              Ned was looking through the arsenal on his Force Phone, seeing what he can use aside from the Force Saber function.

              Kaoru smiled as she saw an option on her screen she had the option to remove her skirt, or even lengthen it into a stylish design. She chose to keep the original length for the time being.

              Kazuki was more interested in what the vehicles had in store, and was reviewing it on his screen. One caught his attention that was a part of his arsenal. "Interesting... an Force Aquatic Board that is shaped like a crab, but is capable of surfing and underwater travel. Quite intriguing!"

              End of Chapter Seven.


                Chapter Eight: Freedom at Night.

                Michael and Ned waved goodbye to Corona, Thomas, Kazuki, and Kaoru as they departed after the day's events. Together they came back into the club where the hired clean up crew was cleaning the floors and cleaning up the party tables. The two adjourned to the club's rear section where the Mobians have taken over as their quarters. There was a stage for the band, thankfully, and a side lab for Princess Sally.

                "It was a long day, wasn't it, Ned? But Ah'm glad my birthday only comes once a year. Are yas okay yerself?" He was holding on to Ned with an arm around his friend.

                Closing his eyes in silent contemplation, Ned sighed. "I feel that I must apologize to you, Michael-san. You know I would never growl at Thomas-kun under normal circumstances. Something's hasn't been right now that I've been able to shift between forms. It looked like I scared him when I was annoyed."

                Leading Ned toward the dragon's claimed quarters, Michael said, "Ah 'ave an idea what's going on, old chum. Remember 'ow awkward we both felt when we went through our puberties some years ago? Well Ah think yer dragon form 'as never been through 'is puberty yet and yer just now experiencing it. Ah 'ope Ah'm wrong, but Ah can't think of any other explanation to tell yas. Want to stop by the bar before yas 'it yer room for the night?"

                Shadow was manning the bar at the moment, cleaning the glass mugs properly.

                Seeing Michael as a good friend and a drinking buddy (even without alcohol), Ned nodded. "Of course. I could use something before bed."

                Michael said to Shadow, "Serve up something mild and drowsy, non-alco'olic, for my friend 'ere. 'is dragon puberty is wrecking 'avoc on 'is life."

                Shadow nodded his head. "I know just what to make for Ned. Trust me." And he got to work on making it.

                Back in California, Thomas arrived in his tree house via teleport where it was nearly 2-3 AM. He had barely been there a few seconds when red eyes appeared in one corner of the tree house and a quiet raspy voice said, "Welcome back, Thomas. What did you learn?"

                Thomas set out the slices of birthday cake and drink for the clan werewolf that had been living in his tree house. "I think I hit pay dirt this time, Yellow-Cloud. Pouchlaw called in while the party was going and when I asked him about the Werewolf Clan war status, he revealed that one of the CIA guys who got infected is utilizing a mental call frequency blocker so he can retain his own mind. Sadly, I never found out where they are keeping them at. But that seems to be what your clan needs to free themselves from this horror story you and the others are stuck in. But thanks for not infecting me."

                "As long as you remain quiet about my being here and you feed me and bring me information... you will be safe," he said as he ate the cake and drank the party drink.

                In India, Corona and her Bengal tiger Raja slept together on her bed. Good kitty guard his princess.

                Kaoru made it home to Kurisawa, and went to sleep to some soft music of various languages that would get her to sleep gently.

                When returning to the Kiau home, Kazuki was holding onto his shoes as he walked into the hallway. He then noticed someone behind him, and he turned around hoping it wasn't his mother...

                "Your mother is asleep," said Hytakerasu, the Were-Crow Spirit King himself, who was standing there in a simple storm colored kimono. "How was the party, Kazuki?"

                "Hytakerasu-dono," said Kazuki as he got down to a respectful bow. "I didn't hear anything from Otou-san about your arrival." He then went back to his regular stance. "The party was full of unexpected twists, and Ned-san was having constant changes of mood. But Michael-kun-tachi and I were granted the abilities to be Sentai Heroes. He pulled the morpher out of the inside pocket of his school uniform's blazer and showed it to the Were-Crow Spirit King.

                "Your father and your uncle both will be pleased to hear that you have joined the honored ranks," said the spirit king as he helped Kazuki up and walked with him down the hallway. "Come, your father is speaking via monitor to his brother right now. Wan waited up for your return, my adorable friend."

                As they walked into the great room, Kazuki saw many spirit kings gathered and most of Wan's team mates sleeping within their laps. Yes, the Samurai Heroes were visiting. Wan was heard saying, "Kazuki should be home at any moment, Kwon. I am glad that he doesn't involve himself in the things I used to get into. Those were indeed the days. And how are the Atlanteans these days? Surely you don't like living among sharks that much." He winked.

                Hytakerasu quietly giggled as he whispered to Kazuki, "This is how they speak to each other."

                "The Atlanteans have been more accepting of me over the years since I became a Were-Shark," said Kwon, looking almost the same as he did in 2013. "They haven't given me much problems since King Owen allowed me to start from the bottom-up when it comes to being promoted to one of the Royal Guards. He knew that I hated the way the Royal Guards were treating me when I was human. But he knew I prefer to earn the privilege. Even if it meant lazily guarding the gates into the main city."

                Kazuki bowed when coming into the room with his shoes and Force Phone in hand. "I'm home..." He said, not trying to wake up any of his father's teammates rudely.

                Wan smiled as he pulled Kazuki over and gave him a father to son hug and gave him a gentle kiss on the forehead.

                End of Chapter Eight.
                End of Episode One.

                Stay tuned for the next episode, Individual Enemies.